MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Beats, Sketches and Good Times with Nano Modules! 🙌

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

0:00 Music Sketch 1
1:11 Intro
1:53 ONA Oscillator Overview
2:37 Music Sketch 2
5:00 Music Sketch 3
6:46 Music Sketch 4
8:17 Music Sketch 5
10:01 Music Sketch 6
11:30 Music Sketch 7
12:33 Music Sketch 8


Monome Norns + Grid with Cheat Codes 2 - first steps

video upload by Thoow

"First explorations with this mighty script and the Norns/Grid combo.
Bassline and FX via Ableton."

Mike Avenaim - A Super 6 Desktop Series Song 1

video upload by GSF AGENCY

"All synth sounds from the U.D.O Super 6. Live drums and no triggers. What an incredible instrument this thing is. Kind of an endless source of inspiration. Composition, engineering, and mixing by yours truly @mikeavenaim. Thank you @gsf_agency for turning me onto this."

CME Intros 4 New MIDI Solutions Shipping Now

via CME

"Following the successful launch of WIDI, the Bluetooth MIDI revelation, CME is introducing a new line of MIDI tools that are affordable yet give an extra edge.

As a contributing board member of the MIDI Association, the CME team is part of the latest developments in MIDI, including MPE, MIDI 2.0 and BLE MIDI.

With more than 30 years of professional experience, the new range is designed to operate without data errors, without signal loss and without dropouts.

Combining the best of both worlds with the latest components, they will appeal to all music makers. And at today's price point, they are accessible to all.

Finally, you can break down the barriers between smart devices and traditional MIDI hardware. Discover exciting new ways to work through a unique combination of high-precision wired and ultra-low latency wireless.

Buy directly from the people who make it with 30% off in November via the CME store."



Retail: US$ 49.99

Plug-and-play USB MIDI interface
Standalone 3-in-3-out MIDI interface
Advanced MIDI routing and filtering software


Retail: US$ 39.99

1-in-5-out MIDI Thru/Split
Optional Bluetooth MIDI via WIDI Core
Near-zero latency and jitter by using the best components


Retail: US$ 29.99

BLE MIDI breakout board for DIY and MIDI developers
Ultra-low 3ms latency
20m/65ft plain sight range


Retail: US$ 69.99

2-in-6-out MIDI Thru/Split
1-in-5-out MIDI I/O + 1-in-1-out Bluetooth MIDI
Connect up to 10 devices

Going Wireless with the CME WIDI Thru6 BT and WIDI Master

Pictured here is a mini setup I have sitting to my left pretty much at all times. As you can imagine I spend quite a bit of time running this site. When I'm too tired and/or can't get into the studio, I'll often fiddle with this setup. I swap out synths depending on what I'm in the mood for. Currently you'll see a Sequential OB-6 desktop, Audiothingies Micromonsta, Strymon Big Sky, and Elektron Digitakt all running through a Rolls line mixer which runs out to an iConnectAudio4 MIDI and audio interface which I currently only use for capturing audio on the laptop. Normally I have my laptop sitting where the Keystep, and further below, the MicroKorg are. The Keystep is my main controller, but I brought up the MicroKorg to test it out with the CME Widi Master for complete wireless control. I have the Keystep and/or MicroKorg leaning up on the side of my makeshift table and I just bring them up on my lap when I want to use them. One thing I hate dealing with is plugging in the MIDI and power cables. Yes I am that lazy, especially after a long bout of posting. You might ask why not leave them plugged in. Well, the cables kind of get in the way of a small storage box I have under the setup. That said, I've been eyeing CME's wireless adapters for some time. When they announced the WIDI Thru6 BT, I thought I'd reach out to them for a review unit as I am a little tight on expendable funds at the moment. Fortunately they agreed to send me the WIDI Thru6 BT and a WIDI Master. You can see the Widi Master plugged into the back of the Keystep and the MicroKorg below. You can see the WIDI Thru6 BT sitting to the side of the OB-6, but in use I just have it resting on the floor to my right and behind me. I was curious if the wireless connection would work with the WIDI Master both pointing directly away from the Thru6 and having my armchair in between. I'm happy to report there were no problems at all. Nada. It just works. I was also curious if I'd have to pair the two every time I powered things on, or after a period of no use. I'm happy to report I didn't have to. I fired them up days later and they just worked. I can now just flip a switch to turn everything on and I'm good to go.

