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Tuesday, November 08, 2022

The Hidden Hydrasynth Comb Filter

video upload by Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

"The ASM Hydrasynth is capable of many things. one thing thats not listed on teh box is a comb filter... yet with some creative synthesis , this is actually quite achievable."

Ellitone Osage Modular Synthesizer System (EOMSS) Serial# 001

video upload by ellitone instruments

"audio demonstration of EOMSS serial# 001. this system is now for sale on reverb"

via this auction

"Welcome to the Ellitone Osage Modular Synthesizer System (EOMSS).

This listing is for system serial #001

'analog where it matters, digital where it counts'

Todays listing is for an EOMSS 4-voice starter system:

1x midi to cv interface and stereo mixer module
2x dual oscillator dual wavefolder modules
1x quad envelope quad vca module

the 4-voice starter system contains the essential modular functionalities necessary to achieve four independent analog voices (polyphonic) controlled via usb midi

Synthplex Podcast

video uploads by Synthplex

Use the player controls to skip around.

Ian Martinez with Arturia talks what's in store for Arturia at Synthplex 2022
Artesia Pro talks the rise of their EFNOTE Drums and other gear showing at Synthplex
Platinum Producer Jeff Weber talks Synthplex and the state of the music recording industry
Roger Linn Interview live from Synthplex 2022 Expo Floor
Jordan Rudess Interview at Synthplex 2022
Interview with Emu Systems Legend, Dave Rossum at Synthplex 2022
Alan Howarth, horror movie composing legend, talks danceable Halloween soundtrack and more!
Sam Mims of Synth Wizards & Syntaur talk Synthplex and Modding Synths

Mark Steiner - Time Travel Wind Synth Sound Collection (incl. the Nyle Steiner Historical Patches)

video upload by Mark Steiner

"For the Holiday season I'm offering my Time Travel Collection (license to all my sound collections future and past). And this will include the new Nyle Steiner Historical Sound Collection. Sounds he sampled himself and used in Hollywood movie sessions and more.

The first 10 orders will also get a sound named after them. Cool or silly but fun for sure!

Cost during the holidays starting now is $250.

I'll very soon have a full list up. But it includes 100 or more sounds for EVI-NER, Lyricon 1 and 2, Arturia SEM V plugin, Moog Model D for iPad, and more...

Also around 30 to 50 sounds for Anyma Phi, Moog Sirin, Arturia MatrixBrute and Respiro (both for plugin and iPad/iPhone app)... A few of my Respiro sounds will also be free to anyone. I may do up to 100 of those but at least 50.

I am also preparing and will ongoing make new sample sounds for Logic and MainStage ($30 application for Mac). These include per-note sample instrument made from analog synths, rare and exotic modules/modular synths, tube synthesis, samples from vintage EVI and EWI modules and all kinds of things.

I would note, the Anyma Phi just had an update and added more oscillator types including multi-dimensionally morphing wave table oscillators that are frosty and glassy and sound unreal. This is one of the most amazing and diverse sounding instruments and made for wind synths. I'm dying over the sounds I continue to discover within. So 100% something to get if you have a chance. Analog in it sounds soooooo good, and then so much unreal digital and physical modeling... all mixable to 3 independently expressive layers. It's a technology creature of wonder. ---fully unpaid testimonial/bought my own unit :)

Anyone who has already bought any of my sounds can upgrade to this bundle during the holidays for $150.

More info coming soon. More videos of new sounds including the Nyle samples (including his Rapping from the EVI Concerto, his own trumpet playing sample instrument, and his own exotic flute sound he carved.)

Most of these are all ready now, the rest will electronically ship by Thanksgiving.

A few parts of this seem a bit odd. At times I like to keep unexpected things from sessions in the videos as they are unusual, interesting, funny, or whatever. This one had a few things rarely caught organically... some gibberish Tourette's that I don't understand a few times (from my brain injury I'm still climbing back from). I thought I'd never share that but it felt right tonight. So it's just a little something that is organic and personal. I was also just pretty out of it in some ways from being up so late, I'm usually this... um... gone lol. Anyway, an interesting little journal entry in a way.

