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Friday, June 09, 2023

Cyclon Ltd. ME Analog Synthesizer

video upload by Chris Chrome

"80er Jahre DIY Synthesizer, Projekt"

Note there are two videos in the playlist above that appear to be the same. Including both in case one is removed. Use the player controls to skip to the next video if the first disappears. I also captured a few screenshots below. Click on them to zoom in. That out of the way, if anyone has any additional info feel free to leave a comment. This is the first post to feature Cyclon Ltd on the site. It appears to be a prototype and/or DIY, but who knows... If you know, leave a comment. Note the center Cyclon appears to be CYCCON, but you can see elsewhere on the synth it is Cyclon.

Check out the New Old label for other rare and older synths making their first featured on the site.
Check out the Exclusive label for posts featuring the rare of the rare. There is of course some overlap.

Sequential OB-6 synth track (OB-6 Only)

video upload by NGC0 Music

Novation Peak || Growling Waves

video upload by Mike Lewis

"To get the synth patch file used in this video, you can purchase from my preset bundle here:

Link to midi file:


Blood Incantation "Subterranean Aeon" Synthesizer Cover

video upload by portamentopirate

Bass: Prophet Rev2-El Capistan
Lead: Korg Opsix-Walrus Fathom

PPG Wave 2.2 2.3 Meticulously Refurbished ToneTweakers Sounds Patches Demo Factory Presets

video upload by tonetweakers

"Here’s a run through of the sounds on the PPG Wave 2.3 we are about to put up for sale. We meticulously refurbished it and are in the process of systematically testing and photographing it. This unit was upgraded from a 2.2 to 2.3 but it’s previous owner (who was the original owner). The sounds heard here aren’t the greatest but give you an idea of it’s overall tone. In the hands of a good programmer, this synth is magic! For sale very soon on our website. We buy, restore and sell PPG synthesizers and other great vintage synths."

Tone Tweakers on Reverb | Tone Tweakers on Ebay

Eurorack Formant Filter Comparison

video upload by John Schussler

"I now find myself with 3 separate filters that do "formant" filtering, so clearly it's time for a comparison. I'm literally getting my ya-yas out. And my yi-yis, and sometimes my wa-was. Just depends on where you turn the knob....

There are other formant filters out there, this isn't all of them, but it's all the ones I have, so don't assume this is the exhaustive comparison.

Formants are fun. And though I don't get into it much in this video, using formant filters for "regular" duties with only mild formant effects can be quite interesting.

Actually, using formants sparingly should probably be the rule. There's definitely too much of a good thing possible here....

00:00 Intro
00:20 Gyrinx VCF
08:00 Morphing Filter Bank
18:10 Formantic"

Blue Lantern EOS 2023 - White Semi Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

You can find a demo here.

"Ergot Organic Synthesizer

Dimensions: 17x7x2

Power Range: -12V/+12V based, compatible with external Euro Format Modules.

This is an analog synthesizer with Stereo PT2399 based Echo FX.

To get it going a 1V/octave and Gate signal patched from you own gear is required.

An Arturia KeyStep can be used for example.

No patching is required to to complete the audio patch. All the basic connections are hardwired.

The user just has to turn knobs.

The EOS is based on the following blue lantern modules circuits/modules:

VCO-Lunar Modulation Lab

Mixer-Mono Sir Mix Alot

Noise Generator-Dwarf Star Shift Register Noise Generator, with additional white noise

Sub Harmonics Generator 4hp Module

Stereo Filter: Modified Parallax Filter, some features are based on Mutable Instruments Blades Filter.

Envelope Generators: APE Module

VCA-2164 based stereo vca's

Digital LFO's: Mini Digital VCLFO Module.


67 Knob Controls

24 Toggle Switches

50 Patch points

1 Stereo Headphone/Monitor Output

9 possible audio sources on the mixer

Stereo Analog Filter

Filter 1 has LP/BP/HP

Filter 2 has LP or Notch

The Filter has a signal path Scanner to blend between Mono, Parallel, or Series.

2 Digital Based LFO's. with wave form reset, and 2 banks of wave forms."

Koma Komplex Elektronik Sequencer Update

via Koma Elektronik

"The long wait finally ends! Due to the supply chain disruption caused by Covid-19 we had to scrape together parts from all corners of the world for nearly two years. Finally the last necessary chip has found its way into the box labelled "Komplex Sequencer". We are now able to start producing a "golden sample" and organize a full production run.

