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Monday, August 27, 2018

The Living Daylights (cover by William Bajzek)

Published on Aug 27, 2018 wbajzek

"My cover of The Living Daylights by A-Ha and John Barry, from the movie of the same name. My cover is based on the album version.

Aside from the guitar, an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro, almost all other sounds you hear are Sequential Prophet 6. I layered a bit of DSI Mopho X4 into the kick and pads."

Beta Testing the Conductive Labs NDLR with U-HE "Dark Zebra" soft synth

Published on Aug 27, 2018 Genshi Media Group


This is a quick demo video of the Conductive Labs NDLR during my beta testing of their pre-production unit. The NDLR is a "Sequenced Arpeggiator" device that can be used with both software and hardware synths; shown here being used with 4 instances of U-HE Dark Zebra soft synth running in Ableton Live. (I added a drum track afterward for flavor.)"

Waldorf Micro Q Keyboard Sound Demo

Published on Aug 27, 2018 Pure Ambient Drone

"Waldorf Micro Q Sound Demo for your enjoyment. Hey synth heads, I had a little more time so I thought you would enjoy a sound demo of the Waldorf Micro Q Synthesizer. NO TALKING synth demo of sounds. The Waldorf micro Q synthesizer is one of the most unique sounding synths in its class. One of the few classic synthesizers that can be called very unique. It's hard to get your hand on a Waldorf micro Q keyboard. They are very rare these days but I was lucky enough to obtain one. I hope you enjoy this demo of sounds of the Waldorf micro Q keyboard."

Best Ambient Synth Shootout #54: Quasimidi TechnoX - Song 1

Published on Aug 27, 2018 Christian's Sonic Spaces

"This is the first song with the Quasimidi TechnoX. It's a 21 voice 16-part multitimbral ROMpler from the mid-90s with a focus on techno, rave, electronic.

I used for the recording the following FX chain:
Quasimidi TechnoX - Alesis Ampliton - Alesis Philtre - Pigtronix Echolution 2 Deluxe - GFI System Specular Reverb 2. Depending on the recorded track some FX are deactivated

The signal went through a small Behringer mixer into the pc for recording. To create the complete song I recorded consecutively several stereo tracks. The final song was then mastered with a bit EQ and compression on some tracks and some limiting on the master track.

Well, I decided to go back to the basics, but at the same time make something useful for the synth community and do a kind of competition (I like competitions;-). What's my best synth for ambient music :-)"

Synthesizer Basics Synth Book by Bob Moog, Roger Powell, Tom Rhea, Steve Porcaro and Others

via this auction

"111 page paperback book by Bob Moog, Roger Powell, Tom Rhea, Steve Porcaro and others!

Pictures and text about Moog, Buchla, Polyfusion, Oberheim and more.

One corner is bent, and there's damage from a sticker removed on the spine (this was not a library book)"

Note there was another Synthesizer Basics book in 1985 by Dean Friedman who brought us the excellent New York School of Synthesis tutorial videos.

Control Synthesis Deep Bass Nine

via this auction

"Control Synthesis Deep Bass 9 Roland TB 303 clone plus a spare unit which only has the synth board, case and power transformers.

The working unit is fine,the second unit was bought with the midi not working, the CV input and output was ok but i managed to locate and talk to the original maker of the synth, sent him the board and that part of the synth got 'shelved' due to him not having the ability to reprogram the eprom responsible for the midi side of the board and got binned subsequently. So in essence the synth part and the transformers are spares for the working unit.

It is useful other as a 303 clone and also it converts the midi to CV and Gate outputs and can accept CV and Gate inputs to replicate the incoming signal, good for sound reinforcment to the original sound source. It also has an external audio input feed which uses the filter section of the synth, good for drum loops ETC...

If you add midi portamento controller information to the sequence it does tie the notes similar to how a real 303 works. Unlike all the digital clones there are out now this is analogue and sounds like it."

Univox Maxi-Korg / 800DV / K-3 Vintage Analogue Synth with Kenton Socket Kit

via this auction

"1970s duophonic synth that is essentially two Mini-Korgs in one case. Modified with a Kenton socket kit for control from a MIDI to CV converter (each synth channel can be controlled independently). There are a number of triggering options that can be used to generate patterns from either or both synth channels. The side panels have some marks, but the front panel is in excellent and complete, fully working condition. This is the same model of synth as used by Dave Ball from Soft Cell alongside a Synthe Bass." [posted earlier here]

Sbranvlztronics Arduino Clock Divider Logic Thing: Circuitry and Build

Published on Aug 27, 2018 Sbranvlztronics

"Arduino Clock Divider Logic Thing: Circuitry and Build

This is how I made it, old style DIY hand drawn printed circuit boards... The soundtrack is the Arduino Clock Divider Logic thing, Arduino CV Quantizer, 3 VCOs, 3 VCFs, 3 VCAs, 3 ADSRs and 2 LFOs (analog modules from Matrix II analog synth and MSB Modular Synth B), everything built the same manner.
Thanks for watching."

