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Saturday, June 06, 2020


Published on Jun 6, 2020 Audio Wanderer

"Another jam with my beloved QY70. This time having in mind the protests on the US against police brutality and racism. I stand in solidarity with those protest. There is no Justice without Peace. There is no Peace without Justice. Black Lives Matter"

606 Day 2020 - 3 Roland TR-606 Drum Machines + ACE TONE mono Mixer = Delicious Distortion

Published on Jun 5, 2020 FizzFunkTV

"Fizzing Funksters presents Lord Drumatix on 3 Roland TR-606 Drum Machines mixed with the Ace Tone MP-40 4 Channel mono mixer.

The Roland TR-606 (also known as Drumatix) has 6 analog synthesis generated Drum sounds:- Bass Drum, Snare, Hi and Lo Toms Hi-Hat and Cymbal. Easy to program (16 step buttons, no knowledge of music theory needed). Snare, Hi-Hat and Cymbal can be a great fit if you need some 808 flavour. 2 electronic toms that are musical rather than electronic sounding (I'm biased so I'm not going to say they are the best analog toms). Easy to make a pop song with, but you have to team it up (or should I say Din Sync it up) with the TB-303 (That's what we did for our track Machine Music - see our music video on this channel).

The Ace Tone MP-40 is a simple Mixer with great sounding distortion (just input a drum machine and select the mic switch) great eq and an on board spring reverb that would not be out of place in a Kraftwerk"

Fantasy Soundtracks Ep:2 - 'Zombie'

Published on Jun 6, 2020 DreamsOfWires

"2nd of a series of simple patches and recordings inspired by some of my favourite vintage sci-fi and horror from the cinema and TV. I thought it'd be a fun idea to see what I can do with a simple setup, perhaps ony 2 analog synth voices, and modest digital effects. The synthesizer soundtracks of the 70's and early 80's were often very simple, spartan compositions, which is what made them special I think.

In this instance I'm using my AJH Synth Eurorack modular synth: The Dual LFO, CV Mix, and Sample & Hold modules are the brains of the piece, modulating the two voices. The Precision Voltages is also being used as a kind of faux keyboard to shift the pitches of one of the three VCO's melodically. Noise from the Entropic Doom module is being filtered by the Fixed Filter Bank 914. Some EOS2 Reverb is used on the melodic voice, and just a little on the percussive track.

I'm not a big fan of zombie movies anymore, but this memorable scene from Lucio Fulci's 'Zombie Flesh Eaters' still remains my favourite moment from any such film, and has stood the test of time well. I think it's a bit of a classic.

My music is available here:
To support this channel:

Can I turn my modular synth into a guitar pedalboard?

Published on Jun 6, 2020 poorness studios

"Well this was a fun experiment. I decide to make a crude guitar pedalboard out of my modular synthesizer. Obviously, you could do this in a much smaller case if that was the intent... but it was a fun experiment nonetheless.

The 6 Eurorack modules I used were: Doepfer A177-2, Pittsburgh InOut, Make Noise Phonogene, Doepfer A-124 Wasp, Alright Devices Chronoblob, & WMD Pro Output. I also used a M Audio SP-2 damper pedal and a Roland EV-5 expression pedal for the foot controls."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 10

via this auction

This appears to be one in this recent video.

"If you've been looking or longing for a Prophet 10, this is the one to own. In what is essentially dual Prophet 5s in one enclosure, this monster synth has been fully refurbished and works beautifully, a MIDI kit installed, factory-patches loaded, and it's in Excellent condition for its age.

Upon completion of its refurbishment, this synth has been extensively tested gone through extended burn-in to ensure it is stable.

Details of what has been completed includes (but is not limited to):
Rebuilt power supply - replaced all caps, rectifiers, regulators
Replaced all polarized caps throughout the synth
Both CPUs replaced, Both USARTs and all TTL 5v logic chips were replaced
Both Pratt-Reed keybeds have been rebuilt, an extensive and time-consuming process
MIDI kit installed (demoed in second half of the linked YouTube video)
Cleaned and lubricated all pots
All voices calibrated, are in tune, and trigger perfectly and consistently thanks to the keybed rebuilds
Note that the cassette backup drive is no longer functional as it was rendered obsolete by the MIDI kit installation
Original factory patches have been loaded
The detailed report / invoice is available to the buyer.

A custom flight case on casters is included as part of the purchase.

