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Friday, June 03, 2016

Claude's Marvelous MIDI Music Machine

Published on Jun 3, 2016 Claude Woodward
Re-Published on Sep 29, 2016 Claude Woodward

Enjoy! :)

Update: video re-uploaded and a description:

"This is a suite of light-up acrylic MIDI controllers - all designed to play different roles.
The main component is the 'Claude Controller' which involves 57 controller wheels arranged in a keyboard-like layout. This allows the player to quickly locate & remember controller mappings.
The simultaneous articulation of multiple parameters makes the synth come alive! In this video I'm using Logic's ES 2 analog synthesiser plugin but, of coarse it can be adapted to any synth engine.
It is also possible to notate the wheel movements using standard music notation.
I would like to see it adopted as a standard for controller design.

I will be performing with this rig soon as 'The Sonic Manipulator Mk 2'...........Be warned!!"

Maneco Loopers - STS / Amendola #2

STS / Amendola #2 from lenny gonzalez on Vimeo.

"Scott Amendola is a drummer and composer. His latest record LIFT is a trio project with Jeff Parker on guitar and John Shiflett on bass.

In this episode he talks about how he makes the loop in 'Lullaby For Sascha' with some bells and electronics.

For more about Scott -

For more about Maneco loopers -"

via MATRIXSYNTH Member, Manecolooper.

Synthrotek MST MIDI to CV Expander with Keyboard

Published on Jun 3, 2016 synthrotek


The MST MIDI to CV Expander module is a tiny but extremely powerful expansion module for the MST MIDI to CV Converter. The Expander includes an arpeggiator and allows you to have additional CV, gate, velocity, modulation and aftertouch outputs on a separate MIDI channel. You can also set it to the same MIDI channel as the Converter and use one of the three note priority selections, which will allow you to do duophony/pseudo-polyphony. You can daisy-chain Expanders together to add even more channels.

The Expander really shines when it is used with a DAW. Multiple Expanders can be set to different MIDI channels in any sequencer (like Ableton for example), making live performance with your Eurorack simple.

The Expander connects to the MIDI to CV Converter using an I2C cable (included).

Three note priority modes: high note, low note or last note
Arpeggiator: forward, ping-pong, random modes
Manual MIDI Reset Button
Volts-per-octave trimmer accessible from the front panel
Velocity, Modulation and Aftertouch CV output jacks function independently but can be used simultaneously
Control the arpeggiator with a modular or MIDI clock
Pitch CV and gate outputs
Select MIDI channels 1-16 with an internal DIP switch
Gate / Note Priority LED indicator
Polarity protection

Current draw:
+12V: 55mA
-12V: 15mA
Module Depth: 48mm
Width: 2HP

Please note: the Expander will not work without the MST MIDI to CV Converter."

Curtis CEM3340 VCO Chips Re-Issued

The Curtis CEM3340 VCO has been reissued by Curtis Electromusic. Note the Rev G in the image. That is the new chip. This is pretty big news. If the info below is correct you will be able to order a single chip for $15, or less in bulk.

The CEM3340 was responsible for the main VCO used in quite a few classic synths including the Oberheim OB-Xa, OB-Sx & OB-8, the Voyetra 8, Roland SH-101, MC-202, Jupiter-6, and early model MKS-80, The Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev 3, Prophet-10, Prophet-600, Pro-One, and Prophet T8, Moog Memorymoog, Banana Polysynth, Crumar Spirit, Digisound 80 VCO modules, the Synton Syrinx, Steiner Parker EVI, Doepfer's A-111-1 High End VCO and more.

Image by David Rudolph Smith.

I saw mention that Dave Smith might have been involved with the re-issue. This would make sense as Dave Smith was close to Doug Curtis and DSI uses a later revision of Curtis chips in many DSI synths, however, I checked with DSI and they let me know: “DSI wasn’t involved in the reissue and if anyone would like to find out more about it, they should contact directly.” More info including price follows.

"Founded in 1979, Curtis Electromusic Specialties created a line of signal processing chips for electronic musical instruments and accessories.

Curtis Electromusic currently offers the sought after CEM3340 VCO, a rework of the original design."

And via johnny83 on the Muff Wiggler Forum including contact info, price, and availability.

"Dear all, I've been speaking with onchip for the last 3 months and they have already produced a new batch of CEM 3340. They are available for $15 each! We have tested them and they are revision G and pass our tests on the original Curtis test boards and also various synths we tried them in.

