MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Genesis on the Prophet 6 synthesizer- Firth of Fifth - Sequential Dave Smith Instruments

Published on Jun 17, 2017 Tom Loncaric

"Tony Bank's superb synthesizer solo from the Genesis song 'Firth of Fifth'

Equipment used:
DSI Sequential Prophet 6 synthesizer
Yamaha MX49 keyboard
Keyboard Partners HX3 organ module
Yamaha MSR100 powered speaker"


Genesis on the Prophet 6 and HX3 - Follow You Follow Me

Recreating the OB-X "Tom Sawyer" Filter Sweep on a Dave Smith OB-6

Rush "Tom Sawyer" Oberheim Intro Recreated on Dave Smith OB-6 Synth

Published on Apr 18, 2016 infindebula

"Dave Smith did a respectable job making the OB-6. It's pretty versatile and it's got that Oberheim sound - mostly. Read the full description about why this video exists, or just sit back and watch while we recreate an iconic synth sound from scratch!

The opening sound in Rush's "Tom Sawyer" is created using a 1979 Oberheim OB-X in Unison mode. Unison means it's not just one voice going "PEEEOOOWWWWW", but all eight, which makes a really huge sound. The OB-X's analog filter envelopes have slightly different timing characteristics and decay curves on each voice, so the filter sweep happens at 8 subtly different rates. This imperfection creates a really huge, drippy sound, which is partly what's great about vintage Oberheim synths.

The OB-6 was unleashed in early 2016 by Dave Smith Instruments. It uses modern software-generated envelopes with identical timing for each voice. You can turn on Unison and detune the voices to thicken things up, but it won't have the timing slop needed to make this sound. In this video we make the patch using a single oscillator, set to produce the same pitch on all keys. Play six notes just sloppily enough to simulate the envelope timing variances, and people might think you're Geddy Lee! I think I got pretty close to the original sound. What do you think?

(I made this video to demonstrate that the OB-6 filter really can sound like an OB-X, and to share a creative workaround to imitate envelope timing slop. I did not buy the OB-6 with any desire to cover Rush tunes with it.)"

My Korgs: Polysix, Volca Bass and Beats

Published on Jun 17, 2017 KPProd Music

"Classic, modern and MIDI"

Roland System 100m - Bubbles | Roland 121m vs 521m filter comparison

Published on Jun 17, 2017 Jon Dent

"Just some noodling with the 100m.
Great filter."

Roland 121m vs 521m filter comparison

Published on Jun 17, 2017 Jon Dent

"This video is the result of a request from a viewer.
The 521 filter is not meant to be a clone of the vintage 121m
The docs state it was inspired by both the Roland system 100m and the 700m.
I like the sound of both"

The 521m is from Malekko.

HK2017 Jams - Happy Knobbing 2017

Published on Jun 17, 2017 Moogulator

"Jams @ Modular Synthesizer Meeting Happy Knobbing 2017 - HK2017"

AI Synthesis DIY Eurorack Power Supply

Published on Jun 17, 2017 AI Synthesis

"Available at The How To Build video for our aisynthesis eurorack wall wart power supply"

Kit Review #6 - Chopping Kinky

Published on Jun 17, 2017 Synth

"Unboxing, high speed construction and a demo patch for Befaco's Chopping Kinky, a Wavefolding Eurorack module!

You can get your at any SDIY store, or directly from Befaco right here:"

MicroMoog demo

Published on Jun 17, 2017 Quedeville Tony

DIY analogue synth project Tutorial Part 11a (The Stiener parker type clone VCF)

Published on Jun 17, 2017 Adamski Ajull

"Hello guys this is the first part in my tutorials on the Steiner Parker clone filter, these vids are completely unrehearsed so I apologize if ive babbled on a bit. Here are spme useful links below. Many thanks to Yves Usson for his development and adaptations of this circuit."

