MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, August 1, 2022

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Monday, August 01, 2022

The Flirts - Passion -SYNTH COVER

video upload by Remco Rones

"Cover version of Passion by the Flirts (Bobby Orlando). Contains a vocal sample by Felix Da Housecat. Featuring vintage Oberheim OB-X, Minimoog Model D, Arp Odyssey, Arp Omni and Moog Polymoog synthesizers. Korg KR-55 and Intro samples by Ensoniq ASR-10. Enjoy!"

MajorOSC presets: Outa'Time Patch Collection for U-he DIVA

video upload by Aperture Sound Lab

"(All audio content (except drums) created with presets from Outa'Time - Available Early August exclusively via
Look forward to patch banks for your favorite vst plugins in the later half of 2022 and beyond."

40% off Presets Sale at NatLife Sounds

via NatLife Sounds

"I started a big sale for all my presets, for Analog, Digital and Software synthesizers. It's 40% Off until August 7th."

Cavagnolo Exagone

via this auction

Note the pics include the keyboard version and the accordian keys. Not sure if the listing includes both or just random pics. The don't appear to have been featured on the site previously, as you can see in the small handfull of posts featuring Cavagnolo here.

You can find a demo of one previously posted here.

"CAVAGNOLO EXAGONE XM64 is definitely one of the rarest combinations of an old French analogue! According to the Cavagnolo website, only 25 versions of the composite keyboards were produced and another 75 with accordion keys, Depech Mode owns one and uses it in the Delta Machine EPK) The Cavagnolo EXAGONE XM64 is a flammable monophonic analog synthesizer manufactured in France in 1982 Some features: 2 VCO with SUB OSC and many waveforms (includes very cool and powerful PWM which can be modified by LFO!), VCF, LFO 1, LFO 2, LFO DELAY (a kind of repeating LFO), EG, ADSR, NOISE, PORTAMENTO, the great OSC Sync... 64 memory locations to save and recall tuning patches! CV / GATE IN OUT, filter control and more ... for universal external control. What about the sound? The Cavagnolo Exagone XM64 sounds like a mix of a minimoog and the Roland System 100 for some warming sounds, but it can also make very original drones due to its clever LFO guidance facilities. The CAVAGNOLO EXAGONE XM64 is perfect for the musician who wants the music of Moog Roland and other sequential circuits, and the CAVAGNOLO EXAGONE XM64 is fully serviced: it is in perfect working order and in excellent cosmetic condition! It is a 220V model."

White Moog Liberation

via this auction

Handmade Glitches (Musikraken iPad Hand Tracking + Monome Norns Fall)

video upload by Perplex On

"Here i‘m trying to utilize the handtracking features of #musikraken app on iOS to use hand gestures as midi source for creating glitchy bits. Layered on top of a generative soundbed coming from #monome #norns loaded with Fall script. A connected #OxiOne acts as a grid. Next to the sound coming from the Norns, it‘s also sending midi to the iPad playing various synths (#Aparillo, #VHSSynth and #Zeeon) at the same time. The straight beat is coming from #playbeat3 while the glitchy bits are coming from #fractalbits. The hand waving gestures are not only triggering midi note events but also modulate additional FX (#koalafx and #dedalusdelay), e.g. the distance of the second hand towards the ipad camera is controlling the comb filter of Koalafx and the opening of the first hand is controlling the delay feedback of Dedalus."

NOT for gates only!

video upload by Omri Cohen

"Here are the patches from the video -

00:00 - Introduction
00:25 - Quick overview
02:12 - Patch introduction
02:36 - FMOP
07:25 - Drums
09:23 - KickAll
11:00 - Snare
11:28 - Everything together
11:56 - Monster bass"

More from Omri Cohen:
"Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -

Interested in more patching techniques and ideas? Have a look here -"

Big Knobs and A Big Sound: #1222 Performance VCO by Look Mum No Computer

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this video resident expert Nick Bigelow of Patchwerks shares an overview and demonstration of the new #1222 Performance VCO by Sam Battle, aka Look Mum No Computer.

