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Monday, February 11, 2019

"Let Beauty Loose" Nitzer Ebb extended remix/cover Korg MS-20 mini + Korg Volca Sample demo

Published on Feb 11, 2019 Mattelica

"Live extended remix/cover of Nitzer Ebb's "Let Beauty Loose" with the Korg MS 20 mini (sequenced with a Korg Monologue) + Korg Volca Sample to a Roland VS880 HDR to a Canon 6D + 50mm 1.4 lens."

Multivox MX65 String Synthesizer SN 565246

via this auction

"The MX65 is a lovely sounding vintage string synthesizer with that classic warm sound. This synth is comparable to a Solina or Roland Saturn string synth with features like ensemble and basic but useful tone shaping of filter, envelope and vibrato settings.

This instrument is in great condition and was recently serviced by our in house repair technician."

ARP Solus Analog Monophonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"The Solus is a wonderful vintage analog synthesizer from ARP. The voice is very similar to the famous odyssey with two VCOs, LFO, and low pass filter. A few sections are stripped down a bit to keep a smaller footprint and faster user interface. Oscillator waves and oscillators are mixed with cross faders and there is only a single ADSR shared for the filter and VCA. It sits somewhere in the middle of the Odyssey and Axxe.

The neat part of the Solus is that like a 2600, the whole synth is a case for itself. The lid is included and has clearly served its purpose well over the years. Finally, like the odyssey, there is CV, gate and trig I/O on 1/8th" jacks for interfacing with other analog gear (even works with Eurorack!)

This is a beautiful vintage analog synthesizer with that classic bright sound that ARP is so well known for! It was recently checked out by our technician and is in fantastic condition."

Tiptop Audio Mantis Case (Blue) with Mantis Bag

via this auction

"Excellent condition Tiptop Audio Mantis case (with blue legs) and Tiptop Mantis carrying Bad included. Includes original power supply."

Korg R3 Vintage Leads Digital VA Synthesizer Radias Rik Marston

Published on Feb 11, 2019 SynthgodXXX

"Korg R3 "Vintage Leads" Digital VA Synthesizer Radias
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
**Watch in HD!!** **Turn it UP!!**

A fantastic lower priced second hand digital
synthesizer, the Korg R3 can do so many things!!
It's the smaller brother of the Korg Radias,
it has the Vocoder, Motion Recording, ARP's,
great MMT digital sounds & you can really
make some nice vintage spacey leads & FX!!
This is EXCELLENT for Ambient music for sure!!
A good alternative to the regular Korg microKORG,
the R3 has bigger keys and way more for just
about the same used price! It just sounds great!
And it makes a nice compact midi controller, too!!
Super sweet for the money!!!

Thank you for watching!

Need any Synthesizer Samples for your next track and want to save a TON of money? Here are only a few of my HQ synthesizer sample collections in .WAV format able to load into ANY device that reads .WAV files!

Moog Collection
DSI Collection
Roland Collection
Sequential Prophet-6
Dave Smith / Oberheim OB-6"

Delta CEP A Snapshot Morphing & Drum Module Demos

Published on Feb 11, 2019 Jörg Schaaf

"The Delta CEP A morph function is based on snapshots. A snapshot is a subprogram within a soundprogram. Snapshots can hold variations of the sound or complete different sounds. The snapshots can then morph from one step to the next. In this example the keystep sequences the Delta CEP A. The Delta CEP A sound morphs through eight different snapshots.

Delta CEP A as a drum module

Published on Feb 11, 2019 Jörg Schaaf

"Why not using the Delta CEP A as a drum module? I saved snapshots of different drumsounds. Afterwards I connected a Doepfer A-155 sequencer. The sequencer line triggers the envelope, one control voltage line selects the snapshots and one line controls the pitch. I fed the drum groove into the FXs of my mixing desk from time to time to add more variations. But I really like the opportunity to use the Delta as a drum module."

Korg minilogue & Elastic FX jam

Published on Feb 11, 2019 Oliver Greschke

Oliver Greschke is the developer of Elaxtic FX.

"I had a lot of fun playing my new Korg minilogue with some basic bread & butter effects by Elastic FX (mostly Chorus, Delay & Reverb).

EFX is a 4 channel multi-effects processor that’s easy and intuitive to play, but also offers complex options to shape your sound and route the audio effects stream."

