MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, July 1, 2023

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Saturday, July 01, 2023

Prophet 5 vs OB-X8

video upload by Analog Prophet

"A comparison between Prophet 5/10 rev 4 and Oberheim OB-X8. The patches are not made to be identical, but still close, to show the character of the Prophet 5/10 rev 4 vs Oberheim OB-X8"

Sequential Pro 3 - Analog Beast [SOUNDSET]

video upload by Mr. Card

"My private collection of favourite sounds dedicated to Sequential Pro 3 (Arp, Bass, Keys, Lead, Organ, Sound FX, Strings). I've always loved analog sounds. Sequential Pro 3 is a true Analog Beast. I love this synth for its functionality and fat sound. With this soundset, you can take your instrument to the next level. Check out my soundset:"

Key Tracking: The Secret Weapon for Sound Design..

video upload by Ricky Tinez

"Lets learn how to take Key Tracking and go beyond just Filter modulation.. This is easily one of my favorite types of modulation when it comes to sound design. It's so powerful in subtle ways, or in extreme ways depending on where you send it. Key Tracking takes the notes on your keyboard and uses them as modulation! This means you can get creative and make each note sound different from the rest. And depending on the mod matrix,, you can push this to the extreme with wild modulation destinations."

ESK - Cwejman Modular Jam

video upload by

"Ambient Jam with sounds from a Cwejman Modular System and some effects from a Elektron Digitone (Delay, Reverb).
As Sequencer i used a Doepfer A-155, A-154, Toppobrillo Quantimator, Acidlab Robokop and some other modules. With soft mastering (Limiter only)."

Krypt Modular "Steel-Toe" Kick & "Death Knell" Cowbell - 808 Style Drums For Eurorack Synth Demo!

video upload by M0THM4N

This is the first post to feature Krypt Modular.

"Today we'll be working in collaboration with Krypt Modular, checking out these awesome 808 style kick and cowbell drum modules for eurorack! Both modules are available as PCB/Panel sets or fully assembled. Be sure to check out the Krypt Modular website and follow their Instagram below to stay up to date!

Krypt Modular
Website -
Instagram -
Etsy - https//
Reverb -"

Can your speakers handle this DAWless jam?

video upload by Jeremy Parker

"@JeremyParkerMusic presents a quick DAWless jam with the Moog Minitaur, Minikorg 700fs, Arturia Polybrute, Arturia Keystep 37, and Elektron Analog Rytm MKII. I'm getting ready for some upcoming gigs with my good friend @cowboybenalman, who I join regularly on his Twitch stream:

Check out all my original music here:"

TTMC MODEL 158,123,140,191,TOKYO GATE Low Pass Gate,Dual Reverberator 990

video upload by Tokyo Tape Music Center

ARP Quadra 1986 cassette jams

video upload by Ross Totino

"ARP Quadra 1986 cassette jams. Edit and remix of an old cassette tape of me trying out different ideas with my ARP Quadra. Mostly recorded directly into a Toshiba cassette deck, except when reverb is heard. The reverb recordings are made with the Quadra going through a solid state MultiVox 1X12 combo using the spring reverb through the headphone output. This old recording was edited in Logic Pro and processed in iZotope RX."

ARP Quadra

via this auction

"The sound of these Quadras is simply not to be believed, I have been fortunate in my lifetime to own virtually all of the classic synths that everyone is always trying to get....that even includes a CS80....and I have to say, the sound of this Quadra is just mind numbingly my opinion, the only synth i have ever heard that i thought sounded better was a Memorymoog, (which I used to own two of at one point)...yes, it's an illness.

The matching case is also in gorgeous condition and it was custom made to fit the keyboard is a REALLY nice case in fantastic shape.

Here is some slightly sentimental back story on this instrument that you might find of interest.

I inherited this from my best friend, who sadly died a couple years ago of a heart attack....the money from the sale of this instrument will be used for college funds for my two young boys, who he was very close with....i think he would be very pleased with this decision.

