MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, September 29, 2019

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Kilpatrick Audio Eurorack Blowout Sale Ends This Month

Kilpatrick Audio is offering 50% off of their eurorack modules through the end of this month. You can find details on their site here.

ARP SOLUS Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

New England Synthesizer Fest - Fall 2019

Published on Sep 29, 2019 DJ François G

"New England Synthesizer Fest - Fall 2019 #bostonmodular #pgmcerimonial #tvcultura #meb"

See this post for some live performances.

Roland EA-7 Arranger Keyboard - Quick Jam with Ed Diaz

Published on Sep 29, 2019 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive EA-7 Arranger Keyboard BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Ed Diaz Jams with an EA-7 Arranger Keyboard Kraft Music.

The Roland E-A7 expandable arranger keyboard provides musicians with tones and styles from all over the world. It features a powerful arranger engine with direct control buttons and one-touch performance options. Its logical dual-screen layout is fast and easy to use. WAV import and onboard sampling offer even more versatility. Other features include built-in speakers and a mic input with dedicated vocal effects.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Roland E-A7 arranger workstation bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new keyboard - at home, on the road, or in the studio. If you have any questions, please give us a call. Our knowledgeable Sales Advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

Sequarallel Module with the Reflex LiveLoop Sampler!

Published on Sep 29, 2019 freshnelly

"At last I got around to connecting the Sequarallel's MIDI out to the Reflex LiveLoop's (w/Flash8 exp) MIDI control input. The results were not disappointing!
I used a demo sequence created a while back for the Flash-8 when it came out, but modified it to play MIDI drums and added 8 Loop Markers for the Seqarallel (Note#121).

What it does is records a few seconds of whatever audio is at the inputs by creating 10 slices (there can be up to 400!) then playing them and twisting them with PlayFX, granulizing, stuttering etc.
This is all from the Seqarallel which is running under the modular clock rate so it's all in sync.
I mixed the input with the MIDI percussion being played so when recording, the beats are always there at the start of slices, thus acting as a rhythmic beacon. This means any audio coming in will sound great! And it does :))

After recording it in, away it went. Jumping around the sequence was fun, but transposing produced really unpredictable stuff to happen as many of the Reflex's functions are note dependent (like PlayFX button, Record button etc) so that's probably a no-no.
Otherwise it was amazing.
Jumping to Loop 0 of course starts recording a new sample slice set."

First Look at the SYNTRX from Erica synths at Dutch Modular Fest 2019

Published on Sep 29, 2019 BAMTV

"Girts Ozolins from Erica Synths gives a brief explanation of his newest creation at the Dutch Modular Fest 2019: the SYNTRX, an analogue synthesizer based, so it is not a clone, on the legendary Synthi AKS.

The limited run of SYNTRX will be available at the end of 2019 priced at 2500 euro (VAT excluded)"

Erica Synths SYNTRX

The TINRS Fenix IV Modular Synthesizer audio and video demo

Published on Sep 29, 2019 BAMTV

"Stijn Haring-Kuipers of This Is Not Rocket Science from the Netherlands gives a detailed explanation of the Fenix IV Modular Synthesizer made by him, and he also gives an extensive demonstration of the sound of this synthesizer"

At the Dutch Modular Fest 2019.

Tasty chips shows the new Convolution Reverb Eurorack module ECR-1

Published on Sep 29, 2019 BAMTV

"Pieter van der Meer, owner of Tasty chips electronics from Utrecht, the Netherlands, gives a short audio demonstration of his new Convolution Reverb ECR-1Eurorack module at Dutch Modular Fest 2019"

Short introduction to the Dutch Modular Fest 2019 in The Hague in the Netherlands

Published on Sep 29, 2019 BAMTV

"BAMTV was in the hague in the Netherlands, at the Dutch Modular Fest 2019. A festival with performances, many manufacturers of modular synthesizer modules, workshops and much more. This video gives you a small impression of what you could see there.

More info:"

Novation Peak - Custom Patches Demo

Published on Jan 20, 2019 js-sound

Novation Summit Hybrid Synthesizer Overview

Published on Sep 29, 2019 Gear4music

"Novation's flagship 16-voice polyphonic synthesizer. The Novation Summit Hybrid Synthesizer is a versatile bi-timbral synth featuring 16-voices of polyphony with a 61-note keybed.

The Novation Summit is equally at home in the studio or live on stage. The core of the Summit Synthesizer is a trilogy of FPGA New Oxford Oscillators per voice. The versatile oscillators enable subtractive, wavetable and FM synthesis. It also features dual analog filters, inspired by the Oxford Synthesizer Company's OSCar.

