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Friday, August 07, 2020

A Roland 808 Van

via @djmarkfarina

TR-808 inspired paint job.

Building the Beat: Inside Legendary Roland TR-808 Tracks


"The legacy of the TR-808’s boom transcends genre—touching on everything from hip-hop and R&B to techno and house. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the legendary drum machine, a group of musical luminaries breaks down their stone-cold 808 classics.

Watch Arthur Baker, A Guy Called Gerald, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Jermaine Dupri, the Avila Brothers, Cozmo D, and Carl Craig discuss mainstream hits and underground classics from their discographies.

These eclectic producers and artists provide exclusive glimpses behind the curtain into what made their gems jam. Each one shares studio secrets that make “Planet Rock,” “Voodoo Ray,” “Tell Me If You Still Care,” “Nice & Slow,” “Moist,” “Jam On It” and “From Beyond” so iconic. Along the way, hear about how the 808 and their work influenced each other and culture at large.

Songs in this video were recreated using the TR-808 plug-in available in Roland Cloud. Try the TR-808 plug-in for free during the month of August with your free Roland Account. In the words of Terry Lewis, 'I always say Roland put the boom in music because they gave us an opportunity to use the boom.'"

Free RC-808 “Re-Create the 808” Plug-In Now Available for Windows and Mac

The RC-808 “Re-Create the 808” Windows and Mac VST/AU plug-in, from the creators of the original Roland x0x series mentioned in this post, is now available for download at

Some details from the page for the archives:

"The RC-808 “Re-Create the 808” emulates the original TR-808 sound with analog manner synthesis. As the name implies, it is with respect to the original 808 sounds which is a criterion for sound synthesis as a vintage. Starting from this criterion, explore the multiverse of sounds, stretch out your vectors, to find out new criterion of your own. Yes, it can take you to the new sonic worlds that are completely different and yet so close and familiar to you.

Hence it is not a drum machine but is a drum synthesizer. No samples nor effects processing are being used, just genuine synthesis only, all in analog manner.

The sound source employs DCO which is in this case Down Chirp Oscillator, combined with a noise source that outputs various kinds of noises including metallic noises. There is also a infinite point wave shaper, a variable filter bank, infinite point envelope generators etc. With maximum 8 partials per voice, it allows sound designing in subtractive synthesis manner which is familiar to all, and yet still with vast outer space beckoning to be discovered.

Thanks to this flexible architecture, all instruments can have Open and Close variations just like Hi-Hats or cymbal choke performance. Coupled with piano-roll sequencer utility this brings new expressions with gate time programming, that you don’t see on a drum sequencer.

However, please note that this is a conceptual model.
We fully understand that, although we continue developing and updating this conceptual offspring of ours, it is still in its very preliminary phase, and thus is full of bugs. Then why we are releasing it globally? Because it is our hope to spread our original intention on making the TR-808 to everybody in the world, to be shared by everybody in the world, and have our memes to be passed on through ages to come. Even if it is not perfect yet, the essence of our spirit will expand its horizon and will exist ubiquitously throughout this planet.

Therefore, please note that because the RC-808 “Re-Create the 808” is merely a conceptual model to show the originally intended architecture of the TR-808, it is not fully developed as an instrument for actual usage. We do not bear any responsibility for any possible inconvenience or damages caused by this. We cannot answer to any inquiries for this product as well.

Finally, please allow us to mention that we are independent from Roland Corporation, and therefore they also cannot answer to any inquiries.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding on above all. Thank you again, indeed."

UDO Super 6 | Short Demo (Ambient Pads & Presets)

Funky Junk Ltd

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

"A quick first look at the brand new Super 6 Analog Hybrid Polysynth from Bristol-based manufacturer, UDO.

A powerhouse of a synth, incredibly versatile and heaps of fun to play (and not a screen in sight!), the Super 6 is certainly one of the most exciting synths we've had the pleasure of featuring for quite a while.
This demo model has just landed, so rest assured we’ll be digging a bit deeper in future demos to better showcase the scope of what this synth is capable of. In the meantime, I just had to get it setup and give it a whirl..."

