MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sequential Prophet-6 Analog Atmospheres Synthesizer X 5 Rik Marston

Published on Sep 20, 2018 SynthgodXXX

Sequential Prophet-6 Analog Atmospheres
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
**Watch in HD** **Turn it UP!!!**

**Reverb Sequential Prophet-6 Synth
Collection Sample Pack COMING SOON!**

**Korg Kronos UBER Prophet-6
Sample Collection COMING SOON!**

A nice little audio demo of the Sequential
Prophet-6 showing it's softer, Ambient side.
This synth is EXCELLENT for soft Pads, FX,
Strings & Sweeps... fantastic for any kind of
music! But if you do Ambient, New Age or
Soundtracks this synth is for you!
I could play this synth for hours & hours...
It gives me the sweet early Duran Duran &
Japan Sequential Prophet-5 vibes immediately!
A+++++++ Synthesizer Dave Smith / Sequential
Thank you for watching!!
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SynthgodXXX Sequential Prophet-6 videos

Symphonique DIY analog string synth - Demonstration and Explanation

Published on Sep 20, 2018 DrummingEvil

"I demonstrate and talk a lot about my latest creation. Webpage coming soon!

Symphonique 1 is my very first analog string synth design and build, was quite a challenging project with quite a few hurdles along the way. But I managed to turn it into quite the nice sound maker."

Sequential Circuits Drumtraks | Cosmic

Published on Sep 20, 2018 Alex Ball

"The Sequential Circuits Drumtraks is an overlooked unit, perhaps because of the Linn, Roland and Oberheim classics that came first, or perhaps because Sequential are so famous for their legendary synthesizers. Either way, it has a very punchy sound and reminds me of the DMX and LinnDrum.

I was interested to see that Tame Impala had made use of one on the Currents album and combined with the "May peace prevail on earth" message on the circuit board; I thought I'd try some space pop rather than something 80s.

Instruments used:
Drums: Sequential Drumtraks (1984) and PastToFuture Drums
Bass Guitar: Fender Jazz Bass / Orange OB1-300 / DBX 266XL
Electric Guitar: Squier Jagmaster (1998) / Blue Junior II / Vox Wah / Ibanez Tubescreamer / Boss CE-2 Chorus / SM57
Acoustic Guitar: Alvarez Baritone / AKG C414
Bass Synth: Sequential Circuits Pro-One (1981)
Polys: Roland Juno-6 (1982) / DSI Prophet REV2 (2017)
Dirty Synth: Korg MS mark I (1978)
Electric Piano: Rhodes Mark I Seventy-Three (mid 70s)
Vocals recorded with an AKG C414
Harp: GForce Mtron Pro
TamTam & Cymbals: Spitfire Joby Burgess Percussion

Plugins: Waves, Goodhertz, U-he, Past To Future reverbs, T-racks
Sequencer: Cubase 9.5"

KlirrFactory Mr.Q Synth VST Plugin Demo #02 Drumloops

Published on Sep 20, 2018 TheKlirrfaktor

"2nd video of a series of demos showing Mr.Q Synth plugin by

Here: processing drum loos. You listen to the original loop and to what Mr.Q Synth does with it."

Search for KlirrFactory Mr.Q videos directly below for more.

Analog and Vintage Synthesizer Books

via this auction

These are in via brian comnes.

"One lot of 3 books on analog synthesis techniques and history.

Vintage Synthesizers, Mark Vail
Analog Synthesis,Reinhard Schmitz , WIZOO books
Synthesizer Technique, by Keyboard Magazine"


via this auction

SERGE MODULAR synth STS/Oakland CUSTOM/Vintage w/osc sync mods 1996

via this auction

"STS/Oakland era custom panel with extremely useful oscillator sync mod on both PCO's. The sync is much stronger than stock, making it very easy to lock in harmonic or subharmonic relationships, basically anything musically useful. This is an absolute requirement for live patching.

