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Monday, July 09, 2018

BURG - The Salt Of The Earth (Avalon, Modular, Sub-37)

Published on Jul 9, 2018 ollilaboratories

"If you like my stuff please support me on and

Taken from the album 'margot' now available on bandcamp -

My latest track after a short break making music.. it took a while to push through but yeah, here it is. :)

I wanted to give the sub 37 a go with the built in arpeggiator. One of my favorite styles of playing is to use an arp and layer that on top of the track in various ways. For those of you who have followed me for a while knows that I previously used the system-1 for these kinds of sounds. The waldorf blofeld was supposed to be a replacement for the system-1, but i found out after a while that it was really hard to properly sync the arpeggiator with midi in the blofeld :/ .. now i am really happy that the sub37 does this the way i want it to. The blofeld will stay in its case while I think about what to do with it. :)

Gear Used:

Moog Subsequent 37, KORG Grandstage, nord lead NLA1, digitakt, avalon bassline, korg volcas, TR-8s, elektron A4 (fx only), ms-20

Modular rack:

Cheers, hope you like it!"

Roland SYSTEM-100m (D:191,112,121,130,140,150)

via this auction


150 001375
140 011799
130 001383
121 011447
112 001499


via this auction

Industry Conventions: Hip Hop Fundamentals (Tutorial)

Published on Jul 9, 2018 Kris Lennox

"Quick tutorial on the conventions of creating a hip-hop beat. To recap the primary points of the tutorial:

1) The slower the tempo, the longer the tail length (this is for the sake of filling the empty space)
2) The kick drum NEVER occurs at the same time as the clap
3) The only kick on the beat is beat 1.

Of course, you'll always find exceptions to the above. These exceptions normally fall into one of two categories:

1) Producers experimenting/trying a different approach
2) Amateur producers/writers unaware of the fundamental principles

Naturally there is far more to creating a good hip-hop beat, but if the aspects covered in this video aren't in place, you could spend a long time looking for the problem when it may well be the most fundamental issue i.e. kick/clap placement.

PS the important part of this video are the principles, not the machine I'm using. I know of commercial tracks that have used far superior - and far inferior - equipment. However, if you're a hip-hop/dance producer, the Drumbrute is a nice wee piece of kit.

I'll maybe do a mini-series on hip-hop. It is a style of music very easy to do badly. And very easy to overdo. Many demos are rejected on the basis that the tracks are just too busy.


Arvo Pärt - Spiegel im Spiegel VCV Rack Cover

Published on Jul 5, 2018 Omri Cohen

"This is one of my favorite pieces, written originally for piano and violin, this time made all in VCV Rack...
Here you can download the track for free -
Photo by - drmakete-lab'

180709 NYX01 - Dreadbox NYX Demo by Calvin Cardiod

Cimmerian Caves V2 - Echo/Chorus/Vibrato + Fuzz DEMO

Published on Jul 9, 2018 Artificial Noise

Cimmerian Caves V2
Echo/Vibrato/Chorus + Fuzz

"Dark, warbly and tape-like. Dense modulating echo's. Thick, woolly tube-like distortion. Definitely NOT one of those sterile clean delays, but warm and full of character.

When the poet Homer talked of Cimmeria, he called it the land of fog and darkness at the edge of Hades. Artificial Noise took those words as inspiration for the original Cimmerian Cave effects unit and now the Cimmerian Caves is back! Streamlined and with subtle but important circuit improvements, the Cimmerian Caves V2 gives you the same warm, warbly echo, chorus, vibrato and fuzz as the original but with a more affordable price and a more compact design.

Consisting of a tape-like Echo unit (approx. 925ms max delay time) which, depending on the setting can also be used as Vibrato or Chorus. Along with the Echo effect there is also a thick and woolly Fuzz/distortion. Highly tweak-able with 8 knobs, Cimmerian Caves is a hybrid of analog and digital circuitry. Utilizing a digital delay to get a nice long echo (nearly one full second), with the remaining circuitry all analog, including the Low-Pass filters, modulations and fuzz to create a strange, otherworldly sounding effect.

Along with the standard line level 1/4" inputs and outputs, the Cimmerian Caves V2 also has 1/8" modular inputs and outputs. These allow for the 'hotter' Eurorack signals to be used with the Cimmerian Caves, lowering the input to avoid distortion and raising the output level back to the hotter modular signal.

