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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

OB-6 Venture Vol.2 Patches Vid 2 of 2 (no talking) #patch #custom #ob6 #sequential

video upload by Orano Music

Vid 1 here

"OB-6 Venture Volume 2 is a follow up to the very popular Venture Vol.1 Pack.

These Banks require OB-6 OS containing Vintage Mode to operate correctly.

I was overwhelmed with the success of Volume.1 and have set out to make this one even better.

Containing another 84 custom patches for your OB-6, most with sequence info for you to use in your productions or recreate your own if preferred.

Lush Pads, Lovely Keys, Vintage Synths, I have tried to cover many genres to cater for all the requests :)"

Tiptop Buchla 266t Krell

video upload by Todd Barton

Tiptop 266t videos by Todd Barton

"Just released today: the TiptopAudio-Buchla 266t Source of Uncertainty. I'm looking forward to doing a series of basic tutorials on this module as the days unfold, but couldn't not do a self-patched Krell patch as a first experiment. Enjoy!"


#TS1 sequencer plays #Akaimpclive with #Fabric Xl plugin.

video upload by bvr-instruments

"This video show the Ts1 sequencer with bassdrum module playing with the Akai MpcLive and the Fabric Xl plugin."

Low-Gain Electronics - Random Source Generator : Computer Speech patch

video upload by LowGainElectronics

"Random Source Generator …. Doing it’s thing.

Still needs one last revision before it’s ready for public consumption!"

Waldorf Rocket Synthesizer

via this auction

Additional Three Wave Music Listings

LADYADA X0XB0X - TB 303 Clone

via this auction

Additional Three Wave Music Listings

Electro Faustus EF209 Drone King w/ Original Box

via this auction

Additional Three Wave Music Listings

Demo previously posted here.

"The EF209 Drone King is a drone box capable of thick drones and deep soundscapes, perfect for adding a wall of oscillators to your setup. It features eight oscillators, six audio and two low frequency, split into two banks. Each oscillator features a frequency control and a mute switch to bring that voice in or out of the mix. The LFOs have controls for both rate and depth, allowing you to dial in the drone settings you want. A filter with cutoff and resonance controls shapes the characteristics of the overall drone, and a thru input allows the Drone King to interface with the rest of your pedal board. The Drone King rules supreme, providing rich drone tones with an intuitive interface, long live the king.

Drone King Features

Drone box with two banks of oscillators
Six audio oscillators with frequency control and mute switches
Two LFOs with rate and depth control
Filter with frequency and resonance controls
Thru input for bringing external signals in"

Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 76-Key 8-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"recently serviced, immaculate condition. only had 2 previous owners. few minor cosmetic scratches. only 600 ever made"

Black Model Oberheim TVS Pro

via this auction

2013 Buchla Music Easel + Accessories + Box

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 SN 00507

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Very clean Prophet 2000 with expanded memory. Original floppy drive is still operational, but who needs those with 'Prophet2012' software that allows editing and dumping images directly from PC/Mac.

Everything works as it should including touch panel buttons. You might notice volume knob shaft is broken, but it's still operation. You typically set it to max and never touch again."

Twisted Electrons BlastBeats SN BB10207 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Custom Pink Korg MicroKorg Synthesizer

via this auction

"This MicroKorg was completely taken apart and given a custom pink and black paint job. It’s 100% functional."

Doepfer A-110-4 QZVCO

video upload by Tiefengrund

"A-110-2 triangle wave as modulator"

Sequential's Trigon-6 Now Shipping

via @sequentialLLC

"NOW SHIPPING! The Trigon-6 represents a modern synth workhorse with a bold 3-oscillator ladder filter-based sound. It builds on the past, refines the present, and redefines the future for analog poly synths. For more info please visit #Sequential #Trigon6"


See the dealers on the right for availability. You can find demos of the Trigon-6 in additonal posts here.