Don't forget to check out the linked video from Bell Tone Synth Works where the owner Alison discusses what ailments the P10 came in with and much of what was done to refurbish the synth. She also plays my P10 midi'd to a second P10 they had in for work for a few minutes - it's pretty awesome."


zack dagoba

"New album here:

Thirteen years after the release of his original synthesiser concept album, Twenty Systems, Benge brings you a follow-up of sorts, the similarly themed Thirteen Systems, an album of modular explorations, showcasing his evolving fascination with these modular machines

The pieces were originally commissioned by the newly formed Modulisme radio broadcast, Philippe Petit’s project to bring the music of underground modular artists together and provide a platform for the burgeoning electronic modular music scene that has been building momentum in recent years

There is one significant difference in the approach Benge took in the creation of this new Systems album compared to his first incarnation. The previous album used overdubbing techniques to layer the sound of each synthesiser upon itself to build up the tracks, but on this album Benge took the decision to play each piece in real time, without overdubs or edits, creating each piece as a live performance. This meant setting up each instrument in advance and either letting it play along by itself, or interacting with it as the pieces develop in various ways. Each performance was filmed and there is an accompanying 60 minute video that goes with the album

Track listing:

01 - 1967 Buchla 100
02 - 1968 Moog 3C
03 - 1969 EMS VCS3
04 - 1970 ARP 250005 - 1971 Buchla 200
06 - 1972 Serge Modular
07 - 1973 Emu Modular
08 - 1974 Paia 4700
09 - 1975 Polyfusion 2000
10 - 1976 Formant Modular
11 - 1977 Korg PS3100
12 - 1978 EMS Polysynthi
13 - 1979 Roland 100M

Written and Performed by Benge at Memetune Studios, England

Designed, filmed and edited by Benge

(c)Expanding Recordings 2020, All rights reserved

Originally created for the MODULISME radio show, first broadcast in February 2020

Special thanks to:
Philippe Petit / Modulisme

Steve Malins (@randommanagement)


Control In Solidarity with Black Lives

via the Control newsletter:

"Hello Friends,

This week, we will be donating a portion of our sales to the nonprofit Equal Justice Initiative, who have been working for community-based reform since 1989.

We firmly stand in solidarity with Black Lives, and will continue to protest for the wrongful deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and countless black lives that have been ended by police brutality and systemic racism in the United States. These are our loved ones, our fellow musicians, our neighbors who greet us, and community members that uplift our lives. We will not allow these injustices to pass and demand accountability.

The following are resource kits given to us by friends and family that encompasses education, volunteering, legal help, memorial funds, and organizations. This is offered in multiple languages and in various regions of the United States. Please share widely with your friends and loved ones:

In Solidarity,

Beatppl Podcast 73 - Interview w/ Michelle Moog-Koussa

BBoy Tech Report

"We are excited to welcome Michelle Moog-Koussa to the Beatppl podcast. We will chat about the Moog Legacy, the Moogseum, the Bob Moog Foundation, and Moog synth stuff.

About Michelle...
Michelle Moog-Koussa has been the executive director of the Bob Moog Foundation for the 12 years since it's inception. She has guided the organization through the creation and growth of its hallmark educational project, Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, which inspires thousands of teachers and young children every year through a 10-week experiential science of sound curriculum. Michelle has also maintained her vision for a Moogseum, a historical and educational center that will house all of the Foundation's projects while encouraging people of all ages to embrace the process of scientific and creative discovery.

More about the Bob Moog Foundation -
More on the Moogseum -"

Roland Fantom - Tips and Tricks - Exporting Songs

Published on Jun 6, 2020 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Roland Fantom BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Ed Diaz shares a quick tutorial on how to export songs from the Roland Fantom.

Want to learn more about the Fantom? Check out our Advanced Tutorials... [Kraft Music Roland Fantom posts]
The Roland Fantom is a versatile workstation with a lot of features to offer. Kraft Music and Scott Tibbs provides you an advanced tutorial on many of it's capabilities. Check it out!"

Astonih, feedback exploration with clouds and Echophon


Modular one time only piece by JenaMu6
Feedback loops between Clouds, Warps and Echophon.
Soundsource Flame 4 vox.