Signed Analogue Solutions Telemark-K Mk1 SN 5235

via this auction

"Autographed/signed (in black light ink). The 2nd or 3rd unit in North America. It lived in a smoke-free, clean studio. It comes with all original yellow patch cables as well as some I added. It is in very good shape with a few scuffs on the black lettering (very minimal, check the pics, feel free to shoot me any ?s). Knobs/pots are still very solid. Its sound is totally unique and unmatched. The patching & modulation options are vast. It can also be used to process audio. One-of-a-kind, true analogue subtractive synthesizer.

Similar to original sem but with sample and hold, lfo square wave, noise, extra inputs, many more signal modulation options via rotary switch.

key features of telemark-k:

pure analogue voice & modulation circuitry.
midi in / out / thru
patch points to allow more sound types, and to cross-patch with your modular synths
sem type sound.
similar sem layout.
more features than the original sem such as sample and hold, lfo square wave, noise, extra inputs, many more signal modulation options via rotary switches.
plenty of modulation possibilities
rugged steel construction.
midi in for software sequencer / keyboard control.
lcd to edit midi set-up.
no patch memories! you can be original each time you create a sound.

*Free shipping taken into consideration for the price. The Telemark is heavy."

Make Noise 0-Coast single voice patchable synthesizer

via this auction

"The 0-COAST is a single voice patchable synthesizer. Its name reflects the fact that it utilizes techniques from both the Moog and Buchla paradigms (aka “East Coast,” and “West Coast,” due to their locations), but is loyal to neither and thus implements “no coast synthesis.”

While the 0-COAST utilizes classic modular synthesis techniques, we designed it to operate with or without the use of patch cables. The necessary connections have been made from circuit to circuit so it operates as an expressive, musical MonoSynth. Using only the MIDI controller of your choice you could apply new timbres to your existing musical forms!
Using the included Patch Cables you could get more scientific, experimenting with new ways to wire up the circuits. You might even forgo MIDI altogether, disappearing into a cloud of analog FM induced Sidebands and harmonics scattered around a single fundamental drone that has nothing to do with any form of music you’ve ever known.

Barely used. Like new. Single owner. Smoke-free, clean studio. Comes with Make Noise power cable, Make Noise 5 pin MIDI to TRS adapter, and the 0-Coast box."

Modular acid jam with tr808 & the SMS Planet7 & Mars

Published on Jun 17, 2017 morphiclab303

"x0xb0x playing sms planet7 and mars oberkorn3 modulating the sms with boss delay mxr distortion on x0x drumdokta2 backing the rolandtr808"

Roland JD-XA Kebu Analog Collection

Uploaded on Jun 14, 2017 RolandChannel

"Finnish synthesizer artist, Kebu talks about JD-XA and his signature sounds on AXIAL."

"Kebu is a Finnish artist who creates new instrumental, melodic synthesizer music using analogue synthesizers mostly. His YouTube channel has attracted over ten million views and a lot of appraisal. He found the JD-XA a very unique type instrument, which opens up for new dimension of his music style. This time, Kebu focuses on analog side of the JD-XA. Check out his mind blowing analog synthesizer sounds on this collection. Visit his official home page at"

Buchla CVT Sixteen

Published on Jun 17, 2017 Todd Barton

"today's exploration with 2 Portabellabz ToolBoxes for the Easels"

Buchla CVT

Reverb SYNC Access Virus A Synth Collection Sample Pack VA Synthesizer WAV's

Published on Jun 17, 2017 SynthgodXXX

"Want this collection? It's now an EXCLUSIVE thru Reverb SYNC!
Reverb SYNC ACCESS VIRUS A Synth Collection Sample Pack!
ON SALE NOW!! Same day downloads!!!

Reverb SYNC ACCESS VIRUS A Synth Collection Sample Pack
Sample Demo By Rik Marston / Ahnyxian Sound Design
**Watch in HD!** **100% No Talking!**


Do you dig ACCESS VIRUS A Synthesizers?
Need to save money? CHECK THIS OUT!!!

Reverb SYNC ACCESS VIRUS A Synth Collection Sample Pack
Multi-sampled Access Virus A sounds right in your sampler.

