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Monday, September 18, 2023

Layered Drum Machine Cymbals Sample Pack by Goldbaby

video upload by GoldbabySamples

"Layered Drum MachineCymbals. Available now:

Cymbals can be the last special touch to a track to give it excitement and emphasise certain moments. These cymbals were created by layering drum machines, giving them more interest and texture. They will work in many different genres.

For this pack, I have used 31 drum machines in different combinations with multiple layering techniques. All recorded through tasty studio hardware.

Drum Machines: TR-606, TR-626, TR-707, TR-808, TR-909, R-70, RX-5, Linn, XD-5, Microtonic, Drumulator, DPM-48, Razzamatazz, R-50III, Syntakt, LXR-02, ER-1, DR-110, Pulsar, Neuron, MR-10, KPR-77, Crash Pad, Drumatix, Nord Drum, DFAM, Cycles, Conn Rhapsody, DRM-32, DRM-1, DDM-110

Pack Contents:
• 250 x 24-bit wav cymbal samples
•Will load in any software sampler
• Also available as 16-bit wav for hardware samplers
• Downloadable pack - 400 MB"

Hardware Jams Weekend Challenge: So very wet…

video upload by SynthAddict

"Maschine+, ATV aFrame, Microcosm and kalimba

As directed, everything is dripping wet with some sort of reverb - some static, some dynamic."

Time-Stretching with PantherCap

video upload by Omri Cohen

"Here you can find the Pathset X Omri Cohen collection for VCV 2 -

Time-Stretching is a great way to get unique textures and add interesting layers to your patches. PantherCap is a granular looper and sampler that has built-in time-stretching capabilities, but there's another technique you can use to create beautiful results.

00:00 - Introduction
00:31 - Recording a piano loop
01:10 - Built-in time-stretching
01:45 - A different approach
05:42 - Adding drums"

Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -
Interested in more patching techniques and ideas? Have a look here -

Oberheim TVS Pro - Two Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 0137

via this auction

"The Oberheim Two-Voice Pro is an analog music synthesizer that was produced from 2015-2018under the Tom Oberheim brand. It is an updated version of the original Oberheim Two-Voice, which was produced from 1975-1979.

This instrument was designed around coupling two SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module) modules. Each voice is individually programmed and has its own multiband filter. The modern Pro version contains a digital sequencer, MIDI, and a comprehensive patch panel to allow the instrument to interface with modular setups."

LA Synth Club 1 Year Anniversary Event Set for Saturday, September 23

This one is in via justin3am

Come out for synths, and performances at Common Space Brewery in Hawthorne on Saturday, September 23.

3411 W. El Segundo Blvd.
Hawthorne, CA 90250

Event starts at 3pm and goes until 9pm.

Huge Sounding Electronic Jam: Octatrack With Sequential Pro 3

video upload by Tasty Vintage Jam

"Hey everyone! I've been diving deep into the world of the Octatrack MKII lately. For my fellow synth enthusiasts, you know the reputation it carries-it's powerful yet quite the puzzle to figure out. And for those of you who just love good electronic music? Well, I paired it with the Pro 3, and the sound they produce together is something special. The two not only create some mesmerizing tunes, but they look stylish next to each other, too.

A lot of the music in this video was spontaneous, a blend of careful craft and freestyle jamming. Whether you're here for the technical side of things or just to enjoy some fresh beats, I genuinely hope you find something to love. Your thoughts mean the world to me, so drop a comment and let me know how it resonates with you. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the sounds!

0:00 - Intro
0:16 - Beat Drops
1:50 - Improv
3:00 - Epic Praphonic Patch
3:47 - 4:00 - Mini Solo
4:00 - Time To Finish
4:57 - Outro"


video upload by UNDERGROUND NOISE

Five Favorite Things about the Udo Super 6 Binaural Hybrid Synthesizer with @SlowHaste

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"UDO's Super 6 is a hybrid twelve-voice polysynth with a fully binaural signal path, perfect for creating everything from classic pads and synth key sounds to rich, swarming stereo textures. Using FPGA-based oscillators, an analog filter section, analog VCA section, and 192kHz, 24-bit effects, the Super 6's voice architecture alone is uncommonly powerful and clean. Combined with an intense and well-considered modulation section, Fatar keybed with velocity and aftertouch, and an integrated arpeggiator and sequencer, the Super 6 feels like we're back in the early 1980s imagining what the future of synthesizers would be like.

In this video, our pal @SlowHaste takes on the Super 6—offering personal opinions and plenty of tips + tricks. If you've been thinking about getting a Super 6 of your own...get ready to dig in.

