MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, November 26, 2020

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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Akai Factory Samples 1985 | Make a song with these!

Espen Kraft

"The Akai S612/700/7000 factory Quick Disk library samples. By today's standards quite limited, at least on paper. I go back and make a track with these sounds, just as I did 35 years ago.

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Going back to 1985 is always fun. My first sampler was the Akai X7000, the keyboard version of the S700, which in turn was the follow-up to the S612 so to speak, and it's hard to describe the sensation we felt when we tried sampling for the first time, it was like the gates of heaven opening up. If you weren't there you'll never understand, but making this video and song took my somewhat back to that place. Just because these factory samples brings back so many memories."

Thanksgiving 2020 - Dub Techno Patch!

Electronisounds Audio


SOUNDMIT 2020 - Dave Smith - Interview with the Prophet of the Silicon Valley


"At Soundmit 2020, we had the honor and the pleasure of interviewing Dave Smith, the true Prophet of Silicon Valley who, interviewed by Felice Manzo, told us some curious anecdotes about the new prophet and his story.


Michigan Synth Works Chronovore 303 Sequencer running Sonic Potions RE-303 CPU

Michigan Synth Works

"This is the Michigan Synth Works Chronovore 303 Sequencer running the Sonic Potions RE-303 CPU. This will likely be a premium option down the road where you can choose the stock Pixie CPU or the SP as an upgrade. Most of the features shown here are SP CPU exclusive like the chase lights in write mode, reverse/forward play, and MIDI note play."

via Michigan Synth Works

""Chronovore is a CV/Gate Sequencer based on the TB-303. The circuit was faithfully recreated with modern components in a small form factor suitable for eurorack. The device includes the Pixie u650 CPU which runs an emulation of the original 303 mask ROM for a genuine 303 experience. Since the hardware is identical to the 303 sequencer, other CPUs such as the Quicksilver or Sonic Potions are also compatible.


Accent, Gate, CV Outputs
Clock in (24 PPQN) and Run (active High) Inputs for sync
MIDI Input for MIDI sync and start as supported on Pixie
Adjustable slide time, stock, longer, longer, and REALLY long
Digital controlled Bank/Function controls with display (pattern groups are displayed as A-D instead of I-IV)

24HP, 25mm Deep

Current Draw: +12 65 mA, -12V 0 mA"

New Mexico Control Voltage Wavesplice Demo

Learning Modular

"This is a deeper demonstration of the wave crossfade/splice technique I showed in an earlier video [posted here], including using a wavetable oscillator near the end to get even more complex harmonics. The presentation was done live at a New Mexico Control Voltage online meetup in September 2020, with light editing at the end.

I have also covered this subject in depth for my Learning Modular Patreon subscribers:"

Rittor ROM Cartridges for Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer Brochure / Ad

via this auction

"Yamaha DX7 ROM Cartridges - Shofuku, Casiopea, Toto and Sakamoto"

ROLAND ProMars w/ Original Box

via this auction

Siel Opera 6 SN 331/80

via this auction

"100% working condition. Very well kept, even with a few marks (backside and v.c.f. -area) and light scratches. Small dent in one key. See pictures.

Comes with new battery installed, new EEPROMs with latest original OS. Factory patches has been re-installed. All rotary pots have been replaced with new ones.

You know the synth is Italian when it's foldable legs have small leather rings for protection."

Pics of the inside below.

Percussa SSP Super Signal Processor w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Very deep module, can be be used as an audio interface for your modular recording too! which is very handy. Comes with original packaging in excellent condition."

Ashley Henry + AyChibs 'The Mighty' - Made to express // Novation


"Watch @Ashley Henry perform ‘The Mighty’ with immersive four-wall visuals by London designer AyChibs.

Jazz artist Ashley Henry performs using Launchkey 37 [MK3] and teams up with multidisciplinary creative AyChibs to create a cinematic audiovisual masterpiece in the four-walls format. The track is a tribute to the current culture clash in North London, superimposed on the colourful, mismatching visuals of VHS tape-warping and glitched symmetry.

