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Monday, July 22, 2019

Drum Button, Eurorack Percussion Sequencer Demo

Published on Jul 22, 2019 Reckless Experimentation Audio LLC

"Introducing the the Drum Button Eurorack module by Reckless Experimentation Audio. It is an eight channel sequencer for triggering percussion sound modules, and to provide a clock source for other synth voices. Includes tempo control, fill and hold functions, and eight independent sequence banks."

via Reckless Experimentation Audio

"The Drum Button is an eight channel sequencer for triggering percussion sound modules, and to provide a clock source for other synth voices.

Pressing the arcade style button triggers an output on the selected channel, and adds that trigger to the sequence for that channel. With 16 lights you might think the sequence is only 16 steps long, it is actually 256 steps, so if you think of each light as a hole note, the sequence is actually quantized to the 16th note

The currently active channel is selected with the left Potentiometer, when the Potentiometer is turned, the lights will momentary change form displaying the position in the sequence to displaying the current channel.

Tempo is control by the middle Potentiometer, this Potentiometer along with the speed input, control how fast the sequence plays. By rotating this Potentiometer all the way counter clockwise, the sequence can be halted.

The Potentiometer on the right is the bank selection Potentiometer. The banks is displayed on the lights similar to the channel selection, with the lights temporally displaying the currently selected bank, before going back to displaying the sequence position.

Banks are independent sequences for all eight channels, on power up, banks 1 though 4 are empty, banks 5 though 8 have preset sequences to get started with. These preset sequences can be added to or cleared just like the empty banks.

Which brings us to the clear button, this button clears all triggers on the currently selected channel on the currently selected bank. By pressing and holding the clear button and pressing the fill button, all the triggers on the currently selected bank are erased.

The hold button stops the sequence form advancing as long is it is depressed. The clock output from the Tempo Out connection continues during a hold. Tempo Out produces 64 pulses per sequence cycle.

The fill button overrides the sequence on the currently selected channel, and outputs a trigger on that channel every quarter note. The fill isn’t added to the sequence, and the sequence resumes normally once the button is released."

Roland MJX-70 ?

This one is in via @deejayiwan

Photoshopped JX-8P?  Looks like someone grabbed the Retroactive MPG-70 logo.

Update via the comments:

"It is real and one of a kind, I know, I built it myself. That photo was a test photo for the 3d printed keys. The end result has blue keys.
It is a JX8p redressed to match the MPG70 and MKS70. (and other roland gear in that style).
If you watch my video (link below) from some time back you can see it at 2:35. :)

-Ron / Mystic Frequencies"


video by Mystic Frequencies

Two Teisco SX-210's & Akai SX-240s as well!

EMS Synthi AKS - Tortoise Stereolab Provenance

via this auction

"Excellent condition Synthi AKS owned by John McEntire, used on many productions from the mid-90s to the present, notably on "Dots And Loops" by Stereolab and "TNT" by Tortoise.

Full compliment of modifications, performed by Robin Wood at EMS. These include:
* Oscillator temperature balancing and compensation
* Range switches on Osc 2 & 3
* Variable sync on Osc 2
* Switchable PWM for Osc 2
* Bipolar Trapezoid output
* External EG triggering option
* 10-turn input pots for more accurate tuning
* Inverter pin (captive)

Case is in excellent condition with no cracks and only minor scuffs."

ARP 2601 with 3620 Keyboard w/ Matching Serial Numbers SN 0807

via this auction

"Museum quality, all original. This is the nicest Arp 2600 you will ever find!

Bought in 1993 from an ARP employee. He got it when ARP went out of business as part of his final compensation. It was sitting in his closet untouched until 1993. "

Original Nord Modular SN MA2274

via this auction

Vermona DRM1 MKIII Drum Machine w/ Trigger Inputs SN 07580

via this auction

"Fully cleaned and tested Vermona DRM1 MK III Drum Machine with Individual Trigger Inputs. Top of the line model. Eight voices with individual output. Excellent cosmetic and functional condition."