There is one quirky thing I do want to mention. When you first set up the WIDI Thru6 BT and CME Widi Master you might have to update the firmware on each depending on when they left the factory and when the latest firmware update was released. In my case I did have to update both. The quirky thing is after you update either, you have to go into your Bluetooth settings (iPhone Settings for me), click on the WIDI device in the list and select "forget the device", then restart Bluetooth altogether and re-add the device. Basically after the firmware update it's as if the device is seen as a new separate device in Bluetooth settings but will not show up as long as the previous device is still on the list. So, firmware update = new device. If you try to connect the original device it will fail. You can find addtional setup and configuration details on their website here.

That said, once it's all setup and good to go, it's a great little system. The connection is stable and I do not notice any latency at all. I tried maxing out the built-in sequencer and ARP of the Keystep to see if I could overload the connection and it was rock solid.

Anything that can reduce cabling and improve ease of use, especially after a long day of work, is a plus in my book.

You can find additional details on the CME WIDI Thru6 BT, WIDI Master, and additional CME devices on their website at

PS. Apologies for the quality of the pics. The lighting isn't the greatest but that's how I like it. :)

Roland T-8 vs. Roland Boutique TB-03

video upload by Marcus Padrini

"A quick sound comparison between the new Roland T-8 beat machine and the Roland Boutique TB-03. I like both, but they definitely sound different."

Hologram Microcosm and Sequential PRO 3 microlooping granular

video upload by Michael Sagov

"I have no idea what it does just tweaking knobs Mosaic algorithm
A bit delay, reverb on top and compression"

[SOUNDMIT 2022] GM LAB X1000 & PICO SYNTH : synthés open source à base de Raspberry PI

video upload by Les Sondiers

"GM Lab prĂ©sente ses deux synthĂ©tiseurs open source Ă  base de Raspberry PI : le X1000 et le Picosynth, GM Lab Ă©tant par ailleurs un projet parallĂšle Ă  la marque Crumar que vous connaissez peut ĂȘtre. Plus d'infos sur leur site :"

"GM Lab presents its two open source synthesizers based on Raspberry PI: the X1000 and the Picosynth, GM Lab also being a parallel project to the Crumar brand that you may know. More info on their website:"

See the SOUNDMIT label below for additional posts.

Dual 0-CTRL Sequencing

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Let’s try a little dual 0-CTRL sequencing! Since the 0-CTRL is highly oriented around the possibilities of self-patching, it could be fun to extend some of the self-patching ideas to two 0-CTRLs working together. Self-other patching? Or better yet, friend patching!!

"Entreaty," by HĂ©lĂšne Vogelsinger
And its new behind-the-scenes documentary: [posted here]"

Perfect Circuit Best Gear of the Year : 2022 Artists Picks Part 2

video upload by Perfect Circuit

Perfect Circuit Artists Picks posts

"It's nearing the end of another monumental year in synthesizers and pro-audio, and we look back with our friends on some of our favorite pieces of kit we tried out in 2022!

Read more on our blog :"

Multi Zaturn 3

video upload by gotharman

"Yet another Zaturn multi-filter track."

Nine splendid Strymon Timeline transmogrifications (no talk)

video upload by Richard DeHove

"Six of the Strymon Timeline's 12 delay modes are featured here, most from the less used "back of dial" zone. The Erica Synths DB-01 provides the raw material to transform. Both machines are running at 74bpm synced from the ERM MIDI Clock on the right. The DB-01 is going straight into the Timeline and from there straight into the DAW. Absolutely no other processing of any kind.

The Timeline is now more than 10 years old yet is still one of the top choices for delay. Since it was so famous I avoided it for ages thinking others must have surpassed it in the meantime. Yet it seems with all its fine flavors and excellent ergonomics it's still very hard to beat. I've churned so many delays it's painful to contemplate but this one looks like staying. I only wish I'd waited just a couple more months and got a midnight edition one instead of the awful greenish bug-guts color.