Thank you so much, sincerely,


Akai VX600

via this auction

"The sound of this synth's filter is stunning. Sad to see it go. This was owned by Nils Frahm."


video upload by EMEAPP

"Who doesn't love some fat 'n funky synth bass? We sure do! In this episode of Sonic Test Drive, join electronic music pioneer Don Slepian as he guides you through some tips and tricks for programming great sounding synth bass using analog gear. The featured instrument here is our Roland SH-09 mono-synth from the early 80s and it definitely packs a mean punch. We are massive fans of old Roland gear here and .

You can find us at where we invite you to join us as a FREE member."

Generative Ambient Production (playing with some new plugins

video upload by DATABROTH

"Another fun jam today, gonna play with some new stuff and see what I can come up with

"Check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon"

Novation Introduces Circuit Rhythm 2.0 w/ Beat Match, Fixed Length Recording, Grid FX & More

Circuit Rhythm 2.0 Introduction with Taetro // Novation
video upload by NovationTV

"@TAETRO gives us an introduction to the latest Circuit Rhythm Firmware update, version 2.0.

The 2.0 firmware update brings more flexible beat making with editable Grid FX, Beat Match, and Sample Record functionality. Also, bring new life to your live performances with expressive FX, smooth transitions and flexible sampling with firmware 2.0 for Circuit Rhythm.

- Learn more about the Circuit Rhythm Firmware Update 2.0:

- Discover Rhythm:"

Firmware version 2.0 for Circuit Rhythm introduces more options for expressive performance and flexible sampling.

Beat Match
With Beat Match, you can pitch your samples up or down to get drum breaks perfectly in time with your session and make your beats flow seamlessly. Two new Beat Match pads in the Sample Mode Menu let you speed up or slow down the selected sample so that it fits seamlessly with your project.

Fixed Length Recording
You can now record samples so that they’ll be perfectly in time with your current project. A new toggle in the Sample Record View lets you choose between a fixed length sample recording of 8, 16, 32, or 64 steps.

Perform with Grid FX Parameters
Take full control of your performances and tweak your sound to perfection with on-board controls for Grid FX. Every Grid FX parameter is now available to control directly with Rhythm’s macro knobs. Performance Mode lets you go wild with temporary changes, while Edit Mode gives you the ability to make permanent changes to the Grid FX slots in your project.

Improved Arrangement: Save Mutes States to Scenes
Muted track states are now stored with Scenes, so you can more easily arrange your track without the need to have any empty patterns in your project.

Trigger recorded Samples Immediately in Sample Record View
Newly recorded samples may now be triggered immediately in Sample Record view, so you can quickly decide if you’re happy with your sample.

- Learn more about the Circuit Rhythm Firmware Update 2.0:

APEX Vol 1 - Novation Summit - Patches 49 to 64 - Dual Layer Stacks & Splits.

video upload by GEOSynths

Additional APEX Vol 1 - Novation Summit patch demos

"Out Now -
I'm back with Patches 49 to 64 (of 64) for the Novation Summit, all of which use both Layers for Stacks and Splits.

They are different Sounds from what I created for Zenith Vol 1 to 3 and utilize the added Functionality of the Summit, especially the Filter Functions. Each Patch is made up from 2 different Sounds, mostly Layered though there are some Splits, but of course, they can be used on their own, giving 128 Single Patches.

They're not compatible with the PEAK.

00:00 - 49. Jammers GEO
00:16 - 50. Froze over GEO
02:12 - 51. Night Crawl GEO
04:42 - 52. Split Up GEO
05:49 - 53. String Along GEO
07:23 - 54. Section GEO
08:26 - 55. Half Life GEO
10:36 - 56. Key2Pad GEO
12:22 - 57. 4th Wall GEO
13:59 - 58. Funk Files GEO
15:08 - 59. Crystalline GEO
16:04 - 60. Bold Face GEO
17:36 - 61. Key of DX GEO
18:47 - 62. Phoenix GEO
19:38 - 63. Don't Go GEO
19:53 - Analog Kit GEO"

Akai X7000 Service Manual

This one is in via Florian Anwander.

