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The Massive Prophet Sound Bank - DSI Sequential Prophet 6 ( Synthcloud Library )

Published on Apr 7, 2018 Synth Cloud


This massive and powerful pack is made for the most demanding Sequential Prophet 6 users ; this collection extends its musical horizons, adding more versatility in musical genres. 20 new sounds not included in the various presets have been added: organs with a psychedelic character, famous arpeggiators, pads, leads suitable for rock and metal genre, too.This collection has been maniacally programmed from scratch by Alex Di Donna aka Synthsound.

Patches List:

000: The Depeche Arp
001: Beauty Delay Arps
002: Shining Moog
003: Korg Express Lead ( Vibrato on Aftertouch )
004: The Sirius Arp
005: Flanged Pig Riff ( Vibrato on Aftertouch )
006: Modular Lead ( Vibrato on Aftertouch )
007: Fuzzing Lead ( Vibrato on Aftertouch )
008: Planet X Arps
009: Demogorgon
010: Run Like a Lead (Filter Cutoff amount on Aftertouch )
011: Classic Sync Lead ( Vibrato on Aftertouch )
012: The Lost Island Patch
013: Groove & Destroy ( add FX )
014: Prog Metal Lead
015: Welcome Lead ( Vibrato on Aftertouch )
016: MMoog Lead
017: Psycho Echorec PF Organ ( LFO on Mod. Wheel / sound modulation on Aftertouch )
018: Stone Moog ( Vibrato on Aftertouch )
019: Empty Spaces"

Prophetica Sound Bank on DSI SEQUENTIAL PROPHET 6 ( Synthcloud Library )

Published on Mar 1, 2018 Synth Cloud

"This awesome library adds creativity and power to your Sequential Prophet 6; it features new soundscape pads, classic pads, progressive and powerful leads useful in every musical context, pipe simulations, some industrial sound and so on... 32 new sounds !

Patched and performed by Stefano Angiulli (Aborym's synth player).

Massive Leads Sound Bank on DSI Prophet Rev2 ( Synthcloud library )

Published on Feb 6, 2018 Synth Cloud


"This awesome library adds creativity and power to your Prophet Rev2 ( 8 and 16 voices ); it features new soundscape pads, classic pads, progressive and powerful leads useful in every musical context, pipe simulations, some industrial sound and so on...

48 new sounds ! Ideated and designed from scratch by Alex Di Donna (Synthsound) and Stefano Angiulli (Aborym's synth player).

Patches List:
01. Lost Island Patch
02. Killer Pad
03. Floyd Machine
04. Shining Diamonds
05. Flesh Pad
06. Jordavarium
07. OneOfMYSync
08. Moore Stack
09. Psychorec
10. Empty Spaces Arp
11. Stranger Synths

Jamming on Studiologic Sledge Black Edition ( Synthonia - Performer )

Published on Jan 17, 2018 Synth Cloud

"Jamming on Studiologic Sledge Black Edition ( Synthonia - Performer )

download patches:"

New Mystic Circuits 0HP Filter

Published on Apr 9, 2018 Mystic Circuits

"The Mystic Circuits 0HP Filter is finally here! A blend of our AND Gate and Low Pass Gate circuits, the Filter is a radical waveshaper in a tiny package. Modulate either the cutoff frequency or the 'timbre' clamping circuit at audio rate."

via Mystic Circuits

"An audio filter in a tiny package! A blend between our 'AND - gate' and our 'Vactrol Low Pass Gate' circuits, the cutoff frequency can be modulated at audio rate. It also features a voltage controlled clipping circuit which allows for further wave shaping."

Also available as DIY.

Hidden Sub Phatty [Episode 49]

Published on Apr 9, 2018 CatSynth TV

"We explore some of the hidden features of Moog's Sub Phatty synthesizer, including filter selection (select 1- to 4-pole filters) and Oscillator 2 Beat Frequencies.

