MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, December 26, 2020

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Lo-fi Mellotron Style Sampler with a Gieskes DIY hacked Walkman ( Zachteman )

Sound Provider

"A friend lent me a Zachteman for a few days and I took the opportunity to record a lot of stuff with it. The Zechteman is a kind of DIY Mellotron made from a hacked portable cassette player created by the genius Gieskes.It has a keyboard, a vibrato and even a Cv input that controls the pitch and a Gate input that controls the vibrato (Perfect to use it with my Eurorack Synth).
For this demo, I used my Aiwa Cassette Recorder to record a single note with my Analog Synthesiter Moog Werkstatt for 5 minutes and then I used the cassette with the Zachteman to create a melody.
For the last part I added some effects with the Zoia of Empress Effects and I took the opportunity to make a quick Beat with sounds I released on Sound Provider( Analog Now & Techno Now / ) with Maschine Plus of Native Instruments, it allowed me to see that the sample banks of sound provider also works well with the Hiphop 😊😉


Leonard de Leonard"

Gieskes Walkman posts

Roland D-05 Boutique Synthesizer With K-25M

via this auction

Korg ARP 2600 FS Semi-Modular Synthesizer SN 000979

via this auction

Slow Return - Elektron Monomachine


"Song made on an Elektron Monomachine only."

How DIY 960 Sequential Controller work

Zygimantas Laurutis

"Module takes bipolar 12 to 15 volt power for operational amplifiers.
Positive rail is regulated down to 5V and power Atmega 328 microcontroller.
74HC595 shift register generates output signals for all steps.
Each step wire powers lamp and rotary switch.
Rotary can send signal to stop or skip busses each have dedicated input on Atmega 328P.
When switch is set to normal, step feeds 3 potentiometers.
Every line of potentiometers collects to a bus, that is amplified with TL074 operational amplifier by the factor of 1, 2 or 4 and goes to CV outputs.
Third line can be mixed with rate control, that uses onboard analog to digital converter.
Every step has dedicated input ports, that can be triggered with button or external signal.

You will find source code and technical drawings at:"

Sequential Prophet 6 & Eventide H9 (Harmadillo)


Reminds me of Dead Can Dance.

Piston Honda Study 1

Dimitrios Sismanis

"Piston Honda mk III, Bionic Lester mk II, Double Andore mk II, Double Andore mk II. Modulation by Kermit. Sequence from Metron. Each voice FM'ing the other as well as cross modulation in DA mk II. DLD for delay."

Haken Continuum / EaganMatrix - Using Continuum as a Digital Sound Procesor

EaganMatrix Programming

"Short video to demonstrate how to connect up external audio to be routed into the Continuum to be processed using the EaganMatrix - here functioning as a reverb/delay processor on an unprocessed Synthesis Technology E370 Quad Morphing VCO (but could apply to any Analog source you convert to AES and send into the Continuum). Of course you can do many things with that AES input besides just applying the Recirculator to it in addition to combining it with EaganMatrix sounds (a follow on video will cover more advanced ways to process the external audio)."

Polyend Tracker Firmware Update v1.3 - Master Output Sonic Enhancements


"Bass booster, Stereo enhancer, New limiter with gain reduction meter, 5-band EQ, Limiter sidechaining functionality"

Something sensational. itijik SPACE ANGELS vibe pack for music producers


"Whoa. SPACE ANGELS has that vibe. Wait until you put these in your sampler and play! This vibe pack includes 12 royalty free mastered stems, 2 Bus Stems and the SPACE ANGELS reference. These could be updated with bonus material, related content or tools used to create this vibe at any time for the Squad. This is an itijik Squad Exclusive!

00:00 Intro
00:30 Beat
02:10 Breakdown

If you're a squad member you can download the pack here:

Do you have something to add to our full multimedia production squad? The itijik Squad was formed to help elevate our music and create opportunities for those interested in music careers. Join up and invest at or message me on Instagram or discord to talk more about it. Don't go it alone. It's time to squad up more than ever!

Samples, beat and video produced by itijik. Beat leasing and production services are available to public. Raw stems and other material available on request for itijik Squad members."

Digital Jam : TR-707, TB-3, VL-Tone and Atmegatron

gwEm’s gwEmbassy

"I thought I'd try a 100% digital jam to see how that would work out.

