MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, November 20, 2021

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Prism Circuits - 3 Panel System

video upload by Prism Circuits

"Percussion patch"

New Flight of Harmony INM-D Infernal Noise Machine V2 Desktop

via flight of harmony, available for pre-order. Details follow:

Pricing (USD):

Blood Box road case: $2,740.00
-Material: Black Walnut (see note), stained, nickel-plated hardware.
-Dimensions: 20″W x 10″H x 7″D (closed)
-Weight: ~13lbs.

Minimal case: $2,490.00 (No hardware or stain, just four feet and a protective top coat.)
-Material: Black Walnut (see note)
-Dimensions: 20″W x 9″H x 4.5″D
-Weight: ~10lbs.

*Note: Case sides are solid black walnut. Top & bottom are Black walnut plywood for dimensional stability (so the box won't split due to temperature or humidity fluctuation).

Both include a US AC adapter (12VAC 1500mA, 5.5mm x 2.1mm). For international orders, deduct $20 from the price and I will locate a compatible adapter in or near your country that you can order, if needed. Blood Box also includes the related tiedowns, anti-vibration pad, and leather strap.

Raspberry PI ZERO-2 synth improv

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"So, can the #RaspberryPI Zero 2 run a DAW and some #synthesizer and effect plugins? Here's a short improvisation running on Reaper with 7 plugins loaded: 2 x Dexed, 1x TAL Noizemaker, Drum synth and 3 x TAL Reverb III I just let the camera run while improvising this. There's a bit of CPU stress near the end of this video, I guess Linux started swapping there, as the PI has only 512MB RAM."


Korg Mono/Poly with MidiPoly and Original Bag SN 470774

via this auction

"Utterly underrated classic - beautiful sound, wildly flexible, completely unique. Works great, and super capable with the Midipolis MidiPoly mod. Some wear on the cheeks, and the bag has definitely seen better days with rips in a couple corners and at one of the strap ends."

Yamaha CS-15D 37-Key Monophonic Analog Dual Channel Synthesizer SN 3527

via this auction

The Yamaha CS15D is part of the partially preset, partially variable monophonic analogue synth which was released by Yamaha in 1979. It has a very solid warm sound for a single VCO synth. The preset section is divided into two channels. Channel 1 has 15 sounds with the usual array of unrealistic instrument imitations and Channel 2 has 14 synth sounds plus a button to activate the 'manual' section of the synth. There is a slider to mix between the two channels and channel 2 can be detuned. The 'manual' section comprises 1 VCO with a variable control between pulse and saw waves. There are also controls for pulse width modulation, noise and footings (32' - 2'). The 12dB filter has cut-off and resonance plus a dedicated ADSR envelope with a control for envelope amount.

MakeNoise Mega Patch | Episode 02 | Cause & Effect

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"Walkthough of a slow patch on the MakeNoise Collective and maybe a great soundtrack for a lazy sunday morning. For this patch I wanted to serialize my four Maths (and the 0-Coast) into a chain of events. The first half of the video is just about patching it up, hoping to inspire you to have fun with all your triggered LFO's, Envelopes and Function Generators. If they don't have 'end of whatever' triggers, you can use a gate sequencer and a weird clock (LFO, S&H) to push it forward in irregular patterns. I also wanted to share a bit of the fun of patching itself. Even without making any sound it can be a joy to just see the machine 'breathe' like a living organism. Then, sitting back, watching it move and thinking about which sounds to trigger."

Cinematic Laboratory MakeNoise Mega Patch Episodes

Sakata DPM-48 - FPB Synths Modded

video upload by Gearheadz

Sakata DPM-48 - Midi modified and EPROM upgrade
Vintage gear...

See: Forschungsgruppe Perfect Beat:"

New DIGITANA E.M.S Synthi 100 Dual High Pass Filter Rack

video upload by Steven Thomas

"Testing the new Dual High Pass Filter rack FX built under license from E.M.S (Cornwall) by Digitana Electronics and Portabellabz. This filter was originally found in the E.M.S Synthi 100 synthesizer. The unit has the exact same form factor as classic E.M.S rack effects modules from the 1970s."