What it is:
A collection of samples from the synth that changed music.

How we use it:
Any and all Access Virus A synth needs.

Why it’s cool:
Samples recorded on C2-C3-C4-C5 so you can drop them right into your sampler and have instant access to iconic Access Virus A sounds.
Reverb SYNC Access Virus A Collection Sample Pack

Access Virus A synthesizer sampled and multi-sampled for any Sampler or Digital Audio Workstation. Each sample is extended, 3-28 seconds or more, enabling full release control.

Samples recorded on C2-C3-C4-C5 so you can drop them right into your sampler and have instant access to iconic Access Virus A sounds. All samples are high quality WAV files. Produced by Ahnyxian Sound Design exclusively for Reverb SYNC.

Multi's Include: 11 Bass 3 Brass 2 FX 14 Leads 17 Pads 7 Strings
Total: 2.12 GBs 301.WAV's 54 Multi's"

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1. Amazon has been added to the list of supported sites.

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And that's it!  If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below or send email to


via this auction

"Roland SH-1000 in VG condition indeed, with its original flight case and sample sound settings cards. Users included The Human League, but this is the synth that provided the memorable chugging sound on Blondie's classic Heart of Glass. As Jimmi Destri, Blondie keyboardist, said in the past of his SH-1000 "I still use to this day, because I haven't found a substitute machine to do the little dugga-dugga-dugga bits." Along the front beneath the keyboard are 32 rocker switches, the right hand ten selecting presets, the others selecting waveform, tremelo etc. The main control panel includes portamento, time control, glide, an ADSR and VCF with cut off and resonance. LFO, VCA, VCO and VCF modulation depth, white and pink noise, sample and hold etc. A very collectable synth in VG fully working condition. The controls have removable white paper markers showing how to set the Blondie chugging sound."


via this auction

"This vintage Analog synth is a hands down classic. It's design and layout is quite unique amongst vintage synthesizers. My unit has been well taken care of and preserved, kept in a smoke free studio, never gigged or left my studio, & recently serviced with two pots rebuilt by hand (checked thoroughly by Advanced Musical Electronics in Los Angeles, a 400.00 servicing). Functionally it's excellent, everything works, and the body is in amazing condition for its age. The rear corners of the wood sides are worn, the only visible sign of long age. There are a couple marks under the white keys, shown in photos, all minor wear. The metal chassis is perfect. Lastly, the plastic Effects button cover is loose and came off. Nothing is broken underneath button cover. The fix is to open the synth and put the plastic Effects button cover back in .. but I don't trust myself to do this, have never opened these Korgs at home before and don't want to do so for the first time when selling, in case I damage something."

Arp Quadra SN 0083

via this auction

"Here is a very rare synth, that you dont see very often. The ARP Quadra. This one is in beautiful condition, physically. I would rate it a 8.5 out of 10. It is one of the nicest looking Quadras I have seen. The graphics are terrific, the leather sides are nice, with a blemish on the left hand side.(see pics). It will need serviced, as it is not working, ATM."

Oberheim Matrix 12 w/ Individual Output Mod

via this auction

Note the listing does not mention if the individual outs are working, so check to be sure.

"If you're looking you know what this is. On many lists as one of the best sounding synths ever produced. Hugely variable with mountains of parameters to sculpt the sound you are after with full digital recall. If you're looking for the Rolls Royce of synthesizers - you've found one. It functions perfectly and has been babied its whole life - hardly a scratch other than a few on the bottom. Original foot pedal and manual included and will need to be shipped extremely carefully so please contact me for a shipping quote before purchase."

Roland JUNO-106

via this auction

"The JUNO-106 is a very common and widely used analog polysynth. It continues to be one of the most popular analog synths due to its great sound and easy programmability. It was the next major incarnation of the JUNO-series, following the JUNO-60. While it has virtually the same synth engine as the JUNO-60, the 106 added extensive MIDI control making it one of Roland's first MIDI-equipped synthesizers"

The JX-3P was actually the first Roland synth to implement MIDI. It's kind of interesting to think the knob laden Juno-106 came after the JX-3P.