The person to contact is, she has been remarkably helpful and can process your order. Please be aware that revision G has meant the following:

"After reviewing the prior specifications I did decide to change the minimum VCC spec. The old VCC min. was +10V and the new VCC min. is +11V. This is based on my own bench experience with several versions of the device. Many devices will work with a VCC of +10V and others won’t. Devices that won’t work at +10V should easily work at +11V or higher. This is the only specification that we’ve changed" John Borg (Onchip Engineer)

Additionally they have no plans to release the 3310, 3320 and 3360 yet but I think if they see the success of the 3340 it may be apparent the market needs them. I am in communication with them and will continue to push for the other chips to be brought back but to be honest the release of the 3340 is great news as that was the most common curtis chip used.

Here are the price breaks for anyone wanting to get more than a handful:
1 - 499 = $ 15.00
500 - 999 = 12.82
1000 - 4999 = 9.64
5000+ = 7.46

Postage is in addition to this.

I hope you enjoy and spread the word!!"

Update: I don't have official confirmation but I heard they are also re-issuing the CEM3320 filter.  Do a search on 3320 on wikipedia here to see what synths it was used on.


New vs. Old Curtis CEM3340 Rev G Comparison

Published on Jul 4, 2016 Gregory Cox

"This video is a demonstration of the newly manufactured Curtis Electromusic CEM3340 oscillator IC. A comparison is achieved using the Oberheim OB-8 with half of its 3340s replaced and setting the keyboard in dual mode. Voices 1-4 are the original CEM3340s and 5-8 are the Revision Gs. By assigning the same sound to both splits in dual mode, a comparison can be made by fading between both sounds using the program balance knob.

The signal chain is OB-8 / Neutrik patch bay / Apogee Symphony / Headphone Output / Canon 5D mkiii mic input."

This one in via Soviet Space Child.

Motor City (Detroit Techno) Live Korg Volca Beats Sample Keys Bass

Published on Jun 3, 2016 Phone Records

"Movement/DEMF inspired work and props to MatrixSynth

Korg Volca Beats Sample Keys Bass mono into the mixers kaoss pad fx side chained no mastering or digital after effects"

Humanoid - Stakker Humanoid (short version)

Published on Jun 3, 2016 Calle Nilsson

"Short demo of Stakker Humanoid" [How to program it added further below.]

Oh man, this brings back memories...

Humanoid - Stakker Humanoid HQ (Original Clip + TOTP Remix)

Uploaded on Oct 9, 2011

"Brian Dougans, Westside Records 1988. Videomix by Boa.
Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. This videoclip and audio belong to rightful owners. However, if you're one of them (author, label ...) and you don't want to see the video here, let me know and I'll delete it immediately. This is a non-profit account and is for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended."


Humanoid - Stakker Humanoid (how to program the bassline step by step)

Published on Jun 3, 2016

"How to program Stakker Humanoid."

Korg PS3100

Published on Jun 3, 2016 splitradix

"There don't seem to be a lot of videos of the Korg PS3100 online so I thought I'd upload one as it sounds great. This one has a Kenton midi kit installed. Bass by the SH101, drums by the TR808."

Lost Years - The Connection (Tiergrinders Synth cover)

Published on Jun 3, 2016 tiergrinder

"My adaptation from Lost Years amazing track The Connection, from his new album Venom.

Original track hit me in all the right places at first hearing.
I love the opening delayed bassline, the following sync sound and everything that song beholds.

My cover is not an attempt to match the original 100%.
All the tweaks are recorded live even though it might seem there is not much happening to the sounds. I record each parts audio and video individually and gather the song and video from those :)

I wanted to test my new JP-08 for the bassline and use Juno-106 for the main synth lines.

Originals Bassline is really fat and I tried my best to emulate this with the JP-08 in unison mode.

Sync sound that I used is from Roland SH01 Gaia, the much bashed virtual analog from Roland. I love this synth and I used its preset sync sound. Original preset has LFO for pitch modulation so I turned that down and inverted the pitch envelopes ENV DEPTH from oscillator modulations attack and decay section.

My Jupiter Clone plays the backing synth arpeggio lines.
Drums are mixed selection of samples. Hihat samples are from 808, Claps from 909 and second more compressed clap I got from my DR-202. Toms are from Simmons samples"

Waldorf MicroWave XT - 10 Voice Polyphonic Rackmount Synthesizer SN 820725929

via this auction

"Waldorf MicroWave XT 10 Voice Version 2.33 Polyphonic Rackmount Synthesizer in Amazing Condition.

No scuffs or scratches (a scuff appears on the plastic LED cover but that's only the photo). Everything is functioning perfectly including all 44 knobs transmitting/receiving MIDI. Just removed from my smoke-free production studio that I'm moving locations and condensing the outboard gear in the process."

