MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sunday, July 26, 2020

EVI suite

EVI suite

"Getting back into Nyle Steiner's amazing wind controller, EVI-1000 and it's analog, dual oscillator mono synth, EWV-2000....."

Hydrasynth, Slim Phatty, Virus C, Pro 2, Gadget: "Sea Ivory"

Brittle stR music

"Sequencing, risers and percussion are from Gadget. The Phatty plays the hornpipe during the first tutti section, while I tweak the filter cutoff. Virus and Hydrasynth do the main riffs and chords, and live bass is the Pro 2.

Sea Ivory (Ramalina siliquosa) is a pale green branching lichen that grows on the shores of the north Atlantic."

Doepfer MAQ16/3 Analog CV MIDI Sequencer

via this auction

Yamaha CS-15 SN 7529 Vintage Analog Duophonic Synth

via this auction

Yamaha CS-10 Vintage Analog Monophonic Synth

via this auction

YAMAHA SK-20 SN 1721 Vintage Analog String Organ Synth

via this auction

"Cosmetically in excellent condition! Beautiful and clean !
Its just been cleaned, serviced and checked.
Classic string synth! Very rare!"

YAMAHA SK-15 SN 2469 Vintage Analog String Organ Synth

via this auction

"Cosmetically in excellent condition! Beautiful and clean !
Its just been cleaned, serviced and checked.
Classic string synth!"

FX - Summit Series // Novation


"This Summit deep dive video sees us taking a look into the FX section of Summit. Summit can be split into two different FX processors and you can access two independent reverbs, delays and choruses alongside the distortions and filter. Here, -CALC- shows you how you can use the FX processor on the synth engines, as well as using the audio input to effect any external audio.

With its multitimbral architecture and 16 voices of polyphony, Summit is like two Peaks in one instrument, enabling two completely independent patches to be split or layered across the keyboard, or switched between on the fly. And, that’s not the end of it: the addition of dual filters, greatly extended front panel controls, audio input and the same premium-quality five-octave keyboard introduced with our SL MkIII MIDI controller, put Summit in a creative league of its own.

--- Discover Summit"

NovationTV Summit Series

EHX Grand Canyon meets Moog DFAM Analog Drum Synthesizer

Rik Marston Official

"The Electro-Harmonix Grand Canyon Delay / Looper
meets the Moog DFAM (Drummer from Another Mother)
This awesome pedal converts MONO Input into Stereo Output :)
The DFAM is the BEST & coolest analog drum synth! I love it!
It's PERFECT for ambient electronic music & more!
The Grand Canyon is my favorite Delay FX pedal for synthesizers!
I'm using the TAPE Delay FX tweaking Distortion / Flutter Depth.
Tweaking beats will never be the same again! Awesome!
Please see all of my 480+ synth videos right here on my channel!
Behringer, Roland, Korg, ARP, Moog, Sequential, Yamaha etc. etc.
*Keep posted & check in for all of my new daily uploads!*

Meteorite friend featured:
"Zardoz" 2 lb Campo del Cielo Iron Meteorite from Argentina!
Sending POSITIVE VIBES to YOU!!! ;)'

Moog Does "Thunderstruck" by ACDC


"ACDC's 'Thunderstruck' with the Moog Grandmother + Moog Matriarch + Moog Subharmonicon + Moog DFAM x2 + to a Roland VS880 HDR to a Canon 6D + 50mm 1.4 lens."

Korg Minipops 7 Jam Part 2 and 3

mick frigerio

"All Drum sounds: Korg Minipops 7, Synths: Moog Grandmother, Korg MS20, Roland Model 101 (System 100), Guitar: Airline Jupiter, Recorded on a MCI 16 Track machine, Mixer: Neotek Elite, FX: Dynacord EC280, Roland DEP-5, Yamaha SPX-90"

mick frigerio Korg Minipops 7 Jams

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Modular 2x 400 + 16 - "suspicious" jam


"Jam with no additional audio effects. Knobs from LEGO Classic sets."

DSI Sequential PRO 3 // Jamming for the first time over Arrival of the Birds


"I got my Sequential Pro 3 SE (Special Edition) and I only got a little chance to use it until now.
In the past few days, I got carried away with the cello version of ThatCelloGuy of 'Arrival of the birds', by The Cinematic Orchestra.

Since I am a cellist too, I started preparing my own keys base, in order to play on it lately, but then I got carried away with all the infinite possibilities of this amazing instrument, like the powerful sequencer (and its inspiring Random Mode), the not-so-reverb but creative to use Super Plate effect and so on.