Cimmerian Caves works great with synthesizers and drum machines, but it also works perfectly well with guitar and bass!

Ships with 9v power supply (region specific)

Estimated shipping will begin mid to late August, 2018

$249 + Shipping

For more information, visit:"

Pioneer DJ - Toraiz - AS-1 - Exploring the Presets - MVM #117

Published on Jul 9, 2018 Midiverse - TV

"Welcome to Midiverse - TV. On this episode we're going to be taking a look at the Pioneer DJ Toraiz AS-1 Monophonic Synthesizer."

Custom Black ACCESS VIRUS Ti SNOW SYNTHESIZER w/ Original Box & Extras

via this auction

CustomSynth black Virus TI Snow previously featured here.



Was lucky enough to pick this up from UK synth customisation heroes Custom Synth, who had given it a professional black re-paint, just looked fantastic and I fell in love with it. Have since researched it a bit, and back in 2012 there was a rumour that Access were releasing a very limited run of 15 of these black Snows to mark their 15th Anniversary. Not sure if it ever happened, or if this was a prototype or sample job, but anyway, it's a beauty and here it is in all it's glory!

Other than the bespoke professional paint job this is a standard Snow, fully working and with just minor age-related wear & tear. Screen is bright and clear, buttons and dials respond as they should, full to the brim with amazing VA sounds from basses and leads to epic pads and sound effects. Plenty of in depth info online, and hundreds of rave reviews for what is a full-blown Ti synth minus the keyboard."


via this auction

"Nice project for someone who knows what they're doing, the synth is in beautiful cosmetic condition and as well as being complete in terms of the full stand and case is complete internally, but just hasn't been used of years so needs an overhaul. Very rare early 1980's stringer, came out of the Elka factory in Italy at the same time as the legendary Synthex, and is notable for having a lovely phaser built in. Classic array of string and orchestral sounds, I have a copy of an an old magazine ad (which also features the Synthex on the same page!) describing the Elkatwin as a 'Polyphonic twin oscillator keyboard with manual bass possibilities', so there you go!"

Modded 1979 Yamaha SK-20 Symphonic Ensemble SN 9330

via this auction

The listing doesn't state what the mods do. You can see a switch on the right for STH and ORG, clearly referencing the string synth vs. organ sections. On the back of the synth you can see added 1/4" jacks for ORG, STH, and IN. As there are already individual factory outputs for the Poly-Synth and Organ sections, I'm guess these three are all inputs. Curious if the jacks for STH and ORG replace them when plugged in, similar to overriding signals using patch bay.

Kawai Synthesizer 100P Rare Vintage Analogue Synth S-100P Teisco

via this auction

"Based on the ARP Pro-Soloist and identical to the Teisco badged version, this is a very expressive analogue monosynth with some wonderful sounds on-board - the keyboard has aftertouch (with adjustable sensitivity) which can be routed to several functions including the filter and LFO mod depth etc. It has a large variety of preset sounds available on tab switches, plus a variable section with filter, modulation and other controls including a Spring Reverb!, also there is a performance/effects section with some excellent features including an analogue Phaser, pitch attack up/down, variable Glide & Glissando and an envelope repeat function - I can't think of another analogue synth with these features.

This keyboard is in exceptional condition for its almost 40 years and as far as I can tell it is all working correctly - . But, given it age and the fact that this is vintage electronics I can't guarantee that everything is perfect, so please bear that in mind - it goes with the territory.

The synth comes with its original music stand, also a UK mains cable (240V) and also includes copies of the user manual and service notes with schematics.

To hear just how expressive and great sounding this synth is, check out this video [posted here] of the Teisco version (identical synth and sound)"

Pittsburgh Primary Oscillator With Cloak & Dagger Filter

Published on Jul 9, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"For this video we made a synth voice with the Pittsburgh Modular Primary Oscillator and the Conjured Circuits Cloak & Dagger as VCF and VCA. We used the "timbre" output of the Primary Oscillator which is either a sine or triangle wave run through a wavefolder. The Cloak & Dagger is an ARP 2600 style VCF with overdrive before and after the filter. Everything is sequenced by the Eloquencer, the LDB2 and expander create the drums, Rampage is an envelope and LFO, and everything is mixed with an Intellijel Quad VCA.