JenaMu6 is a project by Jean Schouten

Volca Modular x Bastl Kastl 1.5

Published on Jun 6, 2020 BoBSwanS

"I got both of these patched together and used the keyboard to play some droning notes through vast amounts of delay and reverb.
Both units are modulating each other and both have dedicated audio in's to Ableton. I added GSI 201 mk2 and some 2cAudio B2 for effects"

A drone for Disquiet Junto 440: scales scrapped off a fish

Published on Jun 6, 2020 junklight

"I take part in the Disquiet Junto project from time to time. I find it pushes me into places I don't normally take my music when given constraints.

This week the instruction was simple 'There is just one step: Throw off the shackles of A440 and make a piece of music in your favorite alternate tuning.' I'd coincidently been reading about Alvin Lucier and had already bought a cheap SDR because of his interest in radio so this seemed the direction to take.

The piece when I played it turned into being a drone

The code for the Norns instrument is here and you can find the Crow script here"

ESK - Jam with Moog Opus 3 and Reminder FX

Published on Jun 6, 2020 Metunar

"Jamsession with the Moog Opus 3 (analog String Ensemble Synthesizer) and Enjoy Electronics Reminder effect unit.
My Reminder works with firmware 1.26 Beta 5 which has new customizable reverb algorithms. They sound a lot better now.
Direct recording with mastering."

Yamaha PSS580 Melody Memory and a Tascam Porta-05

Published on Jun 5, 2020 Alfonse

"Synth jam recorded straight to 4-track cassette tape on the Tascam Porta-05 Ministudio. Featuring a bass arpeggio recorded (slowly) in the Yamaha PSS-580 melody memory, then played-back at a higher tempo to tape, with occasional notes played live with another voice. The Casio HT-700 was used for the higher filtered synth riff and some classic filter-sweep chords. Effects were provided by a Boss DD7 digital delay and a Zoom MS-50G multi-effects stompbox (for reverb during mixdown).

(C) Copyright 2020 Alfonse


Cosmic Drone - Session 21 - Modular and Vocals Drone Music Performance

The Galaxy Electric

"Thanks for listening! Come on a musical voyage with us where we'll send you a new song every day, a cosmic story, and a chance to earn space treasure:

Relax and tune into our live weekly improvised Drone Sessions. This twenty first session involves a drone featuring Buchla style complex and modulation oscillators drifting in and out of tune. There are also other sound elements such as filtered pink noise and bell-like tones. As the oscillator frequencies drift apart by way of manual control, beating ensues. Listening to droning oscillations can serve as mindfulness sounds as there is no sudden changes in sound. Just smooth drifts in pitch and the resulting beat frequencies adn other ambient complimentary fragments of sound. Drones can also serve as an ambient track to have on while doing tasks that require intense focus. Drones are also great for a Sci-fi film soundtrack. The slow yet progressive nature of a drone performance can help one focus on tasks without distraction. The fact that we are manipulating these oscillators live and in collaboration helps the drone meander ever so smoothly in an evolving fashion as we are always reacting to one another's subtle movements. These movements are improvised so there is an unrehearsed and reactive ebb and flow to the tones generated. Engage in the practice deep listening with us.

The electronic music instruments used in this performance of modular drone music are the Buchla Music Easel and a cosmic vocal drone setup using two Boss RE-20 Roland Space Echo pedals.
The Galaxy Electric -"

Live coding the Digitakt with ORCΛ


"In this video I use ORCA to sequence the Elektron Digitakt! The melodic sounds are single cycle wave forms and the chords are Sequential Rev 2 sampled into the Digitakt. Drums are stocks sounds that I have tweaked to fit the composition. Regarding ORCA, the bass/detuned leads are sequenced by a scale sequencer with a random gate generator, drums are using a random gate generator, and the plucks are sequenced by a random arp generator. Those are my naming conventions strictly to describe the actions ORCA is producing. Want to know how I did it? Join my Patreon for behind the scenes video's with explanations.

Join the Discord!

Find more on ORCA here:

Buy ORCA here:"

Flame Mäander ... by the water // Wavetable Synth Drone and Arpeggiator Jam #TTNM

Published on Jun 6, 2020 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"Two Flame Mäander synth jams in one with a little bit of percussion and reverb.


We’re camping at a lake now, so here’s a little video from the side. A Flame Mäander wavetable drone starts the video off and is then accompanied by a second Mäander sequencer and arpeggiator performance. Later on the Ruismaker drum synth makes an appearance again. Reverb is from the Audio Damage EOS 2 AUv3 iOS plugin."


