MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, August 2, 2020

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Sunday, August 02, 2020

Apex 9


"Live recording of the modular. The challenge was to create three distinct parts to string together to make a musical journey.

The first section is centered on the Moog Subharmonicon and a few extraneous sequences controlled by a Q119 step sequencer. The 24 bars passes through 3 segments with pitch transpose and discrete pad sounds.

The second section is isolated to a Mutable Instruments Rings and Delptronics drum patch with an STG PostLawsuit LPF with an Ian Fritz DDVCO swell.

The final third segment is two STG Soundlabs voltage sequencers with four vco's sourcing pitch voltages from a David Dixon ASR and run through a digital delay.

All these parts are managed by a sequential switch ( Q962) and a Q960 step sequencer.
Other sequencers included the MI Marbles, INSTRUo harmonaig, Make Noise Pressure Points (x2), and Moon Modular 563 Trigger sequencer.

I just stood back and started the thing and then tweaked some levels. Pretty easy money for managing the robots and all..."

Novation Peak Demos and Patches by Major OSC

You can find the patches at

Note the playlist above features quite a few videos, a couple of which are lengthy. You can use the controls on the bottom of the player to skip around. You'll find tutorials, feature overviews, and demos.

1. SuperWave Collection Trailer - Blackbird Storm
3. SuperWave Collection for Novation Summit - Full Preview - Singles
4. SuperWave Collection for Novation Summit - Full 128 Patch Preview
5. Pianos and Keys on Novation Summit - Included in SuperWave Collection
6. unveils SuperWave for the Novation Summit - Coming June
7. Import Serum Wavetables into Novation Summit and Peak in LIVE Edit mode
8. Major Oscillator - Evening Throwdown feat. Novation Summit ASM Hydrasynth and Hive.

Novation Summit Versus ASM Hydrasynth - In Depth Discussion and Walkthrough (See description)

Major OSC

"Important Correction of Information: The Summit uses DIGITAL Envelopes, and DIGITAL LFO's. The Filter as well as the distortion unit are Analog. My apologies for the incorrect information.

A Special Presentation from Major Oscillator:
1 Hour of discussion comparing the Novation Summit and ASM Hydrasynth. What an incredible duo of polyphonic synthesizer bliss!
Spoiler: There's no winner in the end. But if you own one, and are interested in the other, this video might give you some valuable insight. Also I compare these 2 synthesizers to women. At the very least it's some synth related entertainment to keep you smiling while we're all stuck indoors. Stay healthy and happy. Check out for patches featured in the video.

Shortcuts times updated and now correct.

5:12 - How are the effects on Summit ?
6:27 - LFO's
9:24 - Envelopes
9:43 - Who the F*** is Spirit Catcher ? - Envelopes put to good usage...
12:39 - After-touch - It's all about position...

13:42 - Demo
14:57 - Filters
18:04 - Envelopes
21:37 - Unrivaled abilities to sequence, despite having no sequencer!
22:50 - lead up to - Does analog really make a difference?
24:26 - Can this thing do lush, spacious analog pads? - Um, YES.

COMPARISON and CONTEXT: Feel and Touch
26:20 - INTRO - ASM arrives with features not seen in decades...
26:51 - Poly Aftertouch Support: 2 Synths can be even better when they're together...
27:52 - The Keybeds

Oscillators, Wave Forms, Wave Tables, Depth, Width, Tips for Modulations, and Sound Characteristics...
33:57 - SUMMIT

59:13 - Are they worth their price?
1:01:34 - Presets... Good? Sort of Of. Bad? Some would say so. Great 3rd party banks available? YES

1:02:05 - Emails Received from Customers after the release of Ignition...

Greg Tripi - Composer -
"Really loving everything you’ve built in this release. A few of your sounds have already made it in to a film I am scoring. I even used one of the presets in a new Amazon series I’m doing with Cliff Martinez. We’re big fans of this sound."

Gerald Nahrgang -
"I am particularly surprised about the -bright piano- (025). Not that it sounds very authentic, but it feels very good to play."