These and other features can be accessed via Page 2 on the instrument panel, or using the handle Editor/Librarian software from Moog, available for both macOS and Windows.

For more information, visit

All sound samples in the video were made using the Sub Phatty except for a bit of electronic piano on the closing music (done with a Nord Stage EX).

For more synthesizer videos and other topics, please subscribe to this page and visit"

Improv #7 - Ostinato Canon

Published on Apr 9, 2018 R. Reger

"One-take improvisation featuring Arp 2600, VCS3 and Moog Voyager."

R. Reger Improvs

Everything Ends Here (Alessandro Cortini) // Eurorack, Rings, Mangrove, Bermuda, Plaits, Hermod

Published on Apr 9, 2018 Lost For Words

"I love the video of Alessandro Cortini, who wrote this track, and Don Buchla (modular father) playing this live. See link below. A simple 3 part melody loop with great feeling. I hope I did it a little justice.

In my take on the piece, played on a Keystep and recorded and sequenced by Hermod, Rings goes to ZVEX Instant LoFi Junky. Mangrove and Bermuda play the other two pieces. I use the Erica Polivoks filter and the Ripples filter to bring in distortion with a careful resonance/cutoff balance. Mangrove goes to Ripples then to Pico DSP for additional distortion and crunchiness.

Some sound effects from Plaits are bounced around in the Tapographic Delay.

Recorded to cassette. Mastered with Ozone etc. in Reaper.

Cortini and Buchla :"

Everything Ends Here

Published on Nov 18, 2011 Alessandro Cortini

"San Francisco Electronic Music Festival 2010

Alessandro Cortini + Don Buchla, performing the piece "everything ends here", from Blindoldfreak's 1st EP, 1.

available on iTunes:

and Amazon:"

1979 by Carrier: That Chord From Six Feet Under on VCV Rack

This one in via Mark Ireland.

"I love that chord in the middle of Prince's Nothing Compares To You and I love that chord at the beginning of TV's Six Feet Under"


FILTER FM PATTERNS - TIPTOP Z2040 from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"Modulating filter and its modulators to create rhythmic patterns.

Triangle Wave out of Z3000 oscillator into Z2040 filter. Filter Modulations: frequency is modulated by Z3000 which is modulated by another Z3000, resonance is modulated by Z4000 envelope, gain is modulated by MATH.

Towards the end a new FDN (feedback delay network) algorithm for Z-DSP is added to the sound."

Octave-Plateau CAT SRM Vintage Analog Synth

via this auction

"Great sounding antique board (pre-1980s) with a killer filter and some unusual gnarly effects via its flexible modulation capabilities. Oscillator sync, sample and hold, audio rate frequency modulation of both the filter and oscillators, duophonic mode and did I mention the filter? Yeah, it’s pretty sick. Screams like a banshee..."

Bespoke Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Synth Cases

via this auction

See the sellers' other items for more.

The dragonfly is a nice touch.

"9U / 60HP Solid hard maple or walnut Eurorack modular synth case. This is my Standard Line of cases but other than wood selection, there is nothing standard about them. Hand dovetailed, black cherry base slightly raised to reveal a sexy shadow line, spalted maple back, hand profiled / recessed front to frame your modules. This is one of the finest cases made, not a cookie cutter CNC'd plywood box.

The case will have vector rails installed before shipment with a threaded insert or as many sliding nuts as you need. This case also includes a custom switching PSU with 2 distribution boards. If you'd like a Tip-Top studio bus, I can get you one at a significantly reduced price as part of this package. If you do not want a PSU included, I'll take $50 off the final price.

Free Shipping anywhere in the Lower 48

If you're local to the San Francisco Bay Area and can do a pick-up, I'll take another $50 off the price."

Soldering 101 with Your Friends at Mystic Circuits

Published on Aug 31, 2017 Mystic Circuits

"This is a video covering the absolute basics of soldering for those who are looking to build some of our 0HP modules (or anything else for that matter) and get some insight and safety information on how to solder."