Primary Oscillator:

Cloak & Dagger:"

SUPPORT MATRIXSYNTH and get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!

Note: this is the first post to feature Conjured Circuits.

Some info via Perfect Circuit:


Conjured Circuits has produced the Cloak & Dagger, a completely analog filter / distortion module based on the ARP 4072 "post-lawsuit" filter. With resonance compensation, switchable drive pre and post filter, and attenuverters for both CV inputs, the Cloak & Dagger is an incredible way to add several flavors of 2600-style sound to any Euro rig.


4-pole lowpass filter based on the ARP 2600 4092 submodule, the "post-lawsuit" filter
Switchable drive for input and output with dedicated level control and CV input with attenuator

Two CV inputs for cutoff frequency with dedicated attenuverters
Self-oscillates at ~80% resonance
Built-in "resonance compensation" ensures low frequency levels remain consistent as resonance is increased
Dedicated 1V/oct input for musical filter tracking
Mode LED indicates selected drive settings"


via this auction

Roland Juno-106 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

White ARP Odyssey MKI Original 1970s Analogue Synth

via this auction

"Fully working although I think it could do with a new calibration once the new buyer gets his hands on it as I haven't used this synth for a while and has been sitting in the corner for a while. The filter is extremely dirty and it is a real MKI Tonus with tons of mojo.

CV/GATEs on the back so with a Kenton Pro Solo you can have this MIDI'd up as well."

Mathew Jonson Presents His Synthesizer Favourites: Yamaha CS-60 (EB.TV)

Published on Jul 9, 2018 Telekom Electronic Beats

Great demo and overview video of the Yamaha CS60.

"Savvy synth expert Mathew Jonson returns for the next instalment of his deep dive into electronic music’s classic synthesizers for Telekom Electronic Beats TV, with a vintage Yamaha model next up for examination. First released in 1977, discover why the CS-60 grew to become a cult favourite for synthesizer fanatics."

You can find additional posts featuring Mathew Jonson here.

New IK Multimedia Syntronik Deluxe Hardware Synth?

Would you be interested in a hardware version of IK Multimedia's Syntronik Deluxe?

via IK Multimedia:

FEEDBACK WANTED: Syntronik lovers;

Would you like to see I.K. Multimedia turn their "Syntronik Deluxe" ( -softsynth suite ) into a hardware instrument? How about a compact "grab & go" workstation keyboard ( -based upon a DSP chip full of Syntronik "analog era" synths, keyboards + Modo Bass sounds + vintage acoustic/ electric guitars topped-off with ( 12 ) drum-kits representing the "Analog Era's" defining music genre's,( i.e: rock, metal, prog, space rock, punk, new wave, etc. )? Personally, I love the idea!

What do YOU think? All keyboardists are invited to "weigh-in" on the idea. You'll find my mention of these proposed instruments following the interview I did with with Erik Norlander ( -who helped design both the Uno and Syntronik ). *NOTE: Neither Erik nor I.K. has given any indication that they intend to develop such instruments. It's just an idea I thought of after completing the interview. And I still think it's a pretty awesome concept!

But what do YOU think? Would you buy a Syntronik hardware synth? How about a compact Syntronik "grab & go" sized workstation keyboard? If enough keyboardists out there express an interest in these hardware instruments maybe I.K.will consider developing them. Hopefully, the Uno is only I.K's FIRST foray into hardware synthesis realm!

You'll find where you can e-mail your "feedback" on this idea beneath the Erik Norlander interview at this page.

Update: link fixed. There was a comma in the link instead of a period.

Casio ZZ Sampler System From 1986

Great pic spotted on You can find a video featuring the system here.


"Casio ZZ Cosmo Sampler – sort of High-End Sampler 2 OSC, 1 LPF Filter, 3 Casio Level-Rate 8 Step Multisegment Envelopes 4 voice polyphonic, 12 bit, 40kHz, 3 secs sample time, 1 LFO FX synth: 8 voice, 8+25 waveforms (digital), 3.5″ disc drive sequencer, PD $6.4k, 1986, 2 duotimbral..

