MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Multitracked Korg 01/WFD & Casio CT-670

video by acreil

"10 tracks total, no PCM cards, presets or external effects. Recorded 2021. I used a just intonation scale, but it's not really that apparent here. In-depth hardware information will follow eventually."

multitracked Casio CT-670

"18 tracks total, no effects. Recorded 2017/2021."

Roland Introduces JD-800 Model Expansion for ZENOLOGY, JUPITER-X and JUPITER-Xm

video by RolandChannel

"In 1991, Roland's JD-800 brought the synthesizer world back to its roots with a massive control-laden panel and an aggressively electronic sound palette. Built directly from the architecture of the original hardware, the JD-800 Model Expansion brings the gleaming tone and monster sound-shaping potential of this vintage digital icon to ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer and JUPITER-X & JUPITER-Xm ZEN-Core Synthesizers.

• Authentic sound with advanced modeling and original JD-800 waveforms
• Includes 64 presets from the JD-800, plus 64 all-new presets
• Detailed recreation of the JD-800’s two-stage multi-effects section
• Over 90 onboard effects processors including JUNO and CE-1 choruses, SDD-320 Dimension D, SBF-325 flanger, and more
• Clear, intuitive interface for free-flowing production
• Expanded polyphony versus the original hardware
• Swap Model Expansions and load sounds instantly"


And the press release with pics:

Iconic 1990s Digital Synth Now Available for the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer and Select ZEN-Core Hardware Instruments

Los Angeles, CA, March 2, 2021 — Roland announces the JD-800 Model Expansion, the latest addition to the ZEN-Core Model Expansion lineup available through Roland Cloud. Based on Roland’s influential JD-800 hardware synthesizer released in 1991, the JD-800 Model Expansion celebrates the 30th anniversary of this vintage digital icon by bringing it to modern players through the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer and select Roland hardware instruments with the ZEN-Core Synthesis System.

In an era dominated by preset-focused digital synths with limited hands-on controls, the JD-800 brought the synthesizer world back to its roots with a massive control-laden panel and an aggressively electronic sound palette. With its retro workflow, evocative sounds, and powerful effects, the instrument became a favorite for top electronic music producers through the ’90s and beyond. Combining the original JD-800 waveforms with advanced modeling techniques, the JD-800 Model Expansion captures the sonic behavior of its vintage counterpart with 100-percent authenticity, coupled with deep sound-shaping potential through a full recreation of the JD-800’s vast control architecture.

The JD-800 Model Expansion is currently supported with Roland’s ZENOLOGY and ZENOLOGY Pro software instruments and JUPITER-X and JUPITER-Xm hardware instruments.

About ZEN-Core Model Expansions

Model Expansions transform the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer and compatible Roland ZEN-Core hardware into entirely different instruments with their own sonic personalities, features, and preset tones. From rare and sought-after classics to the designs of tomorrow, Model Expansions give musicians and producers unprecedented access to the historic and ever-evolving world of Roland synthesizers. The JD-800 is the latest member of a growing Model Expansion family that also includes the JUPITER-8, JUNO-106, JX-8P, and SH-101.

Model Expansions for ZENOLOGY are included with the Pro and Ultimate membership levels of Roland Cloud. All paid levels—including Core—start with a free 30-day trial of Ultimate, allowing users to try out software-based Model Expansions and other Ultimate features. In addition, any Roland Account holder can purchase Lifetime Keys for individual Model Expansion titles, providing unlimited access for as long as their account is active.

Update: below is a video on how to install expansions on the Jupiter-X and Jupiter-Xm from Roland Support.

Roland Jupiter-X - How to install Wave Expansions and Zen-Core Soundpacks

video by Roland Product Support

"In this video we demonstrate how to install wave Expansions and Zen-Core Soundpacks on the Jupiter-X."

New Therevox ET-5 - Ten Sounds in Ten Minutes

video by therevoxhq

Note the new patch panel on the left. You can find additional Therevox posts here.

"I've been in a drone and soundscape mood lately. Here are ten different sounds from the new Therevox ET-5.

1. Bass Freeze
This sound uses the new ET-5 feature of being able to freeze the pitch of Oscillator 2, which is set to a bassy sawtooth wave. The sawtooth wave is also new to the ET-5.

2. Echo Waves
Using Oscillator 2 patched into the Filter Cutoff on the Patch panel and sent to a pretty slow sine wave.

3. No Hands
This uses the ET-5's new Hold Sliders, allowing the amplitude of each oscillator to be held without pushing the intensity keys. Perfect for drones and knob tweaking in real-time.