Order your Super 6 here:
Read our Signal article about the Super 6 here:"

US 50 in Nevada, Part 2: Austin to Eureka (with synthesizer soundtrack)

video upload by CatSynth TV

You can find all parts in this series here.

"Part 2 of of several videos covering our epic trip along US Highway 50 in Nevada, dubbed "The Loneliest Road in America". In this segment, we head west the town of Austin (in Lander County) towards the two of Eureka, the eponymous county seat of Eureka County. In the wide valley west of Eureka, we encountered a major rainstorm and had to pause the video, which resumed when we got to the town.

If you haven't yet seen Part 1, we recommend checking that out first: [posted here]

Original music by Amanda Chaudhary in 5/4 (10/8) using the following instruments:
Cherry Audio: Sines, Octave CAT, and Harmonia
Arturia: Pigments (2 instances, Mellotron V, Delay BRIGADE
Modular: Metasonix R54 Supermodule, Synthesis Technology E350 Morphing Terrarium, 4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator
EastWest: Fantasy Brass, Hollywood Orchestra Gold (double bass), Reverb (Davies Hall SF)

Original patches on Pigments, Mellotron V, and Harmonia.

00:00 Introduction
00:11 Beginning at Austin, Nevada
04:45 Descending from the mountains into the wide valley
10:00 The storm approaches
10:21 Resuming in Eureka, Nevada

Please consider supporting this channel so that we can bring more music, synthesizers, highways, and cultural content regularly:

Progressive Ambient Electronic Session with M-Audio Venom a Virtual Modeling Synth - Superteclados

video upload by Superteclados

"Ketsudan - Theme from the album: KOEYAI by VICHERVAL
available here:
Made with:
M-Audio Venom virtual analog modeling synth
Full Bucket BucketOne VSTi
Full Bucket FB-3300 VSTi
Daichi Synth1"

Quick jam on the new Analogue Solutions Ample Synth

video upload by VCO USA

"We finally got our hands on the new Analogue Solutions Ample. Ample is an analog pin matrix synth with a generator-style sequencer, touch pads, and echo effects. It's been a with so far. #analogsynth #synthesizer #musicproduction #edm #synths"

Elektron A4 Atom0Synth

video upload by christian khan

Elektron Analoge Four & Perceptron Atomo Synth

Test after moving the Noise Engineering BIM VCO into this folding modular case. I like it!

video upload by John L Rice

"The gate out of the SSL The Matrix sequencer is patched to the SSL/YuSynth clock divider with one output going to the Basimilus Iteritas Magnus and the other two outputs triggering State FX Dual Trigger Processor (5U Mutable Instruments Peaks) envelopes that are modulating the audio out of The Matrix via a Happy Nerding Fun VCF and Grove Audio quad VCA. (the audio out of the Matrix also goes to the quad VCA and its level is just manually controlled) All four outputs of the Martin Jan Koehler Tidal Modulator (5U Mutable Instruments Tides) go to a Moon Modular 525 quandary attenuator and then to various inputs of the Noise Engineering BIM to vary the sound. #modularsynth #sequencer #electronicmusic"

MODBAP MODULAR | These are my favorite modules at 🌌 #KNOBCON 2023 🌆

video upload by Vulture Culture

"Corry was nice enough to show me Modbap's new modules and I was seriously floored. I'm a noob to modular but these modules were easy to understand but incredibly powerful. Such a nice guy too."

Rare Waldorf Midi Bay - 15x15 Midi Patch Bay

via this auction

"Its a very professional programmable midi patch bay with 15 in and out on the back and also in and out in the front. It lets you total recall your midi settings in your project. Same league but more rare then the JL Cooper Synapse. Build like a TANK!"

Waldorf Microwave 1 RevA

via this auction

Oberheim Matrix 12 61-Key 12-Voice Synthesizer

via this auction

"This is a USA-built Matrix-12. This is mainly of interest because if the display ever fails, there is a replacement kit for the USA-built version. Some Matrix-12's or Xpanders (the non-keyboard 6-voice version) were built in Japan, with a different board design, for which there is no display replacement that I know of.

The Matrix-12 was available with a optional pressure-sensing keyboard, but this one doesn't have it.

The power section works on all voltages worldwide (90-130VAC, switchable to 190-260, 50-60Hz).

The unit had one fault I was aware of: one voice's filter did not pass the self-tune. I had this repaired by Hayashi-san at Symplex in March 2023. As outlined on the receipt shown, he diagnosed the replacement of the voice 10 filter chip (3372, shown; I will include the original bad chip in the purchase). Finally, he did a complete test, and found some more work to do: he cleaned the bend and mod wheels, volume pot, six encoders, eight switches, and upgraded to the latest v1.6 ROMs. The unit now always passes all five self-tune tests as shown on the display quickly, even immediately after turning on."