1986 – sampling was an adventure – but already samplers like Ensoniq MirageDSK1, DSK8, Korg DSS1, DSM1 Sampling Synth and Akai etc. where already on the market at about 3500 (17k€) – 6k DM (3k€)- but this machine was about twice as expensive.

that sampler is 4 voice, the synth is almost like an advanced CZ but with more waveforms – and 8 voices, there were racks, so the system could be expanded. So it is a : Phase Distorion, Sampling, Subtractive Workstation.

1 filter with LPF and Resonance.
1 LFO for everything seems a bit simple but ..

it also had a sequencer aboard with discdrive that captures 4 notes, and 8 per track – it’s all MIDI based.

all a lot cheaper than any CMI or so, but a not the cheapest – the FZ1, Fz10m, Fz20m Sampler followed a lot cheaper with 16bits and even more features and more voices, the CZ5000, CZ3000 feature a 8note sequencer plus PD synthesis, but no filters and “only” 8 waveforms instead of 25 – but – that’s history."

KORG Z1 Multi Oscillator Synthesizer

via this auction

ENSONIQ SQ80 CrossWave Synth SN SQ-14591-E

via this auction

ROLAND SH-01A Boutique BLUE Synthesizer SN Z210485

via this auction

KP-836 Synthesizer Build - Custom Knob Laden Keyboard Enclosure for the Korg Poly-800

Published on Jul 8, 2018 elkelektronik

"The KP-836 is a custom keyboard enclosure, designed to make the most of the Korg Poly-800, by combining a solid enclosure with the functionality of the KP-8 interface.
Check out more about the build at"

I have been working on this project for a while now. There is still work to do, but I'm excited to have achieved some key milestones in the construction of the case, and successful integration of KP-8 with the Poly-800.

KP-8 is a programming interface for the Korg Poly-800 Synthesizer. KP-8 offers access to all of the Poly-800 functions via a 6 x 8 matrix-style programming interface.

Parameters are logically grouped to allow access for up to 8 parameters at a time.

The pin for pin compatible interface enables you to simply unplug the cables from the screen/button board of the Poly-800 and plug in KP-8 for full control of the synthesizer via the new interface.

The KP-836 is a custom keyboard enclosure, designed to make the most of the Korg Poly-800, by combining a solid enclosure with the functionality of the KP-8 interface."

Additional details at

Casio SK1 into the Mattoverse Inflection Point - Part 2

Part 2 added here.

VOLCA Bass with a Straight Drum Beat

Published on Jul 9, 2018 Roxton Fone

"When I grow up, I want to tour the world, with a band, playing the Korg VOLCA Bass."

Just a Minute - Little case making crazy noises

Published on Jul 9, 2018 Stefan Tretau

Yamaha DJX-II trying to speak

Published on Jul 9, 2018 organfairy

"BeskrivelseThere are many human voice bits in the library of the DJX-II. I got the idea that I could try and make a song with words out of them. But unfortunately I could only construct the sentence 'the real bass'. So this is what the voice is saying in this video."

Digitakt Vacation Meditation #1

Published on Jul 9, 2018 ahlstrominfo

deltAdata : iAccept ( lofi hiphop samplr outdoor live jam, Stephen Hawking voice generator)

Published on Jul 9, 2018 deltAdata

iTunes: Samplr - Touch the Music - Marcos Alonso

"Lofi hiphop electronica ish samplr live jam performance with Stephen Hawking voice generator !

The text of the speech is from a french anonym letter send to a news paper, i translated it with the help of google translate and corrected what i found wrong, so maybe there still is some translation problems... i hope it's good enough !

Used: ipad mini 1, samplr, audiobus and audioshare to record, sony xperia z3c (head cam), sony xperia m4 (side cam), reaper (on pc for main video sequencing, audio master limiter and a some delay at the end), after effects for the overall look and of course the Stephen Hawking voice generator.

