MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Rick Wakeman's "White Rock" | "Judas Iscariot" | & The Ambassador

video upload by Synthnerd11

"My cover version of Wakeman's playful Minimoog workout. The title track of the 1977 film 'White Rock' documenting the Winter Olympics held in Innsbruck the previous year."

These are in via John L Rice.

Rick Wakeman's "Judas Iscariot"

The Ambassador

video upload by

"An electronic soundscape I composed dedicated to the memory of my most invaluable mentor, Tristram Cary - the unsung father of electronic music in Britain and Australia (among many other things!). The piece was created using my EMS VCS 3, the classic synth that Tristram co-designed with the Electronic Music Studios in England."

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev 2.0 with Kenton Midi

video upload by oscDrift

via this auction

"Excellent condition Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev 2.0. Includes professionally installed Kenton Midi Kit. Professionally replaced/upgraded power supply and Tantalum caps completed this month at Outlier Audio. New Batter(see voltage test image). Keyboard bushings have been professionally replaced(no clicking) along with having a Heat Sink installed(addresses tuning stability/drift which was notorious with Rev 1 and Rev 2 P5's). There are a few minor scratches on bottom and a very small wood ding on left side panel otherwise in excellent shape."

SynthMania Midnight Jam 8 Technical Overview

Third video added here.

Spaceman on Buchla 100

video upload by zack dagoba

"Going back to late 60s space-era vibez



Perkons HD-01 Part III

video upload by Makis Zeg

"What you hear is only from perkons"

4MS EnvVCA : The Most Useful Eurorack Module Just Got an Upgrade

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Check out the IN-DEPTH review on our blog :
Dual EnvVCA Dual Envelope + VCA :
EnvVCA Envelope + VCA :
Shaped Dual EnvVCA Envelope + VCA :

4MS has blessed Eurorack systems everywhere with the release of their new envVCA series; These versatile modules combine envelopes, VCAs, cycling behavior and more!

Our Pal Jacob takes a look at several clever uses for these wonderful features and patch-to-progamability of these new modules!"

ELKA Rhapsody 610 w Original Case & Pedal

via this auction

Update: moving this one up as the auction link was broken. It's now fixed.

This is a supporting member listing.

"A rare and iconic Synth from '70s.

used by Jean Michel Jarre, Supertramp, Tangerine Dream among others...

In perfect working and aestetics conditions!

I made a video to show this synth in action [posted here]

There's also a mod available on Tubbutec for add MIDI controlling.

SERVICED by pro tecnician.

- Original ELKA case included

- Original Elka Pedal

- Manual/Schematics"

Introducing Tomofon – Real Audio Synth

video upload by Klevgrand

"Tomofon is a completely new expressive audio synth. This virtual instrument introduces a new “Audio Model” format capable of containing thousands of waves extracted from ordinary audio files. These waves - and how they’re structured - lays the ground for how Tomofon generates audio, resulting in a highly flexible and instantly expressive instrument. that on one hand sounds very organic and on the other, like something out of this world. Whether you want to play around with the Audio Model Starter Pack (instruments & voices) and factory presets, or import your own audio to shape your own unique soundscapes – it is fair to say that you are in for a creative journey."

Tomofon – Overview

video upload by Klevgrand

00:00 Intro
01:49 UI
02:10 Audio Model
04:08 Envelopes
05:23 Tools
06:16 LFO + S&H
06:57 Controller Settings
07:56 Matrix
08:36 Voice Settings
09:29 Effects
10:08 Models vs Presets
10:30 Bye


We are pleased to introduce Tomofon, a completely new expressive audio synth. This virtual instrument introduces a new “Audio Model” format capable of containing thousands of waves extracted from ordinary audio files. These waves - and how they’re structured - lays the ground for how Tomofon generates audio, resulting in a highly flexible and instantly expressive instrument. that on one hand sounds very organic and on the other, like something out of this world. Whether you want to play around with the Audio Model Starter Pack (instruments & voices) and factory presets, or import your own audio to shape your own unique soundscapes – it is fair to say that you are in for a creative journey.

