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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Behringer RD-6 Purple Dave Smith Toriaz AS-1 Analog Drum Machine Synthesizer

video by Rik Marston Official

"Synthesizer Demo By Rik Marston
**Watch in HD** **Turn It UP!!!**

Behringer RD-6-GP + Dave Smith / Pioneer DJ Toriaz AS-1
MIDI sync demo. Toriaz AS-1 MIDI Out to RD-6 MIDI In.
Toriaz AS-1 set to MIDI Master. RD-6 in MIDI mode.
Hit play on the SEQ on the Toriaz AS-1 & WHAMMO!
Instant grooves, both units sync very well together.
I love the PURPLE on the Behringer RD-6! Sweet colors!
Anyway this is just preset grooves to demo the syncing via MIDI.
If you have not done so already, follow me on INSTAGRAM!
(rikmarston) There I share a TON more stuff than on FB or YT.
See the synths arrive FIRST! Find out more about me and my
universe! And it's a great way to connect with me, too! :)"

Rik's Links:
Ahnyxian Sound Design:

KORG KORG-770 SN 770608

via this auction

Roland SH-5 SN 641888

via this auction

Quasimidi - The Raven Max

via this auction

You can find a couple of demos of one in previous posts here.

"This is one of the rarest synthesizers of the 1990s--especially for those of us in the US market. Its specialty is techno and dance music, but it does have a great range of samples including vintage stuff like Mellotrons. It is in fantastic condition and fully working. Its overall appearance is almost in time capsule condition. Any possible flaw (all minor) I found on the body has been photographed. The MAX version adds hundreds of additional sounds and is a rare addition to an already rare synth."

BOOMSTAR SE80 Sketch 05

video by Mason Chrysler

"Atmospheric with the SE80. Where are we..?
- - - - -
The Boomstar SE80 is a monophonic synthesizer made by Studio Electronics. It has filters inspired by the legendary Yamaha CS-80 and is super fun to design sounds & write music with.

Thank you for listening!


Mason Chrysler BOOMSTAR SE80 Sketches

Patchwerks: Elektron Digitakt OS 1.30 Live Review!

video by Patchwerks Seattle

"In this stream we go over every new feature in Digitakt OS v1.30 with examples and a few tips/tricks. Firmware v1.30 is an enormous upgrade to the already very powerful Elektron Digitakt. Not gonna lie, this update is amazing."

Techno on a Sequential Prophet 5 REV4? | CONFORCE

video by Conforce

"Here's a video to give you a sound impression of the Prophet 5 rev 4 desktop synthesizer There are 6 short jams that should give you a good idea about the overall possibilities.
#prophet5 #sequential #prophet6 #electro #synthesizer #techno

About: Sequential made a desktop version of their beloved classic Prophet 5 and it's an amazing compact analog workhorse polyphonic synthesizer that comes as close to the original as possible. It has an added vintage mode allowing you to determine a certain amount of oscillator, envelope and filter drift for a more organic sound. Besides that there are two filter options you can choose from, the rev1/2 and the rev3 filter, check the video to listen to some of the nuance differences. I struggled with the intention to get the P6 over the P5.. I think it's with a reason that they released the 5 again and priced it higher, the features are less but then again... I don't need an internal sequencer and effects, I just wanted the solid pure tone of the classic Prophet. I'm impressed by it and will be exploring it in the coming weeks. The envelopes and filter are great however they don't beat the incredible speed of my Korg Mono/Poly.."

Buchla 288r EF to Time

video by Todd Barton

"Riffing off an idea from Adam Scramstad . . .

My Patreon:"

Search for 288r on the top right of the site for additional posts.

Circuit Tracks - Shadow Child // Novation

video by NovationTV

"Simon Neale, better known as Shadow Child, has had a prolific career creating music with foundations in hard-hitting house and building beats with massive sounds. Between his Rinse FM radio hosting slot, running his record label, Food Music, and countless years touring as a DJ, he is completely immersed in music. For Neale, the starting point for his music-making is always the hardware. Being able to get started quickly is crucial. We spent a day with him to discover how Circuit Tracks helps him to start making tracks with ease.

--- Discover Circuit Tracks"

Novation Spotlight: Purity, integrity and Synthesizers with Paula Maddox

Paula Maddox brought us the Monowave (essentially a mono PPG Wave), Vacoloco DIY projects, Modal Electronics, and Dove Audio.

You can find the full Interview with Novation here.