Mystic Circuits 0HP Build Tutorials

Mystic Circuits 0HP OR Gate Build Tutorial
Mystic Circuits 0HP AND Gate Build Tutorial
Mystic Circuits 0HP Vactrol VCA/ LPG Build Tutorial
0HP EYEtenuator Build Guide
0HP Filter Build Manual

For more info visit us at

Halt! Run! - Blue Hats

Published on Apr 9, 2018 Halt! Run!

"A variation on a patch sketch..."

Glass Armadillo.

Published on Apr 9, 2018 Resonant Anvil

"Moog Sub 37 with mos-lab backing-drone and pulse. Two note per step 64-step sequence."

Ambient Chill Out Jam "Planetarium" with Eventide H9 + Roland SE-02 + Novation Mininova / Ultranova

Published on Apr 9, 2018

"Was very busy at work last time, and my wife said to me: "chill a bit, relax", so i went to my studio and have started chillin´ and relaxing, so there is the result of it, hope you can chill a bit with me. Cheers!!!

Gear used: Novation MiniNova, Roland SE-02, Moog Minitaur, Novation Ultranova, Waldorf Rocket, Waldorf Blofeld

Arturia BeatStep Pro as sequencer and clock
Arturia Keystep only as MIDI controller
Korg X3 as MIDI controller for Roland System 1M

FX: Eventide H9, Strymon blueSky, Boss DD7, Supernatural Ambient Verbe, Strymon DIG, EQD Space Spiral

Headphones highly recommended!!!"

Nights (Tales From The Sea) // ambient - Mother 32, System 1m, Clouds, Z-DSP, Big Sky

Published on Apr 9, 2018 Lowering Skies


1. Roland System 1m - Mutable Instruments Clouds - Big Sky
2. Moog Mother 32 - Tiptop Z-DSP - Strymon Big Sky
3. Four tracks Tascam Portastudio 424 MKII using Maxell High Bias Type 2 cassette tape and then, mixed in real-time

NT04 "glitchy voices" DEMO

Published on Apr 9, 2018 noystoise

"this is just a quick followup video to demo some of the unique sounds the NT04 is capable of. more info at"

The Delian Mode - Delia Derbyshire Documentary

Published on May 5, 2015 mprobs

"The Delian Mode (Kara Blake, 2009) is a a short experimental documentary revolving around the life and work of electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire, best known for her groundbreaking sound treatment of the Doctor Who theme music. A collage of sound and image created in the spirit of Derbyshire’s unique approach to audio creation and manipulation, this film illuminates such soundscapes onscreen while paying tribute to a woman whose work has influenced electronic musicians for decades."

And a couple of videos from the Delia Derbyshire YouTube channel:

Delia at Queen Elizabeth Hall on 18 1 1968

Published on Sep 23, 2015 Delia Derbyshire

"Delia Derbyshire starts the computer playing Zinovieff's "Partita for Unattended Computer" at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London on 18th Jan 1968"

Max Träger's "diagrams" video of Delia Derbyshire's papers

Published on Aug 31, 2015 Delia Derbyshire

"This is a first demo version of a video Max was doing in July 2011 to display some scans of Delia's diagrams and diagrammatic scores for her electronic music.The accompanying music is "The Wizard's Laboratory" from the album Electrosonic.

Questa è la prima versione dimostrativa di un video che Max stava facendo a luglio 2011 per presentare alcuni scan dei diagrammi e degli spartiti diagramattici preparati da Delia mentre componeva la sua musica elettronica. La musica che l'accompagna è "The Wizard's Laboratory" dall'album 'Electrosonic'."

Check out previous posts featuring Delia Derbyshire in the archives here.

Dave Smith Tempest 16 Beats Demo

Published on Mar 1, 2018 IPAsNmore

"I decided to take some old song ideas from my Dave Smith Tempest out for a spin. The reason I wanted to do a demo was I've read a lot on forums about people thinking of this box as a drum first, synth second. I have always approached my Tempest as more of a multi-timbral 6 Voice Analog Subtractive Poly approach. Yes their are a lot of drums in some of these patterns, but their's also a lot more synth sounds than most demos I see of the Tempest.