We have always been really passionate about doing anything we can to help enable expression, whatever that looks like. Made to Express is our four-part series, with artist collaboration at the heart. Discover videos & interviews showcasing the talent of a handpicked selection of some of our favourite artists using Launchpad and Launchkey like you’ve never seen them before.

--- To discover more about creating the video:

--- To find out more about Launchkey [MK3]:"

Summer 2017 - Live Modular Jam Session

Noise Engineering

"Another jam from the back catalog.

Gear List

- Jabara Sequent (prototype)
- Basimilus Iteritas Alter x2
- Manis Iteritas
- Cursus Iteritas x2
- Pons Asinorum (Prototype)
- Mutable Instruments Clouds
- Xerest Numeri (prototype)
- Mimetic Digitalis
- The Mullet
- TopTop Circadian Rhythms
- The Mullet x3
- Bastl ABC
- WMD/SSF Pole Zero

Berhinger mixer for monitoring on Neuman KH-310.
Sony PCM-M10 for conversion to the digital domain.
Panasonic HC-770 for video.

A quick eq/limiting pass in Reaper. No edits etc."

rings | marbles | dld | minimal modular music | eurorack modular synthesizer


"„actually i wanted to sell the three modules (rings, marbles, dld) because i used them very seldom and there is no more space for them in my case. i screwed them into my little case for the sales photos and then i thought to myself, another osc and a vca, let's see what kind of loops you can build with them. small and handy, perfect for the couch. now I'm so excited again that I'm building a new system around the 3 modules."

all 8 loops were recorded live with this small system. almost all sounds come from mutable instruments rings. a couple of "buchla" percussion and ring modulator sounds come from the dreadbox osc. afterwards the loops were mixed with the er-301 and got a little delay from the magneto.

for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers.



Source audio, Soundblox pro Classic distortion quick review/demo


"Juste a quick demo review of the Source audio, Soundblox pro Classic distortion with the help of elektron MD principaly to show the morphing possibility"

Anyware Semtex XL Synthesizer Demo - Electropop

Tom Noise

"This was entirely made with an Anyware Semtex XL.
All sounds were programmed on the synth and recorded, arranged and mixed in Pro Tools HD."

See the Anyware label below for more.

Simmons SDS 8 "Electronic Drums" Analog Drum Synthesizer (1984) User Drum Set & Sounds


"(c)2007-20 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

Simmons SDS 8 Electronic Drums from the year 1984

- 5 channel analog drum synthesizer with bassdrum, snare and 3 toms.
- each channel features a factory sound and a user sound.
- same analog filters of its predecessor SDS-V
- sequencer input, single outputs, stereo out, pan
- factory drum preset and user drum set

I show the user drum set in this demo

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my synth shirts or music albums. Thank you!

RetroSound Merch Shop:
RetroSound Home:"

Elka Wilgamat

Ohm. Studio

"Simple demo of the unit I’m selling to show it’s present working condition.

Basically drum machine and bass section work fine but accompaniment part is not. Sometimes it produces sound, sometimes not and most of the time it makes bass section do strange things when activated."


via this auction

Technics SX-WSA1 Acoustic Modeling Synthesizer with expansion ROM

via this auction

"Technics SX-WSA1 Acoustic Modeling Synthesizer with the difficult to find expansion SY-EW1 Dance/Techno ROM expansion card

Fully Functional including aftertouch, realtime controllers and triple mod wheels, along with the disk drive.

A very rare bird as the story goes only 600 were made. Ther are some great you tube videos on this synth engine and the story of this synth.

Acoustic modeling emulates acoustic nuances and features resonators and drivers to allow many ways to craft custom sounds. Includes reprinted manual.

Analogue Solutions Vostok 2020 Semi-Modular SYNTHESIZER

via this auction

Wersi Analoge Bass Synthesizer AP-6 / The Wersi AP-6 Baß (Bass) Synth

via this auction

"In 1977 German organ company released the two in one Bass Synthesizer AP-6. Its a bass syntheszer and a bass guitar synthesizer in one with a quarky glide setting named "Hawaii" which worked as a slide guitar function presumably to play Hawaiian style slide guitar riffs.