"Unbridled passion drives Paula Maddox as she finds her sound through synth creations.

Captivated by the perplexing synth sounds of the 1980s and driven to recreate the beloved melodies of her favourite songs, Paula Maddox has had a fruitful career in music tech. As a synth afficionado turned designer, Paula has been at the helm of many groundbreaking synth creations, and has also founded her own synthesizer company, Dove Audio. We spoke with Paula to learn more about her career as a trans woman in music tech, and how she infuses purity, integrity and love into her work."

Check out additional Novation Spotlight posts here.

Alan Pearlman - Philip Dodds & Close Encounters (Bright Sparks Outtake)

video by GForce Software

"In an outtake from the Bright Sparks Documentary, ARP founder Alan R Pearlman talks about Philip Dodds and the story behind the use of the ARP 2500 on Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.

Originally released in December 2015 to critical acclaim and created to compliment the I Monster album of the same name, Bright Sparks documents the human stories of eight musical instrument pioneers, - Robert Moog (Moog), Alan R Pearlman (ARP), Don Buchla, Harry Chamberlin, The Bradley Brothers (Mellotronics), Adrian Wagner (Electronic Dream Plant), Peter Zinovieff (EMS) and Ken Freeman.

'An engrossing and fascinating documentary that pays tribute to the modest but amazing innovators who changed the face of electronic music' Vince Clarke
Alan Pearlman Foundation:"

You can find additional Bright Sparks Documentary posts here.

Update: see this post for the actual order invoice for the 2500.

Elektron Introduces OS Upgrade 1.30 For Digitakt: Even More Sound-shaping Features

video by Elektron

"The Digitakt has a new OS to play with, and it’s a proper whopper of an upgrade! We’ve added a plethora of powerful sound-shaping tools as part of a major leveling-up. Let the machine take you to strange new worlds and exciting possibilities. Get ready for: a second LFO, extended pitch range, external input mixer, improved multimode filter, added base-width filter, and much, much more. There’s a whole slew of liquid sonic delight to swim in. Find out more:"

Digitakt Firmware 1.30 Full Review, Tips, and Ideas by EZBOT

video by EZBOT

In this video we go over every new feature in Digitakt OS v1.30 with examples and a few tips/tricks. Firmware v1.30 is an enormous upgrade to the already very powerful Elektron Digitakt. Not gonna lie, this update is amazing.

00:00 Intro
00:24 - Base/Width Filter
01:52 - Filter Envelope Delay
03:26 - Parametric EQ
04:49 - Additional LFO and Updated Graphics
07:15 - Extended Tune Range
08:27 - External Input Mixer
10:24 - External Side-Chain Sources
11:27 - Global FX/MIX
12:29 - Multi-track Step Recording
13:40 - Multi-Track Recording MIDI Tip/Trick
15:02 - Individual Track Recording
16:09 - Remember Subpage
16:55 - Adjustable LED Intensity
17:14 - End

Check out additional EZBOT Digitakt posts here, and all posts featuring EZBOT here.

EZBOT Links:

Elektron's EARTH-SHAKING UPDATE! Digitakt OS 1.30

video by Perfect Circuit

"Mario and Wes take a look at the Digitakt's new digs with Firmware Update 1.3 which adds an abundance of new features including a second band - width filter and LFO! Additionally, they take a look at the new external mixer controls which allow the Digitakt to process external instruments through the built-in effects and compressor.

Other quality of life enhancements in Firmware Update 1.3 include an extended sample range to -60 semitones, Global FX/MIX settings which keeps your patterns consistent across projects, and several new notch-filters!

Thanks to Mario from Elektron for showing off some serious skills!

Get a Digitakt here:


00:00 - Intro
00:36 - Mario's Dual LFO Beat
01:33 - LFO Updates
01:52 - LFO Patches
02:45 - External Mixer
03:30 - Eurorack w/ External Mixer
04:40 - Global FX Mix
05:14 - Mario's Filter Beat
06:06 - New Filters
07:07 - More Pitch Range
07:41 - Rhythm From Pitched Down Samples
09:02 - FM w/ Dual LFOs
09:27 - Outro"


Patchwerks: Elektron Digitakt OS 1.30 Live Review!

video by Patchwerks Seattle

"In this stream we go over every new feature in Digitakt OS v1.30 with examples and a few tips/tricks. Firmware v1.30 is an enormous upgrade to the already very powerful Elektron Digitakt. Not gonna lie, this update is amazing."