MajorOSC Mayhem... Playing presets, talking a bit, make a few points, playing some more...
1:04:37 - PIANO - "Better than an old Casio Piano? F*** Yeah it is"

1:05:54 The Crunchy BroSteppy Trap-tactular Spaghetti Monster...
1:07:40 Mod Wheel Radio - Hydrasynth is the new king of Industrial
1:13:09 - Goin "Haywyre" with a vocal lead

1:15:39 - I made a piano sound for a piano lesson, but mostly because I hadn't purchased a P45 (yet).
1:16:30 - Lovely Keys
1:17:52 - Summit can get you movin' and groovin'
1:18:13 - Summit is sort of like a lush polysynth from the 80's with a modern touch.
1:21:50 - My favorite lead: Major Oscillator (that's right, I named a patch after me)
1:23:42 - Bored In Canada - A great Multi from Dave Spiers
1:25:04 - more of Deckard's Ride - what a pad!

1:25:28 - Which one sounds the best (to me)

THE FINAL WORD: If these 2 synthesizers were women...

At 22:55 I meant to say extra LFO, not envelope"

ASM Hydrasynth Demos and Patches by Major OSC

Major OSC

You can find the patches at

This above features quite a few videos, a few of which are pretty long. You can use the controls on the bottom of the player to skip around. You'll find tutorials, feature overviews, and demos.

1. MajorOSC Special Presentation: Hydrasynth 1 Hour Review Special
2. Ignition 2 for Hydrasynth In Development
3. ASM Hydrasynth FM / PWM Slider Full Walk through Part 1 & 2
4. Free Ignition Patches for ASM Hydrasynth Now Available
5. Ignition Patch Bank for ASM Hydrasynth - Official Preview Part 1 of 3
6. Ignition Patch Bank for ASM Hydrasynth - Official Preview Part 2 of 3
7. Ignition for ASM Hydrasynth Official Preview Part 3 of 3
8. IGNITION Patch Bank for ASM Hydrasynth - Sneak Peak Patches 1-20
9. Hydrasynth Patches - Ignition Feb Progress Update
10. ASM Hydrasynth Presets: Ignition Patch Collection - MajorOSC
11. ASM Hydrasynth Performance Demo
12. ASM Hydrasynth Sound Design for Keys and Plucks
13. ASM Hydrasynth - 32 Mod Slots Filled ! What a Machine!!! - FULL Patch Bank Now Available

Roland Jupiter X Press Release VHS - Restored from Archive?

Major OSC

"A Note from the MajorOSC: This is pure satire right down to the Zen Core. But for the record, I love my Jupiter X. This video is to show appreciation to all the Roland customers who've kept them in business, despite the strong opinions constantly voiced from the older customers of many years. Jupiter X would not have become a reality had it not been for those of you who purchased the V-Synth. Jupiter 80, Jupiter 60, Juno G, D E, etc. Thanks to Roland for finally making something that celebrates your past, while offering modern functionality. Also, this is quite possibly the most amazing keybed ever."

Unboxing a Korg Arp 2600 FS (Full Size)

Unboxing my Korg Arp 2600 FS (Full Size), Part One: Unboxing

Voices of Echo

"In this video I'll unbox my new Korg Arp 2600 FS (Full Size) with you in real time. It took a really long time to ship, around 5 months from when I purchased it, but it finally got here! I've split the video into two parts: In part one I get the Korg Arp 2600 FS out of the box and walk you through my initial thoughts. In part two, I've recorded a high quality demo so that you can hear how it sound."

Unboxing my Korg Arp 2600 FS (Full Size), Part Two: Sound Demo

"In this video I'll unbox my new Korg Arp 2600 FS (Full Size) with you in real time. It took a really long time to ship, around 5 months from when I purchased it, but it finally got here! I've split the video into two parts: In part one I get the Korg Arp 2600 FS out of the box and walk you through my initial thoughts. In part two, I've recorded a high quality demo so that you can hear how it sound."

A little jam with my Arp 2600, TT 606, Juno 106, and an MS-1

"Here's a quickly recorded jam with my Arp 2600, TT 606, Juno 106, and and MS-1. Everything runs through my patch bays that you see on my desk. I used an Eventide Eclipse for delays and a cheapo TC Electronic box for its Living Room reverb, which I love. Feel free to ask any questions!"