How does it work?

Tomofon converts audio files into a large set of oscillating waves, which then are mapped into pitch zones where each wave represents one layer (a bit similar to how a sampler structures different velocity zones). The main difference is that since each zone is populated with waves instead of ordinary samples, the synth engine can morph between them (both layers and zones). This makes all transitions between zones and layers continuous and seamless. This structure containing these organized wavetables is what we call an Audio Model, and give Tomofon its dynamic properties and characteristic sound.

Illustrated description of the Audio Model concept can be found under "Anatomy" below

Create and share your own unique sounds

A significant feature of this plug-in is that users can import their own audio files and create new and unique Audio Models. Ordinary audio files (preferably with monophonic content) can easily be imported and distributed into different pitch zones over the keyboard range, either automatically or manually. Doing an automatic import is basically a one-click process which instantly results in a proper playable Audio Model. A manual import gives the user full control of which waves should end up in which pitch zone. Last but not least you can easily share your own created Audio Models with others.

Tomofon comes pre-loaded with a pack of 124 Audio Models based on high quality audio recordings of multiple expressions. These models includes several instrument like strings, vocals, brass, woodwind, guitars and more. Along with these models there are over 180 presets to get you going right away. From there on you can venture further and start creating Audio Models based on your own audio files and experiment on the types of sounds they can grow to be.
Wide selection of factory models and presets
Integrated audio sample importer and Audio Model editor
Pitch and (layer) depth envelopes that can be edited by the user
Envelope times can separately be controlled via MIDI velocity
Several LFO’s (including Sample and Hold with randomness)
Modulation matrix (2 x MIDI CC, Velocity and Keymap)
Monophonic playback with separate glide times for pitch and velocity
Polyphonic legato playback where started notes syncs envelopes with currently playing ones
Up to 4 doubling voices with separate pitch, pan and level
Filter with modulation possibilities
Post Reverb, Delay and EQ

Arturia Introduces Pigments 4 | Polychrome Software Synthesizer

video uploads by Arturia

"Discover your own wavelengths on an infinite spectrum of sound with a refreshed visual workflow, enhancements for every module, and modern sounds for every style. This is Pigments 4, and it's going to change the way you make music."

See WHAT'S NEW further below for details on the update.

User videos:

Arturia Pigments 4: Wavelengths Presets Demo. No talking video upload by Anton Anru

"Arturia has just updated their flagship synth – Pigments. Now it's Version 4. The update includes new filters and effects, new wavetables/samples/noises, engines and workflow improvements, light skin, and new presets.
In this video, I demonstrate Wavelengths banks of presets.

🔮 More details about the update:
💎 Presets for Arturia and other hardware synths:

00:00 Wavelengths Cinematic
14:01 Wavelengths Lo-Fi
26:57 Wavelengths Neuro Bass"

Arturia Pigments 4 //First Look

video upload by Starsky Carr

0:00 What's Pigments
2:06 Interface Enhancements
4:54 What Else is New (Some Sounds)
7:42 Synth Engine Additional Features
10:48 Filters
13:00 Effects
16:42 Wrapping Up

Playing with PIGMENTS 4.0 update

video upload by DATABROTH

Brief summary and review:

check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon

Arturia Pigments 4 | No Talking |

video upload by DKS SYNTH LAB


_New looks for your setup
New graphical interface: Easier to navigate than ever,
Play Mode: Enjoy a simplified overview of your entire sound, with stripped-back modules and hands-on macros.
Light Mode: Opt for a less nocturnal vibe and enjoy a sleek off-white redesign.

_The best sound design workflow yet
Quick modulation editing: you can now simply click and drag your modulation source to its destination, and quickly adjust its depth by hovering over the parameter.
Quicker feature navigation: Flick between options in an instant for any of Pigments’ multimode modules with added left-right buttons.
LFO presets: Pigments’ LFOs now come with 6 familiar waveform presets, from sine to random.
FX & Seq bypass: You can now quickly bypass both the FX and Seq sections from the Synth and Play Mode views.
New sync modes: Create dynamic rhythmic ideas by blurring the lines between straight, triplet, and dotted sync within Pigments’ modulators.
MTS-ESP microtuning compatibility: Pigments is now compatible with ODDSound’s microtuning software MTS-ESP, designed in conjunction with Aphex Twin.

