MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, February 3, 2018

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Boss DR-110 &

Published on Feb 3, 2018 SynthMania

"Boss DR-110 triggers three oscillators on the"

3am - Steep

Published on Feb 3, 2018 justin3am

"Self-generating modular bleeps, screeches and rhythms. Improvised feedback.

Koma Field Kit
Pearl Snare Drum
Make Noise Shared System
Lots of other eurorack stuff
Elektron Analog Heat

I played a snare drum with a speaker, by feeding signal back from two contact mics attached to the drum, via a Koma Field Kit. Different tensions around the rim and dampening drum heads with my hands results in tonal changes depending on where I put the speaker."

Grendel Grenadier RA-9

via this auction

"One of the most unique drone synths ever made. No longer in production.

The Grenadier is a 1-oscillator analog drone synthesizer with cv-gate control.

The Grenadier can be played stand-alone by using its keypad with 4 independently tuneable keys, or you can activate its onboard sequencer for rhythm loops and tone sequences."

MFB Dominion Club Analog Synthesizer SN 17137

Mint green synth in mint condition.

via this auction

"Mint condition and unused. This will include the receipt which gives you 11 months warranty from

The MFB Dominion Club Analog Synthesizer is a module version of the MFB Dominion 1 Synthesizer.
The MFB Dominion Club features two analog VCOs, as well as a Digital Wave with morphing waveforms.
Two sub oscillators and a noise generator are also included, allowing you to create an endless palette of sounds.
The analog circuitry combined with the in-depth modulation makes the Dominion Club one of the most versatile analog synths on the market.
Its compact size makes it highly portable and great for both live and studio applications. Additionally, the
Dominion Club Synth includes an integrated USB and M-Bus interface as well as MIDI connectivity."

Ensoniq SQ80

via this auction

Model D Beats

Published on Feb 3, 2018 100 Things I Do

"Its been a while since I did a noodle track. Today I thought I would have a look again at the Moog Model D and use some FM sounds to create a beat. From here the track developed into a nice little noodle so I thought I would share :D"

LIFE: Ambient track with Eurorack modular

Published on Feb 3, 2018 synthjunk

"Sounds created by Clouds granular synthesis and Radio Music modules. Clocking, sequencing & triggering provided by a combination of Make noise Rene, Wogglebug, Maths, Moskwa Rotosequencer & Tiptop Z3000. Thanks for checking this out."

Thomas Dolby - The Ghost of Faffner Hall - The Jim Henson Company

Published on Apr 19, 2012 The Jim Henson Company

"When Farkas buys a robot to help him get rid of the musicians of Faffner Hall on Make a New Sound Day, the gang borrows some parts from the robot to construct a synthesizer so they can make all kinds of new sounds. Fughetta doesn't understand how a synthesizer works so the Wild Impressario turns to his best source, Thomas Dolby, to explain it to her."

Percussa Super Signal Processor Update

via the Percussa SSP Kickstarter:

"Hi everyone,

This past week myself and Celine have been hard at work on the software. Like I wrote in our last update, we've been working on the SSP's menu system and fixing bugs in the graphical user interface.

We've also worked on adding support for the SSP's 16 inputs and 8 outputs in our software: the input and output modules, which are used in the module network editor to tie the jacks on the SSP to the internal modules, had to be updated to support all of the SSP's I/O.

One other important feature we added the past week is scaling the increase/decrease step size of the synthesis parameters using encoder speed/acceleration.

Besides that we took the opportunity to test the inputs and outputs with both AC and DC signals. As you already know from the kickstarter page, the SSP's 16 inputs and 8 outputs are DC coupled, and they all support up to 192kHz sample rate with 32 bit resolution (we use high end AKM DACs and ADCs, which are used for sampling both CVs and Audio signals). Below you can find six new videos we shot during our testing sessions."

You can find the videos at the Percussa SSP Kickstarter campaign.

Native Instruments Mod Pack Demos by Outsider Sound Design

Published on Feb 3, 2018 Outsider Sound Design

Native Instruments Flair Mod Pack Demo / Outsider Sound Design Bug on the Line
Native Instruments Choral Mod Pack Demo / Outsider Sound Design Bug on the Line
Native Instruments Flair Mod Pack Demo / Outsider Sound Design Pedal Drone
Native Instruments Choral Mod Pack Demo / Outsider Sound Design Pedal Drone
Native Instruments Phasis Demo / 2cAudio Aether / Outsider Sound Design Pedal Drone

ALPHAWAVE// Squarp Pyramid: Prophet-12, TR-8, Juno-106, System-8

Published on Feb 3, 2018 MR TUNA Music

"Another quick jam for your listening pleasures."

Murdi at the Controls with the S-CAT Dubsta Delay

Published on Feb 3, 2018 Space Cat Audio Technologies

"Murdi filmed this short clip for us of him testing his New Dubsta Delay."

