MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sunday, February 03, 2019

NAMM 2019: Stylophone Gen R-8

Published on Feb 3, 2019 CatSynth TV

"We spend a couple of minutes with the Stylohphone Gen R-8 from Dubreq at NAMM 2018.

"DUBREQ launch[es] the Stylophone Gen R-8, a brand NEW Touch Analog Synthesizer, designed and manufactured in Britain. Packed with features of much larger and more expensive instruments.
The Stylophone Gen R-8 is sure to be a highlight of NAMM 2019.

Full analog signal path
Steel enclosure
Dual VCOs with Saw, Square and PWM (oscillator 1)
Sub oscillators and Subsub oscillators for room shaking bass
Unique British design 12dB VCF with Low pass, High pass, Band pass and wide Notch
Fast and punchy envelope
Supersensitive 3-octave TOUCH keyboard
Glide and Modulation keys for expressive performance control
8 waveform LFO with S&H and One-shot feature
19 CV/Gate patch points for advanced modular patching
Grungy analog style Delay with modulation CV
Drive knob for extra boost and fatness
16-step sequencer with 8 banks and on-the-fly switching
MIDI in/out"

The Stylophone was a lot of fun, but we only had a few minutes to scratch the surface in a crowded and noisy corridor at NAMM. We hope to have a chance to explore it in more detail in the future.

For more information, please visit

For more NAMM 2019 coverage, please subscribe to this channel and visit"

Oberheim Xpander SN Y52911

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Oberheim xpander vintage analogue 6 voice beast of a synth. USA model known to be the best to have! It is in very good condition inside and out."

Haken Audio ContinuuMini & EaganMatrix Fundamentals - Part 2

Part 3 added here.

Piano Phase sequenced on the NerdSEQ

Published on Feb 3, 2019 XOR Electronics

"This is the well known Piano Phase originally by Steve Reich (1967) played on XOR Electronics NerdSEQ Eurorack sequencer.

It starts with the same pattern (00) playing 2 simple voices on 2 tracks. Each step of the 12 note long sequence needs 32 clock pulses to get to the next step. While playing i clone one pattern (00) into a new one (01). Pattern 01 contains now the same sequence. In Pattern 01 I change the groove setting from 32 (W) to 31 (V), so this step needs only 31 clock pulses instead of 32. You can see the decimal number right below. So now this pattern 01 on track 2 plays slightly faster than Pattern 00 on track 1.

by XOR Electronics 2019"

XOR Electronics NerdSEQ MIDI early preview

Published on Nov 2, 2018 XOR Electronics

"This is the first preview of the Midi implementation for the NerdSEQ. Generally you can assign up to 6 tracks of the NerdSEQ to Midi while each track can have up to 4 voices Polyphony. Also all midi commands/data like Program Change, Pitchbend, Midi CC and more can be send to any Midi channel.
The Midi implementation is not ready yet and might take a while, but, yes it works and it will be fun!!

Stay tuned..."

XOR Electronics NerdSEQ Tutorials

Published on Jan 19, 2018 XOR Electronics

Pre-MIDI implementation videos.


1. NerdSEQ Tutorial 1 - Overview
2. NerdSEQ Tutorial 2 - Quickstart
3. NerdSEQ Tutorial 3 - Sequencer Screen

Merry XOR-Mas 2018

Published on Dec 21, 2018 XOR Electronics

Somehow I missed XOR Electronics YouTube channel, so I'm popping up their videos. Thought I would start with this one. :)

"Ho ho ho wigglers,

thanks for all your support in 2018!!

XOR Electronics will continue being busy for you! Stay tuned for the NerdSEQ updates, the upcoming expanders and more....

Merry XOR-Mas and all the best for 2019

Thomas Margolf, XOR Electronics"

Creamware Noah - Minimax - [Moog Minimoog] - A simple Trance -

Published on Feb 3, 2019 Kosmokatze

"Just some Patches for testing purposes - No FX/Mastering
A very simple Trance 3 Way Multitrack, no Drums.
The Minimax is a highly evolved emulation of the Minimoog."

