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Friday, October 02, 2020

Patch of the Week 78 – Celebrating the Psycho Theme


"In the first of our Vol.18 - Halloween Horror History installments of Patch of the Week, we recreate Mother’s favorite bone-chilling, shower-stalking theme with wavestate’s strings."

Volcanes Mexico: Oscilaciones del Iztaccíhuatl | buchla | arturia | cinematic soundscapes



Volcanes Mexico Oscilaciones del Iztaccíhuatl / Oscillations from Iztaccihuatl

Estreno de la banda sonora que dedicada al Iztaccíhuatl, como previo a la película "Ecotonos" y serie de cortometrajes "Habitat" en fase de producción en torno a la imponente naturaleza mexicana.
Es una intensa experiencia sonora con síntesis modular analógica y algunos matices digitales con imágenes desde el Volcán.

Esta banda sonora fue generada en vivo desde el volcán principalmente con:
Buchla Easel
Arturia Microfreak

Se recomienda altamente el uso de un buen sistema de sonido o auriculares.

Premiere of the soundtrack made in honor of the Mexican volcano Iztaccihuatl as a preview for the upcoming feature film "Ecotonos" and short film series "Habitat" being producing right now based on the awesome Mexican nature environment.

It is an intense cinematic experience with modular synthesis as well as digital sparks in companion of beautiful images from the volcano.

This soundtrack was generated live from the volcano using:
Buchla Easel
Arturia Microfreak

The use of a good sound system or headphones is highly recommended for a better experience."

Fifty Years of ARP: The 2500 in 2020 (a synthposium) Part Two - Educators

Alan R. Pearlman Foundation
Update: video is back

Moderator: Chris Myer

Asha Tamarisa, Bates University
Hans Kulk, Willem Twee Studios
Jim Michmerhuizen, Boston School of Electronic Music
Kristin Warren & Jim Moses, Brown University
Vince Pupillo Jr. & Vince Pupillo Sr, EMEAPP (Electronic Music Education and Preservation Project)

Fifty Years of ARP: The 2500 in 2020 (a synthposium) posts

Synthesthesia 2020 Schedule of Events and Full List of Vendors

"Synthesthesia 2020, free to the public and scheduled for Sunday October 4th from 2 pm until 10 pm ET, promises to be the biggest online synth event of the COVID era.

Today the organizers are sharing the schedule of streaming events and the full list of participating vendors.

Just like its real-life sibling Synth Expo (same organizers), Synthesthesia will be Free with RSVP, and will allow synth lovers of all stripes to catch up with the industry through interactive content and promotions.

Here's a list of what visitors can expect:

- Live streams with product specialists
- Product launches
- Q&A with experts
- Synth Giveaways
- Deals on new synths through sales partners American Musical Supply and Synth City.

The event is in open format and will be visible through any Internet browser.

Roland JV-880 Synth Sound Preset Demo

Synth & Sundry

"Roland JV-880 is a digital rackmount synth (keyboard version is called the JV-80) that came out in 1992. In this video, I go through my favourite sounds from the A-Bank. If you want to hear a specific sound, I've put a list of time stamps below.

#synth #roland #rompler

Contents - JV880 patches
00:00 Intro
00:14 A07 MIDIed Grand
00:55 A10 MIDI Epiano
01:14 A13 Dig Rhodes 2
02:10 A19 Marimba
02:41 A21 Warm Vibe
03:22 A24 Vibrobell
04:38 A38 Velo Harmnix
05:36 A40 SwitchOnMute
05:47 A52 Woody Bass 2
06:13 A53 Analog Bs 1
06:45 A56 RockOut Bass
07:35 A59 Pick Bass
07:39 A61 Yowza Bass
08:09 A62 Rubber Bs 1
09:07 A63 Rubber Bs 2

Here's an electro track made with a Roland JV-880 as well as other synths [posted here]

If you'd like to support this channel with a one-off purchase, please check out our affordably priced music:"

Synclavier HOP Hand Operated Processor + D0I interface card

via this auction

One of the pics looks very close to this listing from 2015. Similar description as well, but updated.

