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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Add Attack to your synth sound!

video upload by George Benton

"Recently watched a Steve Pacaro interview and he talked about adding blip to a synth sound. Reminded me of having discovered that back in the day so sharing the tip."

Also see Rather Have the Story: STEVE PORCARO of Toto and more... posted here.

Harvesting Light Crystals w/ UDO Audio Super 6 Synthesizer

video upload by Chris Hunt

"We're not alone in this cave ya'll...

00:00 Light slowly enters the cave
00:06 Crystals are everywhere
00:44 We are not alone
01:26 Pretty sure it's behind us now
02:00 A slow retreat
02:22 Help beacon activated
03:05 Never-mind, we're good"

PPG wave 2.3 pure, dry and raw (no FX)

video upload by synthlegends

"After doing a video today with the Roland RSP-550 signal processor, I made also a video with the PPG with its raw tone. This recording is without any processing. So you can hear the unique and characterful tone of this hybrid beast. There are also some multitimbral patches and even so some with unison. Thanks for watching."

Dreadbox Dysphonia jam

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"A quick first patch in two parts on my newly constructed Dreadbox Dysphonia. Check out my full build DIY video coming as soon as I've finished editing it!"


video upload by AnalogAudio1

"(c) 2021 by AnalogAudio1

You can buy these patches for your SEQUENTIAL PROPHET-5/10 REV4 - [read below]

Additional effects: Korg SDD-3000 (delay effects, right channel only). Lexicon MPX 500 (occasionally for reverb effects).
Drums starting at 11:33: SEQUENTIAL DRUMTRAKS (vintage drum machine from 1984).



AnalogAudio1 is proud to announce the release of the 'CLASSIC PROPHET' sound set for the SEQUENTIAL PROPHET-5/10 REV4 featuring 80 handcrafted patches. You can rely on AnalogAudio1's wide experience on original Sequential synths, to bring the best out of the new Prophet-5 for your music. This sound set provides classic Prophet-5 sounds heard on many iconic recordings, which were not factory presets. The patches will load into user GROUP 2 and 3.

This sound set features 80 exciting analog tones of the highest quality, ready to use in your music! All kinds of analog pads, synth brass, analog basses, excellent leads, fat synth strings (all the sounds you hear in the video and some more). This sound set comes with a patch list and loading instructions (PDF).

The "CLASSIC PROPHET" soundset costs 25 Euros, payment is via PayPal. If you want to purchase it, send a message to:


After payment you will get the patches (including a patch list and loading instructions, both as PDF) to your email address.

The patches are royalty free. Use them for your music as you prefer! Buying this soundset you purchase the right to use these sounds in your music, releases and gigs. Other use is not allowed - such as sharing, reselling, making sample packs, including them in commercial patch collections etc."

Vintage vs Modern Synths // SEQUENTIAL TAKE 5 up against the Prophet 600

video upload by Starsky Carr

0:00 intro
0:55 oscillators
5:05 Sync
6:15 PWM
9:23 Filter
11:38 Poly Mod
16:38 final thoughts

Soundmit & Museo del Synth 2021 - Virtual Edition - DAY 2

video upload by SOUNDMIT

Use the player controls once started to skip around.


13 e 14 Novembre • On-Line


Soundmit & Museo del Synth 2021 - Virtual Edition - DAY 1

Swiss Synthesizer Meeting Widen 2021

video upload by moondustweb

"After two years the Swiss Synthersizer Meeting is playing again. It was great to play together."

According to moondustweb, the event was yesterday.

Crazybus music Analysis, Recreation, and Experimentation

video upload by analoq

"A deep-dive into the worst video game music of all time, Crazybus for the Sega Genesis.

00:00 - Intro
00:23 - Analysis
02:58 - Recreation
06:30 - Experimentation

Repository: Includes Puredata patches, Python MIDI generation code, and sample General MIDI file.


More about Crazybus:

I'm not sure of the output range of the random function in the Crazybus code, e.g. rnd(40) may go up to 39 or include 40. So I used both: In the analysis I assume it includes 40 but in the Puredata patch it goes to 39."

"I show how to recreate the „music“ using Puredata and experiment with it further with the help of a Yamaha QY300."