The Bateleur VCO /Nerdseq- XOR /Primary Oscillator /PICO DRUMS ,Black Hole DSP -Erica Synths

Published on Feb 3, 2019 Dziam Bass

"Hey Guys !!
Finally some music. This time I used Nerdseq for the bass line that comes from The Bateleur VCO from birdkids
also cowbel and snare are samples from Nerdseq used from an SD card.
The synth melody is also from Nerdseq but I recorded it through midi to Nerdseq and plays the Primary Oscillator module from Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers with added Black Hole DSP- Erica Synths reverb. Kick and hat comes from PICO DRUMS -Erica Synths later after 2:30 I also added one voice similar to Horns this is from PICO VOICE - Erica Synths plus Pico DSP reverb.
It's nicely subtle combined in the mixer tube Fusion Mixer plus Black Stereo Mixer - both from Erica Synths.
It was a nice evening and I recorded this live when the whole sound comes only from my modular system"

Synthesizer Ambient "LA Rain" - Prophet 6 module, Mutable Instruments Elements, Korg Arp Odyssey

Published on Feb 2, 2019 Carlos Ramirez

"Simple ambient melody inspired by the recent rainy weather in Los Angeles featuring Prophet 6, Mutable Instruments Elements, Korg Arp Odyssey, and some field recordings of the rain around Echo Park.
Video taken by Leah and I on my Canon 6D."

Diddley Bow Meets Modular Synth (TX Wiggles 39)

Published on Feb 3, 2019 poorness studios

"It was Sunday morning and I had a random idea... Take my simplest instrument (my diddley bow) and most complex instrument (my modular synth) and use them both for a jam session. This was the result."

poorness studios

Yamaha Reface CS Review - IS IT STILL WORTH GETTING?

Published on Feb 3, 2019

"With so many budget alternatives today, does the Yamaha Reface CS hold up against the competition? You can support my reviews by becoming a Patron:"



Starshipfive - LIVE from my Room to yours

Published on Jan 28, 2019 starshipfive

"No Copyright infringement intented.
1. Oxygene 4
2. Equinoxe 4
3. Magic Fly
4. The Model (Das Model)
5. Crockett's Theme
6. Radioactivity
7. Oxygene 7
8. Sweet Dreams (are made of this)
9. Get Lucky
10. Rendez-Vous 4

Synths used:
Roland Fantom X6 expanded with:
SRX Ultimate Keys
SRX World Collection
SRX Complete Orchestra
SRX XP/JV Essentials
512 Mb RAM
Yamaha CS6x expanded with:
Korg X5D
Kurzweil K2500r
Roland V-Synth XT [having VC1-(D50) and VC2-(Vocal)]
Roland JV-2080 expanded with:
SR-JV Vintage Synth
SR-JV Session
SR-JV Orchestral
SR-JV Latin
Ketron SD1 Plus

Sequenced Parts done in Cubase 5, using several Hardware and VST Plugins,
then audio mixdown passed to Hardware sampler in Roland Fantom X6"

Hertz Donut mk III 2

Published on Feb 3, 2019 Dimitrios Sismanis

KORG DW-8000 E audio in mod to Roland JUNO-60

Korg DW-8000 vers. E Published on Feb 3, 2019 synthlegends

"Korg DW-8000 version E, expanded version only made by the German Korg Distributor 1987 with analog In to route external synths to the internal digital delay of the Korg DW-8000. This Version also has 16 additional waveforms and 64 additional patches. You can achieve the second bank of waveforms (on ROM) and patches by pressing an additonal button named "Enter". There you can load and save patches via sysex direct from the computer."

SCI PROPHET VS Domino & Vocal Pad

Published on Feb 3, 2019 synths colors

"No External Effect Added, As Usual..."

Moog One 3

Published on Feb 3, 2019 Dimitrios Sismanis

"Ten more patches with the One. They're not all gems, but presenting them as they come to document progress (or lack there of)."

Dimitrios Sismanis Moog One videos

Synthi Noise #2

Published on Feb 3, 2019 d4nnyp

"Synthi noise session. Synthi is controlled from its own joystick and Y/Z (pressure/position) from a Haken Continuum

The only post production of the audio was gain and stereo widening.

The Synthi is a Mk2 (Approx 1973?) Tastefully modified by"

d4nnyp Synthi videos

Bach On Synths - Two-Part Invention No. 15 in B minor, BWV 786 - Dan Chmielinski and Chase Baird

Published on Feb 2, 2019 Chimy Music

"Chase Baird and I thought it would be fun to sight read some Bach Two-Part Inventions on EWI-controlled Prophet '08 and Moog Sub Phatty. We both think Bach would have been a middle-aged, ponytailed synth nerd."

