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Tuesday, March 09, 2021

I Am Nothing | Ambient on the Industrial Music Electronics system w/ patch notes

video by HEAD DRESS

"Live ambient remix of 'I Am Nothing' performed on the Industrial Music Electronics system.

'I Am Nothing' is the opening track from Obituary, originally released on Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere in 2020.

Head Dress - Obituary (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.)

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NVO xtreme Krell

video by Todd Barton

"More Krell fun with The Human Comparator's Buchla format Nested Vector Oscillator. Here too is his demo: [posted here]
and ordering info here:
And my Patreon:"

"Stranger" with Roland JUPITER-Xm Synthesizer - cover of 1985 song by Clan of Xymox

video by Robert Saint John

"Cover of the 1985 song by the goth darkwave band Clan of Xymox (Ronny Moorings, Anka Wolbert, and Pieter Nooten) on 4AD Records. Using the Roland JUPITER-Xm synthesizer, Zenbeats DAW, and ZENOLOGY Pro software synth.

Features clips from the 1920 silent film THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI, directed by Robert Wiene."

Oberheim OB-12

via this auction

Jexus demo in the listing previously posted here.

Novation Nova II 36 Voice Glorious Digital Synth

via this auction

Jexus demo featured in the listing previously posted here.

Miami Vice and Melrose Place Oberheim DPX-1 Vintage Sample Player?

via this auction

The SN appears to be 750645 which was listed back in 2017 here - same marks on the back. Note the description for the new listing states this was owned by Tim Truman with a note on it being used on Miami Vice and Melrose Place, but there's no mention of that in the previous post.

"Here is a fine example of the classic DPX-1. It can playback various sample formats such as from the Ensoniq Mirage, Emulator II, etc. This unit has been owned by Tim Truman originally, composer of the theme to Melrose Place among many other pieces of music for TV/FILM.

The following upgrades have been installed:

- PSU recapped by Andrei Kudryavtsev
- Floppy drive replaced with HXC Rev F floppy emulator
- OS upgraded to latest version

The PSU on the DPX is notorious for blowing capacitors, so having your DPX recapped is an absolute must. With these upgrades you can be confident that your DPX will give you years of trouble-free use. I'm including some of Tim Truman's personal sound disks. The 5.25" floppies are included as-is, while the 3.5" floppies have been converted into images to use with the emulator.

Also, I have put many other sample collections onto the SD card such as the Ensoniq Mirage library. Everything works 100 percent on this and sounds great. Please feel free to message me any questions about it, thanks!"

1983 Roland Juno-6 Analog Synthesizer SN 193274

video by RetroLinear

via this auction

"This one's been ran thru the ringer here at RetroLinear, has a clean bill of health after a full restoration, complete recap, all controls cleaned/lubricated, key contacts cleaned, fully calibrated and ready to go."

Korg Opsix (Presets Part 2)

video by 3rdStoreyChemist

Part 1 here

EasyEi8ht trigger sequencer prototype demo

video by juanito moore

Juanito Moore of Modular for the Masses

Evolved Vol 3 - Patches 26 to 50 - Sequential Prophet 6

video by GEOSynths

"Out 15th March 2021.
It's been almost 2 years since I brought out Evolved Vol 2 for the Sequential Prophet 6 Synthesizer and wasn't sure I'd do another, however Sequential have updated the Prophet 6 with the 'Vintage Knob' feature, from the Prophet 5 Rev 4 Synth. After making a 3rd Bank for the Sequential 0B6, it was obvious to do another Bank for the Prophet 6.

In this set I've also focused a little more on making Patches using Osc 2 as a Modulation Source and delving deeper. While there is the odd "Vintage" patch, it's more about getting new Synthesizer sounds."

GEOSynths Sequential Prophet 6 Patch demos

62HP EP5: 4 Voice iPad Sequenced Synth

video by Perfect Circuit

"This 62HP system is a four voice synthesizer with effects that is designed to be sequenced by an iPad with USB, but you could sequence it with any USB midi.

The synth voice is made with the Recovery Effects Jupiter Spirits quad VCO, an Intellijel Morgasmatron dual filter, XAOC Zadar quad envelope/function generator and two Intellijel 1U Dual VCAs for 4 VCAs total. There are two effects modules, the WMD/SSF DPLR dual delay and the Erica Synths Dual FX which has two DSP effect channels. The USB to CV is handled by the Noise Engineering Univer Iter. The iPad is used to both sequence the four synth voices with the Fuge Machine app, and to create the drums with Ruismaker.

All of the gear in this video available here:


00:00​ - Intro
00:05​ - Jam
02:02​ - System Overview
02:52​ - Patch Explanation
03:40​ - What The System Can Do
04:24​ - Outro"

Noise Engineering Blog: Patching bursts with CV over length & melodic bursts

video by Noise Engineering

"From the blog:
If you don’t have a dedicated burst generator in your system (or, like me, you just always need more bursts!), we can really easily patch one together. All we need is a clock (or LFO), a DC-coupled VCA, and a decay envelope. Patch your clock/LFO into the audio input of the VCA, the decay envelope into the CV input of the VCA, and voila, you’ve got a burst generator. Trigger the envelope to create your burst! The length of the decay envelope controls how many triggers are in your burst, the clock/LFO controls the rate. Easy!

