MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Timbre Wolf Standalone Jams by Steppenwolf von Mensch

"The Timbre Wolf gets a lot of hate for its sound and features, but most probably don't know what it is capable of. Here are two tracks I've made using the Timbre Wolf standalone, recorded straight into my SP-404SX with reverb FX on the input. No additional processing was used.

Does it really sound all that bad and limited? ;)"

Alternate Theory

Published on Aug 7, 2016 davidryle

"A second run through a patch. Some changes across the modular included rework of the BDrum & clicky sound and timing to the chord changes on the Tonnetz Sequent line."

Dream Suite “Manifestation Manual”

Dream Suite (pt 1) “Manifestation Manual” from Bryan Noll on Vimeo.

Dream Suite (pt 2) “Music For 18 Modules” from Bryan Noll on Vimeo.

“Manifestation Manual”

Dream Suite: Stages 1-2 (Dream / Will)

Performed live on a modular synthesizer.

Mixed in Ableton Live.



Dream Suite: A Manifestation Manual

• Dream
• Will
• Expand
• Flourish
• Release

In the first two movements, we dream the dream then use our will to burn all obstacles on the path to manifestation. We complete the second stage exhausted, only to reemerge from the ashes in the third stage, reborn and ready to expand. The dream seed fuels our expansion as we flourish and learn how to let go.


Patch Notes #12 - Make Noise 0-Coast Slope Section

Published on Aug 7, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"Patch Notes for our examination of the Make Noise 0-Coast tabletop modular synthesizer and the Slope section. Patch notes in the description!

The 0-Coast is playing the bass tones, sequenced by the Korg SQ-1, which is synced to Tempi. The stepped random output is routed to the Contour section decay length, and one channel on the Malekko Varigate 4 is triggering the Slope section which is modulating the Multiply section. (This is not the same patch as demonstrated in the corresponding tutorial, but that's gonna happen sometimes.)

Ornament & Crime is being used in Quadraturia mode, receiving CV from the triangle wave output from the Malekko Anti-Osc modulating LFO frequency and the Sputnik Oscillator triangle wave modulating the coupling amount. Output A is routed to the Mod Bus index input on the DPO, channel B is routed to the Slope time on the 0-Coast while channel C is controlling the Overtone amount. The output from the 0-Coast is routed to the Malekko Mix4.

The lead sequence is coming from the QCV output on the Make Noise René in Snake mode (clocked from Tempi) into the DPO. The final output of the DPO is routed through the MMG then to the Optomix as the VCA/LPG. The René X-Gate output is routed Channel 4 on Maths, which is controlling the Optomix on this voice. From the Optomix output, the voice is routed to the Mix4.

The Wogglebug is also being clocked by Tempi, sending the stepped random output to the MMG filter cutoff and the smooth random output to the Shape input on the DPO.

Braids is in Meta mode, generating it's own short envelopes to create a glitchy, high frequency sequence. The pitch is modulated by channel 4 on the Ornament & Crime, Meta mode is modulated by the Mayhem output from the Malekko Anti-Osc, and the sequence is triggered by a channel on Tempi.

The Kick is from the Malekko Dual Borg, Snare is from the Noise Engineering Basilimus Iteritas, Hihat is coming from the noise generator in the Roland Scooper, all sequenced from the Varigate 4 and routed through the Scooper, then back to the Mix4 with everything else. Tempi is clocking Brains and Pressure Points, 2 channels of which are routed through the Doepfer A-151-2 sequential switch (itself triggered by another row of Pressure Points) and routed to an internal low pass filter on Scooper.

From the Mix4 to the Mutable Warps Parasite alt firmware delays (I really need a reverb module) and out."

Free Casio Rapman Sample Pack

You'll find the sample set at Seaweed Factory

"Here is a complete sample set of the Casio Rapman keyboard. Hits come from drum pads and scratch wheel on the device. Each patch was multi-sampled, with a C note for three octaves. Patch 41 is percussive and has 4 hits instead. Each Rap is a drum loop, sometimes with bass or keys added."

Waldorf Microwave XT (30 Voice) Synthesizer SN 010727873

via this auction

"Waldorf Microwave XT with the Encore Electronics 30 Voice expansion card installed and original AC adapter."

Sequential Circuits Pro One Keyboard Synthesizer SN 2667

via this auction

Peter Pringle's Keyboard Extension for the Haken Continuum

Published on Aug 7, 2016 EaganMatrix Programming

"A brief discussion of my build and use of the keyboard extension for the Haken Continuum invented by Peter Pringle. For the 1/2 sized unit adapting the Novation Impulse 49 is an excellent choice if you can find a used or even better non-functional unit (as long as the key bed and springs are intact)."

