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Thursday, June 03, 2021

Knobcon Number Nine Set for September 10-12, 2021 in Chicagoland

Knobcon is back!

"The World’s Only Synthesizer Convention Returns

Knobcon Number Nine
September 10-12, 2021
Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, Chicago

We are happy to announce that we are moving forward with Knobcon Number Nine rescheduled to Sept 10-12, 2021. Of course, we will be following any mandated protocols for everyone's safety - whatever those might be come September.

Buy your tickets now and save $10!
Tickets are $50 until June 30, $60 at the event

Purchase tickets and book your hotel at

Experience as little or as much Knobcon as you can handle! It all starts on Friday evening, September 10th with the welcome reception featuring live music, video art, and a cash bar. Saturday, September 11th is packed with exhibits and workshops, followed by a banquet featuring our guest of honor. Multiple live music and immersive video spaces round out the evening. Sunday, September 12 brings another full day of exhibits, workshops and camaraderie.

Make it a weekend by booking a hotel room for only $104 per night. Check-in as early as Thursday, September 9 and enjoy the same room rate through Monday, September 13. By booking a room at the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, you'll be on-site for the full event so you're sure not to miss any of the excitement and the only traveling you'll have to do is riding the elevator!

Knobcon - the world's only synthesizer convention - is now in its ninth year and going strong. Held just outside Chicago near O’Hare International Airport, this convention brings exhibitors and attendees from all over the world. Knobcon exhibitors run the gamut from manufacturers and retailers to DIY enthusiasts, makers, artists and more!

If you are interested in electronic-based or experimental music and the tools used to create it, this is the place for you. The diversity and passion of those at knobcon make it enjoyable for all experience levels.

Learn more about Knobcon at our website"

See the Knobcon label for additional posts featuring previous years at the event.

Casio CZ-1000 | The Cosmo Synthesizer. Everyone had one of these!

video by Espen Kraft

"The Casio CZ-101, a big hit for Casio in the mid 80s. And the full-size keys, the CZ-1000.
Used by Vince Clarke among others. A best selling synth from Casio back in the day."

Samson MD13 MIDI Controller Spotted in Air Traffic Controller Room in Sully

video by Warner Bros. Pictures Warner Bros. Pictures

Phil A. spotted it in the film and sent in the pic below. I checked the trailer and you can see a couple of them in the background at 1:15. Always curious what the story was behind props like this. You can find more in the Synth Props and the Synth TV and Film labels.

stock photo via Amazon & Walmart.

Soundtoys Q&A with Mitch Thomas

video by Plugin Boutiqu

Soundtoys is currently having an up to 80% off Spring sale through June 9. Click here for details.

The Night Rider Rides Again (Morphagene + MU Modular Synth)

video by Autotross

"A horse of a different color! Composed on the Make Noise Tape and Microsound Music Machine and my 5U (Moog Format) modular synthesizer, with a guest appearance from the Korg Volca Sample."

Update: video re-titled: The Dark Rider (Morphagene + MU Modular Synth)

Akai AX60

via this auction

NOS Simmons Digital Clap Trap Handclap Synthesizer w/ Original Box & Manual

via this auction

"I found this is in the back of a local music store. It had been sitting untouched for years and was never opened out of its plastic until it was in my possession. I have only actually used it once to test it. The sale includes the synth, original manual, plastic covering, and box."

Roland TR-808 SN 176434

via this auction

Denny's Memorymoog Restore (by Synthpro)

video by synthpro

Roland JX-8P VECOVEN Mod - Demoing the arpeggiator, Chord mode and more

video by synthlegends

"Roland JX-8P VECOVEN Mod

In this video I demonstrate the new VECOVEN Mod, you might know from the JX-10 or MKS-70, recently also established fort he JX-8P. I show the main functions, especially the Chord mode and the arpeggiator.

Here partly the description of the Website from Fred Vecoven:

o Chord mode
o Arpeggiator with tons of modes
o each parameter is now OFF/RECV/SEND/ON, allowing fine control of what gets sent and what is filtered.

o sysex support : allow edition of tone parameters individually, including the "patch" parameters.
o midi cc support : allow edition of all tone parameters with midi cc.
o fast bulk dump/load : 1-2 seconds to dump everything. Can dump to/from cartridge and internal memory.
o edition of parameters (patch and tones) sends sysex, so all editions can be sequenced. PG800 is also supported here, so editions made from the PG800 can also be sequenced.
o copy from/to cartridge to create a full backup of the internal memory (all settings are now copied to the cartridge or restored from it)

o flash module provides 32 internal banks (total of 32 x 32 tones = 1024 tones!). Preloaded with hundreds of tones.
o M16C and M64C support : provide one or four extra banks of tones.
o Import mode to load existing internet "dump" files directly into a bank
o any tone parameter can be assigned to the edit slider during play mode [coming soon !]
o control whether updates from sysex, pg800 or controllers are displayed temporarily on-screen
o allows to disable new features for full compatibility with old software (for example, sysex changes made to tone A can be redirected to the currently selected tone, etc...)

