MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

Dave Smith with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem

via @dsiSequential

"Dave & James Murphy of @lcdsoundsystem, Outside Lands 2016.
#outsidelands #lcdsoundsystem"

Published on Aug 6, 2016 WMFESTS4

LCD Soundsystem - Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival 2016 (San Francisco, USA) - August, 5

Evolover desktop on stage.

Also see Dave Smith & Radiohead at Outside Lands 2016

Music Expo San Fransisco 2016

"Music Expo SF, in association with Sound on Sound, is the premier music conference in the San Francisco Bay Area for music makers. It's the only event of its kind and caliber in Northern California for artists, recording musicians, songwriters, music producers, audio engineers, DJs, students or anyone interested in the art of music making.

This years event will return to SAE Expression college in Emeryville on 12th November and will feature even more artist keynotes, even more masterclasses and even more product demos from the pros. Countless networking opportunities and another stellar Remix Contest will give attendees the chance to be heard by some of the most highly-esteemed in players in the industry. Check out the full program here.

Go where music makers go and secure your spot at Music Expo SF 2016 today."

DSI Synths in the flyer and via Yamaha

Orthogonal Devices ER-101 102 Eurorack Module

via this auction

Korg Polysix

via this auction

Dave Smith Prophet 12 SN 666

SN 00666 via this auction

via the seller: "Digital Oscillators, analog filters and VCA. It's fat and versatile, and makes sound nothing else can. Especially with the cool new linear FM update that's installed on it.
Comes with all the factory patches plus a load of custom patches. I was on the patch design team, and will include all my patches. Is that good? Yes, it's freakin' exclusive.

You'll have 12 voices of wicked synth, the 666 serial umber to prove you're synth is evil, and custom patches not available anywhere else on earth."

Trax Retrowave R1

via this auction

"Amazing analog synth with full control over every parameter. Has a wonderful moog like sound, including the Vca over-drive that the moog is famous for. Has four waveform - sine, triangle, saw and square, with pulse width modulation. Has two lfo's, with variable shapes, a sample and hold, Adsr (short or long) that can be bypassed for drones if wished, overdrive, 2 (yes, 2!) sub oscillators, a noise output, positive and negative filter modulation from any source, cv inputs for the filter, the frequency, gate, pwm, and the Vca. This unit has been modded by Trax to add cv output for both lfo's, and a direct output for the mixer section. Also has gate, cv and velocity outputs so can be used as a midi to cv converter."

Oberheim DSX Polyphonic Sequencer

via this auction

"This DSX is fully functional and in great condition. It includes the Oberheim Parallel Buss ribbon cable.

The DSX is a polyphonic sequencer made to interface over the Oberheim Parallel Buss with OB series synthesizers and DMX drum machines. It features 10 tracks with a 6,000 note capacity. In addition to the Oberheim Parallel Buss output, the DSX offers Clock in/out, 8 CV/Gate outputs, Tape Sync in/out, and Cassette Memory in/out."

Vermona DRM1 MK3 & Korg MS20

Published on Aug 19, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the DRM1 drum synthesiser and a vintage MS20 synthesiser synced together:
DRM1 Multi Out to MS20 ESP Signal In
MS20 ESP Trig Out to Trig In
DRM1 sequenced from Ableton Live via MIDI

No processing used except for normalisation."

dreadbox system g take04

Published on Aug 19, 2016 Elinch

"Take 4 with the Dreadbox System G. One take, only the System G, no multitrack recording. For the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers.

„Bass & Sequence“ by Omikron sequenced by Arturia BeatStep Pro; Env 01 controls Filter Cutoff; Env 02 controls VCA „Sequence“; Both Envelopes triggered by the Arturia’s Drum Channel; Lamda L2 Filter.

„Children's Choir Pad“ by Gamma; CV modulated by Arturia BeatStep Pro & LFO A; Direct Out from LP into Delta Delay, modulated by LFO 3.

Directly recorded into Cubasis with Steinberg UR22. Effects: One delay by TC Flashback Triple Delay (Space) and a little bit reverb by Zero Reverb."

You can find all parts in reverse posting order here.

Graham Massey's Minimoog Model D

via @massonix808 - Graham Massey of 808 State.

"I always wanted a day job that involved moogs & gongs@state808 @moogmusicinc"

Guessing that one is an original Model D based on condition.

