MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, March 21, 2021

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Sunday, March 21, 2021

0-C0AST AMBIENT: PATH.TRACE (feat iolabs Flux)

video by C Nich0lls

"A path of unpredictable resonance.

This time the 0-Coast is joined by it's larger sibling the System Cartesian. Also lending some modulation is the 0-CTRL. 0-CTRL adds modulation to each phrase modifying a variety of waveform parameters on the 0-Coast.

The 0-Coast is patched largely using it's default signal flow. The sound relies on lots of modulation to the waveform blend along with overtone and Multiply. The final sound is routed through Strymon;s NightSky reverb pedal.

The Cartesian adds 2 further sounds; a low 'kick' from the STO and noise/hat from the Teleharmonic.

Sequencing is all from my new IOLABS FLUX sequencer. The Flus allows for a lot of detailed and organic rhythmic control. Literally my first patch with it and definitely scratching the surface, but so far far more flexible than even the descriptions give it credit for. Very deep, but reasonable UI and the detail of the programming is quite astonishing."

MUAD live analog synths - Sky Kingdom

video by O.Z. Hall

"MUAD (The Modular Units of the Analog Domain -,
my synth duo with James Carr.
This is a live performance video prepared for the 2021 Virtual Circuit Benders Ball ( )."

Oberheim OB8 Synthesizer

via this auction

Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer Voice ROM Cartridge # 4 Orchestral Percussive Effects w/ Box

via this auction

Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer Voice ROM Cartridge Sound Source LA Voice II

via this auction

Vtg 1940 NY World's Fair VODER Voice Synthesizer BELL SYSTEM EXHIBIT Brochure

via this auction

Here's something you do not see everyday. It was sent my way via Pea Hicks of If you are not familiar with the Voder, it was a 1939 speech synthesizer from Bell Lab's. Yes, that is correct, the year 1939. You can find some previous posts including demos here. This brochure is as rare as it gets. It's hard to believe it exists in this condition. The auction description follows: "A Vintage / Original 1940 New York WORLD'S FAIR Bell System Exhibit BROCHURE / BOOKLET of The VODER - The Worlds First Voice Electronic Synthesizer. The Bell Telephone Laboratory's Voder (from Voice Operating Demonstrator) was the first attempt to electronically synthesize human speech by breaking it down into its acoustic components. It was invented by Homer Dudley in 1937–1938 and developed on his earlier work on the vocoder. The quality of the speech was limited; however, it demonstrated the synthesis of the human voice, which became one component of the vocoder used in voice communications for security and to save bandwidth.

As found recently, it measures aprx 6" x 9".

Visually it appears to be in nice original condition showing light overall wear w/ some light creasing & a soft vertical fold/crease down the center (see pics)."

Vintage 1982 "WASP Special" Synth from Wasp Synthesisers Ltd. ( EDP )

via this auction

Pics remind me of this post, but are different.

"This is the incredibly rare "WASP Special" version of the famous WASP synthesiser. I believe only a few dozen WASP Specials were ever made. I bought this one direct from Electronic Dream Plant's founder, Adrian Wagner, in July 1982. Unlike the earlier WASPs which were made from cheap plastic and had bright yellow keys, the WASP Special has gold colour keys, a metal control panel and a beautiful mahogany enclosure. It also features an internal 240v mains power supply. In all other respects, it's identical to an ordinary WASP synth. Sadly, this one has stopped working and produces no output apart from a bit of mains hum. Thus, it is being sold as spares or repairs. There have been no botched, attempted repairs or components removed. Cosmetically it's in good condition with only some very minor scuffs/scratches on the wood. It probably deserves to be in a museum as it really is THAT rare (see "Legacy" section of Wikipedia entry about the Electronic Dream Plant)


via this auction

"The QuASH provides four computer addressable S/H circuits in a single module. It features adjustable glide rate for each channel (selected by computer control), individual trigger “gates” and an individual modulation input for each channel. On-board address decoding allows up to four QuASH modules to be bussed together in a single system for 16 voice “polytonic” synthesis! This module is intended for the true PAiA fanatic that wants a complete and original computer controlled system from the glory days of the analog world: the 1970’s"

Ensoniq SQ-80 Cross Wave Synthesizer SN SQ-14635-E w/ Original Box +2 Patch Carts

via this auction

Prophet 10 - Dimension Ascension

video by The Crazy Canadian

"Still loving this prophet. Check out my other prophet videos, if you enjoyed this 😁"

Check them out here.