This mod is really exciting and the support is great as well. I got the parts within 3 days after ordering.
For the mod soldering is not necessary. There are just two EPROMS to change, which are on sockets.

There is also a PWM mod, but here you have to desolder some IC, but cables are not necessary.
I hope, you enjoy the video and it shall help you to decide about the mod."

Sequential Prophet 6, Novation Peak and Strymon Bigsky

video by Luca Longobardi

"Girolamo Frescobaldi - Adagion in E minor (Recomposed)"

Prophet-6 + OB-6 Stacked Together

video by MR TUNA Music

"I recorded this video in 2018 and somehow it never made it to the surface! What a crazy set of sounds these two make together. For this video they are stacked together on the same midi channel separated by an octave.

Just in love with what these two can do together.

I think something really weird happens near the end but I'm not going to watch the video that far today :P

Sequential Circuits Prophet-6
Sequential / Oberheim OB-6
Roland TR-8

Prophet Vs Prophet - The Blind Test!

video by Alex Ball

Update: results posted here.

"A comparison between a vintage Prophet~5 rev3 and a new Prophet~10 rev4 (both designed by Dave Smith at Sequential).

This is a blind test where you see the same clip twice, but in one you're hearing the Prophet you see and in the other you're hearing the Prophet you don't see.

Write which you think is which for each of the 9 examples in the comments and I'll reveal the correct answers and the results of people's responses in a weeks time.

Huge thank you to Marius Leicht for his help with this video:

0:00 Explanation of how the test works
1:37 1A
2:04 1B
2:30 2A
2:50 2B
3:10 3A
3:46 3B
4:21 4A
5:06 4B
5:51 5A
6:29 5B
7:05 6A
7:24 6B
7:32 7A
8:25 7B
9:06 8A
9:44 8B
10:24 9A
10:52 9B
11:19 Outro"

Cicadas: Nature's Clock Divider?

video by MAKEN0ISE

"As we emerge into the world this spring, so will a gigantic brood of cicadas - for the first time in 17 years. They might even be able to... give us some patch ideas?"

Cosmic noise & retro heterodyne: Interstellar Radio

video by Richard DeHove

"If you ever played around with shortwave radio noise as a kid then this is your grownup noise evolution. Schlappi Engineering's 'Interstellar Radio' module wants you to endlessly twiddle and wiggle and enjoy the lack of melody and float away in the squeals and static. With all the controls normalled to produce sound on their own this is also a great module for a small system or someone starting out in Eurorack (assuming you like noise).

Here I go through the basic controls, how to understand a little of what you're doing, and then indulge in lots of wiggling.

0:00 Intro about shortwave retro charm
1:45 Basic controls
2:20 Second oscillator
2:40 CV control
3:37 Error out to signal in
4:06 Passive low pass filter
4:38 Left, right and stereo outs
5:04 Error threshold
6:43 Modes
7:19 Gentle tweaks
8:40 Internal patching
11:23 External smooth random CV
12:26 Adding left and right again
17:30 Mode 2
19:42 Mode 3
20:18 Mode 1

My site:
Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:"

AE Modular VACTROL PHASER Audio Demo (no talking) #TTNM


"The tangible waves AE Modular Vactrol Phaser module is an analog phase shifting audio effect for your modular synthesizer. You can add positive or negative feedback, switch between 4 or 8 stages and add internal LFO modulation. Of course external CV modulation is possible too and you get several outputs for the wet signal and individual stages.

0:00 Square VCO Input
2:41 DRONE38 Input
3:50 RBSS Pings
5:26 ALGODRONE Input"

➤ Bandcamp:
➤ Instagram:
➤ Twitter:

J.- M. Jarre Equinoxe 7 - Moog Source, PPG wave 2.2, Mellotron

video by RetroSound

"(c)2007-21 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

Bass sounds: Moog The Source Analog Synthesizer (1981)
Sequencer and FX sounds: PPG wave 2.2 Hybrid Synthesizer (1982)
Mellotron string and choir sounds: Roland M-VS1 Vintage Synth module
drums: LinnDrum, Emax
recording: multi-track, played by hand

My cover version of the track from the album Equinoxe (1978)"

