MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday, February 23, 2018

ELECTRAINS / Korg Electribe 2 / Novation Circuit / Bastl Microgranny / Volca FM / Volca Sample

Published on Feb 23, 2018 mishpult

"Going after some cinematic feel with this one. As always, recorded in one take, no additional processing. Footage is taken from a bridge at Oslo Central Station. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts."

Ratchet and tweak with Arturia MiniBrute 2S by Olivier Briand no words

Published on Feb 23, 2018 Olivier Briand

"Ratchet and tweak with Arturia MiniBrute 2S by Olivier Briand is a compilation of 4 improvisations demonstrating the Ratchet Fonction of the gate track, that permits to repeat the step 1X (normal) 2x 3x or 4x, wich is an intersting features but needs a fast and short EG setting. By the way i did some insane tweaks because i can't stop doing that kind of nasty things...."

EMS Synthi-100 at Radio Belgrade 2018 - the "Emperor of Synths"

Published on Feb 23, 2018

"Visiting the Electronic Studio Radio Belgrade and talking with Svetlana Maras about the renovated incredible EMS Synthi-100 plus their plans for the future.

To describe the „7200 Patchpoints - Emperor of Modular Synths” can only be a humble attempt within 15 minutes (even out of 2hrs video content). But, besides some unprecise details due to this improvised conversation it should serve as a first insight for everyone who is seriously into Modular Synthesizers plus provide a short impression of what is much more exact in the scientific exploration apart from popular youtube. Notice also, that dedicated people worldwide are working on the EMS Synthi-100 conservation, restauration and keeping/bringing it back to vital life again for composers, researchers and artists. The knowledge and magic of this cultural icon won´t get lost for the upcoming generations of enthusiasts. Lets start in Belgrade, where Number 4 is back again!!"

Best Ambient Synth Shootout #47: Waldorf Blofeld - Song 3

Published on Feb 23, 2018 Christian's Sonic Spaces

"This is the third song with the Waldorf Blofeld. It's a table-top 25-voice polyphonic, 16-part multitimbral, digital synthesizer capable of wavetable synthesis and analogue modelling.

I used for the recording the following FX chain:
Waldorf Blofeld - Pigtronix Echolution 2 Deluxe - GFI System Specular Reverb 2 - Alesis 3630 - Elektron Analog Heat

The signal goes via a small Behringer mixer straight into the pc.

To create the complete song I recorded consecutively several stereo tracks. The final song was then mastered with just a bit EQ and compression on some tracks and some limiting on the master track.

Well, I decided to go back to the basics, but at the same time make something useful for the synth community and do a kind of competition (I like competitions;-). What's my best synth for ambient music :-)"

Strange encounter, Yamaha VL-7 and Roland Juno-60

Published on Feb 23, 2018 Joakim Floke

"More or less a showcase for the VL-7 accompaniend by a Roland Juno-60."


Published on Feb 23, 2018 LUSS

Demo 1: 4 mini jams on the ADX-1
Demo 2: Going through all voices individually

Album Heart Murmur by Kai Niggemann - Split Tape with Buchla 200e & Mini Buchla 200e DIY-Papercraft

Update: It looks like one of links below went to a previous release. It has been updated. Apologies for that!

Kai Niggemann wrote in to let us know he has a new release on Bandcamp, titled Heart Murmur. You can find the embed above. There is a 10" vinyl version that comes with a little Buchla 200e papercraft pictured below. For MATRIXSYNTH readers, Kai is also offering the papercraft for free, or rather just the cost of shipping. If you'd like one you can PayPal Kai 4 EUR at, or email him directly if you have any questions. The design of the papercraft card and the entire sleeve of the record was made by superdefault, a graphics design freelancer with many references in the international music scene from Berlin.

Details via BandCamp:

Deluxe package 10" vinyl of Kai Niggemann's vinyl debut. Recorded live in Berlin on a Buchla 200e Electric Music Box, meticulously mastered by Rashad Becker (Dubplates & Mastering) and pressed to vinyl in the highest possible quality, this album comes in a special package with an abundance of neat stickers and cards related to the artist and his instrument

Includes unlimited streaming of Heart Murmur via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Kai Niggemann’s solo debut, an all original album of outrageous poetically abstract music created live and without overdubs on a Buchla 200e Electric Music Box, one of the rarest and most sought after electronic music instruments.

Working on the platform since 2013, Kai Niggemann has become one of Germany’s leading artists who perform live with a Buchla 200e. His style is an electro-acoustic storytelling, a clubby dreamscape and a poetically-abstract kraut-infused energetic mix of new Elektronische Musik with contemporary club culture.

