MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Moog at AES - The Future is Female

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"The future is female. #AES2016 #aes #AESLA #womeninelectronicmusic"

Great shots!

Ninstrument ‘SUPER’ Eurorack Modules - QCDG8, UTILITA, & COMPRESSWITCH

via Ninstrument

"Continuing in the same thread of combining eurorack modules together, here are a couple more examples. First is the QCDG8. I took a 4MS QCD and expander and smashed a Circuit Abbey G8 right in between. I also added much needed bufferred mults to the outputs of the QCD and expander. This has a nice flow with all of the jacks down the middle of the panel.

"Next is the UTILITA. Where do all of those clock outputs from the above QCDG8 go? This modules combines a Doepfer A-150, a Blue Lantern CMOS Party, 3 NE Sinclastic Empulatrix and a MI Branches. By combining them into one panel I can ‘normal’ some of the inputs making it much easier and quicker to patch. I also solidify my workflow. Remember ‘Familiarity’ breeds content. The more you get used to something the more it will seem like second nature."

"And last but not least is the COMPRESSWITCH. Here I take two Compressors from WMD and a Pittsburgh Switch and make them into one bad ass switchable compressor. This gets used in every patch I make.

As you gain experience with your modular synthesizer, you will start to see you will regularly patch your modules the same way most of the time. Once you establish the workflow you use most often, it makes sense to combine modules together into ‘SUPER’ modules if you will. You will obviously have your own ideas what you would make into a SUPER module, but that is the point. You are starting to think of your modular as your custom instrument and less like test equipment. Don’t be afraid of learning about what is behind the panel. It can be just as much fun as what is in front of the panel!"

KORG EX-800 SN 003702 with Wood Side Panels

via this auction

elektron | Discovery

Published on Oct 1, 2016 Jeff Purgason

"Korg SQ-1 sequences the Korg Wavestation, TR-909 sends rimshot out to Roland SH-5,"

Published on Oct 1, 2016

"Trippy Sound from Yamah's SY35 Dynamic Vector Synthesis..."

Roland sh201 patch creation part1

Published on Oct 1, 2016 synth-love

"An exploration of the Roland sh-201 synthesizer. Includes the sh201 supersaw.

Various thoughts on the sh-201 (especially vs the jp 8000)

Short version, if you can get a JP-8000 there is little reason to buy the sh-201. However, the sh-201 is a great synth and not as crippled as it may appear. Nearly all parameters are accessible from the synth via various key combinations.

The sound is different with the sh-201 being a bit more raw to my ears. The JP-8000 sounds smoother. The sh-201 has a lot of aliasing on high notes. It did not show up in normal use but interesting for testing purposes. If I had to guess I would think that perhaps the sh-201 has parts of the audio path and/or dsp that are cheaper than the jp-8000. This gives bad sound in the high notes but actually makes the mid-range sound very nice and raw.

The envelopes seems tuned a bit strange - hard to get the right feel and seems to be a bit of dead space on the filter env amount slider.

It is very hard to come to a judgement on the sh-201 supersaw vs. the jp-8000. I have recorded some video to address this in particular.

The sh-201 distortion/overdrive is very useful but not like the jp8080 distortion. The jp8080 rack distortion is much more flexible. The jp8000 has no distortion at all.

The reverb is nice but I would take the JP-8000 chorus + delay over it. I feel I could get similar reverb elsewhere. The JP-8000 delay and chorus are special. The sh-201 delay can be made to give chorus and it does widen the sound nicely.

It is easy to double the patch memory by programming separate sounds for the upper and lower tone. I was not aware of an easy way on the sh-201 to make arbitrary pairings for splits and layers though.

The synth is very light. Construction seems ok - mine had an issue where the mod lever would activate itself and could only be fixed by a reboot. I only had the synth for a few weeks and did not attempt to fix it.

Also of note, the random and sample and hold LFO's are nice but slower than the JP-8000. I could not achieve a nice noise-lfo type sound with the fastest modulation."


Buchla Drum Samples - Buchla Music Easel - Free Sample Pack : Link in description

Published on Oct 1, 2016 100 Things I Do

"I'm bored and uninspired of late with all the drums sounds I have in my library so I've started to make some new custom sounds from each of my synths. As the Music Easel does not have a noise source I thought it would be interesting to share some exploration of drum creation using mostly the opto-gates and modulation.