"This is a new 19” rack module built under license from EMS (Cornwall) by Digitana Electronics (UK/Italy) and PORTABELLABZ (Belgium). It is a 100% faithful reproduction of the Dual High Pass Filter (DHPF) section found on early versions of the legendary EMS Synthi 100 synthesiser. An original spare ‘Mk1’ DHPF PCB from a Synthi 100 was kindly loaned by Robin at EMS and then faithfully reconstructed using the same trace artwork/layouts, via modern PCB design software. The PCBs are very high quality with ENS gold plated card edge contacts and traces. The same components as found in the original circuit are used throughout.

The DHPF rack case was deliberately chosen to be the same design as those found in the classic EMS rack instruments from the 1970s such as the Random Voltage Generator, Pitch to Voltage Converter, Octave Filter Bank etc. These were created in CAD from original engineering drawings kindly made available by Robin at EMS. The 1U high chassis is formed from 3mm silver anodised front/rear panels which are connected by solid aluminium side blocks and then 2mm anodised aluminium top/bottom covers. This allows the rack to be safely mounted in standard 19” rack enclosures. The panel graphics use anodic digital printing technology which is far more resistant to wear than silk screened graphics. Original control knobs/coloured inserts/jack sockets made by Cliff Plastics are also used to meticulously maintain authentic EMS design.

An optional beautiful wood rack sleeve is available with the exact same design as found in vintage units. These are made from Afrormosia hardwood (now on the protected species list) just like the original. The wood is ethically sourced from existing historical stock.

Inside the DHPF, the only change compared to 1970s rack modules has been to use a modern (and safer) switch mode PSU. This also has the advantage of allowing a wider range of operating mains voltages (from 98v–220v AC).

The Synthi 100 was designed by David Cockerell and the high pass filter design itself is rather unusual compared to other high high pass filters found in synthesisers. It has CV control of frequency cutoff but also has a response control which can control feedback of the output, creating a resonant peak that at extremes pushes the filter into self-oscillation. The use of diode ‘strings’ in the CV control section of frequency is quite unusual and is reminiscent of the same principle he used in his (later) Synthi Hi-Fli design, although there the filters sections are used to phase shift the input signal.

The high pass filter is capable of easily removing the fundamental in any audio passed through and then the first harmonic as the cutoff frequency is increased. By increasing also the response, the higher frequencies are boosted in a mix and eventually the filter will self-oscillate.

The two filters in the module are identical and a central three-way toggle switch has positions series, off and parallel."

midiphy MatriX and LoopA Features (Graphical MIDI Sequencer and Isomorphic Keyboard)

video upload by Hawkeye

"After more than three years of development we're proud to announce the release of midiphy MatriX. Thanks for waiting!

This feature video showcases the midiphy MatriX enhancing our LoopA. Enjoy!

midiphy MatriX product page containing a handbook and additional information:

Essential DIY kits are available in the shop (you will need a midiphy SEQ v4+ or midiphy LoopA) to use the midiphy MatriX:

Chapter Table:
00:03 Introducing the midiphy MatriX
00:50 Graphical Sequence Composition
01:44 Editing Notes and Joystick Composition
02:38 Clip Navigation and Grid Modes
03:34 High-Res Edits and Quantization
04:20 Isomorphic Keys: Pentatonic Intermezzo
04:51 Macro Screen (LoopA Comannd Center)
08:02 Force-To-Scale (and Note Color Labels)
09:01 Scale Mode
10:01 Isomorphic Keys Tip: Geometric Playing
10:48 Keys Mode Controllers
12:29 Outro: Six Track Jam

Thanks for watching!
Best regards,
Peter from"

Andreas Remshagen Live Sequencer Software for Free

video upload by Andreas Remshagen

"Download: This is the Sequencer-Software i made with Flowstone for my Live-Performances. It should run on every Windows-PC and is written to control Midi to CV-Devices like the Polyend Poly. It can Handle two different Devices with 8 Midi-Channels. Maybe you can use it for your own Performances. It is completely free so i dont can give a guarantee for everything. If you have the Flowstone-Software you can edit the source- code-file called FL-Sourcecode in the Zip and change the Sequencer as you like! This Sequencer works extremly stable in performance and Timing I normally work with analog sequencers but a Sequencer with the complete Functions like this Software-Sequencer would take up more space in my room than i have"

First Month with Soma Pulsar-23: compilation of improvised pieces

video upload by Honeysmack

"An assortment of 7 short improvised clips with the Soma Pulsar-23, all very techno, all with different configurations of gear. There's lot's to be said about the Pulsar-23, it is one of the most expressive machines I've come across in recent times. There is always something new to explore each time I turn it on. As an improvisational tool, this is amazing. Okay I'll stop gushing, you get my point. Vlad Kreimer is a genius and I put him in the same company as Don Buchla, Bob Moog, Roger Linn, Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim.