You'll find it along with the user manual and Plontkes X7000 editor software on his website here.

Eurorack in Stereo—How To Get Into Dual-Channel Modular

video upload by Reverb

"Eurorack used to be mono only, but a new generation of modules can bring out the stereo field. How can you integrate them into your system? In this video, Fess helps you get started thinking about Eurorack in glorious stereo.

Shop The Gear In This Video.

Same Patch The Next Day

video upload by John L Rice

"Pretty much the same setup as the last video, minus the FS1R and plus some sequencer related modules. This time I sequenced the poly modular and used a second keyboard to transpose the sequence while playing the Mellotron brass from the main keyboard. I almost didn't post this and may delete it but I'll leave it up for now.

Modular Polysynth:
1 x Synth Tech MOTM-650 MIDI to CV
4 x Synth Tech MOTM-300 VCOs
4 x Happy Nerding FM AIDs
2 x Moon 517 dual VCFs
2 x Oakley/Krisp1 dual VCAs
1 x Club Of The Knobs C911P poly EG
1 x Mutable Instruments/Martin Jan Koehler Tides/Tidal Modulator

Sequencer setup:
Moon Modular 569 Quad Sequential Voltage Source
Club Of The Knobs C969 Euclidian Bi-Clock Sequencer
Moon Modular 591 Switch

Other Polysynths:
Mellotron M4000D

Strymon Timeline Delay
Strymon BigSky Reverb
Lexicon M400 Reverb

Thanks for watching! :-)

#modularsynth #modularsynthesizer #synthesizer"

"Introducing" the DR BÖHM DIGITAL DRUMS

video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

You can find additional posts featuring the Bohm Digital Drums here.

"Dr. Böhm Digital Drums in action - that's HERR DOCTOR to you thank you very much.

We love these when they work - we hate these when they don't work.
They're notoriously hard to service - this one was no exception.
It could be the most advanced auto accompaniment unit out there - change my mind in the comment section.

We thought Dr. Böhm Digital Drums could use an in-depth video of the auto accompaniment section alone.
The videos out there present this device as a "Italo Disco Machine" - when it's actually so much more.
It has 180 different auto accompaniment arrangements, and the 4 instrument voices have more than 60 individual preset sounds at your disposal.
The variety and range of stuff that comes out of this thing is really not bad - comparing it to other machines of the same era, the Solton Programmer 24 and the CRB Computerband 2000 - Dr. B comes out ridiculously more versatile.

We used almost no effects used in this video, the compositions are improvised one-takes that we came up with on the spot without preparation.

This specific machine was modified - it had six mysterious, extra potentiometers in place already when we bought it - but they weren't hooked up to anything internally - probably a botched project from the previous owner.
So we asked one of our techs to wire them up to modify the Bass, Mono 1 and 2 sections with individual volumes and the internal, on-board cut-off filter.

The result is not bad - for all types of Electro and Electronica obviously, Pop or Ambient textures for sure, even Musique Concrete-leaning experimentations.

Big thanks to Ludus Pinski here in Florence for wiring this up for us, and to Ondrej Pavelka in Prague Czechoslovakia, for sorting out the rest."

Korg SQ-64 Version 2.0 New Features Overview

video upload by Korg

"Explore the new features of Version 2.0 for the SQ-64 Polyphonic Sequencer. There are lots of new recording, note-handling, and performance-based features on board, along with numerous operational refinements, making SQ-64 an more capable and more user-friendly nerve center for your MIDI/CV studio.