Teenage Engineering OP-Z Videolab Testdrive

Published on Feb 11, 2019 Perplex On

"This is a super simple testdrive for my first selfmade OP-Z Videolab project that allows to create your own visuals in Unity sequenced and modulated by the OP-Z. The music is made completely with inbuilt sounds. The Videolab scene is running on an old iPhone 5S inside the OP-Z app and is projected in realtime onto the OP-Z with a pocket projector. The kick track deforms the polygonal shape whereas the snare track modulates the glitch shifting fx. Enjoy!"

New Video from Mario Mathy - "Liberty"

Published on Feb 10, 2019 Lindsey Tuteleers

Follow-up to Mario Mathy's Jumping Dance (don't miss it if you haven't seen it).

And an image sent my way via Mario. That's him on the right with the Casio AZ-1 keytar. On his right is a Casio rep with a VL-Tone VL-5.

Update: a few more images added below.

These first two are from this article (Googlish here).

Concrete, Steel, & Neon - Novation Circuit Synthwave

Published on Feb 11, 2019 Gabe Miller Music

"A synthwave/outrun jam on the Novation Circuit.
All of the sounds in this track are from the Delorean Dream pack by Yves Big City.
Thanks to RoyaltyFreeTube for the background loop:"

Mini Jam Monday #35 | Korg Volca Bass, Volca Keys, & Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic

Published on Feb 11, 2019 littleBIGsynths

"Happy Monday everyone! 😀 lol Here is another Mini Jam for you guys featuring a couple Volcas and the PO-32 Tonic. In this jam, the Volca Keys is playing the chords and bass line; the Volca Bass is playing some arps; and the PO-32 Tonic is playing the beat."

New hapiNES 8 bit Desktop Groovebox from Twisted Elektrons

This one is in via Liquid Sky Berlin, via

"available in march 2019 - 255 PLUS vat plus shipping


Hardware MIDI input (sync, notes and parameter modulation)

Analog trigger sync in and out

USB-MIDI input (sync, notes and parameter modulation)

Dedicated VST/AU plugin for full DAW integration

4 tracks for real-time composing

Authentic triangle bass

2 squares with variable pulsewidth

59 synthesized preset drum sounds + 1 self-evolving drum sound

16 arpeggiator modes with variable speed

Vibrato with variable depth and speed

18 Buttons

32 Leds

6 high quality potentiometers

16 pattern memory

3 levels of LED brightness (Beach, Studio, Club)

Live recording, key change and pattern chaining (up to 16 patterns/ 256 steps)

Pattern copy/pasting

Ratcheting (up to 4 hits per step)

Reset on any step (1-16 step patterns)"

Behringer Crave Sessions - Ambient

Published on Feb 11, 2019 BEHRINGER

"Our Broadcaster at Behringer HQ in Germany is back on the Crave, this time with a 1980's inspired ambient arpeggiator improv."

1989 Akai MPC60, S1000 and S1000PB "Hitmakers: Don Henley and Akai" Ad

via Retro Synth Ads where you'll find the full write-up.

"MPC60, S1000, S1000PB 'Hitmakers: Don Henley and Akai' colour advertisement from page 23 in the December 1989 issue of Keyboard Magazine."

Soniccouture Balinese Gamelan: Breaking Bad Original Music

Published on Feb 11, 2019 Soniccouture

"A short excerpt from Sony Picture's Breaking Bad, where Soniccouture's Balinese Gamelan virtual instrument is used as the main musical motif."

Stable Clock and Easy Setup - VCV Rack & Ableton Tutorial

Published on Feb 11, 2019 VCV Rack Ideas

"Do you have unstable clock in VCV Rack from Ableton Live? Do you have any issue with VCV Rack & Ableton workflow? Do you need proper multitrack looper and recorder setup in Ableton? Do you need some advice of using Ableton devices for shaping sounds from VCV Rack?

I see a lot of questions about VCV Bridge around the web. Just watch this video and I hope all your questions will find the answers.

You can support me on Patreon and download all files from this video

Check my Instagram page"

Cut Off

Published on Feb 10, 2019 zack dagoba

"How to patch a filter so that it has extra resonance. In this case its a vintage Buchla 100 series Model 191 which has zero resonance in normal use. But like so much with the 100 series, a simple patch-around solution is available. Just send the filter output back in on itself with a mixer, blending the input signal and filter output to get resonance galore. The mixer is used BEFORE the input to the filter, in other words, the mixer used to combine the dry signal with the filtered signal and send it back in on itself. Look at the diagram in the video. See https://myblogitsfullofstars.blogspot... for more"

Behringer CRAVE Does Acid!