Moog Prodigy Prototype Synthesizer SN DD - 07 ?

via this auction

"I believe this may be a prototype of the Moog Prodigy. I'm guessing age from no where later than 1979. Only 1 owner (who is deceased) until I acquired it. Telling details of being a factory prototype are the Prodigy logo with the Moog flag inside the Prodigy's letter "O", same as the Moog logo. On the back of the unit, in the upper left corner, there is a space for the unit's model number (336), but wasn't printed on the vinyl covering. The serial number is DD-07, which is nothing like I've ever seen on a Prodigy. Opening the keyboard up, I found a sticker stating "Property of D+D Eng." "Ident 07". Tested and plays & sounds great. No dirty pots. Great bass sound. Great cabinet wood. The only flaw is the wrinkled vinyl covering. This is one unique unit."

Quasimidi Sirius

via this auction

Acidlab Acidlab Miami

via this auction

Ciat-Lonbarde Shbobo Shnth

via this auction

"The SHNTH, a computer music device by SHBOBO, features the ARM Cortex 32 bit processor. It connects via USB to host computer (windows, linux, or macintosh) which may read its squish data, or program the standalone synthesizer in the computer music language, SHLISP. A switch enables internal batteries; electronic sounds out a stereo-mini jack. It is handtop: four bars on top feel your fingers and two woven antennae below sense palm flesh, complimented by a battery of buttons. There are red lights."

Roland SH-1 Synthesizer with Original Box SN 711068

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Synthesizer SN 1189

via this auction

Moog Minimoog

via this auction

"Moog minimoog case only, no electronics. see photos for condition!"

Roland JD-Xa Hybrid Digital Analog Synthesizer with Custom Polar White Panels

via this auction

Modded Sequential Circuits Max Synth

via this auction

"This Synth has been modified with the addition of the following features:

• 100 sounds, all downloadable, located in battery-backed RAM

• Note storage increased from about 500 to about 3200

• Unison mode added.

• Three sets of 100 factory sounds in EPROM: 80 Max + 20 Six track Unison factory sounds, 100 Six Track factory sounds, and 100 Multi-Trak factory sounds (without chorus or velocity sensitivity, of course)

• CC parameter changes to current program can be saved to program 99, then copied to any other program

• MIDI receive buffer increased from 64 bytes to 128 bytes

• Removed code that reduced volume of subsequent notes if CC change received while MIDI note with low velocity playing. This a code bug in the original EPROM.

These features were added by upgrading both the EPROM and the type/amount of RAM. The Max shipped with a 128K EPROM and two 2Kx8 SRAM chips. This modified Max has a 256K EPROM and a single 32Kx8 SRAM chip (only 16K is used). The modification is a small PC board which holds the EPROM and NV SRAM. This board plugs into the existing EPROM socket on the Max. Five additional wires connect from the Max main board to the new memory board. In addition, the two SRAM chips on the Max main board have been disabled. See more info by googling 'Sequential Circuits MAX Mod Page - Tauntek'"

Nozoid Stereo Effect

stereo effect from Nozoid on Vimeo.

"LFO used as audio source and 'melody' generated via a stereo waveshaper"

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak (Arnaud Music Personal Patches)

Published on Feb 3, 2019 Arnaud Music.

"Sequential Circuits Six-Trak (My Personal Patches)
With Eventide Blackhole"

'Enyang Ha' Improvisational Synthesizer Live

Published on Feb 3, 2019 Enyang Ha

"One night Enyang Ha started to press and tweak synthesizer knobs and this came out. 100% improvisational synthesizer live.

She is a live synthesizer performer and tours around Europe and Asia.
Come around enjoy her heavy riff-influenced rhythmic rituals.

More to follow on SoundCloud

And also on Instagram"

Waldorf Kyra Namm 2019 -

Published on Feb 3, 2019 BBoy Tech Report


Published on Feb 3, 2019 TheXcee

"here is my SLEDGE 2.0 with totally new poti knobs.
i changed the original plastic knobs with the moog style knobs out of phenol, the results are amazing!
the sledge feels and looks so much better now with the phenol poti knobs.
the knobs were ordered from a online electronic store.
the axle shaft diameter fits perfect in the knobs which have all 6,4mm inner diameter. the knobs are secured with there screw.
finally i recommend this update for every SLEDGE user.
It´s easy to do and feels and looks so great!"