First 10 persons pre-ordering will receive 10 KOMA Elektronik branded patch cables with the perfect size to internally patch the Komplex patchbay

What is a "golden sample" and why is it necessary? First off: NO, there will NOT be a Komplex with an enclosure made out of gold (at least not in any forseeable future). But whenever a "complex" product like the Komplex undergoes some bigger changes, KOMA usually won't just go ahead and change a bunch of circuitry to willy nilly start production right away. Instead, great care is taken and a so-called 'golden sample' is produced. This means that all changes are worked into the circuitry and a single prototype is being built to be tested thoroughly.

We added a new functionality into the Komplex Sequencer: The Transpose CV input now also transposes the MIDI notes that a sequencer is producing. Also some circuitry had to undergo changes to account for non-available and now obsolete chips. We already have a prototype here with the necessary changes but it still has a bunch of colored wires dangling out of the enclosure and the changes are essentially piggy-backed on the original circuitry. That's why we are producing a golden sample right now as you read these lines. Once that prototype comes back and is all good, we will trigger production.

The new Komplex run is very limited and will be available in 2 batches of 25 pieces each. Some of you that were eying the Komplex for a longer time might have noticed that the sales price increased. Unfortunately many components needed for building a Komplex sequencer have gotten more expensive since our last production run. In fact, it is fair to say that ALL components have gotten substantially more expensive. This starts with electronic parts not available on the market anymore, like microcontrollers that we had to buy for an elevated price, goes over hardware parts like sliders and pushbuttons and ends with greatly risen prices for both the metal enclosure and wooden sidecheeks.

Since demand is huge, as of today, we have enabled backordering of Komplex Sequencers in our webshop. We have already ordered a few components like the metal enclosures and wooden sidepanels but the majority of production will have to wait until the golden sample is here. Since we already tested the new functionality and can verify it with our 'Frankenstein' unit here, it should be smooth sailing from here on out. In fact, we are testing this feature since nearly a year in our synth setup in the workshop and enjoy it thoroughly.

Current estimated delivery date for the first batch is September 2023. That's how long it takes for all the necessary parts to arrive in our workshop plus assemble time. It is "first come, first served" or as you programmers like to call it: FIFO (first in, first out)."

Yamaha DX7 SND FB-14 & TR-707 (HKA “Amen”) - Werkstatt Matlak

video upload by Werkstatt Matlak

"DX7 into FB-14, overdubbed
TR-707 HKA modified with special Kit"

Oberheim OB-X8 Desktop Version Now Shipping!

via @tom_oberheim

"OB-X8 desktop now shipping! With an identical sound engine to the keyboard version, you’ll have immediate access to virtually all the synth’s parameters allowing you to create your own unique sounds with ease and precision.

More info at

#OBX8 #Oberheim"

Update: you can find larger versions of the pics and the offficial press release posted here.

Sequencing with the Sequential: Prophet 6 + Korg Sq-64, just the perfect combination!

video upload by Agustín Spinetto

"I spent an afternoon creating some melodies with my Sequential Prophet 6 and the modular synth, all being controlled by the Korg SQ-64. Rhythms comes from the Plaits module, melody from the Pico Voice and the chords are from the one and only, Prophet 6. Hope you enjoy it!"

Patching: Creative Clocks

video upload by Qu - Bit

"In this sample-based patch, we're getting a lot out of the Sonar output on Nautilus.
It's a "lively" signal, so we've attenuated it a little before sending it to the Rate on Bloom.
You can see Blooms' clock go wacky (as in, awesome) as Sonar churns out stepped random goodness.

About 'Patching'.
This series continues to be a reminder to us, and hopefully to you:
Take the time to stumble in the dark a little...figure something out...control some voltage...
...enjoy PATCHING.
In our videos (moving forward from this one):
Purple cables = audio
Blue cables = CV/gate
White cables = clock"

E-Phonic Invader 2 Polyphonic Synthesizer

video upload by Elektronick Musick

"Invader 2 is an 8 voice polyphonic synthesizer. It was designed to be easy to program while still offering a wide range of sounds and possibilities.