PLINKY Review // a charming portable granular and wavetable synth

video by loopop

0:00 Intro
1:20 Overview
2:00 Note mode
3:55 Tape mode
5:00 Editing params
8:00 Connectivity
10:20 Storage
11:35 DIY kit
12:10 This setup
13:10 Synth
15:00 Sampler
15:30 Sampling
17:00 Slicing
18:20 Multisamples
20:10 Granular
23:35 Noise, distortion
24:05 Resonant LPG
25:05 Effects
26:40 Arpeggiator
27:30 Euclidean
28:50 Sequencer
30:50 Mod matrix
32:30 ABXY explained
37:00 Pros & cons
41:25 Outro

VL synthesis: Can we have it back, please? (Yamaha EX5)

video by Floyd Steinberg

Novation Peak demo after 2:15.

"A short description of what VL / digital waveguide synthesis is, and a look at Yamahas implementation in the EX5 workstation, and a demo using only VL sounds using expressive controllers like an EWI and a MIDI guitar pickup, helped bei the MPC One's autosampler.

Table of contents:

00:00 hello
00:38 very short demo
00:59 brief history of digital waveguide synthesis
01:49 how it works
02:20 short, overly simplified demo of the principle using a delay effect and a filter
03:03 creating a VL patch on the Yamaha EX5: reed
03:30 selecting a model (and some sound demos)
04:17 adjusting the model to our needs
04:50 mapping controls to the VL model (volume, pressure, embouchure, scream, growl)
06:50 creating a concert guitar sound
07:49 using MPC One's autosampler to get polyphony
09:51 demo track using only VL instruments
12:13 bye-bye

Relevant links:

Pierre Cusa's notes on Waveguide Synthesis:
Wikipedia on Waveguide Synthesis:
Awesome demo from 1994:"


Technics SX-WSA1R Acoustic Modeling Rackmount Synth

via this auction

"Unique physical modeling synth with possibilty add samples, competitor of Yamaha VL1 in those days, had pricetag ~3K.
Ideal for ambient, pads, natural, spaces, EFX.
Only near 300pcs rack devices were manufactured.
Two sets of MIDI In/Out/Thru, 4 audio outs.
Manuals in PDF, few files of sound presets.
Overall, device in very good condition, LCD, FDD, buttons working perfectly."

Oberheim Matrix 1000

via this auction

Moog Memorymoog SN 3528

via this auction

Sherman Filterbank 2 Rack

via this auction

Soma Laboratory Pulsar-23 Semi-Modular Drum Synthesizer

via this auction

KORG POLY-61 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave XL

via this auction

Test TC2290D sur PPG 300 modular

video by MOS-LAB

"Test du plugin TC2290D et son contrôleur sur une séquence faite au PPG 300 Modular."

"Test of the TC2290D plugin and its controller on a sequence made with the PPG 300 Modular."

Korg - DS-8 Digital FM-Synthesizer, Vintage

video by M. Schmied

"Some Sounds of the Great Korg DS-8 Synthesizer with Beats from the Yamaha RY20 Rhythm Programmer."

First post to feature the Yamaha RY20. Also see Korg DS-8 realtime sound editing, and additional DS-8 posts here.

Moog Sub 37 & Boss DD8 Digital Delay

video by 3rdStoreyChemist

#ARTURIA #Polybrute Playing with Sequencer & Aftertouch | Performance Demo

video by Soulkeys

"First time playing with the sequencer and trying out the polyphone afertouch."

Rebel Technology OWL Max Tutorial 7: CGL (Clock Generating Looper) Introduction

video by Rebel Technology

"Cherif Hashizume shows us his latest CGL patch on the Lich Eurorack module.
The Clock Generating Looper allows for quick and easy layering of audio loops with advanced timbral controls.
CGL was created in Max gen~ on the OWL platform and the patch is available here:"

Rebel Technology OWL Max Tutorials


video by vermonagear

"In this video we quickly explain the recent updates regarding the DRM’s connectivity and demonstrate how to generate dynamic trigger signals using a modular environment.
From now on also the analogue trigger inputs are dynamic, same as the midi inputs which provided velocity control ever since. Both the dynamic trigger inputs and midi veloctiy do not just control the output volume of a channel but rather effect the overall excitement of each channel’s circuitry, thus controlling its output volume.

There are different ways to generate dynamic trigger signals. While some sequencers provide it and some don't, in this video we show how to achieve it using modular setup."


Vermona DRM1 MKIV Sound Demo (no talking)

video by Bonedo Synthesizers

This one gets going after 4:27. It's interesting to hear the range of sounds leading up to then.

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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