MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Wednesday, April 13, 2022


video upload by Møffenzeef Mødular

(X1) BAD IDEA #18214


X20 6”
X20 12”
X20 24”

Tokyo Tape Music Center Buchla Inspired Eurorack Modules

See the Tokyo Tape Music Center label below for more.

Summit and Peak - Deep Dive into the Ultimate Firmware Update 2.0 // Novation Live

video upload by NovationTV

"In this edition of Novation Live, -CALC- follows Enrique with a deep dive into the Summit and Peak Firmware Update v2.0. Focusing on Summit, -CALC- will be highlighting the new stereo capabilities the firmware update brings and how they can be used to great effect (headphones recommended).

In the biggest update yet for Summit and Peak, Firmware v2.0 brings in essential improvements and a multitude of features across stereo controls, modulation, unpredictability, and effects, that give you powerful tools to shape your sound.

You will now be able to create bigger, wider, and more intricately textured soundscapes with updated stereo controls. Experiment with expansive sound design with modulation and unpredictability. A range of effects improvements brings new tonalities with the addition of Chorus Modes, Flanger, Phlanger, new effects modulation destinations and Lo-Fi delay

--- Learn more about the Summit and Peak Firmware Update v2.0:

--- Discover Summit:

--- Discover Peak:"

Analog Synthesizer Model SYSTEM-15 from EMW

video upload by EMW Synthesizers

"Simple demo sounds with no external effects or processing."

Brain Damage Complex Mixer Eurorack Module

video upload by errorinstruments paul tas

video upload by errorinstruments paul tas

"Brain damage is an interesting eurorack mixer that makes use of a touch The Brain labyrinth four channels that you can mix by your hands or fingers or a metal sponge you can change the volume from the outputs .or you can’t control this volume by cv. You can make organic mix of sounds By touching Or you can mix Experimental voltages A lot of possibilities"

Analogue Solutions Colossus Classic | Slim Double Stack (AS100 & AS200) Synthesizer Variants

video upload by Analogue Solutions

"Double System

Colossus slim has been designed to elegantly stack on top of a Colossus classic for a grand double-height system.

If you already have a Colossus classic, you can still buy the slim at a later date and stack this on top - or just keep it separate.

Both work as stand-alone systems, but can be cross patched together, or with other 3rd-party synths.

A double system is supplied as 2 separate units. You will need at least 2 people to lift the slim on top. A 3rd is recommenced for moral support.

The slim is secured in places by a selection of bolts, forming one rigid unit.

AS100 Colossus ‘Classic’

This is the original and best system - the full console version.
It comes with a CRT scope as standard.

AS200 Colossus ‘Slim’

A small footprint version of the classic - taking over 50% less desk space. Features all the same audio and modulation circuits of the classic.

AS200 comes with an LCD two-channel scope as standard. CRT is available as an optional upgrade.

The matrices are smaller and are totally independent. They are not internally wired. This can be seen as an advantage (it’s a matter of your personal needs) since you can patch external gear into the matrices. The matrices are half-height compared to the Classic’s.

AS200’s mixer has more inputs.

As the slim loses the touch keyboards, play using external MIDI to CV keyboards (such as Arturia KeyStep), or using a MIDI to CV converter. Slim retains the 64-step analogue sequencer. So sequence with this and/or external CV sequencers."


video upload by kirkis

"feedback rings on rings on rings."

See the Destiny label below for more.

Bento "Japanoise Inspired Noise Box" Now Available for Windows

You can pick it up at Giorgio Sancristoforo's website here.

See this post for details and a demo.


video upload by KUBBARA

This one was sent my way via Josh.

"Live set filmed early 2021 and aired as part of SON Festival.
#modularsynth #eurorack #livemodular #synthesizer #gizapyramids

Directed & edited by Sammy Sayed
Filmed by S. Hodhod and Frank Schmitt
Color grading by Universus Art Studio"

The Sound of RUSH - Subdivisions - Oberheim OB-X Moog Taurus Minimoog

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-22 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

My favorite song from RUSH from the Album Signals (1982)

I used here the Oberheim OB-X Synthesizer for the pads and the main synth riff. The bass is made with the Moog Taurus and I used the Minimoog for the lead sound parts."