The video is not polished, it wasn't intended to be published, but as an inaugural play with the Pro 3, I think it can be passable :)"

Sequential OB6 - Interstellar Theme & More


"Since everything is just glorious with that synth, why not try to play something reminding of one of the most emotionally intense soundtracks out there, able to give the chills with just 3 or 4 notes?

Needless to say, the quality of the sound went beyond every expectation and a tear may or may have not have been spilled in the process of playing!

This is not a perfect recreation of Hans Zimmer's Interstellar soundtrack, but it has the vibe to it, and I thought it was worth sharing with you."

Sequential OB6 - That's just glorious!

"The title says all: from the sequence with Depeche Mode-kinda vibes to the lush chords that just scream greatness.

I mean, the view must have helped!

Deeply in love with the Dave Smith sound, the Sequential OB6 is, simply put, a modern classic.
Yes, I keep a Novation Peak for when I need more modulation or I want to explore wavetables, but the pure quality of the oscillators in this synthesizer is glorious.

Have a listen! Enjoy"

Sequential OB6 - Mære Sea

"Enjoy some waves dying on the shore.

What I really love about my OB6 is the ability to make everything incredibly musical, including the noise.

A glass of wine, a little bit of meditation after dinner, purification for the body and the soul!"

Sequential OB6 - First approach

Novation PEAK & Synthstrom DELUGE // Ambient Distortion


"Introducing the first video of my new PEAK, oh boy, not so sure I was loving this thing before I started sequencing with the Deluge, the ultimate hardware sequencer/piano roll for dawless lovers.

I was stuck playing it via my Korg SV1, so no mod wheels, no pitch bend, nothing, and everything was static and sort of... lame? It is not the right word, but no excitement, no vibrant feelings like with the OB6 and the Lyra 8, I was getting always the same tones and sounds, and nothing too exciting for me to show you guys.
The reverb is and always will be one of my favorites, it just sounds TOO good, and I admit I am in love with the distortion possibilities.

But yes, yesterday something clicked, playing it with the Deluge, since the sequencer is completely missing (Why Novation? Why.) and I saw it from a new perspective.

All in all, we, Peak Owners, are here a little because of r beny videos with it, so: here it is an ambient track full of peace and some distortion, growling full of harmonics.


Prophet-4でフォトムジーク 電気的音楽講座 fotomusik

Harumio 1529


A DIY Prophet-4

Dynacord Digital Drums Volume 1 Tape


"It's been long time and there were several requests so here it is, the volume 1 of the Dynacord Digital Drums demo tape. The drum module list in the cover shows only the earliest ones available at the time (maybe around 1984). My collection is 65 modules and I still missed like more than 20 of them from very large ebay listing very long time ago. A pity I couldn't afford more of them at the time because they are pretty rare.

A side: 0:00
Individual drum sounds presented by live drummer.

B side: 9:24
Complete drum setup solos by live drummer."

Mycelium - Morphagene, Arbhar, Lúbadh, VCV Rack, Nebulae, Magneto, Microcell, BIA, Freak

Omri Cohen

You can find additional resources available from Omri Cohen at

Dualtrx - Enough (Deluge, Moog DFAM, Treadstone + Dr Strangelove)


"Hello guys. Here is another song made with Deluge. This time using a new toy. The smallest gadgets made by Analogue Solutions, called Treadstone and Dr Strangelove. Noise Percussions from Moog DFAM into the Strangelove. Drums from the basic kits that comes with Deluge. Bassline from Treadstone, modulated by DFAM."

Befaco CV Thing Demo - Eurorack meets Model 15 app

Synth Diy Guy

"Let's explore the possibilities afforded by Befaco's cool new CV thing module! I set up a number of euro modulation sources to control parameters on Moog's Model 15 iPad app."

Suiko ST-20 x Synth Café


"Trying for the first time my newly arrived koto synthesizer!"

Soma Laboratory Lyra-8


via this auction

"Beautiful, boutique drone synth by SOMA LABS. In donut-box pink, which I believe is more difficult to come by that the black/white versions. Built like a tank. A true joy to play. Fantastic sample manufacturer. Tune it to middle C, load it onto a sampler, and you’ve got the most majestic pads you’ve ever heard. The one in the video looks a little more hot pink, whereas this one looks more like the photo."

Electronic Music Laboratories ElectroComp EML-500

via this auction

"The original owner had some great custom modifications installed by EML, and the synth includes original service notes, correspondences, and tech specs, many hand-written by EML, detailing the modifications. First of all, the pitch-CV-in has been modified to the standard 1v/octave (EMLs are usually something weird like 1.2v/oct), and also, the pitch-CV-in accepts a TRS connector, allowing a Y-cable to be used, with the 2nd CV-input controlling VCF(filter)-cutoff, which is a great added feature!"