CRUMAR Digital Synthesizer DS 1

via this auction

"Polyphony: Monophonic
Oscillators: Two ocilators, each with its own volume (mixer) setting, pitch knob, octave knob, and wave selector
A/D/S/R envelope: VCF section consits of an ADSR knob which "mixes" the ADSR sliders, and cutoff, and rez
Keyboard: 44 keys
The LFO has a delay switch that toggles the matching LFO Delay Knob on/off.. Pitch bend, a glide switch with matching speed range slide! r and speed range toggle switch, is also present."

Vintage MOOG Opus 3 Synthesizer

via this auction

"all sliders work and all functions function, it HAS NOT had the black foam removed from the inside, ...its a fun , easy to learn synth, from the glory days !"

MIDI Part 5 - Channel Messages

Published on Jun 17, 2017 Shifted Phase

"In this episode we talk about the channel messages that are used for sending notes, control changes, and so on. These are the most common types of messages in MIDI."

All parts here.

maasijam ipadsession #03 - Animoog sequenced by Fugue Machine - Ambient Music

Published on Jun 17, 2017 maasijam

"Atmospheric ambient ipad session with only animoog sequenced by fugue maschine and controlled by my DIY arduino midi controller. Live recording in one take.

Download arduino and fritzing sketch: [you can find the active links below on YouTube]

Download midicontroller components list:

If you are interested to build your own controller, check out the following tutorials:

Fugue Machine
DIY Arduino Midicontroller
NI Replika XT
Steinberg UR44

Filmed with:
Sony a6300 / Sigma 30 mm 1.4
SJ4000 2x"

Tangerine Dream -the jogger 2017

Published on Jun 17, 2017 graal7

"cover of tangerine dream
the jogger( Tangents album)"

Wired Signals by Trevor Baker

A new release from supporting MATRIXSYNTH Member, Trevor Baker.

The track is "sequenced with an Octatrack and uses shortwave radios as noise sources, a Jomox ModBrane 11, some Moog stuff including Minitaur, Mother32 and Freqbox as well as a Vermona Retroverb Lancet, Retro Mechanical Labs Jekyll and Hyde filter, Industrialectric RM-1N as well as a few other random pedal effects."

The SynthSummitShow Episode 20: Taiho Yamada Synth designer

Streamed live on Jun 11, 2017 Flux302 of

"The SynthSummitShow brings you interviews and discussion on the people who are responsible for the synths and gear we love. Taiho Yamada is a Synth designer and is responsible for many synth designs we know and love today. His new Company MOK has a new synthesizer released with Tracktion and is available now!
Host Ken Flux Pierce is a sound designer, synthesist and all around music tech lover."

Taiho was the project manager behind the Alesis Andromeda A6, M-Audio Venom, as well as other synths. A search on Taiho here on MATRIXSYNTH will bring up previous posts featuring him and his work.

Teenage Engineering OP1 : First Impressions

Published on Jun 17, 2017 Todd Smith

CYMRU Beats 2017 Live Stream

Started streaming 20 minutes ago sonicstate

"Live performances from Cardiff's Modular Meet featuring Mylar Melodies, Wisdom Water, Nigel Mullaney & Ian Boddy, Martin Dubka and Dr John Biddulph.
Starting at around 5pm"

Sputnik West Coast Random Source: Sample & Hold + Switches (LMS: Eurorack Expansion Preview)

Published on Jun 17, 2017 Learning Modular

"The Sputnik Modular West Coast Random Source is perhaps best known for its Fluctuating, Quantized, and Stored Random Voltages, which are what set it apart from a typical “random source” module. However, it also has a traditional Sample & Hold, paired with 1:2 switches to create alternating triggers and sampled voltages. I explore that section in this movie, including using the switch to trigger alternating drum sounds or envelopes.
This is the fourth of four movies on the West Coast Random Source from my Learning Modular Synthesis: European Expansion, released by and LinkedIn Learning July 3, 12017. For more on using the West Coast Random Source, see the companion article on the website ( For more details including the list of movies and an overview of the full Eurorack Expansion course, visit:"

Lightfinger Future Frontiers Donk Dreamz Jam - June 6th 2017

Published on Jun 17, 2017 Lightfinger

"Here is a jam showcasing two patches from my new Future Frontiers Patch Collection for Novation Circuit. The collection contains 46 new patches suitable for many musical styles.