Polyphonic Moog Grandmother with MidiVolts Desktop

video upload by Space Brain Circuits

See this post for additional details.

Elektronika EM-25 / 2022.04

video upload by Ohm. Studio

Custom made Farfisa Partner 415 drum machine demo (dry & with Yamaha E0505 delay)

video upload by Ohm. Studio

"Here is a demo of a one-of-a-kind drum machine. It"s a ryhtm unit ripped of an 70s farfisa spinet organ and built in a custom case (keeping up with the original look). Classic analog drum sounds like the ones you get out of the many boxes of that area (Roland TR77, Ace Tone FR-1 FR-2 FR-8, Hammond Auto Vari etc etc)
Demo recorded first dry and with added delay from a Yamaha BBD delay unit. No further treatment. Unit is for sale (190 euros) if you're interested."

Behringer Enigma - Buchla Music Easel in Eurorack Desktop Form for $399

Another from Behringer

"We have stared to design an “Easel 208” inspired Eurorack version called Enigma. While the analog section is an authentic replica of the original synth, which also includes 14 optocouplers, we plan to add total recall functionality with an OLED display and CC control plus USB/Midi.

We believe we could make this product for US$ 399 retail.

What do you think about the functionality, layout and price?"

Layering Guitar with Morphagene and Mimeophon

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Let’s make some guitar-based layers and loops!

Intro animation soundtrack by Vlad Suppish!"

Waldorf Quantum Double Sequence

video upload by SMV Producer

"Everything was recorded live, without external processing."

Sound banks for Arturia Matrixbrute and Waldorf Quantum/Iridium available for purchase at:

20 minutes of Yamaha QY100 sounds (no talking)

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"Here are 20 minutes of Yamaha QY100 sounds straight out of the box (some filter sweeping and other sound tweaking on most of the sounds included). Table of contents:

00:00 E-Piano
00:54 Grand Piano
01:21 FM Piano ("DX7 Piano")
02:10 Vibraphone
02:33 Drawbar Organ
02:55 Rock Organ
03:22 Accordion
03:35 Fingered Bass
03:45 Synth Bass 1
04:12 Synth Bass 2
04:43 Synth Bass 3
05:21 Tremolo Strings
06:08 Slow Strings
06:34 Resonant Strings
07:24 Synth Strings
08:49 Choir Aaahs
09:27 Voice Oohs
10:29 Synth Voices
11:02 Trumpet
11:36 Trombone
12:32 Tuba
13:46 French Horn
14:27 Synth Brass 1
15:23 Resonant Synth Brass
16:10 Soft Brass
16:48 Square Lead
17:26 Drum Kits
19:29 Shwimmer Pad
21:02 Goblins

The QY100 has 525 XG (General MIDI plus extensions) sounds to choose from, many of those are based on the same samples. Using a MIDI controller, you can adjust filter settings, envelope settings and effect settings. This video is part of a series of videos on the QY100."

Floyd Steinberg QY100 posts

Demo of EMS AKS SYNTHI - VCS3 Demo of sounds & in depth programming – 1971-Part 5

video upload by Andy Whitmore

All parts here.

Korg Prologue 8/16 "Cinematica" Inspired Soundset

video upload by LFOstore

"Welcome to the world of Cinematic Sounds!

We had a huge inspiration after successful 'Arakis' soundset and put all our effort to this sounds.

You ask for a long time & finaly its here - second complete soundset for Korg Prologue 8/16!
50 organic Presets with wide range in timbrality.


Here you will find all what you need for writing your fresh soundtrack, electronic song,
ambient & cinematic music:

Massive Basses
Moving Leads
Unusual modular Arpeggios
Recreation of famous sounds of Jupiter & CS Series
Beautiful cinematic strings - massive & wide
Organic pads & low drones
Bells & Plucks

No external Osc & Fx were used.
You will found instruction of 'how to' inside the pack.
This sound (for now) not compatible with XD Minilogue, but we working on that.

Enjoy the sounds & be inspired with new cinematic discoveries!"

