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Monday, March 04, 2024

Mutineer Synthesizer Demo - Tone Generator Span & Wavetable Editing

video upload by René Feuerlein

"In this demonstration of my synthesizer software programming project Mutineer, I am showing briefly showing a Tone Generator's capability to Span waveform over to the next Tone Generator, as in a Wavetable synth. Also I am briefly showing some of the wavetable waveform editing tools. I then add a lowpass resonance filter, a Chorus plus a Delay effect module, and later include a second Tone Generator, on which I also edit its waveform. The final result is a dreamy pad sound."

Sunday, March 03, 2024

NightRadio - I'm Spring (2002)

video upload by Alexander Zolotov

"A song from the dusty tracker music archives...
by NightRadio 2002"

Saturday, March 02, 2024

Spacecraft 240302

video upload by sj p

"Just messing around with #spacecraft for the first time #ipad #ipadmusicproduction #ambient #ambientmusic #ipadambientmusic"

Friday, March 01, 2024

Kilohearts Phase Plant - "Space Explorations" (50 Exclusive Presets)

video upload by LFOstore

"Phase Plant is an impressive next-gen software synthesizer with classical subtractive synthesis, wavetables, sample player and granular algorithm on board! It allows you to connect an unlimited number of modules together quickly and conveniently, and also includes advanced effects chains, making sound design incredibly fun.

In this soundbank, LFO Store’s sound designer, Otto K. Schwarz, made the most of PhasePlant's potential by creating an exclusive 50 multi-layered presets, each with its own unique modulation features. Here you will find atmospheric pads, bright plucks, exciting cosmic leads, powerful sequences, and even more. These sounds are perfect for different styles of electronic music, as well as for scoring soundtracks.

Each preset is modwheel - assigned and has 4 to 8 additional modulation knobs - this allows you to modulate and customize the sounds to the needs of your own musical works. Each preset is accompanied by a philosophical quote for inspiration. Explore the capabilities of the Phase Plant synthesizer and let your musical compositions reach a new quality level!"

Bad Gear is MASSIVE

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools.

There aren’t many software companies whose influence on electronic music is comparable to iconic hardware brands like Roland and Korg - Native Instruments is certainly one of them.

They defined the industry standard for sampling, established in-the-box modular synthesis and made using FM much too easy but today we are going to talk about Massive.

Putting this 2006 wavetable softsynth and primary ghost writer of the first three Skrillex EPs on the show is - quite literally - long overdue as, after the usual venture capitalist fustercluck and discontinuation of Absynth, it can only be a matter of months until this classic plugin stops working properly on contemporary computers.

Bad Gear is MASSIVE
Plugin, VST, Software Instrument

00:00 Intro Tune
01:05 Overview Native Instruments Massive
01:48 Oscillators/Wavetables/Noise/Mod OSC
02:28 Feedback
02:39 Filter Section
03:04 Modulators ( Brostep Edition ), Wubs, Wobbles
03:37 Modulation Routings, Sidechain
03:54 Patch Settings, Unison,...
04:15 FX Section
04:29 Macros
04:48 What else??? (Pricing,...)
05:13 Hate
05:39 Jam 1 ( Moog Style Techno )
06:32 Jam 2 ( Dubstep for Boomers )
07:24 Finale ( Meme Psytrance )
07:51 Verdict
08:59 Patreon Vocoder Shoutout ( Soma Lyra-8 )"

Making a Groovebox in Minecraft

video upload by Robots Are Red

"This video takes a look at an 8 step groovebox I created in Minecraft. This covers the basics of how the groovebox works, along with a walkthrough of what is all happening behind the scenes so you can build a groovebox of your own!

Jump to any section of the video:
0:00 - Intro
0:52 - Groovebox Rundown
2:09 - How Note Blocks Work
2:28 - Dual Preset Changer
3:48 - Sequencer
4:49 - Step On/Off
5:17 - Alternative Step On/Off
5:43 - Multi Preset Changer
6:12 - Note Block Sounds
7:54 - Multi Preset Changer Cont.
8:44 - Additional Info
9:34 - A Little Jam"

Thursday, February 29, 2024

4 patches using AXON 3

video upload by

"Read my review here:

check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon

00:00 Pattern 1
02:55 Pattern 2
04:29 Pattern 3
06:37 Pattern 4"

See the AXON 3 announcement post for an additional demo & details.