Get the #1222 Performance VCO here:

'The first Modular offering from Sam Battle, aka Look Mum No Computer, comes the 1222 Voltage Controlled Oscillator - a synth voice designed to be comprehensive, musical, and instantaneous. Fully featured and packed to brim with some unique and handy tools, the 1222 is ready to be front and center of your modular system being the focal point of your creative endeavors. If you can dream it, the 1222 can voice it!'
Demo by: Nick Bigelow
Video by: Matthew Piecora ( EZBOT) and Steven Ly (Project 32)"

Kurzweil PC3K Series "Universal K3" Soundbank 65 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"'Universal K3' Soundbank contains 65 Presets and also new presets for the K3 effect processor.
Whatever it is: Basses and vintage emulations, Ambient, synth pads, Synth SEQ, FX – you will find interesting timbres here!

Uses internal samples and dsp waves
loading is available in the form of P3K file

The PC3 Series 'Universal K3' Soundbank requires OS version 2 or higher and also the Kurzweil K2600(PC3K-K2COMPAT) compatibility file to be loaded in your synthesizer.

Made Alexander Kav"

KORG USA Selling the OpSix for Nearly 60% Off

You can find them here. Side note: apparently KORG has a parts shop on Reverb as well. Some other brands including Waldorf are also listed.

Update: the sale appears to have ended as of at least Aug 5.


"Sharing some big news: Today, KORG USA dropped thousands of KORG OpSix Synths on Reverb at a steep discount - nearly 60 percent off.

Fans of the brand will be able to buy brand new OpSixes directly from the KORG USA Reverb Shop. (One heads up - this is a US-only opportunity!).

For around $330, musicians can walk home with an incredible deal on a funky, fun synth just begging to be used for FM synthesis experiments. In fact, everyone from synth nerds, to bedroom producers, to guitarists and pedal heads would do well to take advantage of this deal: The OpSix’s Randomize Function -- which lets users to completely scramble the synth’s parameters, generating a new, unique sound -- is perfect for those looking to take their first steps into making some new sonic discoveries.

Check out the KORG USA Reverb Shop here [click here for the OpSix directly]. It’s definitely a great option for musicians looking to try something new at an affordable price!"

Bob Moog Foundation Raffles Off David Rosenthal's Minimoog Signed by Billy Joel

video upload by moogfoundation

David Rosenthal, Billy Joel's keyboardist/musical director, talks about the 2022 summer raffle Mini

"The Minimoog raffled in 2022 isn’t just signed by an icon: It belonged to Billy Joel’s musical director, a musician of note in his own right – keyboardist, synth programmer, and orchestrator David Rosenthal, formerly of Rainbow, who has toured with Cyndi Lauper, Robert Palmer, and Enrique Iglesias, programmed synths for Bruce Springsteen, and also worked with Happy the Man, Steve Vai and Red Dawn.
Video recorded at Strange Cranium in NYC.
Get your own raffle ticket here:"

"This summer, somebody's going to win a fully restored, vintage Minimoog signed by Billy Joel.

It's a good month when Tom Oberheim joins your team of supporters, and Billy Joel signs your Minimoog. It's still pretty crazy out there, but with Tom, Billy, and a network of supporters engaging in our mission to inspire people of all ages through the intersection of science, music, and technology, we feel ready to take on the world.

This vintage beauty belonged to Billy Joel's long-time keyboardist and musical director, David Rosenthal, who took it on tour with Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow in the 1980s.

It now bears the signature of one of the most beloved and best-selling entertainers of all time.

Somebody's going to win it for the cost of a raffle ticket."

Korg Prologue -|- demo by Jexus / WCOG (B-ROLL)

video upload by Jexus (

"No talking demo of Korg Prologue. All patches custom-made by Jexus. I did not use any external FX in the demo; all the delays, phasers, noises and other effects are part of the Prologue engine & my intentional patch design. I did not use the onboard LF Comp but I used some slight EQing on some patches. I recorded my demo straight through an audio card. This is a standard factory Prologue unit – you don’t need any custom oscillators, FX or other addons (just the factory „Waves” oscillator).