Stephen Hawking Voice Generator :

Thanks for watching ! ✌"

Teenage Engineering OP-Z, Deep House Demo

Published on Jul 9, 2018 djthomaswhite

"The fantastic OP-Z sequencer/synthesizer/drum machine from Teenage Engineering is in beta testing phase. Lucky for me I am able to be involved (Thanks TE!). The OP-Z is so much in such a small package. It is probably close to 25% of the mass of an OP-1 and is super powerful. It also does photo, video and lighting (DMX) manipulation but I am not testing those functions. I am using the internal tracks and default sounds/instruments to make some groovy beats and the track here shows me moving through patterns I have created inside one project. There are no external mastering or sound processing here. The OP-Z is due to be released soon."

05-Analogue Solutions Treadstone- Song Demonstration 5

Published on Jul 9, 2018 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a musical example of the sound of the Analogue Solutions Treadstone. All of the synth sounds were created with the Treadstone, and are presented without effect or equalization. The drums and percussion sounds were created and sequenced on a Korg Triton LE.

The Treadstone is a shockingly powerful synthesizer for its size, and is also the smallest modern synthesizer with its level of vintage analog tone."

Which iOS Granular Synthesizer should you buy? │ haQ attaQ 289

Published on Jul 9, 2018 Jakob Haq

"There's a lot of great Granular synthesizers for iOS on the AppStore and it can be hard to choose which one to buy. I've received a decent amount of questions about this over the years and lately the apps asked about have been Tardigrain vs Borderlands Granular. With the release of SpaceCraft granular the same type of questions popped up, SpaceCraft vs Tardigrain etc. Now there are more really good granular synths available other than these three, but so far ( yeah so far because i might have to do a new comparison once Quanta by Audio Damage comes out ) these three are my absolute favorite ones. They all have strengths and they all have weaknesses. So which one should you get? Check out my breakdown and comparison and find out!"

SpaceCraft Granular Synth - Mark Watt
tardigrain - Erik Sigth
Borderlands Granular - Chris Carlson

Also worth checking out:
Samplr - Touch the Music - Marcos Alonso

Erica Synths Pico System 2 Patch#5

Published on Jul 9, 2018 Dziam Bass

"Hi Guys.
I have new video from solo Pico System 2 from Erica Synths I want to show this small system outside of the connection with other eurorack modules. in itself it has great possibilities, PICO modules are small but have powerful capabilities, still great VCO and PICO VOICE (Karplus Strong, Chords, Wavetable, TB303 bassline emulation, PWM, Supersaw, Wavefold and Harmonic saturation), it gives a lot of syntheses which is very important to create other sounds. here is a small patch from last night.
All sounds only from Pico System 2."

Trans Europe Express ( Korg Gadget iPad Cover ) #korggadget

Published on Jul 6, 2018 Loopingstar Music

"Just for fun , Korg Gadget cover of Kraftwerk’s classic track #korggadget"

Spotted this one on discchord.

More Sounds from the Star Shepherd Synthesizer

Published on Jul 9, 2018 Nightwind Records

"A sinister dreamy ambient drone piece made on the Star Shepherd synthesizer testing to see what it is capable of...exploring unknown territories. Don't mind the crackles and hiss - it is held together with tape and glue after all....The painting is called "The Star Shepherd Guiding his flock through Palm Springs' - more info on the Star Shepherd synthesizer on"

"Check out this new painting called “The Star Shepherd guiding his flock through Palm Springs”. Probably artwork for a future Nightwind Records release. Click on the picture to hear some more sounds from the Star Shepherd Synthesizer – a dreamy ambient drone piece to explore what this synth is capable of. Don’t mind the Lo-fi crackle, hiss and artefacts – it is held together with tape and glue after all! First more pure tones from the Casio 403 are processed through the filters, delays, pitch shifters of the Star Shepherd, later the radio noise oscillator comes in and gets heavily processed by the synth to create sinister dark harmonic tones."

MEDUSA by Polyend + Dreadbox (A quick SOUND DEMO)

Published on Jul 9, 2018 Dreadbox

"No external effects were used for this video.
Just the Medusa prototype connected directly to a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 audio interface."

Roland System-500 531 Eurorack Mixer Module

Published on Jul 9, 2018 once upon a synth

"Tutorial and overview of the new Roland 531 from the System-500 series of eurorack modules. This series is heavily inspired by the old System 700 and 100m modulars from the 70s and 80s. The 531 is a 6 channel mixer with volume faders, mute buttons and CV-controllable panning. It also has a headphone output and an external input with preamp so you can plug a mic or line-level signal into it."

once upon a synth System-500 videos.