Here, we’re using Pons Asinorum as our envelope generator, with our main clock as the VCA’s input so our bursts are in time with the rest of our patch. Since Pons Asinorum is voltage controllable, we can sequence the number of triggers in our bursts, too."

Blog: Patching melodic bursts

video by

"From the blog:
The whole idea for this patch came by way of an email from our friend Arthur Hnatek. He wanted to trigger a whole sequence from a single hit on his extremely cool drum-controlled modular system. I suggested the patch in our last video. But because Arthur wanted more than just sequenced bursts, we swapped in a trigger sequencer as the input, and used that to advance a pitch sequencer as well as to trigger a voice. That would mean that from a single trigger, a complete trigger and CV sequence would be generated, giving some really interesting performance possibilities.

Let’s give that a shot: here, instead of using a clock as the VCA input as in our last video, we’re using Bin Seq, and we’re feeding it into Mimetic Digitalis’s N input so we get a four-part CV sequence to modulate our voice, as well as a trigger pattern. Along with triggering our decay envelope, our input trigger is multed to the BS’s Measure input, and the MD’s Origin input so that we get the same pattern each time our burst is generated."

MONACO FUNK - Organ groove and backing track #Shorts​

video by Woody Piano Shack

"Funky organ groove inspired by the great Tony Monaco.
Backing tracks and practice ideas available for Patrons and YouTube Channel Members. Thanks to you all for your support!"

► WEBSITE - additional links there.

Deckard's Dream MK2: Is it a Yamaha CS-80 replicant? // Full tutorial and review

video by loopop

0:00​ Intro
1:30​ Some sounds
4:00​ vs CS-80
4:55​ Poly aftertouch
8:00​ MPE
9:55​ Ring mod
10:40​ Presets
11:35​ vs DDRM MK1
12:35​ Dual layers
14:20​ Connectivity
14:40​ Slider colors
15:50​ Oscillators
17:30​ Filters
20:10​ Envelopes
22:40​ Sub osc / LFO
25:25​ Port/gliss
25:50​ Sustain I/II
27:00​ Unison
29:05​ JF Sebastian
31:05​ Pros, cons
3535 Outro 1
37:40​ Outro 2

Yamaha PLG150-DX & Yamaha PLG100-XG Demos


Tone Generation Tone Generating Technology FM Synthesis
Multi Timbral Capacity 1
Polyphony Number of Polyphony (Max.) 16
Preset Number of Voices 912 Preset 64 User


Tone Generation System : AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2)
Polyphony : 32 (when using one-element voices)
Voices : 480 normal voices
12 drum voices
Interface : Plug-in connector
Effects : Reverb (11 types), Chorus (11 types), Variation (42 types)
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 138.5 x 89 x 8.5 mm

EMU Vintage Pro (2002) & Turbo Phatt (2002) Demos


ROM Size: 32MB
Sample Rate/Bitrate: 44.1kHz 16-bit
Presets: 1024 (512 RAM, 512 ROM)
Instruments: 409
SIMM Sockets: 4
SuperBEATS Mode: Yes
Polyphony: 128 Voices
MIDI Channels: 32

Presets: 1024 (512 RAM, 512 ROM)
Instruments: 1099
SIMM Sockets: 4
SuperBEATS Mode: Yes
Polyphony: 128 Voices
ROM Size: 32MB
Sample Rate/Bitrate: 44.1kHz 16-bit

E-MU Systems Proteus 2500 SN 070203604


via this auction


via this auction

video by Liberty Bellows

"Synth sounds" at 5:48.

Arp Odyssey Mk1 2800 Synthesizer SN 282985

via this auction

"1970’s Original Arp Odyssey 2800 Mk1

Refurbished /Serviced /Calibrated

Pretty much a full Overhaul!

I literally just picked this beast up from my tech today 3/8/2021"

Waldorf Q Rack SN 2109260000312

via this auction

Yamaha DX-5 SN 1663

via this auction

Yamaha FS1R Formant/FM Synth Module SN 0Z01016

via this auction

Casio CZ-5000 Synthesizer

via this auction

Keen On Keys Home Keyboard Demos


Star Wars - CASIO PT-87 Autoplay
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life - CASIO PT-82 Autoplay
Last Christmas - Yamaha SHS-10 Demo
American Patrol - Casio SA-7 Demo
Video Killed The Radio Star - Yamaha PS-3
Pocket Calculator - Casio VL-1
Oh! Susanna - Yamaha TYU-30 Autoplay
House Of The Rising Sun - Casio VL-5 Demo
Star Trek Theme - Yamaha PC-100 Playcard
Bontempi PM 665 Demo Song
Amstrad Fidelity CKX100 - Demo
Yamaha PSS-480 Demo (with custom voices)

Petshop Boys - Heart (Mix) in QasarBeach (Fairlight cmi)

video by

"The 'Boys' loved their Fairlight Fairlight CMI. QasarBeach was captured with no edits, overdub or added effects to create this new mix of Heart.
'QasarBeach CMI IIz' is a Fairlight CMI simulator written from the ground up that does an amazing job of recreating the user interface and functionality of the original hardware, while adding many useful improvements that makes workflow faster and more intuitive."