"Note: Perfect condition, tested today and working perfectly, no broken switches. I've checked this over 10/2/2020 and tested it with a Synclavier II mini-system, all the switches are working properly and everything has tested good. There are absolutely NO scratches or scuffs on this one. It is absolutely as new.

Absolute mint condition, see the photos, it is stunning.

This listing includes the HOP control panel box with built-in cable, interface card to plug into the computer bin of the Synclavier, and an anti-static protective bag to hold the card when not installed in a slot.

The rarest and most sought after piece of Synclavier hardware is the HOP hand-operated processor. Originally designed for internal company use debugging new software and designing new interface cards, it later proved to be indispensable for anyone trying to maintain Synclaviers and troubleshoot Synclavier problems. Any Synclavier technician must have one of these at all times. TRY2FIND1. SOUNDWICH Piezo shaker and Tact Switch Device

via this auction

"These are built Soundwiches and not DIY ones - no assembly required!

Soundwich is a device based on the sound of tact switches, hardware and PCB material. In part it’s a compact and sturdy form factor for interaction with piezo experimentation. The piezo disks are directly mounted to the undersides of the top and bottom PCBs creating a direct connection to the sounds of the tact switches. The two 3.5mm jacks can be used as either ins or outs. One is a momentary out and one is always on. The momentary output allows you to hear only the depressed click sound of the tact switches while the always on output allows you to hear both the depress and release of the tact switches amplified by the two piezos. When you shake the Soundwich you will hear the sound of six washers sliding along machine screws and colliding against the two piezo pickups. Using momentary out while shaking will only allow that sound to escape when disks are compressed. Compressing along the edges will provide different filtering amounts depending on where you press [the 7 stacked lines indicate greatest amount of filtering/attenuation with less and less filtering as your travel counterclockwise till there is nearly zero]. Routing audio or CV through provides a fast and tactile handheld momentary on device.

Soundwich can function as:

a simple passive piezo, tact switch and hardware based sound device which can expel audio or accept it

a piezo pickup with a constant output

a piezo pickup with a momentary output when disks are depressed in center point

a piezo pickup with momentary out through 8 different filter amounts when depressing disks along edges (volume is also attenuated)

an exciter for resonators and effects

a shaker using internal washers to strike the top and bottom piezos

a shaker with momentary out through 8 different RC filter amounts

a lo-fi vocal mic when pressed directly against the lips (and/or momentary on when using momentary jack)

Arturia Origin Desktop Virtual Analog Synthesizer SN 000810 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave Wavetable Synthesizer (1989) Sound Demo - PPG Wave Sounds


"(c)2007-20 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

Waldorf Microwave Mk1 Revision A Wavetable Synthesizer with curtis filter CEM3389
from the year 1989
The Revision use the CEM3378 and sounds a bit smoother

The demo shows some self programmed sounds and sounds from the factory library.

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my synth shirts or music albums. Thank you!

RetroSound Merch Shop:
RetroSound Home:"

FOLKTEK Impossible Box Panels

via this auction

Panels made for the impossible box created by Arius Blaze. They were never added to the final synth, and contain no electronics. Essentially panel art unless you use it for your own DIY projects.

2 октября 2020 г.

ivan krasnov

"dual/stereo distortion"

Roland SH-1000 (1974)


"Vintage Roland SH-1000 arpreggio via JDXi (quick test)
CV / Gate & Filter modded! ;)"

Sequential Prophet 5 rev 4 MIDI CC Modulations


"I stumbled onto some amazing sounds while beta-testing the Prophet 5 rev 4. Here, I was experimenting with controlling two parameters via MIDI CC (OSC A Freq & OSC B PW). In my regular sound design I usually do this type of thing via CV, but connected to Ableton via USB MIDI this was a lot of fun and very powerful."