Modal Electronics Announces COBALT8 Firmware Update v1.1

via Modal Electronics

– Six all new algorithms for the COBALT Series’ unique waveform architecture, plus raft of workflow enhancements, empowers users with even more power in their creative arsenal –

Bristol, UK - 8th June 2021. Modal Electronics, a leading global synthesiser manufacturer, has just confirmed the immediate release of a new firmware update v1.1 of their critically acclaimed COBALT Series extended virtual analogue synthesisers. Featuring six new algorithms for their unique waveform architecture, alongside a number of user-requested workflow enhancements, the COBALT8, COBALT8M and COBALT8X furnish producers, performers and synth fanatics with even more fuel to ignite their creativity.

The COBALT Series: Beyond Analogue

Comprising three models - the COBALT8, COBALT8M and COBALT8X - the COBALT Series take the revered attributes of legendary vintage synths from the past, injecting progressive concepts in sound generation techniques without compromising the timbral warmth and iconic workflow modern creators demand. Fusing Modal Electronics’ sophisticated modulation and performance engine, this family of synths deliver an expansive and diverse spectrum of sounds applicable to all musical genres.

Under the hood, the COBALT Series is fueled by dual independent oscillator groups with up to 4 oscillators each and an immense 40 unique complex algorithms to choose from. Fuse this with MPE support, 1:1 integration with MODALapp, an integrated 512-note realtime/step sequencer, a 32-step programmable arpeggiator with powerful animation lanes, connectivity for any situation and Modal Electronics’s proprietary morphable 4-pole Ladder Filter, and it’s easy to see why the COBALT Series heralds a new era in virtual-analogue synthesiser technology.

New in Firmware v1.1

With the introduction of COBALT8 Firmware v1.1, users have access to six new unique algorithms firmly focussed on FM and AM oscillation models complete with dual controls for precise sound sculpting capability. These new algorithms include:

FM Saw:Square: Frequency Modulation using a Sawtooth as the carrier and a Square as the modulator with full control over FM Depth (A) and Modulator Frequency Ratio (B)
FM Square:Square: Frequency Modulation using a Square as both the carrier and modulator with full control over FM Depth (A) and Modulator Frequency Ratio (B)
FM Tri:Square: Frequency Modulation using a Triangle as the carrier and a Square as the modulator with full control over FM Depth (A) and Modulator Frequency Ratio (B)
Noise AM Saw: Sawtooth Wave amplitude modulated by a filtered noise source with control over AM Depth (A) and Noise filter cutoff (B)
Noise AM Square: Square Wave amplitude modulated by a filtered noise source with control over AM Depth (A) and Noise filter cutoff (B)
Noise AM Tri: Triangle Wave amplitude modulated by a filtered noise source with full control over AM Depth (A) and Noise filter cutoff (B)

In addition, Firmware v1.1 adds a raft of new feature updates and workflow enhancements including a Master Clock Mode to continually send MIDI clock information to compatible studio peripherals. For a full breakdown of the enhancements facilitated by Firmware Update 1.1, please visit

Buchla 200 Played Live by Benge

video by zack dagoba

Cicadas & Feedback

video by MAKEN0ISE

"In this video you'll find:

A book review
A Listening Exercise (what did you hear? write your answer in the video comments!)
A trip to the Make Noise production floor
A cicada-inspired synthesizer patch"

Secret Friend by ylva (elektron digitone drum pattern generator)

video by ylva trax

"get 'Secret Friend' here:

During my Eternal quest to turn the digitone to the perfect drum machine i have created 'Secret Friend' which is a max for live drum pattern / beat generator.

drop the midi device on a midi track, select the sequence type you wanna generate, set the midi note, length, scale, etc, hit 'Generate Pattern' and send it to the digitone (set the appropriate out channel), or any other elektron box / midi capable drum synth.

'Fills' will add flam and 'FX' will sequence the send amount of the digitone FX rhythmically. if you have more than one instance loaded you can hit 'Generate Rhythm' to globally generate across all instances."

Yamaha CS Reface Synthesizer w/ Bag

via this auction

Yamaha DX Reface Synthesizer w/ Bag

via this auction

Elektron Analog Four MKII Black

via this auction

"Elektron Analog Four MKII Black, super pristine condition (could pass for new). Includes original box, power supply, usb cable, quick start guide and Decksaver cover."