Billed as two instruments in one: an Electric Bass Guitar and Synthesizer, this compact light-weight instrument from German organ builders WERSI was aimed at keyboard and organ players. The purpose was to give the organist/keyboardist some Bass Guitar and Synthesizer sounds they could incorporate into their performances. It is a monophonic analog synth with funky controls, decent sounds and a unique character.

The Bass Guitar sound is actually very realistic, really capturing the sound of an electric bass guitar or acoustic bass. It has an attack control called "On" that lets you adjust the initial attack to make it sound like a picked bass or a fingered bass. A "Damp" control is essentially a sustain envelope that can be used to create more of a muted bass sound.

The Synthesizer section is pretty basic, and definitely designed using organ player lingo as opposed to synth player lingo. There a five flute stops (sine) from 16', 8', 4', 2', to 1', two brass stops (sawtooth) at 16' and 8' and a woodwind stop (square) at 8'. Multiple stops and waveforms can be simultaneously engaged to create more complex tones. These waveform sections, as well as the Bass Guitar section, have independent volume controls to balance their mix.

Ritm-2 Soviet Synthesizer

via this auction

Video posted here.

"Ritm-2 is a legendary Soviet synthesizer.A rare Golden hue. All tuned to specification, it was checked and serviced before sales in the best Moscow workshop. OUT sockets replaced to standard Jack (TRS) socket. The lot includes a synthesizer and power cable. Watch my home video.

From the manufacturer's description:

This synthesizer was manufactured by Kirovsky musical instruments' factory in 1984, designer - Viktor Nikulin. The EMI Ritm 2 is an one-voice keyboard synthesizer designed for solo, ensembles and orchestral playing musical compositions of any genre. It can be used both for educational needs and creating different musical effects. This synthesizer can be used with an acoustic amplifier which has a response of 0,775. There is a possibility to use a low frequency amplifier such as radio receiver, TV and tape recorder. The quality of the sounding depends on an acoustic amplifier.

The synthesizer Ritm-2 can play soundings of the other classical instruments (keyboard, strings, reed and percussion instruments). It is intended for creating some specific sounds (wind, noise of surf, train, gun and whine). Using this instrument one can play some compositins with a random pitch and a timbre.

Control parametrs name: pitch wheel, modulation slider, modulation frequency, registers (4'8'16'32'), tuning modulation on, modulation amount, modulation waveform, noise, square waveform level, select waveform, wave level, cutoff, key track (1/1-1/2), resonance, modulation form/depth, phone, contour osc, output, memory, filter - attack, decay, sustain, release.

Specifications: Keyboard's volume, octave2,5Total audible range, octave5,5 from 'F' contra-octave to 'C' fourth octaveThe error of pitch in module, %0,2generator drift over 4 hours of continuous work in module, max1,0Frequency change of the main generator, tone+/- 1,0output amplitude, min, V0,775Volume range control, dB60Mains voltage, V, frequency 50 Hz220 within +/- 10%Power consumption, max, W10Dimensions, mm600е400е200Weight, kg9"

Seiko DS1000 Vintage Midi Sequencer w/ Original Box

via this auction

This appears to be the first one featured on the site.

Sonic Freaks Moog Cluster Flux Software Editor

Sonic Freaks

"The Cluster Flux Editor is an editor software for the Moog™ Cluster Flux MF-108m pedal. The Cluster Flux is a flange/chorus pedal with a lot of hidden features under its hood. We have created the Cluster Flux Editor to control all parameters and features of the Cluster Flux including all the hidden ones. With our editor you will discover a whole new set of parameters and sound possibilities.

For more info click here:"

SynthScaper LE and Classic FX apps

Igor Vasiliev

"SynthScaper LE - Multitimbral atmospheric synth. Lush pads, psychedelic synths and atmospheric soundscapes in an easy to use app with a powerful sound engine.
Classic FX - Reworked classic audio effects. Complete sound effects processor and a mono to stereo enhancer with equalizer, effects and reverb, based on specially designed high-quality processing algorithms and suitable for any kind of audio sources."

CME WIDI Jack Production Sample in Action!

Failed Muso

"Here’s CME’s latest addition to the WIDI Bluetooth MIDI family, the WIDI Jack.