"Well, it's finally here, people! Sequential has reissued the iconic, legendary, beloved and incredible Prophet 5 synthesizer. This is truly an incredible moment in synthesizer history. I am so humbled and honored to have been asked to be part of the team to sound design and create new factory presets for this instrument.

In this video, you will hear a bunch of sounds I created for the Prophet 5. Some are included factory, while others will appear in a sound bank I will release in due time.

It is important to note that the Prophet 5 reissue, like the original, does NOT contain any onboard effects. In this video, I used combinations of chorus, delay, and reverb and other FX to create the best ambience for the recording. I used the Strymon trifecta: Mobius (modulation), Timeline (delay), and Big Sky (reverb). Some folks may ask, "don't you miss having onboard FX?" The answer: not at all. Like all of the great vintage synthesizers, all the weight and effort was put into the synthesizer components. To me, it's almost better to have your signal processing separate. Then you have the best of both worlds.

The Prophet 5 reissue (or “Rev 4”) has been built to the same specs as the original, with a few subtle additions for stability, patch memory, and extended features. For all intents and purposes, this IS the original Prophet 5, but built in 2020. I can tell you, it is a gorgeous instrument. The way it sounds, the way it feels, the way it looks, the nostalgia…everything!

Not only is the Prophet 5 being reissued, but also a 10 voice version is being reissued: the Prophet 10! Yes…a 10 voice version!

Some of you will notice that there is no "Prophet 5" placard right above the righthand part of the keyboard. This is because this was a beta unit. I assure you that all production units will have the iconic "Prophet 5" logo where the indentation on the wood is.

Visit for more information on how to place your order for the Prophet 5 or Prophet 10.

Special cameo by Poppy Pollack at the end of the video, for those who make it to the end. ;)"

Julian "J3PO" Pollack - Oberheim OB-Xa Pad Explorations


"Just vibing out, exploring the beautiful sounds you can create on the original Oberheim OB-Xa. :) Only scraping the surface of the sound this instrument is capable of creating. Looking forward to continuing growing with it."

Note Mode - Launchpad Pro [MK3] // Novation


NovationTV Launchpad Pro [MK3] posts

"Note Mode ensures you can never play a wrong note and, with our Novation Launchpad Pro [MK3], it adapts to whichever track you have selected. Enrique takes you through the feature and shows you how you can use it to expand your creativity.

Launchpad Pro [MK3] is our most powerful 64-pad MIDI grid controller for producing: both in Ableton Live and with your hardware. It gives you everything you need to create and perform your tracks.

Featuring deeper Live integration and dedicated buttons that get you closer to the Ableton workflow, Launchpad Pro [MK3] is our most advanced grid controller for producing with Ableton Live. Plus, keep your tracks evolving with the four-track, eight-note polyphonic, 32-step standalone sequencer, get inspired to build harmonies with chord mode and never hit a wrong note with scale mode.

Make Launchpad Pro [MK3] your own. Custom Modes lets you design the perfect controller for your live setup and perform with all your gear, however you want. You can also tailor Launchpad Pro [MK3] to take control of MIDI-compatible hardware and software – with or without a computer.

That’s not all, Launchpad Pro comes with a constant source of inspiration featuring plug-ins, sounds, instruments and effects from AAS, Softube, XLN Addictive Keys, and Klevgrand R0Verb and DAW Cassette- plus membership to Novation Sound Collective.

--- Discover more about Launchpad Pro:"

Polykobol II RSF Vintage Synthesizer demo III


SuperfunkOfficial Polykobol II RSF demos

Waldorf Micro Q - "Tekno Vibe" Soundset 50 Arps & Seq's


"LFO Team is glad to Introduce: "Tekno Vibe" Soundset with one of the deepest patches you heard on Waldorf Micro Q.


By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of “Organica” for Waldorf Blofeld & “WS Universe” for Korg Wavestation.

50 professional handcrafted patches with mod wheel reaction & velocity controllers under 125 BPM.

