MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, January 10, 2021

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Multipulses Using Skewer Plus 2-Pulser

Ian Fritz

"Demo of a tilted Saw wave driving a Double Pulse Waveform Generator"
Update: had the wrong video embedded above. Fixed.

DK Synergy II+ with Kaypro and Synergize talk about editing software


"This is a completely restored Synergy II+ in a perfect condition and the best possible bundle you could imagine. It's up for sale:"

via this auction

"Hello. My name is Andrei Kudryavtsev. You probably know this because you're tracking my listings. This is a completely restored Synergy II+ in a perfect condition and the best possible bundle you could imagine.

Following upgrades have been performed on this system:

New power supply for a digital section, way more efficient and robust. Re-cap'ed analog power supply.
Upgraded cooling for less noise and better airflow.
New II+ upgrade board by Bob Grieb from Tauntek. This adds II+ Serial and MIDI connectivity, latest OS and 23 cartridges pre-load and accessible with a push of a button.
Cleaned boards, keyboard contacts
Everything is working. Comes together with a Kaypro computer running editing software (mint, same restoration cycle, upgraded power supply, two floppy emulators for Drive A and Drive B). Comes with Raspberry Pi and an optimized Kaypro emulator as well as Synergize control software.

All work is carefully documented and available in my Instagram with all dates it was performed.

This system needs a new home, a person who will be using it to make the music and not being distracted by common failures. All of those have been addressed to make your life easier and bring new life into this wonderful machine. I should say a disclaimer anyway, that as is a vintage may fail any moment...and obviously no return offered. However, I'm offering you my help in learning this great machine, and so you get 10 hours of my time at no charge. You can use it for whatever you want - set up and install online, learning session, tutorials, technical support etc... I want to make you happy.

What's included into the package:

1. DK Synergy II+

2. Kaypro Computer

3. Raspberry Pi

4. Apple Monitor, Apple Keyboard, Apple Mouse

5. Serial switch box and all required serial cables and adapters

6. All necessary cables."

Free OB6 Library for the Yamaha MODX and MONTAGE


"Here's a demo of some sounds from a free library, sampled from the OB6 analog synthesizer for the MODX and Montage. 51 patches, 60 meg file.

Links below.



Sequential Pro 3 Paraphonic Mode Fun - A Dozen Patch Demos

Creative Spiral

"Over the past few months, I've designed about 50 new 'Paraphonic Motion' patches on the Pro 3. This video is a demo/preview of a dozen of them. The Pro 3 has three LFOs, four envelopes, the 4x16x16 sequencer and the gigantic 32 slot mod matrix -- it excels with designing lots of motion and nuance into patches... it's really a sound designers dream synth for mono/para.

I've been having a great time building paraphonic patches and complex arps....taking inspiration from my favorite Korg MonoPoly sounds, plus designing a lot of "Adrenalinn" inspired filter/trem/mod sequences.

Let me know what you think! Any favorites?"

ARP Odyssey Reissue Full Size Edition - FSQ SN 100278

via this auction

Yamaha Sy-1 Vintage Synthesizer SN 2111

via this auction

Casio CZ 3000 SN 302235 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Synthesizer Improvisation 1981 (1)

the Moebus

"Track from audio cassette, recorded 1981. Synthesizers: Crumar Stratus (pad), Moog Prodigy (sequence), Yamaha CS-10 (melody). Non-professional recording. Just an idea for upcoming recordings. On the wall in the background some of my paintings"

Baloran The Machin progresse ;)

Laurent Baloran

"Le panneau de contrôle communique avec la carte voix ;)"

"The control panel communicates with the voice card;)"

Also see: New Baloran Synth In The Works - Coming to SynthFest 2021

Pipa Vocal Synthesizer | A 2020 TOP Synth | haQ attaQ

Jakob Haq

"Pipa by Klevgränd Produkter is an Expressive Vocal Synthesizer app for iOS and it sounds absolutely amazing. Somehow I managed to miss this one completely while working on my 2020 top synthesiser app list, because its so good that it deserves a spot on that list. Wanna know why? Watch the video!"

Jamuary 8 - Roland Boutique A-01 8 bit synthesizer jam

Expanding Sound

"Jamuary rolls on, today I decided to pull out the Roland A-01. I don't use it a lot other than for a bluetooth midi controller so i thought it might be fun to make a quick song using the onboard 8 bit synth for all the sounds. I thought it came out pretty fun. Hope you enjoy it!"

AcidLab Bassline 3 Synthesizer

via this auction

"Acidlab Bassline 3 in great condition. Has some mild cosmetic marks on the faceplate. Comes with manual and EU 2-pin PSU.

'Acidlab´s Bassline 3 is a very close clone of the Roland TB-303 and has been complimented on it´s authentic sound and behaviour often. Luckily the original sequencer is not implemented but one that is easy to use and that can be played live!