DE-GENERATOR Waveform Editor

Published on Aug 27, 2018 Rolf Degen

"Presentation Waveform Editor in the DE-GENERATOR"

FREE Waldorf Pulse Max4Live Editor + Tutorial !

Published on Aug 27, 2018 midierror

"The first free max4live patch I'll be releasing! This device allows you to edit and automate all parameters of the Waldorf Pulse Mk1 Analogue Synth.

Get the editor here: Learn to build it here:

Released under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license"

Dave Smith Instruments In The Spotlight With the REV2 and SHANNON HEMMETT

You can find the full interview on DSI's website here.

"Shannon Hemmett is a musician and graphic artist from Vancouver, Canada. She plays synth and sings backing vocals in Vancouver post-punk/darkwave band ACTORS and is the lead vocalist for her own darkwave/dream-pop project, LEATHERS. ACTORS’ modern take on post-punk is a synth-drenched, cinematic brand of new wave with anthemic hooks and a compelling live presence. In 2018, ACTORS released their critically acclaimed debut, It Will Come to You on Artoffact Records and are currently touring in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

We chatted with Shannon about how she’s using the Prophet Rev2"

You can find previous posts featuring DSI's Spotlight series here.

Korg SB-100 Synthe Bass w/ MIDI Retrofit

via this auction

"Incredibly rare monophonic analogue synthesiser from the late 1970s. Modified with a MIDI retrofit for control from a sequencer or DAW. Capable of cool lead lines and drones as well as bass sounds. The front panel has quite a few marks from use, but it's in fully working condition and includes the velvet lined case lid. This is the same model of synth as used by Dave Ball from Soft Cell for bass sounds, and one was also used by the B-52s."

Korg Volca Beats and Sample get mangled by patchblocks.

Published on Aug 27, 2018 dænkrø_ ElectriXity_

"This Triple Sequencer Patch is based on two streams of random notes, one of which can be recorded as a fixed pattern, the other one can be blended in as an "alternative" such as in fills or for subtle changes to make a beat more interesting.
Additional features are a recordable set of cc values for 16 steps and an adjustable pattern length from 11 to 16 steps."

New ArduTouch Video Demos

You can find some demos of the ArduTouch added to the bottom of this post. Don't miss the thick synthesizer demo.

IK Multimedia UNO Synth Sounds

Published on Aug 27, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"IK Multimedia's first hardware analog synth is UNO, a small battery powered synth. The UNO has two oscillators, a noise generator and multimode filter as well as a built in delay. The touch control surface has a keyboard with built in sequencer and arpeggiator as well as performance buttons that affect the sound.

Available here:"

Supporting MATRIXSYNTH members get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!

Moog Discontinues the Moogerfooger Line

via Moog Music

"Today we say farewell to the Moogerfooger family of voltage-controlled analog effects after a 20-year production run. As one of the longest running lines in the Moog Factory, the Moogerfooger family holds a special place in our hearts. We will continue building a limited quantity of units here at the Moog Factory while our remaining inventory of parts and materials last.

The Moogerfooger family of voltage-controlled analog effects was first introduced by Bob Moog in 1998 with two pedals based on original Moog synth-module designs: the MF-101 Low Pass Filter and the MF-102 Ring Modulator. A year later, they were joined by the MF-103 12-Stage Phaser. Their voltage-controlled capabilities allowed the functions of one Moogerfooger to interact with the functions of another, inviting artists to explore a limitlessly reconfigurable sonic landscape. During its 20-year run, the Moogerfooger line evolved to include over 20 different variations, with various designs moving in and out of production over the years. Today, the three remaining Moogerfoogers currently produced in the Moog Factory are the same three that started this journey, the MF-101, MF-102, and MF-103.

These units are available for a limited time through authorized Moog Dealers.

To illustrate the sonic flexibility and organic beauty of Moogerfooger analog effects, ambient electronic composer Colleen has created a new work, Variables, an exclusive live EP of explorations recorded in the Moog Sound Lab. Using a Pocket Piano, Septavox, her voice, and an array of Moogerfoogers, Colleen creates an interconnected system through we she explores the sonic concepts of color, texture, and pattern."