Vintage Vermona ER-9 Analog Drum Synth SN 144301

via this auction

KORG 700 mini Analog Synthesizer SN 5346

via this auction

"This is the first mass-produced synthesizer from KORG in 1973. The first mini KORG 700 is valuable because the "700S" was released immediately the following year. Although it has a simple layout, it sounds very good as a so-called musical instrument, and it is one of the famous analog synthesizers."

Red Roland SH-101

via this auction


via this auction

Access Virus Indigo 2 Redback Edition

via this auction

BPM spider.

Yamaha AN1x

via this auction

Xerxes from Black Corporation

via this auction

"This is an 8 voice analog synth based on the famous and rare Elka Synthex. The instrument was bought straight from Black Corporation 25th of August 2020."

EMS VCS-3A Putney SN 2620 & DK-1 Cricklewood SN 3320

VCS-3A via this auction

A rare chance to pick up an early example of this legendary instrument. Preliminary conclusions from our inspection is that it is original inside and out. It has an unusual heat sink at the top of the boards, but this is an early modification and may even be factory. It’s also notable that it is badged “VCS3a” on the serial plate: hence James describing it as ‘late/early’!"

DK-1 via this auction

"Rare EMS Synthi DK1 Cricklewood keyboard for sale in excellent condition. The perfect partner to your VCS3 or Synthi A... Can be upgraded to factory DK-2 duophonic spec during service."

Vermona Synthesizer

video by Kee Reel

via this auction

"Vintage Eastern German Vermona synthesizer, made in 1980s.
The machine is in fully working condition, you can check the video in the gallery.

Comes with the original hard case and power cord."

The Yamaha DX200 FM Synthesizer (Digitone's Older Brother) | CONFORCE

video by Conforce

"The DX200 is a really cool hands on FM synthesizer relic from the past that was the basic source of inspiration for the Elektron Digitone perhaps? It's maybe not as advanced and flexible but it certainly is a great one of a kind FM synthesizer that is so much more fun to use than a hard to program DX7. Check the video to find out how I use it, what my favourite features are and on which tracks I applied the Yamaha DX200.

In the end, the DX200 is a God-send for any musician looking for those classic DX/FM sounds without all the hassles and complexity of programming and maintaining the old synths that provided them. The DX200 has realtime control, built-in realtime sequencing, filters, morphing ability and much more! A true classic that stood the test of time but didn't increase in price on the vintage market, luckily. Still this synthesizer is hard to find but certainly not impossible to find!"

Yamaha DX200s on eBay | on Reverb

Versalife - Korg Mono/Poly Sample Pack | CONFORCE

video by Conforce

"Get samples & presets:

Track: Versalife - Cyclical Pathway on 2020 Vision Recordings

About: I decided it was time for a new sample pack with the focus on my Mono/Poly synth, a wild analog beast of a synthesizer from the 80’s that has a very unique approach and set of features like no other. It doesn’t like to sound smooth or lush but likes to go into the snappy and fierce spectrum. The fast analog envelopes allow for very snappy sounds and good envelope filtering. With 4 oscillators it’s very powerful and has the ability to make real cutting bass sounds and thick chords. The FM and CrossMod section allow for very fresh sparkling and glitchy percussion sounds that enter kind of a modular sound spectrum. On top it has a powerful arpeggiator that allows for some real freakiness....
The MP is a real secret electro weapon that rattles like no other synth. An all in one in electro synth that covers the whole domain of sounds you need.

Now I give you a solid complete taster of what it’s like in the form of a very cool sample pack that contains some of my personal recordings and also custom recorded samples for the kit.

I hope you’re having fun with these in your daw, elektrons, korgs or tr8s’s!"

Jamming on Korg Mono/Poly and Roland SH-101 | CONFORCE

video by Conforce

"A simple recent jam showing how I sequence my Korg Mono/Poly and Roland SH101 with the Elektron Analog 4 Keys. Drums come from Live's Drum Rack. NO talking over the music, recording comes from Ableton Live. Drums were later added. This is not the Behringer Monopoly, this is the real deal. Not saying the Behringer is a bad synth.

Check the slides in the video for additional information on the gear and used plugins and processing! I give away some secret weapons there! Don't lose attention."