Prophet6 & Keystep

Published on Aug 19, 2016 Cold Colors

Vibrant Thonk Synth T-Shirt Coming Next Week

via @thonk_synth

"New Thonk T-shirt coming next week #prism #squint #drunk #chromaticabberation #trippy #pride"

Some great tags there. :)

Oxygene on a Korg PS-3200

Published on Aug 15, 2016 Rafa Saez

"I used space echo Roland re-201 (delays) , artsacoustic_bigrock (phasers) , Big Sky (reberbs) , Korg PS3200 (main sound) , Moog source (Monophonic sequences) , Roland JD-800 (all strings and pads) , Oberheim Matrix 6 and Waldorf Microwave (double bassline) ."

Korg PS 3200 demo sounds Oxygene 4 melody

Published on Jul 10, 2016

"Korg PS 3200 demo sounds Oxygene 4 melody"

Moog BFAM (Brother From Another Mother) analog synthesizer and sequencer

via this auction

via the seller: "I'm selling my BFAM (Brother From Another Mother) analog synthesizer and sequencer. I built it in May of 2016 at the Moogfest Engineering workshop in Durham, NC. According to the Moog engineers, it was an early prototype for the Mother 32 synthesizer and will not be available commercially.

Ebay won't let me link directly to Modulargrid, but if you search that site for BFAM, there is additional information about the synthesizer, including videos,

Single VCO, with saw & pulse wave forms
ADSR envelope
Pulse Width
VCF with cutoff and resonance and VCF EG Amount control
8-stage analog step sequencer, with control over glide, gate length & clock rate and per-step gate control - sequencer can be routed to pitch, filter cutoff, or another destination via patch point
16 x 3.55mm patch points on front panel
1 6.55mm output in back (when using provided case)

NOTE - this was built from a kit during the workshop, so know what you are buying - this is not a Mother 32. The synthesizer and sequencer work great, but it was not built in a factory. It was calibrated and checked by Moog engineers during the workshop."

Original Moog Polymoog Synthesizer 203A Polypedal 285 Technical SERVICE Manual VII Norlin

via this auction

"Original Norlin Service Manual - Not a Photocopy, PDF, or a CD

Company: Moog

Title: Technical Service Manual
Norlin Cat #: 993-042314-001

Model: PolyMoog

Part: 203A & 285

Type: Analog Synthesizer & Pedal

Dated: 1978

Tabbed Contents
General Information
Top Boards
Control Boards
Power Supply
Divider,High Frequency Oscillator
(Low & Medium)Mother (board), Modulator, Balance

Poly pedal Schematic and exploded parts diagram is located within the General Information Tab"

Original Moog Micromoog Synthesizer 2090 Technical Service Manual

via this auction

"Original Moog Manual - Not Photocopies

You will receive exactly what you see pictured in the Auction

Company: Moog

Title: Technical Service Manual

Model: Micromoog 2090

Cat# 14-024

Type: Keyboard

Dated: 1976

40 pages, paper covers, stapled binding

In 6 Sections - includes 354 Figures, 7 Tables

1) Introduction,
2) Circuit Description
3) Disassembly Procedures
4) Tuning and Adjustment Procedures
5) Troubleshooting Guide
6) Replacement Parts List

Included in section 6 - Block Diagram, Harness Assembly, and Schematic Diagram"

Patch Notes #14 - Make Noise 0-Coast Dubstep Wobble Bass

Published on Aug 19, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"Patch Notes 14 explores the patching demonstrated in our recent Dubstep Wobble Bass tutorial with the Make Noise 0-Coast with the Korg SQ1.

The 0-Coast and SQ1 are patched exactly like the previous tutorial, with the SQ1 clocked by the Make Noise Tempi, and the 0-Coast routed out to the Malekko Mix4.

The lead sequence is being played by the Make Noise René, also clocked by Tempi, routed out the DPO. The DPO Final output is routed to the MMG, then to the Optomix and out through Mutable Instruments Warps running Parasite firmware in pingpong delay mode. Then the signal is patched to the Mix4.

The René X-gate output is routed to the Malekko ADLFO, triggering two envelopes routed to the MMG filter frequency cutoff and the Optomix control input. The left over group of 3 ADLFO functions are in Loop x10 mode to generate longer LFOs. One is routed to the FM Bus on the DPO, the sum output is routed to the Mod Bus index. One channel on the Ornament & Crime (in Quadraturia mode) is also routed to the Mod Bus external source input.

