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Monday, September 21, 2020

Sequential Prophet-6

TinySymphony Music & Synthesizers

Gets a little fun with the sequence at 2:30.

Update: one more:

Sequential Prophet-6 [Analog Distortion + Noise]

Dreadbox Erebus Demo


"This synth is awesome"

Cleaning the Sticky Surface off of Waldorf Nextel Based Synths & Other Sticky Gear, Knobs

See this post for an alternative method.

Update via @shimtrashpile: "Trader Joe’s face wipes have worked well for me... The tea tree oil ones. Trader Joe’s Spa Natural Facial Cleansing Pads with Tree Oil" You can find them here. Note one of the ingredients is alcohol though. I would keep them away from printed labels to be safe if you go this route.

Update2: @shimtrashpile confirmed he only used them on blank surfaces.  So pick what's best for your situation.  Trader Joe's for no panel graphics if you don't want to worry about gloves and potential toxins, or 303 Multi Surface if you are worried about panel graphics. Just read the warnings on the label and be safe. Also keep your pets in mind, especially if you have birds. They are way more sensitive to any toxins that might leak into the air.

The original post:

My Waldorf Pulse + finally suffered from tacky surface syndrome. Older Waldorf synths used a Nextel paint based coating that gave them a nice satin finish that was soft to the touch. They almost felt like suede. They were gorgeous when new, but unfortunately the coating breaks down over time and gets sticky to the touch. They also smudge when you touch them as you can clearly see.

Ivan Schwartz recommended giving 303 Products 30220 303 Multi Surface, All Purpose Cleaner Wipes a try. You can find them on Amazon here. I am happy to report back that they work! Attached are some pics of my Pulse + so you can see for yourself. I was a little worried about rubbing off the panel graphics so I didn't scrub, I let the wipes do the work, and I took my time. I ended up going through two rounds and two wipes. I gently cleaned the surface, then gently wiped the surface off with a paper towel, followed by a wet paper towel and a final dry towel. A micro fiber cloth would probably have been better but I didn't want to have worry about it later and/or toss it. There's a warning on the label to not let the cleaner touch your skin. These are not your generic sanitary wipes. I wore gloves. BTW, I would not recommend sanitary wipes that are alcohol based as they will likely remove panel graphics. Below you can see blue on one of the wipes I used, however none of the graphics were affected (the scratch in the Mod Sources label was there to start). I also stopped with two cleanings to be safe and I figured if it gets stickier over time I can just repeat the process. As of now it's about 90% better. I'm guessing I just took a light coating off. I also have a Line 6 Sonic Port that was sticky to the touch. I went to town on it as I wasn't too worried about the graphics on it, and the wipes not only worked, the graphics weren't touched. If you decide to give the wipes a try, be sure to read the warnings, wear gloves, make sure you have proper ventilation, and go slow... Be careful not to drip anything into the knobs and any other gaps. I take zero responsibility if you end up damaging your synth or yourself. :) P.S. Not sure if this stuff will work with sticky knobs but based on the Line 6 Sonic Port, I'm guessing it would. It would likely depend on how far gone they are.

EMW's New 8-bit Quantized DVCO Eurorack Module

EMW Synthesizers

"Need some sound with personality? Listen to this short demo of our new Quantized Digital Controlled Oscillator!"

MajorOSC Studio Sessions Episode 1

Major OSC

"The first of many tutorials. Feel free to skip around but as always I'd recommend a full playthough.
Look for even more of these tutorials going even further in depth at my new Patreon page

Episode 1 -
0:00 Brief Intro
Past Experience, Beatport, Labels, & US Navy - 00:30
Using Limiters - 02:56
Mixdown as You Go - 04:56
Working with Hydrasynth - 07:04
2-layer Bass with Dune and Serum - 12:20
Remix Tips - 16:44 +
Patreon Info"

Moog 1130 FM Hand Drum Demo with the Micromoog

Ektoplasmodic Interzone

"Dicking around with the Moog Percussion Controller for educational purposes. Moog 1130 Controller w early model MicroMoog take-2"


Moog 1130 FM Hand Drum 1

Sequential Artist Spotlight Interview with JOSEPH STEPHENS

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"At an early age, multi-instrumentalist composer/songwriter, Joseph Stephens began experimenting and creating music with 4-track tape machines, delay pedals, guitars, radios, and anything else he could get his hands on. While attending college in North Carolina, he began writing songs and scoring student films for friends which led to a working relationship with up-and-coming filmmakers. A frequent collaborator with Danny McBride, Jody Hill, and David Gordon Green, Stephens’ past work includes scores for the HBO series Vice Principals and Eastbound and Down, as well as features, Under The Eiffel Tower from The Orchard, Observe and Report, Flower, The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter, and Arizona among others. He’s also written songs for films All The Real Girls, Undertow, Cobra Kai, and Halloween.