S-CAT on eBay

Jam Session with Roland Jupiter 4, Korg Polysix, Yamaha CS-30, Univox SR-95 and Modularsynth

Published on Feb 3, 2018 E I S E N T A N Z

"Sleepy long-haired little monkey plays with vintage synths and a short wave radio receiver.

Roland Jupiter 4
Yamaha CS-30
Korg Polysix
Univox SR-95
Modular by: &"

verbos harmonic oscillator #02 | minimal modular music

Published on Feb 2, 2018 Elinch

"the piece builds up very slowly, please take some time while listening :-).

based on a slow random sequence with the verbos harmonic oscillator, which is almost infinitely looped and becomes more and more complex. a second random sequence of the make noise sto is added to support. this is followed by noisy sounds from the er-301 and individual string sounds of the two morphagenes. granular voices of the er-301 will be added later.

1. seq /// harmonic oscillator (sequenced by disting mk4, shift register mode) / make noise optamix / zvex instant lo-fi junky / mutable instruments clouds
2. seq /// make noise sto (sequenced by malekko voltage block) / make noise optamix / zvex instant lo-fi junky / mutable instruments clouds
3. noises /// granular machine orthogonal devices er-301
4. strings /// both make noise morphagenes with different notes (strings from cubasis, processed with zvex instant lo-fi junky) / mutable instruments clouds
5. voice /// granular machine orthogonal devices er-301 (vocals by sofie klein)
6. voice /// granular machine orthogonal devices er-301 (vocals by sofie klein) played manually with intellijel tetra
7. bass /// sampleplayer orthogonal devices er-301
8. pad /// sampleplayer orthogonal devices er-301 (Record a previous sequence with the same setup)

for people with little time to get started at 3:30 is recommended :-)

recorded live with tascam dr 100. no audio processing. for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers."

Part 1 here.

STEIM's TriggerSequencer Prototype - First Eurorack Module from STEIM

TriggerSequencer from STEIM Amsterdam on Vimeo.

"prototype of STEIM's first Eurorack unit, a 4-track, 8 steps variable gate sequencer."

Crumar Performer 70's String & Brass Synthesizer Demo

Published on Feb 3, 2018 sirredfox00

"This is a Demonstration of my Crumar Performer. Its the pure sound of this Synthesizer - no extern effect etc. was used!"

STG Soundlabs Intros "World's Most Advanced Envelope Generator"

Published on Feb 3, 2018 Synthtopia

5U presented in the video, eurorack version pictured below.

"At the 2018 NAMM Show, we caught up with Suit & Tie Guy, who gave us a quick demo of his new module, which he describes as the "world's most advanced envelope generator'.

The STG/Soundlabs Envelope Generator offers three EG models, outputs two shapes simultaneously, offers four modes of operation, four time scales & tempo sync.

Additionally the module supports full voltage control of time and sustain level, slope control and cv, and gate outputs for each stage via a sidecar module."

"The world's most advanced ADSR. Features 3 different EG models: 911 style DADSR/AHDSR, Synthi 100 Trapezoid with quadrature outputs, and our own ADSAR/DASAR we call the Pyramid Blaster. If it's confusing why there are multiple shapes mentioned for each model, it is because this envelope generator outputs two shapes simultaneously!

There are 4 modes of operation: Hold, Trigger, LFO A and LFO B. "Hold" means the envelope will move to the sustain stage and wait until the trigger input returns to 0V to move to the next stage. "Trigger" means the envelope will move through all time stages on a leading edge at the trigger input, "LFO A" means the envelope will free-run in a loop and restart on a leading edge at the trigger input, and "LFO B" means it will loop only while a gate signal is present at the trigger input.

Envelope Generator has 4 different time scales: X.1, X1, X10, and Tempo Sync. The Xn scales are based on the absolute time markings on the front panel dials, 1 second, 10 second, and 100 second ranges. "Sync" will tempo syncronise the stage times to musical values based on tempo information received over the STG Clock Bus connector on the back of the unit.

Additionally the module supports full voltage control of time and sustain level, slope control and cv, and gate outputs for each stage via a sidecar module, pictured below"

Untitled #2 (Ambient w/ 4ms SMR, Rings, RF Nomad, OP-1)

Published on Feb 3, 2018 S. B. Arweiler

Sound sources:
RF Nomad - 4ms SMR

Monome Kria (on White Whale)

Monome Circles (on Ansible)
Ornament+Crime (Piqued mode)
Make Noise Function

EHX Cathedral (added in Mixer)

The Human Comparator Syncussion SY-1 2018

via this auction

"Newly built and calibrated, in perfect order and sounds great. Power supply included."

Maestro USS-1, Footswitch, and Case

via this auction

"Everything works on the unit and footswitch--the indicator light for the Wave Form switch on the pedal is dimmer than the others; all sliders operate smoothly.
It was gone thru by Lingenberg Sound near LA in March of 2016.
He tuned it up and replaced some of the electrolytic caps at that time."