This Quadra was my friend's pride and joy and he absolutely babied it. We were both HUGE Genesis you probably know Tony Banks wore his Quadra out on the Abacab album, and my friend and i were thrilled to ever even locate one of these rare keyboards in the first place....they are SO rare."

Kurzweil K150FS - sounds patches presets additive Fourier synthesis

video upload by tonetweakers

"“Kurzweil K150 FS Synthesizer for sale.
We also have a K150 available.

This unit has been serviced and is in excellent working order. If you’re a K150 owner, please send us a message via the contact page on our website. Since this unit came to us mostly containing sounds emulating acoustic instruments, we'd like to hear some more synthy sounds - if we like what it can do, we might keep it for our studio.”"

Tone Tweakers on Reverb | Tone Tweakers on Ebay

Black Model Tom Oberheim Two-Voice Pro w/ Original Box & Paperwork SN 0335

via this auction

"The TVS Pro introduced some new features that improved upon the 1975 design while retaining everything that made the original great. New features include a new and more compact housing as opposed to the more cumbersome road case of the '70's, a new and improved keyboard with velocity sensitive keys and aftertouch. It also features a standout Mini-Sequencer that enables programming of 16 steps for each voice. It offers user-friendly operation and can store up to 50 sequences, which can be chained together to create songs and saved using 9 memory slots. With 56 mini-jack patch points, the semi-modular nature of the Two Voice Pro provides ample opportunities for sonic exploration. Additionally, the rear panel includes 1/4" audio inputs and standard MIDI In/Out/Thru connectors."

Oxford Synthesizer OSCar *Serviced* Analog/Digital Mono/Duophonic Programmable Synth

via this auction

"Excellent condition and sounding amazing. Serviced by The Analog Lab in late 2018. Details from service ticket:

Unit dis-assembled.
Power Supply Re-capped.
Battery check good.
MIDI not working traced to bad Opto coupler in MIDI board, removed and replaced with new Circuit board trace repaired.
Al pots cleaned OK.
Key Contacts very dirty Cleaned 7 adjusted OK.
Connectors between boards cleaned ( in good condition no intermittent. Switch actuators repaired and siliconed in place. Unit Re-assembled.
Audio Function test Good.
Burn in Good.
MIDI check good.
Factory patches Loaded"

Akai MFC42 Analog Filter Module

via this auction

"very rare rackmount dual filter Akai MFC42.

great companion for any MPC, but is also great in processing any gear.

it consists of Mono and Stereo multi mode filters. both can be used in series, or independently. there’s also built in phaser and distortion.

filters can be fully midi controlled, the unit has midi i/o/thru, but there‘s also built in lfo and envelope, and they can be midi synced, with beat division option; they also can be triggered by midi, or the envelope can be even manually triggered.

great condition. fully working rare studio device of high quality."

Korg Electribe ER-1 Drum Modeling Rhythm Synthesizer SN 014838

via this auction, also on Reverb

2023/06 - Desert Cat

video upload by Stereoping

"Another no budget for fun #musicvideo created with #Unrealengine. A cat running through the desert, swimming through an oasis pond, transiting ancient egypt ruins and finally finding a comfy place to sleep in the city of Brass.

Music: Moog Subsequent 37, Korg Volca Sample and Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra sequenced from FLStudio with some oriental drumsamples.

Unreal Asset store props credits: AnimX Advanced Cats, Egypt Ruins Environment, Dust & Sandstorm FX, City of Brass, Modular Military Operation Urban Training Environment - Arabian Pack"


video upload by LESINDES

and tickling out its hidden beauty with
Have fun!"

Perkons jam

video upload by jostalmac

Schlappi Engineering THREE BODY / perfect ratio phase modulation / DX sounds in eurorack

video upload by BRiES

"It's something we probably all tried to do at some point: tuning 2 or more sine VCOs in exact ratios to each other to create clear FM or PM tones like the digital 'fm' synths of the mid 80s like the Yamaha DX and the Casio SZ series... I know I have... and while usually I love the ever so slight but inherent instability of most eurorack VCOs it's the one scenario where they caused me to figuratively pull the (still literal) hair out of my scalp.