Init Patch: Zoia with Data Corrupter

Inflatable Robot

"In this video I use the Zoia as a tool to modify the sound of a Data Corrupter, adding a dry mix, filter, and reverb. I also go over how to use Midi CC learn to add physical knobs to control some of the various parameters of the Zoia."

Aquifex - Moog Tower of Doom simple 1st demo


"Quick, simple 1st demo of the Moog Mother-32, DFAM, and Subharmonicon I call the Tower of Doom. Running Mother -32 and Subharmonicon through 2 diff. algorithms of the Source Ventris. This rack has a lot of potential. :-)"

MATRIXSYNTH on the laptop.

The Calling


"a haunting soundscape created using mainly the ringmod of the EMS Synthi-A clone.
All sound sources as the subharmonicon, the model:cycles and my voice sent through the great sounding ringmod."

Kilpatrick Audio Phenol + CV breakout box & extra cables

via this auction

"Super fun Phenol in excellent condition. Well taken care of, kept clean and works perfectly.

Includes 19 banana plug cables, 24V power adapter and custom CV adapter box for banana to mini jack.

Factory box is in good share but will still be packed in another box for safe shipping."

Teisco S-100P SN 4315

Published 2013 Juha Kujanpää

"Demonstration of Teisco S-100P, a rare monophonic analog preset-synth. It features built-in spring reverb (!), flanger and assignable aftertouch. Some outboard reverb and delay has been added to the video."

via this auction

"Here we have an excellent condition a 1979 Tesico S-100P Synthesiser, with original cover, music stand, power cable, manual and what I believe is the original audio cable, as it was sitting with the rest of the bundle - all parts in near mint condition!

The aftertouch feature is licensed by ARP, and adds excellent dynamic range to this little analogue beauty.

I got this synth from a church, which had it from new, where it had remained mostly covered since the 1980s. I am the second owner and cosmetically this synthesiser is in great condition for it's age. In terms of functionality, everything including the aftertouch is working, other than the reverb - I can't hear a difference anyway. Other than that the unit is in amazing condition!"

Note the video above is from 2013.

Yellow Waldorf Q Synthesizer Rack Desktop SN 010925742

via this auction

Oberheim Matrix 6 - Tauntek 2.15 upgraded OS SN 7623278

via this auction

"24 hour sale - Upgraded Matrix 6

Fully functional and relatively clean Matrix 6. It's fully upgraded with the Tauntek 2.15 OS upgrade, and also includes the stock 2.13 EPROM should you want to revert to stock (I don't know why you would as Tauntek provides only benefits, but some people like things stock). The keyboard is level and every key works smoothly, with velocity sensing. Every button on the keypad also works, although the '0' button requires a firm press. It sounds fat and gorgeous, like an Oberheim should.

The Matrix 6 was just given a a brand new battery and thorough testing of all functions by Synapse Audio here in Portland. Tim couldn't find one thing wrong with it and says the new battery should last for more than a decade. This is as close to a worry-free vintage 80s synth as you can get these days. There are some scratches on the bottom and a few bits of rust on the metal, as you can see in the pictures, but it's very clean for a model of this vintage.

The Tauntek OS upgrade means that you can control it via a dedicated hardware interface such as the Stereoping or indeed any programmable MIDI controller. Filter sweeps will now sound like a knob being swept on an analog synth rather than a stepped, intermittent mess as with the original OS.

In addition to installing the upgraded OS, I've switched the levers to perform like you'd expect, which means reversing their direction in the menu setting, and set the interface to fast mode so you can cycle through presets and programming options using the arrow buttons rather than having to type in each parameter ever time you want to switch. You can still type in the number if you want, but cycling through filter or envelope functions using the arrow buttons is much faster.

The factory presets have been restored after the new battery install, and I've just tweaked a few of the key presets to reduce the long release tails that cut into polyphony when changing chords (it is 6 notes, after all). Programming isn't difficult using fast mode, although it requires incrementing and decrementing buttons rather than twisting knobs."

Korg MEX-8000 SN 003026 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"This MEX-8000 is in excellent condition for its age. It has minor wear from little use. It has been fully tested and is in perfect working condition. The expander comes with a brand new, unoriginal power supply, original box, and original paperwork."

