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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Cave Giants


"A live performance with the 5U large format modular synthesizer.

Starting with an Encore Electronics frequency shifter and Yusynth Arp 4072 filter. Modulations to the frequency shifter from a Sputnik WCRS, and an Ian Fritz DDVCO in harmonic sequence mode.

The bass sequence is driven by the STG Soundlabs suite with two VMS and one TMS, a pair of EG's, a Switch module and the Time Divider. Clock timing from Cubase via dinsync to the Time Buffer. Four Q106's into a Q150 transistor ladder filter and an Oakley SVF.

The melodic sequence is a pair of Q960 sequencers to a pair of Q106's through an STG Sea Devils filter and Q107 SVF.

The percussive tick sound is a Sputnik voltage controlled slope.

Delays and reverbs include Behringer DD400's, Empress reverb, Strymon Blue Sky, Electro Harmonix Canyon, TipTop DSP with Valhalla Shimmer and Modcan 73B.'


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"This is a fantastic synth. It really has a sound. I would compare it to a Prophet 6. It has the FM feature and multiple unison modes."

The Prophet-6 comparison is interesting. Many say it has a Prophet-5 character about it, so that would of course make sense. I'd say it has that Yamaha CS filter character to it as well. It is an interesting synth. You basically chose from a number of preconfigured models and then go from there. It is a fully programmable synth. In a sense it's like several synths in one.

Dtronics DT7 Programmer for DX Series Synthesizers (DX7, TX816, DX5, TX-802, TX-7) Jellinghaus Clone

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"The programmer is functioning perfectly with no issues. Like the original Jellinghaus controller, when controlling the DX7, you have to press a key after you turn a knob to hear the changes you make. Unlike the Jellinghaus, the programmer supports later DX-Series synths, like the TX-802. With these later DX synths, changes are instantaneous. Programming is really intuitive!"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.0 Vintage Analog Synth w/Kenton MIDI Kit SN 2202

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"The synth was recently overhauled and electronically serviced by my synthesizer tech and no expense was spared to get it to the state where it will continue to function flawlessly for many years to come."

Elektron SFX-6 Keyboard Synthesizer

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"Only one “flaw”. Has a potentiometer that will come out if are so inclined to pull it. The know still clicks down and accelerates knob value. You wouldn’t know otherwise. Still works beautifully. Other that that it’s in excellent condition. Comes with box and manuals. An inspiring machine to say the least. Winner gets some Elektron stickers and a Keychain."

Acidlab M303 Feat 4ms Pingable Envelope Generator (for Eurorack Synth Acid Modulation)

Sound Provider

"One Eurorack combo I use all the time on Live or Studio for Acid tracks since many years is the combination of the Acidlab M303, a clone of the iconic Roland Tb303 with a Sync LFO from my fav Modular Synth Envelope Generator, the 4ms PEG, It add so much musicality , very simple but very effective .
On the video I record the acid part of my future track with Mectoob "Les Pigeons" ( ) I use the 4ms to module the cutoff of the filter.(this is a Raw Version I think I ll edit a lot before final Version)
What you don t see on the video: I use random "-1oct down" and random "Slide" with the Hermod from Squarp instruments, I also Use the Strakal Brulu from Touellskouarn to overdrive the Acid Sequence.I also did a little mix."

Andromeda Noise AutoMod

Rune Flobakk

"Demonstration of a noise-based preset I made for my Alesis Andromeda A6 synthesizer. All filter modulation is done using LFOs and S&H, patched so they exhibit a rather unpredictable behaviour."

Dave Smith Instruments - OB-6 - 256 new Presets / Sounds / Patches

Tim Mantle / Psalm37patches


"These presets have been professionally created by Tim Mantle of Psalm37Audio. Tim is credited on the factory sounds of Novation Summit, KORG Prologue, iMonoPoly, Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 and Pro 2.
So you can assure the sound design is of professional grade with dedicated customer support."

The ONE Synth Trick you should know // use this on EVERY patch.

Ricky Tinez

"Understanding how to manipulate LFO phase points might sound like science fiction to some, but its easily my most used sound design tip and trick when it comes to creating organic textures from synths. This is great especially for ambient synth music, or honestly anywhere. Apply this with rhytmic modulation, or if you sync the LFOs to the tempo.. game over. So good!"

Making a track with new NOVATION LAUNCHKEY Mk3 Midi Controller

Woody Piano Shack

"Unboxing, tutorial and first-impressions review of the brand new NOVATION LAUNCHKEY 25 MK3 USB MIDI KEYBOARD CONTROLLER. We'll use it to make a synthwave style track using ABLETON LIVE 10 and the newly released ROLAND ZENOLOGY JX-8P Model Bank for ZENCORE."

Two reSEMble Additive

Randy Piscione

"Here’s another 2 reSEMble demo, this time some basic additive synthesis. reSEMble can be purchased at First part is a short vid of a PM Foundations prototype scope showing the waveform as the various harmonics are brought in, as two triangles and 4 sines. At 1:00 the second part of the actual demo starts, and I do some knob noodling, along with a little bit of ARP Axxe providing a lead line in the background. Eventually I screw everything up by bringing in combinations of the ring modulation and folder on both reSEMbles. Besides the reSEMbles, there’s an Analogue Solutions Eurokorn sequencer and a PMF QuantOct quantizer."