Peter Pringle on MATRIXSYNTH

TR-707 Volca FM Volca Sample Live House Jam

Published on Aug 7, 2016 Zachary Berry

"I'm obsessed with the 707.... Here I have it as the master synced to the Volca sample (with the stock sample set), which is synced to the Volca FM. 707 is set to shuffle level 2 and the Sample has it's own swing dialed in.

The Sample is pretty noisy, I think it's the el cheapo 4-way Volca AC Adapter I have. WHATEVER IT ADDS CHARACTER.

No effects other than a slight reverb put on the FM track after recording in Logic. Recorded with a Focusrite red box thing. You know the one."

Sequential Circuits/Oberheim OB-6: Video Synthesizer Improvisation

Published on Aug 7, 2016 Joseph McGinty

"Improvisation with the Sequential Circuits OB-6 and the Signal Culture SSSCan Video Synthesizer app.
Video effects were controlled by the OB-6 via MIDI.
All sounds from the OB-6, no effects, no sequencing.
I improvised a first take while filming. Video effects were done in real time while at the same time manipulating the OB-6 patch.
After that, I did my best to follow whatever it was that I did and added some overdubs."

DSI - OB6 Custom Patches

Published on Aug 7, 2016 GEOSynths

"30 of my own Patches on the Dave Smith/Tom Oberheim Synth. A few are tweaked presets, but most of them are from scratch. It's a very diverse sounding Synth and I just love the 12db Filter. I've only used the on-board FX and while some may prefer the FX turned off, for me I made them with the FX in mind."



Published on Jan 24, 2016 boogie-boutique

"Forgive some sticky finger playing and use headphones or external speakers

Main Beats and Midi Master: Analog Rytm
Bassline: OB1 with Acidlab Autobot
Arpeggio Strings: Jupiter 4
and CR78 for HiHats and JP4 Trigger
MSQ 700 sequences P5
FX Behringer X32"

Oberheim OB-Xa / OB1 / DX / Roland Jupiter 8 / some bits Memorymoog

Published on May 1, 2016 boogie-boutique

"Could do that for hours...;) - please check it out with headphones or external speakers

Midi/Din-Sync Master: Roland SBX-1
JP8 lower keys arppegio trigger & additional hats by Roland TR-808
JP8 upper keys pads sequenced with Roland MSQ-700
OB1 bass cv/gate sequenced with Acidlab Autobot
FX: Behringer X32
Additional Memorymoog while I'm out of the picture"

The end of asia (playing prophet-5)

Uploaded on Feb 22, 2009 dhapi335 さんのチャンネル


Modular Boom Vol 1 & 2 from

Published on Aug 7, 2016 Flux302 of

" for more info!"


via this auction

"The Nova mod lets the SH-101 do loads of extra stuff including processing external audio and some crazy FM sounds. Featuring shiny metal knobs.

Full details about the mod here."

Analog delay quick test - Moog MF-104M + Roland SH-101

Published on Aug 7, 2016 FlavioB

"Got my first analog delay, special edition (white) and I had to test it right away!
Sorry for the poor (smartphone) audio..."

Venom 12-Voice Virtual Analog Synthesizer - M-Audio - Alt Patch Demo

Published on Aug 7, 2016 WayneJoness

"Quick demo of some of the alternate factory patches briefly available before the Venom website was shut down.
Once free, impossible to find now."

Ambient modular synth, self-running drone: "Shipyard" by POB

Published on Aug 7, 2016
Update: Fist posted at 2:38. Re-Published as "Shipyard"

"'Shipyard' is a live modular synthesizer performance -- my first attempt at something that's dark, ambient, and lots of drone sounds.

I let the synth run by itself, only turning off/on voices throughout the piece.

The Intellijel Dixie II+ and Make Noise DPO run the show as far as oscillators, with reverb from the Erbe Verb and delay from 4ms Dual Looping Delay. Full list of modules below.

If you hear voices chanting "ha ha ha" in the middle, that is part of the reversed backmasking sample from Prince's 1984 album, Purple Rain. Near the end of the song, the music stops into the sound of rain and wind. There is singing, but played in reverse, but for this track I reversed it again. The vocals are Prince singing.

I used 40 patch cables for this patch.

Candle is awesome BTW. Whiskey and Tobacco from Northern Lights :)


All sounds mixed out through Pittsburgh Modular's Outs, sent to Ableton Live for master file creation for YouTube, SoundCloud, and Instagram.