Bob Moog Foundation Trifecta Raffle featuring Memorymoog, Moog Source, and Moog Rogue

2018 Moog Trifecta Raffle: The Memorymoog Published on Aug 27, 2018 moogfoundation

"The Bob Moog Foundation is raffling three amazing vintage Moog synthesizers as part of its Moog Trifecta Raffle: a Memorymoog, a Moog Source, and a Moog Rogue. Check out the Memorymoog in this video, as discovered by three of Asheville's hottest keyboardists. The raffle ends on September 24, 2018, or when all 5500 tickets are sold. Enter to win here:"

Fano Plane // Eurorack Ambient

Published on Aug 27, 2018 rustyjaw

"A meandering stroll across a steppe under a light rain.

Quick patch notes: The structure of the track is, once again, based on Argos Bleak. Using its 4 outputs as 2 pairs of dyads, one pair creates the gong-ish bell sounds, and the other to the main melodic line. Each pair is multed to secondary oscillators as 'backing' sounds.

The noise washes in the latter portion are from a recording of rainfall on my iPhone that I fed into Morphagene and pitched down a little. That runs through optodist for some slight distortion.

Bassline is AJH Mini Mod sequenced by Stillson Hammer MkII"

NEEMFest 2018 Set for September 7-9 in Homer, New York

"This year’s NEEMFest (NorthEastern Electro-Music Festival) is happening September 7-9, 2018 in Homer, NY. Now in its 15th year, the performance-centric gathering features three full days of innovative electronic music concerts, workshops, seminars, demonstrations, video artists, industry-name interviews, and a mini-swap meet.

Also, there will be a hands-on “Synthesizer Petting Zoo,” with various rare and odd synthesizers, drum machines, and other pieces of electronic music gear you hadn’t known existed.

Please bring your own headphones for the Petting Zoo, otherwise a community set of headphones will be made available; iPhone/iPod headsets work well.

NEEMFest 2018 is once again being hosted at the The Center for the Arts of Homer, in Homer, New York."

Korg Minilogue Patches by DreamsOfWires

Published on Aug 27, 2018 DreamsOfWires

"Some of the Korg Minilogue presets/patches I made on my first proper day of using it. Many of the melodies and sounds are based on past and present compositions/recordings, a few of which are among my Bandcamp albums or YouTube uploads, and some are from material I'm working on for my next 'tomorrow the cure' album.
If you turn on Subtitles you can read some info on a few of the sounds.
If you like my music/videos and wish to help me continue what I do you can buy my music on Bandcamp, or support me on Patreon. You can also keep up to date with my creative output by following/liking my Facebook page. Links are as follows:

Recorded into AUM on an iPad using Audio Damage 'EOS2' for reverb.
More Minilogue, Minibrute 2, Roland D-05, Volca FM, and Eurorack Modular coming soon."

Korg Minilogue - playing over the sequencer (by DreamsOfWires)

Published on Aug 25, 2018 DreamsOfWires

"My first day with the Korg Minilogue, so I thought I'd try re-recording a past upload with it (original version: [posted here]).
I was going to film it outside, but it's been raining for a few days. However, I did step outside with the camera after recording to film a huge huge swarm of crows that were passing by."

Seymour Duncan FOOZ Analog Fuzz Synthesizer Pedal

Published on Aug 26, 2018 Seymour Duncan

"To learn more and enter for a chance to win a FREE FOOZ click here!

Many guitar pedals can make your guitar sound like a synth, but few capture the tactile feeling and interactivity of using one. Real analog synths use different blocks (oscillator, filter, LFO, envelope) that work together to create unique new sounds and textures. Combining these tools in one box and allowing them to interact with each other is the spirit of the FOOZ."

"We have amazing engineers here in the Seymour Duncan Research Lab. And, like all great engineers, they love to tweak, tinker, and push the boundaries beyond the realm of what’s possible. Wayne brings his deep knowledge of analog circuits from the days of working on the Mars Rover (for real!) and Kevin has been designing circuits since before he could walk. And, now they’ve designed FOOZ...

Designed to synthesize the ultimate fuzz tone."


via this auction




Roland SH-101 Analogue Keyboard Vintage Synthesiser

via this auction


Published on Aug 27, 2018 Simon Selsfors

"A short project and a stupid little tune.
All sounds except drums from hardware synthesizers.
Reverb/delay from Logic pro X

Korg DW 6000
Korg Poly 800 mk II
Korg M1"

Blinky Blinky: The world's easiest Eurorack DIY Project (bipolar LED)

Published on Aug 27, 2018 Olivier Ozoux

"This is probably the world simplest and easiest Eurorack DIY project. Now I don't have a Modular setup, but I have enough semi-modular synth to want to have this little blinky blinky light.