This sounds will work great in your Techno, House, Synth Pop, Synth Wave, Ambient, Chillout tracks!

After succesfull "Analog Dreams" series of patches -

We decided to make different sounds opposite
of classic analog - Arpegio & Sequences from light & melodic to dark & industrial with modular spirit.

Enjoy & re-discover your Micro Q with our sounds!'

Waldorf Micro Q - "Ambient World" Soundset 50 Atmospheric Presets


"LFO Team is glad to Introduce: "Ambient World" Soundset with one of the deepest patches you heard on Waldorf Micro Q.


By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of “Organica” for Waldorf Blofeld & “WS Universe” for Korg Wavestation.

50 professional handcrafted patches with mod wheel reaction & velocity controllers.

This sounds will work great in your Techno, House, Synth Pop, Synth Wave, Ambient, Chillout tracks!

After succesfull "Analog Dreams" series of patches -

We decided to make different sounds opposite
of classic analog - Pads,strings, arps & seq's, plucks & drones from light & melodic to dark & industrial with modular spirit.

Enjoy & re-discover your Micro Q with our sounds!"

Ambika Patch Demo - 100 New patches for Mutable Instruments Ambika

"Available here -
25% off code valid until the 10th of October

100 Fresh patches for the Ambika - 6 voice hybrid poly synth from Mutable Instruments.

Pads, Keys, Drones, Leads, Bass and more done in the usual BoB SwanS style!

My own Ambika is a 6xSVF build with the latest YAM firmware installed,
All the patches use the standard LPF so will be compatible with the majority of Ambika's out there, but you may need to install the YAM firmware to get use of the extra Oscillators included.

I programmed these patches in full 6 Voice poly mode and I have also included the MULTI file needed to configure your own Ambika to the same settings. No sequences or arpeggios are included but some patches do use the step sequencer for modulation.

Install instructions are included in the zip file

This is a 10 min demo of about 20 of the more expressive patches in the set. They are either played (very badly) or roughly sequenced in Ableton.
They all have the same reverb preset applied, Toneboosters Reverb 4 (Hall- Warm Reverb) with Wet at 50%



VICMOD - 20 August 2019 | Modular Synthesizer


"Just some of the footages I shot from my first meeting in VICMOD - Victoria modular. Vicmod (est 2005) is a monthly modular synth meet 3rd Sunday every month in Melbourne, Australia. Hope to meet you all again soon!

Song, "Alleviate" by Baséput, purchase here:"

SH5 via SH101

zack dagoba

"Testing my new Roland SH-5

This synth is SO DAMN NICE!

Instagram: @memetunestudios"

ZVERBZ The Spatial Card Bundle for the Z-DSP

Tiptop .Audio

0:00:00 70s Hall
0:02:12 70s Plate
0:05:56 70s Bright Plate
0:07:19 70s Tape Plate
0:09:35 70s Earliest Verb
0:11:55 70s Space station
0:15:00 70s Prehst A
0:18:25 70s Epic Mod Hall
0:23:17 80s Verb1
0:26:22 80s Ambience
0:28:44 80s Gate LPF
0:31:15 80s Delay - Hall
0:34:35 80s Shimmer Octave Up-Down
0:38:15 80s Shimmer Pich Adjust
0:43:37 80s Blooming
0:47:19 80s Pitch Over Plate
0:52:05 90s Room
0:55:57 90s Void
1:00:47 90s Downward Spiral
1:08:37 90s Random Hall
1:13:16 90s Pong Verb
1:16:51 90s Chord Verb
1:19:17 90s Delay Pitch Chorus
1:22:47 90s Formant Verb

ZVERBZ is a bundle of three cards for your Z-DSP. Each card offers reverbs from that era and some unique reverbs, plenty of variations and sound textures.

Sixty Four Pixels Orange Squeeze MIDI 4-to-1 merger box

via this auction

"ORANGE SQUEEZE is a 4-to-1 MIDI merger... MIDI data from the 4 inputs is combined into a single MIDI output.