Stephens’ most recent work includes the HBO comedy series The Righteous Gemstones starring Danny McBride and John Goodman; Mindy Kaling’s Netflix comedy series Never Have I Ever; and Greg Daniel’s Amazon Studios sci-fi series Upload. Upcoming is The Righteous Gemstones Season 2, Upload Season 2, Never Have I Ever Season 2, and the drama thriller feature Don’t Tell A Soul which premiered at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival.

We chatted with Joseph on how he uses Sequential instruments in his music."

You can find additional posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 + Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo


Roland TR-707 ROM Expansion by HKA Design


"This is a small demo of some patterns with the expansion kits included in the HKA TR-707 Expansion mod. For more info and purchase:"

One more:

Roland TR-808 vs CR-8000

"The famous Marvin Gaye beat in both machines, to show the different characters."

New Gotharman's SpazeDrum Black

via Gotharman

"Gotharman’s SpazeDrum, analog drum synthesizer, are now available in Black!

The analog circuitry of this is based on dual SSI2140's per voice, while the Blue SpazeDrum is based on dual SSI2144's, so the 2 instruments sound quite different.

It has a touch dislplay for easier programming of the sequencer step values. This also functions as an X/Y controller, and it provides easier access to the menu's.

Save 10% and get it at EUR 1394,- , by pre-odering before 31/10-2020.

Find more info here:

Pre-order here:"

You can find demos of the SpazeDrum in previous posts here.

Peak & Summit Wavetable Editor: Recording your own Wavetable // Novation


"Creating your own custom wavetables for our Peak & Summit synths is simple using a sample and the Novation Components editor. Using Novation Summit, Ehsan takes you through how you can easily create your own custom wavetables.

--- Discover more about the Peak & Summit Wavetable Editor:

--- Access Wavetable Editor via Components:

--- For more about our Peak and Summit Synths:"

Peak & Summit Wavetable Editor - Additive Synthesis with Components // Novation


"The Novation Components wavetable editor for Peak and Summit lets you use the Oxford Oscillators for Additive Synthesis, in the style of Oxford Synthesiser Company, OSCar. In this video, Ehsan shows you how you can create that classic additive sound using Summit.

--- Discover more about the Peak & Summit Wavetable Editor:

--- Access Wavetable Editor via Components:

--- For more about our Peak and Summit Synths:"

Novation Peak - Essential Collection Vol.1

Igor Leus

"Get It:

NatLife Sounds back with another thriller soundset - Essential Collection Vol.1 for Novation Summit/Peak synthesizers. Warmth Pads, Leads, Basses complement the wide range of Keys, Fx's and ARPs in one big variety of sounds soundpack. You can find here all the paletre of synthesys that was ever been imagined.
This sound set is not limited to the scope of music styles, musical content of films or the creation of a deep sound atmosphere in the games.

Patches has been developed by the famous producer from Italy - Gianfranco Carone, with the assistance of Sjoerd Weitering and Igor Leus (NatLife) for giving the fullness of life to this sound set.

Soundbank contains:

128 Sound Presets

Work with: Novation Peak and Novation Summit."

Roland SE-02 NatLife Sequence

Igor Leus

"New demo from my coming Sounbank for Roland SE-02"

Roland JP-08 - 64 New Custom Sounds

Igor Leus

"Buy! -

Sounds presented with and without reverb - Valhalla Shimmer.

NatLife Sounds starting a Roland trip from a legendary Jupiter's 8 small sized - JP-08.

True Trance Sounds V1 for Roland JP-08 - like your little Jupiter turned into a trance beast. In this bank, you are unlikely to believe that you hear 4 voices, since each sound is filled with harmonics as much as possible, and you will get the maximum that you always wanted from JP-08. These sounds will send you on an unforgettable journey through the Tranсe world, in all its diversity. But this does not mean that it cannot be used in other music styles. Nowadays, you can take sound from a trance and make a pop hit out of it, as many famous musical projects of our time do. So do not wait and get from your synthesizer what you dreamed about.

Soundbank contains:

64 Presets (Leads, Basses, Pads, Plucks and FX's)
16 New Sequences"


Roland JP 08 Short Demo

"Full Soundbank and Demo -

Just a quick demo of the sound & sequence i made for Roland JP 08, it will be included in my coming soundbank for this brilliant small synthesizer."