0:00 Ice presets (2)
1:30 Ducking presets (2)
3:12 Swell preset (1)
4:10 Tremolo preset (1)
4:58 Filter preset (1)
5:48 LoFi presets (2)

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free
My website:"

ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends

video upload by thenoiztemple

"ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends - for more noiz: website: This is a series of live noiz and video noiz performances. A continuation of noiz during the persistence of The Plague and now war.
#covid19 #coronavirus #isolation #quarantine #spike #omicron #ukraine #war #standwithukraine"

Waldorf Blofeld

video upload by Michael Sagov

"some improvisation with fantastic machine
compression, reverb and delay from Logic Pro"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 via High Voltage Plasma Arc

video upload by LAB_James

"40 Year Old Synthesizer becomes ONE with Plasma Arc Speaker made from Junk!"

PIANOTEQ 8 | Comprehensive Demo | All The New Features

video upload by Woody Piano Shack

"Modartt PIANOTEQ 8 is released today! Here is my lots of talking, lots of playing demo of all the new features and a walkthrough and tutorial of this marvelous virtual physical modelling piano VST plugin.

Demonstrations of some of the additional instrument packs, Kawai, Yamaha, Bechstein, Steinway, Petrof, BlĂŒthner, Grotrian and more.

New in version 8 is a classical guitar! I'll also demostrate the celtic harp, vibraphone and rhodes and wurlitzer electric pianos.

The program will also soon be available as an iOS IPAD app!"

► WEBSITE - additional links there.

Black Friday focus: MELDA PRODUCTION

video upload by DATABROTH

"Melda is having a black friday sale right now and it's been quite some time since I've used MSoundFactory, so I figured I'd give it a spin and see what I can come up with today

check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon


if you're already planning on purchasing any software and want help support me, purchasing any software via the above link helps me out with a %15 commission

00:00 First instance of MSoundFactory, creating a lush pad
15:00 Second instance, FM pluck
26:50 Playing with MSpectralDelay on pluck
34:08 3rd instance of MSF, Simple Bass
46:05 4th instance, string pluck
50:40 playing with MGranularMB on string pluck
58:00 more MspectralDelay
1:00:30 final MSF, simple pad
1:03:00 playing with MTransformer on whole mix"

EOMSS performance demo - angel

video upload by ellitone instruments

"Ellitone Osage Modular Synthesizer System (EOMSS) sequenced by Ableton Live via USB MIDI. this system consists of 2 dual analog oscillator modules (each of the 4 oscillators has its own dedicated analog wavefolder circuit), a quad vca quad envelope module, and a midi to cv interface/stereo mixer output module. this configuration allows for 4-voice polyphonic multi-timbral operation.

This system is now available to purchase on Reverb"

[SOUNDMIT 2022] SONOCURRENT M T2D / M C3A / C GF4 : modules de distorsion / distribution / macro

video upload by Les Sondiers

"Graham de Sonocurrent est venu de Baltimore au SoundMiT pour présenter ses 3 modules et un expander, les M T2D (double distorsion), M C3A (crossfader / distribution), C GF4 (macro controle et son expander le C GF4e). Plus d'infos :"

"Graham from Sonocurrent came from Baltimore to SoundMiT to present his 3 modules and an expander, the M T2D (double distortion), M C3A (crossfader / distribution), C GF4 (macro control and its expander the C GF4e). More info:"

M T2D dual triode distortion
The M T2D dual triode distortion is a Nutube-based distortion module for the Eurorack format, offering two independent channels which can be patched separately for parallel processing, stereo, or multiple sources, or used in series for more complex distortion of a single source (or simply extreme distortion settings).

Spectral tilt filters before each triode stage alternately boost or cut high and low frequencies for different harmonic emphasis. These filters also affect the feedback loops, and can interact in very interesting ways with high feedback settings. The individual tube bias controls can also have a strong influence in combination with high feedback levels, in addition to more subtle shaping of the distortion when feedback levels are low.

Independent control of input level, tube bias, feedback level, and dry/wet mix is available for each channel, with CV inputs for the bias and mix controls. The CV inputs for the mix controls also have dedicated attenuators. A global plate voltage switch offers two different character options, for either smoother distortion or more severe clipping.