The analog synth part is very close to the original and is well-known for its punchy thick, very characteristic sound.

The oscillator has square and sawtooth waves and it´s frequency can be set with the tune control. The legendary lowpass filter has a cutoff and resonance control and in addition you can modulate the cutoff frequency with the decay envelope generator that´s decay time and amount of modulation can be controlled. The accent potentiometer determines the amount of accent.

The sequencer allows for classic 303-style sequencing with slide and accent parameters that can be set for each set note but it is much more friendly to use and has six different operational modes. The sequences can be saved in 12 banks with each 8 patterns. In Pattern-Play mode you can chain adjacent patterns from one bank. By copy and past copying patterns is easy, also copying into other banks.

Other features allow you to edit accents and slides in real time while the sequencer is running; you have different pattern lengths, two types of shuffle with 4 setting each, different clock dividers (in 4/4bar mode only). The roll function makes it possible to shift the start point of the sequence which is very handy when the perfect bass line just doesn´t fit to the rhythm: just shift the sequence instead of re-programming it.

In the Track Modes you can chain all patterns from one bank, in their original and transposed versions, to songs.

The Bassline 3 can be synchronized either to MIDI Clock or to DIN-Sync. A third position of the sync switch makes it possible to use the instrument as a master for synching other gear via DIN-Sync. You can play the Bassline3 with MIDI notes as well and also the accent (above a velocity of 100) and slide ('when two notes are played together) are playable via MIDI.

By the audio input you can process external audio signals thru the 300 filter. the cutoff frequency can be modulated by the FM input with a control voltage. Play other synth via the Bassline´s sequencer by using the CV and gate outputs. the accent output will generate a gate with +12V level.'"

White Moog Minitaur

via this auction

Eurythmics "Paint a Rumour" on a Vermona DRM1 drum synth


"The pitch isn't accurate of course, but I was just having some fun."

Paint a Rumour (Remastered Version)

Simulating A Ball Bouncing With DIY Electric Circuits..


"Bouncy Balls RULE! #diy #analog #computer is an interesting treasure trove i cant wait to get into it.

im working on a page on my site with the schematic etc! check back in a couple of hours for that! Bouncing ball module available on my store here :-"

Bouncing ball posts

06 01 21 Ace Tone FR-6 and BugBrand modular [01]


"First time patching the FR-6 since I repaired it and modified it.
Since I recorded this video I cleaned it ans added knobs. Looks really great now!
And I'll paint the grey panel in black soon."

Korg NTS-1 Stop Motion Animation Build Video

Nikki Synth

Using the Stop Motion Studio app for the iPhone, the Korg NTS-1 magically comes together.

The music is the NTS-1 with the drum loops and patterns being provided by Ableton and programmed by myself. The SQ-1 is sequencing a pattern, which was then recorded and arranged in Ableton Live 10 Standard. The interface used is a first generation UA Apollo Twin Duo desktop."

New Hammond Suzuki SK Pro Organ + Mono Synth Video

"HAMMOND - COMING SOON - January 10th, 2021" - SUZUKI

New video of the upcoming Hammond organ synth hybrid reveals the synth portion will be a mono synth. You can see some of the synth parameters in the display as well. It's interesting they went with a mono synth vs poly. Curious if it's analog considering. That or they want it to be used exclusively as a lead instrument.

You can see the following Oscillator waveforms:

Due - saw + saw
Unison - supersaw
Pulse - w/ modulation
Sync - w/ modulation
FM - sine x sine

See the Hammond label below for more.

slow beats - Waldorf XTk, Ableton


"Still finding my way back into my music practice - a bit more of a conventional setup today. Been thinking a lot about Chris Randall's comments about why he got rid of his modular (paraphrasing: when he had the modular it became about the modular not the music)

Ignore my strangely swollen left hand - got some weird oedema crap going on - hopefully not serious, talking to the doctor about it later this week

Rain sample by the wonderful "_blank""

Uncertain Buchla featuring the Source of Uncertaity 266e


"Tripping balls with my new Buchla 266e Source of Uncertainty controlling a typical Buchla sound (bongos) but going to the 1979 SMP .The 222e/223 controls the pitch and wavetable of the 1979 DAO going into a 2H9 from Northernlights Modular"

[LIVESTREAM] Eurorack Patch Lab! (Checking out the 1010 Bluebox!)

Electronisounds Audio

"I'll be patching with the Eurorack from scratch and using the new 1010 Bluebox mixer!"

Moog 1973 Model D Minimoog analogue synthesizer demo & tutorial


"In this clip, I test-drive a relic of 'synth history'. Revered by legends such as Herbie Hancock, Keith Emerson, J Dilla & Brian Eno to name a handful. This old boy here is one of the first 1500 to come off the production line way back in 1973. Sitting behind one of these is quite an experience.. the sights, the sounds... the smells.. of a hard working mono synth!"