Roland Juno-106 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer - New Voice Chips

via this auction

"Roland Juno-106 in excellent condition. Recently tested and fully functional, with original factory patches installed. Cosmetically, there are just a couple of minor nicks and scratches in the paint, which can be seen in the photos. All 6 original voice chips have been replaced with 6 AR80017A chips from Analogue Renaissance."

Roland JX-3P demo


"Just random stuff. Made a sequence, edited it, cut out most of it, threw in other stuff... well, it's something.

Used Eventide Blackhole. I know synth demos are lame with FX because you can't hear the raw sound, but I guess if you want to hear the that I'm sure someone out there made that video for you."

Interpolating Between Two Hydramorph Presets on the Hydrasynth

John Keston

"This video demonstrates a new feature in Hydramorph v1.1.0 that allows users to morph between two presets. Use the drop downs to choose preset A and preset B, then update the number box or the slider between to morph between the two presets. For example if you set the value to 0.75 then your Hydrasynth will contain a new patch that is interpolated 75% of the way from preset A to preset B."

Sequential PRO 3 Purple Moog Little Phatty Korg Karma Synthesizer Jam Analog

Rik Marston Official

#moogpurplelittlephatty #sequentialpro3 #korgkarma
"Sequential PRO 3 Purple Moog Little Phatty Korg Karma Synth Jam"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** **Turn It UP!** ***No Talking!!!***

I just hooked up my new Mackie mixer & was testing the levels.
Nothing serious here folks, just a little quick synth jam. :)
The Korg Karma is playing a preset combination groove.
I have ping pong delay on the purple Moog Little Phatty
from the Mackie mixer. Sequential PRO 3 a sweet analog lead.
I love all of the new synthesizers I am using now....
still one more vintage beauty on it's way! You will LOVE it!!!
I am thankful, grateful & blessed to have YOU as a subscriber!
Thank you my friends, YOU ROCK!

'Day After Drone' - Live Analog Jam with AJH Synth Eurorack Modular


"Here I'm using my AJH Eurorack modular synth to generate two voices: The first is a drone created using some noise generated by the Entropic Doom module, filtered by the Fixed Filter Bank 914. This is then joined by two VCO's passing through the Wave Swarm. The pitch of the VCO's is being altered using the Precision Voltages module. I'm manually adjusting the mix between the black and white bands on the fixed filter bank, fading out the VCO's from the mix again towards the end.

The second sound is a single VCO passing through the Sonic XV filter, which is being used as a band-pass filter. The frequency is being modulated by two LFO's (Dual LFO module), which are combined using the CV MIX module. The filter also has a wave-shaping function, which is being modulated by the Sample & Hold module, triggered by the Dual LFO. The Sample & Hold is also triggering the envelope for this part.

No keyboard or sequencer was used. Reverb from EOS2 and recorded into AUM on an iPad.

This was originally intended to be part of the 'Fantasy Soundtracks' series, but real life got in the way. I'll most probably be stepping back a bit from YouTube soon, partly due to financial limitations, partly due to YouTube changes, but more details to follow later. New album on the way regardless.

My music is available here:
To support this channel:"

Eurorack Modules and More For Sale From Supporting Member Mario661

Supporting member

Pictured here are just a few items currently listed.

Mutable Instruments Elements

Studio Electronics Tonestar 2600

Din Sync DrumDokta2

Michigan Synth Works 16n (Wood Ltd.) MIDI CV CONTROLLER

Psyco X Sy-1m Syncussion Pearl Drum Synthesizer Clone

Sequential Prophet 6 & Walrus Audio Descent


Ambient Audiovisual iPad Jam (Feat. Animoog)

Perplex On

"To cool down from these current hot temperatures around here i fired up #animoog and some audioreactive visuals waving in the wind for this simple ambient jam. Animoog is going through #StratosphereCloudReverb, #K7D delay, #BorderlandsGranular, Eventide #QVox and gets a final touch with #BleassChorus and #FACBandit. Served with a field recording of wind blowing through leaves. Enjoy the breeze!"

