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Monday, December 28, 2020

KORG SQ-64 Video Manual - The Basics

SQ-64: The basics [Part 1] - (TURN on CC)
SQ-64: The basics [Part 2] - (TURN on CC)
SQ-64: The basics [Part 3] - (TURN on CC)

Phantom of the Paradise Model

via Space Leech

"I want this Phantom of the Paradise statue more than food.

SMH Magazine, Vol. 2, 1996."

And a clip from the film featuring Tonto:

phantom of the paradise - FAUST (robot) bloomis23

Roland MC-500 | The Magic of 80s MIDI Sequencing | Pt.1

Espen Kraft

"In 1986 Roland released the MC-500 Micro Composer. It soon ruled the world of MIDI sequencing. It was cheap, fast and rock solid.

Gear used in the video:
Roland CR-1000 drum machine, set to external sync, received from MIDI Out2 on the MC-500.
Crumar BIT01 for strings
Roland D-550 for the lead
Yamaha TX802 for synth bass
The Sequential Six-Trak is played live (over the top) in the demo track."

Novation Nova Desktop (Laptop) #3 Poly/Keys/Misc Demo #noTalking


"Last Video of my little Nova Desktop Demo series. Out of the Box, no EQ/FX!" Hope you enjoy and get a little inspired from this 90s machine."

Kosmokatze Novation Nova posts

Desert Rain

"All sounds from single tracked Easel sending two outs, one with 208 Toolbox switching between Easel MO and VCS3 card sounds at random all thru an H9 with Blackhole Centaurus preset, the other out went raw Easel to a Bastl Dark Matter Feedback that self oscillates at time.

Patch is in the image


Bastl Dark MAtterH9"

Love & Pride - Paul King (cover by Munatix), on Roland Jupiter 8 and Yamaha DX7


Great cover (and some synth spotting) by supporting member, Munatix -

"Share with you our cover of Paul King's 'Love & Pride'.
It was a hit, back in 1985. We recorded a full cover version of it.
Ricky also pulled out again his guitar for this one.
For the synth enthusiasts among us;
In the video footage of Paul King's live performances we found on YouTube, it looks like a PPG wave synth was being used for the brass sound.
The PPG wave appears also in the video clip.
We would not immediately link a PPG Wave with that brass sound, so we are a little bit puzzled here.
Fill us in if you know more about it!
We did the brass sound on a Jupiter 8 here. To us, it is the signature sound of the Jupiter 8 we like the most; slow attack brass.
We did a 1 minute version for Instagram. Here on YouTube you can watch the full version. Enjoy!"

You can find additonal posts featuring Munatix here.

Roland Super Jupiter MKS-80 + Vocoded TR-808 (looped by Squarp Pyramid)


"Using the MS2000 to vocode the drum sounds of the TR-808 over top of the beautiful vintage tones of the Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter
Then maybe a cool Juno-106 lead. All sequenced by Squarp Pyramid"




Using X-RAYS to trig a modular synthesizer

Giorgio Sancristoforo

"In this video I demonstrate how to play a modular synth by generating X-Rays with a hand cranked Wimshurst machine."

International House of Baguettes - A Supercritical Neutron Flux Piece

Supercritical Synthesizers

"We’re working on the yellow and green bank of characters (which can be used for the user downloadable characters in the future) to be released as a firmware update. We’re creating characters that aren’t that classic/traditional or go really overboard. One of these ideas was this phaser-y character which can be used in stereo.

This character was inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre and his Eminent 310 sounds with the EHX Small Stone phaser. JMJ is one of our biggest heroes and a huge influence on the Supercritical sound.

The stereo control is heavily featured in this one. The zero point of the stereo control was moved in the middle in the later stages of development. Thankfully so! It can be used in many ways: tuning the oscillator cores, doing stereo tremolo stuff and here, doing this sweeping stereo phaser-like animation. In some characters we might make it do something very weird. Let’s see.

The pad is done with the DCO, the drums are 909 samples and the bass is from Logic Retro Synth. Of course we have to do some cheesy sidechaining because why not!

- Heikki | SC"

How many Synths to Crash an iPad? | haQ attaQ & Jakob Haq's Top 5 iOS Synthesizer Apps 2020

Jakob Haq

"There are so many different Synthesizer apps on the AppStore for us to choose from. However, some app synths are really heavy to run and require a lot of hardware resources like CPU and RAM in order to run properly. Newer iPads and iPhones can load a larger number of AUv3s while older iPads and iPhones can load less. So How many Synths does it take to Crash an iPad?"