Electric Cherry Performs 'MOI' // Novation

video upload by NovationTV

"Electric Cherry has collaborated with us for a performance of ‘MOI’ the lead single from their second album, ‘Planet Love Stories’ (Chinese written name: 《星球爱情故事》).

Electric Cherry shows us the diverse performance functionalities of our instruments as they work effortlessly to blend a variety of styles in this live performance of 'MOI'.

--- Read More:"

OB-6 Venture Vol.2 Patches 0 to 39 Vid 1 of 2 (no talking) #patch #custom #ob6 #sequential

video upload by Orano Music

Vid 2 here

"OB-6 Venture Volume 2 is a follow up to the very popular Venture Vol.1 Pack.

These Banks require OB-6 OS containing Vintage Mode to operate correctly.

I was overwhelmed with the success of Volume.1 and have set out to make this one even better.

Containing another 84 custom patches for your OB-6, most with sequence info for you to use in your productions or recreate your own if preferred.

Lush Pads, Lovely Keys, Vintage Synths, I have tried to cover many genres to cater for all the requests :)


NOS 1982 Octave Voyetra One Mylar Front Panel

via this auction

Note, this appears to be the first mention of the Voyetra One on the site.

"This mylar front panel was made in 1982 by Octave-Plateau for their Voyetra One synthesizer that was never manufactured. This is a rare collector's item for any fan of the Voyetra Eight synthesizer and would look great framed and displayed on the wall of a studio. The layout clearly shows the complex voice architecture of the Voyetra Eight, which is not obvious from looking at the Voyetra Eight front panel.

This item is New Old Stock (NOS) and is covered with a protective film as shipped from the factory. The back has an adhesive covered with a paper protector and the manufacturer's sticker shows it was made on March 22, 1982.

The Voyetra One was originally intended to be a programmer for the Voyetra Eight but it was abandoned when Octave-Plateau decided instead to make a software voice editor for the IBM PC. For more information on the Voyetra One and Voyetra Eight, Google 'Fandom Voyetra Eight Synthesizer'."

Tiptop Audio Buchla 266t Source Of Uncertainty, Black Z-DSP & New Card Bundles

via Tiptop Audio

"Today we are officially releasing Buchla and Tiptop Audio Model 266t Source Of Uncertainty which will start shipping to our dealers this week. This is one of those moments with a sense of accomplishment from making a wonderful module Don Buchla created in 1976 available again nearly half a century later, and also producing it in large enough numbers that it gets into everyone’s hands.

Price is $299 and pre-orders should be open at your favorite retailers now. The User manual is uploaded on the website, please check it out, this is a complex module with plenty of unique functions!"

♥ Made By Heart (II) - Audiovisual Jam Driven By The Heartbeat

video upload by Perplex On

"Here comes a little generative thing only using the heartbeat for generating and modulating audio and video. Using an early version of an app by @FloVerse which enables the heart rate measured with an #applewatch to be used as midi signal. In this case it’s emitting one midi note with every heartbeat. This note is then going into #chordjam @audiomodern to generate a random chord which is sequencing #aparillosynth. Adding a bit of texture with #uasilo and #uaneedlepoint. Besides the visuals are also getting this midi impulse which modulates the playback speed using #magicmusicvisuals."

V-SCALE User Guide: Precision Active Buffer & Multiple - Fix Tracking Issues, Accurate Pitch Sharing

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"Not all Buffered Multiples are created equal: The V-SCALE by AJH Synth is a precision active buffer and multiple, which can be used to correct impedance mismatches between instruments, controllers and modules that can cause inaccurate tracking/scaling of pitch CV's, leading to out-of-tune VCO's and synths. It can also compensate for synths, VCO's and VCF's that will not track a 1V/Oct CV signal accurately, by way of 4 adjustable outputs, with fine-tuning trimmers allowing a 5% positive or negative alteration. Also, it will function as a highly accurate buffered multiple, and allow the use of further passive multiples after it in the CV signal chain, without risking a loss of signal strength, which would also lead to tuning or tracking inaccuracies. Unlike many buffered multiples, the V-Scale has a very high input impedance, and a very low output impedance, so it can make the various input and output combinations of different instruments play nicely together.