禅 Zen(II)(DSI/Poly Evolver)

video by Hitoshi Koizumi

禅 Zen(III)(DSI/Poly Evolver)
video by

"DSI/Poly Evolver Keyboard,
Manikin Schrittmacher step sequencer,
Strymon BigSky"

Dave Smith Tempest - Dirty Drums

video by The Crazy Canadian

"The tempest is always a fun drum machine 😁"

Celebrating Ten Years of the Spectrasonics' Bob Moog Tribute Library for Omnisphere!

video by moogfoundation

"Celebrating A Decade of Spectrasonics' Bob Moog Tribute Library for Omnisphere!

Bob Moog Tribute Library:​

Thank you Spectrasonics, for helping to make a more wonderful world through music!

Special thanks to the artists appearing in this video in order of appearance:
CJ Vanston
Dave Gross
Tommy Coster, Jr.
Amin Bhatia
Mike Martin
Bonnie Hayes
Steve Porcaro

Arrangement: CJ Vanston
Additional Arrangement: Amin Bhatia
Video: Daniel Liston Keller, Get It In Writing

All Sounds from the Bob Moog Tribute Library."

Modular LiveSET Vol.005 "Intellijel Scales Demo, no talking"

video by LogicNOT

"This is a little demo of how I like to use the Intellijel Scales. The first in a series of videos showcasing the combination of of 4 Intellijel modules (Scales, Tete, Tetrapad, Quadrax) and the Westlicht Performer.

The 'Scales' is an excellent quantizer with many advanced options. Entering very simple scales with only 2-5 entries result in interesting possibilities for scalar progressions by using the root-mode and of course by playing the module. As this is a demo there is extensive melody-madness involved. In a normal performance I would use it more sparingly.

- the Tete/Tetrapad channel 1 is controlling the pitch
- a combo of 2 Quadrax LFOs is controlling the shift
- Scales is controlling two lead voices"

[LIVESTREAM] Beatmaker 3: Sampling and Macros MASTERCLASS!

video by Electronisounds Audio

"Beatmaker 3: Sampling and Macros MASTERCLASS!
iPad (Beatmaker 3) vs. my Eurorack."

Quasimidi TechnoX - "Phobos" 50 Performances

video by LFOstore

"Welcome to the world of Technox by Quasimidi!
Many people thinking this silver rack unit suits only for techno/dance music.

Endeed its great machine for space ambient and cinematic sounds.
As well as analog classics.

Introducing "Phobos" soundset with 50 deep and atmospheric performances ready to go in your track.


Every performance contains from 2 to 4 layers and reacts both on velocity and modulation wheel.

From deep pads and massive strings to melodic, rythmic arpeggiated structures, among with plucks and cinematic soundscapes and impressive solo leads.

Get Ready to fire up your Technox for next cinematic ambient track!

Easy to load via sysex in seconds!"

Spring Equinox // A Cinematic Composition // Roland SH-01A / SE-02

video by Eon Edge

"A short cinematic composition featuring the Roland SH-01A, my new Roland SE-02, and two of the free Spitfire Labs libraries: Soft Piano and Frozen Strings. I composed, recorded and mixed it on the spring equinox, hence the title.

The video shows me playing with VCF cut-off frequency, decay and sub-oscillator level on the SH-01A, in charge of the main arpeggio line, adding noise from time to time to mimic those big orchestral percussions, and improvising with Spitfire Labs Soft Piano on my Keystep – this piano sounds so good, still can't believe it's free, thanks Spitfire!