I recorded video with an iPhone 6+ then manually synced the video with the audio using iMovie.

All modules were inside a 12U Gemini 0104 case from Monorocket, a 6U case from Dark Modular, and Make Noise's 3U powered skiff.

Modules used:
Pingable Envelope Generator by 4MS
Oscillator by Pittsburgh
K4815 Pattern Generator by Kilpatrick Audio
Nebulae by QuBit Electronix
Elements by Mutable Instruments
MTE 4 by Malekko
STO by Make Noise
Selector by Sputnik Modular
Dixie II+ by Intellijel
Multiplicity by Division6
Matrix by 4MS
DPO by MakeNoise
Dual ADSR by Intellijel
Maths by Make Noise
Rene by Make Noise
Tempi by Make Noise
Wogglebug by Make Noise
Erbe Verb by Make Noise
Optomix 2016 by Make Noise
Mutant Clap by Hexinverter
Dual Looping Delay by 4MS
Peaks by Mutable Instruments
Ripples by Mutable Instruments
Outs by Pittsburgh Modular


No computers were used in the performance of this piece. All modular synths recorded live in a single take."

Spectralis jam

Published on Aug 7, 2016 enapa1apa

"Spectralis and some midi gear..."

New BEHRINGER DeepMind12 Synth - DCO Demo Video


Published on Aug 7, 2016 BEHRINGER

"New Behringer 12 voice Analogue Synth"

You can find all parts of the video series here.

This one in via Soviet Space Child.

Genshi Media Group Live Performance at Ford Food & Drink PDX - 08/06/2016

Published on Aug 7, 2016 Genshi Media Group

"::| Dedicated to Benjamin Dennis Myers: Nov. 26, 1985 - Jul. 31, 2016 |::

Captured with my new GoPro camera (with both camera audio as well as direct audio from my sub-mixer using the Zoom H4n) my live performance at Ford Food & Drink for Lifelike Family's monthly "Abstracted" event.

In the first half of the video I unfortunately was having pretty major technical issues with the tc electronic Ditto X4 looper pedal... the second loop channel wouldn't record, then it wouldn't playback unless I slightly moved the volume knob, then it wouldn't sync properly) so a lot of fumbling around at first.

Also, I didn't really get a chance to work this piece out, as we had a soul crushing tragedy in our family this previous week... completely drained us.

The first half was improvised live looping with the Korg Minilogue into a Strymon El Capistan, then into the Ditto X4 which then went to a Strymon blueSky. The second half featured the Make Noise 0-Coast with additional Eurorack modules by Make Noise, Mutable Instruments, Intellijel Designs, Noise Engineering, Sputnik Modular and additional sequencing from the Arturia Beatstep Pro."

Audio Damage & Harvestman at Control Voltage Portland

A few pics via @ControlVoltage_ 

"Another great in-store demo today! Thanks 4 comin every1 and an especially big thanks to @audiodamage & @harvestman"

Mother 32 record 1

Published on Aug 7, 2016 Pierre Hansen

"first live record , plugged directly on Logic pro , Plugin delay & revers added"

Make Noise 0-Coast & 9U System - "Similarities"

Published on Aug 7, 2016 Ted James Butler

"Head Dress - 'Similarities'
Make Noise 0-Coast & 9U System

Humid summer ambience and rain on metallic roofs with the Make Noise 9U system and 0-Coast."

Kawai K1m Digital Synthesizer Module SN 168897

via this auction

"Includes original Kawai power supply, owner's manual, handwritten notes on the effects and even an excerpt from a 1987 music magazine in which the K1m is listed for its original selling price of £395!"

Pic of the wave list below.

Kawai K5000 Macro Control

via this auction

SN 0000302804495

Knob box for the Kawai K5000W.

Roland MC-202 MICRO COMPOSER SN 316000 with Original Silver Gig Bag Carry Case

via this auction

"You'll have a hard time finding an exceptionally clean 202 that is in such outstanding shape.
The bag has some very light scuffs, but looks excellent and the padding is in good shape.

Everything works perfectly - sliders / switches / pots are smooth and uniform in their feel, and it appears this 202 has seen very little use over the years."

CustomSynth Orange Overlay for the Roland SH-201

via this auction

Roland Juno-60 & Juno-6 Synth Ts

Juno-60 T vis this auction. Juno-6 via this auction. These are from See their other listings for more.