Playing the Cursus Iteritas with MPE


"The Cursus Iteritas is my kind of oscillator and as soon as I heard a demo I knew I needed one. More often than not though it ends up making percussive sounds. For todays video though I hooked it up to the seaboard via the FH-1 and let it do its thing. The output is routed via the Viol Runia for some extra grit & flavour

Accompaniment is a Christian Henson piano sample and MLR, Morphagene and W/ are adding to the action too. Reverb as ever is Valhalla DSP.

Talking of Christian Henson his recent video is very interesting on the topic of synthetic/natural sounds [below] and goes a long way to explain why I love adding layers of distortion to everything :-)"

Why Are Synths So Difficult To Mix???

Christian Henson Music

"Do you find synths difficult to mix? If so what methods do you employ, a bit of distortion, a spring, a plate?"

Modular self-playing patch: Z-DSP; Octocontroller; Roland 510; Mutable Instruments Clouds etc

Brittle stR music

"The high lead sound is the Roland 510 synth voice sequenced by Copper Traces Seek, with gating from Pico logic, and a different kind of logic triggering the envelope, and S&H modulating the filter. Audio goes into the Z-DSP with the Cathedral algorithm from Halls of Valhalla.

The pad is an Omnisphere sample played back from Disting Mk4, then into Mutable Instruments Clouds.

The bass is the Mother 32 into the delay of my DSI Pro2, then into Lexicon "ambience" which I use a lot for bass voices. I'm tweaking the filter envelope amount and resonance as it plays.

Everything is clocked from the Octocontroller.

Stipa is a genus of grass, popular as an ornamental plant but not yet available for Eurorack AFAIK."

Hyphae - Eurorack, VCV Rack, Midilar, Keystep Pro

Omri Cohen

"Here it the sound pack from Jogging house I used here -
The WAV file for this performance is available on my Patreon page -

Here are some patch notes:
- One Freak with the Vraids firmware (based on Braids) is being sequenced from the Keystep Pro, and going into another Freak with a LP filter. From there it's going to Microcell in Granular mode.
- There are a few samples from Jogging House loaded in Arbhar, and the Scan and Layer are being modulated by the 1U Noise Tools module. Arbhar is going through Flame in VCV Rack and I control the mix with the Midilar controller.
- There's a recording of the Felt Instruments Cello in the Morphagene, which is going through Magneto in Shift mode.
- There are 2 separate piano loops recorded on Lubadh, which has the length pretty low, and both starting points are modulated from VCV Rack. The sound is going into VCV Rack through Chronoblob 2 and I'm controlling the Wet and Hold function with the Midilar controller.
- The Keystep Pro is sequencing also the Basimilus, which is going through LedRover and the Mimeophon.
- There's a sample of a woman speaking about Fungi loaded on the Nebulae, and the Speed control is being modulated from VCV Rack. it's going through the Disting in stereo reverb mode, and from there it's going through the Chronoblob 2 in VCV Rack, and I'm controlling the wet function with the Midilar Controller.
- In VCV Rack, Plaits set in Particle Noise mode and it's going to the 2HP Freez, which is being modulated and triggered from VCV Rack.
- There's also a drum loop in VCV Rack that's going to Clouds, also in VCV, in Looping Delay mode.
- The Keystep Pro is sequencing another voice in VCV Rack with Interzone from Valley, and I control its filter, noise level, sub-oscillator level, decay time, and release time with the Midilar controller. Interzone is going through another Chronoblob and another Freak (in VCV), and from there to some reverb.

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining me on Patreon -"

Irijule TheoryBoard Review // Can it help you write chord progressions and melodies? // THY-333


0:00 Intro
0:35 Disclaimer
1:10 Overview
4:35 Connectivity
5:25 Build
6:40 Colors
7:30 Chord layouts
8:40 Transpose
9:10 Stacking and inverting chords
10:35 Strum mode
11:25 Live note mode
13:10 Misc
13:45 Pros & cons

Arturia Microfreak // Moog DFAM // Roland JU-06A // Strymon Volante :: [synth recipe #73]


syncworm proudly presents:

Recipe #073
– Arturia Microfreak
– Moog DFAM
– Roland Boutique JU-06A
– Strymon Volante

So, what's going on here?