Published on Feb 11, 2019 mootbooxle

"When I was playing with the Crave the other day, I heard some tones that made me think, 'I wonder how 303-eqsue I can make it sound?' Just add distortion (this is an EHX Big Muff w/Tone Wicker) and it’s ACID TIME. You have to imagine the crazy patterns because that ain’t really my genre. But it’s fun, and I just put out a vinyl record of it!

The sound is then going through the Strymon El Capistan delay for some 'space', then straight into the Roland Go:Mixer Pro which is connected to iPhone X which shot this video."

Laurie Anderson - Optigan / Panoptigon 2010 One-Off Disc Demo

Published on Feb 11, 2019 optigandotcom

"This is a historical oddity that was never intended for public consumption, but in honor of Laurie Anderson's Grammy Award for LANDFALL (which prominently features Robert Becker's heavily modified "Optigan Pro"), we thought it'd be fun to share this and get in a quick Panoptigon demo at the same time ( When we lent Laurie the Optigan, we thought it'd be fun to put some of her own sounds on a one-off disc for her to mess around with. We pulled drums & musical loops for the chord buttons, and short spoken phrases for the keyboard. This demo is just some spontaneous noodling, which was recorded in multiple MIDI passes and then dumped live to audio. The video was shot during the actual audio recording, so you can see the disc speed up, slow down, and go into reverse in time with the audio. Maybe not Grammy material (OK, decidedly not!), but a geeky curiosity nonetheless! Congrats, Laurie & Kronos!"

Original 1977 Yamaha CS-80 Synthesizer Manual & Brochure

Manual via this auction
Brochure via this auction

"If you own a CS80 and you don't have this document you are incomplete."

Description for the Manual:

"Here is a rarity.. The original manual for the iconic Yamaha CS80 Polyphonic synthesizer dated February 1977. This would have been the manual shipped with the very first units.

I got this with my CS80 in 2001 and recently came across it in a pile of documents I will be listing for sale over the next week. I've seen the 1980 manual online but this is the only one of these I've seen in 20 years of obsessing over these instruments. It's in ok shape, its a 42 year old document and shows some age as you can see in the photos. I have kept it flat, wrapped in a mylar magazine bag to preserve it as best i can. It's 20 pages cover to cover, it has some stains, a rip and isn't perfect but is what it is."

Description for the Brochure:

"Although not as obscure the 1977 owners manual, this document is rarely seen, particularly in this condition. I've seen lesser quality copies of this fetch document my asking price on ebay over the years. Dates to June 1977 (7726)

I got this with my CS80 in 2001 and recently came across it in a pile of documents I will be listing for sale over the next week. It's in ok shape, its a 42 year old document and shows some age as you can see in the photos. I have kept it flat, wrapped in a mylar magazine bag to preserve it as best i can. It's 8 pages cover to cover. 1 tear at the bottom through all pages. 3 ring binder holes. Full colour, suitable for framing."

Original Moog Logo Badge

via this auction

The SYNTH-Mixer

via this auction

Looks like your standard preset toy synth, but this one appears to have a headphone with mic, and a mini DJ style jog wheel like the Roland DJ-70. Could make for some interesting circuit bending fun.

Roland Juno-106 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Landscape Stereo Field

via this auction

"STEREO FIELD is one instrument with three uses. It is simultaneously a stereo/quad modular touch plate feedback atonal synthesizer, a stereo/quad audio processor and a pressure sensitive chaotic CV "controller". All three uses are available separately as well as simultaneously and in conversation with each other. The Stereo Field allows its user to manipulate and patch two analog stereo preamp circuits via touch plates. By utilizing skin conductivity as new paths for current to follow you are creating "new circuits" and new sounds in relation to where your fingers are patching. The individual touch plates are directly connected to nearly every connection point of every component in its circuitry (located directly under each corresponding touch plate). When touched with multiple fingers it will create atonal analog feedback with either of the two mirrored circuits represented by interlocking touch-plate circles."


via this auction

"Electronic musical instrument "Electronics EM-25" was produced since 1985. '' Electronics EM-25 '' has 3 sections of timbres: strings - double basses, cellos, violins; body - registers 16 ', 8', 4 ', 2'; brass - trombones, pipes. 1 and 2 sections of the string and the organ provide polyphonic attack and decay of sound, with adjustable duration; switching of the mode of recession with stratification, without stratification of after-sounds. The third wind section has an envelope generator with adjustments attack, decay, support, attenuation; modulator with speed, delay, vibrato controls; controlled filter with regulators envelope, modulator, cut, accent; switching the start mode of the filter mono and polyphonic. The formation of all the tones is carried out from one generator, excluding the detuning of the synthesizer during its operation. Full sound range, octaves 9 / 1-12. The volume of the keyboard, octaves 4 / 1-12."