Developed by Sonocurrent with circuit design and PCB layout by Eric Schlappi. Designed and assembled in the USA.

18HP | max. depth: 33mm | 210g | +12V: 111mA | -12V: 65mA

MSRP: $325

[SOUNDMIT 2022] X AUDIO SYSTEMS BEATS FM : récepteur / processeur à base d'ondes radio (+DEMO)

video upload by Les Sondiers

"Présentation par Sébastien du Beats FM de X Audio Systems, un récepteur radio à plusieurs entrées doté d'un LFO pour scanner les bandes, d'un filtre et d'un delai. Plus d'infos :"

"Presentation by SĂ©bastien of Beats FM from X Audio Systems, a multi-input radio receiver equipped with an LFO to scan the bands, a filter and a delay. More info:"


Gristleizer for Modular Synthesizers - Demo (revised version).

video upload by EdEditz

"The original Gristleizer project on my website had a tiny mistake in it which has now been corrected and the Gristleizer works soooo much better now so here is the revised demo showing what you can expect from it. Of course I only demoed it with a sawtooth wave. More and different effects can be achieved with other sound sources such as the human voice or other synthesizers or a guitar even. You can find complete build instructions for this project on my website here:"

Eddy Bergman 8 Step Sequencer v2.0 DEMO

video upload by EdEditz

"A demo of the new version of the 8 step sequencer I designed.
The sequencer has an Offset feature to transpose the sequence up or down 3 octaves. It can also be clocked externally. But it is a simple design so don't expect miracles from it ;)
Complete instructions for how to build this for your modular synthesizer can be found on my website:"

Wavetable Oscillator (Electric Druid VCDO) Demo.

video upload by EdEditz

"overview of the functions of the excellent Electric Druide Wavetable Oscillator. It has 16 waveforms in the main oscillator and an other 8 with 4 octaves range in the sub oscillator.
Complete build instructions to make this VCDO on strip"

Korg Modwave Wavetable Synthesizer

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

1985 PPG Waveterm B

via this auction

"Works perfectly! Like its older brother (Waveterm A), the Waveterm B is a state-of-the-art instrument that is still used by many top studios around the globe. The Waveterm B features – 16 bit sampling, 5.25 inch floppy disk drive, WAVE 2.3 plays samples with 12 bit resolution (compressed), sequencer on board, storage of patches and the possibility to load multiple samples into the PPG 2.3"

Roland MC-4 System w/ Tape Interface & CV Expander

via this auction

"Yes, it is a complete Roland MC-4 system! The MC-4 itself is extremely hard to come by, let alone the tape interface and CV expander module! This one looks like it came fresh from the factory and even has a Roland sticker attached. This is with no doubt the best sequencer Roland has ever built. Such accurate timing and tight synchronization are hard to find in modern products anymore."

Waldorf Microwave XT Rackmount Wavetable Synthesizer

via this auction

"In excellent working condition.

All knobs/buttons are original, function perfectly, and are not as sticky as some other nextels I have seen.

The original power supply has a small dent on top but works flawlessly. Original manual included.,

Very good +"

See this post for how I cleaned up the Nextel paint on my Pulse+.

Future Retro 777 SN FR3D71499224

via this auction

Siel Orchestra

via this auction

"A wonderful string synthesizer from the house of SIEL. It is well laid out and sounds as stringy as it gets. A nice addition to your synthesizer arsenal. Works really well and is in nice condition."

Moog Rogue w/ Hard Case

via this auction

Moog Memorymoog With Kenton MIDI SN 1410X

via this auction

"The Memorymoog is like having six Minimoogs stacked in one!
VCO syncing
sample and hold
separate filters for each voice!
Unison mode for a fat 18 oscillator monophonic bass and lead sound.