Gear used:
Roland SBX-1
Korg SQ1
Soulsby Synths Atmegatron
Roland TR-707
Zoom MS-50G
Casio VL-Tone
Roland TB-3
Alesis Nano Compressor
Zoom RFX-300"

Oberheim Matrix 6 w/ The Matrix Theme Ctrlr App Editor

via this auction

"Matrix 6 with 2.15 firmware chip installed!

This allows you to use the Ctrlr App. It’s a VST/AU that really brings this synth to life in the modern age. Tons of presets, really cool random options not found in any other controller. (Click the red pill and a bunch of custom randomization options come up. Click the blue and it brings you back to the init patch.)

G3,A3,B3 keys are not original and slightly different color.

Works perfectly. The innards of this synth are immaculate."

Akai AX80 Synthesizer w/ Gig Bag

via this auction

"Classic and great sounding analog synth in great condition. Some cosmetic corner dings, illustrated in photos. Was professionally serviced last year (2019) and received a clean bill of health. OS has not been modified."

Sequential Circuits Pro One Synthesizer W/ Original Manual

via this auction

"Unit has been pro repaired with a replaced key grommets & AC power cord. In perfect working condition with minor cosmetic issues due to age & handling."

Roland Strings Ensemble JD80-04 Waveform/Data Card Set for JD-900 JD-800

via this auction


ARP Odyssey Model 2813

via this auction

"Model 2813 Arp Odyssey. Upgraded filter and Power-One HBB15-1.5-A ultra-stable linear power supply. I still have the original PSU (which I will include) as well if you'd want to convert it back to original. All tantalum caps have been removed and upgraded (except for on the original power supply which is not installed).

Never toured of even gigged with, it's been a home studio queen ever since I acquired it in the early 2000s.

Serviced around 2006 by Phil Cirocco of CMS modulars when he was still in Bethlehem, PA. All input and output jacks have been converted to 1/4" Switchcraft. New key bushings on every key around the same time Was just serviced and calibrated by Bell Tone Synth Works in Philadelphia (4/17)."

Cheetah MS6 Multitimbral Synth

via this auction

Clavia Nord Lead 3 Synthesizer Demo - Red Gloves

t. noise

"Another Demo made with a Clavia Nord Lead 3. A very versatile synth.
All Sounds: Nord Lead 3, no EQs in the mix."

Clavia Nord Lead 3 Demo - Red Eagle
t. noise

"All sounds made with a Clavia Nord Lead 3. Strongly inspired by Tangerine Dream."

D&D Modules - We Wish You a Merry Christmas (on Modular Synthesizer)

Note this is the first D&D Modules post on the site. The above is a playlist of their current videos.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas (on Modular Synthesizer)
Heaven 16 - A versatile analog sequencer
Elvis Filter in action
Old school drumbeat 100% modular ! (sound from the cellphone)
Lord Of The Wah - Teaser
The Bodyplug - Overview (Part 1)
The Bodyplug - In context (Part 2)
Lord Of The Wah - Overview (Part 1)
Lord Of The Wah - LFO Control Voltage (Part 2)
Lord Of The Wah - Clock Controlled (Part 3)
Lord Of The Wah - Autowah (Part 4)
Lord Of The Wah - Use as a distortion (Part 5)
Noizes - D&D Modules
Steiner VCF - Yusynth by D&D

And some pics via

Modular Synthesizer | Ambient Eurorack Christmas Jam

Nathan Fields Music

Testing Arduino DIY 960 Sequential Controller by Laurutis

Zygimantas Laurutis

"Finally built myself this sequencer and it works well. Video shows RESET mod on SKIP/STOP rotary. You can find source code and technical drawings on my patreon page:"

Laurutis DIY modular synthesizer Polivoks VCF test

Zygimantas Laurutis

"Testing main features of Polivoks Voltage Controlled Filter. Video shows frequency sweep in HP and PB modes. Then frequency is modulated by ADSR.

Support my projects at"

Jm-jarre -Oxygene 2.0 (version 2020)


"my personnal and different version of oxygene 2 .
moog one
juno 6

Polyend Preset - Euclidean Sequencing (Open Source Firmware)


"Polyend Preset firmware is now open source. This is the first example of a new user added functionality - the Euclidean Sequencing."

Polyend Tracker Firmware Update v1.3 - Timestretching Functionality


See the Polyend label below for more.

Patch n Tweak
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