_Enhanced engines
Wavetable engine: Sprinkle some warbling tremolo movement and metallic character by swapping frequency modulation for the new Ring Mod feature, and harness a new Pulse Width mode for the Phase Transformation section
Harmonic engine: Uncover new harmonic territory and pitch alterations
More Unison options: The Unison control is now uniform across all engines, with the addition of a Unison Phase control for Wavetable, Sample, and Harmonic voices.
Modulator Oscillator: Go deeper into the dedicated Mod Osc with Ratio options and an extended hertz range from 0.100 to 20,000.

_New effects & filters
MS-20 Filter: Unleash deeper bass than ever and crank the grit with the notorious screaming response of the classic MS-20 filter, with HP6 and LP12 modes.
Shimmer Reverb: Inject cathedral-in-outer-space ambience and cinematic detail into any sound with the Shimmer Reverb effect, complete with 2 octaves of pitch-shift and built-in modulation.
Super Unison: Mimic ultra-wide ensemble timbres with a single voice using Super Unison, a swaying chorus-like effect that detunes, spreads, and enlivens any sound.
Effects & filter improvements: Pigments’ Bitcrusher has doubled in size with Jitter, Scale, and extra Downsampling options, the Jup-8 V filter now has FM control, and both the Multi Filter & Distortion algorithms feature a Notch Filter mode.

_Fresh sound exploration
New factory presets: A distilled selection of the hardest basses, leads, pads, and percussive sounds for modern production, from ambient to drill to soundtrack composition.
63 new wavetables: Navigate a massive array of crushed filtered sounds, monstrous peaks, resonant vowel-like sweeps, and more.
67 new samples: From rattling 808 bass to hang drum resonance to sustained vocals, enjoy 67 new sounds for the Sample & Granular engine.
36 new noise types: Expanding Pigments’ Utility Engine Noise modules, this fresh selection includes smooth impulses, nature sounds, industrial tools, and more.

_Pigments 4 sound banks
Wavelengths Lo-fi
Wavelengths Neuro Bass
Wavelengths Cinematic (Used in this demo)

Multi Zaturn 7

video upload by gotharman

"More modular polka with the multi filters..."

RS054 Evolution Synthesis EVS-1: Algorithmical

video upload by rejected synths

"Being ahead of your time has been a topic discussed on this channel more than once, as there are quite a few synths that ended up on rejected synths because they were too far ahead of their time in one way or another. So it’s no surprise that today’s synth, which managed to be ahead of it’s time in more than just one sense, ended up on this channel.

The Evolution Synthesis EVS-1 is a digital rack synth that brought (multi) algorhythmic digital synthesis and computer editing of patches to the, I mean rack as early as 1990. It may look like a very humble 1HE Rack unit with a tiny display and only very few connectors, but it actually is quite capable as it is eight part multitimbral (at 16 voices), has a full onboard PCM drum kit and a whole array (28) of more or less exotic algorhythms.

Sure, without the late 80s home computer at hand originally required to edit the 20 available user memory slots, many considered it to be yet another boring fm expander, and FM certainly is what most presets sound like. But dive deeper and you’d soon realize that this thing can output some very interesting, wavetably, otherworldly sounds.