Roland SH101 SN 585737 with Original Bo

via this auction

severence // frozen state patch

Published on Aug 7, 2016

// experimenting with the intellijel rainmaker delay buffer freeze function

// patch notes

addac802 (a) out1 - intellijel rainmaker in l (dly to cmb (off) mono l)
addac802 (a) out4 - desk + addac802 (b) in5
addac802 (b) out5 - mutable instruments clouds in l
alm pamelas workout 5 - make noise mathc ch1 trig
alm pamelas workout 5 - mutable instruments clouds trig
alm pamelas workout 7 - modcan quad lfo gate 4
alm pamelas workout 8 - intellijel rainmaker dly clk
alm pamelas workout 8 - make noise maths ch4 trig
alm pamelas workout 8 - verbos electronics random sampling quantized randoms trigger
make noise maths ch1 unity - addac802 (b) cv3
make noise maths ch4 unity - addac802 (a) cv1
make noise maths eoc - toppobrillo quantimator trig
make noise maths inv - wmd/ssf spo in 2b
make noise rené cv out - alm pamelas workout run
metasonix r54 output - addac802 (b) in3
modcan quad lfo lfo4 - wmd/ssf spo in 2a
schippmann omega-phi omega sin - addac802 (a) in1
schippmann omega-phi omega sin - verbos electronics dual four pole hipass in
schippmann omega-phi phi sin - verbos electronics dual four pole hipass cv b
schippmann vcf-02 output - addac802 (a) in3
steady state fate ultra random analog clk out - alm pamelas workout clk
steady state fate ultra random analog clk out - wmd ssm step/gate
steady state fate ultra random analog sample out-b - mutable instruments clouds text
toppobrillo quantimator 1 - schippmann omega-phi 1v/oct
dp4 hipass out - addac802 (b) in1
verbos electronics harmonic oscillator saw out - verbos electronics harmonic oscillator cv input
verbos electronics harmonic oscillator mix out - schippmann vcf-02 input1
verbos electronics random sampling fluctuating randoms cv1 - schippmann vcf-02 cv1
verbos electronics random sampling fluctuating randoms cv1 - toppobrillo quantimator in
verbos electronics random sampling fluctuating randoms cv1 - verbos electronics harmonic oscillator harmonic scan width
verbos electronics random sampling fluctuating randoms cv2 - schippmann omega-phi pm
verbos electronics random sampling fluctuating randoms cv2 - verbos electronics dual four pole hipass cv a
verbos electronics random sampling fluctuating randoms cv2 - verbos electronics harmonic oscillator harmonic scan center
verbos electronics random sampling fluctuating randoms cv2 - verbos electronics random sampling quantized randoms cv in
verbos electronics random sampling quantized randoms 2n - verbos electronics harmonic oscillator 1v/oct
verbos electronics random sampling white noise - addac802 (b) in4
wmd sequential switch matrix expand dac4 - addac802 (b) cv5
wmd sequential switch matrix expand 1-1 - intellijel rainmaker trig
wmd/ssf spo out2 - addac802 (a) cv4

// desk effects

eventide space
strymon el capistan

Yence - "Morning haze" (live performed - hardware only) Akai Rhythm Wolf

Published on Aug 7, 2016 Yence505

"Had some inspiration early this morning, hope you enjoy the result.

Gear wise, It's pretty much the same setup as 'Fiction'." [posted here]

Cumulus : KORG DSN-12

Published on Aug 7, 2016 karenevil

"Time-lapse movie and soundtrack with KORG DSN-12"

Warps Vocoder 2. Warped Dunes with Baron Harkonnen.

Published on Aug 7, 2016 Robert Shipe

"Classic scene from David Lynch's adaptation of Frank Herbert's 'Dune' where House Harkonnen plots against House Atreides. This time I use the Square/Pulse waveform for the Carrier signal instead of Noise. Tracked live in Ableton 9 with Focusrite preamps. iPhone 6s video."

Building a synthesizer in less than 10 minutes

Published on Aug 7, 2016 LektroiD

"Building a revision 2 Jasper Synthesizer. For sound demo of revision 1 model, follow this link: [posted here]
Music by myself; unreleased track from 1994."

PPG WG SH32Sound0807

Published on Aug 6, 2016 ryouichi harada

iTunes: WaveGenerator - Wolfgang Palm

VCFQ demo

Published on Aug 6, 2016 justin3am

"A run through of the excellent Serge/Random*Source Variable Q VCF.

This is my first attempt to demonstrate a eurorack module with voice over. Not perfect but I think it gets the point across. Not really digging the fish-eye look... oh well."

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