Power supply included.

The merge processing is carried out in firmware, so MIDI messages which arrive on different inputs at the same time are correctly queued and sent out in an orderly way. A typical use might be to allow multiple MIDI controllers to be used with a single synth or module, but there are many possible applications and an ORANGE SQUEEZE is a great addition to your MIDI gear box.

ORANGE SQUEEZE imposes minimal filtering on the input, which opens up some creative possibilities for craziness (like what happens if you merge notes from two different sequences on the same MIDI channel? what if you merge information from two pitch bend controls? etc.)

However, with great power comes great responsibility! it is up to you to make sure that you configure your sending devices appropriately so you don't end up with unwanted MIDI mayhem. In particular, make sure you keep all your MIDI data on different channels if you don't want it to clash.

There are a couple of things that ORANGE SQUEEZE does need to enforce, however:

Access Virus TI Snow

via this auction

Future Proofed PPG Wave 2.2

via this auction

"This machine just sounds brutally gorgeous. A vintage epic monster.

The early PPG Wave 2.2 has a more raw and aggressive sound than the later Wave 2.3. Ideally you could have both but why not start with the bad boy first?

It is unusual to find an early Wave 2.2 with factory MIDI and individual out installed. This raw sound with the later machines flexibility? Epic.

We have been working on PPGs since 1998 and know these machines inside out.

Complete Future Proofing completed October 2020:

- All critical power supply components has been replace with brand new high quality components. All voltage regulators, all capacitors. All of it.

- New memory backup battery

- Cleaning and inspection of all critical connectors

- Extensive "burn-in"

- Calibration

- Brand new Pratt Reed bushings

It is almost 40 years old so some wear an tear is to be expected. Worth noting are the 'mandatory' scratches on top of the unit. These are actually really minor for being a Wave."

Korg Mono/Poly Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

SIEL Orchestra 2 Vintage Analog Synth/String Machine 1983 DEMO

Alberto Napolioni

"Testing a rare SIEL Orchestra 2.
Italian Vintage Analog Synthesizer/String Machine from 1983.
Awesome Warm Sound

Some Improvisations
(+ Oto BIM delay + BAM reverb)"

via this auction

2020 08 25 - Erica Synths Syntrx & Bucha Easel Command

John Corrigan

"First song ambient jam with the Syntrx after months of reading the manual. It's a lovely thing. So far plays very nicely with the Buchla Easel Command."

Erica Synths Syntrx pics via this auction

This is the same one in the video above.

Vintage 1970s Yamaha CS60 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Mark Stevens Mankind Dr. Who Owned Demos

"Unbelievable original 1970s Yamaha CS60 Synth. This was imported into the UK very early on and was only the second one in the UK. It was imported by Mark Stevens of Mankind, who famously used this on Top of the Pops in 1978 to play Dr. Who. He can be seen playing this exact synth on their recording that day. It has been in his possession ever since and we recently had the opportunity to purchase this off of the friend who received it upon his death. A synth of legends, in full working order, and we have videos of it working for anyone interested. When we received it it was quite dirty so we’ve given it a wipe down but have left the tape on the front for provenance. The exterior case is good condition with a few marks throughout."

Vintage 1970s Yamaha CS60 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Mark Stevens Mankind Dr. Who Owned Demo Pt 2

Sound Of: Simmons SDS-V Analog Drum Machine ( Bass / Snare and Tom Tom Modules Only )

Sound Provider

"It's been a long time since I've made a video of a drum machine.
Let's fix that by continuing to explore the material we use in Sound Provider Studio for production or for Sound-Banks by listening to the venerable SDSV Drum Modules built in the early 80's in the UK by Simmons.
For this demo I use Mutable instruments Modules from my Eurorack system to trig the Drum, "Grids" for Kick/Snare and "Grids" with "Branches" for the Toms . Also even if I use few EQ and Few dynamic processor I try to keep the sound quite raw and I didn 't add any other effects like reverb, delay or modulation.
Unfortunatly I didn 't have the Cymbal and HiHat modules ,the drummers used most often their real cymbal and hihat with the modules at the time, so they are rather rare and expensive.It makes the demo with all the modules a little rough without them.
I use a lot my SDS-V for Sound Provider soundbanks expecially for the "Analog Kick, Snare and Tom Now" ( )