0:00 Intro
0:20 Introduction
1:46 Standout features
3:48 Why did it fail?
4:41 PCM Drums Demo
5:13 Controls and Connectors
6:31 Preset Demos: 02 Warm Strings
7:00 Preset Demos: 07 Ethereal
7:21 Preset Demos: 09 SynthBrass1
7:39 Preset Demos: 10 X7Bass
8:09 Preset Demos: 12 DeepString
8:42 Preset Demos: 23 BloozyBox
8:56 Preset Demos: 30 MetalBrass
9:13 Preset Demos: 38 SweepSynth
9:35 Preset Demos: 47 SynthModWh
10:02 Preset Demos: 54 Hefern
10:30 Preset Demos: 58 VocalStrng
11:00 Preset Demos: 60 Chattring
11:23 Preset Demos: 69 WarmStrng3
11:33 Preset Demos: 75 Swamp
12:06 Preset Demos: 77 Pretty
12:20 Preset Demos: 80 Plinkety
12:41 Preset Demos: 81 EinStein
13:24 Preset Demos: 83 Dissonant
13:43 Available Editors
15:11 Custom Patch Demos: deep_dream
15:44 Custom Patch Demos: deep_reso2
16:11 Custom Patch Demos: deep_revrb
16:44 Custom Patch Demos: deep_waver
17:24 Multitimbral Demo Song: Daftness
19:27 Conclusion
19:56 Outro"

E-MU ESI-32 for Pure Lofi Sampler Bliss [Demo]

video upload by gstormelectro

"Video and audio by G-Storm Electro c. 2022

Today I'm exploiting the ESI-32 rack sampler for lofi/crunchy/funky sound in multi-timbral mode. Drums were sampled at mono 22K then downsampled to 12K bandwidth, everything else down to 8K. All you're hearing is the ESI-32 sampler including built-in chorus, and internal LFO applied to autopan/vibrato. The audio was recorded direct to Tascam DR-05, no additional effects or mastering.

ESI-32: bit of an underdog, in that early 90s era when samplers started to overcome their limitations of memory, bandwidth, storage media, and processing capabilities. At a fraction of the current selling price for other vintage samplers of the late 80s that preceded it."


Time Is Our Master, Be Like Water

video upload by John L Rice

"Another quick one for fun, thanks for watching! :-)

Gear used:
Martin Jan Koehler: Tidal Modulator (mutable Instruments Tides clone)
Krisp1: OCTO LFO
Moon Modular: two 526 mixers and two 517 VCFs
Yamaha: FS1R
Mellotron: M4000D Rack
Roland: Integra7 and A-88
Strymon: BigSky and Timeline
Lexicon: MX400
Allen & Heath: MixWizard 20S
Canon: C100 MkII camera and CNE 20mm lense"

Shakmat Tripple Steeple: Demo

video upload by Shakmat

00:03 Introduction
00:27 Time and Symmetry
02:23 Modes
04:51 Shape
05:37 Menu & assignable CV
09:00 Input normalisation
11:03 Output normalisation
13:17 Current state storing

"The triple steeple is a three-channel envelope generator with control over time and symmetry. With five envelope modes, linear or exponential response, CV control over time, an assignable CV input, and internal normalizations, the module will provide the generation of anything from basic envelope shapes to complex modulation signals."

Shakmat Bard Quartet Expand: Demo

video upload by Shakmat

00:04 Introduction
00:45 Enabling the Expand on your Bard Quartet
01:40 Additional gate inputs and trigger outputs
02:42 MIDI scale control
04:56 MIDI CV/Gate conversion

"The Bard Quartet Expand adds more capabilities to our beloved quad quantizer with numerous new features. With the expander, you get independent gate inputs and trigger outputs for each Bard Quartet channel. Thanks to the MIDI input, you can control the scales using MIDI or even transform your Bard Quartet into a MIDI-to-CV/Gate device."

New Loops releases 'House Drums' Sound Pack with 25% off intro offer

video upload by New Loops

"New Loops has announced the release of House Drums Sound Pack. Here's what they say:

New Loops presents House Drums — a new collection of over 250 creative House loops and samples ready to drop straight into any project. These House drum sounds have a clean, punchy, and modern sound. There's a total of 130 audio loops, including 15 full House drum loops, each with many variations including, kickless loops, minimal loops, percussion loops, claps, snares, hats, kicks, and more. You can mix and match loops for thousands of different combinations. There's also 100 House drum one-shot samples, and 25 bass loops to layer with the drums for instant track-starting inspiration.

This sound pack is focused on House and all sub-genres, but will also be useful for other styles of electronic music including pop, techno, and trance.