Support, questions: [wcologarb at]

#korg #korgprologue #patches

0:00 097 | elpiano / organ
0:10 049 | acid / growl
0:27 065 | acoustic / harmonica
0:46 128 | bass / woody
1:06 191 | metallic / bell
1:21 073 | acoustic / flute
1:38 072 | acoustic / woodwind
1:52 048 | bass / gritty
2:09 143 | elpiano / keys
2:29 178 | pad / mellow
2:43 021 | guitar / distorted
2:57 150 | pad / ambience
3:29 099 | keys / fragile
3:56 069 | lead / juicy
4:10 122 | bass / lead
4:30 120 | pad / bass / keys
4:50 123 | string / delicate
5:11 052 | pad / gritty
5:29 166 | bass / warm
5:43 057 | bass / aggressive
5:59 016 | lead / ensemble
6:15 089 | dirty / texture
6:36 109 | bass / powerful
7:01 005 | lead / flute
7:14 121 | digital bass / synth
7:41 001 | pad / warm
7:59 145 | string / phased
8:26 190 | texture / pad
8:44 119 | pad / chord
9:00 179 | epic / pad
9:42 062 | delicate / keys
10:08 009 | metallic / bells
10:27 019 | pad / texture
10:48 004 | bass / digital
11:05 142 | experimental / reverb
11:31 162 | texture / pad
11:48 176 | corroded / rusty"

Eurorack Chords and Groove 🏄🏼‍♂️

video upload by Andrea Marzilli

"Chords and Groove 🏄🏼‍♂️
There’s a lot going on here.

Basically, @qubitelectronix Bloom is sending CVs to the @mutableinstruments Tides V/oct IN, acting as the 'chord machine'.
Beads is sampling something I can’t remember tbh, transforming it in this glassy sound and receiving modulation on Shape and Time from Stages: this means groove.
Rings and Monsoon for some tasty stereo movement (old but gold friends)
@noiseeng Desmodus Versio is, as always, the captain of my ambient-washy sea.

Enjoy with headphones. 🎧"

Moog Subharmonicon Ghost Ships Ambient Patch

video upload by riotbell

"I've nearly given up on the Subharmonicon at least half a dozen times. Recently dove back into it with hopes of creating some sharable patches.

I've decided to devote the next month to really delving into this beguiling little synth in hopes of learning at least some of its quirks and secrets.

This is a slow ambient patch with reverb courtesy of the Oto Bam (ambient mode with chorus engaged).

Thanks for listening!"

Practicing eurorack setup #4 W. Plinky LD3 DCe2

video upload by Meska

"Quick demo of the actual modular setup.
DCe2 for Sub
plinky for chords & delay, reverb
LD3 for drum and effect on it + side chain
Plinky and sub going to NI Versio distortion

Thank you fwor watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly 'dark and expérimental' music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.
i'm tattooist at day jobs and you can found my work here :

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

Hammered - Synthwave Hardware Jam Elektron Octatrack Sequential Prophet X

video upload by PFM Module

"Happy little synthwave hardware jam with the Elektron Octatrack and the Sequential Prophet X. Weekly hardware jam challenge - Mallets"

Live techno jam with modular synth

video upload by Honeysmack

Hardware Jams Weekend Challenge: Mallets, Pans, & Gongs

video upload by SynthAddict

"Maschine+ and Korg Wavedrum Global

M+ with custom samples of Hand Pan, Anklung, Xylophone, Gamelan, etc. with mixed perc.
Wavedrum played manually with Steel Drum, Gamelan, Gongs, etc"

Buchla Music Easel

via this auction

"complete Buchla Music Easel (replica) consisting of the following:

208p module: 2022 built; vintage parts (Excelitas Vactrols and NOS Transistors) checked and fully calibrated to original specs by Dave Brown.

1.2 v/octave oscillator tracking

218 keyboard: 2021 built, Samodular.

1.2 v/octave oscillator tracking; switchable to 1v/octave on the backside of the board.

Blue Halliburton Case: 2021 built; Luther Rochester Style; latest Samodular power supply, pair of silver boats, powder coated in original Buchla Music Easel Blue

Power Cable included (european plug)

Special front panel made by external polish company to match original aesthetics"

Oberheim OB-XA 5 Voice

via this auction

"Oberheim OB-Xa with 5 voices. Recently serviced and re-capped. 3 of the 8 voices are missing, but it is still fully functional as a 5 voice synthesiser"

Pics of the inside below.