Streichfett String Synthesizer by Waldorf (No Talking)

video upload by Elektronick Musick

Waldorf's Plugin version of the Streichfett was introduced back in November of 2022.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Monster Bass Drone the modular way

video upload by Omri Cohen

"The patch from this video, together with many more patches, is also available on my Patreon page -
Here you can find the Modular Cookbook -

00:00 - Introduction
00:52 - Mixing waves with Boolean Logic
05:51 - Wave Splicing
10:08 - Feedback loop"

Demo Track - Orthosie - A Wealth of Space

video upload by midicake

"Live Improvised Music Performance using Midicake ARP and Ableton/Kontakt to inspire a sense of space."


video upload by loopsdelacreme

"A video demo of the Kontakt instrument LINN SUPREME, available here:"

"Stunning, super-fun and organic: A Linn Drum like you never heard before!


383 samples (24bit, 48kHz mono and stereo WAV) organised in 13 folders
15 Kontakt patches
Includes dry and punchy samples, classic gated reverb samples, and creative sound design samples
Samples processed using world-class studio gear
3 Bonus acoustic sets of ride and crash cymbals
12 Built-in grooves and rolls with MW variations
One ‘full set’ instrument with 8 custom kits
Intuitive GUI with rich overdrive, retro tape saturation, parallel compression, 3-band EQ, and custom reverb.
10 custom Impulse Responses
full Kontakt 5.8+ required!!!
list price: €32,- (+VAT for EU customers)

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Rhizomatic Plasmonic

video upload by DATABROTH

"Read my review here: check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon

00:00 Perforations
12:19 Magnitude
20:28 Dull Pluck
27:42 Oddborg
37:22 Beyond Terrestrial
46:04 Dormant
54:26 Cortisol (continued from Dormant)"

Arturia Analog Lab V - "Cinematica" Soundbank 65 presets

video upload by LFOstore

"Arturia Analog Lab V "Cinematica" sound bank: 65 presets.


The new 65-patch "Cinematica" sound pack features an exquisite soundscape, experimental sounds that inspire. Generation of different synthesis models and excellent effects, plus a combination of two programs.

65 presets with Type:

Evolving Pad
Melodic Sequence
Ambient SFX

Made by Alexander Kav."

Forgotten Tales From AI

video upload by Alexander Zolotov

"Made with SunVox​ modular synth & tracker:
by NightRadio /

Monday, February 26, 2024

Baby Audio ATOMS -Unusual Physical Modelling Synth - Sonic LAB Review

video upload by sonicstate

"We take a look at the brand new Baby Audio ATOMS - a physical modeling synth based on the Mass-Spring concept.
At a basic level: The specific physical model has been turned into an instrument by Silvin Willemsen and Baby Audio. There are masses (usually balls) connected by springs (virtually of course). These are excited by a bowing action and so the masses move and the springs react.

In its simplest form these are sine waves, but with additional parameters thrown in the algorithm they become more complex.

Weird, yes and sonically pretty pleasing when process by the rest of the ATOMS voice architecture - namely, a filter and a reverberator.

What you'll find are atmospheric, organic and certainly unusual sounds that share a common ground. Its an early release, with a couple of missing things - MIDI mapping for instance, but these we suspect will soon be added.

Available now priced at $59 intro offer from"

Sound Examples - Atoms - Baby Audio

video upload by Baby Audio

"Atoms is a physical modeling synthesizer plugin by Baby Audio. In this video you'll hear sound examples of some of the plugin's 250 factory presets.

Get Atoms – Free Trial available:

00:00 Plucks
01:34 Keys
03:37 Pads
06:34 Pulsing
08:13 Leads
09:31 Bass
10:53 Atmospheres"

"Synthesis from the other side
Atoms is a new kind of synth plugin that uses cutting edge physical modeling to generate an endless variety of organic and otherworldly sounds. Use it to build rich and alive textures the world hasn’t heard before.