Dawless techno on a TR-808 & SH-101 | CONFORCE

video by Conforce

"About: This is a simple video jam describing how you can use a trigger out from for example your TR-808/TR08/TR-909 to another piece of external hardware with an arpeggiator or internal sequencer that allows synchronisation via trig or external clock in. It's a pre midi and din sync method to get two devices in sync with each other. The limitation of this sequencing technique makes it so cool and unique. The new Roland boutiques all have trigs in and out so you can also use the Boutiques for these kind of purposes. I often use the SH-01a to sequence an SH-09 for example.

It's something really simple and sometimes overlooked but very helpful if you want to work without a computer and midi or din sync. The sync is very tight. The way you trigger the SH-101 makes it sound very distinct and many classic techno records were made on these devices with this technique. The sequence on the SH-101 can be up to a 100 notes and the 808 pattern that trigs your 101 will simply just step through all the notes in a structure via your drum pattern.

One of the reasons the 101 is so much fun is that you can jam away on the octave switch and portamento with the sequencer running and it never sounds bad. 'Quote from a Patreon member'

Artists who are famous for using the SH-101 are Robert Hood, A Guy Called Gerard, Drexciya, Dopplereffekt, Fabrice Lig, Mathew Jonson and of course many more techno & Chicago producers that haven't been mentioned here."

Roland SH-09 the Dark Sister of the 101 | CONFORCE

video by Conforce

"Here's a video dedicated to one of my favourite monosynths from Roland, the SH-09. A friendly neighbour had this thing stuffed away in a closet and he traded it with me for a digital camera. Good deal! It's a bass monster that eats the SH-101 sub for breakfast. The synth is very limited but does what it does and that is making snappy sounds and deep bass. It sounds very ghetto, evil and gnarly. It has tons of character and an electrifying PWM that cuts through solid concrete. It's from the 1980's and is a secret electro weapon! Raw, gnarly and punchy."

Roland JD800 & JD990 Soundset/Presets (Trailer) | CONFORCE

video by Conforce

"Get it here:
This soundset is compatible with both the RolandJD800/JD990. A true classic PCM synth with a superb frequency range compared to the cheaper JV models. The JD800 presets focus on ambient, pads and textures.

DEMO's are made with the presets 100%, slight reverb processing was applied."

Roland JV1080/2080: Bioluminescence Soundset | CONFORCE

video by Conforce

"The Bioluminescence soundset by Conforce for the Roland JV1080/2080
is available at

This is not yet compatible with the Cloud VST, this file will be added later in a few days and is free for everyone who purchased the SYX file. Consider it a pre-order if you only use the VST version.

The soundset is compatible with all Roland JV models (JV-1010, JV-1080, JV-2080, XP-30, XP-50, XP-60, XP-80, XV-88, XV-2020, XV-3080, XV-5050, XV-5080)"

S2400 /.. pulsar 23

video by studio snippets

There's no thumbnail image for whatever reason. Hit play to start.

Voltage Modular Tutorial | Making Interesting Sequences with Euclidian Dual

video by Cherry Audio

"In this Voltage Modular quick tip, we'll be exploring the idea of Euclidian Sequencers with Euclidian Dual from Misfit Audio.

This is a fast and easy way to quickly generate more interesting rhythmic patterns for your sequences, percussion, or whatever else you'd like to spice up in your cabinet that can receive a gate CV signal!"

Rush | MakeNoise Shared System + Mimeophon

video by Cinematic Laboratory

"In this video I tried to speed up Tempi into audio rates by using a fast Maths cycle and clock Tempi with the 'end-of-cycle' trigger. Then I created very high clock divisions on the channels to trigger Rene and clock the clocks of other modules like Mimeophon and Erbe-Verb. My first attempts were very messy (which was expected) but fooling around with the patch soon revealed some really cool textures. Sometimes it sounded like city noise from all over the world, all played at once. Sometimes it's not pretty, not even close to good, but it's so much fun to lose some steam after more than a year of quarantine."

an interesting sequentix cirklon feature

video by David Morley


video by Luca Longobardi

"I finally managed to play with my Plinky!
(I had a friend of mine fixing the problems I made with my stinky soldering skills).
The instrument sounds huge! I love the quality of the internal synth engine but, as you may have noticed, I am kind of obsessed with granular synthesis. So, first thing I did was trying the sampler which allows you to record buffers of 65 seconds of audio and play it (adding granular parameters) in Tape Mode.
In this case I recorded my piano and used it with the internal arpeggiator. The OP-1 punctuates the rhythm with a very simple pattern and is processed live by the Plinky's on-board effects (delay and reverb with wobble and shimmering).
I am a happy child today!"

Patch n Tweak
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