The patches are available for purchase at

Purchase now and receive my Future Retro Sample Set Collection as a free bonus! I am using my Planet X Sample Set in this video.

This jam were recorded directly to a Focusrite Saffire PRO 24 DSP and has no additional processing.

All of my Launch Control XL templates can be downloaded for free from my website here:"

toolbox vid1 - Buchla Music Easel Through a Scope

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Brian Comnes

CASIO VZ-8M rare digital synth expander module

via this auction

I believe this is the first image of one on the site. You can find a small handful of previous posts featuring the Casio VZ-8M here.

Kawai K3 Synthesizer

via this auction

Minimoog Service & Operation Manual

via this auction

"1) Schematics and Circuit Diagrams: Twenty 11"x17" schematic diagrams on ten double sided fold out sheets dated 1970 - 1973 with these titles:

* MINI D OSCILLATOR P.C. BRD. ASSY. SCHEMATIC (Date: 4-10-72, Moog Music Inc., Williamsburg, New York)

* MINI BOARD No.3 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM ( Date: 7–5-73, Moog Music Inc., Williamsburg New York.) There are 4 circuit diag. on this page: “DUAL VOLTAGE REGULATOR”, “MODULATION AMP MIX”, “NOISE GENERATOR”, “HEADPHONE AMP”.

* MINI-MOOG BOARD 1 COMPONENT LOCATION (Date: 7-73, Moog Music Inc., Williamsburg, New York)

* MINI-MOOG BOARD 2 COMPONENT LOCATION (Date: 7-73, Moog Music Inc.,Williamsburg, New York)

* MINI-MOOG BOARD 3 COMPONENT LOCATION (Date: 7-73, Moog Music Inc., Williamsburg, New York)

* MINI-MOOG BOARD 4 COMPONENT LOCATION (Date: 7-73, Moog Music Inc., Williamsburg, New York)

* MINI BOARD No.2 CONTOUR GEN. & KEYBOARD CIRCUIT SCHEM. DIAG. (Date: 7-73 Moog Music Inc., Williamsburg, New York)

* MINI “D” FILTER BOARD ASSY. SCHEMATIC BOARD 4 (Date: 7-73, Moog Music Inc., Williamsburg, New York)

OBERHEIM OB-SX 6-Voice Vintage Analog Synth

via this auction

Red Sound Darkstar XP2 SN 00768

via this auction

"This is a quirky and raw sounding unit, which is part of their appeal."

Kind of like a rougher sounding Juno-106 imo.

Korg MEX-8000 Memory Expander SN 002051

via this auction

"compatible with the DW 6000, DW 8000, EX 8000, Poly 800 mkII, EX 800, and the DVP 1.

Basically, it has 4 banks of storage, with each bank capable of holding 64 additional patches for any of these synths, and can be used with several at once (for example bank A can store sounds for the Poly 800, and Bank B could hold patches for the EX 8000, etc.)."

1980s KORG POLY-800 SN 037678 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Korg Wavestation Demos by Woody Piano Shack

Published on Jun 17, 2017 Woody Piano Shack


1. Korg WAVESTATION demo PT1 | Pickup, introduction and sounds

"Join me on a journey to discover the Korg Wavestation EX, starting on a summer evening with a pickup of this legendary 1990 synthesizer. We'll discuss the history, features and specifications and listen to some preset sound patches that show how the synthesizer does really nice lush pads and evolving mbient textures."

2. Korg WAVESTATION demo PT2 | ROM1 preset sounds

"In this Korg Wavestation EX demo we will explore the fabulous ambient pads and other incredible sounds in the ROM1 preset bank."