My Free Sample Pack available from

Click the down-arrow at the top right of the google drive screen to download.

I've also snook a few moments of preview from my new album which I hope to have out before the end of the year!

Hope you all enjoy."

Absolute MOOG Analog WAV Collection 2gb Samples Minimoog Voyager Phatty Minitaur

Published on Oct 1, 2016 SynthgodXXX

"Absolute Moog Analog Wav Collection
by Rik Marston 100% No Talking!
**Watch in HD & with Headphones!**

This collection is on sale NOW on EBAY $14.99!!
SAME DAY DOWNLOAD via WeTransferPlus
Pay Today, PLAY IT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!

All samples for this demonstration video were recorded into
Ableton Live 7 "Sampler" device with no effects!!

.Wav Sample Names, Key Locations & place in video listed below:

VOYAGER "GOLD C3" @09:32

SM#1 Project

Published on Oct 1, 2016 MoonSatellite Lone Wolf

"A little session in studio...
Sorry for some mistakes, no rehearsals ;-)
Sequences : P6 & OB6
Pads : OB6 & A6
Lead : Minimoog Voyager"

Ghost of Jordan Levitt (MU modular synth jam)

Published on Oct 1, 2016 Autotross

"Giving the new Synthcube/Moogah SEM filter a workout - it really starts to shine at the 3 minute mark.

Both parts sequenced by the Q960. Drums from Roland TR-8.

Strymon El Capistan and TC Hall of Fame used for delay and reverb."

Switched On Pachelbel - Canon for Intellijel Atlantis, Dreadbox Erebus, Sequenced by Korg SQ1

Published on Oct 1, 2016 Nick Kwas

Teensy Polyphonic Synth

Published on Oct 1, 2016 otemrellik

"My first venture into the teensy audio library! This is a polyphonic synthesizer with various controls.

Learn about Teensy audio library:


"All analog 6" Akai Tom Cat Rhythm Wolf Volca EHX 2-Pole

Published on Oct 1, 2016 Yence505

"I didn't use the Tom Cat and the Volca Bass in an anlog only track yet, so here it is. I hope the audio turned out ok. This is the first time I used Ableton for mastering and I only had headphones available, so... fingers crossed."

Korg Minilogue - Some Custom Sounds

Published on Oct 1, 2016 AiynZahevSounds

"Hi guys & girls, it occurred to me that I never uploaded this to youtube, just some sounds I made when I had the Minilogue. Almost all raw, but when you hear it in stereo that's double-tracking or Ableton's delay plugin. As you can hear early on, the resonance is very strong, and the built delay is quite gritty and noisy. You can also hear how versatile it is with it's various x-mod and sync modes."

Cyborg Relaxation Tape - FH-1 OSC Demo - Mark Steiner

Published on Oct 1, 2016 Mark Steiner

"Demo of the Expert Sleepers FH-1 Modue using a TouchOSC template for iPad made by Mark Steiner.

Email me at for a free copy of the template."

Crumar Bit One

via this auction


Published on Oct 1, 2016 Steve Brenner

"All black goo foam has been removed like new inside. with some new slide pots, audio input, VCF CV and VCA CV inputs. S trigger has been changed to a V trigger input. LFO speed and selector mod and 2 PWM control pots on each VCO."

via this auction

"Power supply has been reconditioned with all new capacitors and voltage regulators. Film caps on the main board have been replaced too. Comes with a bag of old parts that i replaced as seen in the pics. LFO mod has been added for slow, fast and the stock speed. Also added 2 PWM control pots for each VCO. Back panel now has Audio OUT and Audio IN , VCF CV and VCA CV inputs. The trigger in has been changed to a V Trig IN and added 1/8'' jacks to accommodate Eurorack modular setup. New slider caps with some of them colored to match the section color of the synth parameters. This synth is alive again and sounds great."

Hicut Cake Classics :: Frédéric Chopin – Étude Op.10 No. 12 (Revolutionary)

Published on Oct 1, 2016 hicutcake

– Moog Mother-32
– Korg Arp Odyssey
– Modemachines XOXBOX

– Valhalla Vintage Verb

Recorded at: Studio Tort, Warsaw, Poland 2016

Spell Woman - A day in the life of a Japanese synth girl

Published on Oct 1, 2016 synthjunk

"Music video starring Yuko from Japan. All words & noises from a circuit bent speak & spell."


