MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, January 28, 2023

Saturday, January 28, 2023

M2Synth Sequencer 192 GoTo bank/track Test #modularsynth #synthesizers #modularsynth #stepsequencer

video upload by John L Rice

See the Soundtronics label below for more.

Fender Rhodes 1973 with Avion Studios Preamp

video upload by Analog Prophet

"Fender Rhodes 1973, with the RetroFlyer active preamp from Aviom Studios, containing EQ (mid 800hz +/- 7dB).
Fender Rhodes 1973 with RetroFlyer mod. The RetroFlyer mod from Aviom Studios is an built in pre amp with EQ (800hz +/- 7dB) and stereo tremolo. The sound examples are unprocessed straight to the computer.

1. Original sound without any processing before RetroFlyer was mounted.
2. RetroFlyer preamp mounted without any processing but with the built in EQ.
3. RetroFlyer preamp with EQ and built in stereo tremolo."

via Avion Studios

Goodbye flat, dull Rhodes sound - hello Retroflyer!

The Retroflyer is an active preamp with volume, mid boost/cut and fully adjustable tremolo designed to fit perfectly into passive Mark I and II Fender Rhodes. We wrote a huge blog post about it if you want heaps of info but here are the bullet points:

High-headroom, high-detail, low-noise preamp circuit
High input impedance with full frequency and dynamic range
On board 3-position high pass filter
7db Balanced Mid Boost/Cut
Twin VCA true stereo tremolo
Custom faceplate w/ custom dual concentric knobs (both made in the USA)
High quality, name brand components throughout
Extensive power filtering, power supply included
Complete kit installs in less than 15 minutes
1 year warranty with lifetime support
Designed, tested and manufactured by Avion Studios in the USA.
This design represents hundreds of hours of work and we honestly couldn’t be happier. It frankly sounds fantastic. The bass is full, the mids are clear and the highs shine.

See the Avion Studios label for more.

Northern Light Modular Animated Tricillator Model 2AT Modulated Drone Teaser

video upload by Kent

"It’s BIG! (2 panels wide, housing 3 VCOs and 8 LFOs!)

It’s feature rich! (12 VCAs, syncable & offset-capable LFOs of various waveforms, 4 optical clippers: 3 x each osc and one on Mix Out, 3 sub-oscillators, multi-waveform oscillator sync, and so much more.)

It’s the Northern Light Modular Model 2AT Animated Tricillator.
This thing is nuts but also very well thought out. The master stroke is adding their Electric Dompteur H-Series module ( )right on board. With so many modulation destinations, it makes perfect sense to add 8 syncable, freezable, offset-capable, and multi-waveform LFOs to complete the package and animate the entire show. Each LFO output also features its own attenuator, thus providing subtle movement as heard in this video.

I’m planning to do a full walkthrough of the module as soon as time allows."

Check for US availability at Noisebug.

Animated Tricillator – Model 2AT – Sifam

€ 1.800,00

Three syncable VCOs and 8 LFOs in one unit

The oscillators are built on the classic circuit used in the 80s by Roland, Sequential and others.
The new AS3340-HYP VCOs give us that silky smooth 80s feeling back again and take care of the pitch drift the classic CEM shows
It tracks fine over all 8 octaves..
All four waveform levels are CV controllable
There is a rotary switch for selecting the octaves, a 3-stage sub oscillator and a front panel jumper selectable Mod CV (0-10V) out , scalable FM and CV control and of course full PWM control , all attenuverted
The 2AT has the FM inputs normalled to the outputs of the other oscillators and the order can be changed on the back
The sync inputs can be connected with shorting bars to the adjacent mod outputs conveniently
The 3 separate oscillator outputs are mixed internally and are preset at the MIX OUT if no single out is used.
Optical clipping stages are present at OSC and MAIN stage

The left side of the module is a swarm LFO
One master frequency, set by a knob or an external input, is re-used 7 times with variations
The 8 frequencies can be offset in phase or frequency, always based on the master frequency.
It can go down to 0 Hz and freeze the levels at their present state
And every output can be adjusted directly at the output without the need for attenuators

There is also a shared pitch input with a 4 octave offset and level LED on the lower left side.
The upper left corner is the collective clipping and gain control.