แต€สฐแต‰๐—•๐—ฎ๐˜๐—ฒ๐—น๐—ฒ๐˜‚๐—ฟ ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿธ๐š‘๐š™ ๐š‚๐šข๐šœ๐š๐šŽ๐š– — Rockin' It, Fearless Four style

video upload by birdkids

"Rockin' it rockin' it yes we are rockin' it (Fearless Four ๐Ÿ–ค)
OffGrid is controlling a แต€สฐแต‰๐—•๐—ฎ๐˜๐—ฒ๐—น๐—ฒ๐˜‚๐—ฟ ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿธ๐š‘๐š™ ๐š‚๐šข๐šœ๐š๐šŽ๐š–via BLE MIDI and a LIVE Drum Rack wirelessly
#electro #flashback #fearless #four #rockin #it #modular #analog #synth #bass #acid #drums #beat #kick #snare #clap #sounddesign #musicproduction #proaudio #bluetooth #wireless
A single แต€สฐแต‰๐—•๐—ฎ๐˜๐—ฒ๐—น๐—ฒ๐˜‚๐—ฟ ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿธ๐š‘๐š™ ๐š‚๐šข๐šœ๐š๐šŽ๐š– might still be available via our @bigcartel shop"

Buchla 216 screamin

video upload by Todd Barton

"Not your typical keyboard! Pressure/Body Capacitance controllers are so wondrously sensitive :-)"

Ambient Explorations pt.28 (VCV Rack)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
I decided to see how I can utilize VCV Rack in order to make an ambient soundscape out of it. I will also be starting doing educational content on my YouTube soon, so using VCV Rack will probably become a crucial part of it, as not a lot of beginners are willing to shell out thousands of dollars on modular when they start out their modular journey, so this FREE software alternative is an excellent option.

Join my PATREON and have access to videos before everyone sees them on YouTube, and download patch notes, and patches for your own reference as well. If you want a copy of the patch I'm using in this video, that's where it will be found.

Here are more links with more socials:

Korg modwave Sound Demo (no talking): Patches for Ambient, Techno and electronica - Ocean Sound Pack

video upload by Limbic Bits

"Korg modwave Sound Demo (no talking) with Patches for Ambient, Techno and Electronica: Ocean Sound Pack

0:00 Favorites
2:52 Pads & Strings
9:04 Leads
10:41 Bass
12:30 Dub Chords
14:16 Arpeggios
16:17 Pianos & Bells

* My online shop with Patch Banks for Ambient, Techno, IDM and Electronica:"

RF Modular Dub psychedelic jam

video upload by Radical Frequencies Modular

"Radical Frequencies modular psychedelic dub jam !
All sounds are analog :
The Scota vcf is used as oscillator here using also the internal Fm for making this bleeping leads that also pass through an analog delay. Dual precision vco and AD Multi Vco are used for the bassline by sending 3 Vcos mixed through SH Vcf . Kick and snare are analog 808 clones.
Sequencer is the Befaco Muxlicer that is randomized by Lucky Voltages for changing the steps and the amount of retriggers .
All envelopes are the RF vc adsr generators and Lucky Voltages modulates the decay amount of the bass ."

Metroid Prime - Menu Select/End Credits on Moog Sub 37

video upload by Luca Di Gennaro

"Split screen cover of 'Menu Select' by Kenji Yamamoto and Kouichi Kyuma from Metroid Prime (© 2002 Nintendo) just with a Moog Sub 37."

Excellence Makes the Difference Silver Chrome Korg M1 Workstation SN 048640

via this auction

Googlish translation:

"Excellence Makes the Difference Korg M1 SUPREME Chrome 61-key custom in Chrome / Silver and black lettering. Each keyboard we customize is unique. Korg M1 was custom painted to the highest quality paint and internally restored by professional technician.

The paint is new and to give it a modern touch I have added new white and blue led lights. No one at Reverb brings you this high-end keyboard quality.

It sounds absolutely amazing! It has all the tones and vibrations that you would expect from a high-end keyboard, including factory sounds and a large collection of Latin Sounds ร‹DITADOS ", they are sounds of real instruments such as, trombones, trumpets, accordions, Basses, Clarinets, Gabbanellis Accordions Edited as well as voices from other keyboards, there are several banks contained in this great package of versatile Latin Sounds for all Latin genres Tropical, Romantic, Cumbia Sonidera, Cumbia Argentina, Cumbia Peruana, Norteรฑo, Banda, Grupera, Pega-sera, Huapangos .

All images are of the actual Korg M1 Chrome item you are purchasing.

It has been completely restored completely. We have installed, New battery, New LCD display,, New volume potentometer, New number buttons, New stereo / mono audio inputs, New plastic side panels, New joystick spring, 100% working. The paint has no scratches and is completely new."

Blue AnalogFX Syrinx

via this auction

You can find details on the AnalogFX Syrinx in previous posts here.