As you can see this panel is absolutely packed with functionality! Much more so than shop panels. It still works and sounds great after 20+ years.


miniMO mini modular synth - Chiptune Player Demo

Published on Sep 20, 2018 enveloop

"miniMO is a low-cost programmable mini modular synth based on the ATtiny85 8-bit microprocessor.

This video features a module working as a Chiptune Player, and I go over the various playlist-related features.

Related (four voice demo): [below]

The Chiptune Player is based on the Tiny synth program, available here:"

miniMO mini modular synth plays: Bach, Chorale "Ach Gott, Wie Manches Herzeleid"

Published on Feb 16, 2016 enveloop

"miniMO is a low-cost programmable mini modular synth based on the ATtiny85 8-bit microprocessor."

See the miniMO label below for previous posts.

20 09 18 Serge Modular System [01]

Published on Sep 20, 2018 batchas

"Evening jam driven by Scrotum Lab sequencer panel.

Difficult to have the camera in one hand and want to make everything lese with the other, like muting or changing filter cutoff..."

OB6 Pads ("Atlantis Rises, Atlantis Falls")

Published on Sep 20, 2018 Kris Lennox

"Underwater choir/orchestra/organ sound. Patch programmed by Poseidon, god of the sea :)

I created bass & arpeggiator patches/sequences for this track, but after listening, I prefer the sound of it as a single-track, minimalist ambient work.

All chords 6-note i.e. Obi at max voicing/polyphony."

SYNTHESIZE: An analog love story // Short Film by Matthew Edison feat. Synths When

Published on Sep 7, 2018 Brothers DePaul

"A short film about our connection to living and breathing synthesizers.

Synthesize is a fictional story about a Ukrainian musician who travels to Canada to meet the one repairman she believes can resurrect her beloved father’s synthesizer, a Polivoks. This film is written for and created by synth lovers, featuring Jay Lemak (Toronto's top synth repairman) and a soundtrack made with 98% analog synthesizers.


Written & Directed by Matthew Edison
Produced by Natalie Novak, Chris DePaul, Miles DePaul
Soundtrack by Peter Chapman
Featuring Jay Lemak & Lena Burmenko"

The premier of SYNTHESIZE was featured at Knobcon this year.

Beatmaking from the skies: MASCHINE MIKRO x junk-E-cat | Native Instruments

Published on Sep 20, 2018 Native Instruments

No way! I think this wins for best outdoor video ever.

"The new MASCHINE MIKRO has landed. Watch junk-E-cat take to the skies with our new gear – sketching out uplifting beats while paragliding through the Alps. junk-E-cat is a Berlin-based musician and explorer, creating and producing music on the fly wherever he feels inspired – from city rooftops to abandoned buildings. Watch his most ambitious video yet."

Note: giving this one the synth humor label because it made me laugh out lough. So cool!

Getting to Know Planar 2 - Part 3

Published on Sep 20, 2018 Intellijel

"In the third and final video of our Planar 2 overview, we explore the three CV input modes: Cartesian, Polar, and Scan. Each mode provides a different means of interacting with the movement of the joystick so we'll take a look at how they can be put to use in the creation of new and exciting patches!"

Getting to Know Planar 2

Waldorf Quantum - Nice Elertual Piano RK

Published on Sep 20, 2018 Default Corporation

"Electric piano patch and some far bells. Patch done by me from init. Thanks for watching."

Jaguar I-Pace to Feature Synthesized Sounds by Richard Devine and the Yamaha Montage

Richard Devine On Jaguar I-Pace Sound Design & His New Album, Sort\Lave

Published on Sep 20, 2018 Synthtopia

The Jaguar I-Pace will feature synthesized sounds by Richard Devine. Above is a video from Knobcon and below you can hear a demo of the acceleration. On a related note, don't miss Roland's Single Knob Synth for Cars from 2015, and don't miss the Synth Cars label.

"At a special event on Sept 14th, Yamaha introduced their new MODX line of synth keyboards.

At the event, we talked with synthesist and sound designer Richard Devine about his recent work, including sound design for the Jaguar I-Pace - their first electric car - and his upcoming album, Sort\Lave.

