MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, May 3, 2023

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Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Vintage Syntesizer Electronic Synthwave

video upload by Peter Maas

"Playing with the linndrum eproms in the drumtracks, doing some synthwave things

* Korg PS3100 on pads
* Juno 106 on lead pads
* Minimoog on Arpeggio
* Rolands 100m on stereo lead
* TTSH Arp 2600 clone on bass
* Drumtraks with linndrum bass and snare on drums; with some gated reverb from the boss rv-500 on the snare."

YAMAHA DX1 - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale.

video upload by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

ROLAND SH2000 Analog Synthesizer SN 536921 w/ Music Stand & Original Box

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave V1 Rev-A Rackmount Wavetable Synthesizer SN 90070A w/ Stereoping Controller

via this auction

Bass Station II Deep Dive // Novation Live

video upload by NovationTV

"Join -CALC- for another Novation live stream: 30 years after the original Bass Station was released we're also celebrating 10 years of Novation’s amazing analogue monosynth, Bass Station II. In this session -CALC- will chart the history of the Bass Station and explore the elements that make this a stand-out classic of our time.

Using the synth’s powerful analogue architecture and unique features such as AFX mode, paraphony and microtuning, we’ll be sculpting patches and creating sequences to show how this unashamed BEAST of a synth is still the go-to monosynth after all this time.

-- Discover more about Bass Station II:

--Discover more about Novation’s 30 Years of Making Music:"

Macbeth M3X For Sale - Rare Minimoog inspired rackmount synthesizer module w MIDI - Better than Moog

video upload by tonetweakers

"Here's why we said it's better than a Minimoog... the M3x is quite similar in many ways, but it's also got oscillator sync and cross modulation and MIDI - features missing from the classic Minimoog it was inspired by, which add many more sonic possibilities to this rare and very special synth from Scotland.

For sale now at, along with many other high quality vintage synths and electronic musical instruments. Please visit our website and sign up for our newsletters while you’re there. Thank you!"

Ensoniq ESQ1 vs Arturia SQ80V - Preset Sound Demo - No Talking

video upload by Runningonair

"In this video I compare the Ensoniq ESQ-1 presets on an ESQ-1 and an Arturia SQ80-V. The SQ80-V an emulation of the Ensoniq SQ80, which was an enhancement of the ESQ-1. The SQ80-V is a recently addition to V collection having been added in V9.

If you'd like to support the channel, you can check out my tracks below:



Korg Modwave - "Divina" (40 Exclusive Performances)

video upload by LFOstore

"The sound design bestseller is now available for Korg Modwave! The best presets are brought together to give a new life to a powerful synthesizer! New performances, new samples, newideas, - even more amazing than the original 'Divina' for the Wavestate!

In this soundbank, the well-known sound designer Otto K. Schwarz shares 40 exclusive performances, including multi-layered atmospheric pads, uplifting chorales, shimmering arpeggios and cosmic leads, experimental hybrid instruments and voices!

Each preset has modwheel and X/Y pad assigned, which allows you to deeply modulate and customize the sounds to the needs of your own musical works. This soundbank is suitable for both studio work and live performances, as well as for different styles of music - ambient, new age, cinematic, electronic dance music and so on.

Despite all the turbulent processes taking place in the world, in each of us remains the power of faith and our inner divinity, which leads us through the forest of circumstances and shadow reflections. And music can be a beautiful expression of inner strength, freedom and our core values.

Explore the world of layered soundscapes for your favourite Korg Modwave synthesizer and let your musical compositions reach a new quality level!

Suitable for both hardware & software (native) versions.
40 presets (performances): 6 ARPs, 4 Choirs, 1 Orch, 16 Pads, 3 Pianos, 4 Synths & 6 Voices. All presets are royalty-free."

Benge - Forms 15 "Dawn" made on the DK Synergy

video upload by zack dagoba

"New album by Benge - part 15 of his FORMS Series - albums made on one synthesis system. Here is an ambient album made entirely on a Digital Keyboards Synergy II+ and Lexicon Model 200 / Primetime early digital FX

'The pure digital sounds of the D K Synergy, and the two very special effects units from the same year (1984), feature the same no-compromise approach to digital sound production, which in the early 80s was a very new territory for manufacturers and musicians to explore. To my ears, these abecedarian digital devices have a purity and warmth that is particularly suited to simple ambient pieces of music such as those presented on 'Dawn'. In some ways, it was the dawning of a new era for electronic music in general, and one which I happily reexplore on this album'"

SynthFest France 2023 Synthesizer Ausstellung Rundgang

video upload by AMAZONA Music Mag

Erica Synths Black EG 2 & Black DADSR EG

video upload by Erica Synths

"The Black DADSR EG and the Black EG 2 are new, full analogue envelope generators each with distinct features that significantly expand modulation palette of the modular synth. The DADSR (Delay-Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release) has voltage control over each stage of the envelope and independent Gate Delay section adds extra functionality to design advanced modulation patterns. The Black EG 2 has optional GATE LENGTH setting, which allows to generate full ADSR envelopes even, if a short trigger is used at the input and in the LOOP mode the module outputs full ADSR envelope instead of AD envelope.