Another one of the O&C outputs is routed to modulate the Timbre control on Mutable Instruments Braids in WTx4 mode, playing back the chords. The pitch is modulated by a channel on Make Noise Pressure Points (clocked through Brains by Tempi), while the note triggers are coming from a channel on the Malekko Varigate 4 (also clocked and reset by Tempi).

Another channel on the Varigate 4 is routed to a mult, then to the Roland Scooper to trigger a hihat, as well as to the Doepfer A-151-2 Sequential Switch. The signal is then toggled via 2 channels of Pressure Points summed through Maths, between 2 destinations, the Kick (from the Dual Borg/Envelator combo we’ve explored before) and the Snare (from the Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas). The drums are routed through the Scooper, and then to the Mix4 (which is the final output)."

Gary Numan's New Minimoog Model D

via @numanofficial

"My Moog Innovation award has arrived. A new MiniMoog D. Huge thanks to Moog, I'm honoured & grateful. @moogmusicinc"


Love the yellow on green.

Just a nice shot via Thonk on Instagram who made a couple of comments on it:

"It really nails that 80s reverb thing, really nice chalky psychedelic edges on things... it has the more rich plasticy eventide sound like the harmonizer rather than the quadraverb fuzz"

Kawai K5000W Additive Synthesizer demo

Published on Aug 19, 2016 AreggerOrchestra

"Quick track made with the K5000W. Custom patches, constructed mostly with additive synthesis. Sequenced with the internal sequencer. No external processing."

GFM Koch - Free Percussive Synthesizer (PC / MAC) (Quick Play)

Published on Aug 19, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"GFM Koch is a free percussive Synthesizer for PC and MAC. It has a little GUI but works well in your DAW."

via Synth Anatomy

"GFM Koch is a Synthesizer able to generate the punchiest percussive notes, by construction.
Thanks to the purity of its integration, its sound is especially crystalline from the lowest to the highest frequencies. Thus it is suitable for sub-bass stabs, percussive basses, emulating electric pianos and tonal percussions. To compliment this raw sound, a sub-oscillator and voice-wise distortion is provided. This distortion is devoid of aliasing, again by construction."

Little snowflake synth.

DIY Synthesizer - An up close look

Published on Aug 19, 2016 Trance Zero Space

"This is an up close look at what the home-made synthesizer, the 'ESL i-Lander,' can do. The synth is a combination of purposely short-circuited electronics from a toy keyboard and parts from a MIDI keyboard that utilize iPad effects applied to the short-circuited sounds. iPad programs used in this video were Turnado by Sugar Bytes (the effects applied through MIDI) and Cubasis (the DAW recording all audio)."

Looks like a steering wheel is attached to it. Imagine that for a knob. You could swap the Yamaha Montage's "super knob" with one.

Rocking Koma

Published on Aug 19, 2016 Jurgen SONICrider

"Patchinfo KOMA Komplex Sequencer
- Sequencer A:
--- CV to muliple to Moog Mother 32 & Pittsburgh Modular VCO
--- Gate 2 mutiple to Moog VCA & Pittsburgh Modular Dual VCA
(Pittsburgh VCA to Track & Hold controlled by Maths)
- Sequencer B:
--- CV to Gate Length sequencer A
- Sequencer C:
--- CV to Skip Step sequencer A
--- CV to Skip Step sequencer B
- Sequencer D:
--- CV to SSP sequencer A
--- CV to SSP sequencer C

Clock in from TipTop Audio Circadian Rhythm (plays also drum sounds)
Percussion sound Elektron Machinedrum"

AVP Synth MAD-5 through a spring reverb

Published on Aug 19, 2016 AVP Synth

"AVP Synth MAD-5 Midi Analog Drums running through a spring reverb (programmed with Ableton Live). Sorry for bad quality, direct audio will follow soon

More info:"

Pixel Mechanic - Modular Meets Electric Spring 2016

Published on Aug 19, 2016 DivKidVideo

"Here's Pixel Mechanic's set from Modular Meets Electric Spring. Unfortunately my camera cut off missing maybe the last 10 minutes (which were excellent btw) but here's the footage I have."

Synthrotek AstroNoise Eurorack Mod

Published on Aug 18, 2016

"Learn how to mod your AstroNoise here:

The AstroNoise is a massive vintage video game-inspired noise-making machine! Shape the galactic frequencies with 4 onboard controls. The "Oscillator Rate" controls the master frequency. The two LFOs and the LFO pitch modulate that frequency and together allow you to make rhythms, video game motorcycle sounds and more.