See this post for additional details.

cre8audio East Beast Sound Demo (no talking) with dba Rooms

video upload by Limbic Bits

0:00 Cre8tor lead
1:24 Sine Bass
2:03 PWM lead variations
3:05 Cheesy spooky lead
4:09 FM adventures
5:31 Acidliner
7:26 PWM Octaver
8:20 PWM Ducker
9:06 Reso Bass
9:43 Saw & Pulse Lead
10:24 Bandpasser
11:03 Endgame

MFB Dominion 1 | Straight to the top as a favorite bass synthesizer of all time

video upload by Espen Kraft

"The MFB Dominion 1 does one thing very well. Just like the MiniMoog. When you layer bass you often find you need something to fill out the energy spectrum in the lower mids. Lot's of bass sounds has the bottom end, or the highs, but they don't cut through the track.
Just as the MiniMoog before it, The Dominion 1 can fix that very well. It just have the reight energy in the frequencies that needs to be there for bass. If you program it right.
All by itself it also has a lot to offer with its 3 available oscillators. Which can be used to make the Dom 1 paraphonic as well.
In total I find the Dom 1 more suitable for my bass needs than the MiniMoog.

Support this channel on Patreon:"

Modor DR2 OS007 Firmware Upgrade - Parameter Locks!

video upload by Modor Music

"New firmware upgrade OS007 for the Modor DR-2, introducing parameter locking.

0:00 Introduction
0:31 Parameter locks
1:05 Remove parameter locks
1:16 Tonal bassdrums, basslines
2:23 Why is there a new bootloader?
3:30 Installing firmware upgrade
5:26 Installing bootloader upgrade
6:30 Thanks for watching!"

"There is only one single new feature, but it's not an unimportant one: parameter locks! What's that?

A parameter lock sets a value for a certain parameter on a certain drum hit in the sequencer. They are used to program variations of synthesis parameters inside a drum pattern. Programming (or recording) a parameter lock is very simple: keep a step button pressed in the sequencer (1...16) and turn a knob. Now the drum hit on this sequencer step has that altered parameter, while the next drum hit returns to normal.

Note that a parameter lock doesn't necessarily have to be at the beginning of a drum hit. You can also put one on a grid step somewhere halfway a drum hit to alter the sound at that moment.

Also note that you aren't limited to one parameter. You can program parameter locks for different parameters, even on a single sequencer step.

Want to remove a parameter lock? Keep the step button down while pressing NO(/EXIT)."

Roland SYR-E84 84HP Eurorack Case

via this auction

This is a supporting member listing.

"Spectacular performance, you can mount them on top of each other, as shown in the second photo (modules in photo not included.)"

Macbeth Micromac D

via this auction

"This Macbeth X-Series Micromac D fully analog synth is in excellent cosmetic condition, it works as it should, no functionality issues. It has seen very light use.

This is a rare synth, was made in the UK out of production, and hard to come by. Built like a tank. Solid enclosure and solid controls. No cheap Chinese plastic components here.

“The fattest vintage sounding desktop analogue synthesizer available.”

Sold with its power adapter for 220v.

A masterpiece by Scottish synth designer genius Ken Macbeth, this is Ken’s take on the classic Minimoog Model D concept of a 3-VCO synth with a 24db ladder filter.

Ken Macbeth is - besides Wowa Cwejman - the best boutique analog synth builder of our time, doing everything the old-school way of through-hole solering. This is true analog!
The sound that his synths deliver is simply out of this world and the Micromac D is no exception. Despite its desktop size it packs a heavy punch. Seriously - in terms of sound this is as good as it gets.

Here are the specs:

3 x 1v/octave tracking voltage controlled oscillators.
Oscillators 1 and 2 featuring 4 waveforms: sawtooth, square, triangle and sine. oscillators 1 and 2 feature pwm control inputs.
Oscillator 3 featuring 6 waveforms: sawtooth, square, triangle, sine, ramp and lower frequency noise.
Oscillator 2 can be hard synchronized to oscillator 1.
Oscillator 3 can be used as a modulation source, both in the audio range and the low frequency range. oscillator 3 can be used to modulate oscillators 1 and 2 as well as the voltage controlled filter. oscillator 3 can be disconnected from the main controlling cv.
Oscillators 1,2 and 3 feature separate control voltage inputs for external control sources.
Oscillators 1,2 and 3 have separate audio outputs (pre-mixer) for external proccessing in other systems.
Oscillators feature separate attenuated volume controls into the filter.
Oscillators 1,2 and 3 feature both course and fine tune frequency controls that have a range above and below the audio spectra.
Noise generator features white noise with its own attenuated volume control into the filter. setting 6 on the oscillator 3 waveform control allows a lower frequency noise to be used for modulation effects and can also be used as audio source.
1v/octave voltage controlled filter:
24db/octave transistor ladder low pass filter. oscillates at high 'q'/resonance.
Tracking of the filter from the main cv input can be 0%/half/full (0v/octave, 1v octave and 1.5v/octave)
The filter also features a separate 1v/octave external cv input for other control sources.
The vcf is swept directly by its own envelope generator.
2 x envelope generators. ads/switchable release type. filter eg can be switch between a positive going envelope or an inverted envelope. filter eg can be switched to sweep oscillator 2 for hard synchronization sweeps. vca eg can be diconnected via an external vca cv input socket.

All analogue circuitry used in the design is the 'old school' through hole parts."

Korg VC-10 Vocoder SN 160791

via this auction

Roland Jupiter 6 w/ Dust Cover

via this auction

"Had the restart circuit repaired, which is a common occurrence with Jupiter 6s. Good to have that out of the way."

Roland Jupiter-8 SN 191164

via this auction

"Recently cleaned and calibrated, adjusted and tested by SynthMedic in Copenhagen.
Everything works as it should. No modifications. Shows little cosmetic signs of wear.

220/240 volts"

Roland Jupiter 4 SN 973182

via this auction

"Roland Jupiter 4 Midified in perfect condition and overhauled.
Work done:
- Factory calibration
- The 4 voices have been calibrated in factory mode
- The potentiometers have been cleaned and lubricated
- Keyboard contacts have been checked
- The volume potentiometer and the level of the L M H switch have been dismantled and cleaned.
- The entire keyboard has been cleaned perfectly.
- An additional test was also done on: The filter, LFO's, VCO's.
- It has 128 presets instead of 64
- Tuned perfectly"

Vintage ARP Odyssey Mk II Synthesizer w/ New Yellow Capped Sliders & Moog Ladder Filter

video upload by Synth Chaser

via this auction, also on Reverb

"The Odyssey was ARP's answer to the Minimoog, a feature packed scaled down version of the legendary ARP 2600. This particular ARP Odyssey is equipped with the 4035 filter, the infamous "lawsuit filter" that "borrowed" from Bob Moog's ladder filter patent.

This ARP Odyssey has just been serviced and is functioning very well. New sliders & slider caps were installed, power supply recapped, all tantalum capacitors replaced, new slide switches, new key bushings, cleaned key contacts, calibrated, and the 1/4" output jack made to a high output.

There are a few flaws I feel the need to disclose: This particular Odyssey has a fairly high noise floor. You can hear it (white noise/hiss sound) when the tone sources are turned down and the VCA is open, or if the filter isn't fully open. Also there is some slight bleeding of the tone sources into the final output (bypassing the VCF). Please see the attached video for a demonstration of this. There are some large scratches on the front panel, see photos. Since the cosmetics of this Odyssey aren't perfect, I decided not to invest the time into fixing these last problems and instead just offer the synthesizer at a better value."

Vintage ARP Odyssey Mk II 2813 Synthesizer w/ LED Sliders & Moog Ladder Filter

video upload by Synth Chaser

via this auction, also on Reverb

"The Odyssey was ARP's answer to the Minimoog, a feature packed scaled down version of the legendary ARP 2600. This particular ARP Odyssey is equipped with the 4035 filter, the infamous "lawsuit filter" that "borrowed" from Bob Moog's ladder filter patent.