Moog Source SN 4250

via this auction

Soma Lyra-8 2017 White

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Six-Track SN 001094

via this auction

"This vintage 49 velocity sensitive key analogue synthesizer is one of the first multi-timbral keyboards. It has 6 voice polyphony as well as 6 VCO’s for great bass, lead, and pad modeling. It has MIDI and an onboard 6-track digital sequencer. It also has an arpeggiator that you can play along with sequences in real time. And it has a unison mode that makes the keyboard monophonic. It has been used in movies since the 80’s. It has the same Curtis circuitry that is found in its bigger brother, the Prophet 5."

It actually doesn't, but it still is a nice synth.

Update: the keyboard isn't velocity sensitive either. The Mult-Trak which has the same synth engine, however is. thanks to Cameron in the comments for catching this.

Octave-Plateau Cat Stick SN 01013

via this auction

"Octave-Plateau Cat Stick in good condition for its age. This is almost a modular synthesizer in itself, yet is for use with modular or CV synths to add expressive control and sort of patch in VCO and XY signals in new configurations. It creates beautiful, complex, and really unusual modulations as would be appreciated by a performing musician or sound designer or an odd noise collector. This one works yet shows expected signs of moderate use and slightly discolored plastic. These are extremely rare."

Roland SH-101 SN 232269

via this auction

1970s ARP Odyssey MK III 2823 vintage analog synthesizer SN 28231403

via this auction

"Fully functional and in excellent cosmetic condition. Has recently been serviced and re-capped. Very minor cosmetic wear (all pictured). This is a plug and play synth ready for studio or stage."

Open Labs Miko Dual 30" Touch Mega Synth Synthesiser

via this auction

"Open Labs Miko Dual 30"+ Touschscreen Mega Synth PROJECT

Working and offered at no reserve.

Lost interest ages ago and it is just taking up space.

Just needs the hinge supports fitting (supplied) and the rear wires exit needs tidying.

Cost a huge amount of £££ back in the day.

Loaded with heaps of legitimate software."

Dinosaurs - a deluge track

Published on Feb 3, 2018 qui mo

"I decided to change my setup and now I am only using one box, synthstrom deluge. So this is my very first track, like, comment and follow."

Critter & Guitari - FunFX for Organelle

Published on Feb 3, 2018 Critter & Guitari

"FunFX is a sound effects patch for the Organelle. Each key plays a different synthesized sound from examples found in Andy Farnell's fantastic 'Designing Sound' book.

Edit sounds by selecting them with Knob 1 and then change the available parameters with Knobs 2-4. You can create and playback a sequence too. You can play on top of and/or adjust your looping sounds on the fly! Connect the Organelle to other MIDI devices for expanded jamming (like we did the Bolsa Bass in this video). We sent the audio to the ETC Video Synthesizer for some live visuals!"

Jim Pavloff - Back to the Roots (GR-16 demo)

Published on Feb 3, 2018 jimpavloff

"Old school breakbeat track inspired by the well known electronic band. Written entirely in Groove Rider GR-16 using only its internal default samples and oscillators."

iTunes: Groove Rider GR-16 - Dmitrij Pavlov

Saw wave +OKT and -OKT

Published on Feb 3, 2018 mas2477

"This little clip presents ability of my synthesizer in generating sound with different octaves. First all three oscillators play with the same octave. Second, one oscillator plays in one octave down, last, one oscillator plays witn one octave up."

Love the look of green circuit board panels. See the Skrodzevicz label below for more.


Published on Feb 3, 2018 jonathan bruno

"Little Vangelis inspired Jam showing off the beautiful tone of the yamaha cs50."


Published on Feb 3, 2018 The Tuesday Night Machines

"Distortion, simple chords and sloppy timing :D Pushing buttons and wiggling knobs on my CGS Serge Modular Synth until everything falls apart. Listen on good speakers (or don't)! MORE INFO BELOW! ARRRRR!!!!


PixelNoises Synth T-Shirts by The Tuesday Night Machines:


Audio gear used:
Best of CGS Serge BOG, SWAMP & MARSH panels plus some reverb from the Zoom R16 recorder

Patch Notes:
I'm playing the Sequencer Programmer like a keyboard. Pushing a button there also makes the filter pings louder using a VCA and ADSR. I'm using one DUSG to slew the pitch changes of NCO 1 and the other to filter NCO 1's wave, which then goes into the Wave Multiplier. Its pulse output is sent through the VC Divider to create a suboctave waveform. NCO 2 is also pitched by the Sequencer Programmer and there is some heavy cross modulation going on between the two Oscillators. The Gated Comparator modulates everything and also generated the pings for the filter (together with the clock divider, which keeps a certain rhythm to the pings)."

Patch n Tweak

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