00:00 Intro
00:26 Module Overview
02:48 Adjusting VCF/VCO Tracking
07:04 Correcting 1V/Oct Signals
10:30 Usage with Passive Multiples
14:15 Performance Example

Video by DreamsOfWires"

WaveBoy -The Voder | The mythical Ensoniq effects - used in new ways

video upload by Espen Kraft

"The Voder effect is a bank of programmable filters that loads into the built-in effects processor of an Ensoniq EPS-16 PLUS or an ASR-10. The filters are multi-band parametric equalizers (EQs) that can be modulated in interesting ways - most notably, they can make a sound talk or sing words!

Like a classic vocoder, the Voder imposes the moving resonance of speech onto any input sound. But while the conventional vocoder uses a live vocal input to derive the control information, the Voder uses the music keyboard or MIDI.Support this channel on Patreon:"


via this auction

"This unit is unique and is the top of the line when it comes to ring-modulation and frequency shifting.

Unreal in a synth rack - it will exponentially expand your sonic pallet, adding new depth to familiar sounds.

This thing is actually too deep to describe - you need to play with it to really get it. But the sound and build of this all-analog piece is superb. If you’re a synth owner, this one unit will add a lifetime of exploration as you rediscover all your existing instruments in a new way.

Not many of these around . . ."

Waldorf Micro Q Keyboard

via this auction

Moog Memorymoog SN 2853 w/ Anvil Case w/ Original Program Tape

via this auction

"The Memorymoog was serviced by a pro technician in 2016. Here is the list of the works done on this beautiful Memorymoog:

• The board contacts have been gold-plated. This upgrade is crucial and hugely improves the tuning reliability of the Memorymoog.
• The battery was replaced.
• All pots were cleaned and lubricated

All 6 voices always pass the autotune and the tuning is rock solid.

Anvil case was also restored in late 2016. Original factory program tape is included.

The C sharp key in the second octave needs cleaning as it works intermittently. Other than that the unit is fully functional."

Roland Jupiter-6 SN 311621

via this auction

Studio Electronics MIDIMINI w/ R.A. Moog Trumansburg Minimoog #1190 Mixer, Filter, VCA, & ENV

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"Studio Electronics custom built MIDIMINI featuring a genuine Trumansburg era R.A. Moog full back end with board 3 and board 4 harvested from Minimoog # 1190 circa 1972 along with a genuine Moog oscillator buffer board. It sports full military spec potentiometers and controls throughout and beautiful hand wiring with precision. Routine maintenance was performed mid 2022 with the power supply caps updated along with a full calibration. This will ensure longevity for it’s next owner.
With R.A. and MuSonics Minimoogs fetching 6 figures from the high end dealers in recent years, we hope the buyer ends up being one of the 1001-1200 owners for the sake of preservation.
As you can see the inside of the unit is extremely clean and flawless. The outer cosmetic condition clearly shows signs of being moved from rack to rack over the last 30 some odd years."

Oberheim DPX-1 Serviced with Floppy Emulator

via this auction

"Maybe not the best cosmetically looking DPX-1 but it's a fully serviced one.

The power supply in those is badly designed, with leaking caps, unstable voltage, etc. That was all addressed and is rock solid. All other internal capacitors, including tantalum ones (known to burn) have been replaced. All capacitors are only Nichicon low ESR and Nichicon audio grade series.

The floppy emulator is installed with ~1000 of images from EMU Emulator II library. DPX-1 can load natively EII, Mirage, P2000, Akai data. When it comes to EII, it converts it to the own format which takes about a minute. This was addressed too, all EII image data is in DPX format, so, it takes no extra time for the conversion.

