MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Korg Introduces the miniKORG700FS Limited Edition: Revel in the Revival

Update: KITARO meets miniKORG 700FS

English sub-titles available. Click [CC] and choose English from the Settings menu. (bottom right of player once started)

miniKORG700FS Limited Edition: Revel in the Revival

"Korg’s first mass-produced, and instantly recognizable analog monosynth is back and better than ever. miniKORG700FS is a complete reissue of the two-oscillator “S” model, right down to the 'traveler' (filter), plus spring reverb x/y joystick, USB and five-pin MIDI, arpeggiator, CV/Gate, and program programmability!

This limited-edition reissue will come with a custom case, plus all the super-punchy analog sound and vintage vibe you can handle!"

Update: pics and details via KORG (note the new features):

"Why revive the miniKORG 700 now?

The real beauty and awesomeness of the sounds produced by the miniKORG 700 could not be realized through analog modeling technology that uses computational integrated circuitry such as DSPs and other devices to model analog circuitry. And although KORG continues to produce analog synthesizers such as the prologue, the minilogue and many others, we recognize that these instruments owe their existence to the miniKORG 700.

While theoretical know how is important when designing analog circuitry, deep experience is also required to understand what the results will actually be once the circuitry is completed. Ten years have passed since the monotron, a next-generation analog product from 2010 was developed by young KORG engineers and analog enthusiasts. It took some time for the full vision of these engineers to be explored and delivered but at last we’ve finally arrived – at the start.

Our wish is for customers to experience the beauty and awesomeness of the authentic analog sound through the miniKORG 700FS designed by the KORG analog engineers under the supervision of Fumio Mieda, who designed the original circuitry, ensuring that the elements that go beyond the circuit schematics would be faithfully represented.

New Korg ARP2600M - A Legend, Reborn - the Mini ARP 2600 Arrives


"The ARP legacy continues with the ARP2600M, delivering the unique semi-modular workflow and sound admired around the world, along with modern connectivity including plug and play USB controller support. It’s all here, in a more compact and portable desktop-friendly format that makes it the ideal incarnation of a historic synth."

Update: pics and details via KORG:

"Added features and functionality

The new ARP 2600 M is not only faithful to the original, it also includes an array of added features that will make it even easier to use:

- Plug and play: Connect any class compliant MIDI controller such as a KORG microKeys, nanokeys or SQ-64 to one of the ARP 2600 M’s USB ports (USB-A and USB-B) and automatically get full control of your instrument!

- Resized: The new size makes it easier to visualize your patch and also allows you to use shorter patch cables

- Two types of filters from two versions of the original ARP 2600(4012 type, 4072 type DIN MIDI IN added

- Pitch-bend, Modulation and Portamento ON/OFF can be controlled through MIDI CC messages (USB/DIN MIDI)

- Normalized voltage: The threshold of the trigger signal required to activate the ADSR through the S/H GATE JACK has become 5V, making it much easier to use in combination with other gear such as volcas or Eurorack modules

- Improved Attack and Release time ratios

- L/R Stereo Output Jack (instead of XLR)

- Speakers turn automatically off when using headphones

- Improved, smoother sliders


New Korg modwave - an edgy, expansive, and easy to use wavetable synthesizer based on the DW-8000


"In 1985, Korg's DW-8000 combined digital wavetables with rich analog filters to give users sounds which were impossible to create with analog oscillators. It's still a cult favorite today.

modwave builds upon the DW legacy with incredibly deep wavetable oscillators, gorgeous filters, first-ever Kaoss Physics-based modulation, unmatched polyphony, comprehensive pattern sequencing, and immediately satisfying hands-on control to deliver unique, powerful, and easily customizable sounds and phrases."

Update: pics and details via KORG:

"Synthesis powerhouse with distinctive wavetable timbres, Kaoss Physics, and Motion Sequencing 2.0.

