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Friday, December 06, 2019

Elektron machines meet Vermona Perfourmer and OB-6

Published on Oct 29, 2016 Andromeda Music

"One take recorded into Ableton

Octatrack is Master with Rytm, Perfourmer & OB-6 slaved.
Transmitting clock via iConnectMidi4+ and recorded as Audio tracks into Ableton Live.

Octatrack was used to sequence the basic OB-6 and Vermona patterns - both are a beast to use and immense fun!

Small hint of 1176 UAD compressor on the Master post. Track is available at

Thank you for watching"

Cirklon Jam: AJH Synth, Oberheim Two Voice, Tempest

Published on Nov 5, 2017 Andromeda Music

"A quick test drive of my newly acquired Cirklon... A simple 1 bar loop with a fair amount of wiggling :)

- AJH Minimod System with Dual LFO's and DH-ADSRs
- Oberheim Two Voice Pro
- Make Noise B&G Shared System
- DSI Tempest
- Eventide H9 effects pedal with Blackhole Reverb...

Recorded in 1 pass with no additional effects other than a touch of reverb on the Tempest.

I hope you enjoy the sounds.."

Moog Matriarch Ambient - First Contact

Published on Dec 6, 2019 Tarek Mansur

"What can I say? This machine is insane! It was love at first touch!
All sounds are from The Matriarch. No other FX. The analog delay is UNREAL!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it."

Analogue Jam (GRP Cirklon Voyager)

Published on Oct 14, 2019 Andromeda Music

"First quick sync test between the GRP and Cirklon.
R24 sequencing the Voyager, GRP A4 using its own board sequencer... Cirklon just clocking"

Grp A4 Synthesizer

GRP A4 Noodle Published on Aug 16, 2019 Andromeda Music

"A quick noodle on the GRP A4 Synthesizer… It is a wonderful instrument that can be used completely stand alone. The sound is definitely “modern” analog and quite precise.

But it can get real mean as it’s easy to overdrive the dual filters. If that’s not enough, there are also separate distortion circuits for each should you wish to engage them. 3 VCOs, S&H, 2 LFO's, Auto Pan, Sequencer, Ring Mod, Noise, 2 Filters, Midi, CV.. its pretty awesome.

No post processing.. recorded the stereo out directly into Ableton. The only addition is the Eventide H9 pedal providing some nice delay and the Octatrack playing a simple beat in the background.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed playing it. :)"

via this auction

73-75 Serge Homebuilt Synthesizer System

via this auction

ACL Sinfonion

via this auction

You can find demos in previous posts here.

ARP Axxe 2323 Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 0863

via this auction

"Lots of recent service. New fader kit installed from GMU synth company. CTS to PTL kit professionally built and installed. New keyboard bushings. Caps changed, the works. Works great, has some cosmetic blemishes from normal use."

Patch of the Week 35: Billie Eilish Bass/Lead on monologue

Published on Dec 6, 2019 Korg

Recreating simple bass and lead sounds from “Bad Guy."

Korg Patch of the Week videos

Moog DFAM (+ others): "Blossoming"

Published on Dec 6, 2019 Kris Lennox

"DFAM, and a few friends (bassline & kick; try with headphones). And the Matrixbrute coming through the audio input (playing the same sequence as the DFAM).

Good sound :)


miRack - Adding Drums and Delay! - Beginner Friendly Tutorial!

Published on Dec 6, 2019 Electronisounds Audio

Electronisounds Audio miRack posts



I'm very excited about the miRack modular synthesizer app on iPad!

In this video, we add more drums sounds to our patch and then add a tempo-synced delay!

Hugo R.A. Paris - Orb of Truth

Published on Dec 6, 2019 Hugo R.A. Paris

A new release from supporting member, Lavender. You can find an article on the release here.

"Orb of Truth is the first single from Hugo R.A. Paris’s latest LP, Threaded Habitat (one sheet), which came out Aug 2nd on Jacktone Records (Berlin / Detroit - Fact top 10 Labels of 2018) and Beacon Sound (Portland, OR - Terry Riley, Colleen, Benoit Pioulard,...). This first video comes out in response to the album’s praise (XLR8R, Fact, Resident advisor), as Hugo closes the first leg of his tour for the Fall-Winter.