OP-1 Rytm microGranny 2 Live Performance by CUCKOO

Published on Jun 3, 2016 cuckoomusic .

"Performing a little song with some of my favourite instruments. Analog Rytm, OP-1 and today also a Micro Granny"


Published on Jun 3, 2016 Møffenzeef Mødular

Details posted here.

Switch Up Your Eurorack Sequencer

Published on Jun 3, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"This technique allows for more human interaction with your Eurorack sequences, and is a handy method for creating complex arpeggios and the impression of chord progressions."

The Dying Of The Light by Rhyming In Fives - All DSI Oberheim OB-6 Track

"First track made with the OB-6, which was used for all the elements (except the drums, of course).
Hope you enjoy.
RIF x"

Celldweller Production - Dave Smith Instruments: OB-6 Analog Synthesizer

Published on Jun 3, 2016 celldweller

"In this Celldweller Production, Klayton walks you through the OB-6 Analog Synthesizer in a special team-up with Vintage King Audio!"

Synthrotek MST MIDI to CV Expander with Ableton Live

Published on Jun 3, 2016 synthrotek

"A nerdy teaser of the Expander. We're sending several channels of MIDI data from Ableton Live to the MST MIDI to CV Converter, which is then going to two Expanders. Zelda Dungeon through an analog MST System 104 synthesizer? Don't mind if I do."

DSP Synthesizers Introduces the IKEA Kastrull – 8th Module in the 4HP Nano Series

via DSP Synthesizers

"The IKEA Kastrull is 4HP Drum module with industrial percussion sounds.
The 4 sounds are samples of IKEA kitchen pots, whisks and pans.
(Kastrull is the Swedish word for kitchen pot.)

The module have 4 rising edge trig inputs and a global tune knob with input CV.

Single +12v/5mA power eurobus 10-pin IDC connector.
10-pin/16-pin ribbon Cable and mounting screws included."

Anyone Know the Status of TZM Creative Lab's Motus – Creative Motion Enhancer?

See this post for the device.

Has anyone heard from them or received a device? I tried reaching out to my contact for them a few days ago and have not heard back.

A couple of early backers have reached out to me asking.

ENSONIQ ESQ-1 Synthesizer

via this auction

"The battery was recently replaced, and this also includes a sound cartridge, which are becoming rare and hard to find. Some sell upwards of $80 on eBay.

The ESQ-1 is a joy to program and a very unique and unusual synthesizer. Sought after by synth enthusiasts, get one at this price while you can!"

Alesis A6 Andromeda Analog Synthesizer Mint

via this auction

M-Audio Axiom Air 25 Curve MIDI Controller

via this auction

Posting this one for three reasons.

1. Look at it!  Just look.

2. The display section looks like a separate image of a gameboy resting on top of it. It made me do a double take.

3. Curve? What does that mean?

Overall, it just struck me as an interesting design. The glossy white case also reminds me of the Venom.

Modded Yamaha DX11 Vintage FM Synthesizer Minus Keys

via this auction

"This is a fully working modified FM synthesizer,now modified to work as a module. The synth is in full 100% working condition. The original display has now been changed out and now incorporates a high brightness blue type. This is a breath controllable synthesizer, can be controlled using a Yamaha BC1 or BC2 (not provided). The socket for the breath control has now been mounted at the rear. The endcaps have been worked to give a nice vintage look. Internal lithium battery has been replaced, all voices now at factory state.

One of the best FM synths Yamaha ever made. Thick quality aluminium panels with quality controls. This synth has multitimbral capabilities. It is 8 note polyphonic, can be configured to work as eight fully independent monophonic FM synthesizers. Each sound having it's own dynamics. Interest has always been high where the DX11 is concerned because of it's multitimbral control."

Would be pretty cool if the replaced keys section was an actual touch controller.

Yamaha TX816 - 8 DX7 TF1 Modules in Rack

via this auction

"Yamaha TX816 - 8 DX7 TF1 Modules in a rack - EXCELLENT condition
with manual and XLR to 1/4" octopus for individual outs.
All modules look fantastic, not beat up and worn like most you find.
It is probably as close to looking new as you will find.
Batteries are all good."

Cornfields-Bert Anjewierden

Published on Jun 3, 2016 Bert Anjewierden

"The last song or track from:"Dream Scape Part 2",i was inspired by the German Electronic music band:"Tangerine Dream",band member Edgar Froese is for me the grandfather of Electronic music,he was an Awesome musician!
Music composed,produced and LIVE performed by Bert Anjewierden
Synths used:
Lead:Roland XP-30('Strawberry Flute')
Strings/Pads:Roland JX-8P
Sequence:Roland Jupiter-80
Noise:Roland JX-8P"

IPad Thor Demo

Published on Jun 2, 2016 Israel A.