The SE-02 is playing the deep, bass drone note. I slowly open the filter towards the end to add a bit of drama.

Finally, the Frozen Strings from Spitfire Labs enrich the track with some background texture.

Hope you like it!"

Waldorf Blofeld - Polyphonic Multitimbral Wavetable Synth w/FX & Original Box

via this auction

"Blofelds have been known to develop wobbly knobs over time (but hey, who hasn't). Jokes aside, this is not the case here, these knobs are still as firm (...) as they were brand new. Very firm that is.

Included: original PSU, original manual, original CD and original box.

'Offspring from a noble house - the little synthesizer machine with the big and evil sound.

Waldorf is back in the game. With the Blofeld. This synthesizer offers all the unique qualities that made Waldorf a truly legendary brand.

The engine inside the heavy duty, full metal chassis of the Blofeld delivers the same fat and rich sound that so many Waldorf users worldwide love when they play their Pulse, Q, Q+, Micro Q, Microwave, Microwave II/XT, or even the flagship Wave.

Yes, you've heard it right. The Blofeld is not only capable of producing these warm, organic analog sounds known from the Q synthesizer line, it also sports a wavetable engine like its predecessors with 'Wave' in their names.

This unique synthesis system is based upon the revolutionary PPG Wave synthesizers of the early 80s. So when you listen to the Blofeld for the first time, you will instantly recognize those edgy, hard-hitting and bell-like timbres that have been an integral part of so many world hits from the PPG era on, and become increasingly popular once more.'"

Roland SVC-350 Vocoder

via this auction

"Technically 100% working condition. All of the sliders and pots have been cleaned and lubricated, so no crackling sounds. Cosmetically quite okey, but there are scratches in the unit. Also, most of the slider caps have been lost and someone has sawed off the handles in the rack ears. Any of this doesn't of course affect to usage or sound."

Quasimidi Quasar 1994 + T.R.E Expansion card

via this auction

"Gorgeous techno & rave cult machine.
16 parts 64 note polyphony synths and drum.
Tr 606/808/909/Cr included.
1000 onboard sounds.
With the T.R.E. Card (Technox Sounds) installed."

Additional Quasimidi T.R.E. Card Quasar (pictured below) from the seller listed here.

EEH DS- 500 Digital Sequencer

via this auction

"The device was built around 1980 and is in good technical and visual condition for its age. This sequencer was also used by Tangerine Dream. Power supply and operating instructions are included."

This appears to be the first one featured on the site. EEH was known to make the BANANA anlog synth similar in look to an Oberheim OB-Xa in OB-SX case. You can posts featuring EEH here.

Roland Jupiter-8 SN 181766

via this auction

"The Jupiter-8, or JP-8, eight-voice introduced by in early 1981 Item is in Excellent condition with a few minor scratches, you can see them in photos. in FULL Working order, every knob, electronics, sliders, everything works perfectly."

Sequential Circuits Prelude Synthesizer- Vintage Brass, Organ, Piano, and Strings

via this auction

"Everything works and sounds great. As you can see in the pictures there are many scuffs and scratches on the body (although mostly not where you are looking when you are playing the synth) and oxidation on the screws so it is not a museum piece. The face plate is still in very good shape though, as you see. It also has all of the slider caps and all the feet, including the tilt back legs. I've had this for about a decade and never had an issue with it besides the occasional scratchy slider that fader lube always cleared up (no scratchy sliders when I just tested it before listing)."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 12 Bit Rack Sampler SN 0437

via this auction

"Rare Prophet 2002 12 sampler in excellent condition. Has the 'plus' upgrade so it's memory is maxed out and has the great 8 additional outputs. Fully working.

Can sample at either 16k, 32k, or 43k, so can go from grimey to hi-fi if needed.