*HASDR EG2 module in the video has a prototype panel and equals DADSR EG


00:02 - Patch 1 / Sending trigger to Black EG 2 and adjusting the gate length manually, therefore creating full ADSR envelope. EF is controlling the cutoff of the Multimode VCF which is fed with noise.

00:55 - Patch 2 / Playing notes and sending gates with keyboard, HADSR EG is set into loop mode therefore after the gate is released it starts to loop. Also release is controlled with the pitch cv therefore creating different looping envelope length for each note. HADSR is controlling the Multimode VCF cutoff.

01:36 - Patch 3 / EG 2 in loop mode. Creating full ADSR loop thanks to the built in gate generator, on the second part controlling the gate length with CV. EG is controlling the VCF which is fed with noise cutoff.

02:35 - Patch 4 / EG 2 is modulating the LPG which is filtering Wavetable VCO. EG 2 is triggered with steady clock and modulated with S&H from the Octasource.

03:21 - Patch 5 / Creating percussive sounds with DADSR EG modulating the FM of the VCO 2, and changing the gate delay to add some variety.

04:29 - Patch 6 / EG 2 is controlling Wavetable VCO pitch and DADSR is modulating the WAVE CV, HADSR release is also modulated with LFO therefore changing the envelope length.

05:10 - Patch 7 / By patching the bi-polar out into the release CV you can create logarithmic evevelope form the linear one in the looping mode.

05:50 - Patch 8 / Wavetable VCO wave cv controlled with HADSR which all cv inputs are modulated by the Octasource.

All FX (reverb/delay) in the demo are from Black Hole DSP 2 and upcoming FX module!"

Update: pics and details via Erica Synths:

The Erica Synths Black DADSR (Delay-Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release) is a fully analogue envelope generator that gives you extended control over events in your modular synth. It’s a looping exponential envelope generator that has voltage control over each stage of the envelope. An independent Gate Delay section adds extra functionality to design advanced soundscapes, like delayed modulation effects, wave morphing, etc.

Re-triggerable exponential DADSR envelope generator
CV control over each stage
Gate delay with a manually controlled delay time
CV attenuators
Looping function
Manual gate button

The Erica Synths Envelope Generator 2 is a re-triggerable, looping envelope generator with some unconventional features that are very useful for experimental setups. What sets the Black EG2 apart from other envelope generators is its optional GATE LENGTH setting, which allows for generating full ADSR envelopes even if a short trigger is used at the input. Likewise, in LOOP mode, the module outputs a full ADSR envelope instead of a classical AD envelope. The gate length is both manual and CV controlled, which allows for using this envelope generator in compact modular setups controlled by trigger sequencers only.

Full exponential ADSR envelope
Retriggering option
Internal gate generator with adjustable gate length
Manual and voltage-controlled gate length
Full ADSR looping mode


video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Open your ears! Make Noise will be at Superbooth in Berlin May 11-13. Come hear more of what we've been working on at Booth 0298!"

Behringer Introduces the Abacus Modeled on the Buchla 257 and 281 / Make Noise Maths

Compare to Make Noise Maths

"Buchla's legendary 257 and 281 analog synthesizers are considered classics of their genre, implemented in a wide range of musical applications. The Behringer ABACUS is modeled after these original instruments, featuring an array of linear, logarithmic and exponential triggered or continuous functions.

List price: $99 (in stock and immediately shipping from our factory)

Modulate and Push the Tempo
The ABACUS can generate musical envelopes or LFO signals up to 25 minutes in length and as fast as 1 kHz. Designed for use with other modules, it also allows you to change the modulation depth, modulate backwards and create even more musical events by manipulating tempo.

Unlimited Creativity
By manipulating the ABACUS’ control knobs, incoming signals can be an amplified, attenuated, integrated or inverted for unlimited creativity. Totally unique and crazy warped effects like lag, slew or portamento can be applied to control voltages perfect for use with a sequencer, or synth keyboard. Up to 4 control voltages can be combined to generate even more complex modulations."

Long Sampling Unlocked for the Octatrack

video upload by EZBOT

"In this video I am going to show you how and why to record 8/16/32 bar quantized loops on the Octatrack, and if your clever lengths in between.

Sign up with DistroKid and get 7% off with this link: (definitely do this)

Step up your game with 1 on 1 lessons:
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Loscha Opens up a Pollard Syndrum Quad!

video upload by Edward Jones

"This is going to be a long restoration!

The drum triggers go into the unit on a five pin Latched XLR, not a DIN as I said in the video.

The power supply is in an external box that has a mains transformer, and a voltage regulator, only to have it regulated again inside.

The MM5837 appears to be a no gp (I have a spare) but the real issue is that the faders and switches are all corroded and jumpy.

I did end up taking the panel board off, and the faders seem to be like the contemporary ARP kind. Plastic body, moving wiper body."

One patch, two sounds - modulating the DB-01 filter

video upload by Richard DeHove

"Modulating the filter is one of the golden rules of using the DB-01. If it's not adding a gentle wave, beefing up the rhythm with a synced pulse, or acting as an extra envelope, then how about some FM? Here the LFO is unsynced, and running fast as a sine wave. By turning the main filter knob up or down the FM effect is revealed - as well as the very high resonance.