In 1985, Korg's DW-8000 combined digital wavetables with rich analog filters to give users sounds which were impossible to create with analog oscillators. It's still a cult favorite today.

modwave builds on the DW legacy and transforms it into a modern monster synth, featuring incredibly deep wavetable oscillators, gorgeous filters, wildly flexible modulation, unmatched polyphony, comprehensive pattern sequencing, and immediately satisfying hands-on control to deliver unique, powerful, and easily customizable sounds and phrases.

modwave also introduces two unique new tools for creating dynamic motion: Kaoss Physics and Motion Sequencing 2.0. Kaoss Physics combines an x/y Kaoss pad with modulatable game physics to create a responsive, interactive controller that is—besides being powerful— a lot of fun to explore. Motion Sequencing 2.0 brings the organic, continuously evolving patterns of the wavestate's Wave Sequencing 2.0 into the world of motion sequencing, including multiple lanes and real-time recording to help you create complex and evolving phrases that other step sequeners cannot.

Like Wave Sequencing 2.0 (wavestate) and altered FM (opsix), modwave’s evolved wavetable synthesis delivers its own brand of completely unique sounds and a knob-per-function layout that makes customizing those sounds fast and easy. To start, there are hundreds of preset sounds empowered by this new architecture, organized by front-panel category buttons, and all instantly customizable via the four Modulation Knobs. modwave's distinctive wavetable timbres start with aggressive basses & leads, and lush ambient pads which will add a new dimension to your tracks. But that is just the start. Those who want to dig deeper will find an endless source of discovery; you'll be finding new things in this synth for a long, long time because of the unique synth architecture. Once you have started finding new sounds - aave as many as you like; there's room for thousands more."

Kurzweil Introduces the K2700 Synthesizer Workstation w/ 6-Op FM Synth Engine & More


"The Kurzweil K2700 – Witness the Evolution of the Legendary K2 Series Workstations!"

Key features:

256 Voices of V.A.S.T. Polyphony!
Over 5x the polyphony of any previous K2 series model!

4.5 Gigabytes of Factory Sounds!
The K2700 serves up a deep sound library of over 1500 factory Programs and over 700 Multi combinations organized into 13 instrument categories ranging from Pianos to Synths to Orchestral sounds and more, featuring our optimized unlooped German D, Japanese C7 and Triple Strike pianos, Classic Tine EPs (’73 & ’77), plus updated sounds from our popular SP6, PC3/4, and KORE64 expansion.

Patented FlashPlay® Technology
Flash-Play® provides the K2700 with a staggering amount of horse-power. Up to 8 GB total capacity with zero-loading time, and ultrafast performance.

3.5 Gigabytes User Sample Memory
Load up to 3.5 GB of your own custom samples into non-volatile flash memory. Supported sample formats: .WAV, .AIF (up to 16 bit / 96kHz) and Kurzweil formats (.FOR, .PC4, .P3K, .KRZ, .K25, .K26).

V.A.S.T. Editing
V.A.S.T. was born in the K2 series. The K2700 expands on Kurzweil’s legendary Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology offering 32-layers per program, deeply customizable signal paths and a host of modular DSP tools including new oscillators, filters, and FX.

6-Operator FM Engine
6 Operator FM Engine with the ability to load original FM SysEx files. FM layers are a new addition to VAST programs and can be combined with VAST features to go far beyond classic FM synthesis.

Virtual Analog
Embedded within the K2700 are powerful anti-aliasing, power-shaped oscillators along with DSP processing from Kurzweil’s mythical VA1 concept synth, capable of delivering authentic analog emulations as well as incredibly complex new sounds.

KB3 ToneReal™ Organs
Modeled after classic organs. A full complement of tonewheel controls are immediately accessible including 9 realistic drawbars, rotary speed, chorus/vibrato, brake, percussion and more.

Powerful FX Engine
Award-winning Reverbs, Delays, Choruses, Flangers, Phasers, Distortions, Rotary Amplifiers, Compressors and more – all fully editable from the user-interface. The K2700 also offers a global Master FX section featuring 3-band EQ and Compression.