Pro 3 Patch Building - Paraphonic Synthesizer from Sequential

Tefty & Meems

"Hey! This keyboard is awesome! I haven't done a lot of programming on it yet, so this is a init patch exploration video of the DSI Pro 3 synth.

0:00 Intro to Pro 3
2:45 First Patch
28:19 Second Patch
37:49 Quick Ableton Beat
43:37 Final Thoughts"

Novation Circuit - Mainframe

Payton Carter

"Time to get back to to the Circuit! My Deluge arrives in a week, so I have to get all my unfinished projects recorded before I abandon the Circuit forever. hahaha, jkjkjk. I'll love the Circuit for the rest of my life.

All audio coming from the Circuit, minor post processing with Ozone Elements 9. Filmed on an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mk2, Canon FD 50mm f1.8."

Novation Circuit - Firewall

Payton Carter

"This jam had some weird issue where the pad synth track was limited to 4 notes of polyphony instead of the usual 6, but only in certain patterns. If you programmed 6, notes would drop out randomly. It didn't happen until I went to record the track, which bummed me out a little. I wasn't able to resolve the problem, so if it seems like some notes are missing, that's why."

Tim Shoebridge's Thoughts on the Moog ONE

Tim Shoebridge

"Here are my many thoughts on the Moog ONE, interspersed with as many sound examples as I could fit in. Please be warned, this video is over an hour long and it is not a step-by-step review. Fundamentally this video contains my personal opinions on this synth having owned and played it for the last six months. I hope you find it enjoyable or in other ways useful.

00:01:09 Introduction
00:06:24 LFOs
00:11:50 VCOs
00:14:58 VCFs
00:21:56 Modulation
00:24:39 VARS
00:30:28 Transforms
00:36:23 Quirks & Limitations
00:46:56 Tuning Issues
00:56:11 Multi Synth Engine Patch
01:03:59 Conclusions"

Outdoor jam with the MPC Live II

Jay Hosking

"A live, semi-improvised track, performed entirely on the Akai Pro MPC Live II.

I've been dipping my toes in the MPC world recently, and was very impressed with the MPC One. Since I'm always on the hunt for a true successor to the Novation Circuit, I thought I'd give the MPC Live II, with its added portability, a shot.

My first impressions were that the MPC Live II was too big (the MPC One is a perfect form factor, in my opinion). My second impressions were that the battery and speakers on the MPC Live II are incredible additions, and that this is maybe the most comprehensive all-in-one box I've tried. The synths sound good, the drum and melodic library is a great foundation, the effects are varied and flexible and pretty great, and there's more horsepower than any competitor in the same price range.

I would still love more performance effects and less navigating mid-song, but overall I'm super impressed with the MPC Live II, and I'm looking forward to it being my new travel companion.

Written over the last few days, recorded live to stereo output, and uploaded as is, with only a little EQ, compression, limiting on the master."

New Loops Diva Expansion Sale

via supporting MATRIXSYNTH member, New Loops:

"30% off Diva Expansion 1 and Get Diva Expansion 2 FREE!

For a limited time only, get 30% off Diva Expansion 1 and get Diva Expansion 2 totally free. That’s over 150 Diva presets for only £13.99. This offer is exclusively at No code needed, just add both packs to cart.

Offer ends 16.08.20. Download the free demos and remember to add both expansions to your cart to get Diva Expansion 2 free."

You can find it at

SYNA 13 Voice DIY Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

Janne Hanhisuanto

"Testing SYNA, 13 voice DIY polyphonic analog synthesizer. Reverb added to master output."

This post is in via Janne Hanhisuanto - Synastasia, a musician and engineer from Finland who develops synthesizers in his free time. He created SYNA, a 13-voice poly analog synth as his thesis work. Above is a quick test video. Directly below is an album featuring the synth followed by a playlist of videos during the development of SYNA and a few other DIY projects from Janne.

"Synastasia is an album created using only SYNA.

Janne Hanhisuanto

"SYNA was a 13-voice polyphonic analog synthesiser. It was designed and built by Janne Hanhisuanto. Synastasia was composed shortly after building was finished.
2020 remaster available here:"

And a playlist of Janne Hanhisuanto DIY synths and audio equipment (mainly DIY test videos):

onenote syna keyboard testing x 2
Diy analog Syna basic functions
DIY Stereo analog phaser test
Syna drone
testing syna
SYNA testing
syna2 first demo
testing syna2 iteration2
syna2 iteration2 VCA test
analog phaser v2
syna2 through phaser

Jupitar 2


Follow-up to this post.