4. Floating
The Hold 1 slider is assigned to control both the Filter Cutofff and Filter Resonance via the Patch Panel. A healthy does of internal Spring Reverb and spooky trails from the Earthquaker Transmisser pedal.

5. Fuzzy Rhythms
Osc 1 is set to a triangle wave note and Osc 2 is set to white noise, both run through the Ellman boutique fuzz.

6. Interval Harmony
Oscillator 2 is tuned to an interval of Osc 1 to create an interesting harmony. A Red Panda Raster delay is put through the FX loop to provide subtle layers.

7. Transmisser Drone
Again using the Hold Sliders for hands-free operation of both oscillators while knobs on the Transmisser and ET-5 are tweaked. The new Saturation (gain) stage is also used to add distortion.

8. Saw Mod
Oscillator 2's saw wave at an audio frequency is used to modulate the Filter cutoff and the Hold 1 slider is also used to control this cutoff, both patched through one of two Mults available on the Patch Panel.

9. Warbles.
The cutoff frequency of the filter is modulated by oscillator one in LFO mode at a medium rate, changing the sound of oscillator 1's triangle wave.

10. Bass Freeze 2
A low sawtooth bass and octiviant waveform together, using the ET-5's ability to freeze the pitch of OSC 2 by pressing down on the pressure sensitive fingerboard."

Oberheim OB-Xa Synthesizer

via this auction (the seller has on OB-8 listed here - pics previously captured here)

"OB-Xa Synthesizer Classic In Absolute phenomenal condition. My OB-Xa is equipped with MIDI and is in simply perfect condition in every way. Comes with original owners manual and a brand new stardust cover with a brand new travel case. You won’t find one in better condition or so complete. It was serviced in February of 2020."

Oberheim Matrix 6 Keyboard Synthesizer SN 7633319

via this auction

"Oberheim Matrix 6 Keyboard Synthesizer Analog Legend In Perfect Condition. It was recently cleaned up, all checked and it did not need anything otherwise it would get it. It’s really in good condition.

Oberheim Matrix 6R Rack Synthesizer

via this auction

E-MU Emax I Sampler Keyboard Synthesizer SN 0974191 w/ Original Box & Manuals

via this auction

E-mu Emax II Sampler/Synth SN 090002678

via this auction

"This E-mu Emax II Sampler/Synth is In Mint Condition and without any doubt probably one of the few on the market yesterday, today and tomorrow that you will find in this collectible condition. The floppy drive skips and most likely needs cleaning but I included the original brand new floppy drive with it. It already has SCSI so the floppy is really not required but here is a brand new drive with it.

The only imperfection is a small line on one of the keys as shown. It’s absolutely spotless. Like totally spotless

Everything works on it. Keys still feel new.

Korg DSM1 Digital Sampling Rack Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Kawai FS-690 demo track

video by ikworgek

Kawai FS-690 demo track.
All sounds from the Kawai.
Keyboard with some basic synthesizer functions

FREE 8Dio Add-Ons Libraries for the Sequential Prophet X/XL Through May 31

via @SequentialLLC

"Expand your #ProphetX or #ProphetXL with $300 worth of Add-Ons from @8Dio! Find out more:"

And via 8Dio:

"We are proud to announce a unique promotion together with Sequential for the Prophet X and XL analog hardware synths. Anyone who purchases a Prophet X or XL between December 7th and May 31st 2021 will be offered a free $300 voucher for any of the official 8Dio Prophet X/XL add-ons.

The Prophet X and Prophet XL are backed by an ever growing catalogue of custom sampled instruments, including a large assortment of true deep-sampled vintage synthesizers, including Juno 60, Arp 2600, Jupiter 4, OBX, Prodigy, Model D, Prophet 5 and others like the Electric CP-70 piano and three new upcoming Prophet X/XL Pianos (March 2021).

In order to receive your voucher – please send us your receipt of purchase to

Once we have received your proof of purchase we will send you a unique coupon offering you $300 of free Prophet X and XL official add-ons."

Delorean Dream - Novation Circuit Tracks Pack by Yves Big City

video by Isotonik Studios

"Here it is, the first fully compatible pack for the Novation Circuit Tracks...