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Oberheim DPX-1 Sampler Sample Playback Rack Mount Synthesizer

via this auction

"Large 5.5 & 3.5 Floppy drive may or may not be working. Most are upgraded to a new Floppy emulator for unlimited possibilities in sample playback. These are easily available for $80+ depending upon 3.5 or 5.5 floppy emulator sizes.

Had the 5.5 cardboard floppy protector in the drive. Excellent physical condition. Has a few built in tomes that are clear when activated using your external midi devise to key samples.

This is being sold as it du to not having correct discs to load and modern floppy emulator provide the right enhancement to this classic machine.

Maxi-Korg K-3 SN 0353

via this auction

80's CHROMA Polaris

via this auction

Akai AX60 with Tauntek Update

via this auction

"Akai AX60 in near perfect shape

Tauntek AX60 mod installed which dramatically improves responsiveness of sliders and CC midi functionality

very rare to find in this condition

criminally underrated synth capable of extremely complex and rich sounds"

Moog MicroMoog Classic Analog Synth + S-Trig CV Gate Cable Kit

via this auction

"Vintage Moog Micromoog Model 2090 in great condition, just cleaned & serviced!

Late 70s analogue classic Moog monosynth, solid & very versatile low-price alternative to the MiniMoog Model D with rich warm Moog filter & bass.

CONDITION: Clean inside & out, all rotary pots just cleaned & shimmed, ribbon controller & mod wheel fully functional, all original Moog sliders & knobs intact, woodgrain end panels, metal trim & plastic casing is all solid. The top C key seems to be dead, but everything else works fine."

Roland MC-202 MicroComposer SN 339600

via this auction

This particular SN has come up a few times over the years. I heard Roland re-used SN numbers.

"Works fine - sequencer, finger keyboard, output, battery power, headphone output, and all sliders and knobs seem to work perfectly. No discernible pot or slider noise. I have not checked the CV functionality or tape backup, but have no reason to doubt they are working, as everything else works fine and unit has only been used lightly since purchase."

Roland JV-1080 Synthesizer Module

via this auction

Audiothingies MicroMonsta

via this auction

"Killer little synth that does not sound little at all."

MODAL ARGON8M - v2.0 Sounds, Patches & Presets | Synth Demo


"Modal Electronics ARGON8M digital wavetable synth demo, featuring various sounds, patches and presets (no talking) from firmware 2.0. This Modal Argon8M synthesizer demo showcases the Argon 8M's varied sound palette including ambient pads, arpeggiator, leads, basses, distortion, and more."

Tape Ambient J4 20: Lifeforms SV-1 synth Jam with Moodscaper

Wingo Shackleford

"Session with Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV-1 synth and Moodscaper on iOS, with Earthquaker and Chase Bliss pedals. Some mixer feedback is featured.

Recorded into a Tascam 414 with all crazy overdrive/comp and eq coming from the Tascam mixdown. I may have overdone it but it is what it is."

Granular synthesis engine

Nunomo LLC

"Incoming v1.4 firmware will bring a recorder with granular synthesis."

For the Nunomo Qun synth.

Great Vacuum Tube sound with Fusion VCO2 ,Fusion VCF3 ,Fusion Mixer ,Fusion Modulator- Erica Synths

Dziam Bass

"Hi Everyone.

I have a small demo of the sound of the newest tube based Filter Fusion VCF3 from Erica Synths.
For many years I have been looking for various compressors and tube preamps for a nice creamy and thick sound for my synthesizers.

I switched to modular and I discovered those tube-based Fusion modules from Erica Synths.
this gives me the comfort of obtaining a sophisticated, nice, juicy sound already when creating the sound in the oscillator without further studio processing.👌🔥

in this video I used Fusion VCO plus Fusion VCF3 and Fusion Mixer and for envelope Fusion Modulator, Kick from Pico Drums also got a kick right away and sounds nice when saturated via Fusion Mixer.

I mainly wanted to show you this filter and these Fusion modules because they are worth the attention for the rich and unique sound that can sound really cool.( personally AWESOME for me)🙃😀😀

Now also the first versions( first series) of the Fusion modules are 40% Off so you can either find new versions or catch even previous versions of the Fusion series.( check bookmark Sale on official site Erica Synths)"

STARBLINK, Korg Prologue, Dawless, analog synth

Bob I. Gomez

"Original tune STARBLINK, performed on the Korg Prologue synthesizer.
User preset 488 Sigma. Starts in D. Basic chords D F, D F G, D F G A, A G F Eb"

Patch n Tweak
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