Roland TB-303 Bass Line Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Mini Jam Mondays #36 | Korg Volca FM, Keys, Bass, & Sample

Published on Jul 22, 2019 littleBIGsynths

"Happy Monday everyone! 😀 Here is an all Volca Mini Jam I put together this morning. I wanted to get a jam on before I start my family vacation. 😎🌞

Anyways, the Volca FM is playing the main melody; the vSample is playing the drums & bass sequences; the Volca Keys is playing chords; and the Volca Bass is running an arp while I play a lead melody on it.

Hope you guys enjoy this video and thank you for watching, littleBIGsynths.👍"

Sequential In The Spotlight Interview with SAKU MARISTO

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Saku Maristo is a Helsinki-based keyboardist and musical director for SANNI. He has also performed with other top artists in Finland, including Robin Packalen, Saara Aalto, and Kasmir.

We chatted with Saku on how he uses the Prophet Rev2 in his music."

You can find previous posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

A Weird EDM Jam on the Novation Circuit

Published on Jul 22, 2019 Gabe Miller Music

"An EDM / Melbourne bounce / trap jam on the Novation Circuit.
The packs used are Deep'n'low by Gemfire and Mind Travelers by Emynona."

The Mojave Desert Modular Experiment: Dillon Bastan

Published on Jul 22, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"In the Mojave Desert Modular Experiment, we worked with local artists to create modular systems suited to their own styles and workflows...despite the fact that none of them had ever used modular synths before. Each artist/group had two weeks to get to know their system and prepare a performance.

Dillon Bastan normally works with Max and Ableton Live, so although he hadn't used eurorack synthesizers he was familiar with modular signal routing from the Max software environment. Dillons system was based around a Mutable Instruments Marbles for sequencing drums from an Intellijel Plonk and synth sounds from Instruo's CS-L complex oscillator.

Come by our showroom to try out these systems for yourself, and keep an eye out for more results from the experiment each Monday this month! Read more about Dillon's system and get links to his music here:"

Moog Grandmother vs Sub 37

Published on Jul 22, 2019 Starsky Carr

"A look at the different characters of these 2 lovely synths.

They've got completely different functionality, but if you're wondering which is best for you maybe this will help.

Filter 21:30
Some Sounds 28:04
Sounds from GM Manual 33:40
Conclusion 36:42"

Volca Modular Complete Review / Tutorial

Published on Jul 18, 2019 Woochia's Beats & Bobs

0:00 Intro
0:54 What's a Modular Synth?
1:55 Main Modules of the Volca Modular
4:05 Utility Modules of the Vocla Modular
5:15 Patching Cables
6:03 Normalled Connections
6:38 Patch Example: 2nd Oscillator
9:13 Patch Example: Making a LFO
10:24 Patch Example: Making a Vibrato
11:21 Patch Example: Split Module
12:38 Patch Example: Woggle Module
14:01 Recording a Sequence
15:38 Automations
16:40 Scale System
17:56 Microtuning Functions
18:56 Active Step & Playback Modes
20:24 Save & Load
21:34 Conclusion (Pros & Cons)

Volca Modular on eBay | Volca Modular on Reverb | Volca Modular on Amazon

The BEST Volca yet? (Volca Drum review)

Premiered Jul 3, 2019 Woochia's Beats & Bobs

0:00 Intro
0:45 General Description
2:10 Interface Breakdown
2:47 Drum Kit
3:40 Sequencer
5:22 Choke, Slice & Accent
7:33 Synth Engine (and automations)
9:33 Deeper in the Synth Engine
11:05 Making a Sound From Scratch
13:47 Wave Guide
15:28 Motion, Mute, Step Jump & Active Step
17:33 Chaining Sequences
18:44 Randomize Functions
19:40 Hidden Settings
20:42 Saving & Loading
21:43 Conclusion (Pros & Cons)

Volca Drums on eBay | Volca Drums on Reverb | Volca Drums on Amazon

Quasimidi Sirius SN 51566 Signed By Ogre Of Skinny Puppy ?