Although the music here is slightly chopped up from my meandering 12-minute jam, it's all from one take and none of the other controls (well, except octave up and down) are moved. I think the DB-01 does well getting so many flavors from this one patch.

As usual absolutely no other processing or effect than what you see.

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free
My website:"

Vermona ET-3 combo organ + Dynacord Echocord Super 75 tape delay

video upload by ohm_studi_ohm

"Quick demo of a nice organ / delay in the form of a Vermona ET3 and Dynacord Echocord Super 75.
You can get quite a large variety of sounds with this combo, for 60s pop to experimental droning."

Sequential Prophet 5 Desktop Module

via this auction

Additional NOISEBUG Listings

Waldorf Micro Q Phoenix Rackmount Synthesizer

via this auction

Pearl DRUM-X

via this auction

"Peral Drum-x / DRX-1 Analog Drum Machine. A Rack unit with an unparalleled sound, Hot sound, Round and a lot of Punch especially in the Kicks!!! Pure 80's sound but that fits very well in current styles in electronic music!"

Note the listing is for the top unit only.

Moog Memorymoog Plus SN 1066

via this auction

"Memorymoog Plus in véry good condition."

Never seen an accent on the e before.

Sequential Circuits Drum Traks

via this auction

RSF Kobol Synthesizer with Memory Slots and Built-in Sequencer

via this auction

"This unit works 100 percent and is in a very good condition. The RSF Kobol was the French synth company's first compact keyboard synthesizer. It is a monophonic analog synthesizer with traditional controls, knobs, switches and two oscillators for a good solid analog synth sound. Unique are the 16 memory slots for saving your sounds and the built in sequencer.

Although it is mostly a traditional analog synth with stable oscillators and lots of knobs that allow you to control the ADS envelope, the filter section and the nice LFO, it did offer some unique features for its time. Most notably, the oscillator waveforms can be continuously swept across for a very cool morph from square to saw to pulse, etc. This, as well as note on/off and other parameters can be controlled via CV/gate. External sounds can be processed through the delicious SSM Kobol filter and envelope sections too."

VINTAGE ARP 2600 Analog Synthesizer 2601 SYNTH w/3820 Keyboard Controller SN 412919

via this auction

"This VINTAGE ARP 2600 Analog Synthesizer 2601 includes a ARP 3820 Keyboard Controller."

Manikin Electronic Memotron Keyboard Synth M2K

via this auction

Clavia Nord Rack - Virtual Analog Synthesizer SN 412919

via this auction

Casio VZ-1 SN 000638

via this auction

EaganMatrix Programming for Osmose - Envelopes (Basic Constructions)

video upload by EaganMatrix Programming

"This video address some of the basics on how Osmose (and to a lesser extent Continuum) presets create envelopes (note I've always used 'an-velope pronunciation vs. 'en-velope) to impose Attack, sustain (pseudo decay) and release profiles and also presents a method to create arbitrarily complex envelope shapes using the new note graphing function. A follow up video will look at use cases for how these envelopes are actually used in Osmose System Presets. Note that you can create traditional ADSR shapes with programming but they are not the common use case when creating Osmose preset profiles.

Simple use cases are presented for applying envelopes to SL/SR output amplitude, applying enveloped for filter cutoff shaping and applying them to modulation inputs, though they are used for many other cases like shaping noise, dynamically altering shape generator frequencies, adding delay effects, etc. Those cases will be covered in the follow up video."

slow jam analog synths

video upload by jostalmac

Unique Roland Jupiter 8 and Wurlitzer sounds in action.

video upload by Luke Corradine

"A live demonstration of the blending capability of the classic Jupiter 8 with the famous Wurlitzer electric piano and the Minimoog."

[FREE] 10 Epic Presets || Korg Minilogue

video upload by Mr. Card

"Download 10 epic free presets for Korg Minilogue:"

@PlayTronica TOUCHME

video upload by Isobutane

"Trying out Playtronica's TOUCHME MIDI controller with Play.
Test subjects:

If you want yours, you can get it here:

Thank you for watching."

You can find an additional demo from 2017 here.

Roland Juno X Sound Demo (no talking)

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

BOO-cast - Synth of the Month: Roland MC-202

video upload by

"If you enjoyed this then why not subscribe on Bandcamp for bonus content?

Synth of the Month title poster and tee available here:

Buy music+merch on Bandcamp:
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25 02 17 BugBrand, Euronana & Machinedrum [02]

video upload by batchas

"I found this video from Februrary 2017 unpublished on my channel this morning.

Quite repetitive I admit."

Famous Synth Sounds - (56) Sweep Sounds

video upload by SonicProjects


Famous Synth Sounds 56: Sweep Sounds vst

Check the presented sounds by yourself with the demo version linked above

Click on the BANK - LOAD button in the synth's grey top-bar
Load this bank:

Preset 29 Dream Dance II

Preset 78 Prophet-5 Upsweeps II"

Patch n Tweak
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