In cosmetically excellent condition for its age, best I've seen in a long time!
This doesn't come with any disks, there is an empty disk (placeholder, not an actual disk) in the drive, you do not need this to boot up or run the sampler.

Has great fat CEM resonant filters and analog envelopes + vca, & the ability to stack sounds for very interesting results."

Music Fashion Studio "Subtractive Synthesis" Hand Bag

via this auction

"First product by Music Fashion Studio.
Name of model name "Subtractive Synthesis"
Bag for Musicians and Eurorack Modular Synthesizer lovers.
Exclusive design by Mykola Dudich (Crazy Oil Arts, Crazy Pillows)
Bag have knobs and connectors, 2 imitation of faders, pocket on the back side and adjustable strap

Made from high quality natural leather and metalic zips.

Absolutely exclusive model. In single copy. Masterpiece."

Roland JP-8000

via this auction

Suiko ST-10 KOTO for Shigin conductor Synthesizer Tokyo Japan SN 001315

via this auction

Yamaha FS1R SN PP01062

via this auction

"Condition is excellent. Still has plastic wrap on the screen which has a black line mark on it . Screen is fine. Comes with original manual. Has new battery installed."

White Oberheim Matrix 1000 SN L320795

via this auction

Nord Wave 2 61 Key Performance Synthesizer

via this auction

"General Features
4 Layer Synthesizer with LED faders
Virtual analog synthesis,Wavetable,FM and sample playback
48 voices
1GB memory for Nord sample library 3.0
Effects,EQ, Delay and Reverb for each layer.
Advanced arpeggiator and gate features
61 key semi weighted keyboard with octave shift buttons + and - 2 octaves
Keyboard split with 3 split points
Advanced Morph functionality
Impulse Morph for instant morphing overrides
Group functionality for multi-layer editing."

Nord NL4 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

getting moody with Spitfire's Contemporary Drama Toolkit

video by J3PO

"The good folks over at Spitfire were kind enough to send me their Contemporary Drama Toolkit, so here is a video of me improvising with the sounds right out of the box. Moody, ambient, vibey, beautiful, and expressive right out the gate. Perfect for just looking at the picture and scoring in the moment."

Moog (2019) Vs Moslab 901b Oscillator Comparison

video by Rhythmicons

"There is rigorous debate in the modular community concerning how authentic the sound of the clones are to the actual Moogs. Moog as a brand inspires confidence in the quality and fetches hefty asking prices on the used market. Their scarcity (prior to 2015) and price keep these out of the hands of most but nevertheless are coveted because of their sound, history, and prestige. For many, the clones are the only option, but some (such as myself) would never be satisfied that the clones really capture the magic until they could hear for themselves how the two systems sound side-by-side.
This video series seeks to answer this question, beginning with the venerable 901B oscillator. The series will then progress to the filters, and then comparing complete synth voices."

Oxi One Walkthrough #3 - HARMONIZER MODE

video by Oxi Instruments

"What’s Harmonizer mode? Harmonizer mode is a Scale setting for Mono, Polyphonic and Multitrack Sequencer types, in which the notes are harmonized according to the active chord on a Chord Sequencer.

We strive to stay appart from other sequencers and the Harmonizer Mode together with the Chord Mode are some of those features that make the difference.

Big shoutout to Loopop who pushed us to add this!

Imagine having a very capable sequencer which can become the brain of all your studio gear and that, furthermore, could serve you as a sophisticated composition tool with a much better interface than a computer. Now you have it!


Oxi One Walkthrough posts


video by Synthesizer Home

The RK002/Machinedrum experiments continue...

video by Retrokits

"Generating probability Euclidean tracks on the machinedrum with the RK002 DUY system"

RK002 posts

Further Synclavier Adventures

video by 100 Things I Do

"Its been a while since I did a Synclavier clip..... so here it is!

In some ways i'm going back to the beginning and explaining how to create patches and how to explore this unique implementation of FM :D"

100 Things I Do Synclavier posts

Patch n Tweak
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