Nerds love the technology and clubbers love the throbbing drive of the basslines. It’s all improvised and recorded live in Berlin — yet it sounds meticulously crafted in a dark basement studio throughout the entire last winters.

Kai is a member of the 30-piece kraut-noise-jazz collective “The Dorf” and the electronics duo “The Last Books” (with Achim Zepezauer), performs and records with Mia Zabelka (Vienna) as “Redshift Orchestra”, cofounded the internet-computermusic “European Bridges Ensemble” (EBE, and the electroacoustic duo “Resonator”.
His most recent releases were the CD/vinyl “Lux” (feat. the noise drone artist N), “EviL/EvyL” and the cassette “Made in Österreich” with The Dorf (feat. Caspar Brötzmann & FM Einheit (Ex-Einstürzende Neubauten) or “Thinking Light” by Redshift Orchestra (duo with Mia Zabelka).

He performed concerts with Mia Zabelka (Wien), Yoshio Machida (JP), Trap & Zoid (BE), Stian Westerhus or Shahzad Ismaily (with The Dorf) among many others.

Besides the Buchla he often uses other sources for his sounds and musics, such as fieldrecordings, a noise choir, DIY-soundmakers and acoustic instruments. He is artistic co-director of the theater company “PARADEISER productions” (with director Ruth Schultz), performs solo and with partners, teaches courses in Sounddesign at the Academy for Fine Arts in Münster, Germany as well as music-electronic workshops (“soldering under supervision”) together with sound artist Stan Pete."

"#11 Other Music 7-Limit"

Published on Feb 23, 2018 Bob I. Gomez

"Synthesizer, Music" with the DSI Prophet-6.

Trueno Analog Digital USB SYNTHESIZER V.1.1 - Sound Demo

Published on Feb 23, 2018 SYNTH ANATOMY

"The developer published this week the beta version of v.1.1 of the Trueno Synthesizer. This features sound improvements as well as a new preset browser with 39 new presets. In this video, I will give you an additional sound demo of the Trueno Synthesizer using the new presets.

►Become a Patreon:"

EOS M Raw - Schneider Optivaron 6-66mm f1.8 test with Synth Music

Published on Feb 23, 2018 Synth & Sundry

"Very short test of the Schneider Kreuznach / Beaulieu Optivaron 6-66mm f1.8 super 8mm lens on a Canon EOS M, with Magic Lantern running 12-bit lossless raw in movie crop mode, 1392x1028 resolution.

This lens vignettes heavily even in movie crop mode so it's necessary to shoot in 4:3 aspect ratio.

Music by Alpicat, using sounds from reFX Nexus 2 VST with the Hollywood Synth Edition expansion pack in Ableton Live."

A quick video from supporting MATRIXSYNTH member, Synth & Sundry.

Instruo Quad Performance Quantizer

Published on Feb 23, 2018 John L Rice

"The patch was sounding kinda cool so I'm uploading a bit of it! ;-) Gear Used:
Division6/Mattson SQ816 step sequencer
Instruo Quad Performance Quantizer
2 x Synth Tech E330 VCOs in Cloud mode
Erica Synths Octasource
Happy Nerding 3xMIA
Modcan Quad Envelope
Bubble Sound VCA4p
Circuit Abbey Unify
Mooer Ocean Machine pedal
TC Electronics T2 pedal
Mackie 402-VLZ3 mixer
Canon C100 camera
Xeen 24mm lens
Atomos Ninja Blade recorder
Sony Vegas Pro NLE"

Percussa SSP Patcher GUI Update & Internal/External Modulation Demo

#ssp @kickstarter update - Patcher GUI Update, Internal/External Modulation Demo Published on Feb 23, 2018 PERCUSSA

"@percussa #ssp @kickstarter update - The past week myself and Celine worked non-stop on the patching / modulation grid for the SSP software. We wanted to take our time to bring everything together on one screen ..."

"Hi Everyone!

The past week myself and Celine worked non-stop on the patching / modulation grid for the SSP software. We wanted to take our time to bring everything together on one screen, such that you can add modules, patch modules, and enable/disable modulation/sources targets easily without having to switch menus.

Besides that we also wanted to add visualization features to the modulation grid so you can more easily see what modules a certain module is modulating :-) Each time a module is patched to another module it gets highlighted with a cyan border, and the list of possible modulation destinations on the right hand side is updated. The two first encoders can then be used to scroll the lists of accepted modulations and modulations which will be sent (right hand side).