"Thor is an iPad music app which allows you to create new sounds and affects which can be used on your iPad to create Music and effects for movies and commercials. You can also export sounds you create so you can use them in Propellerheads Reason a PC application for both Mac and Windows."

iTunes: Thor Polysonic Synthesizer - Propellerhead Software AB

iPad iMini Demo

Published on Jun 2, 2016 Israel A.

iTunes: iMini Synthesizer - Arturia

iPad Photophore Demo

Published on Jun 2, 2016 Israel A.

"iPad Photophore allows you to create great sounds for music production."

iTunes: Photophore Synth - Taika Systems Ltd.

iPad Cube Synth Demo

Published on Jun 2, 2016 Israel A.

"Cube Synth is an app for producing music and sound effects."

iTunes: Cube Synth - VirSyn

iPad Animoog Demo

Published on Jun 2, 2016 Israel A.

"Animoog is a powerful Ipad synth app for creating Music and sound effects."

iTunes: Animoog - Moog Music Inc.

IPad Arturia iSEM Demo

Published on Jun 2, 2016 Israel A.

"Arturia iSEM is an iPad synth Music application. It has a great library of high-quality sounds. You can also create your own sounds and save them to the library."

iTunes: iSEM Synthesizer - Arturia

IPad Patterning Demo

Published on Jun 2, 2016 Israel A.

"Patterning is an iPad music app for creating beats with a standard percussion sounds or your own imported sound effects. It is very easy to use and learn. Import sounds from other applications directly to patterning."

iTunes: Patterning : Drum Machine - Olympia Noise Co.

Spotted on discchord.

Korg Volca Keys & Volca Sample jam

Published on Jun 3, 2016 Zachary Berry

"Just messing around with the Volca Keys synced to the Volca sample."

Nord Lead 4 Preset Performances 1-50

Published on Jun 3, 2016 synth-love

"A play through of the Clavia Nord Lead 4 preset performances numbers A01 to A50."

Gotharman's anAmoNo X - Reztrument

Published on Jun 3, 2016 gotharman

"Analog filter + chorus"

Future Retro 512 touch keyboard plays the EMS Putney, Minimoog Model D, EML 101, & Eurorack

Published on Jun 3, 2016 FutureRetroSynths

"Just a quick video to show the Future Retro 512 can play the EMS Putney, Synthi, VCS3 just fine with their .32V/Oct CV standard. All you need to do to make this happen is route the 1/8" gate output of the 512 to the Gate In of the Putney's Keyboard-In cinch-jones connector, and the 1V/Oct CV out of the 512 to the Control In 1. You can then adjust the Control 1 level to scale this CV so the oscillators in the EMS track properly. Start with Control 1 level at "4" then play octaves to dial in the oscillator tracking.

Notice I could have routed the 512's mod wheel, velocity, or aftertouch to Control 2's input to add even more control over the EMS"

Future Retro 512 touch keyboard plays the Minimoog Model D

Published on Jun 3, 2016

"Quick test to show that the Future Retro 512 can play the older Moog synthesizers with their S-trig type gate inputs. For the 512 to control the S-trig synthesizers, you simply need a 1/8" to cinch-jones connector with a transistor and resistor wired into the cable. Simple to do, schematics can be found online."

Future Retro 512 touch keyboard plays the EML 101

Published on Jun 3, 2016

"Quick demo of the Future Retro 512 playing the EML 101 synthesizer. Although the EML does not follow the 1V/Oct CV standard you can trim the 512's CV output to conform to the EML CV standard, and have your oscillators track pitches correctly."

Future Retro 512 touch keyboard plays a Eurorack modular

Published on Jun 3, 2016

"Here's a quick video to show the Future Retro 512 keyboard can play all the various Eurorack modular gear as well.

Special thanks to Switched-On music store here in Austin for setting up this Doepfer system for us, and their time and space while we shot this video in their store."

Follow up to New Future Retro 512 Touch Keyboard Playing the Arp 2600 & Buchla Music Easel

ARP 2600 and Roland Vocoder Plus VP-330 Live Jam 03

Published on Jun 3, 2016 Ralph Baumgartl VLog

"This is a Live Jam experiment using the Sample & Hold Module of the ARP 2600 to create some kind of sequencer line, which is used as a the modulation signal on the Roland Vocoder Plus VP-330 which is providing the carrier signal. The audio of the session was recorded with a Zoom Handy Recorder H4N (no computers were used). Additional gear: Zoom MS-70CDR, Strymon BigSky, Boss BX-600 6 Channel Stereo Mixer"

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