0:02 Bass Module (Kick)
1:31 Snare Module
2:50 Tom Module x 1
4:08 Tom Modules x3
6:05 All Modules
8:00 All Modules but more Techno (without all the Effects and heavy Processing)

Note about my version: It have mod someone did for me , it's a module in the front where I can switch directly the patch from my Modular , the Knob can adjust the amount of velocity and the button can trig the sound without any external gear (very useful if you want to trigger and adjust the sound)

Playlist of Sound Provider' DrumMachine"

Gershon Kingsley - Popcorn (cover, Syntaxis uModules demo)


"!!! available at !!!
Last time I showed some sounds from Syntaxis micromodules system. Now it's time for more musical demonstration. Very old and overused track, but it's great for presenting capabilities of our synth.

Every sound, except drums comes from synth in the same configuration as in the second demo from my channel."

"micromodular starter kit

This is a set of components for building a basic but complete analog synthesizer on a breadboard. Although it might not have professional look, you will be surprised with its professional sound.

The kit includes:

μPSU·112·A power supply unit
μVCO·3340·A micromodule
μVCF·3320·LP4·A micromodule
μVCA·3360·LIN·A micromodule
μADSR·3310·A micromodule
μLFO·3340·A micromodule
a breadboard, 3x3 units (3 x EIC-16020, 6 x EIC-16010), E.I.C, Taiwan
jumper wires 340 pcs, Wisher, Taiwan
20 potentiometers B10k(*), Alpha, Taiwan
rotary switch, 3 positions, Alpha, Taiwan (VCO wave selection)
rotary switch, 4 positions, Alpha, Taiwan (LFO wave selection)
3 breadboard connectable 3.5mm jack mono sockets
6 connection wires (power connection)
laptop charger, 20V, 3A with 2.5/5.5 plug
2.5/5.5 DC socket with spring contacts
connection diagram

Lell UDS Demo

Jim Hokins

Running Order: how to create both normal and Euclidean trigger sequences

"Running Order is a compact 2 channel sub-sequencer. It makes it easy to create variations on the fly and come up with unexpected results that are always musical. In this video we go over how to create both normal trigger sequences (SH-101 style) and also Euclidean, with Euclidean FILL amount modulated by eternal sources for even more variation."

Fenestra: Pico System III workshop for visually impaired

Erica Synths

"FENESTRA is a global initiative to support visually impaired musicians
Learn more & join the cause!

On 5th of September first Fenestra workshop took place in the main hub of the initiative - Synthlab in Riga, Latvia. The workshop was organized by Erica Synths and gathered 4 visually impaired musicians from Latvia to learn the possibilities of the Pico System III. It was led by Mario who despite his visual impairment has been mastering modular synthesis for several years in addition to playing trumpet and being a DJ. All the participants were gifted Pico Systems to endorse their continuation of electronic music explorations.

Video by Kristers Gontarevs"

Korg PSS-50 Programmable Stupor Section chord progression


"This thing isn't as useless as I thought.

Chord progression: G 9, D# M7, C m9, F 7, F 6, G 9, D# M7, C m9, G# 9, B m9, G# 7, G M7, C 6, D# M7, F 9, B m9, G# 7, G M7, C 6, D# M7, F 9, B M7, F# M7, A# m7, C# M7, E 6, B M7, F# M7, A# m9, A 9, E m9, D m6, C# m9, F# m7, F 6, E m9, D m6, C# m9, F# m7, F 6

Pattern: Bass 25 (Hard Rock I), Accomp 14 (16-Beat II), Rhythm 11 (8-Beat I), Fill In 17 (Disco I)"


Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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