K.S.R. – Kurzweil String Resonance
Piano string resonance modeling for enhanced acoustic piano performance!"

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Move Along


"All sounds from are from the Buchla 200e. High stuff is the flat noise from the 266e going through the 296e with certain frequencies triggered by the 281e which is driven by the 252e and 250e. 'Kick' is the right side triangle from the Studio H DPO. "Bass" is the same but the "notes" are subdivisions from the 252e. Body of the "Snare" is the left side triangle from the Studio H DPO with the snares from the noise going through the 296e. "Melodies" are the 261e sequenced by the 251e and the ZOe getting linear FM from the sine of the 261e."


"Intellijel Atlantis, processed by ValhallaSupermassive (reverb & echo) and ValhallaDelay(pitch shifted echo)."

Squarp Rample: a deep 4-Voice Sample Machine

Sound Isles

"A non-talking demo of the Squarp Rample: a 4-voice Eurorack sample player and effects processor with no duration limit. I explore the sample playback abilities, the included stock sounds + kits, and the several effects all through various sonic explorations.

Each voice supports up to 12 samples which can be stacked as multi-layered samples. Using all 4 voices you can have 48 samples in a single 'kit'. With up to 2600 possible kits on the SD there is a lot of sonic exploration to be had. The CV inputs provide a modulation destination for each voice and the gate inputs trigger the samples. A rack of 5 effects per voice (bitcrush, pitch shift, filter, freeze and drive).

Using Pamela's New! Workout to sequence and send modulation over CV, and FX Aid XL for some spacious reverb when needed. Arturia Microfreak makes an appearance. All modules are powered with the Polyend Anywhere via a portable battery.

All underwater footage was shot by me on a canoe trip.
Hope you enjoy the sights + sounds.

Thanks to Squarp instruments for sending me this module.

Case by Art For the Ears.'

Jamuary #17 - Reflections (ft. Soundplane,Ableton Live, Aalto, Kaivo)


"Today's Jam is 'all in the box'

I love using whatever I have available , hardware, software... doesn't matter to me :)

Here Im recording directly to Ableton Live in multiple 'live' takes.
again, just improvising with whatever I feel like at the time.

Each of the 3 takes is using the Madrona Labs Soundplane as the controller, playing patches Ive created specifically for this session.

The first two layers are both using Aalto with different patchees - which you may have noticed is my favourite soft synth.

The third (bell like) is using Kaivo, another Madrona Labs synth.

Interestingly... in the past I never really got on with Kaivo, I just couldn't see to create patches I like - but that seems to have changed.

I think my recent love of granular synthesis in eurorack has led me to to a new appreciation, that of course applies to software granular too. I guess all that knob twiddling has paid off :)"

::vtol:: phason

::vtol:: phason from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.

"Phason – an audio object using rotating, perforated discs to create cyclical triggers (sequencer). The light passing from the console panel through fibre-optic light guides serves as the controlling agent. Light passing through the perforation hits the photo sensors, triggering the synthesizer. The object may be used as an instrument or an autonomous sound machine. To interact with it, can be use the built-in flashlight on flexible holder or any other small light sources (for example, flashlight on a phone).

The idea of the object is predicated to a large extent on Soviet experiments with optical sound, and also the automatic music boxes and caskets at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, when disks were frequently used to encode sound and rhythms."

- axoloti core
- dc-motor
- optical fibers
- LEDs
- LDRs
- 2 channel sound system

Sequencial PRO3 : acid jam

Masaki Takada

"I played with drum sounds from OSC3 and acid bass from OSC1."

Cobalt 8M - 003


"playing a chilled chord sound with the Cobalt 8M, a beat on the Cwejman S1 , a subtle Pad on the Ms-20 Mini and a little funky bleep-sequence on the Easel support it"

verstaerker Cobalt 8M posts

Nyle Steiner's Removable Mouthpiece Unit

Mark Steiner

"The mouthpiece that comes with the NuRAD, NuEVI and Nyle's EVIs is great, but Nyle's been working on alternatives that are faster to build as replacements and use easy-to-get materials.