- 1x 3.5mm mono (ts) audio jack
- 1x 5mm Bipolar LED
- (optional) 1x resistor

Gear List:
Video List:"

Behringer Model D vs. Native Instruments Monark comparison

Published on Aug 27, 2018 MrSynthmania

"This is a comparison of the new Behringer Model D and the Native Instruments Monark. Both Synthesizers are a replica of the Moog Minimoog Model D.
Listen to the audiofiles which should give you a good impression of what you should buy.
All sounds are recorded directly, a few added with a reverb of a Sony DPS V77."

Acid Retro 001. AC

Published on Aug 27, 2018 Space Cat Audio Technologies

"Strait-Jackit Level Test. 001"

ADX-1 -Mode Machines and Fusebox - Analogue Solutions together

Published on Aug 27, 2018 Dziam Bass

"Hi everyone.
This time I have a video with ADX-1 from Mode Machines and Fusebox from Analogue Solutions .
For Beat, ADX-1 is an ADX-1 Mode Machines that was sequenced by Akai MPC 1000 by Midi.
Fusebox is synth sound with raised transposition using a built-in '' interval generator '' which allows you to set 6 different pitch levels for fun in sequence.
It has a strong analog sound of -3 oscillators but here they play only two.
in other films there will be more modulation.
some fun with -Hi hat from ADX mainly by getting a longer release and some fun filter in Fusebox and later slightly elevated atack in EG1.(envelope generator)
Both synths give a lot of fun, analogue modeling of drums and synthesizer is pure fun on ADX-1 and Fusebox.😁"

22 08 18 Serge Modular System - NTO to VCFQ + Reverb (short video)

Published on Aug 27, 2018 batchas

"Playing again with the NTO sawtooth and the VCFQ.
Panning with X Fader between VCFQ from paperface and VCFQ from STS (set on higher frequency).
A lot of reverb coming from Strymon Bluesky at 14 sec.

Short vid cause the camera had some issues."

Review: MEDUSA by PolyEnd and Dreadbox: It's all about the GRID

Published on Aug 27, 2018 loopop

"Medusa is an innovative new synth, the result of a collaboration between Dreadbox and PolyEnd. The core of what's new with Medusa is the GRID - a multi mode expressive interface that can be used as an instrument, a sequencer, a modulator, or any combination of the above."

Here's a clip timeline:

0:00 Intro
0:55 Overview
2:20 Grid hardware
3:00 Note mode
5:00 XYZ control
5:55 Grid mode
7:15 Param mods
7:45 Pad presets
8:40 Mod presets
9:55 Mod sequences
10:20 Oscillators
11:00 Analog vs digital
13:15 PWM, FM & sync
14:15 Wavetables
16:30 Filter modes
18:30 Envs & LFOs
22:40 Polyphony?
24:35 Connectivity
25:00 Pros & cons

Serge TKB by Random*Source, patch example #3

Published on Aug 27, 2018 fonitronik

"Today I used to TKB to control chord progressions with 3 of the 4 CV rows, and to play a solo voice with the keyboard, using it's semi-tone voltages and pressure voltage.
In the beginning Sequencer and Keyboard are connected (programmer), later they are disconnected while the Sequencer receives a clock."

Julia Bondar - Punks Not Dead (full modular live)

Published on Aug 27, 2018 TheEndorphines

"Here is Julia Bondar first solo set, in which she tried to bring a bit of rock. Therefore it called Punks Not Dead, as in certain point, we all were Rebels and Punks."

Oberkorn song using no MIDI - live playing and analogue sequencers

Published on Aug 27, 2018 Analogue Solutions

"Oberkorn song using no MIDI - live playing and analogue sequencers.
This isn't meant to be a faithful recreation - but a demonstration of Synths & Sequencers.

Using just Analogue Solutions analogue synths. Leads played live.
Sequenced using Oberkorns and Generator CV Gate step sequencers.
Oberkorn plays the nice 16ths pattern!"

KORG ELECTRIBE WAVE - Setting Up & Getting Started - Tutorial for the iPad

Published on Aug 27, 2018 thesoundtestroom

Dj Puzzle iPadLoops Korg Electribe Wave Review - Not So Stoked On It

Published on Aug 27, 2018 Dj Puzzle iPadLoops

"My honest not so stoked review of Korg Electribe Wave. For the price ($19.99 intro price soon to be $29.99) this app does not pack a lot of sounds and features compared to other apps like Grooveride GR-16. This is a fun app don't get me wrong BUT it has a handful of shortcomings that just really bummed me out. It doesn't support AUv3 or IAA. You get 25 presets for the synth. There is no metronome click or count in. There is no undo/redo. The init patterns all contain a small amount of midi information instead they should just be blank IMO. Overall I'm kinda bummed when originally I wanted to be stoked about this app. Let's hope Korg adds some features for free in a future update and not in app purchases."

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