Sort\Lave on Bandcamp:"

Richard Devine sounds for Jaguar I-PACE

Published on Sep 20, 2018 Synthtopia

TG x5

TG x5 from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"Inspired by Jessy's latest video ([posted here]) I did something that I always wanted to do, to fill our 5 Tiptop Audio ONEs with TG ONE samples to record a ''thank you'' record for one of the most important bands (for me) that ever existed - Throbbing Gristle. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to record more of it. I will try to document it here.

In the video: 3x regular ONEs, one ONE prototype and a TG ONE. 2x TG01 samples, 3x TG02 samples. The only other sound source is the bass drum made using pinged Serge ResEQ. Lots of processing, including F.S.S. Gristeizer TG03 and TG04, 3x Tiptop Z-DSPs (Mariana Trench, Tape Echo, E-Verb), Tyme Sefari MK2, a bunch of Z2040s, SEM20, Serge VSVCF, AJH Mega-Phase 12 and more.

Sequenced using 2x Circadian Rhythms"

TEST SERIES Xaoc Zadar 1973 Quadruple Envelope Intellijel Planar Shapeshifter Extreme Modulation FX

Published on Sep 20, 2018 Outsider Sound Design

"Over the top extreme modulation FX.
The purpose of 'TEST SERIES' is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations when pushed to the extremes. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.

Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

RH Electronics DIY Synth Update III

Published on Sep 20, 2018 RH Electronics

"Where I am at with my 5 voice synthesizer.
All boards are done and kind of tested, It's all been done modular but will only properly work together."

See the RH Electronics below for more. The case reminds me of a Sequential Prophet-5 case.

Cwejman Pitched Noise DMF-2 RES-4 Demo with NuEVI - Mark Steiner

Published on Sep 20, 2018 Mark Steiner

"I'm late and it is very tired. Thank you for watching! :)"

Simmons SDSV w/ Vince Gutman Click Defeat Mod

Published on Sep 20, 2018 Ed Rose

"Simmons SDSV w/ Vince Gutman Click Defeat Mod"

Torsten Modular Frame for the Korg SQ-1

This one is in via Torsten who brought us custom end caps for the Behringer Model D, and the custom wood case for the Arturia Keystep & Model D.

"I just finished the next project. The DSQ-1 MODULAR. I was looking around for Eurorack mounting frames for the Korg SQ-1. I only found one very basic solution and one crazy expensive modification.

So I did my own design which is easy to assemble and with 29$ (incl. worldwide shipping) reasonable priced.

It can be ordered via my website in 3 different colours."

Make Noise 0-Coast & Strymon Big Sky

Published on Sep 20, 2018 3rdStoreyChemist

Korg PSS-50 Vintage Groovebox SN 006385

via this auction

Moog Realistic Mg-1 w/ Original Box

via this auction

NEXT! SUPERBASS 4.4 Analog Bass Synthesizer

via this auction

Red Sound Dark Star XP2 Synthesizer

via this auction

"Unusual virtual analog syntheszer. 5 parts multi timbral. Non original compatible PSU included.

This is the improved XP2 version with 1/4" jacks."

No vocoder mode like the original though.


via this auction

SUZUKI WARAKU III Gold Edition! Japanese Futuristic KOTO SYNTH RARE!

via this auction

"WARAKU III is extremely rare and one of the most strange japanese electronic musical instruments
it was originally made for playing japanese traditional music and made by SUZUKI(home of NOBARA,Tronichord..)
but this is one of most strange & bizarre instrument SUZUKI ever made...

WARAKU III was last and top of the line product of WARAKU family and already discontinued products
and this one is very cool gold edition.

WARAKU III is basically a Koto Synth that original WARAKU and NOBARA into one and add more functions
I'm also selling original WARAKU and NOBARA in my eBay listing,so please check these Koto Synth too."

Making the prototype of BLCK_NOIR (vertical video made for IGTV, watch on the phone)

Published on Sep 20, 2018 TheEndorphines

"That video is intentionally made vertical. Watch it on your phone for best viewing comfort.