US customers please check for availability at NOISEBUG

Electric Dompteur – Model hED v2 [additional posts]
€ 450,00

8 linked true zero LFOs
Sine, triangle, rising and falling ramps , square , pulsing and frozen random available

V2 offers new Midi clock sync multipliers and a MCU controlled phase/spread button

Offset in phase up to 180 degree
Offset in spread based on sub harmonics of the master frequency
Frequency range from 0 to 300 hz
8 Outputs can be adjusted from 0-10V individually
Cv controlled frequency up to 2x and down to 0hz

The h series modules require a h bracket to be mounted in a 1U space

Build to order

Exploring the Buchla ♫ ♫ │ Music and visual art

video upload by Luc Debeck

"5 years ago I had my first Buchla 100 custom built system. This was a live performance session at home.
This was my first attempt exploring the Buchla system and I still enjoy the sounds with my current system 200.
The Buchla consists of VCO 158, quad gate 110, Lpf 192, Wavewiper, CV processor 156, VC Delay, Mixer, Attenuator, Waveformer, Timbre 178.
AI Artwork (Midjourney) was done by me as well as the video composition and music."

HWJ - Perkons - PERfourMER MKII - Pro 3 - Deluge (Stranger Things Mix)

video upload by Makis Zeg

"I hope you like it :)"

Korg Mono/Poly w/ Tubbutec Mody/Poły MIDI Upgrade SN 371542

via this auction

"Tubbutec Mody/Poly upgrade installed that adds midi in and out, sustain pedal input and a ton of extra features to this already awesome synth."

1977 Oberheim CPS-1 SEM SN 0211

via this auction

"Stand alone unit with power supply. Voice can also be removed and placed in a TVS, FVS. Unit has been stored in a climate controlled room. Powers up fine. CVIN jack needs to be replaced. I was able to trigger the unit by holding the CVIN cable down making contact."

NTSH function

video upload by noystoise

"Functional overview of noise box.
For more details and availability, visit"

Bass sound with Sequential Trigon-6 (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card

"No EQ. No compression. Only internal effects. Pure sound."

Waldorf MicroWave XT

video upload by Analog Prophet

"Arpeggiating Waldorf MicroWave XT"

Taiga Demo Track 3 by Richard Nicol

video upload by Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

"Third track recorded over a long weekend using the Pittsburgh Modular Taiga synth.

Raw anime footage is public domain sourced from"

Waldorf Blofeld - "Imaginarium" 64 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

" presents 'Imaginarium' the bank for Waldorf Blofeld.


Wake up your imagination!

Waldorf Blofeld is a powerful synthesizer with huge potential and an incredible variety of sounds, this time we will dive into the world of pulsations, neon lights and cosmic space with "Imaginarium".

In the bank you will find: leads, plucks, arpeggios, pads and basses.

'Imaginarium' brought together the warmth of retrowave, pulsing movements and the depth of space.

64 amazing presets are waiting for you and ready to fill your compositions with new colors and inspire creativity.

Suited for all modern genres of electronic music: retrowave, ambient, trance, house, classic electronica, downtempo.

We put all our effort & inspiration to make this patches suited for many genres & styles of electronic music.

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

Welcome to the universe of sounds."

This Amazing New Plugin is Too Cool to Ignore!

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thank you for watching!
#smallworldelectronics #robbie #vstplugin
Many thanks again to Small World Electronics for sponsoring this video,
Check out their information below:

Here are some links of mine:

Go become my Patreon here:

Perks of being a member include Patch from scratch videos, behind-the-scenes, HD pictures of gear and such, unreleased music, sample packs, and many more :)"

DRADD, by Pladask Elektrisk

video upload by Matt Lowery

"DRADD is a eurorack module by Pladask Elektrisk. Come and listen. It's wonderful.

You can pick up a DRADD (as well as other neat instruments) at

00:00 Intro
00:38 Panel Tour
02:12 GRAIN Explanation
03:30 GRAIN Mini Jam
05:30 TDL Explanation
07:15 TDL Mini Jam
08:40 Tape Explanation
10:20 Tape Mini Jam
11:00 Big Jam Kickoff
11:44 Electric Guitar
15:39 Vocals (TDL)
19:45 Vocals (GRAIN)
26:17 Pulsar
33:02 Jasno
31:13 Deckard's Dream
35:42 Plumbutter"

DRADD is an experimental time-based audio processor for the eurorack system. The module can stretch, bend and invert time through granular synthesis, modified sample playback and tapped delay lines. Intended as a tool for adding synthetic and unnatural ambiance/coloration to your synth patches.

PWM Malevolent Semi Modular Analog Synthesizer LIVESTREAM

video upload by VCO USA

Fragments Vol 1 - Patches 1 to 32 (of 64) - Arturia MiniFreak

video upload by GEOSynths

"Out Very Soon.
What a great little Synth this is, which packs quite a Punch! I bought initially for Live use, however after designing a few Sounds, I thought I'd do a little Bank for it of 64 Patches, here are the first 32.

