MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"Because, Moog." - Moog Sub37 Funk Solo by Mike Pensini

Published on Mar 14, 2017 Mike Pensini

"Moog Sub37 Vintage Funk Sound Pack available here:"

Erica Synths Fusion Delay / Flanger / Vintage Ensemble

Published on Mar 14, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"Running a bass synth sound through the Erica Synths Fusion Delay / Flanger / Vintage Ensemble. Audio Damage Sequencer 1 sequencing a bass sound made with the Roland 512 dual oscillator through the 521 VCF with envelopes and LFO from the Befaco Rampage. Using both the short and long delay chips and the built in LFO for chorus and vibrato modulation.

The Fusion Delay / Flanger / Vintage Ensemble is a tube delay with tons of character. It uses two BBD chips, one at 1024 and the other 4096 stages for short flange effects and longer delays. The tube is present to provide some overdrive in the delay output and the routed feeback for extra thickness.

Available here:"

MATRIXSYNTH members get a %10 discount at Perfect Circuit Audio!

Oberheim OB-XA

via this auction

The seller also has a Prophet-5 listed here. The images for that one was previously captured here.

Roland MC-202 Microcomposer Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland SH-101 w/ Original Box SN 244190

via this auction, also on Reverb.

Calculator Music

Published on Mar 14, 2017 Jason Hotchkiss


What passed for my own synth when I was about 10..

TI2550 calculator generates RF interference picked up on AM radio, distortion/lowpass filter applied (Moog Minifoofer Drive)."

MidiAlf Bassline Shootouts

Published on Mar 14, 2017 Shwanton

MidiAlf Bassline Shootout - Boomstar 4075
MidiAlf Bassline Shootout - MAM MB33 Retro
MidiAlf Bassline Shootout - DER OTO
MidiAlf Bassline Shootout - Audiothingies MicroMonsta

Note the MB33 video went up earlier here. You can find info on the MidiAlf in this post from back in 2013. It's actually a sequencer from MidiSizer. These aren't shootout's in the comparison sense. Just going with the titles given to the videos.

Moogfest Goes Beyond Synths and Music w/ Michael Stipe, CERN, Google Brain & MIT

via Moog Music:

"Michael Stipe, Dr. Kate Shaw of CERN, MIT's Joe Davis & more added to Moogfest 2017 lineup

Today Moogfest announces a never-before-seen audio-visual installation from Michael Stipe, a keynote presentation from Dr. Kate Shaw of CERN exploring the future of society through the Large Hadron Collider and a keynote from MIT's Joe Davis that examines how extraterrestrial transmissions have led to new scientific techniques and inspired new forms of artistic practice.

In addition, thought leaders from CERN, MIT Media Lab, Duke, Berklee, Church of Space, the Transhumanist Party and the Google Brain Team join Moogfest's Future Thought day program--adding to a growing list of over 100 artists, inventors, trailblazers and futurists that make up the festival's diverse 4-day program.

Reserve your pass today and view the full lineup of performances, workshops, conversations, films and installations here."

MIDISynth Circuit

MIDISynth Circuit from Isotonik Studios on Vimeo.

"Ever since we released the first version of our Circuit Editor we've been responding to requests for further functionality, the resulting Circuit Editor PRO added Randomisation and Morphing functionality along with other workflow enhancements such as being able to copy and paste macro settings across patches...

Now our lead developer Lee has taken it one step further and re-engineered the editor into his MIDISynth line of VST & AU editors meaning it's compatible in any DAW that can host these devices!

Imagine being to be able to automate everyone of the parameters exposed by the Editor, over however long you'd like!!

Sticking with the trusted formula Lee's has also given the upgrade of adding unique X/Y Controls that can be assignable to pairs of parameters. And for Android and IOS users there's a supplied Lemur template for further control!

We've already sent out a crossgrade link for existing subscribers to the Circuit Editor PRO which we will continue to develop in the coming weeks!

We can't wait to hear your creations that this inspires!!


PRICE: £20.00"

Interstellar "First Step" Synth and Piano cover - Moog Mother 32, Minilogue

Published on Mar 14, 2017 ann annie

"Little bit messy cover of Interstellar First Step. Piano is sending midi to the Minilogue."

Dave Smith Instruments & Roger Linn End Updates for the Tempest

The Tempest is now finalized with Main OS & Voice OS 1.5. The DSI Tempest was first announced back in 2011 and is still available. This announcement only pertains to OS development.

via Dave Smith on the DSI Forums:

"First, and most importantly, I’d like to thank you for being a loyal Tempest user. We appreciate all of your support, feedback, and especially your creative use of the Tempest over the course of its 6-year development. It is now a mature product that has undergone many changes and improvements.