The video for Orb of Truth was shot in New Zealand by native artist, and now Portlander, Sam Hamilton. Entirely shot on film, grainy with minimal processing and edits, it echoes Hugo’s physical and immediate approach Sound.

In the video, individuals of various age / gender generate reflections by means of a mirror, metaphor for the Orb of Truth. The reflected images offer different representations of their surroundings in contrast with their immediate environment, and illustrate subjectivity in the constant friction between mankind and the space it occupies.

The support tour for Threaded Habitat is staged to resume early Spring in an engaging audio visual experience involving a vibrant mix of modular synthesizers, keyboards and percussions. Updated tour schedule can be found on

Threaded Habitat Fall / Winter tour schedule
8/2 - Salem, OR
8/10 - Spokane, WA
8/18 - Seattle, WA
8/30 - Salem, OR
9/9 - San Francisco, CA
9/14 - Paris, Fr
10/06 - Seattle. WA
10/18 - Vancouver, BC
10/23 - Portland, OR
10/25 - Richland, WA
11/02 - Seattle, WA
11/14 - Salem, OR
11/27 - Eugene, OR
11/30 - Corvallis, OR"

ACL Sinfonion and the Qu-bit Chord 2

Published on Dec 6, 2019 Martin Doudoroff

"A quick look at the Chord 2 as a handy chord oscillator for Sinfonion’s chord section!"

Analogue Solutions Telemark mk 1 demo - filters

Published on Dec 6, 2019 Michal Patulski

1993 E-mu Systems Inc. Morpheus "Z-Plane" Synthesizer Brochure

via Retro Synth Ads where you'll find the full write-up and 2nd scan.

THREETOM modular / Steve's MS-22 Dual VCF / Resonance, drones & pings

Published on Dec 6, 2019 Threetom Modular

"I'm THREETOM modular, a small modular synthesizer company based in Belgium. Steve's MS-22 is my first module. I also do SMD repairs and DIY assembly."

More on THREETOM on :
More info on Steve's MS-22 dual VCF on

Previous posts featuring Steve's MS-22

Roland System 700・Moog Modular IIIP・Buchla / Tokyo University of the Arts

Published on Dec 6, 2019

"「電子楽器100年展」企画「電子楽器プレシャス・コンサート」会場(東京藝術大学 第6ホール)にて。Roland System 700・Moog Modular IIIP・Buchlaのデモンストレーション。"


"At the" Electronic Musical Instruments Precious Concert "venue (Tokyo University of the Arts, Hall 6) Demonstration of Roland System 700, Moog Modular IIIP, and Buchla. "

Friday Fun - Refaces From Hamamatsu

Published on Dec 6, 2019 sonicstate

"Another session from our recent trip to Yamaha HQ in Hamamatsu in Japan. We shot this with Tori Letzler - who's also recently appeared as a guest on Sonic TALK and was one of the Yamaha artists featured during their 45 years of Making Synths celebrations.

Tori , who'd not played with the Refaces prior to this was game for a short improv session. Using the Reface CS, Reface CP and Reface DX.

The results were dark and dystopian."

Roland TB 303 / TR 606 Blank Case & Decals

via this auction

Another one spotted and sent in via M Me.

Translated from the listing:

"The case was once planned for a RE 303 .... unfortunately I'm no longer there

The 303/606 case comes from a 606 - so no 3D printing and no TT303 housing.
I painted the part white - the new owner can still paint it.
The case is complete with battery flap and screws.

There is also an Aluminum Button Panel (purchased bought outside RE303 shop) for a TB / RE 303 and a TB 303 foil [ decal ]"

Ensoniq ISF-1 Sampling Filter Input Cart for the Mirage

via this auction

Never seen one of these before. Interesting that the Mirage is even capable of input via the cartridge slot. Found a pic of the inside of one here. Apparently the ISF-1 increases the Mirage sample rate to 50K and contains a 150db/octave roll off filter.

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

Vintage Sears Stereophonic Reverberator, Spring Reverb

via this auction

Not a synth, but thought it was worth capturing. You can find a handful of posts featuring Sears here.