ARP Odissey MK1 “Whiteface” 1973 - W./MIDI+CV+FILTER IN

via this auction

"Original 1973 ARP ODISSEY in mint condition. Includes MIDI, CV and audio inputs to use the filter independently. The Whiteface model features the 4023 filter, which is much thicker than later models like the MK2 and MK3 (the orange and black models). It's a good opportunity to get a real museum piece and part of the history of analogue synthesizers, without losing the functionality to squeeze it into your studio today."

Blush Response - live at SUPERBOOTH23

video upload by Superbooth Berlin

"Blush Response is the vehicle for Cuban/American musician Joey Blush's research into the sonic dimension. Reports occur at sporadic intervals, usually in concurrence with the discovery of new planes of existence. Born in Miami, and now stationed in Berlin, Blush has brought his sound experiments to a worldwide audience. He has toured around the world as a solo artist, and as a member of groups such as Scar the Martyr and Front Line Assembly.

He is also a renowned sound designer, having done work for companies like Elektron, Yamaha, Arturia, and programming on records from Fear Factory, Cristian Castro, and many more. Blush expresses his sound through deep meditation with his electronic instruments, focusing on the interaction between human and machine. He seeks to both influence and harness the unpredictability of complex electronic instrumentation, in an effort to create a direct expression of his emotions. This sonic ritualism is exemplified in his prolific reporting of fractalized audio sculpture.

This concert was presented by Nord Keyboards.

Blush Response:"

9/17/23 Technosaurus Cyclodon sequences Microcon + CXM 1978 (Snyrus)

video upload by Cfpp0

They look like two 5U modules from that perspective.

►New sounds by Jexus ►Creative patches of the ultra-versatile Hydrasynth.

video upload by

"Pros & cons: Exactly 3 years ago I released my first HS video, but it only showed around 40 sounds. Here's an update with more patches and a lot of new sounds, free for everyone who got the original preset pack.

No talking demo of ASM Hydrasynth. All sounds custom-made by Jexus. Patches / presets from this soundset work in KB, Desktop, Explorer and Deluxe models. You will receive all the sounds from all my 3 Youtube videos plus extra (256 in total). My patches come under the name "WCOG" in a soundpack / soundbank saved in Hydrasynth Manager format. I did not use any external FX in the demo; all the delays, reverbs, flangers, noises, crackles and other effects are part of the Hydrasynth engine / mod matrix. However, I used some EQ-ing on selected patches."

Vector Mixing with Planar 2 by Intellijel

video upload by Stazma

"Hey there folks! Here's another of those short patch video I like to do at the moment! This on is about another of my favorite patches (often those I show to my students when I teach modular synthesis).

This one is about using the Planar 2 to mix waveforms from your VCOs, even some already modified by other modules such as filters or wavefolder, in order to create sort of 'morphing', wavetable like, sounds, while remaining in the analog realm.

Have fun watching!"

00:00 Intro
01:16 Waveform Mixing
04:32 Analog Wavetables

XPO Tutorials | Episode 04 | Exotic woodwind & pipes

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"This video is about XPO and Maths, but it may work with any VCO that supports a bit of waveshaping and linear FM. Maths plays a crucial role, so without Maths (or equivalent) it's near impossible to pull this off.

It's always fun to make a new video, but this one was more than fun. I've been patching a bit yesterday, no goal in mind, and suddenly came up with a sound that reminded me of a bagpipe. I explored it this morning, googled the typical scale used and recorded in one go. It felt great to make some 'traditional' music on the modular instead of the usual weird bleeps and bloops.

The 'secret' of this video is a) using the XPO's LIN-FM input while overriding the default sub oscillator with something more subtle like the sine or the triangle and b) creatively using the Maths channels to 'sculpt' pitch movement, attenuate it so it's really modest, and then patch the sum of all modulation into the LIN-FM. It's not difficult, but it will take time to find something convincing. However, it will be easy to find something really exotic, weird and fun."

GlakGlikGluk Didactron Electronic Response Controller

Pen Synthesizer video upload by GlakGlikGluk

"This pen synthesizer is made with a micro controller with 4 analog parameters which function as Arp Sequencer, Wave table, LFO, and Volume Level"

soma terra

video upload by studio snippets

Folktek :: Alter 1 - Effect 1 - Long Delay

video upload by Folktek

"Folktek :: Alter 1 Effect 1 - Long Delay
A Brief exploration.

Input :: Arturia Keystep -- Moog Mother-32 -- Alter"

Patch n Tweak
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