Each clip is recorded in a single take, with no editing or post production. I used a variety of clock sources and sequencers as indicated below. Some sections get rather crunchy and distorted, sorry! Pulsar23 runs into a Playdifferently Model1 mixer, that runs through an Elektron Analog Heat as the master bus.

00:00 Clip1 - Using internal clock source and looper-recorders, exploring kick and modulating effects.
02:10 Clip2 - Quadrantid Swarm audio running through the Pulsar23 and also modulated by the Pulsar. Beat Step Pro is the main sequencer.
03:52 Clip3 - Funky Techno with Beat Step Pro sequencing the Pulsar via MIDI.
06:21 Clip4 - Harder Techno jam with Beat Step Pro sequencing the Pulsar via MIDI.
07:08 Clip5 - TB-303 running through the Pulsar effects and filters.
10:04 Clip6 - Integrating with a Eurorack rack, using a combination of clock sources and Pulsar's looper-recorders. Crunchy and noisey!
10:56 Clip7 - Straight up Techno jam!

Gear featured in these clips:
Soma Pulsar-23
Arturia Beat Step Pro
Roland TB-303
EO Wave Quadrantid Swarm
Eurorack modular
Playdifferently Model1 DJ mixer
Elektron Analog Heat MkI
Follow me here:"

Roland JD-XA "Cinematica" 64 Dynamic Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"Finally we put our hands & eyes on Roland's most complex modern machine - JD-XA!
By many asks "Cinematica" soundset is here!

64 handcrafted presets splitted on categories:

Beautiflu deep pads & atmospheres
Massive cinematic strings
Detuned basses
Various arps & sequences
Very alive and expressive leads

Soundtrack with cyberpunk atmosphere, synthwave track, ambient & electronica vibes can be easily created with our sounds.

Made by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of "Organica" for Waldorf Blofeld & "WS Universe" for Korg Wavestation

You will need usb stick to load our sounds, instructions are included!
Also we including shortcuts & faq of easier use your JD-XA and its massive functions.

Enjoy & may inspiration be with you!"

Sequential Prophet REV2 (16) custom patches - no talk

video upload by Əlәɔʇɹo ᴟuᴤiɔ

"Sequential/DSI Prophet REV2 16 poly demo"

MFB Synth Pro dual Flash!

video upload by Əlәɔʇɹo ᴟuᴤiɔ

"Used instruments:
MFB-Synth Pro (8 poly keys) + Boss Dimension C DC-2w by WAZA KRAFT
MFB-Synth Pro (dual unisono bass)
Elektron Analog Rytm (drums)"

1970s Black Restored ARP Odyssey MKI 2800

via this auction

"This synth came to me in great cosmetic condition and untouched inside. This model is from 1974-1975 where they switched from white control plate to black. The synth is in overall great condition considering it is almost 50 now. Cosmetically there are just a few scuffs on the casing and faceplate. The sliders have all been replaced, as well as all capacitors, transistors and the reference resistors for keeping tune. Keyboard bushings, power supply rebuilt, including every CMOS chip has been replaced. The unit was serviced professionally and calibrated at the end. This is a restoration and not a repair. The included ARP pedal is original."

Alesis A6 Andromeda 61-Key Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer SN (21)A108006045700979

via this auction

"Alesis A6 Andromeda. This unit has been studio kept, never been dropped, and has NEVER been out on a gig, only carried from room-to-room occasionally. Has always been in temperature controlled environment."

Oberheim OB-8 with Factory MIDI

via this auction

"Truly amazing, huge sounding, classic Oberheim. Recently serviced by the head tech at Switched On in Austin."