Nyle's also been working on a mount making it easier to remove, change, clean wind synth mouthpieces."

Electronisounds Audio [LIVESTREAM] Hybrid Eurorack and Chill!

Electronisounds Audio

"Super casual patching session and hangout!"

Novation 49SL MKIII for keys & sequencing. Audiothingies Micromonsta, Waldorf Blofeld, 1010music Bluebox, & eurorack.

PPG wave 2.3 cold winter soundscapes


"By pure chance I got a PPG wave 2.3 for a very fair and decent price. The appearance was not very nice, a lot of scratchs on the cover and dirt inside. But I cleaned it and made some paint work, so now it looks beautiful again.

Also the keyboard was broken. I played my PPG via Midi with a master keyboard. That is why I decided not to shot a video while playing. Sorry that I show only some personal footage of winter shots of our beautiful landscape riding with a friend on my bike or walking with kids in with a lot of snow to describe the coldness of the PPG, Of course I added a lot of cool pictures of my new blue baby.
Now the PPG is in service, gets a new fatar keyboard, refurbishment and a new power supply unit plus new display from synthtaste (www.

I never thought that I will ever purchase a PPG and now I am so happy to own one. Most of my favourite albums in the 80ies consisted this undistinguishable sound, like Power Windows from Rush, Worlds Apart from SAGA, Welcome to the pleasuredome from FGTH.

The PPG 2.3 was the latest of all PPG wave (produced from 1984 until 1989). Around 400 units must have been built. The forerunners were the PPG wave 2.0 with only one oscillator and CEM filter chips (1981), after that the PPG wave 2.2 with two oscillators and SEM Filter chips. The wave 2.3 is with 16 bit sample rate instead of 12 bit and is also multitimbral with midi.

The PPG is really one of my favourite synths beside my beloved Sequential Circuits Prophet VS and my Modal Electronics 002 which imitates the PPG quite well.

I have also a John Bowen Solaris with alle waveforms form the PPG, but it isn't the same thing of course. The PPG has its own unique sound because of its decent filter and musical aliasing.
This demo is just recorded, when my PPG arrived. I just tweaked the sounds, went through some wavetables and played everything life without any fx or mastering directly with two audio mono outs to generate a stereo track in my DAW. Please notice that I also used the stereo knob to enhance the stereo field.

I will surely make more videos from my PPG as soon I get it back refurbished.

Cheers and take care, Rüdiger"

Little Drummers | Basimilus Iteritas Alter + 0-Ctrl

Cinematic Laboratory

"Today I wanted to revisit the BIA, zero-controlled by the MakeNoise 0-Ctrl. It's a great module for creating individual high quality percussion sounds. You can also turn it into an Arcade machine when you throw a lot of CV at it (especially with a 0-ctrl center), but that will make it extremely digital. Adding a LPG will do wonders, especially the old ones from Doepfer and MakeNoise because they have that magical vactrol sound. The trick is to mult the trigger to an AD(SR) envelope/LPG and sculpt the BIA with it. A VCFA will also work very well, even a low pass filter.

In the end I added another little drummer, the mighty DFAM. However, I did not use it as a percussion voice but as a Robert #Fripp (Velvet Underground, Bowie, David Sylvian) guitar. Wow, this brings back good memories. DFAM is a complex oscillator with a great filter and sequencer, with probably many millions of different sounds, blips, hits and voices hiding it it."

ORNAMENT-8 Tutorial Part 3 (Operating modes) & Part 4 (Сonstructing of Rhythms)

Vlad Kreimer

"Deep explanation of Ornament operating modes."

ORNAMENT-8 Tutorial Part 4 (Сonstructing of Rhythms)

"How to construct rhythms with Ornament-8"

All parts here.