This is also the rare version with dedicated 8 voice outputs installed and CD-ROM interface."

Erica Synths Drum Synthesizer LXR-02 w/ Original Box & Manual

via this auction

Access Virus Rack Synth SN H10000931 w/ Original Manual

via this auction

"Access Virus Rack Synth (rare) - Virus B - vintage - with orig owner's manual. Legendary Virus 'simulated analog' synthesizer.

In great condition, fully working and tested. Includes rackmount synth, owner's manual, power supply, 'SoundDiver' CD rom - all of which originally shipped with the unit itself. (Being sold by the original owner).

New internal battery installed (for saving patches and sequences).

This thing is a beast. Killer sounds and versatility for a vast range of tonality and musical application."

Filthy White Crumar Bit 99 Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 00139

via this auction

"Condition is actually good but really dirty, it was in storage for 10 years, untested cause fuse is missing..."

Vintage Oberheim SEM / Synthesizer Expander Module

via this auction

Pics of the back / inside below.

Modor DR-2 drum machine & Akai MPC 1000 '' HIP HOP ''( no talking )

video upload by Dziam Bass

"Today I made some beats with Modor dr 2 drum machine.
I see most DR-2 demos are in the electronic genre so I went a step further and used the DR-2 in Hip Hop
It's a really great machine
All drums are from Modor dr-2, samples and bass from MPC1000
I don't want to say pros and cons .. just listen.

First of all: although it's digital, the DR-2 is not about sampling. It's a drum synthesizer, like a classic analog drum machine, but it uses digital sound synthesis algorithms instead of analog circuitry. There are no samples in the DR-2, and there's no sample memory.

Just like the Modor NF-1, the DR-2 is not build to recreate the classics of the past. The DR-2 uses digital sound synthesis to innovate drum sounds and rhythms. Many sounds will be recognizable. It is possible to make classic sounding bass drums, snares and rimshots. It's not difficult to program classic floorfillers with the DR-2. But with 12 synthesis parameters per drum, you'll easily find yourself creating your own individual sound."

Roland SYSTEM-8 - Sound Demo

video upload by Nicolas Melis

0:00 - 0:15. a1 system8 saws
0:16 - 0:28. a6 psc sync
0:29 - 0:37. b5 pad picker b5
0:38 - 0:55 a3 jupiter pwm brass
0:56 - 1:09 c6 ld big bottom
1:10 - 1:31. a2 jupiter str
1:32 - 1:48. a5 jupiter poly stack
1:49 - 2:15. d5 jupiter warm pad
2:16 - 2:26. e7 jupiter pwm
2:27 - 2:57. a4 juno psaws
2:58 - 3:18. b1 sy lr hoover
3:19 - 3:24. h31984 lead 2
3:25 - 3:35. b4 br pwm velobrass
3:36 - 4:01. b6 ld j oboe solo
4:02 - 4:27. d7 df bass
4:28 - 4:47. d5 pd pwm strings
4:48 - 5:01. e4 sy juno stab diu
5:02 - 5:18. f2 1984 brass&str
5:19 - 5:31. g5 1984 synth pad
5:32 - 5:47. b2 sy gripped
5:48 - 6:05. e1 1983 string 1
6:06 - 6:20. d2 sq pure sine
6:21 - 6:49. c6 pd sweeping reso
6:50 - 7:07. a5 juno warm pad
7:08 - 7:32. d1 sy synth dude
7:33 - 7:52 f41984 strings 2

Eurorack Modular Synth - Using Pamela's PRO Workout for basically everything!

video upload by SyllixMusic

"Download the full patch notes:
Pamela's Pro Workout is a versatile, clocked multi-function generator that does it all! In today's patch, I'm using Pam's to clock Marbles, send triggers into Beads and uO_c, and modulate various parameters."