Fragments Vol 1 contains 64 new Patches for both the Hardware and the Software Plug-In. In the Demo the Audio is coming from the Plug-In, not the Hardware, though there really is very little difference, if any.

There are Motion Pad's & Dynamic Strings, Thunderous Bass & Cutting Leads, Vintage Polys and Keys, creative Arps & FX,plus a whole lot more. I didn't do any Sequences, they're left blank for your own Phrases :)"

Aries 300 Music System Modular Synth

via this auction

"An incredibly sort-after vintage analogue monophonic synthesizer system. Contains an array of useful modules to get you up-and-running quickly but with plenty of room to explore the outer limits of analogue synthesis. Aries was a Massachusetts-based company who were producing the 300 series during the 1970s to early 80's alongside the classics such as Moog, ARP and Buchla. This system is in excellent condition with custom acrylic panels to allow you to see the craftsmanship within yet protecting the back of these exposed boards.

Included modules: AR-313 Keyboard Interface 2 x AR-317 VCO AR-318 S&H/Clock/ Noise Generator AR-324 Dual LFO / Lag/ Inverter 3 x AR-312 Envelope Generators AR-321 Hex Attenuator AR-323 Dual Mixer AR-315 Balanced Modulator AR-327 Multimode Filter 2 x AR-316 VCA

Made in USA. 110v original US plug. Includes bespoke stands for keyboard.

Overall in excellent condition, maintaining almost all original condition aside from a protective plexi-glass screen that has been installed in rear."

Division 6 Mattson SQ816 Analog Step Sequencer w/ Original Box

via this auction

"The sequencer for the Mattson Mini Modular is available in the Eurorack format. One 52HP panel includes all the functions of the main sequencer and the expansion module. Here are some of the sequencer's basic features:

2 rows of 8 steps, or daisy-chain them for a 16-step sequence.
A user tap-tempo mode that overrides the internal VC or external Clocks providing both timing and gate-length.
Global and Individual stage 0/+1 octave shift.
Three user-selectable gate length outputs: Short, follow (the clock duty cycle) and long.
Row 1 and/or row 3 quantized/linear output selection (1V/O format)
Various inputs and outputs for daisy-chaining multiple units.
Run-on-Gate input allows for sequencer stage advance only when a gate is applied to the input.
Ping-Pong and random modes. Switching back to Ping-Pong from Random re-enters at the same point and direction that it left at.
Manual push-button mute during forward or reverse run operations.
Standard stage advance or, Start-on Stage operation. The sequencer starts on the stage it is set to on the next valid clock cycle without having to preset it to the stage prior to the stage you want it to start on.
16 independent stage gate outputs (+5V).
Foot switch jack that parallels the panel pushbutton or, can be configured with a jumper for use with future features.
MIDI output providing note on/off, note value and octave shifts for recording the programmed events on a MIDI recorder.
USB port for updating the sequencer's firmware.
Reverse-polarity protection."

Yamaha CS-70M

via this auction

see The Yamaha CS80 & CS70M - An Exploration of Two LEGENDS!

Black Buchla Music Easel w/ The 208 ToolBox

via this auction

"Recent build of 208/218 music easel, housed in Samodular 8U power enclosure. All rare parts and vactrols sourced directly from Samodular, everything else sourced per BOM specs from Mouser. 208 Calibration done by Constantin of Portabellabz. All functions working as expected, unit is in very good shape overall with only a few cosmetic scuffs. Includes a blank program card and 208 toolbox module."

Roland JX-3P 61 Key Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

"This 61 key vintage polyphonic analog synthesizer has a MIDI in/out interface, three pedal inputs, and most importantly the addition of a KIWI upgrade board. Capabilities include: 12 envelopes, 2 LFO's, Coarse tune on both OCS's, Unison, poly detune, arpeginator, and expanded sequencer."



"Here's a ks sequence using some tasty oscillator sync



video upload by JOSEF KLANG

unique use of drone synths

video upload by GlakGlikGluk

"what are you guys doing with the drone synth, if I'm like this, that's all"

Suzuki Omnichord from 1989

video upload by Bata

Almost thought he was going to cover A-ha's Take on Me at the beginning.

"Messing around with an OM-100 Suzuki Omnichord, also called the System 100. It can do 84 different chords with 10 rhythms/accompaniment patterns and 10 different sounds for the strum plate. I really messed up the ending here forgetting that you can't play the strum plate solo without lowering the other part's volume. Special thanks to Justin for donating this instrument to my studio back when I was in high school! Apologies for the out of sync and sideways video. I will consider reuploading this or doing a better video."

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