The Surreal Normal - Vaporwave / Trap Jam (Novation Circuit)

Gabe Miller Music

"A vibey Novation Circuit jam where vaporwave, synthwave, trap / modern hip hop, and trip hop meet. Made with the Manitoba Cassette pack by Digiphex (available on Isotonik).
Background visuals by AA VFX:"

Axoloti Core DIY Travel Synth // Ambient Noise Music #TTNM


"This is a stereo ambient noise track, edited from five recordings of my Axoloti Travel Synth prototype.


Recorded with a Reloop Tape 2 while camping in a tent (of course) 🏕🎶 Edited in Cubasis 2 on the iPad. No external instruments or effects, apart from a subtle master EQ and compressor.

More info about the Synth DIY project here:

Video edited in iOS Luma Fusion."

Korg SAS 20 and Friends


via this auction

"Korg SAS-20 modded to allow external triggering of its drums - video begins with a brief demonstration...

...followed by a multi-tracked piece:

- the rhythm track is a combination of O2 Minipops, SAS-20 snare and hi-hats plus triggered bass drum sample (Minipops O2 provides clock)

- other parts are played on the SAS-20 with the solo melody line doubled on a Yamaha PSR-6300

- mixed with some compression and reverb plugins on the PC

video shows some SAS-20 accessories, pages from the user guides and advertising literature

despite the Super Accompaniment System/Compu Magic being Korg's selling point for the SAS-20, I've used none of that here!

finally, you may notice that my SAS-20 has had a paint job"

Access Virus TI "2049 String" Performed by Chronos


Are you dreaming about your Virus synthesizer can sound like real analog?

Whatever model you have - B,C,Ti,Ti2?
Whatever you using for connection - analog jacks or usb?

Welcome to 64 Best Analog & Vintage Sounds!

Powerfull & rich sound modeling like never before.

LFO team celebrates 10 Years of working with Access technologies - from A to TI2.

Thanks for analog modeling technology which is great in Virus, we re-create
Juno,Jupiter, Polysix, Prophet, CS-80 sounds with maximum authentic feeling."

YMO - "La Femme Chinoise" on Prophet 600, Emax, Juno, Opera 6, Bit One, DX7, K3, Elsita & Linndrum

Valmont / Mooggy

"Ok this one took me a month to edit lol
19 tracks recorded with: Akai AX-80, Siel Opera 6, Crumar Bit One, Yamaha DX7, RMIF Elsita, Roland Juno 60, Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, Kawai K3, E-Mu Emax II.
Additional Linndrum LM2 played on VPROM.

- Akai AX-80: Bass, Verse Strings
- Siel Opera 6: Chorus Chords, Main Lead, Fonk Stabz Verse
- Crumar Bit One: Break chords, Chorus Syncope Chords
- Yamaha DX7: Main lead backs, Verse Stabs
- RMIF Elsita: (Played on a Roland R8) Snare double
- Roland Juno 60: Second Verse Lead
- Prophet 600: Chorus Strings, Chorus lead counterpoint, Chorus ponctuation
- Kawai K3: Verse Lead, Verse Lead Octave
- E-Mu Emax II: Verse Strings Lead Double, Bass ponctuation, Verse Stabs

Effects processors used:
Eventide Blackhole, SynthTronic Chorus, XLN RC-20, Waves J-37, Arturia 1973-Pre, IK TR5 EQual, U-He Presswerk, Xfer LFO Tool, Alex Hilton Stereo Control, Softube Drawmer S73, Nomad Factory 80's Spaces, XLN DS-10, Izotope Mastering Essentials, Fuse Audio Labs Chorus-65, Arturia Tape-201, JST BG-Mix

This song was written by Yukihiro Takahashi and Chris Mosdell, on the album 'Yellow Magic Orchestra' by YMO in 1978. Co-arranged with Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Find my stuff here!"

ALTAIR 231 - 1984' Midi - Soviet Mini-Moog - RAREST - S/N 001

Gargula Tron

ACCELERATOR by Radikal Tehnologies

via this auction


via this auction

"Kurzweil K250 sampling synthesizer, 88 velocity key, 12 note polyphony 16 bit sample rate. A and C sound blocks loaded. Excellent condition, one slider knob missing, fully functional with pedal/power supply and cable. Stand and all manuals included. 96 instruments loaded, midi capable. 56in x 28in x 9in, 96lbs."