Roland Jupiter-6

via this auction

Akai AX60 + S612

via this auction

"Really amazing analog synth + sampler combo - hands-on, flexible, and sounds super unique! Comes with 13-pin cable to connect the two.

Crumar Orchestrator

via this auction

"Fully serviced by Syntaur. 100% operational.

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 PLUS with Samson SM10 and case

via this auction

"Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 PLUS (8 outputs) with PC877 RAM expansion, Lotharek SD HxC Floppy Emulator, Samson SM10 Rackmount Stereo Line Mixer, Thon Rack 4U Eco II 35. All works fine."

Roland Juno-106S

via this auction


video upload by ResonanceCircuits

via this auction

Corrupted Data:

A micro synthesizer capable of 8bit buffer noise , algorithmic patterns, chiptune drones and glitch cascades.


on/off power switch
indicator led
push button - use momentarily to punch in barrages of noise or keep pressed to select through a randomly selected sound bank. Programmed to automatically select new tones/ sound and rhythmic algorithms from a large chunk of code.
modulation control knob - used to adjust the control rate/frequency and step through the available sounds (when button is pressed).
3.5mm mini jack output
powered by 1 x 2023 coin cell battery (battery not included)

Dimensions: The same as a 'proper' floppy disc...

Custom circuit and design by ResonanceCircuits"


video upload by ResonanceCircuits

via this auction

Distorted Touch:

5 body contact touch points capable of creating white noise barrages, square wave sweeps, chaotic glitches and industrial noise.

Use the audio input to process external equipment and provide distortion, overdrive, bitcrush and filtering effects.

The amount of contacts touched and where they are touched, all have an impact on the output signal.

- power on/off switch
- envelope indicator led
- 5 touch contact plates
- 1/4" jack audio input
- 1/4" jack audio output

powered by 9v DC input (negative centre polarity)
PSU not included

board dimensions - 100x100mm

Custom circuit and design by ResonanceCircuits


video upload by ResonanceCircuits

via this auction

The 8bit Arcade:

A micro synthesizer capable of 8bit soundscapes, retro inspired sequencers, pulsing drones, chiptune rhythms and glitch cascades.


on/off power switch

envelope indicator led

pattern select control - rotary control used to select between the sound banks.

modulation control - used to adjust mathematical algorithms resulting variations to the soundbank selected. This can result in changes in pitch, introduction of new sounds, changes to the pattern/sequence or effects such as distortion and bit crushing.

3.5mm stereo mini jack output

powered by 1 x CR2023 coin cell battery

The small CR2023 lithium coin cell battery provides excellent long life of several hours constant use. Battery is not included.

Dimensions: 8.6cm(H) x 6cm(W)

Pro-Rec Data Rom Cards for the Korg 01W & 01R/W Synthesizer

Super Dance this auction

Urban Sound via this auction

ARP 2600

via this auction

"ARP 2600 P synthesizer - Duophonic - all original. Completely refurbished and gone over by Rosen Sound in Burbank, CA. Everything works. Includes extensive compliment of Tini-Jax cables. DOES NOT include original wooden shipping covers/lids for either CPU or keyboard."

ESP32 polyphonic synthesizer add-on - simple arpeggiator and virtual split (for Arduino)

video upload by Marcel Licence

"In this video you will find a short demonstration of the arpeggiator module and a virtual split point.
Both modules are still work in progress but also usable.
I would like to integrate them into existing projects to make them more accessible.

All you hear comes directly from a single ESP32 (with PCM5102A DAC).
The project is a modified basic synthesizer with the alpha juno oriented sound generation.

Key features:
- virtual split point listens to all midi channels
- an upper and lower area can be defined
- notes are forwarded to different MIDI channels
- 16 bit arpeggiator
- sequences can be predefined and part of the code
- sequences can be overwritten by playing the notes
- variable tempo - variable gate time

This may be also interesting for you: Mono stepper synth with arpeggio
The first try with the alpha juno like sound

Both and moreposted here]

Projects can be found on GitHub:"


video upload by GSF AGENCY

Additional demos here

Slightly Nasty Modular - Percussive Patch

video upload by Slightly Nasty

"Just a fun multi-part percussive patch with some gnarly bass wubs. Two outboard reverbs providing a bit of ambiance."

Patch n Tweak
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