Experimental Synth Christmas Music: MKDVB Cosmic Christmas

video upload by MKDVB

"Ambient, kosmiche synth Christmas music inspired mainly by old synthesizer New Age holiday music cassette tapes. We wanted to make a Christmas concept album but maybe less cheesy. We tried to make it accessible for friends and family but it kinda turned into weird experimental Christmas music anyway. Probably because we are weird.

Bandcamp version:

00:00 Sleigh Ride (When Stressings Turn to Blessings)
04:14 Myrrh Ye Genteel (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)
11:01 LDB/POE (Little Drummer Boy / Peace on Earth)
15:15 Lullaby (MKDVB original)
18:01 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
21:04 Child, What Song is This? (What Child Is This?)
25:34 Auld Lang Syne (Elf Party)
27:51 Cosmic O (MKDVB original)
33:07 Turn Your Blessings Into Bliss (MKDVB original)

01. Sleigh Ride (When Stressings Turn to Blessings)
This is the first track from our Cosmic Christmas album. Recorded with Synthstrom Deluge, Sequential Prophet Rev2, Roland V-Synth XT (D50 card).

02. Myrrh Ye Genteel (This is our version of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen")
Recorded with Synthstrom Deluge, Sequential Prophet Rev2, Roland V-Synth XT (D50 card), Elektron Analog Keys. Matt Kretzmann - guitar, Miguel G. Miranda - Percussion

03. LDB/POE vPTSD (Our version of the 1977 Bing Crosby & David Bowie Christmas Special song, Little Drummer Boy / Peace on Earth)
Recorded with Elektron Analog Rytm, Roland V-Synth XT (D50 card), Synthstrom Deluge, Sequential Prophet Rev2. Matt Kretzmann - guitar, drums. Drums Recorded by Aaron Kretzmann at Phos Studios, Mission Viejo, CA.

04. Lullaby (MKDVB original)

05. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Recorded with Roland V-Synth XT, Synthstrom Deluge, Sequential Prophet Rev2. Matt Kretzmann - drum programming.

06. Child, What Song is This? (Our version of What Child Is This?)
Recorded with Roland V-Synth XT, Synthstrom Deluge. Matt Kretzmann - guitar, samples

07. Auld Lang Syne (Elf Party)
Recorded with saxophone, Eventide Eclipse.

08. Cosmic O (MKDVB original)
Recorded with Juno 106, Synthstrom Deluge, Sequential Prophet Rev2, Roland V-Synth XT.
Live video improvised/synthesized with Vidiot analog video synthesizer.

09. Turn Your Blessings Into Bliss (MKDVB original)
Recorded with Juno 106, Synthstrom Deluge, Sequential Prophet Rev2, Roland V-Synth XT.
Live video improvised/synthesized with Vidiot analog video synthesizer."


video upload by synth4ever

"Waldorf Wave synth demo featuring various wavetable sounds, patches and presets. The Waldorf Wave is a huge and rare vintage wavetable synthesizer from 1993, and can create some incredible pads, soundscapes and crunchy sounds. This Waldorf Wave demo was filmed at the Vintage Synthesizer Museum in Los Angeles, September 2022.

The Waldorf Wave features digital wavetables, analog LPF and HPF filters, 16-48 voices of polyphony (depending on model), 61 keys with velocity and aftertouch, MIDI, and tons of buttons and knobs to tweak sounds to your liking.

The Waldorf Wave is a monster wavetable synthesizer in size and sound. As it is very rare and few were produced, it commands high prices on the second market. As an alternative, the Waldorf Microwave from 1989 is far more affordable.

I was lucky to have the chance to try this vintage Waldorf Wave during my visit to the Vintage Synth Museum and hope you enjoy the demo."

Oddity3 X-Mods in Action

video upload by GForce Software

"A new demo from Dave Spiers demonstrating the power of Oddity3's XLFO and XADSR modulation. Imagine, a different LFO and ADSR for almost all controls on the instrument... well... I guess you don't have to imagine, it's there!"

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