JoMox XBASE 888 Analog Drum Synthesizer

via this auction

Radikal Technologies Spectralis SN 140172

via this auction

Cwejman S1MK2 - Battleship Grey in Custom Case

via this auction

Vermona 14 Analog Synth SN 021/222

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 2 + Midi

via this auction

Rhodes Chroma SN 21030247

via this auction

Tons of pics of the inside and voice boards below.

"Rhodes Chroma S/N Y 21030247
In beautiful condition, has had all voice cards recapped and calibrated, CC+ & Midi breakout box, new Switching PSU plus lots of spares as follows
3 x spare voice cards (2 recapped and populated, one sacrificial)
Spare Channel mother board
Spare key contact assembly (refurbished)
Spare Mod Leaver assembly
Refurbished dual foot switch
Spare front and top wood trims (2 pieces total)
Standard foot switch
Chroma Volume Pedal
4 x NOS CEM 3350
Chroma Performance manual x 2
Chroma Programming Manual x 2
Chroma Interface Manual
Chroma Sequencer Manual
Chroma Program Printouts Folder
Card Schematics that my tech gave me detailing what’s been done and parts required.
Original Road case (in the process of re foaming to original specs)
Behringer BCR Controller with synth graphics overlay (not pictured but mint)"

Akai MD280 Sampler Disc Drive & S612 Midi Digital Sampler SN 00620-18626 & 00620-34407

via this auction

"The S612 was one of Akai's first professional rack-mount samplers, released back in 1985. Some of its features included 12-bit sampling from 4 to 32kHz with loop and truncate functions, an overdub function and mic or line input jacks. Internal memory is only 128KB which gives a maximum of 8 seconds sampling time at the lowest sampling rate available. An optional disk drive that features the quick disk (QD) 2.8 inch format is needed for permanent storage of samples. Only one sample is stored to each side of the disk."

Moog Opus 3 SN 5849

via this auction

Siel DK700 Synth

via this auction

Alive In The Waking World | Test Tone Generators, 4-Track Tape Loop

Published on Feb 11, 2019 HAINBACH

"In which I play my test tone generators in sleepless state of jet lag after my Canada tour."

SELF PATCHED! Sputnik Four Tap Delay // Circuit abuse & DNB Reese Bass

Published on Feb 11, 2019 DivKidVideo

"The Sputnik Modular Four Tap Delay gives us all sorts of lovely broken delay chip feedback nonsense and at times so odd pulsing DNB Reese bass like sounds."

Sonic LAB: BLCK_Noir Drum Module

Published on Feb 11, 2019 sonicstate

"Edd takes a look at the 7 voice Eurorack drum module from - The BLCK_Noir.
As a compact drum module it has some interesting features - as well as straight triggering, you can add a clock input and create beat division rolls for an added performance tweak."

Serge Rhythmic Exercise

Published on Feb 11, 2019 fonitronik

"Playing with rhythms on my Random*Source Serge system."

How to hack your Volca Modular to create a voltage mixer with Dupont cables and Pot (easy)

Published on Feb 11, 2019 Audio Wanderer

"Super easy way to hack your Volca Modular with a Pot and some dupont cables
In a previous video showing my DIY voltage mixer for the Volca some ask me about the scheme of this addition. It can't be much simpler as you see on the video. Hope you like it and use it too.

On radioactive music 1: Ray of Light MCA/s

Published on Feb 11, 2019 Giorgio Sancristoforo

"In this first chapter I illustrate my work on the sonification of radioactivity using gamma spectrometry.
Ray of Light (Muti Channel Analyser/Synthesizer) is a music software written with Max8 and uses a modified version of the FFT analysis and 512 sinusoidal oscillators. The software analyses the pulses coming from a Gamma Spectacular SG-1100 Pro Spectrometer with a 1.5" NaI(Tl) scintillator.