Although this was not in the original kickstarter tech specs, we've chosen encoders for the SSP with a push-function. This means that in some menus or contexts you can push the encoder for additional functionality, for example in the network grid you can use the push function to enable/disable modulation sources/targets in the lists on the right hand side.

In the above video you can see how I patch both internal and external modulation sources into our wavetable oscillator. As you might remember the WT Osc has X, Y and Z modulation inputs, which I'm modulating here with an internal LFO as well as external oscillators / LFOs (the make noise STO and intellijel Dixie II).

Working the modulation grid took a LOT of time, because it has to do a lot with usability and we had to go through several revisions of the UI and the button mapping before it made sense to us and let us patch quickly. We'll continue to work on the UI over the next weeks, focusing on the usability and workflow of the software and continuing the test the hardware.

In the meantime we've also received a lot of parts for the production and more will be delivered this week and next week. We're getting ready for the production for the rest of the SSPs in the upcoming months.

As always we'll keep you posted of our progress. Thanks again for your support and patience!

Bert & Celine"

Novation Peak and Rev 2

Published on Feb 22, 2018 Uriel Ortega

"This is part 1 comparison of Novation Peak vs Rev 2. I really love both synths, and prefer to perform with the Rev 2, and record with the Peak. Both synths are extermely powerful, and versatile. Also I prefer the peak for arps and bass synths, and the Rev 2 for poly synths.

Oscillator Comparison
Filter Comparison
Arp Demo
Simple Poly Synth Patch Creation
Simple Pad Creation
Peak+Rev 2 Layering"

Instincts - Digitakt Ambient recorded to cassette

Published on Feb 23, 2018 Jogging House

"Check out my new album 'From':

Here is an 80s influenced ambient jam with the Elektron Digitakt, recorded straight to cassette.

Simple drone samples from the Mangrove and Dixie 2+ Eurorack oscillators and a Korg Wavestation. Shaped, sequenced and resampled within the Digitakt,

The video goes in and out of sync due to tape warble, nothing I can do about that. Hope you still enjoy it."

Modular/Elektron jam 2/23/18

Published on Feb 23, 2018 redstripedown official

"Chill little hardware jam with Make Noise system, Digitakt, A4 and Mother 32"

Cool view!

Aphex Twin's Cwejman S1 MK2 for Sale?

via this auction

"This listing is for a very rare Cwejman S1 MK2. This S1 was previously owned by Richard David James (Aphex Twin, AFX, The Tuss, Polygon Window, Caustic Window) and purchased from a dealer in the UK. All knobs and switches are intact and it sounds beautiful. Pains me to sell it but I have to fund other ventures.

Less than 100 made in Battleship Grey."

ARP 2600 complete system Mk1

Published on Feb 1, 2017 Scienceforce

via this auction

"Arp 2600 Mark 1, version grey/black with Moog filter
It's the release most wanted for its awesome filter and warm sound features.
It has its native keyboard, transport cover lids, original manual and original patch cables
It's the best Arp I have seen, Near Mint, NOT modified, really genuine and valuable along the time."

ANALOGUE SYSTEMS RS INTEGRATOR analog modular synthesizer

via this auction

"ANALOGUE SYSTEMS RS INTEGRATOR analog modular synthesizer, in GREAT "as new" conditions, eurorack compatible using a cheap adaptor cable. It's an AS System 1 with a pair of BETTER added modules: RS-400 Phase Shifter and RS-390 Echo.

The original PSU is 220 / 240 volts setted.

This Custom System 1 is a readymade configuration by Analogue Systems consisting of modules needed for a well-equipped monophonic synthesizer with CV/gate control. With the System 1 you can easily get bass and lead synth sounds as well as effect and drums sounds, all in pristine quality as you would expect of an Analogue Systems circuit. This version of the System 1 comes in a 6 U/19”-frame suited for being built into a studio rack or a flight case.

This customized System 1 consists of the following modules :


via this auction

Moog Polymoog 280A Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Access Virus C Desktop

via this auction

Roland TB-303 Bass Line

via this auction

"Cosmetic condition is excellent overall. The face is clean with very limited signs of use or age. The most noticeable ageing is the where the case has reacted with the surface of the machine on the front and rear side panels, and also the base; plus there are a few scuffs to those panels. Battery compartment is clean. Click on the photos to zoom in and see the condition for yourself.

Full service including replacing all switches with new ones. The work on this machine has been done to the highest standard by one of the UK's leading synth techs - we guarantee this machine for 3 months after receipt (private/home non-smoking studio use only)."

