MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Winter - BEMI Buchla Music Easel

Published on Jun 4, 2016 100 Things I Do

"Winter has truly arrived in Melbourne Australia. After months of heat and sun, now icy rain and clouds have taken over. Using ideas from Todd Barton's Orange noise study as a jumping off point the easel is enveloped in 2 reverb's! First, Space Designer with a 15 second synthesized 'verb tail. Then to add some warmth a little trip into the Eventide Black Hole. :D"

Korg Maxikorg ( 800 DV ) Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 0637

Published on Jun 4, 2016 Sjobeck7

Update: Three new videos added to the playlist above for a total of five.

via this auction

"The Korg MaxiKorg 800DV (K-3) is a 44 key monophonic + duophonic analog synthesizer, featuring chorus, auto-bend, portamento, and dual signal paths (functionality of two Korg 770's). Each path features a single oscillator (saw /square /triangle /pulse /chorus /pink-noise waveforms), high and low pass analog filters, AD|R envelope (optionally triggered by a dedicated LFO), and vibrato."

Mutable Instruments Ambika 6xSMR4 Filters

via this auction

"Selling my beloved like new Mutable Instruments Ambika hybrid poly synth. Has 6 SMR4 voice cards. Made by a professional builder in Berlin."

Thighpaulsandra: Demo of EAR Model 41 Steiner 4P Filter

Published on Jun 4, 2016 Peter Grenader

"Thighpaulsandra (of Coil and Spiritualized) testing the limits and demented personality of the new Electro-Acoustic Research Steiner 4P Filter."

Dave Smith PolyEvolver solo - Fugitive

Published on Jun 4, 2016 Reuben Jones

"A solo to one of my tracks."

Flame 4 Vox FM

Published on Jun 4, 2016 Ebotronix

"Doepfer Ribbon ~ A185-2 ~ 4 Vox
FM by A147 and Peg to A 185-2
panning by A 147
- ~ +

"Cowboys From Hell" by Pantera - performed on TOY PIANOS by a ridiculous idiot

Published on Jun 4, 2016 hamsterdunce

"COWBOYS FROM HELL, HAIL YUSS - more radness to be found on and please subscribe to Hamsterdunce and blarbirty blar blarrr keyboards whoooo"

A new classic track from MATRIXSYNTH Member, David C. Lovelace. Check his site out! You'll find plenty of whacked up sights & sounds there.

The Mangle - Synthesis Example

Published on Jun 4, 2016 AiynZahevSounds

"Lazy voice to massive vocal pad using the Mangle and Aether."

via Sound Guru:


Granular synth/sampler plugin

The Mangle grew from years of experiments with granular synthesis. The goal was to 'play' with the stream of grains in a musical and expressive way. This led to some unique features: a large XY area with real-time grain display. Pitch and tempo locking. True stereo grains and multi-timbral layering.

Stretch out rich harmonics from acoustic sounds. Turn field recordings into ambient soundscapes. Or bring in synth sounds to be shredded, exploded and recombined with intricate patterns and cloud effects."

Three Modular Performances by Dave Vosh

dave vosh, live at "noise awareness day", 4/27/2016

Published on Jun 3, 2016 dave vosh

"'noise awareness day 2016' for the d.c. metro area was hosted by george mason university in Fairfax, Virginia and curated by dr. Thomas Stanley on 4/27/2016.

my thanks for the invitation to perform at the event.

dave vosh - modular synthesizer"

What's great about this one, is Dave just sitting there. It's a self generative patch, so why pretend you are doing anything? He created the patch and just has it on display, much like a painter would display their art, but as we associate live music with live performers, he is present throughout the piece. He is part of the piece. Pretty cool and somewhat funny when you think about it.

dave vosh, live at "electric maid", 5/13/2016

Published on Jun 3, 2016

"solo live modular performance at 'electric maid', Takoma park. md.

thanks to bsdiy for the invitation to perform at this event.

dave vosh - modular synthesizer"

"faster not safer", live at "electric maid", 5/14/2016

Published on Jun 3, 2016

"electroacoustic duo 'faster not safer' performing at 'electric maid', Takoma park, md. on 5/14/2016

thanks to bsdiy for the invitation to perform at the event

'faster not safer' :
keith sinzinger - prepared tapes and effect devices
dave vosh - critter and guitari pocket piano and delay pedal"

Novation circuit + Moog mother 32

Published on Jun 4, 2016 tasuku0676

"Other equipment

Beatstep Pro x Airbase99
Eventide space
Moog sub37
Roland juno106"


Published on May 14, 2016 Drink The Corpse Vomit


A short riff played on the Moog Mother 32 thru the Strymon BlueSky and Strymon El Capistan. No other processing used in this video at all."