1987 Oberheim Matrix-12 Vintage Original Analog 12-Voice Synthesizer SN 51204

via this auction

- 1987 Oberheim Matrix-12 12-Voice Analog Synthesizer
- Rare Amazing Sounding Synth, Fully Serviced, Working Perfectly
- Was Stored in Road Case That Gunked Up the Side Panels… It Has Been Fully Cleaned & Serviced Internally, Though Outside Displays Oxidation
- Sounds Amazing, Cosmetically Fair+

Rhodes Chroma 8 voice polyphonic analog beast with JL Cooper Chromaface MIDI

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"Rhodes Chroma just serviced, in excellent shape and working fine. Polyphonic analog beast with 8 voices: 8x CEM3350 Dual VCF, 8x CEM3360 Dual VCA and 16x VCOs similar to those in the Moog Minimoog Model D (OLD OSC version). JL Cooper Chromaface midi interface included."

Yamaha CS-60

video upload by Orange Bunker

via this auction

"Very well preserved Yamaha CS-60. All parts are original. I bought it in this condition 3 years ago. Seldom used. Kept in a smoke-free studio with the lid on all the time.

This unit is complete and working very fine except for the following:
1) A voice goes off most of the time. From my research and a question to a technician that might mean that an oscillator chip on a card (of the 4th or 5th voice) needs to be tightened or replaced.
2) The ribbon strip needs to be repaired or replaced
3) The music stand is absent
4) Two original small thumbscrews of the back legs are missing.
5) The ground prong of the original and in excellent condition ac cord was removed

record a video for YouTube to see it working

Due to the political situation in my country, we do not ship to the USA, Canada or Mexico because it is excessively expensive."

ARP Sequencer Model 1613

via this auction

"This ARP 1613 sequencer is just back from SynthChaser, where it was given a full inspection. He replaced all of the sliders with brand new ones, cleaned the entire thing, replaced capacitors in the power supply, and two faulty timing chips that had failed. It was then calibrated and sent back good as new. It was given a clean bill of health.

I would rate it a 9.5 out of 10 cosmetically. The only blemish is a single chip in the paint by GATE 1, barely visible in the picture. Other than that, it looks to be well maintained and kept clean for its life of 46 years or so! It works almost magically with hardware synthesizers to make you create sequences you couldn't make any other way than by seeing them on this grid. It can be externally clocked, of course, or used stand alone, sending gates/triggers out. All buttons, sliders, and switches work without issue.

This is THE machine to couple with an ARP 2600, ARP Odyssey, or any modular synth where you need an extra "Hand" as the advertisement read. Works perfectly with Eurorack as well. There are 16 steps for voltage via the sliders, 3 gate outputs per step, and it can be set to play 2x 8 step sequences in Forward or Random modes. It even works at audio rate to waveshape your own creation. When you use SKIP mode, you can come up with all sorts of odd time signatures.

These are rare. I've only seen this one in my 30+ years of hunting synthesizers. It is priced to sell!"

Elta Music Polivoks Filter 2 SN 017

via this auction

"Gives the ability to run anything through the legendary Soviet Polivoks Filter and LFO. The Polivoks Filter-2, from Elta Music, utilizes the classic Soviet filter chip for a unique filter tone. This model includes original modula- tor (LFO) block from Polivoks Synth. There is a new controller called Wob Fader. It controls Filter Cutoff Freq using CV. Wob Fader has it’s max values on the sides, and minimum CV is at the centre. It can mimics scratching effects. Thanks to four available Filter modes (LP/BP/HP/Notch) device can dramatically change your source signal. Made in Russia"

AVR SYNTH (Jarek Ziembicki) Monophonic Virtual Analog Desktop Synthesizer

via this auction

"AVR SYNTH is a monophonic "virtual analog" synth based, originally, on the Atmel AT90S8535 microcontroller and was designed by Jarek Ziembicki. His aim was to check to see if a simple micro could be used for sound synthesis purposes. And the result? The AT90S8535 managed to do all the tasks: service front panel switches and pots, receive and process MIDI messages, and sound generation!"

Roland SYSTEM-100 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Roland Jupiter 6 Keyboard Synthesizer SN 343485

via this auction

Sonicware XFM & Yamaha PSS580 FM Jam - Generic Water Level Music

video upload by ChrisLody

"Apologies for the lack of videos recently. I've started back up as a self employed carpenter and joinery and I've been flat out with work since. I completely underestimated the desire for tradespeople to be honest so it's caught me by surprise!

But today I managed to find time for this jam at least. It was inspired by a question left on one of my much older videos, does the Yamaha Pss-580 (and related models) sync to an incoming clock signal? The answer is actually no, but it does send a clock and will also respond to stop/start signals so there's plenty to work with. It also has a useful midi filter so we can turn off incoming channels, useful here as the XFM is sending 4 channels out.