My Top 5 iOS Synthesizer Apps 2020 | haQ attaQ

"Here are my Top 5 Synthesizer App picks from 2020. There have been a lot of good synth apps released for both iPhone and iPad this year, but these ones are most definitely my favourite ones. No doubts what so ever!"

ExperimentalSynth :: Ambient Live Stream Performance :: Christmas Eve 2020


"A late-night ambient set recorded after midnight on Xmas eve, so technically Xmas day. Instruments include (from right to left) Korg Minilogue XD, ASM Hydrasynth, Yamaha MO8 and Sequential Pro 3. Vocal sounds are recordings processed with the Borderlands app then run through the filter on a Moog Voyager. Learn more at"

MB-6582 midibox sid - C64 - Shadowfire cover


"Messing around with the MB6582 midibox sid (with a bit of help from a supersaw to fatten up the lead melody)...

Shadowfire. I LOVE this tune. It's got a kind of epic scifi story feel to it. True childhood escapism at the time when i was really into it. I found it quite hard to recreate, but keeping close to the 8bit version i think it ended up sounding pretty cool and quite faithful to the original.

Cheers to:
For the great selection of box set art and inlays which i looked up to use in the video.
For making the fact that an MB-6582 exists a reality and something i was eventually able to build :)

Shout out to Fred Gray - the composer of the original C64 version."

Oakley Sound Systems SRE330 Enhanced Stereo Ensemble and Chorus Module / Analog Multimode Chorus

via this auction

"Super rare analog (bucket brigade) Oakley SRE 330 stereo chorus / modulation for super lush strings and pads of a few decades back. These never come up for sale, and for good reason. Balanced or unbalanced stereo I/O for professional audio quality.

Oberheim OB-XA

via this auction

Roland Super JX-10 + PG800 Controller + Vecoven Flash Upgrade

via this auction

Roland The Synthesizer 4 Book Set - 2nd Edition 1984

via this auction

"Gorgeous rare ‘The Synthesizer’ 4-Book-Set 1978-1979 (2nd edition, 1984) by Roland in great cosmetic condition.

The books contain in-depth information about Analogue Synthesis and production techniques, including many helpful diagrams.

While applicable to any Modular Analogue Synthesis system, these books are especially relevant to users or enthusiasts of the Roland System 700 which is used in all examples and diagrams."

You can find a free digital copy on Analog Industries here.

TAMA TECHSTAR TS204 Analog Drum Synth w/ Hand Clap SN 200635

via this auction

TEISCO S-60P Preset Type Synthesizer SN 6086 w/ Original Docs & Owner's Manual

via this auction

Mfb Kraftzwerg Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

Blue Lantern SynthX Semi-modular Synth

via this auction

"Complete analogue synth voice in an aluminium case. Two vco's, bp/lp/hp filter, two vca's, lfo, two buffered multiples, midi/cv converter.

This appears to be a prototype as the faceplate is a laminated print, so is most likely from the early days of Blue Lantern.

THIS WILL NOT FIT EURORACK. 43cm long, 18cm wide, 8cm high."

SOMA LABORATORY LYRA 8 // DRONE SYNTH // Jam Session // The HEFTY Part 2 / No Talking


"This is the second part of a JAM with SOMA laborytory LYRA-8. No Talking here and only the Lyra-8 is to be heard. This is the HEFTY part of the session. Watch also part 1, MOSTLY MELLOW!"

Sequential Circuits TOM 'Classics Cart'

Harry Axten

"Replacing my previous set of 3 mini cartridges for the TOM. This multi catridge has 8 banks, full of classic EPROM drum machine sounds, which are cycled through with the button. Housed in a proper case this time too! Coming soon."

Update: now available here:

arp 2600 dark ambient | minimalist modular music | eurorack synth | rings - atlantis - uburst/clouds

nick kwas

"download my tracks for free:"

Only Ruin - Syndrome (Polyend Tracker Scene)


"At this point, it’s hard to imagine a creative world where I don’t have the Tracker in my vocabulary. I suspect I’ll be dreaming vertically for years to come."

“I was recently reading about ‘Tetris syndrome’, a term coined in the 90s for a phenomenon that occurs in people who spend so much time repeating an activity that they start to dream the patterns. People who spent their childhoods making colorful shapes fit together in Tetris might see those shapes falling endlessly in their sleep, or even daydream about fitting cars together in a particular way to clear traffic. It’s not just video games that have the effect, mathematicians report dreaming of equations and numbers.”

Patch n Tweak
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