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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

BLEASS Chorus - Stereo Widening Fun For iOS!

Electronisounds Audio

"We take a listen to several examples of how the new BLEASS Chorus (stereo widening effect) can be used to process your sounds on iOS!

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!"

You can find the blue stain here.



Quanalog instruments - Boubou/Faktori


"First test video of Quanalog's modules Boubou (percussions) and Faktori (5 in mixer + filter + noise + enveloppe generator)"

Korg Oasys 76 Key Synth

via this auction

Control Synthesis Deep Bass Nine DB9

via this auction

Re-Painted and Refurbished ARP Omni

via this auction

"This is a beautiful ARP Omni, Model 2483, completely refurbished to full functionality by Synthcave Sound. The restoration consisted of 40+ hours of work:

- All 15 sliders were replaced with brand-new, modern, LED-illuminated sliders; these are super-smooth and look fantastic!

- All 10 pushbuttons were replaced with modern pusbutton switches that have been retrofitted to accommodate the original Omni pushbutton caps

- All tantalum and electrolytic capacitors in the power supply have been replaced with new high-voltage electrolytic capacitors - additionally, the recommended power-supply mod as described in ARP's field change notice FCN0011 (addition of a pair of capacitors and a pair of zener diodes) has been performed

Clavia Nord Modular G2

via this auction

Yamaha DX7 Digital FM Synthesizer with Grey Matter E! Mod

via this auction

"The 'E!' Mod for the DX7 adds increased patch memory and Midi implementation to your DX7."

Sequential Synth Tips #11 with GLASYS: Prophet X Sample / Oscillator Modulation


"Welcome to 'Sequential Synth Tips,' where some of our favorite artists share their tips, tricks, and techniques on Sequential synths. In this episode, we feature pianist, synthesist, producer, and vocalist, GLASYS, demonstrating how to use samples as oscillator modulation sources with the Prophet X and XL:

Thumbnail photo by Lisa Osta

Follow GLASYS here:"

Sequential Synth Tips

Drumbrute Impact, Roland TB-303, Roland MX-1 Mixer performance with Cedric!

Patchwerks Seattle

"In this video Cedric from Patchwerks shows you how to make a kicking jam with the a drum machine, a mono synth, performance mixer, and a screamin' distortion pedal (Elektron Analog Drive)!

Roland TB-303:
The battery-powered TB-03 is a direct descendant of the famous TB-303 Bass Line Synth. The layout and controls are unchanged, so it works just like the original. It sounds like it too, thanks to Roland’s advanced ACB technology that recreates the hypnotic liquid grooves of the magic silver box. But the new TB-03 goes even further, with several enhancements not found on the original model. The four-digit LED display makes programming easier and more accurate, while overdrive and delay effects let you unleash a twisted, tribal wall of sound to send the crowd into a frenzy. Back in the studio, the TB-03 can send control information via MIDI or its USB port, the latter of which also functions as a audio interface.

Order Roland TB-303 here:

Drumbrute Impact:
Putting the focus on “Brute”, DrumBrute Impact features 10 high-energy, refined, punchy analog sounds. You can also use the exclusive “Color” sound-shapers to introduce unique, per instrument effect for some variation. Boost the harmonic content, add some drive, snap, or crack at the touch of a button, you can even automate tonal changes by creating a “Color” sequence. If you want your drums to push even harder, use the built-in distortion on the output for some drum-optimized crunch.
DrumBrute Impact is a drum machine for musicians and producers who crave raw power and monstrous tone. Sharing the same prize-fighting sequencing architecture found in the original DrumBrute, you’ll love the simple, fun, and intuitive sequencer in DrumBrute Impact. Whether you want to create complex, phasing polyrhythms or straight, pounding rhythms; record a finger-drumming performance; punch in a step-sequenced masterpiece; DrumBrute Impact beats to your rhythm. Use the touch strip to create some real-time glitchy, beat-repeat breakdowns, spice up a single instrument or your whole pattern with a dedicated ‘Random’ knob, and add some syncopation and groove with the ‘Swing’ feature.

Order Drumbrute Impact here:

Roland MX-1:
The MX-1 Mix Performer brings together your synths, drum machines, loops, DAW tracks, and more into a single performance-optimized mixing instrument. Combining elements of a mixer, control surface, audio interface, and step-based effector, the MX-1 is designed to be the nerve center of your electronic music rig. It’s a mixer you can play – and so much more.