Intro Price: £14.99 until December 31st, 2022 (Reg. £19.99). You can also get an extra 30% off orders over £39 at (where free demo packs are also available)."

Maccambell Rhythm-Selector RC-510

via this auction

"Rhythm device, analog, 12 preset rhythms 70s/80s"

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

This appears to be the first post to feature Maccambell on the site. If anyone knows more about them and/or the RC-510 let us know.

Quasimidi Quasar + T.R.E. Rom Expansion

via this auction

Roland MC-4 MicroComposer

via this auction

"An absolute classic. Includes the rare and hard to find original English manual in printed plastic binder.

This is a rare 120V US model."

Black Corporation Deckard's Dream MK II Sound Demo (no talking)

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

Perkons & Deluge chill out Jam

video upload by Makis Zeg

Roland MC505 Factory Patterns Demo - no talking -

video upload by Nicolas Melis

"Roland MC505 Factory Patterns Demo - no talking -
first 99 factory patterns"

Introducing the Limited Polyend Tracker Silver Edition

video upload by Polyend

"We'd like to introduce you to the limited Polyend Tracker Silver Edition :
all the same functionality and features of the black tracker with a new look
full metal body
silver brushed aluminum top, black bottom
square, low profile keys
equipped with latest v1.6 firmware
limited quantity
...and it looks just amazing!

Visit us at:"

BLEASS Updates are coming along nicely!

video upload by BLEASS

"We are constantly working on improving the BLEASS Experience

new updates for desktop are coming will be available in the coming weeks!"

Simply Serve Your Musical Art, Live Performance with Donner Starrykey37丨Donner Spotlight

video upload by Donner Music

"🎵🎵Hi all the Donner Music friends, hope to find you happy healthy and safe. Another Tuesday Live Performance session with our brilliant Starrykeyboard! Here comes Donner DJ Artist Nick playing melodic electronic music with Starrykey 37 only. Check out this phenomenal piece and hope you enjoy it!

🚀🚀What Makes Donner Starrykey37
- 8+8+4 to expand your imagination
You can perform efficiently and creatively thanks to the 8+8+4 set of programmable keys, knobs, and faders, which are simple to use and have a variety of configurable components.

- The cool and colorful D37 is the producer's secret weapon.
When the D37 is connected to a power source, the lights on the keys, knobs, and percussion pads will turn on in 7 brilliant colors, adding more dynamic hues to your music as you play the beat.

- Wood log-textured keys are both comfortable and natural.
The Donner D37 MIDI keyboard features 37 velocity-sensitive , high-quality wood log-textured keys to ensure that every detail of the performance is captured. It has a natural and comfortable touch with the vibrant visual effect.

- Standard-size Keys to Play Freely
Standard-size keys can give you more playing space for your hands and the ultimate sense of creative experience . The Donner D37 MIDI keyboard is ideal for practicing rhythms in the bedroom as well as on stage or in a club.

- Multi-functional pitch wheels
Control the pitch wheel with the pitch/mod mode to add creativity to your rhythm and melody, giving your music a different voice!

- Sustain pedal interface
In addition to the MIDI USB connection, the Donner D37 also has MIDI output and pedal interface. Additional compatibility opens up new possibilities for you to explore!

- compatible with mobile devices
The USB-MIDI output interface is plug-and-play, requiring no additional driver installation, and can be easily compatible with mobile devices.

- Convenient transport controller
The D37 features 3 quick switch buttons to make your music production more efficient!

Connect with Donner

Synthmania midnight jam 8

video upload by SynthMania

"Eigth episode in the Synthmania midnight jam series. This one has Roland TR-808 drums, Sequential Circuits Pro-One synth bass, and Roland Juno-60 ethereal synth pad / melody. Two tracks of electric guitar. The few other instruments (dark synth, rising synth, piano, crash samples, are stock VSTs and samples in the Cubase DAW. Playlist with the other seven:"


A few people have asked... (technical info on Midnight Jam 8)


Patch n Tweak
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