Jason Basson

"i wanna demonstrate the nice sounding power of my Twin MS-10 Korg. As I adore the pwm-sounds I have set the both waveforms to square."

Polyend - Inspiring Instruments for Creative Individuals {and cats}


"Polyend Seq & Blofeld Jam by Isobutane."

Julia Bondar - I love my machine how I like my magic

Julia Bondar

"Studio jam with my perfect case.
Because you ain't beating this.

Get your 12" vinyl copy of 'Industrial Symphony':

More about:"

Simmons SDS7 2230 Test Drive & Mods Tour

The Simmons Guy

"Quick demo of heavily modified Simmons SDS7 2230."

Simmons SDS7 2230 Mods Tour
The Simmons Guy

"Quick run-through of the modifications to Simmons SDS7 2230."

VCV Rack - Orca's Heart - Parfum d'asie


"Patch made with VCV Rack, sequenced by Orca's Heart"

Shared System Tutorials | Part 30 | Arpeggios

Cinematic Laboratory

"I guess this is a logical sequel to part 29. In this episode we're going to use Maths LFO's and translate them to arpeggios with the help of the Rene built in quantizer to create all kinds of dreamy soundscapes, whirls and spirals."

Korg NTS-1 & Liven 8Bit Warps - Boating Lake Ambient - Jamuary 10th 2021


"The Liven 8Bit Warps in this video was kindly supplied by Sonicware

I'm super late with Jamuary and I suspect I'll be a little busy this year with other music based duties, but I'll try to join in where I can

This jam came about after experimenting with the midi out on the Liven 8Bit warps which sequence external devices, it also accepts audio from external devices though a stereo 3.5mm socket so it seems like a pretty good match for the Korg NTS-1 seeing as it has no sequencer

The 8Bit Warps sends sync, note and CC data from any knob or recorded knob movement, though I couldn't really find any midi CC's that matched up well with the Korg NTS-1 (cutoff for example is a different midi CC) so I stuck to adding a bit of variety by hand to the notes sent from the 8Bit Warps sequencer

The patch playing on the NTS-1 is 'Milk Bottle' from my recent NTS-1 Megademo video. The rest of the audio is synthesized on the 8Bit Warps then recorded and played back from it's built in audio loopers.

The video is some found footage of a boating lake I found on some mini DV tapes in an auction lot"

Töörö [Fred's Lab] - Electricity Cover 2021


"OMD's Electricity played on Töörö Synth by Fred's Lab.

100 % Töörö sounds, no presets, no external fx.

Early Protoype : the box and main display of the synth are different now.

Thanks to Coyote14 and Fred's Lab."

Analog Ensemble - Minimoog ModelD Matriarch Sequential Prphet-6 Pro3 / Polyend Tracker

Ουροβόρος όφις Lydian7th


via this auction

"Elektronika EM-26 portable vocoder is intended for synthesis the voice or external signals, has internal strings ton-generator, analyzer-synthesizer, modulations and vocoder effects. Control panel include 4 sections: VIBRATO, VOCODER, STRINGS and LEVEL, also it has a panel real time transpose and other controls.

VIBRATO section has sliders - accent, depth and rate VOCODER - chorus knobs (on, mode), mic/vocoder level STRINGS - on/off, level, violin/cello, sustain LEVEL - mic, line A, line C Keyboard PANEL: main level, pitch, interval, octave, pitch bend

CONNECTION (1/4 jack): mic in, line A,C, phones, output, pedal, power."

Ciat-Lonbarde Sidrax

via this auction

Korg MonoPoly serviced with Midi SN 377183

via this auction

"Work included:
-Installation of new Midi kit.
-New modern transformer installed.
-Power supply board serviced inc re-cap.
-Front panel tact switches replaced.
-All pots and switches lubed.
-Key contacts cleaned.
-Oscillator tuning procedure completed.

It has been thoroughly tested and all is working as it should be."

Arturia Minibrute 2S analogue semi-modular synth and sequencer

via this auction

I never noticed what looks like guitar strap screw holes on the side panels. Interesting.

"A lovely, sweet sounding synth with a very flexible filter, allied with one of the best studio- and performance-oriented sequencers out there - 4 tracks, capable of sequence notes alongside internal parameters and external CV. Also a great device for distributing USB/MIDI clock to a Eurorack system, or as a more general MIDI to CV converter."

Roland Juno 106S SN 510890

via this auction

SCI Prophet-600 w/ Gligli

via this auction

"Work list:
Change all elec. caps, tant caps and poly caps with new ones.
Change all power regulators and rectifier diodes with new ones
DAC adjustment
Change all buffer Opamps and multiplexors with new ones
Keys, knobs, switches and jacks cleaning.

gligli firmware 2.00 installed
factory 100 sound data installed"

E-MU Virtuoso 2000 Orchestral Rackmount Synth Missing Data Knob

via this auction


Patch n Tweak
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