Order Roland MX-1 MMix Performer here:

Performance by: Cedric
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

Quick Jam: Befaco Percall + Kickall Eurorack Percussion

Perfect Circuit

"We got the new Percall module from Befaco in so we decided to build this small setup with the Percall as the core of the system, along with Befaco's other drum module the Kickall. The Percall when combined with a noise generator or a few VCOs makes generating drum and percussive sounds easy in a eurorack setup. It is basically four VCAs controlled by four decay envelope generators, but it also has some clever normalization and built in mixing allowing it to do a lot in 12HP. Plugging a noise generator in makes it easy to make open and closed hats with choke between them. If you plug in a VCO through a filter and use the envelope to open the filter as well you get a simple synth voice. In this video all of the sounds are going through the Percall except for the kick drum.

The ALM Pamela's New Workout is used to trigger everything, the Noise Engineering Vox Digitalis is used to sequence the Make Noise STO which has its shape control modulated by one of the Percall envelopes, making a closing filter type sound. The other 3 sounds going through the Percall are noise from the Hexinverter VCNO and a cowbell tone from the Bastl Noise Square. The Milky Way was used to add some delay.

Percall available here:"



SoundsDivine 'Complete Diva' - U-he Diva Soundset


"This is a demo of the presets from the 'Complete Diva' soundset for U-he Diva.
For more information, please follow the link below:

00:00 Intro
00:10 Drum & Bass
01:26 Off World
03:05 Disco Hybrid
03:49 Moving Shadow
04:35 Rising Dawn
06:13 Magnetic Fields
07:36 Tekno Tronik
08:44 Universal Relic"

ELKA Synthex - Italy's Answer to the Prophet 5.

Reuben Jones

"Listen to a Synthex and watch it fly across epic scenes of nature.

Synthex ➤ Molov Compressor ➤ Valhalla Vintage Verb

Learn about the Synthex on Mario Maggi's website:

All sounds and music by Reuben Jones
Please visit my Instagram for more synth demos, especially Italian synths etc: reuben0jones

All video downloaded from and free to use.
Video credits to the following videographers from
James Wheeler
Kelly Lacy
Jonathan Santos
Felix Mittermeier
Sean Johnston
Ruvim Miksanskiy
Michal Marek
Iggy Poptratz
Nomad Nation Video Produktion
James Cheney
Tom Fisk
Stefano Rinaldo"

Noise Engineering Blog: Toggles

Noise Engineering

"From the blog:
Here, we have a basic jam set up. We have a toggle patched up with a Synthwerks MG-1 and Vox Digitalis which mutes our kick and engages our reverb as a quick transition tool."

Gotharman's SpazeDrum: Dirty Bass and Beats #TTNM


"Another SpazeDrum preset I made while camping recently. It's dirty. MORE INFO BELOW :)


In this preset I added a simple bass line to both morph layers. The audio morph knob also has a bigger effect here, cranking the grittiness up nicely. It feels like more than just four voice polyphony, thanks to the built-in effects and an very simple voice stealing concept, which you can use to your advantage.

Check out the website and manual here:"

FLAME MÄANDER 2.0 Workflow Demo // MIDI Looper, Step Sequencer & Arpeggiator #TTNM


"Here's a demo of the Flame Mäander workflow, starting from a cleared patch.

1:00 Initializing a Patch
1:20 Step Sequencer Mode
3:14 Tweaking the Sound
4:36 Adding & Transposing Steps
5:42 Tweaking the Sound some more
6:57 Filterbank recap
7:51 Filterbank Sequencing
11:20 Playing more than one Bar
11:37 MIDI Looping on Bar 2
12:45 Chaining Bars
13:40 Overdubbing across Bars
14:50 Musical Scale Quantizer
16:18 More MIDI Looping on Bar 3
17:05 More Bar Chaining
18:06 Locking Tracks with Hold Mode
19:24 The Arpeggiator

The Flame Mäander 2.0 offers fun and very hands-on sequencing features, which are very well suited for live play. Chaining Bars and working with Step Sequences, MIDI Loops and Arpeggios is quick and always possible on the fly, while the Mäander is playing. You can lock tracks you don't want to change and still play notes non-destructively on top of everything. There is also a Note Quantizer to always keep your music in a certain musical scale."

Modular Fungi Opsylloscope

Omri Cohen

You can find additional resources available from Omri Cohen at

Electrocomp EML-101

via this auction

"It has the rare pitch bender installed on the keyboard. Everything on it works and it sounds great."

Oberheim Matrix-12

via this auction

"OBERHEIM MATRIX 12 — circa 1985

Includes original manual, sound data cassette, separate outputs option. Sound Quest Pro and Sys Ex patch banks emailed on request.

Excellent condition, recently serviced--new power supply and battery. Sounds incredible!"

Peavey DPM 4 Synthesizer Upgrade Kit

via this auction

"This is an old stock, open box upgrade kit. It appears to be missing one Floppy Disc and the smaller plastic button overlay is warped."

Aurex DIVA CTRL - new model !