Signal recorded 100% dry into Audient iD14 on Garageband for iPad"

Percussa SSP Update

A few updates from the Percussa SSP Kikstarter site:

"SSP Manufacturing, Packaging, Backer Surveys, Software and Superbooth news!

Hi everyone,

A lot has happened since our last update on the SSP kickstarter!

1) electronic parts and assembly

We have all the parts in stock to assemble all the SSPs, apart from the SMT pushbutton switches which are due to be delivered in the next weeks. As soon as we have those the parts will be kitted and dropped off at our subcontractor. It will then take a week or two to get the boards back and start building and packaging the SSPs and another week to get them shipped.

2) front panel machining

We already have all the front panels for the SSPs, but are doing the engraving of logos and some usability improvements of the front panel (input/output matrix division line) on our own machine this week, then sending them off for anodisation to a local subcontractor somewhere next week.

You can see a video of a front panel being engraved on our CNC router below. Since we shot that video we've significantly sped up the engraving by a factor of 4x. The subcontractor will take about a week to anodise the panels and return them to us.

3) development and testing of software v1.0 in full swing

Since our last update Celine finished her navigation code for the network editor (patcher), as well as the scaling code for inputs and outputs of the modules. You can now navigate the patching screen using the first two encoders. The next two are used to navigate the input/output lists for the modules, and using SHIFT+encoder 3/4 will change the scaling of the signals sent/received. So you have the ability to scale signals both on the sending and receiving end of a module. The patcher screen also now supports multiple pages and patching across pages, which allows you to build bigger patches. You can see the X/Y navigation using encoders in the animated GIF below.

I also extended our module system so you have multiple outputs per module, and I rolled all the MIDI / MPE related code into a new MIDI module with pitch, pitch wheel, aftertouch, velocity on and velocity off, as well as MIDI CC support. This way you can connect something like the ROLI Seaboard or Roger Linn's Linnstrument, and have full access to all the data those controllers offer. The MIDI module also lets you route the signals anywhere you want inside or outside the SSP and you can group MIDI modules into voices which makes it easy to build polyphonic synthesis patches. Being able to treat the MIDI data as signals within the modular patch allows many new creative possibilities.

Our plan for version 1.0 of the SSP software, to be included with the shipments of the SSPs, is to have all the base features of the kickstarter implemented and tested. The modules from the stretch goals as well as the SDK will be delivered in the form of incremental updates after the SSPs have been shipped and everyone starts to use the SSP. Obviously we'll also be fixing bugs as we release updates.

In the meantime we've also enlisted someone to help test our software. You can see an assembled SSP from the first production run above (Thanks Matt!). This has been a huge help in fixing bugs and adding usability improvements.

4) stretch goal module voting

We will be surveying all the backers for shipping address soon (more below) and will at the same time collect votes for the stretch goal modules. We’ll announce the results of the voting later on after we’ve shipped the SSPs.

5) shipment schedule

Due to testing and the logistics of getting the SSPs being built there will be a 1 month delay in pledges being shipped. This means that pledges with an April ship date will be shipped in May, and those with previously a May ship date will be shipped in June. We will be surveying backers in the next weeks so we can all get your shipping addresses ahead of time.

We are extremely proud of the SSP. Blood, sweat, and tears have gotten us this point. We appreciate the support and patience from you all. We are confident that when you get your SSP you will not fail to see all the care we have taken in every step of its design, manufacture, and assembly.

6) the SSP at Superbooth

We'll be showing the SSP at Superbooth this year and look forward to seeing any of you who are able to venture out that way! We have a limited number of one-day visitor tickets available that we can hand out to backers who want to make the trip to Superbooth. If you are a backer and would like a ticket please send us a message through our kickstarter page.