The Summit features a wide range of controls including an analog filter, analog mixer and analog distortion. It also boasts integrated high-grade FX such as Reverb, Delay and Chorus.

The multi-timbral design means you can split and layer sounds for truly unprecedented sound design. Create everything from leads, arps and pads to soundbeds and beyond with Novation's more versatile synthesizer to date."


Novation Summit Hybrid Synthesizer, part 1
Novation Summit Hybrid Synthesizer, part 2 - Oscillators, Wavetables, FM
Novation Summit Hybrid Synthesizer, part 3 - Filters and Envelopes
Novation Summit Hybrid Synthesizer, part 4 - Modulation and Routing
Novation Summit Hybrid Synthesizer, part 5 - Effects
Novation Summit Hybrid Synthesizer, part 6 - Multimode
Novation Summit Hybrid Synthesizer, part 7 - Audio Input

The Perlinium

Published on Sep 29, 2019 jdanielcramer

"The Perlinium: Generating melodies with Perlin Noise"

Behringer K-2 review and comparison vs. Korg MS-20 by Rob Papen

Published on Sep 29, 2019 Redaktion Megasynth

"Behringer K-2 review and comparison vs. Korg MS-20 by Rob Papen"


Published on Sep 29, 2019 mishpult

"Støv is the norwegian word for "dust". This is a dusty hip-hop pattern with the #elektron #digitakt, #bastl #thyme and #heat. There is a saw lfo from the Thyme which is assigned to the short delay parameter, resulting in a subtle glitchy background for the beat. The output is run through the Analog Heat with generous drive, low and high boost, some pseudo compressor settings and high-pass filter with resonance for a low-end enhancement."

Korg Volca Modular Minimalist Improvisation

Published on Sep 29, 2019 DreamsOfWires

"Korg Volca Modular first patch/test/jam minimal improv, with Audio Damage Dubstation 2 delay + EOS2 reverb. Probably have more of a review coming soon, as I've only just got it, so I'm still figuring it out. I'll save first impressions until next time.

New All-analog synth album available now:

Help support this channel here:"

Buchla Easel Instrument Definitions

Published on Sep 29, 2019 Todd Barton

"What we call presets/patches Don Buchla & Allen Strange called "Instrument Definitions". They saw a constellation of connections to be explored as its own universe. I'll be posting a new instrument definition each month on my Patreon page: with performance notes, techniques and suggested explorations, See you there."

Vintage Synth Eye Candy

Published on Sep 29, 2019 Todd Barton

Aries 300 & Steiner-Parker Synthasystem.

"A closer look at all the modules in my vintage systems from my previous post: [Red Panel meets Vintage S&H posted here]

Join my Patreon at"

newrAd - Mimeophon, Freak, VCV Rack

Published on Sep 29, 2019 Omri Cohen

"So I wanted to try something I saw in a video from Andrew Huang about the Mimeophon (link below). Marbles from Mutable Instruments is sequencing Rings, which is going through a stereo filter, Freak from Vult in this case, and from there to the Mimeophon. Stages is modulating the frequency of Freak and also a few parameters on Rings. Anyway, Rings into Mimeophon anyone?

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

You can get the WAV file for this track on my Patreon page -
and also the VCV Rack patch -"

Exploring The Cursus Iteritas Magnus

Published on Sep 29, 2019 John L Rice

"This is such a versatile oscillator and can produce simple pure tones to very rich complex ones! Its output is great for filter using subtractive synthesis techniques but I didn't use ANY filters in this video at all, just lots of modulation sources and reverb/delay effects.

Gear used in this video (at least what I can recall at the moment):
Noise Engineering: Cursus Iteritas Magnus
Krisp1: OCTO-Osc
Marienberg Devices: VC Sine Phase Oscillator
Club Of The Knobs C969
Synth Tech: MOTM 320, 380, 650
Moon Modular: 569 x 2, 569LE, 592, 565
Strymon: BigSky, Timeline
Lexicon: MX400
Roland: A-88
Allen Heath: MixWizard 20S
Canon: C100 MkII cameras and CN-E lenses
Sony: Vegas Pro 13"

Original ROLAND 80017A VCF/VCA Chips

via this auction

"ROLAND 80017A VCF/VCA original chip for Roland Juno 106, MKS-7 Super Quartet, MKS-30, GR-700, HS-60."

Mattel's Magical Musical Things FEAT Charlotte by Ok Housecat

Published on Sep 29, 2019 Ok Housecat

Wait hold up brutal
ok housecat?
dude's weird.


Published on Mar 9, 2007 Snakamaru

"All 9 sound effects buttons still work great. This was a valuable tool for DJs and party specialists.