The work was presented for the first time, at the Joint Research Centre in Ispra - Italy, during the Datami A.i.R. Residence on February 24th 2019."


Doepfer Dark Energy III Synthesizer Crazy Sounds!

Published on Feb 11, 2019 SYNTH ANATOMY

"Attention! This is not a normal Dark Energy III Synthesizer sound demo. For this demo, I designed some crazy analog sounds with FM and audio rate modulations!"

Review: Behringer Neutron 2.0 what's new, pros, cons and 13 patch ideas/tips

Published on Feb 11, 2019 loopop

"Version 2.0 of Neutron's firmware add quite a few interesting features. Here's a full review if Neutron, everything new, plus 13 patch ideas/tips along the way.

Like these tips and want to get ALL my ideas in one convenient place including those to come in the future? Check out my In-Complete Book of Electronic Music Ideas, Tips and Tricks (hint: it's in-complete because it's always being updated…):

0:00 Intro
0:55 Overview
2:20 Oscillators
6:50 Duophonic modes
9:50 The filter
12:15 Morphing LFO
14:50 Other mod sources: ADSR / S&H
15:35 Overdrive
16:25 Delay
17:30 Control software
18:15 Patch bay
18:50 Misc topics
19:15 Back panel
19:45 Pros and cons"

Volca Modular Drone

Published on Feb 11, 2019 UFO LFO

"Something I put together with the Volca Modular & Bastl Bitranger"

Reon Driftbox J unboxing

Published on Feb 11, 2019 UFO LFO

Akihiko Masumoto - Transcription Session Vol.016 (Max/MSP, J.S. Bach)

Published on Feb 10, 2019 Akihiko Matsumoto

via @quelltll_en

Transcription Session Live Series by Akihiko Matsumoto (2019 - )

Concept : Akihiko Matsumoto
Composition / Operation : Akihiko Matsumoto
Programming : Akihiko Matsumoto
Sound Material : J.S. Bach Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1
Generative Software : Cycling '74 Max8
Binaural Decorder : IRCAM Spat
Audio I/O : RME Fireface UCX
MIDI Controller : Novation LAUNCH CONTROL XL, Beatstep Pro
Drums : Kick/Bass (
Mix : Ableton Live10
Camera : Sony a7RII(Zeiss Sooner 55mm f1.8)

Original Max for Live Plugins"

E-MU Proteus /1 XR 90's Sound Module Preset Sounds

Published on Feb 11, 2019 SUBTOKYOSHOP

"E-MU Proteus /1 XR 90's Sound Module Preset Sounds

Preset number #01~#63"

subtokyoshop on eBay

Befaco Kickall - a monsterous kick drum, drone machine, Eurorack synth voice and more!

Published on Feb 11, 2019 DivKidVideo

"*TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW* I've had the pleasure of testing the Kickall module from Befaco for a little while now ( you may remember the prototype video I made - [see this post] ) and as usual with Befaco it's been a total pleasure to test and try out. Above anything Kickall (as intended) is a mega kick drum with a wide range, more unique sound than a drum machine clone and a good range of CV controlled parameters. It's also a great synth voice and with some modulation tricks as I show in the video a wider range of more harsh digital tones, claps, snares and FM voices.


00:00 Hello and patch previews

01:03 Feature run down

02:00 Kick sounds

03:27 Techno! Deep pounding kicks

04:22 Kickall as a full and dynamic synth voice

05:22 Velocity/level input demo

06:48 Plump rump, big booty kick drum / bassline hybrid

07:51 Noise modulation to make snares and other new sounds

10:07 Turning Kickall into a full drum kit

11:33 FM, AM and audio rate modulation

14:17 Random modulation and random groove

15:34 FM melodies - kickall as a synth voice with FM other tune

16:30 Turning drums to drones! Adding Crush Delay and modulation to try and immitate a Lyra-8 style drone sound.

17:20 A quick drum beat jam

18:05 How to turn Kickall into a standard droning VCO"

New Tokarev Synth

Published on Feb 10, 2019 Konstantin T

"Making some music on this new synth Ive been messing with for a couple of weeks."

SynthMania: Hello & Some Casio CZ sounds

Published on Feb 10, 2019 SynthMania

"I'm back in the studio, ready to make some new songs :)"

Patch n Tweak

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