As always, thanks again for your support and for backing the SSP!

Bert & Celine"

SoundMiT 2018 Set for November 3rd & 4th in Torino, Italy

Bookmark the date if you are able to attend. SoundMiT in Torino, Italy is set for November.

"As timely as a Swiss watch, we are pleased to present the preliminary informations of the upcoming Soundmit - International Sound Summit, the only Italian trade show specialized in synthesizers and electronic musical instruments.

The 2018 edition will be concentrated in 2 days, Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 November 2018 and will be held again at the historic Teatro Lavanderia a Vapore di Collegno.

You can buy an entry ticket online for a special price until July 1st!

As always, there will be no lack of training workshops, this year realized in collaboration with the LONDON SCHOOL OF SOUND and the GAMMA MUSIC INSTITUTE.

We will be connected with Tel Aviv thanks to a partnership with TECH IT FORWARD, a consulting agency that promotes international and local technology startups, also in the music sector, through strategic marketing, events and specialized roadshows whose mission is to help companies grow and innovate creating marketing strategies together with potential matching opportunities and partnerships with international technology experts and startups.

Getting to Soundmit will be much easier this year thanks to our mobility partner! At the terminus of the subway, you will find a fleet of bicycles provided by OBIKE, which in those days will apply a special discount dedicated to Soundmit. DOWNLOAD THE APP!"

See for additional details.

Roland TR-8s / Korg Monologue / Korg Minilogue Demo

Published on Apr 6, 2018 IPAsNmore

"A jam showing off some ideas I've been working on with the Roland TR-8s, Korg Monologue, Korg Minilogue, and Teenage Engineering PO-35 Speak.

iPad is used to control my mixer (Behringer XR18)

Recorded from Headphone out of XR18 into Apogee Jam"

Spotted this one on discchord.

New Entropic Synth 2018 (Arduino nano & Mozzi library).

Published on Apr 9, 2018 Biyi Amez

"At the heart of Entropic Synth, an Arduino Nano running the Mozzi library. Developed by Tim Barrass, Mozzi is a collection of pre-programmed modules that turn Arduino into a full-fledged synthesizer. The library includes oscillators, filters, and several math objects that enable Arduino to efficiently execute a variety of complex mathematical operations. I must say that I was rather skeptical of the sound quality before trying Mozzi out myself, but the very first sounds came out of my tiny Arduino immediately prove me wrong!

The sound of Entropic Synth is generated through a WavePacket synthesis module, which is essentially modeled after Miller Steven Puckette's example in the PureData tutorials (F14.wave.packet.pd). I have added a number of control options, including the randomization of several parameters, the scale-wise control for the oscillator frequency, and being able to adjust the bitrate of the output to create a nice bit-crusher effect. Using only seven knobs (one of the knobs is simply a passive volume control, while the remaning six are connected to analog inputs on Arduino), the variety of sounds that comes out of this mini synthesizer is very impressive.

Info & buy it:"

Moog system 15 Modular - 901-B vs 921-B oscillator comparison

Published on Apr 9, 2018 RetroLinear

"Tim conducts a quick comparison between Moog Oscillators 901-B and 921-B. This is more or less a collection of Moog modules in a system 15 case. Painstakingly restored @ RetroLinear"

“The knobs are amazing” – Erica Synths presenting their Drum Sequencer @Superbooth

“The knobs are amazing” – Erica Synths presenting their Drum Sequencer @Superbooth from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

"The long awaited Drum Sequencer by Erica Synths did get a lot attention at last years SUPERBOOTH17. Still being under development this presentation of the module is a great way to get an impression of the workflow of this module. And: “The knobs are amazing.”

Kodek plays some Dub inspired music, with the Drum Sequencer being the heart of his modular system. The all improvised performance proves this sequencer to be a really nice tool to create live music on the fly. Additionally some of the drum modules he uses are soon-to-be-released modules by this busy company from Latvia.