Taken from the absolutely number 1 selling Delorean Dream pack for the OG Circuit, this update includes:
- 128 patches ( The 64 original one + 64 new )
- 64 Drums
- 32 Sessions


Space Oddities - Novation Circuit Pack by Jessica Saves

via Isotonik Studios

"If you’re into crazy sound design, cinematic film scoring, moody atmospherics perfect for your next electronic excursion or just simply love exploring the farthest reaches of sounds then this pack is for you! Space Oddities is full of out there sound effects, moving ambiences, space arpeggios, distorted basses, spaced out twinkles and much much more!"

Baseck Plays: Elektron Octatrack MKII - Now in Black

video by Perfect Circuit

"​@baseck​ came by to our studio to play the @Elektron​ Octatrack MKII that now comes in Black!

The Octatrack originally came out a little more than 10 years ago, and it is still one of the most powerful samplers/sequencers out for live performance. It has 8 tracks of sampling, 8 tracks of midi sequencing, 4 audio inputs and 4 audio outputs with tons of sample manipulation and effect options. The DJ crossfader lets you change between two scenes, letting you change multiple settings with one slider. And since it is an Elektron it has a great sequencer.

Get a black MKII here:"

Buchla Easel Command 208C - Arpeggio

video by TheTrackdriver

"Made my first video with the Buchla Easel Command 208C that I bought from Signal Sounds in Scotland. The Easel is connected with a MIDI cable to an Elektron Octatrack which is running an arpeggiator. I am changing patterns later in the video so each oscillator receives a different MIDI sequence on separate MIDI channels - the complex oscillator on channel 2 and the modulation oscillator on channel 3. The audio goes through the Octatrack with some effects added and then recorded on my computer."

CC JP6 and LWSS Discrete Ladder filter

video by Patrik Ringholm

"A spontaneous comparison between the Conjured circuits JP6 filter (Lower keybed), and the Lower West Side Studio Discrete Ladder filter (Upper keybed). Oscillators for the JP6 are three Corsynth Oddyseys, and for the Discrete Ladder filter three Dotcom Q106.
Drums from a Fantom G8, and bass from two Q106, passing through a krisp1 Overdrive II and a Q150 filter."

5U - FM Drone

video by Precarious333 Music

"Testing out some modules (outside the case). Patch is an ElectroSmith VCO with linear FM from Q106A sine which is sequenced by a SympleSEQ. Saw out from ElectroSmith to Barton BMC034 Switched Resistor VCF (built by Lower West Side Studio) running 2 low pass filters in series. Barton BMC034 is modulated by Encore Universal Event Generator running through the inverter on Q155 with inversion modulated by an audio frequency signal from SSL 1710 5-PULSER which is processing the same Q106A FM-ing the ElectroSmith VCO, introducing a pitch heard as the accented notes. The inverter output is then fed to the Curver section of Q155 modulated by a second Encore UEG. Simple, right? Ha-ha!

Q155 Curver is a really great module. Works great to add uniqueness to modulation signals and audio alike. I'm sure I'll find a place for it in every patch.

A minute into the video I introduce an inverted copy of the sequence controlling Q106A into the Clock input on the Barton BMC034. This is an experimental input on a very strange filter producing unexpected results. In this instance we get a sweet spot that produces truncated versions of the sequence because the filter freaks out creating dead zones. I like that kind of thing. \ (•◡•) /

Things fall into chaos when I exponentially FM the ElectroSmith VCO by another VCO running a different sequence which degenerates into the noise at the end.

#5U​ #MU​ #ElectroSmith​ #LowerWestSideStudio​ #modular​​ #synth​​ #music​​ #SynthesizersDOTcom​​ #DOTcom​​ #MoogFormat​​ #SSL​​ #SyntheticSoudLabs​​"

G-STORM ELECTRO Announces 2xADSR r1-2 Dual Eurorack Envelope Demo

video by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2021

Today a quick un-edited video announcing the 2xADSR version 1-2 dual envelope. Available as a DIY project or assembled version. Check​ for availability."

via G-STORM on Reverb

"2xADSR is a dual envelope module in 8HP Eurorack format. Each envelope is an independent Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release linear contour. Each envelope takes a gate input, puts out a positive-voltage contour and a buffered negative-voltage (DC inverted) contour.

New for version 1-2

Functionally everything is the same except the added capacitors + spdt switches for long/short response. Previously was only short response time. Also:
added 100n filtering capacitors
eliminated U4 by simplifying inverted output circuit
added 4x 100R current limiting resistors to outputs
Horizontal aligned components
single screw post, previously was 2 screw posts
This is the assembled version. Included is a 15cm 10-to-16 pin ribbon connector. Just plug into your system and go!