The Memorymoog is the be-all and end-all of all Moogs. Sporting three oscillators per voice and a Moog ladder filter, the Memorymoog is nothing but pure fat. Along with the fat sound comes an equally fat and heavy enclosure (and price tag), so be sure to have several friends handy when transporting the unit.On the surface the Memorymoog is laid out similarly to the Minimoog. Three oscillators with saw, triangle, and square waveforms with variable tuning and range for each. The mixer section provides level controls for each oscillator and the noise source. The filter is the standard issue Moog 24db/oct ladder filter with variable cutoff and resonance. Note that the filter IS self-resonant. A dedicated ADSR is assigned to the filter with variable depth, and a myriad of modulation sources are available from osc 3, the LFO section, and the external inputs. The VCA section also has a dedicated ADSR, and can also be modulated by several other internal and external sources. And finally comes the master VCA with programmable level (a handy feature) and better yet, a headphone jack with level control! Having a dedicated LFO section is a great addition to the osc 3 mod functions available in the original Minimoog"

Alesis A6 Andromeda 61-Key Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"This keyboard is in mint condition and it sounds stunning if you like analog synthesizers! The only thing weird about this instrument is that the pitch wheel could use some machine oil…and I’m not the kind of guy that would open this machine up and work on it."

Roland JP-8000 SN ZJ33202

via this auction

"Roland JP-8000 8 voice synthesizer with the huge and famous super saw sound. This is in very good condition and fully serviced (totally recapped, new battery etc.) so no low output issues which is the most common problem with every JP-8000. The latest firmware v1.05 is installed as well."

Elektron Monomachine SFX6 Keyboard SN 2190043 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Siel MK900 Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Brochure

via this auction

Improvised Housejam with Moog Sub Phatty & Prophet Rev2

video upload by Roman Wollenhaupt

"Drums and arpeggiator from Ableton Live. #electronicmusic #synthesizer #moog #moogsubphatty #rev2 #prophetrev2 #loops #housemusic #minimaltechno #analogsynthesizer #sequentialcircuits #edm"

SYNTHRphony, fourth movement (menueto & trio tedesco)

video upload by KurtzMindfields

"This long hypnotic title use both SynthR4 & SynthR3 in sequencers/paraphonic modes, internal delays, VCOs ranges & routing , and it is influenced by work of Klaus Schulze.
Session 1 & 3/ left : SynthR4 stéréo mono sequencer & SynthR3 on SL161 studiologic, A90ex Roland strings & pad, Big Ancestor NRSynth lead Moog,
Session 2 & 4/ Right : SynthR3 Monophonic bass, Hansy Mister M Phased strings & windpad on KX88, A90EX Roland OB pad, Big Ancestor NRSynth lead, SynthR3 effects & Moog Sub37 lead, ARP Pro Soloist, SynthR4 Paraphonic 4 voices .
Composed by Jean-luc Briançon aka Kurtz Mindfields.
albums :"

EMS Synthi AKS ...

video upload by noddyspuncture

"... test after repair ..."

How to CIRCUIT BEND a toy SOUNDBOX for a modular synthesizer

video upload by Polykit

"In this video I look into circuit bending a toy soundbox and make it programmable by a sequencer.


0:00 - Intro
0:46 - Modifications
1:08 - The Circuit
2:00 - Power Supply
2:40 - Output Protection
3:07 - Panel
3:14 - Proto Board
3:44 - First Test
5:09 - Ending


Yamaha RX17 Drum Machine with Roland RE-201 Space Echo

video upload by SUBTOKYOSHOP

Yamaha RX17 Drum Machine with Roland RE-201 Space Echo

Yamaha RX17 controlled by Ableton Push

The gears on sale at subtokyoshop on eBay | subtokyoshop on Reverb


video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"This is the last out of four videos of songs made entirely with our Solton Project 100. Or almost - We're using it along a few hits and bangs from the EKO Ritmo 20 - a very nice sounding Italian drum machine with individual volume controls for each sound.

For effects we're using two 1980s, grade B rack units - the half rack format LEM FX 22 and the Vermona DEG 50 Echo. The LEM FX 22 is a multi-effect with a combo mode that lets you engage two effects at the same time. The Vermona DEG 50 is actually part of our secret weapons arsenal - a pretty crappy and noisy Digital Delay rack unit but the chorus modulation has that magic wonk.

The Solton Project 100 is maybe the coolest name for a synth we've ever heard - prove us wrong in the comment section :)"

Patch n Tweak
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