Review: Eventide Misha // an entirely original improvisation and generative sequencing module

video upload by loopop

0:00 Intro
1:20 Intervals
3:50 Controls
6:15 Modes
6:45 Connectivity
8:25 Chords
10:35 Sequencing
10:55 Tone rows
12:30 Auto play
12:50 Play options
13:30 Button mods
15:40 Tone row as scale
17:10 Temp shift
17:50 Int. sequences
19:45 Misha & MIDI
21:45 Black key maps
23:25 Raga 3 jam
24:10 Scale swaps
24:30 MIDI mapping
25:20 CV mapping
26:00 Presets
27:05 Pros & cons
30:00 Outro

#1211 DIY Analog Synthesizer (part 11 of 15) - Random PCBWay PCB Boards

video upload by IMSAI Guy

Useful tools for the DIYers out there.

"More boards from PCBWAY. this one is the voltage controlled filter"

Slow jam FM mozzi

video upload by GlakGlikGluk

"FM Mozzi @Meebleeps that's a cool diy synthesizer."

FM Synthesizer Music

Meebleeps FM Synth Diy
Bassline Synth Diy
Bigbutton Sequencer Trigger Diy
Drum Sample Hagiwo Synth Diy

this music was recorded using a smartphone with a 4 channel diy mixer which resulted in too much noise because it uses 1 chip Opamp maybe it's better to use the interface to record it with a smartphone."

Diy Synth Semi Modular Jammin

"cuma di bunyiin aja udah gitu aja."

Googlish from Indonesian:
"just make it sound like that."

A Bastl Softpop 2 Demo Where Red Means Recording Don’t Talk and There Are Hands

video upload by

"The Bastl Softpop 2 can definitely be said to be a synthesizer. I checked the manual and it confirmed this. If anyone tells you it's not a synthesizer, don't listen to them. They're wrong and they're lying to you. I'm so tired. I don't even like doing this anymore. I want to sleep until I don't have to worry about anything anymore. YouTube takes what you love, makes it a job, and then makes you hate it. I'm not going to check the analytics for this video. I never do, anyways. I'm throwing away my phone and my computer.

00:00 flixpebg
01:43 glbnglbglhb
04:43 whoopsie
07:40 voidbele"


video upload by Dreadbox

"Orestes creates a rhythmic soundscape with DYSMETRIA and adds a dreamy NYMPHES pad layer.

DYSMETRIA is a A Full Voice Analog Modular Groove Synthesizer, in Desktop and Eurorack format, with which you can create Basslines and Drum Sounds."

HAINBACH Bought The Worst Synthesizer

video upload by

"On a warm summer evening, after a few glasses of Riesling I went on Reverb and made an offer of 666 EUR on one of the most-disliked synths of all time, the Davoli Davolisint. Not thinking it would come through, as the seller wanted 1050EUR originally, I was surprised in the morning that I had actually bought it. People claim it is not even a synthesizer, but does it deserve its horrible reputation? Let's find out!"

Nord Beat 3 App - All Functions Explained (Free Sequencer App, e.g. for the Nord Drum 3P)

video upload by Jannis Le Wolff

"In this video you will learn how you can connect the Nord Beat 3 App to your Nord Drum 3P (or other instrument). You will also learn about all possible functions that the app offers to you.

00:00 Introduction
00:21 Connection
03:00 Drawing Notes/Basic Sequencing
03:58 Velocity
05:28 Expressions (Flams + Rolls)
07:09 Shuffle
08:13 Combining Sequences
09:44 Finger Drumming/Storing Songs"

Rachael + Deckard's Voice | Part 02 | Advanced Patching

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"Part 01 has a strong focus on Deckard's Voice, this episode will shift to Rachael, the powerful 'helper oscillator' that supports FM, Ring Modulation and pitch envelopes. It provides a sine, saw and pulse waveform and a polarizing circuit to create metallic sounds from any source. It's Deckard's perfect companion module when you're looking for a more authentic CS80 experience. I also used Knobula's Poly Cinematic in an ultimate attempt to add polyphony. It sounds just awesome with Deckard + Rachael in the lead.

The last part of the video worked out extremely well so I hope you'll sit it out to the end. Love this combo!"

Patch n Tweak
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