Knob-per-function interface, what you see it what you get.
2 oscillators + 1 sub oscillator (tri, saw, pw, sync pulse, sync saw, saw to pulse)
Polyphonic stereo unison with optional low CPU unison emulation mode (up to 48 voices)
3 low pass resonant filter types (low pass clean, low pass raw and band pass)
Filter drive or high pass option
Stereo noise generator
Ring modulation
2 LFOs with delay function
2 Envelopes
Delay effect with normal, ping pong, tape and diffusion delay modes
Arpeggiator / 16 step sequencer
4 x oversampled engine
Medium and high quality modes
200+ preset"

Kurzweil K2000 Restoration - keyboard, switches and display replacement.

video upload by Runningonair

"In this video I'll be fixing a Kurzweil K2000. Specifically, looking at the keyboard, switches and display.
Further information and links are below:

Display replacement instructions:
Display type:
I used this one but there are quite a few colour options.
Blue Arduino Display 240x64 T6963 LCD Controller Module Compatible RA6963
Switch type:
12x12x7.3mm Panel Momentary 4-Pin PCB DIP Tactile Tact Push Button Switch
If you'd like to support the channel, you can check out my tracks below and please leave a like and consider subscribing:



You can also leave a donation at:


Osmose live FX collage - 3rd demo

video upload by SynthAddict

"Expressive E Osmose and RC-505 looper
see MPE in action"

Bad Gear - Roland S-1

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about Roland Aira Compact S-1. I this super compact virtual analog synth inspired by the legendary Roland SH-101 and striking sonic similarities to the Roland Boutique SH-01A and Roland System-1 made for Bad Gear?

00:00 Intro tune
00:59 Overview Roland S-1
01:39 ACB Synth Engine
02:13 Oscillator Section, PWM, Noise
02:27 Updated Oscillator Features, Draw, Chop
03:10 Filter Section, Self Oscillation
03:24 Envelope, LFO
03:37 D-Motion (The New D-Beam)
04:05 FX (Reverb, Delay, Chorus)
04:19 Polyphonic Sequencer, Motion Recording
04:35 Arpeggiator
04:42 Riser Functionality
04:52 What else??? (Shortcuts, Connectivity, Battery, Pricing)
05:18 Hate
05:45 Jam 1 (EDM Workout)
06:36 Jam 2 (Synth Funk)
07:39 Finale (Robot Dance)
08:10 Verdict"

Vintage MINI GAN Electronic PET-103 Organ Synth Kit

video upload by David Hilowitz Music

"I recently purchased a super rare analog synth kit from 1979 (MINI GAN PET-103). In this video, I put the synth together and find out how it sounds.

The sample library I made in this video can be found on the Patreon:

PCB and schematics for this synth can be found here (thanks to Håvard Kristoffersen):"

Found the video after seeing the following listing for one:

via this auction

"New old stock MINI GAN Electronic PET-103 "organ" kit.

Super cool electronics kit from 1979.
It comes with everything that is pictured.
I think it is complete, but please review pics to determine that for sure.
Some components may not be good any longer (like the electrolytic caps).

Nothing has been tested.
It has vintage dust and etc all over it, needs to be cleaned.
This is not returnable for any reason.
Sold as-is, for parts, or restoration."

KORG 800DV Duophonic/Monophonic Synthesizer SN 770628 w/ Original Case

via this auction

Korg MS20-M (Desktop Version)

via this auction

Philip Rees MCV - Rare MIDI to CV converter: 2 x CV & GATE + VELOCITY CV

via this auction


via this auction

Soundforce (µ)CHORUS / nostalgic and versatile eurorack chorus / first jam (inc. all the mistakes)

video upload by BRiES

"In this very first jam with these modules by Soundforce I'm figuring out what to do as I go. Keep in mind that this isn't necessarily the best representation of the capabilities of these modules, nor is it a demo or tutorial.

On the big one I cranked the mix slider to be 100% wet, which gives a wide stereosound that I really really like (especially in manual mode) but the original Roland Juno chorus (and the µCHORUS) is only 50% wet. But hey, these parameters are there to use and abuse!"

Red Sound Darkstar XP2 Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

"DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE."

Moog Grandmother - Pedals and Sequencers

video upload by thesynthsofgus

"Having fun with the Moog Grandmother and a few effect pedals :)"

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