AE Modular WAVETABLES by Dove Audio #TTNM


"This is a demo video for the AE Modular WAVETABLES modular synth VCO, developed by Paula Maddox of Dove Audio and released by tangible waves.


WAVETABLES offers 7 tables, filled with plenty of high quality synthesizer waveforms to switch and morph between. Table 7 contains human voice fragments for vowel synthesis and other weird sounds. You can fatten the sound with the spread/detune knob and of course control the wave selection with CV. As a first in the AE Modular format, modulation inputs allow CV subtraction, via a bipolar switch circuit!"

Note this module is by Paula Maddox of Dove Audio and Modal Electronics.

"A high-quality diital wavetables oscillator

The WAVETABLES module is a digital oscillator that is based of wavetables, a technique that become popular first with the famous PPG synthesizer. Here, a huge number of digital waveforms can be "scanned", resulting in a morphing between a variety of interesting spectral structures.

The module offers seven different table sets, in each of them an interesting spectral move happens via the WAVE knob. Of course, this can be modulated by an external CV too.

To 'fatten' the sound, the DETUNE/SPREAD knob adds a second oscillator with a variable detune up to one octave.
Pitch and wave modulation have an attenuator knob to set the amount of modulation, plus a switch to choose between unipolar (modulation CV is added to the current value) or bipolar (modulation swings above and below the current value).

The table position of the currently played waveform has a visual representation by an LED that changes it's color in the rainbow spectrum.

WAVETABLES is based on a quite powerful processor, the output is 16-bit audio, resulting in a high-quality sound.

This module was developed by Paula Maddox from DOVE audio; known by the excellent synthesizers MODAL 002, MODAL 008 and we are pround and happy that Paula offered to contribute this excellent work for the AE modular product line.

More information and examples on the AE Modular Wiki.

​​(Price without VAT; for buyers inside the EU 19% VAT will be added to the shown price = 103.53 €)"

Tauntek Rhodes Chroma Dual Channel Board Tester

via Tauntek

"I have been thinking for several years that I would like to design a test fixture for Chroma voice boards, to allow stand-alone testing with easy access to the circuitry. Initially I was planning to have the tester automatically run through a number of tests and give an overall pass/fail result. But I decided it would be better to offer tests that would be helpful in evaluating a board, and let the user make the decisions. In addition to the tests, I implemented a full manual mode, with control over all parameters. The tester requires +/- 12.0 volts DC, well regulated as these voltages power the voice board. Current limiting would be nice, if possible. The tester and voice board together draw less than 150 mA from either supply.

Another Akai Rhythm Wolf solo live jam


"Akai Rhythm Wolf + WMD Geiger Counter (Distortion effect) + Korg Kaosspad mini (noise loop effect and flanger effect).
Hope you like it!"

Moog Mintimoog 1st edition SN 1007

via this auction

"A Rare model Moog in amazing condition! All functions have been tested and are working. No broken keys, knobs, faders or switches! Only piece that needs repair is one of the back legs. (please see pictures)"

Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus SN 051884

via this auction

"The best VP-330 you’ll ever find. Truly exceptional near mint example of this stone-cold classic vocoder/synth with factory fresh finish. It appears to have not been used at all – the sliders and buttons are as new, and the jack sockets show no signs of use. We can only see two very minor dings to the finish (see detailed photos). Supplied serviced and in perfect working order."

Roland TB-303 Bass Line SN 316700

via this auction

"Silver box of acid joy in excellent condition, serviced and with warranty.

Unlike many of these we see for sale, this has been serviced. All the work has been done to a high standard; all tact switches replaced; all pots cleaned; and the unit working and sounding as it should. We guarantee this machine for 3 months after receipt (private/home non-smoking studio use only).

This unit will require a 9v centre negative Boss PSA-style power adaptor for use, or 4 C type batteries (not included)."