When the Tempest was first conceived, we never imagined the many ways you would ultimately put it to use. As such, over time, we've done our best to add as many features as we deemed implementable within the Tempest's technical framework. We've listened to your requests and have enhanced its operation, editing, and performance capabilities. While there are still some minor bugs remaining, we’ve addressed the bugs affecting the Tempest’s essential operation and feel that it is stable, reliable, has abundant functionality, and is very fun to play.

Though some of you continue to request new features and offer useful suggestions for improvement, we’ve reached what we consider the limits of the instrument's available memory and processing ability. For these reasons, we consider this release (OS to be our final Tempest OS release.

Again, we deeply appreciate your enthusiasm for the Tempest. As we move forward, we are committed to creating still more ground-breaking instruments in the future.


And via Roger Linn:

"I'd like to add a few words to Dave's statement above. Though I may have chosen differently, I understand Dave’s decision to finish Tempest development with this update. He’s devoted far more effort and resources to Tempest than any of his other products, and I feel that even with some remaining minor bugs, Tempest is incredibly deep and remarkably functional, and in my opinion has no competition for what it does. The interesting thing about a a product that stores your music is that it’s an invitation to an infinite number of feature requests, because everyone’s needs for music creation are unique. I actually would have preferred a simpler Tempest with less features, but I admire Dave and his team for working so hard to implement so many of your requests, and those efforts have probably made it a better product than I originally envisioned. On balance, if you look at the totality of things Tempest can do and its vast internal complexity, I think it’s pretty amazing and may never be equalled. I certainly couldn’t have made Tempest on my own and appreciate that Dave was willing to devote so many of his resources to this collaboration of ideas."

Copper Traces Seek 64 Step Sequencer Demo

Published on Mar 14, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"Using the Copper Traces Seek to sequence a synth sound that is a combination of the Make Noise Mysteron and an Erica Synths Black Wavetable VCO run through a MMG. The accent out of the Seek is used to sequence a drum sound on the SSF Entity. Some of the random functions on the Seek are used to change up the pattern while it is running.

Seek, from Copper Traces, is a complex yet compact 64-sequencer for Eurorack synthesizers. It contains all the classic features one would expect from a fully functional sequencer, including legato and accents, but also includes a ton of other features useful for pattern generation. Random sequences can be generated using complex algorithms, as well as randomly programmed sequences to remove tedious note input. One can internally quantize the sequence to any notes by selecting them with the mini keyboard. Complex gate length and shuffle patterns can still function with an external clock, and with 12 save slots, one can recall all these complex programs with just a few button presses. Seek is only 12HP, something rare for Eurorack synthesizers, and will leave plenty of space for sound sources and modulation.

Available here:"

Seaquence - New "Living" Sequencer & Synthesizer for iOS

Published on Mar 13, 2017 Seaquence

iTunes: Sequence

"Seaquence — Make living music!

Seaquence is a unique music app that allows you to compose with collections of musical creatures. As they swim around your view, a spatialized mix emerges as only the closest can be heard, resulting in organic sounding compositions. Visually immersive and sonically dynamic, Seaquence is a unique and captivating audiovisual experience. You've never seen (or heard) anything like it!

Seaquence features a pro-level synthesizer and timing engine controlled by a fun and direct interface. Even composers who are brand new to synthesis will be able to unlock their synesthetic creativity. With a single in-app purchase, all synth features can be unlocked, revealing features like filters, effects, MIDI support, and more.

Share your creations with friends and discover what other people have made to get inspired!

Included Features:

• Fully featured polyphonic synthesis module with support of up to 5 note polyphony per voice
• Dynamic spatial mixer and stereo-panning engine
• A true multitouch experience, up to 11 simultaneous touch points supported.
• Unique swimming physics and swim behaviors — swim patterns are based on synth voice parameters
• Up to 8 voices can be heard simultaneously
• Precision, sample-based clock and sequencing engine
• Intuitive visual multitouch voice editor
• 16x16 multitouch sequencer matrix
• Chromatic scale editor
• Octave editor
• Amplitude envelope + length (ADSR+L) with curves and 'hold'
• 5 oscillator waveform shapes: Square, Saw, Tri, Sin, Noise
• Social sharing features — Get a link to share your creations to friends
• Parent links are maintained — trace back the history of a composition, see who remixed your creations

Features of Seaquence Complete (available as a single In-App Purchase)