Molasses Industries Slimebox Mk5 2020 Green

2020 Slimebox Kit Will M

via this auction

"The Slimebox is a stand-alone two oscillator power-starved synth board based on the CD40106. Both oscillators may be capacitively cross patched by touching the conductive touch-pads on the front of the device, which are fully exposed on the face of the module. Each board comes preassembled with 3.5mm audio out and DC barrel jack in (9v, center negative).

The result is a chaotic, fun, and useful addition to any arsenal of noise makers capable of thick drones, glitchy cacophony and many stages between.

This model also is outfitted with an audio input that allows you to mangle and distort incoming audio through the provided 3.5mm jack.

Disclaimer: touching electrical appliances connected via any means to mains power ('The Wall') is extremely dangerous and you should do so only at your own risk. In order to absolutely ensure your own safety while using the Slimebox, please use only with Battery snap to Pedal Power Barrel Jack Connector."

RSF Expander I 1981 black

via this auction

"Here is for sale a very rare RSF Kobol Expander I. Stellar & powerful iconic sound (think Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre...) delivered by a feature-packed analog monophonic pre-patched modular synth including :
2 waveshape morphing VCOs, ON/OFF switch for VCO1 modulation, ON/OFF switch for VCO2 synch to VCO1, VCO detune, 2 ADS envelopes (ON/OFF switch for the Decay), 1 LFO with 2 switchable waveforms, 1 24db self-oscillating low pass VCF (external audio can be sent through the VCF), 1 VCA, 1 noise generator, 1 voltage processor, CV/gate 1 volt/octave.
Directly compatible with any eurorack module. You will just need a jack adaptor from regular size to minijack size, 6.35mm on one end, 3.5mm on the other."

RSF Expander II 1981 black

via this auction

"Here is for sale a RSF Kobol Expander II, the ultra-rare partner of the RSF Expander I (also for sale in my shop, this is your chance to get the pair at once !), another feature-packed analog module including:
1 ADSR envelope, 1 VCA, 1 LFO with 3 separate waveforms, 1 Mixer with 3 inputs & 1 output, 1 clockable Sample & Hold, 1 Noise Generator, 1 linear or logarithmic Voltage Processor with a Lag Processor, gain settings and alternative reversed output, a AC or DC Ring Modulator, a Gate Delay, an Envelope Follower, 2 Multiple jacks. Almost all features are controllable via external CV !!
Directly compatible with any eurorack module. You will just need a jack adaptor from regular size to minijack size, 6.35mm on one end, 3.5mm on the other."

E-mu Emulator Original Series 1 Emu Sampler

via this auction

Roland Boutique DK-01 Wood End Cheeks, Side Panels

via this auction

"Attention Roland Boutique Series owners: we all know the Boutique Series sounds boutique, but they could stand to look a little more boutique, right? Ditch those cheap looking cheeks and upgrade to a lovely set of custom sapele (aka mahogany) panels!

If sapele isn't your thing, check out my other listings, there is a solid chance I've got a set of these in a wood that you like. If not, shoot me a message, I'm definitely open to custom orders.

I have a few sets in stock with very similar appearance/figuring, so the set in the photos may not be the exact set you receive. If you'd like photos of everything I've got in stock so you can pick your set, just shoot me a message.

Needless to say, this listing is for the wooden side panels only, the TR-08 is just for reference."

Roland TB-303 Bass Line Synthesizer

via this auction

"only minor issue is a bit of noise on the cutoff knob (due to lack of use) which is not constant and fixable with some cleaning of the pot."

1978 Roland SH7 Vintage Analog Synth

via this auction

"Recent full service from SynthProf so will be in full working condition for a long time to come. Some scratches here and there (you can see in pictures), understandable for a 40 year old synth."

Casper Electronics Drone Lab

via this auction

"Very sought after and unique drone synth by the legendary Pete Edwards AKA Casper Electronics.

It has 4 oscillators 2 filters, tremelo, audio input, distortion and trigger in and out.

It is a great sounding and very flexible drone synth, from hypnotic ambience to spacey weirdness to rhythmic pulsations and anything in between."

You can find demos of Casper Electronics Drone Lab in previous posts here.