"From now on, DIVA CTRL features a secret mode. This will let you control a different U-He synth. This is a free update for DIVA CTRL and I will include a PDF file you can print out for a dedicated overlay."

You can find details on the Aurex DIVA CTRL here.

Speak And Spell Breakout 1.2, Refurbishing A Modular Speak And Spell


"I Built this heavily #modified #modular speak and spell a few years ago, and never properly finished it and sadly it just got more and more broken, i borrowed all of the relays from it once and never got it up and running again. till today!"

DoveAudio MuSeq Update July 2020


"Update on progress with the Dove Audio MuSeq sequencer module"

Single knob shepard tone in Vital

Matt Tytel

"Added a spectral warping mode that creates Shepard Tones (the never ending ascending/descending pitch effect) with any wavetable"

You can find details on Vital here.

MSK 013 MIDDLE PATH VCO -North Coast Synthesis Demo

Dziam Bass

"Today I have the newest PATH VCO module from North Coast Synthesis and a small demo with 10 examples.

There are about 10 examples in a patch and some waves This is a really interesting oscillator on which you will bring out various amazing sounds.🔥😀

North Coast's complex VCO is comfortable on a journey to the East or the West, while providing a stable foundation at home in any Eurorack. The module contains two triangle-core VCOs, each with four waveforms and standard V/octave control. As basic VCOs running independently these can be the heart of a traditional subtractive East Coast synthesizer. But the Middle Path's oscillators can also be used together, with or without sync, to drive its unique multi-output Gilbert-style sine shaper. The shaper, which can also take external input, offers wave shaping, distortion, folding, phase modulation including through-zero, and imitation stereo. These effects take the sound into West Coast territory.

The design emphasis is on harmonious combination of simple principles. The exponential converter uses premium analog multipliers and a transistor array to ensure temperature stability without fiddly adjustments or hard-to-control "tempco" resistors; it should provide consistent tracking, and especially between the two oscillators, without needing to warm up. The triangle cores are intrinsically frequency-accurate without needing extra circuitry to compensate for reset time. The sine shaper includes our own novel quadrature modification which can be used to generate a stereo signal or in combination with other modules to create frequency shift effects. The sync circuit joins the oscillator cores in another way with a selection of soft and firm modes.

You can now find this assembled module or DIY KIT directly here on the official North Coast Synthesis website :"

Solar Powered Synths - THEY'RE HOT AF!!! (literally)

Noir Et Blanc Vie

"I'd like to say that both the Zoia and Subharmonicon performed great in 104 degree weather, I was surprised myself. Obviously I'd have the solar panel in the sun and I'd be in the shade if I were acually going to do this, but I needed even lighting.

I'm not an expert on solar, or renewable energy, BUT, what I wanted to do was take a road-trip, enjoy synths I wouldn't normally bring and take you with me for the journey. Most of the time you wouldn't consider synths that use AC/DC adapters as part of your portable outdoor rig, but I thought why not.

~Any incorrect terminology I use was because it was 104 degrees and I was having a heat stroke. Yeah, they'll believe that lol.~

(Within are subjective opinions, those who don't understand subjective opinion may be excused.) lol"

S-CAT Analogue Bass-Synth Review by Patrick DSP

Space Cat Audio Technologies

"Patrick runs you through the controls and features of our mighty little Analogue Synthesizer."

Sound Meccano // Live @ Erica Synths Garage

Erica Synths

"Sound Meccano performs using Arturia MiniBrute 2 + RackBrute with Pittsburgh Modular SV-1, Double Helix Oscillator, Analog Replicator, Doepfer Spring Reverb, Erica synths Black Modulator.

Sound Meccano is an alias of Rostislav Rekuta, a seasoned sound designer and field recordist from Riga, Latvia, who's been making electronic, electroacoustic and ambient music since 1999, most often - in collaborations with various local musicians.
For a long time he collaborated with fellow Latvian artist Evgeniy Droomoff for “Volokno” (2005 / rx:tx) and “Walking Through” (2014 / Naba Music) albums. Continuing the collaboration with the ambient guitarist Jura Laiva for "Andrejosta" (2015 / Flaming Pines), "Sireli Aeg" (2016 / Crónica) and "Salty Wind and Inner Fire" (2017 / Eilean rec.). Since 2007 Rostislav has curated the event series “Space Textures” at The White Night festival in Riga."

IMPLEXUS - Bouncer

Majella Audio

"While recording the first Implexus demo's, Erwin Tuijl (Pocket Knife Army) was playing around with the LFO's synced to the clock of the cirklon and created a bouncy sidechain effect. He also takes advantage of mixing in the sub-osc to add a solid bass layer to the sound."

Patch n Tweak
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