Module Depth: 22mm

Current Measurements: 16mA/+12V, 2mA-12V, 0mA/+5V (not used)

Contour Scope Measurements
fast mode:
- attack range 1ms to 1s
- release 1ms to 3.5s
slow mode:
- attack range 10ms-12s
- release 10ms-35s"

Happy Nerding Filter 3-band EQ

video by Happy Nerding

"Shapers category is updated with 'Filter 3-band EQ' effect."

Eventide Clockworks Bundle Meets Eurorack!

video by Electronisounds Audio

00:00​ Intro
00:23​ Eurorack Music Track
04:24​ Explanation 01
05:07​ Stand-Out Discoveries
06:49​ Connections and Routing
07:51​ How I'm using the plug-ins
13:28​ Enhancing a beat in Ableton
16:54​ Before and After comparison

"Eventide Clockworks Bundle Meets My Eurorack!"

We check out, and do some serious geeking out with the "Eventide Clockworks Bundle" of Desktop effects plugins! Thanks for watching!

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!! ---


3am - inference (Infernal Noise Machine)

video by justin3am

"This is a performance using an Infernal Noise Machine from Flight Of Harmony, controlled by a 0-CTRL from Make Noise. Also featuring a Quad Plague Bearer for extra grime and a Desmodus Versio for reverb.
I forgot to turn on the back light, so you can barely see what I'm doing, lol."

MANTHER MONDAY 21wk7 & 21wk8

video by Malekko HeavyIndustry

"This is a compilation of last week’s @Malekko_Manther IG clips in one seven minute video.
These are simple, one minute clips of saved presets as examples of the power of the Manther. Recall preset, press play, then make adjustments to have fun.
Or maybe it’s a new patch made from scratch right then!
Thanks for watching!"

EMS AKS & 3 digitana MIDI/CV/ Breakoutbox Interfaces

via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

"EMS AKS serial 482 (1999) with KS serial 45265. All in brandnew condition.
got it new 2012 from Mr. Rehberg, EMS-Germany
All Elektrolytic Capacitors have been renewed in 2020.
Everything works as new. The Synth also has got the PWM Modification directly installed by EMS.
AKS Keyboard and Synthi look brandnew. Original invoice available. You wont find any better offer.
Included are:
EMS AKS serial. 482, KS serial 45265
Digitana AKS MIDI Interface
Digitana AKS CV Interface
Digitana AKS Breakout Box
extra PWM Cables, extra pins
new Flightcase for the EMS AKS Synth
foldable Stand for the Synth
Power Cable & KS cable"


via this auction

"BOSS-ROLAND SYB-3 BASS SYNTHESIZER EFFECTS PEDAL. Basically New in Box with Owner's Manual. Bought it new years ago. Used in two studio sessions. I used it on Bass Guitar, but it can be used on Guitar or Keyboard as well. MONO or STEREO Out (see my 3rd picture for Stereo Out) Kept in box and still in perfect condition! Has Owner's Manual. 9 Volt Battery is NOT included."

Vintage 1987 Ensoniq ESQ-M Rack Mount Synthesizer w/ Voice Crystal Carts

via this auction

Voice Crystal 1, 3, & X.

Roland SH-101 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Schmidt Synthesizer: Elfenlied

video by Robert Skerjanc

"A wonderful anime song on an expressive synthesizer."

Retro Synthesizer 3D Modelleme ve Render (Roland Saturn 09)

video by Erdi Aykan

"Roland Saturn 09 model synthesizer Fusion 360 programı kullanılarak modellenmiş ve render alınmıştır."

Keyboard Mag. Oct. '86 | What Was In It?

video by Espen Kraft

"Keyboard Magazine October 1986 - Cool ads, tech tips, keyboard reviews and interesting interviews... What Was In It? Let the time travel begin!"

Espen Kraft Keyboard Magazine posts

Roland Verselab MV-1 Sonic LAB Review

video by sonicstate

"Roland are going full tilt with their new Zen Core engine and the MV-1 Verselab is the latest hardware in that range.

This one is designed to be a start to finish track creation tool - with 128 voices of Zen Core, up to 2 Looper Tracks, plus a Vocal Track, FX and a Mastering Stage for final bounce.

Grab the Stems and more on Patreon​

00:00​ Intro and overview
03:36​ Sequences pads and MIDI
05:58​ Zen Core and FX
08:55​ Sections and Song
09:46​ Motion sequencing
10:40​ Kits and Sampling
14:13​ Looper Tracks
16:24​ Vocal track
21:53​ Mastering
23:23​ Final thoughts"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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