Spell Woman - The Performance

Published on Nov 5, 2016 synthjunk

"Starring the Synthjunk Impostors.
We had a lot of fun during the filming of this video.
This track is from my album Tune Up. Hope you enjoy it."

The Cosmic Planet Experience (Moog Mother 32 - Dreadbox Erebus - Korg ms20 - Doepfer Dark Energy)

Published on Oct 1, 2016 Sounds & Things

"Moog Mother 32 - Dreadbox Erebus - Korg ms20 mini - Doepfer Dark Energy 2.

Public Domain Video : Cosmos War of the Planets (1977)"

Mutable Instruments Rings Demo & Hidden Features

Mutable Instruments Rings Demo from Perfect Circuit Audio on Vimeo.

"Short jam with the Mutable Instruments Rings."

Mutable Instruments Rings Hidden Modes from Perfect Circuit Audio on Vimeo.

"In this video we explore some of the hidden modes on the Mutable Instruments Rings."

Just TripsQuad and Two Sine Waves

Published on Oct 1, 2016 Oren Levy

"Audio path: STO goes through the first 2 channels of Tripsquad to mixer. Dixie goes one channel of optomix, into TQ's channel 3, out to optomix's channel 2, into TQ's channel 4 and out to mixer. One O+C is CopiesMaschine mode playing a quantized sequence to the oscillators but seperated by two steps. The other O+C is going about it's Low-Rents app doing silly modulations. On top of that, there is a done of other stuff modulating other stuff."

emu octave

Published on Oct 1, 2016 zack dagoba

"This is a demonstration of the Emu Modular doing something unique. It has a module called the Triple Latch which if patched in a certain way will divide down the pitch of an audio input by one octave. As there are 3 latches available it can create 3 downward octaves. So I patched an oscillator into latch one, then into 2 and 3, and the original signal and the divided ones into an Emu mixer to get 4 octaves from one VCO. Pretty cool! I used the ARP2500 sequencer to send the Emu a pattern, and used the Emu Voltage Controlled Transient Generator to vary the envelopes (using other outputs from the ARP Sequencer as CV sources, which locks it into rhythm). There is also an LFO'd notch filter and a very early Ibanez digital delay mixed in"

Patch Notes #21 - Sequencing w/ DU-SEQ, 0-Coast and more

Published on Oct 1, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"This episode is exploring both our latest rubber band control on the Vintage Synth Labs VCF-74 Pulse Tips and the direction & address functionality of the DU-SEQ Eurorack sequencer.

Four voices here, clocked from the Make Noise Tempi including the DU MDLR DU-SEQ, which is sending pitch and gate to the Make Noise 0-Coast. The 0-Coast stepped random out is routed to the overtone section, while the cycling slope section is routed into the FM input. The 0-Coast is then routed out to the Vintage Synth Labs VCF-74, which has it's cutoff knobs rubber banded together, and through the Mutable Instruments Warps Parasite alt firmware ping pong delay. The DU-SEQ address is being modulated by a cycling channel 1 on Maths, from the variable output. The clock output is routed to the Malekko Varigate 4, which is sending one randomized gate pattern to the External Gate input 1 on the DU-SEQ.

The Varigate is also sending a randomized pattern to Mutable Instruments Braids, triggering the internal envelope in the Bees in the Trees alt firmware. As well, Braids is in Meta mode, modulated by the smooth random output on the Make Noise Wogglebug. The cycling channel 4 on Maths is modulating the timbre control, with a looping channel on the Intellijel Dual ADSR modulating the color control.

The pitch is modulated via the S&H circuit on the Sputnik Modular West Coast Random Source. The white noise source is routed to the S&H input, which is being triggered by a 4x clock from the Synthetic Sound Labs Modulation Orgy (which is being clocked by Tempi).

One of the fluctuating random outputs from the West Coast Random Source is routed to the attack input on the Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas. The stepped random function from the Modulation Orgy is routed to the pitch. The 4 channels of LFOs on the Ornament & Crime are routed to the decay, fold, harm and spread inputs. The Wogglebug bouncing output is routed to the morph control. The BI is clocked by two source joined through the Doepfer A-151-2 Sequential Switch. One signal from the Tempi, another from the stepped random output on the Wogglebug. One channel on the Make Noise Pressure Points is toggling between the sequences every 4 steps, while another is resetting the switch on the following step.