Error Instruments Sputnik Radio

Error Instruments Sputnik Radio . . Video By The Falling Girl . . Synth By Paul Tas

Published on May 15, 2020 Soi11 The Falling Girl

Published on Jun 6, 2020 paul tas

via Error Instruments

"It’s a Voice sound source for experimental purposes

who is based and inspired by radiowave

you can use it as a drum or oscillator

There is also a really low sub Sounds

Thanks to variable Oscillators Elic And his team It’s 11 HP

And it sounds Really deep With a lot of

Texture Low deep bas sub together with high Micro tone ASMR Crackling sound .

Like the radio of the early days.

Ia small patch bay To make different sounds.

It also allowed you to use sensors and LED. s

Of course is it’s really nice to mix

this With the other model Tropical Noise v 3

It comes with two sensors and four different LEDs

for different rhythms and pm modulation .

You can also watch some FM see demo"

The Arduino-Solina V2.0

Andreas Remshagen

"I experimented with Arduino-Synthmaking and found an Arduino-Solina String-Synth Device running with Midi made by Morocco Dave and Jan Ostman. I made a modification by adding a second Arduino for building a Stereo-Device for a lusher String-Sound.

Yah, i know its not a real solina or a strings synth but i never had build such a Device easier and cheaper.Its a nice Solution for using strings-effects. I only use the clean sound in this video-if you take effects as reverb, delay, phaser and a filter you will get a very nice sound

Here you can download Morocco Daves modified circuit:

The Code you can get ai Morocco Daves Site:

Thanks to Jan Ostman and Morocco Dave for sharing their ideas"

Moog System 35 2016 Oak

via this auction

"Mint condition System 35! Only 35 made. Unbelievable chance to own a piece of synth history. Comes with moog keyboard, dark time sequencer and patch cables."

Haken Audio ContinuuMini SN 000304

via this auction

Yamaha CS-40m Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 2699

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 SN 0375J

via this auction

Original Novation Bass Station

via this auction

"This is the classic Novation Bass Station, the original built in 1993. At this point, this classic synth is now hard to find so this has become a collector’s item. This is a highly influential synth which started the new analog movement in the 1990s. It is a wonderful sounding analog beast which can easily create the famous TB303 sound plus much much more.

This is a portable synth which can run on batteries or power adapter."

Simmons Digital Clap Trap

via this auction

Twisting Knobs on an Ashly SC66A and Pocket Operator Tonic

Published on Jun 6, 2020

"Ashly SC-66A for sale on Check it out here:

A limiter was added to the master for punch/peak control."

via this auction

"For sale is an Ashly SC-66A 4 band Parametric EQ in good condition. Seems to excel at bringing out the low end detail of your source material, make your loops round and robust! Link to video in the images tweaking a P.O. Tonic through it if you would like to hear what it can do..."

DIY analog synth project ( Ad-vantage 03M 12 and half minute noodle)

Published on Jun 6, 2020 Adamski A.

"Back again with another vid , just a quick share for you guys . You may notice the prototype panel has had a facelift, mainly to tidy a few things up and uncramp the vibrato and glide portion etc.
As the title says just doodling around on the unit so don't expect a very musical composition here.
Enjoy !!!!! ;-)"


Published on Jun 6, 2020 Muhn Channel

"Una patch in cui Erebus, in piena autonomia, fa ciò che vuole e come più gli pare. Io cerco solo di Domarlo."

DrumKid tutorial

Published on Jun 6, 2020 Nerd On The Wire

"DrumKid is the lo-fi aleatoric drum machine that I've been working on for the past two years. It reached the final of the Hackaday Prize 2019, and is now available to buy online from"

#CLAVIA NORD WAVE 2 #synthesizer | COMBI, SEQ & PAD | Sound Demo

Published on Jun 6, 2020 SOULKEYS

"Here you find several combis and pad sounds of the new #clavia #nordwave 2 - played with Arpeggiator, Gate with Polyphonic Trig mode, Impulse Morph. EFX, Vibrato ect. with Wheel / Aftertouch assign. #bestsynth2020 - Have fun!"

Patch of the Week 61: Benny Benassi Bass on Korg volca keys

Published on Jun 5, 2020 Korg

"Using the massive low end of the Korg volca keys to recreate a classic bassline."

Korg Patch of the Week posts

Synthi Bringin' the Sizzle ;-)

Published on Jun 5, 2020 blwvideo

Gets going after 1:12.

"All sounds from EMS Synthi A. One live take, no external processing or edits. Maybe the 'noise' build is a touch long, but give peace a chance . . ."

blwvideo Synthi posts

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