Digitone, TR-08, Analog Heat jam

Published on Feb 3, 2019 Wingo Shackleford

"Rainy weekend in LA makes the beats chill"

Unusual Electronic Music Controllers From KMI At NAMM 2019

Published on Feb 3, 2019 Synthtopia

"At the 2019 NAMM Show, Keith McMillen Instruments was showing a complete line of unusual music controllers.

Their line is based around 'Smart Fabric', which means that it doesn't rely on movable parts, like most instruments and music gear. The technology also allows the devices to sense a variety of types of touch, allowing the controllers to be used in very expressive ways."

Genki Instruments Wave Ring Controller At NAMM 2019

Published on Feb 3, 2019 Synthtopia

"At the 2019 NAMM Show, Genki Instruments gave us a quick demo of their new Wave gestural MIDI controller."

2HP Intros Four New Eurorack Modules At NAMM 2019

Published on Feb 3, 2019

"At the 2019 NAMM Show, we got a quick demo of the new 2hp Eurorack modules.

DC offset generator
ETA: February
MSRP: $89

Physical modeling voice
ETA: March
MSRP: $149

Granular processor
ETA: April
MSRP: $149

Sine wave VCO with sub output and wavefolding
ETA: May
MSRP: $149"

Retro Review & Demo - Waddington's Compute-A-Tune Toy Sequencer

Published on Feb 3, 2019 ChrisLody

"This is the Waddington's Compute-A-Tune which is a tiny toy sequencer and keyboard that was released, at my best guest, in the late 1970's or early 1980's. Cool little thing I hope you'll agree :D

Here's the song I made with it:"

#Jamuary Day 21 - Waddingtons Compute-A-Tone Toy Sequencer

Published on Jan 21, 2019 ChrisLody

"Day 21 of Jamuary

I have to confess that I made this back on the 5th of Jan as part of Jamuary but made a better tune immediately after. Time is short today though. This was made using only the 1970s maybe 1980s Waddigtons Compute-A-Tune toy sequencer and a 4 track. For me it invokes the sound of cold war number stations, the little musical bits in between all the code. Like something from The Lincolnshire Poacher broadcast."

having a marf

Published on Feb 3, 2019 zack dagoba

"I got a MARF! Its amazing. So much to explore - I've read the manual 4 times and still can't make half of it out...

See https://myblogitsfullofstars.blogspot..."

Wisdom Water - Golden Wagon

Published on Feb 3, 2019 Wisdom Water

"Live improvisation."

Song-A-Day & #RPM Challenge 3 - TV Love Ballad on Yamaha P115 Piano and Cs2x Strings

Published on Feb 3, 2019 ChrisLody

Nice custom silver knobs on the CS2X.

"Song-A-Day & #RPM Challenge 3

I woke up and this popped into my head within about 5 minutes this morning. I must be feeling in a particularly cheesy mood, because this sounds like TV movie music to me. The piano is played on a Yamaha P115 and the sting sounds are from the Yamaha Cs2x (PII 033 St:Simple preset). Try not to weep, the story works out okay in the end."

Modal Electronics Skulpt & Strymon Mobius

Published on Feb 3, 2019 3rdStoreyChemist

Sequence 01

Published on Feb 3, 2019 bubblesoundmodular

Yamaha CS60: Dreamscape Reverberations 3rd edit

Published on Feb 2, 2019 Stephen Coker

"Stephen Coker playing a Yamaha CS 60 vintage Synthesizer."

Stephen Coker Yamaha CS60 videos

Waldorf Quantum - Rain Maker - Pad

Published on Feb 2, 2019 100 Things I Do

"I thought I would share the sound of a pad I created recently, its a mix of wavetable, granular and classic oscillator. I normally do a lot of outboard processing either in the DAW or via Eventide and Lexicon units. In this demo I thought I would do everything on the Quantum and bring it in and out slowly to highlight the way the patch is built. Besides a tad a EQ and compression/limiting this was recorded 100% Quantum.

The depth of the effects section and the quality of the filters (and ability to change routing of filters) opens up a unique world of sound creation!"

Patch n Tweak

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