via this auction

"RARE Quasimidi Sirius German Synthesizer Keyboard Signed By Ogre Of Skinny Puppy. Bought used from Ogre in mid 2005 & signed / personalized to my brother Ivan (Shamanavi) - Condition is used & in mint condition. Comes with an AC power supply (not the original) with adapter, vocoder microphone & a Korg MS2000 synth box (Ogre shipped it to my brother in this box & not the original Sirius box)"


Published on Jul 22, 2019 Lackan

"Selling my EDP WASP on Reverb and I made a short demo to show that it works."

via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

"EDP WASP in very good physical condition. Just one very small 5 mm crack in upper left corner (see image), perfect in all other aspects with a clean battery compartment and non worn keyboard sticker.

The internal speaker is faulty and produces a high pitch sound. This stops once "line out" is plugged in. So this is just the speaker, not the synth. (see YT video)

MIDI by Elby Designs in Australia. Works perfect.

Recently serviced. All potentiometers desoldered, opened and cleaned. Which means absolutely no cracks or jumps. All pots work perfect, again, see video."

ALESIS A6 ANDROMEDA Polyphonic Analogue Synth

via this auction

Roland Vocoder SVC 350

via this auction

Moog Polymoog

via this auction

Multivox Computer Basic System Music Sequencer MX-8100 SN 538663

via this auction

"You don't see these every day. The Multivox MX 8100 is an incredibly rare note entry step sequencer. It is similar to the Roland CSQ series but incorporates the keyboard within the unit. The coolest feature of this guy is that it can control both a Roland standard cv/gate and a Korg standard hz/v and s-trig independently and simultaneously. This unit is in fair cosmetic condition. The keys have yellowed and have aged with uneven coloring. The unit also appears fully functional.

This unit will allow you to record tracks using the built in keyboard and play them back on external CV Gate synthesizers. To be clear, this is not a synth and does not produce its own sounds. It is a sequencer. Nonetheless, this is a very interesting, very rate museum piece perfect for a collector."

Erica Synths Sample Drum Nominated for NAMM TEC Awards

"The Sample Drum - eurorack module has received a nomination for the 35th Annual NAMM Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Awards in the category of Outstanding Technical Achievement. Presented by The NAMM Foundation, The NAMM TEC Awards are bestowed annually in celebration of the pro audio community by recognizing the individuals, companies and technical innovations behind today’s sound recordings, live performances, films, and other media.

The nomination announcement follows a two-month call for entries of standout technical and creative products and projects that have made a significant impact on modern sound and music. A panel of respected industry voters from pro audio publications as well as members of professional music, technical and creative organizations, along with select NAMM members carefully evaluated each entry before selecting the Erica Synths Sample Drum for the nomination.

The Erica Synths Sample Drum is nominated within the Musical Instrument Hardware category along with Moog Matriarch, Moog One, Nord Grande, Akai Professional Force & Presonus Atom: Pad Controller"

intellijel Triplatt Overview

Published on Jul 22, 2019 Intellijel

"Triplatt is a three-channel active/buffered attenuverter and summing mixer. Each channel has a knob, which can function as a unipolar attenuator or a bipolar attenuverter, depending on the setting of its corresponding two-position polarity switch. It’s a versatile and super handy utility module that will find its way into almost any patch you make!

Each input is normalled to a built-in +5V DC voltage source. With nothing plugged into the jacks, each knob controls a voltage range of 0 to +5 V or -5 to +5 V depending on the position of the channel polarity switch.

Each output is normalled to mix into the output of the channel below, making it possible to do sub mixes in groups of two or three.

In addition, each channel has a “special function” switch to alter its input voltage in a specific way. Channel A has a 2x voltage multiplier switch, allowing you to double the voltage sent into Channel A. Channel B has a +5V switch, allowing you to add 5V to whatever voltage is sent into Channel B. Channel C has a mute switch, allowing you to completely turn off the signal being sent into Channel C.