LAMM Moog Memorymoog SN 2396

via this auction

Moog Memorymoog Plus with the imfamous LAMM upgrade (Linntronics Advanced Memorymoog Modification - priced 7500euro, with a 20 month waitinglist)

The synth is in amazing condition, more 'mint' then 'excellent', as you can see on the pictures. Well cared for, serviced (incl recapped PSU, etc) and ships in a heavy duty pro flightcase (not pictured yet).

Sold with invoice.

Make sure to check out our other stuff!

Designed more than twenty years ago and built by Moog Music before 1984, the Memorymoog has earned a reputation for the highest quality analog sound of any polyphonic synthesizer. However, the Memorymoog has been plagued with hardware instabilities and operating system shortcomings that have compromised its reliability and frustrated the players who have used it. Furthermore, current standards of operating system flexibility include a level of MIDI implementation that goes far beyond the feature set that has heretofore been available on the Memorymoog.

MOOG Memorymoog Plus

via this auction

"Immaculate Moog Memorymoog Plus Synth with midi functionality and 6 voice capability. Incredible condition both aesthetically and functionally. Last serviced by Analogics and sounds amazing!"

Mini-Korg Univox K-1 SN 3643

via this auction

Roland MC-09 Phrase Lab SN ZP70476

via this auction

Comb-Filter big time

Comb-Filter big time from Jochen Bohnes on Vimeo.

testing comb-filters ... - very impressed by the BEAP comb filter (Gen~), implemented from the algorithm given in "Digital Sound Generation 2" from ICST Zurich by (the fabulous) Peter McCulloch in 2012.

Frap Tools - Fumana - Sidechain Compression, Ducking & LPG Style Functions

Published on Feb 23, 2018 DivKidVideo

"Here's a couple of cool FX that Simone from Frap Tools shared with me. Using the tilt function you can mimic side chain compression / ducking style FX with a different "tone" shifting through harmonics rather than level control. You can always (as a user pointed out to Simone at Frap Tools) get LPG-like sounds by "plucking" the tilt with a tight envelope. You'd still need a VCA at the end but it can be really cool and a bit more robotic and vocoder like. More videos for #FumanaFridays coming soon!"


Published on Feb 23, 2018 Alba Ecstasy

"100 patches for Roland SE-02 (introductory price), available on
The pack contains rhythmic drones, basses, leads, plucks and sfx. Suitable for electronic music. 100% royalty free.
Additional reverb from BOSS RV-3 and just a little post gain up in Logic, to compensate the decreased output signal to match the reverb pedal requirement. Nothing else, just the creamy #RolandSE02
The motions you hear, are made by using the LFO to ENV control. The sequences and the play is made with the Keystep. No SE-02 internal sequencing."

Frank loves a good pitch delay.

Published on Feb 23, 2018 Alessandro Cortini

Who's Frank? Watch and see...

"Synthi dry and then sent to AMS DMX16 in pitch mode."

buchla 200 lullaby.

Published on Feb 23, 2018 Alessandro Cortini


VCS3 Reverb speakers feedback.

Published on Feb 23, 2018 Alessandro Cortini

"fun with feedback."

[Week8] Juno

Published on Feb 23, 2018 Optimistic

Roland Juno-106, MFB Dominion, Elektron Analog Rytm, KORG KAOSS Pad KP3?, and more.

New Corsynth DR-01 Bass Drum 5U/MU Module

"All sounds from the Corsynth DR-01 Bass Drum module. Four DR-01 has been used to create these demos."

via Corsynth

"The DR-01 Bass Drum is the first of a new series of Corsynth modules dedicated to analog drum synthesis and it’s also the first module of this kind commercially available in MU format.

Create a drum sounds from scratch using a modular synthesizer is always time and resourcing consuming. With the DR-01 you will save a lot of space, money and modules that can be used for other purposes. The DR-01 has all you need to create bass drums , toms a many other percussive sounds in just one single space. And thanks to the Tune CV input is even possible to use the DR-01 to create bass lines.

Punchy techno drums, industrial drums, drum sounds of the firsts analog drum machines, FM sounds… With the DR-01 is really easy to get the sounds that you need at every moment. All the parameters in the module have been carefully chosen to be used in a drum synthesis context (envelope times, oscillator frequencies, oscillator waveform etc ).

These are the DR-01 Bass Drum main features:

A voltage controlled oscillator with dedicated CV input for tuning.
A voltage controlled timbre circuit.
A dedicated tune modulation envelope.
An amplitude envelope with three different settings for the attack time.
It’s time to add drum sounds to your synth sequences! .

The DR-01 Bass Drum is built using high quality electronic components, Switchcraft jacks, Cosmo knobs (the same used by Moog Modular) , anodized aluminum front panel…."

Patch n Tweak

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