At SUPERBOOTH18 Erica Synths will play another Gesprächskonzert on Saturday at 3:40pm and you can find their Booth E245 in the Foyer."

Introducing Layers Wave Edition by Propellerheads

Published on Apr 9, 2018

Because this is what we think of when we think of the legendary Walorf Wave. Pretty funny actually.

"For more information:

Layers Wave Edition brings you the sound of the mighty Waldorf Wave synthesizer in a modern, easy to use and abuse package. Four layers of unique samples from the Waldorf Wave combined with effects, unique sequencing capabilities and comprehensive modulation adds up to a powerful performance instrument, ready to evoke the futuristic sounds from a bygone era.Layers Wave Edition comes packed with hundreds of inspiration­inducing presets crafted by leading sound designers. The straightforward user interface and top­notch sample­set also invites you to experiment on your own and create sounds from scratch. Synthetic, evolving, dreamy, soft or rock hard – Layers Wave Edition has you covered."

"Add the legendary Waldorf Wave synthesizer to your Reason Rack. Layers Wave Edition brings you the sound of the mighty Waldorf Wave in a modern, easy to use and abuse package.

Product details
Four layers of unique samples from the Waldorf Wave combined with effects, unique sequencing capabilties and comprehensive modulation adds up to a powerful performance instrument, ready to evoke the futuristic sounds of a bygone era.

Layers Wave Edition comes packed with hundreds of inspiration-inducing presets crafted by leading sound designers. But the straightforward user interface and top-notch sample-set also invites you to experiment on your own and create sounds from scratch that sound just the way you want them to. Synthetic, evolving, dreamy, soft or rock hard – Layers Wave Edition has you covered.

About the Waldorf Wave
The Waldorf Wave premiered in the early 90s as the most advanced wavetable synthesizer to date. Despite its deep synthesis features, it was remarkably easy to use with its generous offering of knobs, buttons and faders to tweak just about every parameter it had to offer. A truly digital instrument, it still featured a set of analog filters that gave it a warmer sound than what is normally associated with Wavetable instruments. It was found in many well-funded studios of the era since the initial price was close to $10 000. The list of users include a roster of the 90s big electronic producers such as Depeche Mode, Björk, Leftfield, The Orb, Hans Zimmer and many more.

* All product names used are trademarks of their respective owners, and in no way constitute an association or affiliation with Propellerhead Software. Any products or trademarks mentioned are solely used to identify the products whose sound was studied during development and/or for comparison purposes only."

Original Novation Bass Station 1 Analog Keyboard Synthesizer SN 0008985 w/ Guitar Strap

via this auction

"This one comes with a custom made real leather strap. The Bass Station can operate on batteries so with a strap you can plug in your jack lead and play it live on stage like a keytar!

The good bits: comes with PSU/Strap/Printed Manual.
The bad: The 'Octave Select' buttons require some force to activate. They do work, but considering the age of the unit, perhaps they're just a bit tired!"

Korg EA-1MKII Electribe A Analog Modeling Synth SN 005136 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Love the look of these.

Roland JD-800 SN ZC42403

via this auction

Juno Duo Démo - Roland Alpha Juno 1 & 2 in Single Custom Case

Published on Apr 8, 2018 Quedeville Tony

Synthétiseur analogique
Roland Alpha Juno 1 & 2
Double Juno.

AE#43 EML 101 Analog Synthesizer, A Look Under The Hood

Published on Apr 9, 2018 Artifact Electronics

"In this episode we'll have a look at an EML 101 analog synthesizer from the 1970's. Much lesser known than the Minimoog or ARP 2600 it is a great instrument nonetheless. I'll describe some previous repairs and present a brief demo."

Roland Cloud 5.2 Update

Published on Apr 9, 2018 rolandmedia

"The Roland Cloud TR-808 and TR-909 software debuts new integration with Roland's recently released TR-8S Rhythm Performer. TR-8S users can send patterns from the hardware directly to each plugin, including pattern variations and names. Conversely, users can create patterns on the go with the plugin, and then send them back to the TR-8S hardware for performance or further production. The TR-8S also comes ready-mapped for direct hands-on remote control of each plug-is parameters, like volume, tune, and decay."