This literally just arrived direct from the factory and worked right out of the box. Excuse my chaotic desk and presentation but this is a very exciting development. WIDI Jack brings Bluetooth 5 wireless MIDI functionality to devices that don’t have powered MIDI ports or use either 2.5mm or 3.5mm (yes, I know I said 2.5 inch in the video!) TRS MIDI ports. It can also connect to regular 5-pin DIN MIDI or 6-pin DIN Mini MIDI ports with the correct cables. These cables can be chosen when you order your WIDI Jack. You get one cable choice included in the price, which will be $59 (or $29 if you register you interest now!)"

Prophet 10 using Low Frequency Expander (Yorick Tech LFE) for Release Aftertouch (RAT)

Steve Hunt

"The LFE captures the after touch value just before the last key is released and uses this to control any parameter on the synth (or midi CC-enabled effects). It can be used a lot like Release Velocity to affect things after the key has been released, often Release times, FX depths etc. Here, an LFE customer is using RAT to bring in extra filter modulation after the note has been released, but only when he gives the note a quick push before letting go."

DRONEBEAT Session Three Samples [ m i n i m a l ]


"Broke out a modular box for this one... two brief samples from last night's session."


DRONEBEAT Session Four [ m i n i m a l ]

"Drone-based vibes with percussion.
Featuring the Vermona DRM1 MKIII triggered by a Korg Electribe, plus a 5U modular system, TC Electronic Brainwaves, Mackie 1202 VLZ mixer & Strymon's Blue Sky & DIG effect pedals."

Don't Go [Cover -Sort of!] KO-33 / Korg Volca Drum / FM / Mix / Nubass

Micro Banshee

"Don't Go [Cover - Sort of!] This was originally uploaded to Instagram and was approx 1 minute in duration. I was going to do a longer version but lost some of the bass recordings on the Nubass.. [re-set to factory due to tuning issues] so another project bites the dust! anyhoo, I've edited the video to play x 2.. + two x sound FX and tried some extended character animation all via the InShot video editor.
As always, the track is played 'live' in one take - with no DAW, editing or post production.

Korg Volca Drum
Korg Volca FM
Korg Volca Nubass"

Alone In The Clouds | Suiko ST-50, AC Noises Respira, four track


"In which I play my favorite small synth, the Suiko ST-50, through an AC Noises Respira tremolo/reverb pedal (thanks guys for sending me this!). All parts except a field recording of a music box are Suiko, multi-tracked through Respira on the Fostex X-28H four track. Reverb on tape parts is Alesis Wedge."

Mindphaser - Complex Oscillator - Technical Presentation

Hexinverter Électronique

Mindphaser is in production. See the dealers on the right for availability]

0:00 Intro
0:33 hello world
1:49 Architectural Overview
4:29 Waveshaping
7:30 Phase Modulation
11:48 Modulation & Mod Bus
15:28 Examples

Love in a real train, played by my Buchla System


"Love in a real train from Tangerine Dream . I played with my Buchla System in the DAW, mixed that. FX from Ableton . You not the real recording in the Video, but the midifile played the song."

KORG Node by Sinevibes


KORG Node by Sinevibes - Factory Presets

"Node is a four-operator FM synthesis engine for KORG prologue, minilogue xd & NTS-1. Designed and developed by Sinevibes. Product page:"

SOMA ETHER captures signals from trees!

Vlad Kreimer

"ETHER can capture signals from trees!

How it's possible? Let's me explain. As we know liquids inside trees are saline solutions. That means that they have some conductivity. Due to this, each tree becomes a weirdly shaped complex antenna with unique resonant and radio properties that captures its own unique bunch of radio signals! Please note that the result is highly dependent on what's in the air around your area. "

Never thought of trees as antennas before.

Waverazor Patch Demo - Version 2.5.2 Features


"This is a demonstration of several Waverazor sounds, showcasing features recently added in versions 2.5 and above. There are now Audio Input presets for easy slicing of external audio, a Step Generator module for sequencing, a Random Generator for organic modulation textures and chaos, and Tap Line filters for physical modeling."

Patch n Tweak
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