The XFM is sequencing the Pss-580, but the 580 is sending clock to the XFM meaning we have midi in and out connected on both devices. This has to be set up carefully or midi feedback can occur. I also had to disconnect the input to the XFM when I wanted to record new notes to the sequencer because the midi filter on the 580 seemed to be stopping notes for some reason. Still well worth a jam.

I built this track by programming a single part and then altering it using the transpose function. While it plays it possible to alter the sound in realtime on the Pss580 which is a fun way to experiment with FM sounds. The whole things sounds like generic video game water level music to me :)"

Analog Ambient Session - Ericasynth SYNTRX - Korg MS-20 - Moog LITTLE PHATTY

video upload by gattobus

"Ambient synth jam recorded on the fly on a rainy sunday.
I love the sound of this, I hope you like it too.

EricaSynth SYNTRX: Ambient drone atmo
Moog Little Phatty: Bass
Korg MS-20: Paraphonic Pad

Master reverb: Chase Bliss Audio CXM1978

You can find the tutorial on how to create a paraphonic pad using MS-20 here:" [posted here]

32 patches for UDO Super 6 Monolith Syndrome by CO5MA. PREVIEW

video upload by CO5MA

"Monolith Syndrome for UDO Super 6 will be available in November 19 and this video is just a preview. Preorder it now at a special price:"

Best Ambient Synth Shootout #118: Roland V-Synth - Song 1

video upload by Christian's Sonic Spaces

"This is the first (minimalist, spherical) song with the V-Synth. The V-Synth was Rolands flagship synthesizer released in 2003. It is 16-part multitimbral with up to 24-voices polyphony, featuring analog modeling and PCM waveforms with user sampling that can independently manipulate pitch, time and formant thanks to Rolands VariPhrase technology.

I used for the recording the following FX chain:
V-Synth - Digitech Obscura - Pigtronix Echolution 2 Deluxe - GFI System Specular Reverb 2. Depending on the recorded track some FX are deactivated.

The signal went through a Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 into the PC via USB for recording. To create the complete song I recorded consecutively several stereo tracks. The final song was then mastered with a bit EQ and compression on some tracks and some limiting on the master track."

PPG wave 2.3 through Roland RPS-550

video upload by synthlegends

"The PPG wave 2.3 from the german synth pioneer Wolfgang Palm is the last Synthesizer of the PPG wave series. It is mulititimbral and has allready factory Midi. With the newest firmware 8.3 it is capable of sysex. There is so much written about the PPG, so I don’t repeat all infos on the Web. I run the PPG through the quite rare Roland RPS-550 multieffect processor.

The Roland RPS-550 was a stereo signal processor from 1991. It was a mid range cost effect unit with quite interesting reverb and delay effects. The Dimension D Chorus replica is very authentic to the original.

The summary in a sound on sound review of 1991 states following:

„The RSP550's reverb algorithms sound much smoother, deeper, and less metallic than sub-£500devices, though the tangible sense of space found on top flight units is not apparent — for that you'll still have to pay at least £3000. The delay and pitch shift algorithms benefit from the 21 kHz bandwidth, the Multi Stage Phaser and Stereo Flanger are brilliant, and the Vocoder is unique in this price range.

The MIDI control facility is also worthy of consideration, since it's so easy to set up, offers so many possibilities, and in most cases operates smoothly. As with all Roland gear, the manuals are exemplary.

On the down side, I sometimes yearned for the ability to roll my own algorithms, and the omission of a noise gate and compressor might raise an eyebrow or two. Guitar players will search in vain for the overdrive and distortion effects found on devices like the Boss SE50 and the new Yamaha FX900, but then the 550 isn't really designed for them.

At £750, the RSP550 is competing against the £599 Yamaha SPX1000, the £1100 Zoom 9010 and the £1000 Lexicon PCM70. Each has its own sound and combination of facilities, so if you're looking for a quality main reverb/delay unit it's well worth giving them all a listen before committing funds.

With the RSP550, Roland have utilised the power of the their latest generation of DSP chips to improve the realism and sound quality of individual programs and provide a wide range of effects. Quality and quantity is a rare combination at any price, and at £750 the RSP550 is currently unique.“

I didn’t use any further processing in this recording. Thanks for watching!"

Twisted Electrons 121221

video upload by Twisted Electrons

Something new from Twisted Electrons coming 12/21/21. A couple of screen grabs below. Note 4 Outs, 1 In, and 1 Phones Out.
You can see corresponding sections on the circuit board.


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