Pic of the inside below.

Roland JD-800

via this auction

Roland Polyhonic 4CV System-100M 184 Synthesizer Keyboard 49 Key SN 040143

via this auction

External dimensions:
938 (W) x 235 (D) x 95 (H) mm

weight: 8.5kg

Univox JR-5 Analog Drum Machine SN 714029

via this auction

Inside a TIRACON 6v Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

This one is for parts, but thought the pics of the inside were worth a post. You'll find them below.

YAMAHA SK20 Symphonic Ensemble

via this auction

"Fully polyphonic vintage combo-keyboard from 1979. Featuring a 7-note polyphonic synthesizer with basic filter, pitch, envelope, and portamento controls, two (detuneable) oscillators per voice, organ, brass, and string sections. Also features vibrato with adjustable depth speed and delay controls. Made in Japan. Fully serviced prior to sale."

Yamaha CS-10 Vintage Analog Synthesizer with hard case

via this auction, also on Reverb

Virtual vs Original: Arturia Synthi V and EMS Synthi AKS

Published on Dec 6, 2019 studentsmusic

"A little approach to comparing different aspects of a digital clone to the rare vintage original. Sorry for the Sound at the last minutes. Of course much more work could be put into this which might be worth it, to overcome pure ideologies and 'opinions' with objectivity, reliability, validity. Transferable to clonewars out there."

Erica Synths PICO System III - 3 // CARD PRESETS // LPG Techno 2

Published on Dec 6, 2019 LESINDES

"Fooling a bit with the PRESET CARDs provided with ERICA SYNTHS PICO SYSTEM III. 2nd card: LPG TECHNO 2."

Programmable #Arduino Synthesizer Watch

Published on Dec 6, 2019 element14 presents

A Buchla for your wrist. Almost gave this one the Synth Rorschach label, but it is a synth after all... Definitely Synth Bling though.

"In 2016 Clem built a very annoying synthesizer in the form of a wristwatch. After showing it around at various Maker Faires it broke, so he decided to rebuild it better louder and more annoying than ever before! It is user-programmable thanks to the Arduino MKR and a haptic interface with satisfying sliders! Download the files for free and make one yourself:"

Synth Rorschach #69: Putin's Nuclear Sequencer

via @jasperhamill

"Putin’s nuclear briefcase looks like a retro 80s analogue music device (Roland sequencer).

Now I’m imagining the nightmare scenario of Vlad reaching for his vintage synths and accidentally unleashing the wrong sort of techno banger."

Scary stuff...

More Synth Rorschachs here

Update: pic in case the video goes.

Sequencing and Ratcheting Analog Synthesisers

Published on Dec 6, 2019 Vykaar Tones

"Sequencers = Doepfer Darktime with A160-5 module, Beatstep Pro, Moog Mother-32 and SH-101 with tubbutec mod.
Synthesisers = Elektor Formant, Korg MS20, SH101, Mother-32, Boomstar 4075, Arturia Minibrute 2S, Behringer Model D and Pro~1"

ETHER V2 (by SOMA laboratory)

ETHER V2 (by SOMA laboratory) DEMO Published on Dec 6, 2019 Vlad Kreimer

"Demo of the second version of ETHER by SOMA laboratory.

The artist: Ekaterina Khmelevskaya"

"ETHER is a kind of anti-radio. Instead of being tuned to a specific radio station, it receives all the interference and radiation that a traditional radio tries to eliminate in order to create a clean signal. It captures the radio waves “as is” from hertz to gigahertz because it doesn’t contain the tuned input circuit that filters out all frequencies except the narrow band of a specific station. This allows ETHER to perceive the invisible electromagnetic landscape that humans created unintentionally, making possible live electromagnetic field listening and recording."



Published on Dec 5, 2019 Audio Wanderer

"Lately I felt in love again with the Yamaha QY70. A powerfull small unit, pretty easy to play with and very enjoyable. Here just jamming with the Yamaha QY70 in the kitchen. No additional equipment. Recorded directly into the Zoom H1.


Update: Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Lab System - Sonic LAB

In case you came to the post when the video was set to private, it's back here.

Patch n Tweak

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