Physical modeling simulates the behavior of real life instruments. But Atoms takes you beyond what’s possible in the natural world. Its features are deep enough to explore the outer bounds of sound design, yet so simple that you can easily mangle, shape and create.

Atoms is powered by a simulation of interconnected masses and springs with tweakable properties and dimensions. The model is triggered by a virtual bowing action that excites the system and makes it vibrate to generate sound.

Nothing in the natural world is ever truly static. Physical modeling mimics this by generating sounds with the same organic fluctuations as acoustic instruments.

Atoms takes it even further. Its six main parameters can be automated with a selection of powerful motion options to add extra life. This lets you create soundscapes that are constantly shifting and re-generating, like a natural organism.

If you’re used to working with sample libraries, Atoms will bring a new level of otherworldly realism into your tracks.

Atoms comes equipped with a powerful randomization engine. It’s a musically calibrated algorithm that selectively adjusts each parameter based on its relationship to the others, giving you usable patches with every roll of the dice.

You can narrow the algorithm further by limiting the random ranges for any knob or locking parameters from changing.

Finally, the Recycle button is a second randomizer that will create new patches similar to the current patch. Once you have a sound you like, click recycle to explore related options.

The bottom panel gives you a range of creative effects to further sculpt your sound. You can also choose between four sonic profiles, each offering a different structure of the mass-spring network simulation.

With the exception of Space (reverb), all effects in the bottom panel are created inside the physical model itself. This gives you a range of unique modulation effects that are an inherent part of the physical model and sound more natural than any separate FX chain ever would."

"My Planet, Arrakis, Is So Beautiful When The Sun Is Low" (EMS Synthi A, Cocoquantus 2, Osmose)

video upload by PanicGirlVids

"'My planet, Arrakis, is so beautiful when the sun is low.
Rolling over the sands, you can see spice in the air.'

This is a Dune inspired track that I made with my EMS Synthi A, Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus 2, Expressive E Osmose, Emergence Audio Cello & Viola Textures & Felt Instruments.

Even though I haven’t seen the new Dune movie yet I keep on reading, watching and listening to every little bit I can get my hands on. Who else is excited to see the new DUNE movie? 🥰

Thanks so much for watching!"

Sunday, February 25, 2024

VCV Rack Relaxing patch

video upload by Ariel Raguet


2024 02 25

Very melodic random patch with some automated visual changes.

MPC plugins in any DAW (overview & sound examples)

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"You can use the #mpc plugins in any #DAW you like. In this video, I create a track with my favourite MPC plugins (Stage Piano, Fabric XL, OPX-4, Air Delay Pro, Flavor) in #Reaper, playing a number of preset patches along the way. Table of contents:

00:00 hello
00:18 how to get the plugins
01:36 Stage Piano
03:41 Flavor
04:48 Delay Pro
05:48 Use MPC DAW as a plugin (for drums and other sample programs)
07:10 Fabric XL
08:49 OPX-4
11:29 Flex Beat
12:24 some limiters & compression...
13:32 some things to consider
13:46 finished track
18:55 bye-bye

Your MPC plugins are here:"

Thursday, February 22, 2024

GForce Software Introduces the Oberheim OB-EZ Mini

video upload by GForce Software

GForce Oberheim OB-EZ Mini Demos
video upload by GForce Software

"Oberheim OB-EZ is not just a lite version of our multi-award winning OB-E, it is OB-E under the hood. With an easy-to-understand control set and 260 carefully curated presets to suit it, OB-EZ brings the majesty of the Oberheim 8-Voice sound to your productions instantly.

Find out more:

Music and Video by Alexander Ewald"

Monday, February 19, 2024

Apple Vision Pro and Animoog Galaxy - Sonic LAB Exploration

video upload by sonicstate

"Nick and Gaz Williams have a talk with the talented @gbevinGeert Bevin @gbevin - @MoogSynthesizers Head of Software Development - we got to take a look at how the Apple Vision Pro is being used by Moog as the platform for one of the first Spatial Computing applications - the Moog Animoog Galaxy - as well as a sneak peak at the MidiWidgets app Geert has also been working on.

We get a glimpse of how this new platform might be used as a new way of creating workspaces.

Animoog Galaxy is available now $29.99 via the US iTunes Store only."

Patch n Tweak
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