Arp 2500 Synthesizer Brochure

via this auction

"Arp 2500 Modular synthesizer brochure catalog. BROCHURE ONLY. Vintage 1974, original, 8 page cover to cover. 46 years old. Wow. Very good condition, has punch holes, no missing pages, intact, no writing, no highlights, no stains, Overall very clean."

Roland JX-8P Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Fully functional Roland JX-8P in excellent cosmetic condition for its age. There are a few scuffings on the chassis but that is to be expected from a 35 year old synth."

Moog Sonic Six Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 1126

via this auction

"So, this thing was an impulse buy that I made pretty dang recently. It set me back a cool $1500 plus tax.

This unit is serial number 1126, which was written on the plastic film on the front panel. The plastic was separating and had to be removed. I put the serial number back with a label.
It is a very early Sonic Six with a build date of November 7, 1972, as-per the inspection sticker hidden inside the keyboard section.

It was found untested, as-is, at an estate sale in western New York State, then it was shipped to me in California. I figured I'd take a big risk and see if it had any life left in it. Once it got here in one piece, I sourced a replacement power cord, and tested it out. It powers on and makes sound, but well... it's not a happy camper right now:

Korg Polysix With Kiwisix Upgrade SN 389729

via this auction

Roland D-05 Boutique linear synthesizer + K-25M 25-note keyboard w/ Original box

via this auction

LXR Drum Synthesizer, FX Aid, Lyra 8 FX


"Sonic Potions LXR Drum Synthesizer played through Soma Lyra 8 FX and Happy Nerding FX Aid"

Focus on Waldorf STVC Synthesizer & Vocoder – Tutorial Part 1


"This is part 1 of the upcoming tutorial series for our Waldorf STVC Synthesizer & Vocoder."

[patch] Physical Modelling with a Blofeld?

Synthesizer Video Service

"Here is one of my sounds from the Frequture Blofeld sound banks (

Can you do physical modelling with a Blofeld? This machine is not really a PM synth. But you can use parts of its synthesis like comb filters, noise, Karplus-Strong and pitch effects which are also elements of physical modelling in order to get interesting results. So this is actually a tutorial on how to make your sound more organic ;)

If you want to get the empty Blofeld patch sheet (PDF), scroll down on this page:"

SH-01A Origins SoundPack


"64 custom #patches for the #Roland Boutique #SH-01A.
Download here:

Inspired by the old classic analog Roland SH & Junos (in poly mode)."

TechDiff - Gritstn Cap (Live Modular Version)

Dave TechDiff

Arcaico Gorgone mutifx & Invictus quad envelope

Arcaico Instruments

"'GORGONE' is the analogue multi-effect in eurorack format composed of 4 sections (VCA, VCF, distortion, delay)
connected internally and also usable separately.

'INVICTUS' quad Function Generator comprises four function generators organized in two pairs."

See this post for details.

Frap Tools USTA (Part 2) Eurorack Modular Synthesizer | Patch From Scratch


Part 1 below, previously posted here.

0:00 Intro
1:45 Open new Project
2:32 Set the clock source
3:20 Set the CV mode
4:31 Set the scale
4:54 Start the composition
6:50 Randomise the pitch
8:13 Continue the composition
10:13 Tweak the ratio
10:46 Still continuing the composition
11:40 Stage shift CV
12:36 Pitch shift CV
13:36 Conclusion

This is the second part of the Frap Tools USTA, a powerful sequencer and really suits my needs. I talk about how I build my patch from scratch, stage shift, pitch shift, and others. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think. Cheers!

Frap Tools USTA (Part 1) Eurorack Modular Synthesizer | General Information

Here is the index:

0:00 Opening
1:11 Topics for part 1
2:47 General information about CVs & gates
3:40 Mute / unmute
3:54 Playing the channel 1: CV and gate
4:49 Set button
6:05 Changing scale
7:28 Shift button
8:08 Set other channels
9:00 Set the ratio
9:45 Rachet
10:57 Unmute other channels and play along
12:57 Astungkara song
14:24 Conclusion

Granular engine sound samples : Qun synthesizer

Nunomo LLC

"In the last video, I only played one sample which is random percussive noise.

In this video, I will show other samples with the Granular engine."


Patch n Tweak
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