The bass is coming from the Tiptop Audio Z-3000, with the sawtooth wave routed out through the Make Noise Optomix. A sine wave from the Make Noise DPO is routed to the other channel on the Optomix, and then out to the Z-3000 FM input. Both channels on the Optomix are being opened by the Malekko ADLFO, which is triggered via the Make Noise René (also routed from the QCV to the 1v/oct input on the Z-3000).

Everything through the Malekko Mix 4 and out, with a slight bit of dynamics processing to even out the peaks in the recording."

Dreadbox Murmux v2 - First Look

Published on Oct 1, 2016 ProckGnosis

"First look at the new Dreadbox Murmux v2, the awesome lovechild of a Dreadbox' Murmux Semi-Modular, the Erebus, and several Dreadbox modules, after a heavy night of slamming ouzo shots.

Highlights for me would be:
- The 3 independent oscillators plus a sub osc
- The combined high pass and low pass filter mixing
- The "drive" control

The Murmux was already pretty solid as a lead and bass synth, but these 3 extra features (just highlighted above), REALLY help push it up another notch for cutting leads and ballsy basses.

Though recorded the day before I went on vacation, it was edited and thrown together in between bouts of seriously needed relaxing here in Greece. Cheers!"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Analog Synthesizer SN 3056

via this auction

Oberheim Matrix-1000 - Original Vintage Synthesizer Brochure

via this auction

"For sale is an original Oberheim Matrix-1000 Brochure from the 80's

This is your chance to own this vintage Oberheim Matrix-1000 Brochure with a lot of valuable information about the Oberheim Matrix-1000 Synthesizer Module.

This brochure has no punched holes, no stamps19. and no highlighting or writing in it, see the picture's for more detail."

High Stand/Sides for Elektron Gear

via this auction

"Laser cut end panels for two Elektron boxes.

These stands have 3.5" of clearance in the front and are designed to sit behind a modular synth skiff, other synthesizers, or effects pedals to make the most of your studio space.

Compatible with:

Elektron Octatrack

Elektron Analog RYTM

Elektron Analog 4

Elektron Machinedrum mk2

Elektron Monomachine mk2

Includes two high quality bamboo side panel and flat black hex mounting screws."

Roland MC-202 Microcomposer

via this auction

subtonic acid house (live)

Published on Oct 1, 2016 rezzyblips

"short acid jam 120 bpm with roland jd-xi an Roland TB 3 little art as usual all acid lines are by me"

2016.09.29 Klee + ÷ N Com

2016.09.29 Klee + ÷ N Com from bucketbd on Vimeo.

Melody Progression Tips for Eurorack Modular

Published on Oct 1, 2016 mylarmelodies

"If you like this, subscribe & support me on Patreon to get bonus videos! - Shoutout to $10 Patreon Patron Andrew for inspiring this episode.

More on Steevio, top read:

-Key Featured Modules-
Doepfer A-151 Quad Sequential Switch
Doepfer A-185-2 Precision Adder
Make Noise Pressure Points
Abstract Data Octocontroller
Tiptop Audio Z8000
Tiptop Audio Trigger Riot
Music Thing Turing Machine

-Also Featured-
ALM BusyCircuits Akemie's Castle
Make Noise Erbe Verb
Make Noise MATHS
Nobots Divide
Tiptop BD808 + Plague Bearer
Tiptop HATS808
Tiptop Maracas
Tiptop 909 Clap
Hexinverter Mutant Snare
Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythm
ADDAC System Intuitive Quantizer"

Cocktail Party Effect - Studio workflow

Published on Oct 1, 2016 Cocktail Party Effect

"Making a track from scratch and testing the new system.

Follow, Listen.


Fernando Lima - Some Patches

Published on Oct 1, 2016 Fernando Lima

Low Pass VCF / Vbrazil
Dual 4 Input Mixer / Vbrazil
Format Converter / Vbrazil
Sequence 8 / Synth Rotek
Braids / Mutable instruments
Maths / Make Noise
z4000 / Tip Top

DL - Techno Live Set 2016 #29 (OT, A4, TR8, TB3)

Published on Oct 1, 2016 DL Live

"Techno Live Set using Elektron Octatrack, Analog Four, Roland TR-8, TB-3 and TM-2."

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