In the following video we show back-stage process of making modules on example of recently released BLCK_NOIR.
BLCK_NOIR is 30hp analog 7-voices drum synthesizer in eurorack format, the first module with black panel."

Stylophone Business Card

Published on May 5, 2018 mitxela

via MIXTELA.COM, via @fabmass aka bÖsch.

"Printed Circuit Boards as a business card are a great gimmick. I'd seen ones with USB ports etched into them, which enumerate as a keyboard and then type a person's name or load up their website. It's just about possible to build them cheap enough to hand out as a business card, at least if you're picky about who you give them to.

A couple of years ago I took a stab at making one for myself, but I didn't want it to be pointless. I wanted it to do something useful! Or at least entertain someone for longer than a few seconds. I can't remember quite how I got the idea of making a MIDI-stylophone, but the idea was perfect. A working midi controller, that's unique enough in its playing characteristic to potentially give some value, while at the same time costing no more than the card would have done otherwise, since the keyboard is just a plated area on the PCB, as is true on the original stylophone..."

E-RM - Polygonal Oscillator PREVIEW

Published on Sep 20, 2018 E-RM Erfindungsbüro

"Sneak preview from the workbench of current development of a graphic musical oscillator."

Welcome to MASCHINE MIKRO | Native Instruments

Published on Sep 20, 2018 Native Instruments

"Get a primer on Sounds and Groups, the basics concepts of MASCHINE."

Make Noise 0-Coast

Published on Sep 20, 2018 3rdStoreyChemist

"First play with the 0-Coast synthesiser"

It's fun to think of the 0-Coast in the same vein as an individual Oberheim SEM. A complete mini synth in a small desktop profile. Makes me want to pair up multiple 0-Coasts.

Knobcon: Grove Audio Expands Its 5U & Eurorack Modular Lines

Published on Sep 20, 2018 Synthtopia

"At Knobcon 2018, we talked with John Burdick of Grove Audio, who makes a range of MOTM-compatible, Dotcom-compatible and Eurorack synth modules.

In the last few years, Burdick has expanded his lines to offer complete systems in multiple formats.

In this video, Burdick gives us a quick overview of his latest module designs."

Moog Grandmother meets Eurorack Modular (Part 1)

Published on Sep 20, 2018 once upon a synth

"Let's connect a eurorack modular to the Moog Grandmother! The Grandmother is semi-modular which means you can break the normal connection between modules and connect to external modules. In this video we explore replacing the Grandmother's filter, adding additional oscillators, processing waveforms, sequencing parameters and adding LFOs and ring modulation. This is part 1. Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon!"

Artists & ARTURIA #52 Emre Ramazanoglu meets DrumBrute Impact

Published on Sep 20, 2018 Arturia

"DrumBrute Impact has found a home in the studio of renowned producer, composer, engineer, and all-round music genius Emre Ramazanoglu.

Having worked with Noel Gallagher, Paloma Faith, Sia, Michael Jackson, Richard Ashcroft, Lily Allen, and Tricky, we were excited to learn that DrumBrute Impact could have such a big part to play in the future of cutting edge pop. Watch the video, and prepare to be blown away."

Generator and Polymath - filter modulation

Published on Sep 20, 2018 Analogue Solutions

"Generator Step Sequencer playing Polymath paraphonic analogue synth by Analogue Solutions"

Yamaha MODX Sound Demo (no talking)

Published on Sep 20, 2018 Bonedo Synthesizers

Phaser Drums - How to turn a Phaser into a Drum Synthesizer

Published on Sep 19, 2018 HAINBACH

"Moog discontinued the whole Moogerfooger series so I thought this would be good time to share a technique I have been using and have had a lot of fun with: creating drums and synth tones with the MF-103
This will work not only with the Moog MF 103, but with any phaser with the possibility to set up a high enough resonance. I also show how its done with the Phaser that comes with Ableton Live."

Yamaha DX5 Demo

Published on Sep 19, 2018 DKS SYNTH LAB

Patch n Tweak

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