Well... Three Body takes care of that, so we (the mostly XY chromosoned segment of us at least) can keep our manes intact just a little bit longer."


video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"This is an analog auto-accompaniment machine produced by the German organ manufacturer Wersi sometime in the mid-70s. Originally part of a big, dual manual organ called Helios, this auto-comp section was probably removed from the organ and squeezed into a faux Teak cabinet - literally crammed with circuit boards - all beautifully snug inside - a very good job by whoever built it.
We used a ton of effects of this track - most noticeably the Davoli 2K disc echo - insanely rare unit with a Schaller disc unit mounted inside - the very mounted inside the Lombardi mixing desks.
The Digitech Synth Wah is also going strong - an envelope follower pedal on the cheap side.

We're pairing the Wersimatic II with the glorious CRB Oberon - a unicorn of a dual oscillator monophonic synth made in Italy in the late 70s - one of very few still existing.
Lots of fun features it can really sound huge - there's still lots more to explore here

The grey string machine in the video is also marked CRB - a simple, two sounds (violin and cello) string machine, unusually light weight for the oldie it is - the CRB 709.
It's sound is bright and lush - really not at all bad.

Vintage Audio Institute Italia is a gear vendor and recording studio in the hills of Florence."

Additional CRB Oberon posts

Additional WERSIMATIC II posts

ST Modular - SUM MIX & PAN (Mix, Pan, Scan, VCA)

video upload by Stefan Tretau


00:00 All at once!
00:18 Channel per Channel VCA and PAN
02:05 SCAN & SPAN #1
02:54 SCAN & SPAN CV
03:29 VCA & SCAN
04:58 SCAN & SPAN #2"


18HP 4-Channel Mixer with VCA, CV PAN and CV SCAN

MIX & PAN completes the ST Modular SUM mixer series with a fully CV-controlled 4-channel mixer. It features

CV PAN, VCA per channel and a CV CHANNEL SCANNER. Each channel has a VOLUME SLIDER and a VOL CV input to control the internal VCA. The panning per channel can be adjusted with the PAN controls or the PAN CV inputs. LEDs indicate the channel volume and the state

of the panning.

All channels are summed and can be tapped at the main output jack. The SCAN and SPAN functions are really the most outstanding features of the module. They provide a unique

way to mix 1 to 4 channels using one or two CV signals applied to the SCAN and/or SPAN CV inputs. The scan functionality allows you to output a selection of channels by turning the SCAN knob or applying CV to the SCAN input. The range of channels that are activated is set manually or by CV using the SPAN knob. This not only narrows down the active channels from all to just one, but also reduces the effect the SCAN CV has

on the VCAs, as if you were shortening their decay time. When both SCAN and PAN are in the centre position and you turn SCAN, you activate one of the four channels at a time. If vou increase SPAN, more of the adiacent channels become audible until all channels have reached maximum volume (from mid to cw position). If vou decrease SPAN again, onlv one scanned channel will be

audible (mid position) and it will then start to fade out shorter (turning from mid to cc position). If a CV signal is present at the SCAN CV input and you turn SCAN to the left, the activated channels are narrowed to the left. Converselv, if vou turn the knob to the right, onlv channels 3 and 4 are activated, and in

the rightmost position, only channel 4. This module is great for creating ever-changing and organic soundscapes throughout the complete stereo

field, making your composition a very varied and a persistently interesting listening experience.

Solar Flares - Hydrasynth Explorer & Microcosm

video upload by Alba Ecstasy Alba Ecstasy

"Hydrasynth patches 👉
An ambient improvisation with multiple patches from Hydrasynth Explorer and Microcosm.

❤️, ae"

fragment: live music(yamaha modx7) for flow yoga | Hi-Fans

video upload by Hi-Fans


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