Sequential Prophet 6 & Boss MT-2W Metal Zone Waza Craft

video upload by 3rdStoreyChemist

LM-1 (Linndrum) Chips inside a Sequential Circuits Drumtraks & Tears for Fears Digi Rock Set

video upload by Program 17

"These are the original LM-1 Binary Files I programmed inside a Sequential Circuits Drumtraks. if you like to purchase Eproms for your machines contact me"

Tears for Fears Emu Drumulator Digi Rock set for a Linn Drum LM2

video upload by

"I designed these sounds for a Linn drum using the original binary files from the Emu Emulator Digi rock set. famously used by Tears for fears. I can burn these for your linn drum too."

And one more:

Oberhiem Prommer Linn Drum Sounds

DIGITIMER 4030 - Crazy Medical Sequencer


"Time To Bring Back The Test Equipment! shoutout to @HAINBACH for the heads up on this one! Opening Times and information / contact:- https://www.this-museum-is-not-obsole..."

Roland Jupiter 4 - Monster analog synth - You want some crazy sequences? You got it!

video upload by Friendly Noise

"In this video you can listen to some Jupiter 4 crazy sequences using the Korg SQ-1 as sequencer. The individual Gate/CV inputs for two voices were used in order to get two different sequence lines. Some external modules add pitch modulation."

Rhodes Chroma w/ Fan Mod

via this auction

"Rhodes Chroma synthesizer from the early 1980's (only 3,000 made). It was fully went thru and serviced right before I purchased it less then a year ago. Absolutely no issues with it and cosmetically its 10/10. It's been kept in a professional smoke free studio. It sat more than it actually got used so there is very little hours of use."

Logan String Melody II SN 9429

via this auction

"This is a classic string synth that is very much like the ARP Solina, but with several more features.

The keyboard is split in the middle so that you can have a different mixture of Cello, Viola, and Violin and different Attack and Sustain settings for each section. There is also a bass oscillator and a feature called “perc” which is a deep, percussive sound like an upright bass.

This Logan String Melody II is in very good cosmetic condition. The tolex is a bit worn, but is in overall great shape. There is some minor dirt and scratches, as to be expected with a 40-year-old synth!


Theres no sound from the right side viola voice. But it still sounds amazing, i didnt even notice it before i tested each voice seperately."

Roland JP-8000

via this auction

UDO Audio Super 6 12-Voice Polyphonic Binaural Analog-Hybrid Synthesizer

via this auction

Blue in a basement.

1960's-70's Radel Saarang Electronic Tambura Synthesizer Deluxe Model

via this auction

"The Saarang produces the plucked sound of a conventional stringed tambura (tanpura) used for classical Indian music. The sound is produced electronically without the use of any strings. The 'Saarang' plays by itself and does not need a person to play it, you just adjust pitches and speed."

You can find a demo of one previously posted here.

Sequential Circuits Multi-Trak Synthesizer SN 00044

video upload by Thrif-T

via this auction

"This comes with the original power supply which has been modified with its own off and off switch - not sure why as the switch on the keyboard works just fine.

Good cosmetic condition and all the keys play and register nicely. no broken or chipped keys.

The circuit board that the buttons in the "Track" section are connected is loose, just on the left hand side, so when you press the buttons, they sink down a bit. probably just needs a screw tightened inside on that section of circuit board. all the buttons function perfectly - see the video below which shows that issue."

Roland Juno-106 61-Key Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 543868

via this auction

Poly Effects Hector | Episode 01 | Modular in a Modular

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"There have already been some great walkthroughs by Loopop and Red Means Recording [see previous posts] so in this series I'd like to focus on the more exotic 'modules' in the Hector virtual modular module. It reminds me a lot of VCV-Rack because it has the most important Mutable modules on board (Plaits, Grids, Marbles, Warps, Clouds, Tides, Rings, etc) but even then you'll be just scratching the big touch surface. There are amp sims, there's convolution reverb and a huge array of effects and utilities. It's the ultimate starter module too."

Polyend Tracker + LIVEN BASS&BEATS + DFAM + eurorack modules

video upload by Freaky Tweaky


Patch n Tweak
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