Summer Juice Ingredients | LELL PSR | ROLAND ALPHA JUNO2 | OBERHEIM MATRIX1000


Cool Depeche Mode's A Broken Frame shirt. No comment on the shorts.

"Summer Juice Ingredients | LELL PSR | ROLAND ALPHA JUNO2 | OBERHEIM MATRIX1000

PayPal: ( I am raising money on a videocam, now I am shooting on my phone."

Hohner Automatic Rhythm Player / Drum Machine (Early 70's, Germany) SN 773991

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"Hohner Automatic Rhythm Player / Drum Machine. Made in Germany. Early 70's."

Roland R-8 Human Rhythm Composer Drum Machine With Cards

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Comes with memory card and 6x sound library cards:

Metallic Percussion
Power Drums USA
Ethnic Percussion
Sound Effects

Clavia ddrum AT

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Kind of interesting to see how the Clavia / Nord aesthetic has changed. Note the cursive font.

The look of it kind of reminds me of Jomox as well.

Moog 16-Channel Vocoder MBVO SN 0028

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"Moog 16-Channel MBVO reissued Vocoder in mint / as new condition, serial number 0028. According to the distributor, only 100 of these units will ever be made by Moog. Vintage units currently sell for $10k+, so the window of opportunity is closing fast on these. This is a new unit fresh from the Moog factory that arrived here at our studio a few weeks ago. With the MBVO reissue, Moog have recreated the original 70's vocoder while improving on the power supply to make it much more reliable for the longterm. This unit will last for some time, and sounds amazing! You can hear it used all over Saga recordings, Giorgio Moroder, etc.

The very earliest MBVO reissues had an issue with the front panel graphics that was quickly resolved by Moog. That is not the case with this unit. Front graphics are perfect. Box was opened to verify functionality. Unit was never rackmounted. All patch cords are still sealed, as is the manual and signed certificate. The unit is still under warranty with Moog and will be transferred to the new owner after they receive it (new owner will need to open an account with Moog Music)."

SynthTech / MOTM 5U Modular Synth

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"Cutting edge, analogue drum synth tech from 1983. It consists of the five basic modules: kick, snare and three toms.

From John Keeble to Don Henley to Prince to Van Halen and pretty much all points in between – if you listened to pop and rock music in the 80s then you will have heard the sound of the future in the form of the Simmons SDS V and seen its distinctive (and very deliberately futuristic) hexagonal drum pads.

It’s also possible to create the most fearsome bass with these (you have been warned).

Outputs are on balanced XLR. Modules can be triggered by audio via 1/4″ jack inputs."

Waldorf Pulse Analogue Synth

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Acidlab Bassline

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Korg Poly-800 w/ Reverse Black & White Keys

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"The Poly-800 was released by Korg in 1983. It is an Analogue synthesiser however is digitally controlled. The Poly-800 is fully programmable synthesiser featuring 49 keys, two buttons for data entry, and a joystick controller, which modulates the DCO pitch or the VCF. It has 8-voice polyphony with one DCO per voice. It can also be switched into double mode which stacks two DCOs for a fuller sound, but reduces the polyphony to 4 voices."

Kawai SX240

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"Like new, fully functional and aesthetically perfect."

Korg M1 61-Key Synth Music Workstation w/ New Blue Display

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Moog Satellite Mono Synth

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"Designed to sit on top of a domestic organ, the Moog Satellite would instantly add that wonderful Moog sound at a flick of a switch. Basically, its a monophonic preset synthesizer, but any one preset may be easily tweaked by the player; lots of analogue facilities eg filter/resonance. Dims are 75 x 27 x 13 cms (quite a compact size),weighs about 5Kgs. 37 keys/3 octave range. Made in the USA, 1973-1979.

This particular example is in amazing condition. All the delicate tab switches are present & undamaged. All keys work, but two spring back with a tiny click. There is negligible lateral movement. Set at 220Vac, it is ready to perform......

Grab yourself a slice of musical history. There are very few around in this condition......"

Westlicht Performer Sequencer #7

Markt Modular Synth

"Another performer vid, this time using the pattern page to move between patterns on the fly."

Ambient iPad Jam With Photophore And Lumi Keys

Perplex On

"#Photophore synth played with #Lumikeys with some background midi magic: #Quantichord app to get chords with only one key. Besides #Mozaicapp is used to convert the aftertouch data of the Lumikeys to modwheel data which controls filter cutoff and turbulence speed of the spores in Photophore."

5 Custom Synth Patches for Sonicware ELZ_1 Digital Synthesizer: Soundset #5 by Ascetic Wires

Ascetic Wires

"5 Custom Synth Patches for Sonicware ELZ_1 Digital Synthesizer: Soundset #5 (more will come... ) with the following synthesizer engines:


Recorded with Zoom Q2n

Thanks for watching"

Dualtrx - Patience (Eurorack, Deluge, Moog DFAM)


"Hello guys. From today i'm launching a new series of videos. Sequenced and programmed in Synthstrom Deluge.

In this episode called 'Patience' , i'm using Deluge as my main sequencer triggering the 808 drums by TipTop Audio and Moog DFAM. The rest is all inside the Deluge. No extra patches or anything."

Patch n Tweak
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