Great condition for someone to use or as a collectible piece of equipment.

A beautiful audio/synth tool from Gemini.

Some cosmetic nicks or slight rust marks but works perfectly. Doesn’t come in original box."

Korg Electribe Analog Modeling Drum Machine

via this auction

VESTA KOZO MDI 1 - MIDI BOX - CV GATE - works for any 1V/Oct synth

via this auction

"Rare and strange Vesta Kozo MDI-1 Midi / CV Interface, made in Japan, in 1985.

- CV is 1V/Oct and it has this odd Trigger IN input (converts Trigger to MIDI?!)...

- Originally designed to use with Vesta's DIG-420 Sampler/Delay but also can work for any 1V/Oct synths."

Moog Polymoog 203a

via this auction

Tom Oberheim SEM Patch Panel SN 0041

via this auction

"THIS is the version for full integration into modular systems: extensive patchbay allows CV/gate control as well as output of a wide array of the SEM's controls. No MIDI!

Technically fully functional. Exceptional near mint cosmetic condition. Slight mark next power connector socket on back panel (hardly visible – check photo)."

Korg Mono/Poly Analog Synthesizer w/ Tubbutec MIDI

via this auction

"Tech has installed the Tubbutec midi kit and has also been looked over to make sure everything is in working order."

Korg SQ-10 Analog Sequencer

via this auction

Sequencer - 12 steps per channel (24 max)
Multitimbral - 3 separate channels
Models - 1 model
Songs - 1 song
Keyboard - 36 buttons
Control - 3 CV control channels
Date of production - 1978

Designed for KORG's MS series synthesizers and using Korg's CV / Gate control, the SQ-10 sequencer can really surprise you with groovy bass lines.

Yamaha AN1x

via this auction

"There are 6 knobs for envelope attack, release, filter cutoff, resonance and 2 are assignable knobs. Two scene memories will remember the current state of the envelope and filters as set by the control knobs so they can instantly be recalled and you can use the Mod-wheel to morph from one scene into the other.
Scene Memory data is also stored with your synth patches. Built-in digital effects are great.

The Arpeggiator steals the show with 30 patterns suited for all genres as well as basic arpeg. patterns.

Plenty of memory (128 preset, 128 user) and MIDI control make the CS1x perfect for both live and studio use. Control the synth, arpeggiator and editing through MIDI control. The CS1x only has multitimbrality in which, when hooked up to a sequencer, MIDI channels 5-16 offer Yamaha XG synth sounds but MIDI channel 1 holds the CS1x's main sounds and effects."

Yamaha AN1x beautiful monster synthesizer for VA synthesis

Published on Sep 28, 2019 js-sound

"Here you can download a huge number of quality examples from the AN1X synthesizer"

Best Microkorg Sounds : Individual Sysex Files (BankA)

Published on Sep 29, 2019 Todd Smith Music

"Free Sysex Files :

Today I'm sharing the first 16 sounds from my"Best Microkorg Sounds" collection. All sounds are 100% free to download. I'll be sharing Bank B, another 16 sounds within the next few days. I'm working on Bank C right now and plan to fill a entire Microkorg with 100% FREE sounds."

Unsung Heroes

Published on Sep 29, 2019 SynthMania

Roland XV-5080

MOOG ONE - Mark Jenkins full 20 min review with sounds

Published on Sep 29, 2019 Mark Jenkins

"A look at the polyphonic MOOG ONE, thanks to KMR Audio in N. London for the facilities. This video will be added in the next update to the website of the new book ANALOG SYNTHESIZERS 2nd Edition, now available worldwide through Amazon."

Techno But All Sounds Are Pss380 - Korg Volca Sample & Yamaha PSS380 Techno Jam

Published on Sep 29, 2019 ChrisLody

"So what if you were to make a techno tune using nothing but sounds synthesized on a Yamaha PSS380, including the drums, sampled into a Volca Sample? These are the kind of questions that keep me awake at night, so that's what I did for this video.

I'm really quite fond of the Yamaha PSS380. It's a really gritty sounding bargain basement FM synth with just barely enough controls to produce the sounds you need. But good enough to get some great percussion sounds, bass and some damn weird stuff going when it's pushed in the right direction. I'll review it at some point I think.

I ran the whole thing through a pair of DIY flatline optical compressors just to fatten it all up a bit.

I decided to make a Volca Sample pack available of these sounds. You can load them in using Vosyr, Korg Audio Pocket or Caustic Editor for Volca Sample:"

Emu SP1200 with friends

Published on Sep 29, 2019 deepeightyeight

Patch n Tweak

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