Jen SX1000 w/ Patch Sheets

via this auction

"A perfect jen sx1000 analog mono synth

in excellent condition with barely any signs of wear

comes with original patches for different 'instruments'

no crackles or pops - nice and clean sound"

Analogue Solutions Telemark Mk1 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

PEARL SC-40 DRUM PERCUSSION SN 100460 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"This was Pearl's flagship drum module / brain.
Can be used stand alone via MIDI from a DAW, Synths or other drum machines.
Can be used directly with your drum triggers/pads too!
These are super cool, I used this one in my studio with my synthesizers, it was driven my my Oberheim "Drummer" and MIDI clocked from my Matrixbrute.
It gave me cool percussion patterns and rhythms to everything I was doing while playing the synths based on the notes I played in real time. Very versatile unit!
Most people would more normally play it from a DAW, Drum Machine or their trigger pads / kit, its good for all!
It is based off the more well known Drum-X, and is the premium version of the MIDI enabled line of Drum-X brains.
The only difference between the SC-20 and SC-40 is that the SC-40 has twice as many voices as the SC-20.
It also features individual volume controls for each sound on the front panel."

Vintage 1970’s Star Instruments Synare PS-1 Percussion Drum Synthesizer SN 0104

via this auction

Computone LYRICON 2 II Wind Synthesizer with Manuals

via this auction

"Vintage 2 VCO Computone LYRICON II Wind Synthesizer!
Extremely rare!
Made in Newton Massachusetts in the 1970's!

I have no clue how to play this! I am a keyboard player not a woodwind player lol!
It comes with literally everything it had when brand new, manual, warranty card, wooden reed, and also a modern plastic reed.
Also included is the factory original power cord!
There is nothing missing from what I have been able to research online.
The synth makes great and cool sounds when you turn the knobs to the point where its always producing
tones / notes so it is working. The notes change when I press the various buttons on the wind part
which looks like a really expensive clarinet, it changes the notes however since I don't know how to play woodwind
instruments, that is as far as I can play / test it.
The wind part of the synth is beautiful and very well made! It looks very expensive, it is a very nice metal construction and the buttons have pearl inlays!
I love my vintage synths and gear but this super rare wind synthesizer needs a better home with someone that better understands
it than I do and as such I am selling it.
I have owned it for several years now and it does no good sitting here not being played and loved. Give it a good home!
I will also include an original Lyricon advertisement which is framed to hang on your studio wall!"

Blue Korg 707 SN 002657

via this auction, also on Reverb

ARCAICO INVICTUS - Quad Envelope Generator #modularsynthesizer #analogsynth #eurorack #arcaico

Arcaico Instruments

"ARCAICO INVICTUS - Quad Envelope Generator
AFG + Gorgone + Raverb. INVICTUS drives VCF and VCA of Gorgone.

'INVICTUS' quad Function Generator comprises four function generators organized in two pairs."

Alan's Roland System 100 model 104 sequencer repair (by synthpro)


A peak inside a Roland System 100 model 104 sequencer.

"This is a personal video I made for Alan going over some diagnostics of his sequencer but figured some of you may enjoy this as well. issues were that it would not sequence and no gate switching. This was new territory for me so was unfamiliar with normal operation clock DC voltages/pk to pk voltage.

to sum up the repair:

The output of the pulse width circuit goes into the Anode (positive side of the diode) D205 and with the negative DC offset out of the pulse width circuit; it would not turn the diode on causing all the problem."

The 4ms Spherical Wavetable Navigator is a Dream: Modular Mondays

Red Means Recording

"The Spherical Wavetable Navigator (SWN) is a six-channel synthesizer that makes it easy to create slowly morphing drones, polyphonic melodies, evolving sequences, and rich textures.

The SWN features six wavetable oscillators with independent pitch, level, and waveform controls. Six LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) can be used as modulation sources and/or envelopes, making it easy to add dynamic motion to your patch. Each channel is a full voice and can be played using the top row of buttons, the internal LFOs, or note-change detection on the 1V/oct jacks. The SWN ships with 12 three-dimensional (spherical) wavetables and an easy interface that allows you to record and edit custom wavetables from live audio. Open-source software for Mac, Windows, and Linux called SphereEdit can be freely downloaded and allows you to use your computer to create, edit, and convert .wav files into Spherical wavetables to transfer into the SWN with an audio cable."

Feedback patching with the THC Recursive Machine


"In which I demo and review the Recursive Machine by The Human Comparator. The RM is DIY analog semi-modular synth designed from the ground up to feedback into itself. This results in a unique instrument, where little changes can have huge results. I show musical examples, put it in contest with acoustic instruments and go over the functions and signal path."

You can find additional posts featuring the Recursive Machine here.

Access Virus TI Snow Desktop Digital Synthesizer Demo -Bank 1-

Nicolas Melis

"Access Virus TI Snow Desktop Digital Synthesizer Demo -Bank 1
little demo of this little white monster

my ti snow is for sale here"

via this auction


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