Studio.h WPM Wireless Preset Manager for e-series compatible modules. Unfettered Preset Management!

video by Kent

"Introduction to the liberating Studio.h WPM (Wireless Preset Manager).
I'm working on the next video as this uploads. We'll look at everything in great detail, including:

Small system ideas
a 24 panel system
The configuration pages
and more.

00:00​ Start
01:28​ WPM Close up
01:37​ WPM Configuration switches
01:46​ What's in the box & adapters
01:50​ In the case
02:20​ Switching Presets over WiFi!
03:15​ System Considerations w/206e
04:00​ WPM w/206e & Stobe/S&H Strategy
04:53​ Notes about my system
05:31​ The 2 pages WPM serves up
06:12​ Physical size and considerations (will it fit?)
07:18​ Dimensions: Height & Depth
08:19​ Easel-K: A Match Made in Oregon - The Ideal Candidate
08:51​ 225h does it do PM?
09:34​ Easel-K innards. Power connectors are available.

Discussion on Muffwiggler:​

Introductory video. Lots of talking and discussions of strategies and usage in systems.
Be sure to use the navigation/progress bar to jump to sections of interest for repeated viewing and pausing. I left many snapshot/screengrabs up for only 5 seconds as the video is already quite lengthy and one can easily pause upon what one wishes to see in greater detail.

More in the way of actual use coming up in next videos. I'll show it in my 24-panel system and then either my 10-panel or 4-panel (currently out on loan). We'll go through the pages that are served up by the WPM, etc.

[b]Answers to a handful of likely questions:[/b]
Q: How does it work?
A: It is a WiFi server and serves up (currently) two web pages that are accessed via a web browser. I've tested it on a Mac, iPad Pro, iPhone6s, and my ancient iPhone 3GS. The 3GS renders the main page strangely (fault of the browser due to its age and lack of updates) but it does work. Any cheapo Android should work and Studio.h have tested a few of them.

Q: Will it work with v2 (non-Primo) 200e systems?
A: Yes, there is a switch for this shown at 01:37​

Q: Is it possible to change the log-in information?
A: Yes, the WiFi name and password can be changed. I'll demonstrate this in the next video. There is also a switch, at 1:37​, showing that the system can be made entirely 'Open'. Live dangerously!

Q: Will this enable preset management of my 208 variant?
A: No. None of the 208 units are e-series compatible. They simply don't have the hardware onboard for e-series knob positions, slider positions, patching, levels, etc.
However, for the Easel-K owner, you've just level-upped your 223e!

Q: Will it coexist with existing Buchla Preset Managers (206e/225e).
A: Yes, as shown in this very video plus the leveraging of Preset Management Strobe Mode. See 04:00​

Q: How much does it cost? How do I order one?
A: $400 USD and drop Studio.h a line on:​

Bravo, Studio.h!"

Ambiente Oscuro & Distorientation -- Sound Packs for Modal Craft Synth 2 0

video by Human Oversynth

"This sound pack is a collection of 64 dark ambient / SciFi presets for your Modal Craft Synth 2.0 synthesizer. Like a child waiving out the back window of the last spaceship leaving a dying planet, these sounds are at once harsh and hazy, somber and sinister, noisy and barely in tune. The patches in this sound pack will turn your Craft Synth 2.0 into device for generating deeply mysterious sound textures and unexplained alchemic tones.

Sound packs and overlays for Modal Craft Synth 2.0 and Skulpt available now from:"

Distorientation Model Skulpt Soundpack

"This sound pack is a collection of 64 dark ambient / SciFi presets for your Modal Sculpt synthesizer. Like an impossible memory of a dystopian future, these sounds are at once dirty, noisy, barely in tune, warm, harsh, dreamy, and nostalgic. The patches in this sound pack will make your Skulpt sound like a modular synth that was dropped in a in radioactive saltwater ocean and forgotten about for a hundred of years (but in a good way)."

Overlays / skins for Modal Skulpt and Craft Synth 2.0 --

video by Human Oversynth

This video demonstrates how to install adhesive overlays (skins) on Modal Skulpt and Craft Synth 2.0 synthesizers. Also, a rabbit.

Overlay skins and sound packs for the Modal Skulpt & Craft 2.0, and other synthesizers can be found at"

Arturia PolyBrute Connect Editor Tutorials


Tutorials | PolyBrute Connect - Episode 1: Get Started
Tutorials | PolyBrute Connect - Episode 2: DAW Workflow
Tutorials | PolyBrute Connect - Episode 3: Morphing Visualised
Tutorials | PolyBrute Connect - Episode 4: Sounds Management

You can find additional PolyBrute tutorials in previous posts here.

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