This ARP Odyssey has just been serviced and is functioning very well. The Synthchaser LED slider & slider cap set has been installed, and the LEDs are color coded to correspond to the original colored slider caps, which give a visual indicator of the function of each control. The difference in the way these sliders feel and perform compared to the originals is a huge improvement. The power supply was recapped, all tantalum capacitors replaced, new key bushings, cleaned key contacts, calibrated, and the 1/4" output jack made to a high output.

There are a few flaws I feel the need to disclose: The old silkscreen was worn away and the paint was also worn through, so I've installed an overlay. The quality of the overlay isn't the greatest, and the color doesn't quite match the rest of the synth, but anything is better than the way it was! Please review photos carefully. This particular Odyssey has a fairly high noise floor. You can hear it (white noise/hiss sound) when the tone sources are turned down and the VCA is open, or if the filter isn't fully open. Also, the ADSR modulation to the VCF can "overdrive" the filter if the slider is up all the way. Please see the attached video for a demonstration of these. There are a few extra holes on the back panel (the larger ones have been plugged) from previous mods that have been reverted. Since the cosmetics of this Odyssey aren't perfect, I decided not to invest the time into fixing these last problems and instead just offer the synthesizer at a better value."

"Access to the Cosmos'....Live ambient improv synth meditation session on the Virus and SOMA Cosmos

video upload by Will's Witchcraft

"Access Virus Synthesizer, into the SOMA Cosmos - a cosmic sound meditation"

AJH Synth Modular Sound Demo by @DKS SYNTH LAB (MiniMod Eurorack Modular jam, No Talking)

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"A repost of a video by Daniele Chierichetti demonstrating lead sounds and showing some of the sonic possibilities of an AJH Synth Eurorack modular synth system. The standard MiniMod voice forms the basis of the system featured here, and this voice is directly based on the original R.A.Moog version of the Minimoog, and as such it is capable of the same classic lead sounds, the same warmth, punch, and character. However, because it is modular, it takes this voice way beyond anything it was originally capable of, opening it up to the now huge Eurorack universe, including a wealth of modules by AJH Synth.
These high-end modules are mostly based on classic vintage designs, some of which are very difficult to obtain nowadays, but brought firmly into the modern Eurorack era by a wealth of connectivity, functionality, and reliability, that simply didn't exist 'back in the day'. Also, some modern, digital modulation modules compliment the range, hugely expanding it's sonic scope."

0:00 Intro
0:09 Sound Demo 1
1:32 Sound Demo 2
2:28 Sound Demo 3
3:54 Sound Demo 4
4:50 Sound Demo 5
7:01 Sound Demo 6
7:56 Sound Demo 7

Yamaha Global Stage | Michael Lecoq "Expressive Split" Performance

video upload by Yamaha Synths Official

"Enjoy this performance titled 'Expressive Split' from Yamaha Artist Michael Lecoq and the new MODX8+ Synthesizer.

Yamaha artist Michael Lecoq is a pianist and keyboardist based in France who, from a young age, has shown excellence that has allowed him to develop into the renowned artist he has become today. His versatility and virtuosity have earned him several collaborations that have allowed Michael to showcase his talents as a player and as a composer, arranger and producer."

Yamaha DX100 Sound Demo - No Talking -

video upload by

"Yamaha DX100 Sound Demo - No Talking -
no external effects

0:00 - 0:16 pc7 heavysynth
0:17 - 0:31. pb3 mono bass
0:32 - 0:48. pc4 metal keys
0:49 - 1:17. pa9 high tines
1:18 - 1:54. pc6 sh synth
1:55 - 2:22. pa 4 elec grand
2:23 - 2:41 pb1 solid bass
2:42 - 3:19 pb13 orchestra
3:20 - 3:38. pb6 horns
3:29 - 3:56. pb3 mono bass
3:57 - 4:15. pa8 new electro
4:16 - 4:32. pa13 jazz organ
4:33 - 4:46. pa20 soft harp
4:47 - 5:16. pd24 mars to??"



"A Quick demo of the latest Synthe A."

Patch n Tweak
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