3. Korg WAVESTATION demo PT3 | Sunset soundscapes

"The Korg Wavestation EX goes outdoors under the sunset skies for a demo of the preset sounds from the RAM1 sound bank. We'll demonstrate many of the evolving pads and rhythmic sequences that are typical of the wave sequencing and vector synthesis technologies employed by this Wavestation synth from 1990."

4. Korg WAVESTATION demo PT4 | Crescent moon

"Let's take the Korg Wavestation EX out under the clear skies on a summer evening to demo the preset sounds from the RAM2 sound bank. We'll demonstrate many of the evolving pads and rhythmic sequences that are typical of the wave sequencing and vector synthesis technologies employed by the Wavestation synth from 1990."

Ambient Experiments: Make Noise Morphagene

Published on Jun 17, 2017 Delta Aquari

"Experimenting with the Make Noise Morphagene and Mutable Instruments Clouds. Pretty simple patch: I used the Wogglebugs Woggle-Out to modulate the morph control, 4ms QCD divides clock singnals for the Morphagene and Clouds' Delay Time. All sounds were created with a Casio CZ-1000."

Roland Cloud vs Juno 106

Published on Jun 17, 2017 Starsky Carr

"A look at the Roland Cloud version of its ACB technology as used in the Aria range of synths against an original Juno 106.

4:30 Oscillators
6:00 Pads
7:25 Chorus
9:00 PWM
10:25 Sub Oscillator
10:40 HPF Low End Bump
11:15 Frequency Analysis
14:00 Envelopes
14:50 Filter
20:30 Some sound comparisons (not much talking!)
25:45 Conclusion"

Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Double Helix Oscillator Mod Bus

Published on Jun 17, 2017 Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

"The Double Helix Oscillator's Modulation Bus allows for precision as well as experimentation."

Gotharman's SP Filter & Tubaz for Anamono X

Published on Jun 17, 2017 gotharman

"Tweaking the new SP Filter..."

Gotharman's Tubaz for Anamono X

Published on Jun 17, 2017 gotharman

"Tweaking the new Tubaz - Tube filter board."

MFB Tanzbar, Moog Mother 32 & Boss DD3 Digital Delay

Published on Jun 17, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the Tanzbar drum machine & a Mother 32 synthesiser synced together.
Tanzbar MIDI Out to Mother 32 MIDI In. The DD3 has been placed on an aux send."

The Arturia MatrixBrute- Part 20- Left-Hand Performance Controls

Published on Jun 17, 2017 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the LH controller functions of the Arturia MatrixBrute."

All parts here.

Syncussion SY-1 clone (sequenced by elektron digitakt)

Published on Jun 17, 2017 ljs8888

+ Volca FM + Model D

The Syncussion SY-1 clone is by the Human Comparator, maker of the TTSH ARP 2600 clone.

Nodes XIV

Published on Jun 17, 2017 Alba Ecstasy

"Starting with Waldorf #Blofeld controlled by #KBoard Keith McMillen (working together in harmony, for K-Board's presure function and Blofeld's routings matrix). Lead from #microKorg XL, bass lead from #Ti2, sequence - Korg #Radias, drums - Roland #JDXi and sequences 2 - Korg #Minilogue.


Visible vactrol strobe in an Estradin Effekt-2 phaser!

Published on Jun 17, 2017 synthead

Yamaha PSS 580 demotrack

Published on Jun 17, 2017 ikworgek

Demotrack Yamaha PSS-580
2-op FM synth/keyboard
all sounds from the yamaha/
some reverb and delay


Kick.S / X1186

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Kick.S

/// Equipment ////
TR Rack
Strymon BigSky
Strymon TimeLine
Proteus Orchestra

London Modular

Published on Jun 16, 2017 London Modular

Thinkers - a jazz patch for eurorack synthesizer

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Luke Killen

"today's patch is a ambient jazz exercise. I am convoluting a prepared scale in a few ways for a variety of voices."

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