Triple Attenuator / Inverter / Attenuverter / Multiplier / Adder / Mixer / DC Voltage Source
Two Modes for each channel (Positive or Bipolar)
Additional “special function” for each channel
Precision 5v source normalling to all three inputs
Dual color led for monitoring each individual output
Skiff / Palette friendly"

CRAFTsynth 2 0 - Selecting Scales & Root Note

Published on Jul 22, 2019 Modal Electronics

"Here we show how to load a Preset or CUSTOM scale into one of the 8 on-board slots (Slot 1 = CUSTOM & Slots 2-8 = Preset Scale)

We also show how to edit the CUSTOM scale in-app and change the ROOT note of the keypad both in-app and from the unit itself."

CRAFTsynth on eBay | CRAFTsynth on Reverb | CRAFTsynth on Amazon

Arturia MicroFreak demo

Published on Jul 22, 2019 Hunart©

"Quick soundcheck of the Microfreak. Small and can be very powerful and fun. Plus you can take it almost everywhere. As usual no EQ, compression or external FX, just a limiter on the whole material."

Microfreaks on eBay | Microfreaks on Reverb | Microfreaks on Amazon

Vox Digitalis Demo: 16-step sequencer in 4HP from Noise Engineering

Published on Jul 22, 2019 Noise Engineering

"Vox Digitalis is available now!

0:14 Overview
0:47 Panel and controls
2:13 Advanced controls
3:00 Loading modes
4:29 Jam

Vox Digitalis is a 4hp, 1-16 step pitch-CV sequencer. It has forward, random, and pendulum playback, and super-easy editing. We wanted to make a tiny, fast-to-use, powerful pitch sequencer, so we did!"

Demo: Quantus Pax precision adder/transposer + Quant Gemi octave switch

Published on Jul 22, 2019 Noise Engineering

"Quantus Pax and Quant Gemi are available now!

0:20 Quantus Pax overview
0:58 Quantus Pax patching
1:33 Quant Gemi overview
2:26 Quantus Pax xpose inputs
3:20 Quantus Pax circular normalization
4:18 Quantus Pax xpose with a chord
4:58 Jam

Quantus Pax is a 6hp four-channel precision adder. Each channel has two inputs, and the upper inputs are circularly normalled so you can use it as a buffered mult and modify the same sequence multiple different ways! Patch in to the inputs to break the normal and you've got four separate channels again. In addition to the two inputs on each channel, there are three "xpose" inputs which transpose all channels simultaneously. Great if you want to sequence a key change, add vibrato to a chord... you get the idea.

Behringer Neutron Plays The Neverending Story

Published on Jul 22, 2019 Graydon Audio

"Behringer Neutron Overlay by Graydon Audio:

Here's my cover of The Neverending Story (originally written by Giorgio Moroder/Keith Forsey and performed by Limahl). The vocal is the original vocal track. All other tracks were created by me. I hope you enjoy!"

Synthesizer Show & Tell | Korg Poly-Ensemble P | Part 2

Published on Jul 22, 2019 Learson Peak

Part 1 here



Korg Poly-Ensemble P
Computer - MacBook Pro 
Music Software - Pro Tools 12
Audio Interface - Focusrite Clarett 8Pre-X
Vlogging Mic - EV RE-20
Vocal Mic preamp - Neve 500 Series 511
Vocal Mic Compressor - DBX 560A
Video Camera - iPhone 6+
Video Software - Final Cut X

Jam of the Day - July 21, 2019 with Moog One, Moog Voyager and Yamaha PSR-S975

Published on Jul 21, 2019 Getsemani Music

"Today's improvised offering is a laid back pad filled ambient tune with an interesting mixture of textures. For the Moog One, I blended together two of GeoSynth's new patches by Jamie Morden. Synth 1 and 2 are loaded with "The Model GEO" with the lead on synth 1 and bass sequence on synth 2. Synth 3 is loaded with '5th Dimension GEO' which makes up the string section. The Voyager holds another evolving lead patch, an original we call 'Evolver.' The percussion section is done on a Yamaha PSR-S975 using the "Bolero Lento" style slowed to 70 bpm."

Patch n Tweak

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