• State-variable filter with hi-pass, band-pass, lo-pass, and notch modes
• Filter attack envelope with resonance Q and curve editor.
• Swing/Shuffle
• Note step editor: 1/1 to 1/64, including triplets
• Global transpose
• Tempo/BPM
• Portamento/Glide with curve editor
• Additional voice modes in addition to Polyphonic:
• Monophonic with sub-oscillator tuned to a 5th
• Unison with Detune
• Delay FX module with feedback and individual voice FX-Send
• MIDI Notes In/Out: Send/Receive MIDI notes from external gear, up to 16 MIDI channels, addressable per voice
• MIDI Ctrl In/Out: Send/Receive MIDI ctrl data from external gear, up to 16 MIDI channels, addressable per voice
• MIDI clock sync: master or slave

10% of all profits go towards supporting our community at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, a San Francisco non-profit arts organization. More info at"

Eurorack Modular Videos & 24 Hour Release by Ewan Hofmann

Published on Mar 13, 2017 Ewan Hofmann

Total album time: 24 hours

released February 28, 2017

Music by Ewan Hofmann
Track 24 is composed by Ewan Hofmann and Makunouchi Bento
Album Cover: Mihai Barabancea
Track Artworks: Ewan Hofmann

LayR Multi Timbral Synthesizer Demo for the iPad

Published on Mar 13, 2017 thesoundtestroom

"You can get LayR Multi Timbral Synthesizer here at the App Store"

PPG Wave System playaround @ Nerdlich 2017

Published on Mar 14, 2017 Torsten Abel

"Playaround with my PPG System in Synthpop style. Just noodling on a basic pattern.

Waveterm B, Wave2.2, Wave 2.3 and Wavemapper on PRK FD

Recorded at the Synthesizer Gathering "Nerdlich Der Mitte" 2017

Prophet 5 REV 2 - Ambient Patch/Weird Pad - DJI Phantom 4

Published on Mar 13, 2017 Eyepatch Entertainment

"Sequential Prophet 5 REV 2 - SSM - Recorded live while creating this ambient patch. 20% Valhalla Reverb added.

Phantom 4 / Flight 2 recorded 4k 24p at ISO 100 Shutter 50
Color grading with Filmconvert - DJI LOG"

Bombman Stage Theme on Moog Mother-32

Published on Mar 14, 2017 RemixSample

"This square wave had Megaman written all over it. I really like the sound of the Moog Mother 32. Best sounding synth I've tried so far."

Roland System 100 - Model 103 Mixer + 109 Speakers

via this auction

"The 103 Mixer isn't in the best cosmetic condition, but it has been serviced and is working 100%. The speakers look good and work perfect. As you may know, this is part of the Roland System 100 (Model 101, 102, 103, 104, and 109). This is just for the Model 103 Mixer and 109 Speakers."

Pittsburgh Modular Analog Replicator, LPG, and Expert Sleepers Modules for Sale

A few items for sale from a supporting member of MATRIXSYNTH. You can find them listed here.

Pittsburgh Modular Analog Replicator
WMD Compressor
Pittsburgh Modular LPG (Mk. II)
Expert Sleepers ES-3 MK3
Expert Sleepers ES-6 CV/Lightpipe Interface
Expert Sleepers ES-5 mk3
Nady PS-018 Jet Sound Analog Flanger
Boss DD-20 Giga Delay

Mutable Instruments 4PM Shruthi (v.0.97 only)

via this auction

Interesting note regarding the bootloader:

"(Please read-firmware notice)
Very good condition with the Oberheim Xpander inspired 4-pole mission (4PM) analog filter and wooden sides. Functions perfectly. I have programmed and recorded with this amazing little synth for over two years. However I did notice it would not go into firmware update mode. The online forums state that this happens with some shruthi units that were not built with the bootloader. So what this means is the firmware version v0.97 is the final one for this unit unless you are an experienced builder and can burn the bootloader to the microcontroller. Again, it has functioned perfectly for me with this firmware version and the few remaining updates after this one did not add anything too significantly different to the shruthi. Only selling due to financial needs at this time. Discounted price due to firmware issue. Power supply included. Item sold as-is."

MidiAlf Bassline Shootout - MAM MB33 Retro

Uploaded on Mar 13, 2017 Shwanton

via this auction for the MB33.

Preen PreenFM2 Desktop FM Synthesizer - Loaded with over 100 DX7 Sysex Banks

via this auction

Some pics of the inside below.  SoLatelyBass on the display to the left is a reference to the Yamaha TX81Z's classic LatelyBass preset.

via the listing: "Bought the kit from VanDaal Electronics (Creator of the metal enclosure).
Good easy build that includes screen mod for the OLED screen.

Great FM desktop synth with lots of custom DX7 sysex banks that are loaded on the USB memory stick. Loaded with latest OS."