Yamaha MOTIF XS6 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

FrankenMusik - Glitch Tree Analog Drone Demo


"Demo video of my new design for 2021. Two oscillators with independent controls, 16 - point patch bay for mixing and blending the two frequencies via a binary counter. All kinds of glitches, blips and noise generation! 1/4" out jack, on/off switch, starve control for tweaking the frequencies."

via this auction

"NEW - FrankenMusik Glitch Tree Drone Synth

Two Oscillators
Output level control
Main power on/off switch
1/4" output jack
Starve control with on/off switch
16 - point patch bay (4 out signal jacks, 12 in jacks)
9VDC, negative tip regulated power supply required (not included)
2 - 15 cm white patch cable to get you started!

Nice drone with two oscillators. The output signal can be routed via 4 Out jacks to any one of 12 In jacks. These 12 Inputs are connected to a 12 point binary counter where they jumble up and mix the oscillator frequencies. This generates lots of glitches, noise, blips and harsh analog joy!

The Starve control chokes off the power for the two oscillators and adds some extra tweaking ability. The adjustment an effect of this depends on connection between any of the 16 point matrix.

Output level control, 1/4" standard mono output jack fro connector to your amp, mixer, rig, fx, etc...

All hand made and build, pcb is etched, all new electrical components, aluminum enclosure is etched and roughed up for a nice unique look - covered with a clear satin acrylic paint.

Layout diagram with control labels is supplied also for reference."


via this auction

You can find a demo video of this auctual synth here.

"The T2000 was sold only in kit form and this unit has been very well constructed (see interior photo) with a nice style of large knurled control knobs chosen, and unusually a small Roland style knob added to what is usually just the stump of a potentiometer for overall tuning.

Although this unit has never been anywhere near Martin Hannett or any member of Joy Division or New Order AFAIK, it was the unit featured in the book "Analog Synthesizers" (2nd Edition 2019, pp. 364-5) and for many sounds on the CD "Sequencer Loops" (2002) by Mark Jenkins of which a brand new copy is included.

Weltmeister Basset

via this auction

Some pics of the inside below.

"The Weltmeister Basset , sometimes referred to as the Weltmeister Combo Bass, was the first keytar! This rare "Cold War" electro-mechanical keyboard instrument was made from 1963 to 1969 by accordion manufacturer, Weltmeister, in East Germany. It was practically impossible to get one in the US.

The battery-powered Basset was popular in the 1960s and early 1970s with East German dance bands. Its mechanical piano action was derived from its big brother, the Weltmeister Claviset. Pressing a key causes the lip of a rubber disc to pluck the tine. When the key is released, the sound is stopped by a foam damper. A warning label in German, Cyrillic Russian, and English warns of "danger of life" if you connect it to a radio or an amplifier with AC-DC!"

1977 Stylophone 350S Organ Analog Synth Made in England

via this auction

"This is the BIG brother of the standard model, the 350S and is quite a machine!! I especially like the photocell feature. I can only imagine what they were thinking when they added this little goodie to the system.

Perfect working condition with good batteries.

Also included is a 7" vinyl EP with demo songs, instruction booklet, pamphlet, original box and styrofoam packaging.
Special Effects include: Waa Waa
Decay (long & short)
Reiteration (long & short)
Vibrato (long & short)
Woodwind (4 settings)
Brass (2 settings)
Strings (2 settings)
Photo Control (light sensitive)
Built-in eliptical speaker"

Roland Jupiter-8 w/ Encore MIDI

via this auction

Yamaha CS-15D 37-Key Monophonic Analog Dual Channel Synthesizer SN 2129

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.2 Analog Synthesizer SN 4025

via this auction, also on Reverb

"The Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, released in 1978, is a vintage 5-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer. This Prophet 5 is well known for its VCF and VCA components, as well as its Poly-Mod. This synth hardly needs an introduction. The Rev 3.2 version has MIDI capability via expansion, micro-tuning capacity, 120-patch memory, and superior reliability. If you're looking for that authentic vintage analog polyphonic synth sound, then you definitely need to check out this great synth!