All the instruments go straight into the mixer/DAW. Strymon is set up as an auxiliary effect.

Juno is the master clock and sends MIDI information to Microfreak. Microfreak sends CV/Clock information into DFAM keeping everything nicely in sync.

The tune is based on C natural minor scale. Juno i splaying some chords and (later on) arp. Microfreak provides baseline. DFAM generates simple drums which alternate between high freq snare-like rolls and low end kickdrum-esque hits.

Enjoy this little recipe and

24 Karat Gold - Moog Minimoog Voyager 10th Anniversary Limited Edition #10 of 30

via this auction

You can find the intro video from Moog in this previous post.

"Identified as one of the rarest and most coveted Synthesizers in the World, the 10th Anniversary Minimoog Voyager 24K Gold Edition is a site to behold. This instrument speaks for itself. Only 31 exist worldwide; mostly owned and locked away by influential producers and musicians. It is a cherished item rarely seen for sale, and it's value will only increase in time to the lucky few who behold this piece and the legacy it has built.

24 Karat Gold Dipped Chassis
Black piano lacquered wood cabinet
Japanese Awabi pearl inlay
Personalized 24 Karat gold name badge (#10 of 31)
Rear backlit Indigo Moog logo
Indigo LEDs with tricolor LFO rate LED
Translucent rotary knobs
All black switches
Custom printed manual cover
Hardbound manual
Custom made wood crate
Letterpress certificate of authenticity
Limited to an edition of 31"

Waldorf Q Synthesizer Rack Desktop SN 1209260006442

via this auction

YAMAHA DX-1 Synthesizer with A/B Cartridges

via this auction

"I have owned this beautiful work of art for over 20 years and have not put many hours on overall on this uniquely distinctive and visually stunning keyboard.. It use to belong to a famous Boston based composer and due to my work and other issues I have not been able to put in the time that I desire to utilize this BEAST of perfection. I fill that someone else should benefit from the creative sound pallet that this instrument can inspire from. I have recently had my tech go over the machine and replace the battery and has a clean bill of health. The Keyboard will be costume crated at no cost and shipping quotes will be determined by zip code. I will consider shipping this instrument world wide but I do prefer to ship this within the United States. I currently reside in Arizona and I'm willing to drive up to 400 miles in any direction to meet someone to take delivery of this Keyboard as an option to not shipping it.

Moog Sonic Six SN 2057

via this auction

KORG Mono/Poly

via this auction

Korg Mono/Poly Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"I have owned this amazing synth for over 30 years. My wife and I are downsizing as we move into retirement so I have reluctantly decided to sell this.

With 4 oscillators, the sound is unbelievably fat. The ring/cross mod allows you to add bite to the tone. One of the greatest analog monosynths ever made, in my opinion. Buy it before I change my mind!

Indoor non-smoking use. In good working condition. The top right hand corner of the wood case was bumped and there is a 1" portion where the laminate is starting to separate from the particle board. With a little wood glue and a clamp, this is easily fixable - I just have not gotten around to fixing it. There is a bit of dust from not being used . However, none of the cosmetic imperfections affect the sound."

ARP 2600 + keyboard 3620 about 1973 grey

via this auction

Elektron Digitakt & Dreadbox Erebus v3


Korg ARP 2600 - Patch Book Sounds + Reason 11 VST FX [No Talking]

Marshal Arnold

"Korg ARP 2600 - Patch Book Sounds + Reason 11 VST FX [No Talking]

So I downloaded the Korg ARP 2600 patch book and setup several patches to demo. I used the Reason 11 VST for effects, specifically I used the RV7000 reverb along with the DDL-1 Delay. Some patches also use the ARP 2600's spring reverb.

Patch list:
0:00 - Octabass
1:23 - String Sweetener
3:28 - Cowboy Harmonica
5:58 - Flute
8:53 - Heavy Metal Fuzz
11:07 - Trombone/Tuba
13:35 - Outro

You can download the Korg ARP 2600 Patch Book here:"

Fairlight CMI Series III - July 2020 Restoration report out


"Yet another Series III restoration finished. This is MFX2 version with the final hardware. No music playing, just speaking. Enjoy :)"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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