Motas 6 demo 05

Published on Apr 9, 2018 MotasSynth

"This demo shows new MotasEdit control software (to be released soon as a free download for Motas-6 users). The software allows users of the Motas-6 analogue synth to edit sounds in real-time with live screenshots from the Motas-6 hardware.

Please watch your speakers and ears, it is a bit aggressive in parts! The sound you hear was generated internally by Motas-6 hardware with a little external reverb.We use lots of the independent LFOs for a complex sound. No controller keyboard was used."

Original 1970's Paperfaced Serge Modular + hexinverter drums & beatstep pro

Published on Apr 9, 2018 Dmitri SFC

"Will use compressors next time."

Korg Minilogue Demo

Published on Dec 22, 2016 IPAsNmore

"Just got my Minilogue back from styleflip and I was inspired to make a quick demo of some of the ideas I've come up with since since getting one in August.

Go to 15:33 if you want to get a better look at the custom skin I had designed.

Signal path is Korg Minilogue into Apogee Jam (recorded on Meta Recorded on iPad Mini)"

ambient eurorack by dearalan

Published on Mar 31, 2018 dearalan


1. Some Poems | ambient-ish | w/ eurorack, monome grid & 0-Coast
All sounds from the eurorack, except one pad (TAL-Bassline-101) and the glitchy percussion towards the end (Ableton Operator)

Melody 1: Intellijel Plonk - ALM Busy Circuits MUM M8 - 4MS Dual Looping Delay

Melody 2: Mutable Instruments Rings - Tiptop Audio Z-DSP (Valhalla card)

Basslines: Make Noise 0-Coast

Kick: Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter - Erica Synths Fusion VCF

Perc: Bastl Instruments GranPA - Erica Synths Pico DSP - Erica Synths Fusion VCF

Some modulations from the Xaoc Devices Batumi (Expert mode)

All sequences from Ableton Live, controlled with the Monome Grid through Shuttle Control

All the other pads is background noises are from Plonk & Rings, but mangled with (mainly) using the Make Noise Morphagene. Morphagene also function as a input from Ableton

Recorded in one take, onto one track in Ableton Live, and added some slight eq, compression an limiter using the Izotope Ozone 7
2. Lush Fields | ambient eurorack with Digitakt, Maschine, 0-Coast & OP-1
OP-1 - Pads
Melodies by Rings & Plonk
Bass - 0-Coast
Rhythms - Maschine
3. Turquoise Vessel | ambient lullaby | w/ eurorack, digitakt & OP-1

1. Mutable Instruments Rings via Clouds (sequenced from Digitakt)

2. Teenage Engineering OP-1 tape loop and some background pads

3. Borderlands (app) background ambience/pads (looped from eurorack)

4. Digitakt - rhythms Shuttle Control is the link between Digitakt/OP-1 and eurorack, and their Cockpit module feeds the iPad for looping.

Late Night Ambient with Mutable Instruments Marbles

Published on Apr 9, 2018 Genshi Media Group


Further explorations with Mutable Instruments MARBLES; sequencing (by order of appearance) Mutable Instruments RINGS, Mutable Instruments PLAITS, and Intellijel PLONK. Effects on RINGS by Erica Synths BLACK HOLE DSP (off screen) and effects on everything by Mutable Instruments CLOUDS. XAOC Devices BATUMI modulating several things."

Soviet Synthesizer Kvintet Demo

Published on Apr 9, 2018 Cyril Metodey

KORG volca beats "ngsw" mod Sound Comparison by DigiLog

Published on Apr 8, 2018 DigiLog

"KORG volca beats 'ngsw' mod Sound Comparison by DigiLog"

Follow-up to this post.

Patch n Tweak

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