This particular unit is in very good condition, with only some minor signs of wear (please see photos), including some scratches and cracks on the wood paneling. The unit has been completely professionally serviced. This synth in its entirety has been tested by our professional technician and is working perfectly. All keys, buttons, and lights are working perfectly."

Roland V-Synth GT Synthesizer SN ZW01086

via this auction, also on Reverb

"The Roland V-Synth, released in 2003, is a really cool flagship workstation that combines some of the best aspects of real-time synthesizer control with the editing and fine-tuning power of a workstation. It offers 24-voice polyphony with 300 PCM waveforms and was designed to model analog synth behavior. It also features Roland’s famous COSM technology, which greatly enhances the dynamism of its sounds. One of the most exciting features of the V-Synth is the ability to control in real time the properties of sounds, just like an analog synth.

The V-Synth GT (2007) is an updated version of the original V-Synth, offering the same fantastic synth engine as the original, but with the addition of Roland’s Vocal Designer and Articulative Phrase Synthesis. These both really add incredible expressive capability and depth to the synth. The GT version has an increased polyphony as well, up to 28 voices.

This particular unit is in excellent condition, gorgeous throughout with very little sign of use, without noticeable scratches (please see photos). This unit has been tested by our professional technician and is working perfectly. All keys, buttons, and lights are working perfectly."

Yamaha Tenori On Synthesizer - White w/Box and Board

via this auction

Comes with:
Stand board
Board feet

Yamaha MOTIF Rack XS Synthesizer w/ mLan16E2 audio expander SN UASN01011

via this auction

"Yamaha MOTIF Rack XS Synthesizer w/ mLan16E2 firewire audio expander installed." [mLan16E2 pdf manual]

E-mu Proteus 2500 Rack Synth

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave XT Wavetable Synthesizer Rack

via this auction

Novation Remote 25 Audio X-Station Synth w/ Original Box

via this auction

"The ReMOTE 25 Audio is the same hardware unit as the X Station. The ReMOTE 25 Audio, can be upgraded to an X Station by running a simple software update that can be found on Novations website."

Kawai K5000s Programmable Advanced Additive Synthesizer SN 593092

via this auction

Volca Sample, Modular, NTS-1 & Liven 8Bit Warps - 576i Acid - Jamuary 17th 2021


"The Liven 8Bit Warps in this video was kindly supplied by Sonicware

Today I decided to take a break from the sound design job i've been hired to do (yes, really :) to actually make some music.

So for this Jamuary jam I thought it was about time I explored the Liven 8Bits Warps potential to make lofi acid, and a strange lofi acid it makes too :D It's got almost all the right ingredients, a resonant Low Pass filter, a sequencer with pitch slides of a sort (they're actually pitch sweeps but they do the job), and velocity in the place of accents. The only thing it's missing is a filter envelope so the 'Parameter Lock' function fills in for that here which is automation. Values recorded far from each other will slide in a linear fashion rather than jump so some filter sweeps can be made. Plus twiddle the cutoff while the automation plays and it will jump around some more. Also adding Bit Crusher makes it take on a vocal quality that I love. The reverb I've used on it is it's built in reverb

Elsewhere I have a one wire patch on the Korg Volca Modular playing through ensemble, delay and reverb on the NTS-1 for a sort of string sound. The Korg Volca Sample is loaded up with Korg X5 drum samples including a sleigh bell that I threw in for some reason

Today's projected random footage is from my own family and includes cars, horses, planes and some shots of our burned down family business for good measure. Keep an eye out of my VW Beetle. Looks kind of okay from that side but it was completely burned out inside.

This was a bit of a nightmare jam btw, I must have tried about 8-10 times to get it right but I kept blocking the projector or things were out of focus etc, even on this one the reverb is too high at the beginning, ah well, it'll do."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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