Synthesizer.Com Studio 44 2016 Walnut

via this auction

" Studio 44 Synthesizer System. (Actually it should be a Studio 45 because it has a Q162 Filter mixer that isn't included in the Studio 44). This setup includes 6 oscillators, state-variable filter, utility modules, instrument interface, pedal interface, all cables, and much more. It was purchased last August and functions perfectly."

Sequential Circuits Pro One J Wire SN 4081

via this auction

"Hands down one of the best monophonic synthesizers ever made! In amazing cosmetic condition except for the pictured standard dings on the wooden side panels. Pristine sound and perfect keyboard action.

This was just professionally serviced, with new rubber bushings installed tuned, calibrated, recapped, cleaned with a full potentiometer and switch rebuild by the guys over at analog touch, a pro audio repair shop in Athens, Greece."

Yamaha CS-30 Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Original Box SN 2463

via this auction

Logan String Melody II Vintage Analogue String Synth

via this auction

"Logan String Melody II in excellent condition and perfect working order. There's a few minor marks on the case exterior as you would expect for it's age but as you can see from the photos it still looks great. It even has the original key for the case locks.

Sounds superb, as you would expect. Without a doubt one of the best string synths ever built. Massive sound."

FEEDBACK - 106 Chorus

Published on Mar 14, 2017 DivKidVideo

"FEEDBACK modules are onto a winner with their range of modules! Just wanted to start off by putting that out their. Not only are the Two59 oscillators and shaper killer but the range of pre-amp channel strip modules are great too alongside the utilities CP3 based mixer and attenuator / offset module. But ... this 106 Chorus does the business giving us a mono input and stereo output from an analogue chorus circuit based on (or is it exactly the same, we should ask!) the classic Roland Juno 106. It's fat and warm and the input level gives some killer overdrive too at higher settings.

The video uses Mutable Instruments Braids to give us loads of oscillator tones to throw at it before sending in some PO-12 pocket operator action from Teenage Engineering."

Dao meets Protean

Published on Mar 14, 2017 Kinetik Laboratories

"Protean is processed by three synchronized Dao choppers.

Dao is a pattern controlled gater capable of turning every signal connected to the INPUT JACK into a rhythmic sequence, passing or muting it towards the OUTPUT JACK.
The rhythm patterns are based on the position of two knobs, PATTERN LENGTH and CHOP NUMBER, allowing an intuitive use of the device. Users can generate up to 136 patterns by setting these knobs.

The PROTEAN Motion Texture Source is a compact device that incorporates three independent sound generators for the production of a wide variety of sonic environments with a ever changing expressive vitality."


Published on Mar 14, 2017 LESINDES

"Using th internal arpeggiator of PERFOURMER.
Interesting voicings in the stereo pan. The VERMONA PERFOURMER is the only modern analog synth that makes it play the game of alternating/rotating sounds in the same musical line. Each voice has it own sound (eg waveform, ADSR, LFO, filter and PAN)."

All parts here.

Metunar - Multicam Track No. 2 - Modular Session

Published on Mar 14, 2017 Metunar

"Got a new camera, so i did another multicam video. All sounds are from the modular. Some drum samples are played by the MPC 5000 but are also sampled from the modular."


Metunar - Multicam Track No. 1

Published on Dec 13, 2016 Metunar

"Got a Multicam Project to do, so i made this improvised track and recorded it with different cams and angles.
It was only meant as a test for the video, but in the end i liked the music and that's why i uploaded it to YT.
That was the first test. I recorded the music and the video at the same time."

Dao meets Dr.Jekyll&Mr.Hyde

Published on Mar 13, 2017 Kinetik Laboratories

"Dao is a pattern controlled gater capable of turning every signal connected to the INPUT JACK into a rhythmic sequence, passing or muting it towards the OUTPUT JACK.

The rhythm patterns are based on the position of two knobs, PATTERN LENGTH and CHOP NUMBER, allowing an intuitive use of the device. Users can generate up to 136 patterns by setting these knobs.

The ON/BYPASS switch is used to turn the effect on and to start the pattern generation.

The CLOCK RATE knob is used to set the internal sequencer tempo.

The DECAY switch is used to choose the chopped audio slices length. Using SHORT setting is possible to obtain percussive sounds from every kind of continous sound as pads, drone and noise sounds.

Dao generates a 5 Volts pulse, at the beginning of each step, on the SYNC OUTPUT jack. It can also be synchronized to external devices using the SYNC INPUT jack. When a jack is connected to the SYNC INPUT, the CLOCK RATE knob has no effect and the sync signal is replicated to the SYNC OUTPUT allowing synchronization of compatible equipment."

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