Waldorf Pulse Plus

via this auction

"These were made during the classic period Of waldorf in the early days when they were making exceptional quality analog instruments like the microwave and the waves synthesizer. This is the most razor like with tight attack and percussive yet fully fluid and analog, it is uncompromising analog perfection.

You can use it as a to voice our link it together with other units. Also it has a classic moog low pass filter accessible with a filter and put in the back for processing external signals.also very unique is a two-way in and out Cv gate interface."


via this auction

KORG FK-1 Analog Filter Pedal SN 750283

via this auction

Ode to Shruthi-1

Uploaded on Dec 27, 2011 MoShang

"A little synthpop ditty made entirely with the kit-built Shruthi-1 by Mutable Instruments. All patches are Shruthi-1 presets - I've added eq, reverb and delay to taste."

Note this one is from 2011. Apparently I missed it, so here it is. MoShang is the man behind Groovesizer.

Eurorack Techno | Commence The Befoulment

Published on Mar 11, 2016 Drink The Corpse Vomit

"CommenceThe Befoulment by Drink The Corpse Vomit.

Minimal Techno created entirely with Deathbox - My Eurorack format modular synth.

No external processing was used at all. Main voice is the Mutable Instruments Braids. Percussion by Hex Inverter, ALM, Addac, Tiptop Audio and Noise Engineering."

Eurorack Modular Synthwave

Published on Apr 2, 2016

"Drink The Corpse Vomit presents Rings Ritual 1. An unholy furrow. Worship at the foot of the inverted attenuator. Simple synthlines going into Mutable Instruments Rings and Braids, Intellijel Atlantis."

Dream Pool Part I

Published on Jun 4, 2016 GNeuman

"Studio tour and ambient track using:

Minimoog Model D
Arp Odyssey Mark III
DSI Sequential Prophet 6
KARP Odyssey x 2
Creamware Prodyssey ASB
Nord Lead III
Takamine 12 string acoustic"

Euclidean Circles Take II

Published on Jun 4, 2016 Axel Fischer

"Playing around with the great Euclidean Circles Module.
Featuring (among others): Mutable Instruments Elements, Waldorf - nw1 wavetable module, Radikal Technologies - RT-451 Dual Multimode Filter and Sonic Potions LXR"

Quiet Saturdays - Episode 30 - live studio

Published on Jun 4, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"The Quiet Saturdays - Episode 30 - pushes me to reinvent myself every week. A Roland D-50 piano style comes from Virus Ti2 and three drones from Circuit, microKorg and Radias completes the atmosphere. Bass comes from the triad Z3000mkii - 106-5-SEM - Warps, two sequences from Braids-Ripples-Clouds and OP-1 and the beautiful drums and a distorted bass from Circuit.

Wishing you a happy weekend!

OSCtoCV Converter for Modular Synthesizer

Published on Jun 4, 2016 Casiotone401

"OSCtoCV Converter for Modular Synthesizer"

"The main purpose of this is to convert OSC (Open Sound Control) message to CV/Gate (method of controlling Analog Synthesizer) by using ** mbed (LPC1768)** and D/A converter.

The OSCtoCV has 8ch CV out, 4ch Gate out, Sync out and MIDI out and send&receive OSC via an Ethernet.

With this, you can control modular synth from computer, DAW (plug-in), tablet device, ..etc and this can generate CV with an accurate musical pitch tracking by using calibration data.

OSCtoCV has MIDI out. For instance you can control MIDI drum machine (volca sample ..etc) with it.

When combine this with TouchOSC, you can control OSCtoCV sequencer parameters, scale, ..etc graphically, and likewise you can make your own custom interface."


Published on Jun 4, 2016 ZerosumInertia

"First night with RK2. R54 and RK1 are being triggered by an Envelator,
then patched into a mixer then into RK2."

How to Program the Stakker Humanoid Bassline

New video added to the bottom of yesterday's post here.

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