Audio Kit Synth One, iVCS3 and ARP Odyssei in a mix...

Published on Jul 9, 2018 James Edward Cosby

"I was asked the question... "Can all these iOS "Music" Apps be used to make actual music or are they just great for playing around with?"...
The short answer is "YES!" they certainly can! though they are great for playing around with or learning synthesis or learning recording and mixing techniques, constructively using time at airports or beside the pool or indeed just having fun!
This track is showing Audio Kit Synth One, #iVCS3, #ARPOdyssei and #iElectribe being used together in a mix...
They are all available in the App Store NOW and #AudioKitSynthOne is #FREE !!!"


Published on Jul 9, 2018 Comparative Irrelevance

"Lately I've been spending some time with my new Morgasmatron! I've been a big fan of the MS-20 filter for a long time, and the Morgasmatron builds on that heritage but takes it to a different level in terms of flexibility and modularity. Still, that wonderful grit and scream is there once you start to push its limits. I think it makes a great pair with Rings' natural, clean timbres. It's almost like plugging a guitar into a crunchy tube amp or analog distortion pedal: all sorts of little gritty artifacts start popping up in the cracks of the sound.

I used this combo in the "Foehn Wind" video I published the other day [below] with just some sparse patch notes, so I figured I'd make another video to take a closer look at Rings+Morgasmatron. Now, this isn't patched up exactly like in Foehn Wind. In that video I used Pam's New Workout and µScale for sequencing Rings' pitch and Structure in the same way that I show in 3 Modules #64 [below]. And I used a sine wave LFO in addition to Sheep to modulate the cutoff, and modulated Sheep's wavetable selection with Mod Tools. I also used Clouds for reverb and additional "lofi-ness".

Here I've simplified a little, and I'm sequencing Rings with my SQ-1 (off screen), which is being clocked by Sheep's 1-bit output. Sheep is also modulating Rings' Position and the filter cutoff for both filters in opposite directions, which can make for a neat stereo effect at more extreme settings.

Rings is in sympathetic strings mode (yellow) and I have Damping set to fully open for most of this recording, which produces almost indefinite sustain. Morgasmatron takes care of the dynamics.

Most of the magic just comes from pushing Morgasmatron's input levels, Q-drive and resonance. Here I'm taking it into pretty overdriven settings.


See you around! :)"

Artists & ARTURIA #49 Robert Dudzic meets MiniBrute 2

Published on Jul 9, 2018 Arturia

"Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years, you’ll have heard the work of Robert Dudzic. Almost single-handedly defining that cinematic sound that give movie trailers their immersive, compelling sonic signature. We interviewed this humble genius, and revealed some of the secrets of legendary sound design, and how Arturia’s analog instruments enhance his workflow."

HHNOI - They Ate The Clouds (elephant version)

Published on Jul 9, 2018 HHNOI

"A live modular synth performance of the track "They ate the clouds", as featured on the HHNOI Kallocain EP, out July 6th on modularfields

Main track recorded in a single take without a computer involved for sequencing or editing. All modular sounds routed through Expert Sleepers ES 8 and ES 6 into Logic for mixing and mastering. No additional edits or computer voodoo involved.

Visuals done with a simple visualizer patch on an external laptop, which was fed with the monitor output and then projected on my living room wall.

Video was taken with an iPhone X through several sessions, hence the different angles. Cut, synced and processed in Final Cut Pro.

Dedicated to RP."

Making tracks - Belgium to Berlin - Electribe 2

Published on Jul 9, 2018 zafrosoundz

"On holiday in Belgium with tickets to watch Pearl Jam in Berlin. I always take something with me to make music, this time it is only the Electribe 2 as we're not staying as long as usual. The journey from Belgium to Berlin takes about 8 hours so I had the idea to make music on the way to alleviate the boredom and hopefully come up with some ideas for a little video. So here it is. Let me know what you think.

Recorded live using my Zoom Q8 and Go pro Hero."


Published on Jul 9, 2018 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER


Sunday Night Drone ER-301 Sound Computer

Published on Jul 8, 2018 Sequenox

"Benjolin only sound source"

Patch n Tweak

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