The AstroNoise whets your appetite further by letting you choose between 3 different radical vintage tones. The adventurous user can use it to make beats, lead lines and noise swashes by connecting other devices into the LFO input and the Control Voltage input (optional). The fun doesn't end after building the circuit! Take your creative skills further by designing your own custom enclosure out of an old cigar box, lunch box, doll head, etc!


- Tone Select Switch lets you choose between three classic sounds: bleeps and bloops, 8bit explosions and razor-edge squares
- Oscillator Rate Control ("Rate" on the PCB) changes the master frequency and rate
- LFO Rate 1 Control (OSC1)
- LFO Rate 2 Control (OSC2)
- LFO Pitch Control (OSC_LVL)
- Volume Control
- Oscillator On/Off switch (turns off LFO Rate 1/OSC1 and LFO Pitch/OSC_LVL)
- LFO Input (OSC_IN): use for external control of LFO Rate 1 with an input of 1-150 Hz
- Control Voltage (CV) input (disables LFOs)
- Power on/off switch
- 9V DC jack and battery clip"

VBrazil Overfolder Module Prototype

What's an Overfolder? Published on Aug 18, 2016 Quincas Moreira

"Playing with the new VBrazil Overfolder module prototype! Coming soon to a diy shop near you :)"

Quadraphonic Sound Concert, Live Synth Jams & Interviews at Modular Synthesizer Meeting 2016

Published on Aug 19, 2016 Ralph Baumgartl VLog

"This is the final episode of them #HappyKnobbing2016 Modular Synthesizer Meeting video series. The video features some excerpts of the Quadraphonic Sound Concert, interviews with Musicians who are explaining their individual Modular Synthesizer Rigs and some Live Jam performances.
Musicians in the order of their appearance: 1. To be determined, 2. MacroDX, 3. Reinhard Gleisner, 4.To be determined, 5. To be determined 6. Wolfgang Michalowicz, 7. Bernd-Michael Land"

Vermona DRM-1 Drum Machine

via this auction

"RARE Vermona DRM-1 drum machine made in Germany in the mid 1980s."

1978 MiniMoog Model D

via this auction

"Vintage Moog Music Inc 1978 MiniMoog Model D serial number 102XX...."

Sismo Live Jam! Synth of the Month

Sismo Live Jam! Synth of the Month from sismo on Vimeo.

"Sismo live jam! Synth of the Month: Neon, Ona and Comp1."

Midnight Oil - Lowgritt

Published on Aug 18, 2016 LoWGritt

"5U - Modular Drone Patch"


Published on Aug 18, 2016 RolandChannel

"A powerful effect to mangle and destruct your sound is via a bitcrusher/sample-rate reducer. The AIRA Effector BITRAZER is both with a dual-mode FILTER that can be manipulated via hands-on tweaking or control voltage. The BITRAZER takes on the 8-bit mono synthesizer of the A-01 CONTROLLER+GENERATOR in this video for sounds from crushed sizzles to formant lead lines."

Creamware Pro 12

Published on Aug 18, 2016 Vintage Sounds

"Demostration of sounds I made it with Creamware Pro12, the drums are programmed with Reason."

flight manual :: samplr & sector

Published on Aug 18, 2016 coloring pad

"flight manual :: samplr and sector on ios"


Published on Aug 18, 2016 Ebotronix


4ms Peg, QCD/Expander , RCD²
Analogue Systems RS 100, RS 110²², RS 360
Cyndustries Zeroscillator
Doepfer R 2m², A101-2², A118, A 131², A133², A134²² ,A141,
A143,1,2,9, A148,A151²², A156², A175²²²,
A185-2 (14x), A138m,a²²b²²c²²²
Flame Chord Machine, Q Slider², Tame Machine
foh choices
Make Noise Brains, PP², Maths², mdm², QMMG, René, Wogglebug²
Malekko Anti ²², Unkle²², Jag
Moog Taurus 2, Freqbox²²
Oberheim Sem
SSL Modulation Orgy
TipTop Audio Z 8000
Toppobrillo Quantimator² (ionian ASR), Sportmodulator, TWF
Logic masterclock to Kenton Pro 2000
FX : Boss VF-1, Lexicon MX 400, Line6 Echopro, TC M 3000
mackie the mixer²
drums Ultrabeat
vid #1582

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